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What do elves even do?

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I hate bugs.

Just finishing up pixiv dump.
80 mins till p3 now.

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Reposting from last thread
Does anyone have PA and nabe pasta?










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Entoma is too pure for that.

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What the fuck are you smoking?

What's the chances of pic related showing up in this volume, or will it only be briefly mentioned for Ainz to go EEEEEEEEH and then be finalized in the next volume?

Goblin Slayer vs Enri Emmot's gang, place your bets.


I can't tell if this is a joke or not. Why would GS show up in Overlord?

Enri wins easily, GS is an excellent Anti-Gob specialist, but even he needs to go batman mode to take out anything above a standard gob, something which Enri has in heaps.
I ain't no humie boy.
I meant Enri's gobs, guess I'm still shittier in meme selection, would provided be better choice?

>Entoma is too pure for that.
>Fell in love with a guy.
>Ate him because spider.
>Feel really sad about it afterwards.
The purest, she'll devour anyone before getting to third base.

Maybe he's hoping for a crossover like with Altina? I guess Ainz would wipe out all the goblins in about a week. Goblin Slayer would force Nazarick to dump all resources into goblin murder.

Enri shows up in the epilogue very briefly

Lovecraftfag here
i consider "Shoggot and "Ubbo-Shathla" to be titles more than litteral races for high level slimes. Her attack pattern doesn't correspond the shoggoth one.
>nuffin personal kid

Ubbo Shathla is the primordial pile of shit for those who didn't know, so technically its a slime god.

I still don't understand how or why that happened. On that note: Holy Shit, last I checked Altina had maybe 4 volumes translated and now it's up to 8 volumes.

T minus 6.10^5ms boys


Do not open! Big spoiler!





I apologize for the spam, but I can't contain myself

Any links for the p1-p2

All praise Nigel-sama!

how can he hold all this sasuga?

>He had sent a [Message] to Narberal telling her to come to his room, and after waiting and waiting for ages she had not arrived. It was only after he sent another [Message] to her that he discovered she had been waiting at his room in Nazarick.

peerless wit, the girl does it again

Say please mossad-Kun

look 2-3 threads back newfriend

"MP cost of teleportation magic as a necessary expense."

What is his mana regen?

I love this volume already. Shalltear-Aura interactions are always a pleasure a read.

He doesn't want to waste MP since he might be ambushed at any time. Fluder's place and Ainzach's guildhouse aren't nearly as defended as Nazarick or his E-Rantel manor.

>It was hard for Ainz to contain himself as he realized that Aura and Shalltear were carrying on that same relationship. The memories fell like powdery snow, filling his heart with bliss. His joy welled up, and just as he was about to laugh — the emotion was suppressed.


>Ainz quietly cursed as his moment of joy was interrupted by his emotional suppression. It had helped him out many times in the past, but he found it tiresome when it got in his way. Ainz knew he was being selfish and hypocritical, but he still found it hard to accept this interruption of the memories of his former friends.

It's moments like these that make me sad.

>The memories fell like powdery snow, filling his heart with bliss. His joy welled up, and just as he was about to laugh — the emotion was suppressed.

>If he did not specify that, it was quite likely that she would teleport to Ainz’s room in Nazarick. However, that had only happened once. He had sent a [Message] to Narberal telling her to come to his room, and after waiting and waiting for ages she had not arrived. It was only after he sent another [Message] to her that he discovered she had been waiting at his room in Nazarick.
Retard strike again.

Does anyone have a high-res scan of the cover on the left? I've been search high and low with no results.

Forgot pic

She wanted the bone.

>Aura’s eyes went wide. Given her attitude, it was clear that she considered Shalltear to have very limited uses.
Let the Chair bullying commence.

Shalltear a cute!

>In that moment, Shalltear moaned wetly with a “Ho…”
Ainz being a player just by existing, this is never going to get old.

>No, the fact was that Jircniv had come a long way to visit Ainz, and Ainz had been terribly rude to Jircniv by not insisting that he stay the night. Granted, the man had firmly refused every offer of lodging Ainz had made, but perhaps the right thing to do was to make him change his mind. Perhaps if they had established good relations from that point onwards, the matter of vassalage might not have come up at the arena.

keikaku doori ainz-sama

>Bukubukuchagama-sama, please watch over Shalltear, who was made by your little brother Peroroncino-sama!

Aura and Shalltear do get along pretty well when they're alone together.

will we get more JUST ?

Reminder that Overlord's character sheet is a radioactive waste tier meme apparently

the ride never ends for jircniv

You're about, I'd say year late with that realization.

whoa shit

volume 11 is the reforging of Shalltear into a PvP'er

>Chair super nervous about failing the SB again
>Chair getting eye twitches from taking orders from Aura
>Aura thinks Chair is useless

This is going to be a good fucking volume.

I already have Vol 2 Momon adventures vibes from this

>The journey to the Mountains
>Obliterating the Beastmen
>Feast with dwarfs
>Guardian Bantz

You know, Ainz jokes about being dumb, but now he comes off as incredibly intelligent. His reasoning makes perfect sense, and the choices he makes are ones Demiurge would never even consider. Ainz might actually unironically be the greatest mind within Nazarik, just like the guardians believe.

>41 level 1 maids have High-tier gear
high-tier is above the NW and made Osk and Ainzach cream themselves.
humiefag BTFO.

Mana regen is low in Yggdrasil cause it's meant to replace how the D&D spell per day shit works. You can understand simply based on the fact that if Ainz ran out of mana against Shalltear in vol 3 he was completely fucked, and once Shalltear had run out of mana even after wailing on Ainz and getting wailed on for awhile she still couldn't even cast a single spell the whole time.

Maybe some shitter t1-3 spells would be possible, but nothing t8+

I'll be extremely happy if Zenberu plays more than a background role. Any screentime the Lizardmen get justifies spending an entire volume on them.

Sebas is super fucking retardedly broken right now, like I mean insanely, stupidly, retardedly broken as a character.


>this is us on vol.10

Its a high possibility. Zenberu and Zaryusu will probably come along as guides through the forest, at least to the foot of the mountains.

How so ?


>Those old Char sheets

I forgot about those.

The mana in Ygg seems to work like spell points in DnD:


You could make the argument that spell points are basically mana, but the mana costs of Ygg spells and the way they interact with metamagic (twin, maximize, enhance, widen etc.) is also reminiscent of spellpoints especially since apparently in Ygg you can combine multiple metamagic modifiers on a single spell which is just insane.

Zenberu is confirmed. Ainz would probably let Zaryusu stay with Crusch and raise their kid.

>too retarded to link properly


>Moeshit and teen angst are Nazarick tier

Zenburu stayed in the city itself though didn't he? He'd be decent.

Well yes but aren't spell points uh something where say if you use up the charges on a certain spell, it doesn't prevent you from using the charges of other spells?

At least that was how it worked for me when I played NWN1-2.

Whereas in Yggdrasil, I believe that isn't the case, and you could just spam one spell until your MP runs out.

