Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Stream in 1h 20min.

Reminder that all swords are best swords.

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Fuck this fagshit SOL where is my Ufo bishounens?

>Not enjoying cute boys doing cute things.
user, please.

>Not enjoying cute boys doing cute things.
I like FREE! but the traps in this show is making my dick very uncomfortable.

I can't wait for best boy.

Implying this isn't best boy.

Free wasn't cute boys doing cute things, it was annoying boys having stupid drama.

Are the only swords going to be the ones in the PV?
Will other swords, like midare, make cameos at least?

So soon, can't contain my excitement.

Hopefully. I think this series is going to focus more on the Toushirou swords, but they're missing a few from the promotional art already.

There's a new promo art with Midare and a few others added. Looking for it now.

I'm pretty sure they said we'll get 45 swords total.
So the rest will probably appear sooner or later.

I've stayed aside from the whole Sword thing until now, what am I in for?

Also, this blondie looks like potential best boy material.

cool, thanks

Free was hot garbage and it's the second worst Kyoani SoL.

I don't want my comfy cute swords doing cute things show to be anything like Free.

Your guess is as good as ours. All we know about this setting is the anime synopsis, but the boys are cute all the same.

Reminder that we'll also have some battles.

He isn't. Yamanbagiri is autistic.

Between the series-long bath house episodes.

Wait I thought this was airing tomorrow?

it is tomorrow in Japan

at least Nagisa and Rei is there to lighten the mood up

Maybe because I'm more of a sports guy.

>twf you will never be as /fit/ as Makoto.

I read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting, but then I noticed the cast was all male. Is this a fujoshi show?


Yes. But a fair amount of them look like girls so you can play a game of pretend.

It's less gay than KanColle.

ehh, I'll give the first episode a shot but this kind of show isn't really my thing.

If you're legitimately interested in the premise you might enjoy the other anime series it'll be getting next year more. It seems like it'll probably be more serious. Still all dudes though.

This is as homo as boku no pico would be, but you'd like it anyway you fag.

The anime citadel from above.

This looks interesting. How much screentime do the ones who look like actual girls get, and is there a lot of homolust?

Reminder that Yamatonokami is best boy.

Let me look into the future and find out for you

how gay is this going to be?

I'm sure Midare will show up often and there is no homolust unless you are a hambeast and use fujo goggles.

Ah, so this is for the first episode. I'll ask tomorrow then. No point watching it if it's just focused on the dude looking dudes eyefucking each other.

>Game adaptation.
FUCK, I hate Game adaptations but Dogakobo have been on a good run lately.

Blue in the front in 's pic is the MC so if you think he looks like a girl then a lot of screentime probably. Apart from that it's hard to say who'll get the most attention. There's not really that much actual homolust (or even subtext) in the game but who knows if they'll amp it up for the anime.

anything will be better than the train-wreck kantai adaption.

>there is no homolust
What's the point then?

>Blue in the front
I'd fuck him.

It's pretty much an original, the game doesn't have story besides the setting.


Cool swords doing cool things.

Reminder that Cashew is a huge slut.

Is there any girl in this ?

The equivalent of kancolle admiral?

Only offscreen, no gender specified.

1 5 M I N U T E S

Great. Slutty boys are the best.

If they know what it's good for then, there will be no male or female Saniwa. I really wanted loli Saniwa though.

will the stream be posted in this thread or is it a secret

Raws when.

I hope he'll have more screen time than Shimakaze got.


Reminder that people who call him that are doing it wrong.



>those thighs

QUALITY in the OP.

Can't find the stream?

>that OP

Still really fucking mad that they bothered to make Souza part of the "main" cast while Sayo and Hime won't be.


is there a alt neetball stream or something?

How many times does have to be said the the cast progressively grows over the series? What you are looking at is the cast at the start of the series, not the 'main' cast you autist

>they're all boys

I think this isn't a good way to introduce characters for new people.

Nikkari a cute.

Only Kiyomitsu and Yasusada are part of the "main" cast, and maybe Hasebe.

It's perfect.
Thank you based Douga Kobo.

Do you really think they need to worry about new people?

Forever with every new season and adaptation, new people are introduced to existing series through anime.

