Name me a more kino anime scene this year (2016) than this

Name me a more kino anime scene this year (2016) than this

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Can't get any more kino than this.

Being completely serious here, any random scene from Berserk(2016)

Fuck off Cred Forums.

>2 gay guys playing on a puddle of water

Looks like a SnK parody.

Either this or Mob Psycho 100 ED

Nice meme
It belongs here

>trips confirm Kek's will

This scene can easily win an Oscar

What Kino even means?

A more theater scene?
Now that you say it, there's not many scene happening in a theater.

Nazi movie




Absolutely kino-esque.


Wait until Hibikek stop airing faggot.


Kuso reply

The kinoest

Every scene in your name


I want Cred Forums to leave...


a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning.


Why is Cred Forums leaking so much lately?


literally means 'Cinema' in German

you can tell from context that it's a Cred Forums way of saying 'edgy'

Order 66

Sage and report.

My name?

The into to Kizumonogatari is the only piece of anime from this year with artistic merit, too bad the rest of the movie was typical awful Monogtarai shit.

It's their way of saying "the most sophisticated form of cinema".

Because Cred Forums and Cred Forums are the meme factories of Cred Forums.


>it's Japanese
>it's animated
Yes, I believe it's anime.

The ending of 91 Days, with the waves hitting the shore. That's far more 'kino' than this.

>Yes, I believe it's anime.

Not an argument.


Was this scene inspired by 1993 movie Stalingrad?


It was a shit scene. Betelgeuse's introduction was better.

looks rotoscoped



>this year