>too retarded to link properly

literally nobody cares to link "properly"

Yes. With this system, you can't spam spells all day long - Ygg probably had a lot of planning and walking around, with shorter fights. Still, lvling wizards should be harder than warriors, at least those can chug potions and keep smashing stuff.

>At least that was how it worked for me when I played NWN1-2.
The NWN didn't have spell points, spell points are a replacement for the spells/day spellbook memorization system that NWN had.

Actually since you played NWN, Sorcerers are a pretty good reference:

The Sorcerer can cast a number of spells/day for each spell level and use it to cast any spell of that level. Spell Points are kind of like that except instead of say being able to cast 6 lvl1 spells & 3 lvl2 spells, you get 6*1+3*2=12 spell points which you can use to cast either 6 lvl2 spells or 12 lvl1 spells or mix & match any way you want.

Its probably a mix of DnD spells and regular MMO mana since mana in ygg regenerates and they have potions for it.

Where's a reliable place to find each new pastebin?

It's more of the sorcerer thing, he can cast spells of a certain level a acertain number of times. I don't remember NWN1-2 having spellpoints. Spellpoints is a thing then you have a certain number of them and you can spend them on any spell you know as long as you can pay it costs. Optional rules for DnD, if i remember correctly, some OGL games also uses them as default, like Fantasy Craft.

you can do better than that FBI-kun

Just fucking google it.

>mana in ygg regenerates and they have potions for it
Mana does regenerate, but very slowly. It takes about a day for it to fully regenerate which you could compare to taking a "full/long rest" in DnD. Magic casters in Ygg typically played until their mana ran out and then they just logged out for the day. It's also explicitly mentioned that mana potions did not exist in Ygg.

Mind you this is all info from the webnovel so it's only canon until the LN says otherwise.

I want to be devoured by Solution's breasts, modeseven Lynn's style!

Alright now first thing you gotta do if you're gonna read this seriously is pop open all the parts where any monk related things are mentioned.
Do you recall that Monk class had ability to strengthen and reinforce their body to further increase their melee/unarmed capability?
Well now our plain ol' Humans at a solid level of mastery of Monk techniques could buff themselves up to a point that they skin is as hard or harder than steel, with Lizardmen being able to go a notch further due to their scales being naturally harder than human skin.

Think about this, which race is widely known to have difficult to pierce skin/hide, akin to the toughness of fantasy metals such as mithril to the point where some individuals would practically become invulnerable to nothing short of nukes?
The same freaking race that Sebas is kinda part off.
Now if a human monk, who could (lets be generous) at level 30~ reach the point of his skin being tougher than steel, the how fucking tough, would a level 100 dragonoid monk have his scales/hide/skin become? GOD. DAMN. INVINCIBLE!
I bet the fucktard of a butler can stand and not give even a slightest shit about anything NW can throw at him WITHOUT having to use any of his skills.


>since mana in ygg regenerates and they have potions for it.

I don't ever remember there being mana potions mentioned in Overlord even once.

>basically a endurance system
how about the red mana pot Ainz gave to the Who-redhair?

Just fucking google what?
Pastebin Nigel vol 11?
Overlord nigel vol 11?
S..The..ood overlord pastebin?

The fact that its just called MP on the character sheets makes me believe that its just mana. Being heavily DnD inspired doesnt mean it has to be a straight rip off.

Though I could be full of shit about the potions.

Yeah, early volumes were focused on warmongering and intimidation, which Albedo and Demiurge really are better at.
But come diplomacy and handling Nazarick personnel, Ainz is unmatched.

That's a health potion user. Are you getting senile?

That's health potion Ainz gave to Brita.

Is it mana, but the regen rate is slow as balls to reflect how it's taken from DnD, and there's basically no way to recover it other than do what Evileye did which just enhances recovery speed at the expense of being a sitting duck. Definitely not possible during combat.

Will the world ever be able to get down of his ride?

I know, i said that because user said that there was no mana pot

Well it is said that in his true form, Sebas would beat both Cocytus and Albedo in melee, but we do not know if he has limitations like a time limit for his true form so there might be a way to exploit whatever weaknesses there are if there is any.

He's still no match for Shalltear or Mare though.

And how does your statement disprove that? Health potions existing while mana potions don't is completely possible, why would they have to be a set?

Well last time there was a blog to go too, this time I can't find shit

because everyone and their mother said it was a mana pot

Do we even know if Sebas is a true Dragon or just a Draconic Humanoid like pic related? Because I can't really imagine the former one being a monk.

He not a real dragon.

I found it. I guess I was just looking at the wrong thing.
Delete this sorry

Cocytus is always so unimpressive.
And Sebas couldn't beat Albedo if her job was to hold her ground, and not actually beat Sebas.

Where? Absolutely no one did. Are you just talking shit now?

Well ofc any Nazarick level 100 could go toe-to-toe with him, but I'm talking NW wise, highest we've got is that at best, CD/ZZ is in the 60s while PDL is in the 70s level range.
These levels even though already generously buffed, have absolutely no way of giving a challenge to Sebas alone.

It has an obvious weakness: Razor Edge.

He's a dragonoid like your pic. Shalltear says so in volume 3.

user don't be stupid now.

But it's not a damage nullification ability, it's just natural toughness of his body buffed by monk skills.

Razor edge fucks up armour too.

Not true, Albedo's weakness would be Razor's Edge since she's a tank. Sebas is a monk, so most likely he has more leeway to dodge even if he is dependent on his iron/steel/dragon skin to an extent.

Why are you talking about something obvious like it's new?

So you are shit posting. Either give sauce on your claims or shut it you're just yelling at clouds right now.

oops my bad, it was a health pot

Never mind this I'm retarded.

Cocytus is more versatile than the others with his four weapons at once.

Pleiades subbed when??

citation needed

1-2 weeks

5 minutes.

source: Vol 2 ".You came to find out the effects of this potion, right? It’s equivalent to 2nd tier recovery magic. "

Any particular reason I can't find properly scanned and TL-ed version of this anywhere?

Gazef says it cuts through armour like paper.
That said just because it can go through armour and damage resistance it doesn't mean that it hits especially hard.

Players in YGG did not have access to dragons because their stats were too high(For customization). The only dragons players could get were cash shop summons.

Yeah I think this is a bit underrated. Given how items = data, having more items naturally gives you more data capacity, but I'm willing to bet the ways to get more than 2 arms usually comes with race levels that aren't all that hot. Otherwise imagine if Touch Me had 4 arms. What would happen?

>It has an obvious weakness: Razor Edge.
It just bypasses defense. Its attack damage is still shit especially with lvl100HP pools.

It cuts through shitty NW armor.

I'd say that 2 arms would be used as one, as I would assume it would break people's mind or cause some severe ghost limb PTSDs if you were to go from having 4 arms to 2 on a regular basis.

>but I'm willing to bet the ways to get more than 2 arms usually comes with race levels that aren't all that hot.
You are probably not wrong. Cocytus cant wear real armour for example.