Okay, but tourabu prints money. The target audience for this is 99% existing fans.

anime are just big ads
The main point of the anime is to draw in people to buy merch/BDs/get into the original source

Every nip who was going to find out about Tourabu already did. All the anime is going to do is bring back the ones who dropped the game.


True that is it a massive series, but these types always bring new. I'm no longer surprised when I see people knowing of a game through the anime and anime alone.

Will we get subs?

30 minutes, CR is doing them

That's an Umetsu opening alright.

RIP in pieces Hanamaru.

I'm in heaven.

>one frame from a scene with a lot of movement doesn't look spotless
This shit doesn't even count as QUALITY, it happens all the time in most shows.

This is great. I'm happy to see Akashi and the other Kotetsus in there.

HS is probably going to be late though.

With ~40 characters, there's no time to introduce everyone slowly. You'd do nothing but introduce new characters.

I love it

>they're all boys

How does Yagen and Maeda survive with those shorts in the snow

they're swords, swords can't feel cold.

10 minutes for subs.

Good first episode. Nothing too special.

I'm sad they didn't include some anime original winter clothes.

>hardly any Tanuki
I can't fap to this.


The OP is amazing, thank you based DogaKobo. I hope the episode is good.

I love Hasebe.

I'm so happy they made Hasebe lust for the Saniwa's attention.

His time to shine will come with Ufotable when he gets broken

Subs any moment now


It's out on CR although it seems HS is being slow at the moment.

It's time I post this.

Sad there isn't any Hizamaru or Higekiri in the OP.

>Iwatooshi in the OP

That's because you're stupid, he was one of the first swords to be confirmed (since he's the only Naginata and the official site confirmed that all sword types are in the show).

>actually typing with parenthesis

Raw is up.

You can't stop me.

Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru - 01 [720p] [495439A5].mkv

On Nyaa though.

>Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru - 01 [720p] [495439A5].mkv

I'm not a homo but I like swords. Should watch?

All swords up to Nihongou are in the OP, right?

it was pretty fun and the action wasn't too bad.

It's better than using spoilers.

>Sad there isn't any Hizamaru or Higekiri in the OP.
Same, I hope they show up later on at least.

Did the best Phox show up in this episode?

But you should definitely watch the EDs.

Next one.

I want to pet his head so bad, he isn't even my favorite sword yet. His hair looks so soft.

>1.2 MB/s

Fucking seed motherfuckers.

Thank you.

Kogi and Konosuke are both vastly superior to the worst fox you've posted.

>Dick sucking lips

I love him myself, but it's the way he'd love to die. He lives for battle.

>tfw everyone always forgets about my favorite sword
A-at least he got a one second cameo in the OP right?

Uguisumaru more like Uglysumaru.

Say that again to my face irl you faggot.

>Oodachi bros drinking with Nihongou

I literally couldn't ask for more

>Picks an Oodachi and 2 Uchigatanas

What a shit Saniwa.

Nikkari's SHAFT tilt is the highlight so far.

What a cute girl (sword)

You mean the insane sword that talk about people that don't exist?

Nothing wrong with Uchi, they just don't get bonuses. Stupid aruji using Oodachi was infuriating.

Holy shit, that was a great first episode. Consider me pleased.

My dick feels kinda funny

So was it too gay or was watchable?

Does Godakobo deliver, or fails as with their previous fujoshit show.

>Secondaries becoming a thing
>trap posters
>(more) tumblr

I'm feeling bittersweet about this


>So was it too gay or was watchable?

>previous fujoshit show
What? They did fujo before?

Trapfags was going to become a thing, sadly they're cancerous as fuck.

Fuck off Sakuraposter, go shitpost in the YOI threads.

Does Cashew make that face when he's thinking about dicks?

Are we still pretending this studio is above average?

Oh no.

Donten ni Warau

Kashuu was my starter, he's still one of my favorites. Feels fucking good.

Please tell me not every episode is going to be muh Okita

It still is. Doesnt mean they dont fail occasionally.

Will he become Shitbuki of the show?

is this SOL or action

also subs where

Tanuki is for headpats and healing take your edgy shit somewhere else

>Liking sluts

Not every episode is going to be muh Okita.

