Why is everyone from this country in anime a shtty rapist?

Why is everyone from this country in anime a shtty rapist?

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>implying theres something wrong with rape

art imitates life


Wherever they are they must also rape.

like who?

>clock dude :D

Sako is not shitty, she's best girl.

Take this shit thread back to where it belongs


I have never seen a finnish character in anime and I watch plenty.

Animehomot vittuun Cred Forums:sta.

>tfw best girl is shitty mongol

only finnish characters in anime i've seen have been cute girls

It's due to their Mongol genes

You haven't seen any of these?

>best girl
But that's not Ichiroku.


Cred Forums doesn't hate Finns anymore, only Canadians.

> implying girls can't rape




Rape? Is such a thing important in life?


That's a man's name

What are Finns?

Drunken mongols that will stab you if you get within arms reach.

They also really hate commies.

Elves from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Not all of them, this one pays a young girl to pleasure her drills

Ugly subhumans

no way

that's a pansy name

Cred Forumsnanas belongs to Cred Forumsizza

She's a Jap, the names they have imply the opposite sex

>t. Aussie

finns are not ugly
delete this

Koska Suomessa raiskauksesta saa Sakot

How's Finland this time of year?

Ei kyllä Sakolla selviä.

Pretty sunny and warm t. global manmade warming

Cold. As always.


Ei juma ylis taas vauhis :D:D

Naurahdin ääneen.

Sakkoliha hyvä liha.

They really outdid themselves with her design. I love it.

>there are people on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who haven't watched Katri

Moomin doesn't rape

Rainy or sunny.

It was +2°C when I woke up today.

That annoying between weather where its too cold to go without a jacket in the morning, but afternoon is too hot for the jacket.

My great grandma was from Finland and I've never raped anybody yet.

You're not allowed to rape in finland unless you're drunk. Maybe you just dont drink enough?

>In Finland punishment for rape is Sako
>You don't get sober with a Sako
>Meat of Sako is tasty meat
finnish humour, not even once

Nice Google Translate you got there, faggot.

Suomi suomi

Sakko = fine, as in monetary penalty
In case of my post sakkoliha is our term for Jailbait.

ja viedään kun pässiä narussa

Kiva, sillä mulla on kaapissa pässi turripuku.

>Maybe you just dont drink enough?
Haha. People sometimes ask me how I can drink vodka like it's water.

I shrug and tell them I like the taste.

>implying +2°C isn't warm

I want somalians and their ilk to leave.