Reading the chapter titles for the volume:

>Chapter 1: Preparations for a Journey to an Unknown Land
>Chapter 2: Seeking the Dwarven Kingdom
>Chapter 3: Impending Danger
>Chapter 4: Negotiate
>Chapter 5: The Dragon Lord of Frost

My guess is we won't return to the Dwarf POV until at least Chapter 3 right?

Cuts through it much better than any other sword.

Sasuga N-sama once more!
I'm wondering, could I donate to our glorious TL god by doing so on Sky's site?

Yeah while Touch Me can, though given how flexible armor is, I'm sure you could just custom build an armor to fit 4 arms, but maybe Cocytus' race does have some kinda penalty to wearing armor instead of favoring his exoskeleton.

That'd be disappointing, considering how the heteromorphics are all strange and stuff. I mean doesn't Tabula have quite a few appendages? Or the slimes who can in theory shape themselves into strange forms. Or maybe during the game era this kinda thing wasn't available and only in NW.

The only way to make a viable monk is to make it a fucking dragon, the 3e curse continues to this day
still not viable compared to a similarly well-built anything else though, let alone wizards/druids/CoDzilla

Also from the prologue. Support classes can transfer mana around. Ulbert talks about that he can use more spells before the boss if Yamaiko just gives him mana for the boss fight.

Ainz will meet Godon at chap 2 base on chapter's illus, i think

Right that was another one. But basically no cheap ass chug and go like mana pots are today.

Stomping again?

We know that players could pick slimes as their race so that opens up a ridiculous amount of questions regarding equipment as well as controlling your avatar.

We know that Herohero was a monk, so equipment wasn't a big deal for him, but apparently Bukubukuchagama was a tank of some sort so she had to have some equipment at least. Does anyone have the translated bio for her?

Is that you riskanon?Are we finally going to get that Shalltear scan? If yes i love you, no homo.

In The blog there is only prologe ;_;

im pretty sure it was mentioned in the flashback bonus that slime put their gears in their body

You are genuinely retarded, right? Look around

She had two shields I think. I am pretty sure I read somewhere here armour and stuff just floats around in her body.

Ask reddit.

scroll down

Even in 3.X Sebas wouldn't be a monk, but the unarmed variant Swordsage. He uses techniques and ki.

>flashback bonus
I'm not sure I know which one that is.

got it

" Various magic items floated into view within her pink body. When slimes were equipped with magic items — with the exception of hand-held items — they were not shown on their exterior, but within their bodies"

Prologue 2dn half

Why Kugane is not written with kanji?

He means the Prologue.

BukuBuku's items float in her body, rather than on her fingers or anything.

>Is that you riskanon?
Are you serious?

Shit, im retarded

What's written on the cover here?

This seems so lewd

I might've missed out on reading it, but that's pretty cool. Thanks anons.

I don't think this was ever scanned. i also can't find it among the stuff Riskyanon scanned, unless i missed that

Its worth reading.

Two parts that came with the Blueray, they feature Momonga and the other SBs

Shows the formation of Ainz Ooal Gown as a guild, and the guild raiding and clearing Nazarick.

You outed yourself quite fast today Narb-chan!

Fucking fuck, that Shalltear pic turns me on SO fucking much.
Please do scan it before Hiro shuts Cred Forums down.

Why is Hiro shutting down Cred Forums?


Wait what?

Is this a joke or a reference to a certain woman's stupid propaganda where pepe=nazis?

He doesn't have the money to handle the traffic. There's a thread over at /qa/.

Shillary please go and stay to.

No money. It was last ruse of moot ;_;

caution: several thousand post thread

They could just put fucking ads.

Clinton/CTR going/Media/idiots who haven't been online in years decided pepe was a hate symbol due to his association with trump.

Hiro got hounded by some journos about facilitating a race hate site, keep going after him to get quotes and shit.

Some jounos went through Cred Forums and found the usual shit, Cred Forums being trash, gore threads, loli stuff, /r9k/ threatening to kill normies, Cred Forums being Cred Forums and did a piece naming him too.

This meant that over the last few months the few remaining adds dried up and the money problems suddenly reached critical mass.



Can't he like sue those faggots or something for that? Like with the Hulk Hogan case.

>Cred Forums paranoiac in overlord thread

gave me mmobros flashback, i want to play a good mmo with my lost friends now


Why won't you ever use your own fucking brain and engery to look something up?
What do you plan to do, after you (maybe) graduate middle school?

>no money to run website
>somehow money for lawsuit
Anyway let's not go off-topic here, read & comment there


All I know is that the people have being going after him/Cred Forums and thats chased the last few ads away.

Nobody wants to put adds on 4chin. Also hiro is retarded and dont know-how

I hope she'll play a larger role, I want more Clem.

>everyone else is posting information
>this sperglord is so mad he can't even spell correctly while making fun of someone's education

Oh shit. I didn't even notice the bottom and top adds are gone. This is actually serious.

I'm black, that's racist.

>If he did not specify that, it was quite likely that she would teleport to Ainz’s room in Nazarick. However, that had only happened once. He had sent a [Message] to Narberal telling her to come to his room, and after waiting and waiting for ages she had not arrived. It was only after he sent another [Message] to her that he discovered she had been waiting at his room in Nazarick.

I bet retard waiting NAKED.



Don't make me go get the pol=furries pasta

I thought that was the point.

Narb thought she was being summoned to his bed.

Actually, it makes perfect sense that a secured loan is less expensive than an unsecured loan. Compensation for risk.

Yeah and the joke was also that Shalltear would have done the same if Ainz hadnt been clear.

Yup, thats how I read it. Shalltears initial shock was her thinking she was about to get boned.

So was Aura probably

So Narbe was ready to NTR Alfredo?

Maybe? Her loyalty is to Ainz first and formost, so when he messages her and tells her "get ready and come to my room" she does exactly that.

She may have felt bad about NTR-ing Albedo, but if Ainz says to get into bed, 100% of Nazerick would do so.

>Aura offered up a prayer to Bukubukuchagama, the Supreme Being who was also her god:
>Bukubukuchagama-sama, please watch over Shalltear, who was made by your little brother Peroroncino-sama!

Daaaw~ Am I the only one who find it cute?

Nah, that was adorable.

Those two are going to great, I think that Aura and Chair bants will be one of the best things to come out of any Vol.

plus we should get some good lewd art of the two of them from this.

I've misplaced the link to dropbox with the pdf's and all. Anyone have it? if you could be bothered to toss the link to [email protected] that'd be appreciated

Its cute but when you realize Aura gets along better with Shalltear, Mare starts to feel like an outsider like he has no real friends whatsoever... I wish he became an alpha an started making a lot of female elf friends.

Kill yourself.

>And now the fed waits to see if anyone bites

Cool honeypot there FBI-kun.

i want more cute guildmates doing cute things

windows reinstalls are a bitch when you don't have every single thing backed up

>[email protected]
You won't catch me with your van tricks, I'm on to you.
>Captcha: At any time

My theory is that Mare is Bukubuku's represenation of Peron.

My headcannon is that when he was 12 he dressed up in Buku's clothes and did some other stupid shit, she caught him, and thats the blackmail she has over him. Mare is her not so subtle threat to him.