Seriously though.
They said every two episode will get a different ED depending on which characters the episodes focus at.

Subs are out.
SOL, but first episode has some minor action.

>Posting Nikkari while talking about sluts
Fitting, Nikkari is also best boy.

The ED is so fucking catchy

>is this SOL or action
SOL with some good fight scenes if you want action wait for the Ufotable one

Fucking DMM. Anime Millenium War Aigis already, instead of this and Kancolle shit.

is it known if the ufotable anime is a sequel or just an entirely separate adaptation?

What the fuck is this homoshit, fuck off to disgusting fujoshits

Talking about edgy shit is Sawano doing the OST for the Ufotable anime? Because it kinda sounds like his style
It's a separate adaptation

Nigger I cleared Ikedaya with my okitagumi and wakizashi.

>that webgen fight animation at begining
i though i`d drop it for gay, but i coudnt watch it long enougth for gay to become apparent

It has litterally the same plot as Time Boken this season.

Wakizashis get bonuses.

A good team is full tantou or Wakis, everything else is shit.

>this semen sword has a dick

This Kancolle clone seems a bit gay.

Yeah sounds pretty Sawanoish

Uchigatana don't get affected so they work fine. Might as well play along and bring the Shinsengumi with you.

It's not gay is you mute it

Requesting Toushirous and Ichi-nii stitch from OP.


Enjoy the happiness while you still can.

Anti-shogunate? Juppongatana?



>Yasu and Kiyomitsu sharing rooms
>Kiyomitsu saving his ass in Ikedaya
>more Ikedaya again next week
Liking these two never felt so good.

Did the gameplay get better? I stopped playing round the kebishi update and now I'm seeing a mobile version that got me curious

>Did the gameplay get better?
You wish. It's just less painful to play on mobile.

MC's VA is the same guy from the kokoro connect bullying, right?

its a mobage, there is no gameplay.
it exists merely to waste time will looking at cute pictures


Same as always, but better than mobage with gacha.
Do it if you like collecting and farming and grinding.

So this is the bad end?

I'll mute the video and pretend they're girls.

No lewding Yamato, he's pure.

>not even all them
Ichi-nii needs to go get his other brothers out of the ground

>no shinano and gotou

Namazuo really looks like a girl here.
I'm glad Imanotsurugi has looked so boyish.

Jew shota is the cutest

Namazuo always looks like a girl.

>Muting Namazuo's lovely voice
End your life



There's nothing wrong about wanting to lewd cute boys, user.

Too new.

No, user. Why would it get any better? How can a mobage get any better.

I'm still playing it though, new event is fucking great to level up my weak tantous.

Welp, I guess I got spoiled by f/go events and shit. Truly a kusoge

Will he get bullied again?

I'm so happy jew is here, it wouldn't be the same without him.

Who's the illustrator for the ED? I really like how he adapts the designs.

I'm going to marry Nagasone!

Thanks to Sugita he'll never get bullied again

No, all the VAs in this get along great.

Now he'll get rich


Is it watchable for someone with no knowledge of the game?

get in line

the first episode is, at least

Yeah. Game is just mindless RNG, if you want to get exposed to its content just read the wikia.

>Time for your inspection user-kun

The only problems you'll have are trying to remember all the character's names

But then you won't know what they're saying

>Master is good at teasing me.
Hasebe won my heart this episode.

I hated penis inspection day back in school.

Nice proportions doc.

I want Yagen to inspect Tonbokiri until he cries.


I want him to read poetry into my groin with that delicious deep voice.

So what is this shit and was it well animated?

I can feel the gay overtaking me

Will Hotarumaru punish Akashi with his massive dong for being a lazy shit?

>what is this shit
Kancolle for girls and trapfags
>was it well animated

Why is this so popular

So they're going for the viral dance meme strategy I see

CCO only has a few frames in the OP, it's so easy to miss.

I want to fluff Hotaru's hair

>has more than 1 frame
Don't you dare complain

Kane-san and Horikawa when

This episode was okay.
I just hope they'll focus more on smaller groups in the future episodes. Otherwise this'll be a mess.

