Idol Memories

New episode in an hour and a half.

Are you ready for the anime to save aidorus?

Waiting for a T7s anime.


>bootleg Honk

Is it getting subs though?

>no one's subbing
A shame



Same here.

So we c-can't... watch it?
Crunchyroll-sama... why...

Can some user sub it? Or is that bad?

CR might still pick it up, happened before.

>They are kind of cute tho

Animation Production: Studio Trigger
Character designs: Yoneyama Mai, Shota Iwasaki

UtaPri has already been carrying and saving idol anime for years now.

It may or may not happen though.

>not even raws are out

This is Happy Elements right? Just trying to make money on the side, test their idol anime producing skills, and gauge their audience before they put out Ensemble Stars next year.


For those that don't get it, 1 is very good and 5 is very bad.

Why would they make half of the show a seiyuu corner anyway.

Raw seems to be out now.

I guess these people wasn't expecting half of the show being a seiyuu corner.

looks interesting, worth watching?
10min/ep is a plus