Mare & Demiurge seem to hit it off pretty well. I'd go as far as saying that Mare & Cocytus are Demi's only real friends.

when Sobin will do IRL guidmates arts, the fanbase will go apeshit with the "arts"


please no bully

So whats the legal structure of the SKAOG?

Guys, could you give me a link to Nigel's site? I thought about waiting till it's all out but screw this, it's sasuga time!

>AoG is full of friendless aspies
>their NPCs are also friendless aspies

Really makes you think...


End yourself.

Nice try FBI-kun

There is none yet, the first chapter of volume 10 was all about trying to build one.

If the opponent didn't have gear sure, but ainz already questioned sebas combat power so a gearless monk is nothing compared to someone with high end gear even if they are lower leveled.
And people will still downplay gears.

bug spray
crop rotation
lvl 100 golems
stomach aches
strings has been cut
wry smile
FBI/MI6 kun
fertile retard womb

Am i cool now?

You forgot puppets whose strings have been cut.

Thats mainly because almost everyone in Nazarick wants to make a world wide bbq out of every being that isnt part of Nazarick

i didn't

i forgot chair and some rogue shit tho

>no mossad
>no lizards
>no climb

if you really want to go the site here's the onion link, oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/
be very careful man i'd reset your router and set your ip to dynamic before you read this ln.
also, make sure not to leave any windowed applications running in the background before you enter the site, you might get traced.

also forgot the keikaku thing some retard thought was hilarious lol

>illuminati club to read chink translated novels

how about Cred Forums and /r9k/ go to eight chan instead

they've overextended their stay since they became friends with Milo

Keikakus and sasugas are a given

>doing this little
Why don't just go and tell the FBI where you live?
You should have told him to wipe and destroy his CPU after he is done (yes, ALL OF IT), then burn the remains and bury them somewhere around 20 km away from his house.


Oh, hey, my shitty oc

we should restart this shit ironically

>Weapon that Bypasses armor
>Being the weakness of a monk

Have no never played a full defense monk?

You will never even touch the fucker.

can someone make a Coldsteel character sheet or do i have to actually give something to the community?

Monk generally focus on evasion for defense, not?


Did the translations move since yesterday? I'm not getting anything on google besides the prologue now.

It was already subbed

Slime Slut is fat

Decrement art when?

>ainz already questioned sebas combat power
I think he just thought that sending PA together with Sebas would decrease E-Rantel's defense too much.

Go back to getting wrecked by Cred Forums CTR shill.

sebas is probably just a weak fuck in human form compared to other level 100s, which makes his power inconsistent and undependable.

like a week ago

Or that he needs hefty support to be able to be at his best.

I just politely asked. No reason to be mean if you don't want to help, jerks. Hope next time you asked for help you'll get the same answers.

He can still take on Cocytus in his human form (but would lose to Alfredo).

She's a cutie

I thought that was Foire?

google vol 11 blogspot overlord

I am confused, is 11 out? translated? if so fanfic link please

>he needs help to type simple words onto google's search field
Kill yourself, fag.

>I just politely asked. No reason to be mean if you don't want to help, jerks.
>why are people telling me to fuck off when I ask stupid questions
I dunno man it's a real mystery.

Cocytus, Albedo and Sebas have a Rock Paper Scissors deal going.

Sebas cant damage Albedo effectively
Cocytus cant out DPS Sebas
Albedo cant deal with all the attack styles Cocytus has.

Ainz and aura are more and more like father and daughter. Aura is more intimate and selfish around ainz and ainz tries to behave like father.

bio: evileye was born with a special power. he was stronger than all his classmates in the humie fighting academy. she served in the humie military fighting the demon lords and in the final battel against the demon lords they were fighting and they turned her to the darkness and evileye turned against the humies and killed them. she broke a part of her mask in the battle which is why she doesnt not have a part of her mask, pls stop PMing me askin me why thats why, also flat chests arent pedo fuk you Jaldabaoth666 evryone knos your a fuckin flavmell scammer fagot

likes: darkness, earth magic, torn cape, my chemical romance (the band), leather, blood, masks, strong men for protection, red (cool kind not gay kind)

dislikse: genki, niceness, muscleheads, Nabe from the adventurer guild fuck you Nabe stop flirting with momon in from of everyone you fucking slut, decent shoes, sunshine, life, my dad, bugs

sebas>cocytus>albedo never specified his form. at least in the official emissary of the king side story. at this point with both shalltear and ainz questioning his fighting prowess, it's pretty safe to say that triangle is for his dragon form, and his human form isn't worth mentioning.

did maruyama even talk about sebas's true form on twitter or the wn?

Is this supposed to be a trap, please say yes

Usagi Drop when?

>Ainz loves his meidos so much he's not willing to bring them to an unknown land
>They're cheap to revive but he doesn't want them to get hurt
Papa bones is so cute.

>『Eh, then, are we going to destroy the Dwarven Kingdom?』
>“No. How did you reach that dangerous misunderstanding? I just want to conduct some friendly negotiations.”
>『Ah, I see! So you’ve already foreseen that negotiations will break down, then?』

In DnD it's kind of the same thing.


Sebas > Cocytus > Albedo > Sebas according to Ainz in volume 8.
I think it's because Cocytus deals less damage than Sebas but his divine weapon can get through Albedo's divine armor while Sebas in human form can't do this.
In his real form Sebas can defeat Albedo according to Ainz in volume 1.

>Ainz closed his eyes — though he had no eyeballs

This counts for the bingo, right?

Poker face yes.

Lets wait for new PPP before making a new bingo. No more room in old one.

btw, why is demiurge the "creator of flamvell"? im pretty sure it doesn't exist outside of YGO

Is Mayurama a ygofag of is it a translation error?

>Magical Bone-Chan

"While spying on Jircniv, he noticed that the man went out escorted by several carriages, and some of them contained well-dressed ladies. They must be the people who waited on him. If he had stayed in Nazarick back then, he would have observed him more carefully, but regrettably he had not, which was a bit of a shame."
He has no idea whoe these Ladies were...

But it's a confirmed fact that he can turn off his eye flashlights of hatred of the living.

If only he had the same love for his own son.

forgot pic

>Ainz has foreseen that some scrub dragon lord is camping in the area.
>Use Shalltear
The world in in the palm of his hands.


I'm 100% certain it's because the Chinese name for Flamvell is 炎獄 which means "Flame Prison" but if you put it in Google Translate it probably gave you Flamvell
>The Creator of Flame Prison
should be pretty obvious right

I wonder what Alfredo thought about Narbe waiting for Ainz in his room.

Ainz and co. interacting with NWorlders is probably one of my favourite parts of this story.
How long are we need to wait for dwarf spooking?

join my discord guys to talk about overlord


i'm pretty sure he's just talking about his dragon form.