Typical for Umetsu.

Looks kind of gay?

>Kuniyuki actually shows up

Even though he'll probably have no screentime besides this, I'm happy.

The ED:

Is this the closest we'll ever get to Shaft animating homo stuff?

>Yasusada made himself look exactly like Okita-kun
Thanks for the pain, Douga Kobo.

Is Jiji in this one?

Every sword except new ones is in this.

The op

Kancolle for girls and fags already making strides past Kancolle in anime quality

Can't say I'm surprised honestly

They can't be all boys, right? Maybe the blonde loli with ZR is a girl?

Top three swords go

He's their poster boy what do you think?

His hair probably feels amazing

All swords are top swords.

Please don't bully boatfags. No one deserves such a shitty adaptation like the one they got.

Nah, you're just seeing things.

>Top three swords

But I bottom

Don't worry, there's more Kancolle adaptations coming.

Midare is a sword (male).

Swords are pretty phallic. Holding onto the hilt is like holding a cock.

The movie will suck too.

Is it safe to watch this without contracting the gays?

No shit.

That one is a boy too

Yes because you're already a fag, it's safe

Maybe if you skip the OP.


Is it interesting to anyone else how often these shows are written by males, this being an example? What's it like for them to sit in a room coming up with gay and cutesy shit for the boys to do like put flowers in each other's hair and blush?

I'm kind of surprised they didn't shoehorn in some bumblefuck fujoshi protagonist for self insertion

Dollar signs erase awkwardness

Fujos are fans of BL, self insert-chans are for otomefags

Thanks director-kun and Sugiura.

Off-screen saniwa is the only way of accurately adapting the game or staying aligned with most of the fan culture around it.

I guess the nerds at doga kobo don't give a fuck about this. Can't say I blame them.

Otomeshit is ruining anime, and Dogakobo.

I don't know, but I love it.

>Not Oodachi

Which one is the correct term?

It has cute girls too? Okay I am in.

Please don't bully

The best girls

Both are correct.

I didn't think I would like this show, but it's surprisingly decent. Now I just need to remember all of their long ass names.

Namazuo a cute. The cutest sword.

>Kancolle for girls and trapfags
What if I'm neither?

Poor Ishikiri

Here's a cheat sheet

Mutsu is so American, he prefers bringing gun to a sword fight.

Is 12 weeks enough to remember all this shit

I laughed at that, I'm glad they are making gags about the battles.

I'm surprised. That wasn't so bad.

As expected of Hasebe, he's the best part of the show.

Can't wait for this possible Koutetsu bath time. I'it will happen, right?


Too bad his aruji doesn't love him.


No, that scene is literally the most you will see of the three brothers interacting. That's why they put extra effort into it and awkwardly rammed it into the OP

I watched this first episode while knowing absolutely nothing about Swords. It was hilariously pandering, but there were some moments that tickled me.


These are cute but there's no need to image dump here.

>Sata said that she designed Jiji to give off a calm and soothing feeling
>in every work except the game he looks like he's about to snap at any second

My god! this thread is disgusting, fucking homotoilet

Seriously though is that one a girl or a boy? If its a boy it would make a really cute girl design. I need to stop. This is how degeneracy begins.

How do I play the mobile game if I don't speak nip?

I can tell you're from the homothread.

They're both boys

there's not much too it, just read the wiki

Oh well, at least this anime is comfy enough.

Also, crossover when

If you really want to play a shitty nippon browser game without knowing nipponese there are entire wikis to explain it to you, don't waste time in the anime threads asking this shit.

I'm so god damned mad that this saniwa could afford to give their Ima an onamori and I couldn't. I only had enough to equip my Aizen and Sayo so he died in world 6 (and this was before having 5+ tantou was a pretty much guaranteed trip to the boss).

If that shit didn't happen I'd have a kiwame Ima by now.

Every sword is male.

It's a browser game. Just use a guide that tells you what the most important buttons are and you're good to go.

They want to show that Jiji is OP as fuck but they don't know how
Just turn off the sound and you're good

All swords are boys.
Just let go, Yasusada is cute and genuinely yearns for your love.