>Every Floor Guardian had their specialty. Among them, Shalltear was considered the strongest for her overall abilities. In the 2 nd place was Mare Bello Fiore, who excelled in devastating area attacks. The 3 rd place belonged to Cocytus for his skill and ability with weapons, followed by Sebas who excelled in hand-to-hand combat, and then Albedo, who boasted the strongest defense.
>Similarly, in 6 th place was Aura Bella Fiora, who was the strongest in group battles, and then Demiurge in his third form —the most wicked Form of the Devil in Ainz Ooal Gown— which was the strongest in a manly sense.
here he's talking about overall strength factoring in everything about the npc. no dragon exception.

he also says,
>Albedo can probably win against Sebas, but not against Cocytus.
>while Sebas in his true form was stronger than either of them two in melee
these are not mutually exclusive. "probably win against Sebas" can mean that she can beat him despite him being stronger in melee combat, for some other reason.


yea its mine now


Fuck off back to lellit.

Ainz,Shalltear,Aura +25undead riding aura beasts + 5 Hanzo and 6 vampire brides. And here was Ainz talking about friendly negotiation. More like extermination.

What does Famvell means? I


They're not there to fight dorfs. And that's shit tier force against even few level 100 players.


>level 1 maid making suggestions and clearly disagreeing with Ainz.
Bold girl, huh.

I find it pretty great that they're also actually starting to work together; and that Shalltear isn't just being retarded and genuinely wishes to improve.

I'm hoping Shalltear does get to redeem herself, and prove she's capable of growth much like Cocytus was able to.

What an incredible amount of cancer.

More like she's mad Ainz chose VBs over maids.

>join my cancer guys
Nah I'm good.

Overlordvolume10.blogspot.com is where all the illegal translations are being done

What's a Hanzo?

Actually I believe they can. The issue with it is, if you so chose something like dragon or other powerful races you can only customise and fight in a certain way.

Ainz did said players can play as some kind of whale race but can only attack in a single way.

thank you!

Clearly Enri

youre all just jealous i got a club first




So why is that Overlord is not updated in novelupdates? Shit really fuck with my autism

Lawsuits against people specialized in finding and publishing blackmail tier material everywhere does not strike me as a bright idea.

Cause you are a Narbetard.

We appreciate your willingless to share this info, user.
We will get you last.

The lvl 80(?) undead ninja that Ainz summoned in vol 10.

I kinda hope Ainz have more of those goblin horn. Imagine Enri have increase her level,she could maybe summon stronger goblins and a larger force.

> Ho! A friendly dwarf! I shall go talks with him and makes merry.
> ;_;

You complain too much.

A nip did fanfic with EE as maid.

Can't wait to see the dwarves's reaction when they see a lich showing up alongisde a True Vampire, an elven demigod and a party of dangerous and extremely powerful vampires and undead being mounted on legendary beasts.

Not a undead!


Yes, it was an undead ninja and was a dragon, a cockroach and an egg too.

Nobody cares about those crappy fanfic. We only want Nigel fanfic

That don't answer my question, faggot


So Shalltear is going to fuck up?

A humanoid ninja that was summon with gold coins

No, it is redemption arc for Shalltear.

Nah. Spoilers said she accomplished her task.

Reminder that they are now married.

Then why is she crying?

A awesome arc were she would massacre those demi-humans,put fear to those dwarves and enslaves those lizards that call themselves dragons.

Tears of joy and happiness to serve Ainz-sama.

She is probably more than 30 levels above him. Furthermore he doesnt have strenght related levels.
His stamina cant hold out.

Why Shalltear is crying at the end? What happened&


I don''t remember. Is it ever explained how marriage works in NW?
Like, is there some sort of process. ritual or whatever or do you just decide you are married and throw a party of some shit?
Do priests have shit to do with marriages?

She was useful for the first time ever.It has been more than a year in NW and she wasnt useful in any way.

These pics are just fanfic so it doesn't matter why she cried.Just use your imagine.

Unless/until government registration got involved marriage was as simple as two people deciding that they're married. Any celebrations or rituals are just a tacked on addition to that process.

What about royalty?

>“My magical beasts--”

>“My undead--”

>The two of them spoke up at the same time, and then glared at each other. Just as he thought they would start arguing, Shalltear looked away first.

>“After you.”

>“...What? Did you eat something weird?”

>“It’s just that I was ordered to listen to you.”

“...It just feels gross.”

>Shalltear’s eyebrow twitched, but she said nothing.

>“In that case, how about having 25 of your undead ride my magical beasts?”

>“I don’t mind --” Shalltear looked to Ainz “--But that would be more than the number you mentioned, Ainz-sama. Would that be all right?”

>“It’s fine.”

>“We’ll do that, then.”

Sincerely eager Shalltear on a learning experiencing to grow and interactions with Aura who's in charge of Shalltear. I waited for this. This volume is going to be real good.

She is crying at the hand of a dying Ainz. No chance of ressurection
Fuck you and my imagine. You both suck ;_;

cute guadrians doing cute things

Those were more politically oriented. Sure you could theoretically do so but you'd probably have alot of repercussions.

The local church would normally keep a record of any marriages/births/deaths.

In the NW, I expect you would notify/get it consecrated by the local temple.

The gatehouse of E-Rantel seemed to have a charter listing everyone born in Carne Village so the Bureaucracy is fairly advanced.

Jesus I feel so sorry for Shalltear

>strong men for protection
That got me.

Reading the whole scene in Ainz, Shalltear, and Aura's anime voice is making me cum.

Elder Liches consecrating marriages when

So are the spoilers for Ainz dying at the end of Vol 11 confirmed real?

everyone in nazarick would probably not acknowledge any marriage from the NW as binding. They would take ainz's word as law. whatever ainz sais about it they would roll with.

que demiurge misinterpreting one of ainz's offhand comments about sebas and tsuare as an order to force every meido to be married to sebas.

i spent like 5 min writing this and i only got 1 (You)

Why are liches in bright are so rare? We need more liches in bright colours, black liches is out of fashion.
Especially when we need Elder Liches to organize marriages.

Are we getting Clem back or not?

Frog is a meido punching bag now.

Mayurama and Sobin are going full Touch me/Ulbert about Clem

You will never get those minutes back.


im used to waste time on overlord threads
cf lovecraftfag

Opening bets: who will be the next track of the splattening run ?

>he was stronger than all his classmates
Here's another (you)

It's sad how cute Shalltear is yet she is most likely gonna lose to Alfredo in the race for the Ainzbowl.

Beastmen in the Dragonic kingdom
This time It will be from the Beastmen King, watching his massive horde charge onto a smaller force of Nazarick Old Guard.

>Many strings cut

>Refuses to leave heirs because he will live forever
>Dies anyways
He must regret very deply not impregnating Albedo.

So, what's the deal with the mole-mens quagoa?
Why do they serve frost dragons?
What do they have against the dwarfs?
Do frost dragons really asked Ainz to give them his clothes?
Does this guy desrves our precious (you)s?

God, Ainz really hit those Kugoa hard compared to what he did to the Lizardmen.

Nothing stands between skeletal and his runes.

It might have used a different algorithm back then, or they simply googled "what is english for 炎獄" and they found the YGO wiki saying "English: Flamvell Chinese: 炎獄"

When is Ainz going to order a horde of bones to attack, sit back and watch wave after wave of trash summons swarm the enemy?

Death knights get some action this vol.

>Death knights
DKs are too OP Id like to see something like vol.4 where Cocytus sent that army against the lizardmen.

Ainz do really seem to grow into his given role. How long will pass before Ainz succumb to his lust for battle? He seems to understand what a warrior spirit is now.
How munch parts of Geneva Convention he is going to break in his pursuit of knowledge?
How long the world must suffer under this mad skeleton with his evil keikakus, equall rights and opportunities for everyone?
Interesting, what kind of action?

>DKs are too OP
Come on, the beastman king and WDL are stronger.

Stronger than a single one of them.
Ainz summons them by the hundreds.

What do you think will be going through Albedo's mind she learns that Ainz is going on an adventure with not just one of her rivals, but both Shalltear AND Aura? God she is already unstable...

Thousands of 35 lvl undead with unlimited stamina and that surviving with 1 hp. Vs one 38 moleman or 46 giant lizard

She already knows that Ainz is traveling with Shalltear and Aura. She seemed pretty normal.

I just love how Ainz just has no idea what the hell is going on and yet he still dazzles everyone into sasugasms by bullshitting. The dramatic irony is fantastic


Ainz only summons 2 of them this vol.

For what?
And even 2 of them would defeated 1 38 lvl moleman

Out of who?

have you forgotten about the crown prince of the nazareich?

That's the point.

Normal summons without corpses.
They were leading the dwarves arm against Kuguo taking care of most of them,
Tought Shalltear alone killed 60000 (away from dwarves) of tkugoa and even started crying when Ainz preaised her for not falling in blood lust.

Ainz was leasing dwarves? Why didn't he do that himself?


PA doesnt count, only a devil that comes out of Albedo's womb can inherit Nazarick.

The Lizardmen were part of Ainz's experiment to determine whether his NPC(Cocytus) could learn. Fortunately he triggered the hidden flags which allowed him to unlock the bonus of subjugation from that experiment. Here he's clearly after the Dwarves and their runes, if he has to crush one demi-human tribe to get his hands on them then so be it. It's not like there's anything stopping him from subjugating them too after he's killed enough of them to show the difference in their strengths as well as sow fear into their kind.

So what's been translated so far? I wanna read, you guys!

He was having a nice talk with their leader.
Poor guy, as soon as he saw the slaugther of his people he tried to stop Ainz by swearing loyalty but it was too late. Now all the warriors died and only the children are left.

Alfredo pls.

What kind of reward does Ainz get? It seems a awful lot of work saving the whole nation and all he get is 1 rune smith dwarf.

>5 min

Dwarves start trade with him , exclusive contract. The frost dragons become Shalltear s subordinates and work as air transport (they are at the very least 5 ), 10000 kugoa children, dragon's treasures . The speciality of the kugoa s tribe is that they eat metal and it gets incorporated in their fur, fangs and claws. This is why some nips suggested giving the children the heat stones


I missed the link to the fanfic because of work. Can anyone at least give me a hint? I'm dying here because I can't find it.

What an evil bastard, this Ainz fellow I love it

Well, even so , i hope they became citizens of SKOAOG

Did leader survived?


What these guy are arguing about?

They already are.
The whole world belongs to Ainz-sama and as such everyone in it is a citizen of his kingdom.
It's just a matter of how long it takes for him to make them realie that.

Well hello there co-worker!



About who gets to lick the floor clean where Ainz is going to be passing by.

Thanks for clearing it up.

That' actually better for ainz, instead of adults who serve out of fear the children can be brought up to swear loyalty easier and without the need for violence.
Sasuga Ainz-sama, you are truly on another level.

>Albedo is best girl and deserves to win the Ainzbowl
>Shalltear is clearly the best option and Albedo is just a shit and forced character
>These peasants are fighting again with shit taste. When will they learn that Aura is clearly the superior option?

>Shalltear becoming all flustered with getting to guard Ainz

I forgot, but were those ladies supposed to be offerings for SKAOG

for fuck sake, i check every hour for PPP OVA
and there's nothing to be found

This seems to be the most legit, but you should spoiler the spoilers nex time.

>Shalltear is clearly the best option
Me on the right.

>read prologue and part 1
>literally nothing happens
I better not get cucked

Because of what everyone thinks of her and how she thinks of herself because of the absolute worst of luck one time.

>Albedo is best girl and deserves to win the Ainzbowl
>Shalltear is clearly the best option and Albedo is just a shit and forced character
>These peasants are fighting again with shit taste. When will they learn that Mare is clearly the superior option?

fix'ed just for you user

dubs doesn't lie


>not fugging the bug


Ainz told her that it wasn't her fault though. Most of the other Guardians understood the situation too. It's mostly Shalltear that blames herself and have the desire to make up for it, which isn't bad cause her enthusiasm level is 200% higher because of it, thus making her cuter.

Dont anger the bug

>Fluder would have literally licked Ainz's boots except he was worried it might seem too creepy
I'm still laughing.

>Ainz gets told to take some additional subordinates
>He doesn't bring CZ and Entoma
I just want best maids to get some love.



Yes but she's still regarded by the other guardians as only being good as a glorified taxi and as a nuke if the need ever came up.

Best girl.


Entoma is great and all but I imagine this is what Painkill's lewd mouth looks like.



I am going to get nightmares.

That looks a lot like Shalltear's lewd mouth.

Traps do not have tits.


>Traps do not have tits.

Damn, rabbits sure are freaky.


Pls , stop. I am trying to sleep here. This shit is scary as hell.

I still can't unsee Sheba from Golden Sun whenever I think of Mare.

I come here for the erotic nightmares.

>Shalltear alone killed 60000
That sounds like bullshit.
With that force they could rape Kingdom, Empire and ST at the same time.

They can

>implying they can't
It's been often repeated that the only thing holding them in check is their paranoid fear of other players and WCIs, plus the fact that the world is worth more if you conquer it without massacring 90% of the population

Well, ainz killed 180000

They had a kink for dwarfs, not too far fetched to think they'd turn on kingdom after they had their mountain man fun.

I'm talking about kugoa.

Ainz could rape all three alone just by using the staff and his own despair aura. It enhances it enough to disable level 100 NPCs, inhabitants of the new world wouldn't be able to see him without dying.

>Golden Sun
Fuck you, now I have to redownload GBA emulator and go play the series

I don't see the resemblance.

Yeah, there do seem to be too many kugoa

What? The Kingdom mustered an army of 250,000 for a "run of the mill" skirmish with the Empire, a troop of 60,000 beastmen would be broken in a real battle.

They were separated in different tribes , like the lizardmen , and were united recently by their lvl 38 leader.

I'm pretty sure only their king is lvl 38, the rest must be lower-leveled.

humiefag, pls go and stay go

Empire has 80000
Kingdom right now 70000 but most of it are peasants
ST have a lot of hidden shit, and they are much stronger than empire and kingdom together
So kugua could rape kingdom at best

Teapot-san may well have been a fan. Does Aura look like another RPG character? I can't place her.