>being a kuso saniwa and taking your anger out on a fictional saniwa

Kiwame Tsurugi is broken out of character shit, don't do this to him.

Boner status archived

>not going home as soon as your swords are heavily damaged
Even stupid anime saniwa can do that, bakanon.

Holy shit, this gonna be AOTS. Dogakobo saves anime again.

It's a browser game and your enjoyment may vary. I used to play it a lot until a few months ago, now I just save art of my favorite swords.

>Before 5+ tantou was a guaranteed trip to the boss.

It took me hours just to land on dead ends.

Who are some cute underrated swords?

>the nerds at doga kobo don't give a fuck about this
Yeah okay.

Omamori aren't a necessity. Just return to the citadel when you have heavily damaged swords, kuso.

And? That's no reason not to turn back.
Dead swords is worse than wasted time, and leveling up new swords costs even more time.

Never because DMM is run by a bunch of monkeys that hate money,but get ready for a collab with Fate/GO in 2017.

The anime isn't 100% SoL, they might still kill off one of the swords.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
Thanks, but no thanks.
Enjoy your anime f/a/ggots.

>tfw wanted kiwame tsurugi and then finding out what he looks like


he's just ashamed that his smith was a dirty little river rat


there's no reason to though.

You only need to know the starters, Hasebe, CCP, Mikazuki and for the Ufo anime you'll probably have to be familiar with the Shinsengumi faggots.

Was this drawn by hayami? Also, delete this.

Nope. Worry about that in the Ufo one.

Your loss.

No-one loves Akita.

It's mobage, you idiot. Do you really think the game will be so complex you need to know moon? Just read the wikia or if you are familiar with KanColle just play it straight away, because it's the same shit.

>Ichi-nii allows his otouto to be this much of a slut

Is he soliciting for his services?

Is Sojiro in this anime in some form?


Also, no.

does midare have an all male fanbase?

>Ookurikara worst boy

I think you are overestimating Midare's relevance.

Why is this so repulsive?

>aruji don't forget to buy the BDs

Nice try boatfag, but there will be no edgy shit in our show. We'll leave that for the Ufo adaptation.


Are you saying you wouldn't a cute sword?

No, I'd say he's really popular with female players. He's like a cute little sister (male).


>genki dog

Believe me, they are even cuter than KYUTO GARU. We are straight as fuck.
Join us!

Isn't that already what user said?


I was going to cross every shota that isn't Imanotsurugi, Yagen and Sayo, but I feel bad for trapfags.

Yes, he isn't Shinsengumi, but he is somewhat related.

>seriously considering buying BDs for the first time ever

Poor Hasebe, a meme sword even in the anime

I'm giving him a second chance to reconsider his taste.

>Rejecting the invitation of best boys.

>Event tickets

This will sell like hotcakes.

How is it that even with Souza's looks, adding tits does not make him look like a woman? He still looks like male Souza with tits.

I don't understand, but I think I like it.

Anime Saniwa is fucking shit.

Every second BD these days has event tickets, they don't guarantee anything if it's not for live seiyuu singing like UtaPri or LL. Especially not with a cast full of nobodies as this ones.
But the BDs will sell either way.

Is this basically Kancolle but with guys as swords?

The first episode had me all over the place.

>He still looks like male Souza with tits.

I want to see these two together in the anime already.

I felt lost too.

Souza looks disgusting no matter what anyways. I hope that in Ufo version, he gets killed or Nobunaga rapes him.

He showed up for a little bit at the beginning. We'll probably see him again.

Stage Play sold a lot, I don't see why this wouldn't do just as well.

>Considering to buy a bishounen figure

I want a fluffy fox.

Don't say shit about Souza, he's beautiful.

The fact that this is kind of good gets me even more excited about the ufo anime

It's kinda weird that they suddenly jumped into Ikedaya. What are they going to do with the rest of the show once that's done? Or are they going to go back to the rest of the maps?

Damn, that's cute.

Pretty good I hope we at least have one more fight scene like this.

Oh my god how did I not notice, I feel so retarded

It would depend on the director/writer.

I think this one is just a SoL.
There'll be another anime that'll be more serious
Ikedaya will probably be the overarching plot that links the SoL episodes together and be the focus of the last episode(s)

>That webm

The only character with a nice design in this shit.