Deviantart does deserve its name.

I thought that's Genji.

Like what, 15?
Can you imagine 60k demihumans who are stronger than mithril level adventurers?

Empire's forces are still shit.

I know there's still a lot left to TL but I think 11 might end up being y favorite volume yet just because of Aura + Shalltear

>lvl 15
Isn't that more like gold rank or something?

250,000 single digit lvl literal peasants vs 60,000 beastmen each with the strength of 10 humans is not even a contest.
Stay delusional humie.

I d say a bit lower than Enri s first goblins , and without equipment boosting stats.

Demi-humans have higher stats than humans. So even if they are lower level they can still be stronger.

Empire would be comparable with kugua, or better. There is o lot of shitty beastman and very rare elites.

>Finally arsed my self to watch the dub ep1 to the end
>Ah fuck it do ep2 as well
>Dub Chair&Alfredo catfight
You have my attention

I just skimmed through the dub to get an idea. Didn't check out the catfight as such though.
Gonna take the files out of the recycle bin and take a look.

Yeah, but they are moles not lions or something. They can be a lot weaker

Only Fluder and his mages would save Empire.
Average imperial soldier is weaker than Climb and Four Knights are shit compared to Gazef.

Do kugua have magic anyway?
Besides, i think kugua are like skavens or goblins from Moria- horde of somehow weak units, so they would suck against trained troops, especially when there is less kugua than empire soldiers

From vol 9:
>If both human and beastman were of the same species, then a beastman would have ten times the strength of a human.
>Using the adventurer's rating system, if a human was rated at 3, then a beastman would be rated at 30. The only saving grace for humanity was that exceptional beastmen were surprisingly rare, possibly because the beastmen themselves were already very powerful and generally balanced to begin with.

Yeah, but moles, seriously? Well, there is muscle-had elf king and well manered troll

>lazes around all day letting bitches hunt for him
>relies on sharp claws and fangs, good against gazelles but almost useless against armored soldiers
>lion beastmen aren't much larger than natural lions, they might even be smaller

>spend all their lives building muscle by digging tunnels like dwarves
>beastmen moles are 100 times bigger than natural moles and dig through rock barehanded
>they can literally eat armor and swords for breakfast

>lazes around all day letting bitches hunt for him
Ainz should do just that..., and go on adventures on his free time.

That's exactly what he does though.

He even mentioned at the beginning that the secret motive behind his hackneyed Momon plot is that he always wanted to be an adventurer.

Yeah, Momon is pretty much how he probably imagined his "transported to a fantasy world" experience would be. You know, with being an heroic human fighting for good and all that shit.
Not to mention that it's heavily implied that the fake face he shows everytime Momon takes his helmet off is his IRL face.

They do have elite knights, and adventurers can be called upon when the enemy isn't human. Add Gazef, Brain, and Blue Rose to the forces and it ceases to be a contest.

And there are elite beastmen that can match any of these, but they'll simply be busy dueling with each others while the main armies duke it out.

I don't there's enough money in Kingdom to pay the adventurer's fee for slaying 60000 beastmen.

Nevermind the fees, they'll run out of adventurers a lot faster than they run out of beastmen. I mean, a few dozen low-level undead are enough to swamp a seasoned tomb-raiding party.

is narb your waifu?

>a few dozen low-level undead
Nazarick Elder Guards are upper-mid tier compared to the NW people.

You cant actually doing Gazef for obvious reasons. But you can count 45-50 lvl evileye

In vol9 the kingdom strongest warrior Gazef can only fight against 1000 men in a war. Doubt that adventurers can take on 60000 of demi-humans

I guess it depends on how much AoE EE has.

The Humie levies and knights mean jack shit, they are just fodder here.

The BR, Mythril and orsilium adventurers, and Gazef, are not enough to combat an entire army alone, especially considering that a few beastmen will be uber beastmen.

Comparing one man to a team is kinda ridiculous, Blue Rose as a whole would surely defeat Gazef. Giving Gazef support from Lakyus would probably magnify that fighting force tenfold.

How much does the staff buff Ainz?

I wonder if Ainz in PW mode could Solo the Kingdom, I assume so.

Probably the Beastmen too.

When does the elf king dude come up, if there's no intermission?

It's 8x Divine tier items in one on top of being a deluxe guild weapon forged for specifically for his build, and is approaching artificial World Item territory. It puts him well above level 100 quality and strengthens him significantly even when he's decked out head-to-toe in Divine gear. There's no exact numbers, but when he has the real staff he's a superboss.

The Staff buffs him to a huge degree. It takes his fear aura from low level (relative to level 100 guardians) to enough to almost cripple them on the spot.

He calls the staff comparable to a WCI, and thats not even in active battle mode.

After the he left the arena we get this little snapshot

>“As expected of Momonga-sama, to think his might would have such a great effect on us Floor Guardians…”
>“He is the Supreme One whose might overmatches ours. But I didn’t expect him to be this powerful.”
>Thus the Guardians shared their impressions of Momonga. The aura that Momonga emitted was the source of the power that had crushed the Guardians to the ground. ‘Despair Aura’. Besides inflicting a fear effect, it could reduce the abilities of its victims. Normally, it would not have an effect on the level 100 NPCs, but on this occasion, its effects had been strengthened by the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

I wonder how powerful the prototype is. Certainly its not nearly as powerful as the True Staff, but its probably >divine tier at the least.

Wat? The dragons work for Shalltear? I was hoping that they going to be Aura pets.

Aura keeps getting shot down whenever she wants a new pet.

Everyone's calling Albedo betrayel but no one sees Aura is the true enemy

So, Ainz is on the upper portion of the middle tier of all players. If he used the AOG staff, where would he rank? Middle portion of top tier?

Go reread what it does. Makes him a level 100 warrior that is better than Chair in stats

Probably at the top of the top. Remember that the dude with one of the most min-maxed builds we've seen said himself that Momonga's build is actually pretty viable rather than a dumb dream build, and that he constantly underestimates himself.
Ainz is probably Low top tier normally, high top tier with prep time, World Class with Staff + Prep Time

If it is approaching WCI, and given that pretty much every interaction we have on record of him with other players is them calling him out on his modest bullshit, then Right at the tippy top.

In the Prologue, he makes a comment about having a shit build, and Punitto Moe, who is a strategic genius, tells him to knock off the false modestly. He's a seriously good player, with a good build, enough that other players think he's top tier.

Its a weapon thats only surpassed by some real WCIs, and probably has greater weapon power than a lot of them that aren't combat focused.

I'm not talking about the Elder Guards, and they used like 8 of them. I'm talking about the "undead wave tactic" they employed against the other parties.
I imagine that fighting a wave of regular zombies and skeleton warriors with the occasional Lich (lvl 22 IIRC) mixed in is even easier than fighting waves of beastmen, so since they were already fighting for their lives against the undead wave their casualty rate would go through the roof against beastmen.

He has no skills though, he's just becomes a meathead.