>no nihongou
>no tarou

They said it was going to have recollections too, so I assumed those would show up once they reached the other worlds.
But that would be nice. I wasn't expecting Ikedaya to be relevant for more than one or two episodes.

They are in the OP, user is just bullshitting and showing off his shitty taste.

And it ended horribly for you, I'm not sure this is something you would want to brag about.


It's not even about looks, all kiwame swords have personality changes.

I'm still mad that they turned my swordbando from a chill yet serious and reliable onii-chan into a no-fun-allowed guy who only cares about battle results, but he still got off easy compared to Imanotsurugi.

Who the hell thought making a cheerful and innocent kid become clingy and insecure was a good idea?

Why would you take a sword to an Inn?

Enjoy that they are in the OP, because that's about as much as screentime they'll get.

To show it a good time

>went from 470位 to 29位 on stalker after the episode

Is this the power of fujos?

Wow this is what Doga is up to after finishing New Game? This looks like some gay fujoshit, gonna pass on this one bros.

It's the power of an adoption that isn't dog shit.

I'm so upset over Tsurugi. Getting rid of all his feelings for Yoshitsune like it meant nothing was a huge dick more.
I'm glad nobody pays attention to this Kiwame shit.

I swear to god, I think the only people that like Nakigitsune are secondaries that don't know about "his voice".


Which sword would you adopt, Cred Forums?

scaring looking character with a cutsie animal companion is a popular archetype in shoujo stuff

I liked Imanotsurugi Kiwame the most, you guys are plebs. Sayo in the other hand getting even more edgier piss me off.

Sayo got even edgier in his Kiwame while in new recollections he was being healed. Shit pissed me off.

Fuck I'm actually triggered

This and KAKAKA bring the Nam flashbacks

Kamekichi a cute

I think the only people who dislike Kitsune are the ones who don't know nip and can't appreciate the fun of his voice.
It's funny as fuck.

>It's not even in the top 10.

What a flop.

But his actual voice is fine, you just barely ever hear it. I don't see why his grating fox friend should stop someone from liking him.

Oh god, no. Thanks for the warning user, now I'm never letting him go. I really should play some more, but the struggle to smith my best boys is hurting my soul

I don't know anything about this franchise, but I know this one is going to be my favorite.

>I don't see why having to listen to his ear-raping fox 95% percent of the time he's on screen should stop someone from liking him



Because his fox friend talks a lot user.

>Ishikirimaru being slow as fuck
My sides, good job.

Enjoy waiting bitch.

I unironically like both his normal voice and his fox voice.
And you can't stop me.

>A bunch of gay samurai acting like little girls

I wouldn't have a problem with Fujo shows if the men actually behaved like men do.

What are you, some kind of expert on men?

Can you guys recommend something SHORT to read on gameplay basics, like how sword types differ and such. I'm not going to play this, but I' really like to understand anime better.
I played KC though.

They are swords user

Yes in fact. I happen to have years of experience.

They are not even men, let alone samurais.

Drinking, playing go/shogi, testing their swords at crossroads and fucking little boys?

Maeda is my sonfu

Exceptional taste

>I would like this if it was targeted at me
No shit

If you played KC, you know that you should just read the wikia.

Yeah, it should be filled with banter, manly competition, people calling each other homosexual ninnies, and one actual closeted homo with supportive friends to appease the fujos.

Not this weird thing where the men all behave like females with skinship and feeling embarrassed about senpais and shit.

Dogakobo shouldn't be allowed to make shows that don't pander to me.

user, they are swords

I'm sure your limped wristed, faggot harem MCs are much better, user

Oh well. I hoped for something short like "wakizashis are CVs, tantos are DDs" etc.
I'm still confused with all these daikatanas.

Same, I don't see the problem.

Holy fuck all these shotas

C91 better deliver

Nothing much you can do but read the wikia.
If you want to understand the anime better you'll actually have to sit your ass down and read up on real sword history, specially on what went down in Ikedaya.

Swords learned from their owners, japs didn't act like that.

I don't like harem either, no need to sling your vagina yeast everywhere friend.

What's the OTP?

Hope some mainstream artist start making more sword boy doujins. Or else you can look forward to fujos drawing more invisible dicks and lots of crying.

>first Dogakobo hit will be a fujoshit show
This isn't fucking fair.

Hotaru x fat old men

Cashew and fat faceless old men

Why do fujos suck at making yaoi?

I think straight men would be able to draw the best kind of yaoi

>Nikkari not being leader
>Putting an Oodachi in a night battle map

Fucking stupid kuso

I started watching this because I thought they were cute girls. Am I gay now?

You x your favorite sword

I guess you can think of big swords (oodachi and tachi) as comparable to BBs and CVs since they're strong in day battle, and small swords (wakizashis and tantous) like CLs and DDs since they're more suited to night battles.

>Sayo literally gives up on being happy and decides to use his DARKNESS as strength in order to dedicate his entire life to his master
Why do all kiwame feel yandere as fuck?

>all this Ishiki in the first episode

Delicious sword chub.

Tsuru x me

Depends, who is your favourite sword?

Too much MUH FEELINGS instead of pure porn.

We literally saw him in the bath, didn't look fat to me.

>10 minutes in
>Already has handled cameos and character interactions better than KanColle did in 13 episodes

Why must the fujos get the good things in life?

I think they care less about the actually porn part and just like the idea of their favourite boys having sex.

I hope the /fit/ Ishikiri from the anime kills this meme

Please tell me they are all boys.

Not enough. You must also hope they will get scanned.

One of them is a girl, but I won't tell you which

Holy shit, pic related was gay as hell, but it got me hard.

Now that's something, thanks! Omamori is basically damecon, right?

Local TTK is just as much kuso.

>Tantou are the weak shotas, they are only useful in 4 maps. They drop all the time and there are a lot of them.

>Wakis are better than tantous, they drop a lot and there are very few of them.

>Uchis are even better than Wakis, they drop all the time and there a lot of them.

>Tachis are better Uchis, but they are slower. KaKaKa and CCP drop all the time, and there a lot of them.

>Oodachis are HUGE swords, they can cut even three enemies at once, they are slow as fuck, rare and there are few of them.

>Yaris are shit. They never drop and there are very few of them.

>Right now there is only one Naginata, he is huge and he is only useful to level up weak swords.

He can't even keep up with some shotas.

>people think this first episode is extraordinarily good
Are we watching the same show?

It was nothing special.

Holy shit, KanColle must have been one bad adaptation if it didn't even get something this simple right.

Wow this was boring. I thought it would be non-stop sword fight with fujo bantering here and there. But it was slice of fucking nothing. Dropped.

It's because we are comparing it to KanColle.

That's wrong.
Smaller swords are faster and need way less resources to heal.
All swords have their uses except Naginata.

They're both going to be who really cares cash grabs anyway that Cred Forums will pretend to give a damn about for shitposting reasons

You're stupid, the ufo adaption is the action one.
This was advertised as SoL from the start.

I wonder when they're going to make Yaris useful

>I thought it would be non-stop sword fight with fujo bantering here and there
It's SOL with 5 minutes of good fights it's the comfy one what did you expect? But if you want sakuga porn just wait until Ufo

Many people will say it was terrible garbage, but I'm in the minority of fans who just enjoyed it well enough because it happened. But even I can recognize the terrible choices they made

They concentrated too much on drama stuff instead of it being a fun thing for fans to enjoy

Tachis have more HP and the ones that are actually decent have an extra troop slot.

Jiji, Hizamaru and Kousetsu have the better stats than any Uchi.

Is this supposed to be Okita?

Why is Imanotsurugi so huge?

So the "master" is the TTK, right?

Their battle outfits give me the biggest boner, specially Kiyomitsu and Namazuo's. Makes them look cool as fuck.

This whole scene was so good.

Is this show any good or just yaoishit?

Imanotsurugi used to be an oodachi.

I guess. No real reason to hide his face otherwise, and the colors look different from Yasusada's.

It's good yaoishit

It's Souza moron.


What is that pink thing next to Tonbokiri?

And is an attendant the secretary ship?

here is no such thing as good yaoishit




Yeah, called saniwa.