It is also specifically made for Ainz with his build in mind. We know from Vol 1 that it boosts his build directly and this is only one of its effects.


You don't need skills if a flick of the wrist obliterates a castle.

The reason Ainz was carrying it around in the first volume was that he needed to be sure that, if the NPCs try to rebel, he could fight his way out.

Specifically, he wasn't sure if his magic actually worked yet. So with the staff, he believed that even without magic, he could escape all the way up, out of Nazarick.

They were only recently united because of the lv 38 kugua and the dragons.
The main beastman kingdom should have a population in the tens of millions if the mountain tribes are this many.

>the other parties
The other workers were garbage and not worth mentioning, that's like silver and gold adventurer tier.

He supplements his lack of skills by having excessive amounts of magic weapons.

The Kingdom is 9 million IIRC.

If there are >10 Million Beastmen then I have no idea how there are any humans left. Numbers was their main weapon I thought.

Did we get the Karma values of AOGs members?
Which one's would be more corruptible according to their racial traits?

This. Best girls. Best chemistry between any of the characters in the cast.

>other workers were garbage and not worth mentioning, that's like silver and gold adventurer tier
Are you talking about volume 7? They were all mithril level.

Ainz and Demiurge have the lowest karma. Pretty sure all the karma rankings are on the wiki.

We can figure a few out, it seems a spread between Negative and positive. Karma values have a gameplay effect so players like Ainz went super negative to buff up their negative energy spells, while healers like Yamaiko had positive Karma.

We don't have the numbers, but from the prologue we know that Buku and Ulbert have negative karma while Yamaiko, Takemikazuchi and Nishikienrai have good karma. Touch Me most probably has maximum good karma considering he was a justicefag.

I'd imagine the Slane Theocracy would send out one of the scriptures to deal with beastmen leaders if it looks like they ever try to rally into a coherent force.

So 3.5 d&d allignment would be...
Evil: Ainz(Lich), Ulbert(Baphomet:Demon),
Neutral: Touchme (Insectoid)
Good: Yamaiko, Takemikazuchi (Nephilim)
Any ideas about the rest?

Does someone have the art of the level 100 npcs in nazarick? the one with the lastborn?

and just for second opinions, any of the level 100 guardians could solo the 6 maids right?

Aren't something like 90% of adventurers gold or lower?

Yes, of course any of the guardians could solo all 6 of the maids at once with minimal effort.

Can probably guess a few though, based on their classes beyond race.

Its stated that if you're going for noble/heroic style then having a suitable karma value is important. I reckon that while Touch Me's racial karma is probably neutral, his quest for justice and being a hero means he's tended towards a high positive.

Same for other characters like Blue Planet.

Its got jack to do with their actual personality, lots to do with their build.

about that, or more. E-Rantel had three Mythril teams for a city with a known undead problem and lots of citizens,

Do you really need to ask? The guardians were made to fight lvl 100 players, the maids are trash to them.

Here you go, with the Lastborn Highlighted.

Friendly reminder that Lastborn buffs all the meidos to level 100.

She's protecting the Staff isn't she? thats why she can't leave.

Also, one of the few beings allowed on the 8th floor.

8th floor is scary

Source or bullshit.

They can beat aura without her beasts.
Maybe if they ambush demiurge they can beat him too.

It's a joke, user.

She also operates the teleport gates and traps.

No, the maids can't beat Aura or Demiurge, no matter the circumstances.


>a few lvl 50s can beat a lvl 100

Please tell me you're joking. You can't seriously believe this.

2 lvl 50's already have an equal amount of levels.

He's probably a humiefag too

MMOs always have exponential leveling. Being level 95 is half way to level 100 or such.

Aura's stats are enough to beat the shit out of Pleiades.
Maids could defeat Demiurge if he was only going melee.

That's not how it works

With that logic the 250000 peasants should've been more than enough to beat Ainz and his army of 500 undead

Demiurge isn't a fighter and the maids are minmaxed.
CZ and nabe have more attack power than him, solution is faster I think and the others will also contribute with number.
They were made to stall a lv 100 raid, they should be able to beat 1 non warrior npc.

Also, levels are irrelevant. What matters is the kind of spells and skills that come with them.
Even if Ainz had a lowe level, as long as he has the same spells he is fucking dangerous.

By that logic the entire Royal Army should have beaten Ainz in melee combat.

How did Ainz beat the Kingdom's army? Ainz; a lvl 100 was up against a lvl 140,000 entity. This logic does not work, user.

Or just 100 peasants (Carne Village?) vs Ainz. Or 10 adventurers vs Ainz.

>stall a lv 100 raid
No they weren't. They were made to greet the guys who reached that far while AOG took their positions to last stand.

>Demiurge isn't a fighter

Why do you think this means any low level scrubs can beat him?

>They were made to stall a lv 100 raid
They probably can't even resist a single lvl 100's [Grasp Heart]

>no equipment
>only melee
>no PW

>Kingdom army
>Gazef + Brain + Climb
>everyone is armed with Razor Edge even archers

final destination

Even if Demiurge were to go only melee, he would still destroy the maids.

>MMOs always have exponential leveling
It's probably not THAT extreme, I'd imagine level 80 enemies can be more than speedbumps to level 100s.
Not a real chance, but take for example that the over-rank spell Pantheon summons a battalion of 6 level 80s, and surely an over-rank spell retains usefulness. Getting one Dark Young of Shub Niggurath from its spell is also regarded as a benefit, despite only being a level 90-ish creature with no special abilities.

The guardians aren't supposed to necessarily wipe raids, each of them is built in such a way as to target a weakness and slim the group down. Shalltear for instance prevents them from trying to win with pure numbers and bringing in summons/trash players since she would be basically invincible.

Demiurge can use 10th tier magic, summon high lvl demons, has various lvl 100 abilities, has a divine tier piece of equipment, has the "most manliest" form, etc.

Just because he isn't a front-line fighter doesn't mean any low level trash can defeat him.

Reminder that we do not know that that is the lastborn, and only assume so because apparently there's only one miko in Nazarick

Collectively, individually they're all lvl 1. You also forget that Ainz has damage immunity to attacks and spells under a certain level like some of the other guardians do. So numbers mean fuck all if they can't pass the barriers necessary to damage him.

Who else could it be though?

Any number of the hidden super NPCs from floor 8.
It's probably the last Pleiades, it's just not certain.

I see the point you're trying to make but there's no reason to be anyone other than Lastborn, considering her importance.

Aside from Victim and Rubedo, I don't think anyone else has been mentioned to reside there. Honestly, the 8th floor sounds like hell.

>Despair Aura
>Everyone dies

Ainz refers to a generic group ("those stationed on the 8th floor") alongside Rubedo, which is probably the real battle force Nazarick used to halt the 1500-man giga-raid.
Remember that every floor except 8 is basically just flavor dungeons.

You're forgetting that Yggdrasil was a pay to win kusoge that only got popular because of the customization and being the least bad vrmmo at the time. You also only need to be level 70 to start learning super magic, other conditions may or may not apply.