Here's hoping people use "aruji" instead of "master", I'm too used to the former.


Oh OK.

So I guess they are not going to show him/her like they did for KanColle.

Which would be fine as long as they don't do scenes where he's like in the room talking to someone but there's no voice of image of him shown.

Well yeah, he's the slowest sword ingame. But in exchange, he has the highest damage.

Is Honebami considered rare? I've read this a couple of times but I got him 3 days into the game.
Cutest Waki.

They literally did a scene like that in this episode.

What? How did I miss that.

There's something about Jiji design that screams YANDERE but I can't pinpoint exactly what.

I wonder if they will have to save him in the anime too or he will just appear.

Ah no, not him, I meant that huge thing that's over 6 meters, right next to Tonbo's spear.

But I just read that he used to be a nagae yari before getting shortened. I didn't know those things were so fucking long.

No wonder they're so OP in the game.

It took me forever to get him so I believe it.

Would be cool if they animated the underground treasure.

He's rare for a waki but not particularly hard to get in the long run. He is also best boy and I can't wait to see more of him.

His drop rate is rather low, yeah.

Who do you think Hasebe was talking with?

You are baka.

Oh, I wasn't paying enough attention.

Does anyone think this show feels somehow refreshing after watching mostly shows with an all female cast?

Fuck you, it's cute.

>KaKaKa and CCP drop all the time
I didn't get CCP more than other more common swords, but you're definitely forgetting someone.

No, because I only watch shows with an all or mostly male cast.

He just wants to be popular

I want to bully Hotarumaru.

I can't wait for Kane-san and his waifu to show up.

I haven't been to Cred Forums in forever does /vg/ even have /sword/ threads anymore I never seem to catch them.

Dead for over an year now.

Sorry, user.

No, it folded back into /blog/.

Many episodes for Shinsengumi faggotry coming, feels good.

>Midare not looking like a boy

Why do they always fuck this up?

This is my fetish.

They really should just make the same game but give an option to play it with girls or guys.

>that Hotaru

>that meryx3 doujin

Yasusada is the same just with a skirt

The best thing that came out of Free were Sousuke and Makoto.

They have that option already, it's called boatgirls.

You mean Shinken.

It's called Shinken actually.

My gentlemen of african descent.

That's not how you spell Yamanbagiri.

I'm not familiar, point me in the right direction


>Hotarumaru not flat

Just in case there's anyone that cares about the anthologies in here, we just finished chapter 11 of the Tourabu Hibana Anthology.
The other chapters are on batoto and in the /vg/ archive.!bEVzwKSb!S_97t1iLLTCWW91w2pQVVVNguHllYigLnvnz_oKVmhs

I was under the impression that sol of touken ranbu would be shit. I was pleasantly surprised by this first episode.

Good job, nitrojew. It was worth giving you all the money in my wallet.

but it wasn't exactly good either

it was just there
And there's a wikia too but it's really incomplete and REALLY out of date.!!_Wikia

Come one now if he googled "shinken" he would get irrelevant unrelated results.

Then just google "Shinken game", don't be retarded.

>he will never be animated
it hurts

It was great m8.

I mean, depending on how long the tourabu meme stays alive, there might be more anime in the future.

That was pretty garbage, but I like neither CGDCT nor Touken Ranbu in general, so I didn't expect to enjoy it much. I'll still watch for the cute boys, I've already forgotten their names but this one is a qt.

really, what was great about it? the "comedy" wasn't very funny, there was like 30 seconds of action. i'm not sure how anyone could call this episode great by any means, unless all you're looking for is pretty bishounen.

It's cute boys doing cute things. Isn't that enough?

it would be if it was funny or enjoyable in any way. but snowball fights, chasing each other around, and throwing horse shit at each other? no, that's not really funny, sorry.

Even if it's for cute boys I find it strange that you'd watch a show about two things you don't like, but at least you have good taste in swordboys.

But it is cute swords doing cute things.

it's boring as fuck, i don't care.

>putting flowers in hair, bathing, playing around
>not cute things

Thanks doc. I'm glad the anime feels so much like the anthologies.

But the swords are cute.