What order do I watch this in per animie show?

What order do I watch this in per animie show?

The same order it came out, fag.

DEEN > Zero > UfoBW

Otherwise you're spoiling yourself

start with prisma illya nigger.

Play the F/SN, then Tsukihime, then HA, then watch CP and Prisma Illya.

Why would he watch Prisma Illya twice?

Why wouldn't he? Is he a faggot like you that doesn't like lolis?

Fate Stay/Night, Zero, Unlimited Bait Works

Prisma Illya is the only worthwhile thing to come out of this anyway.

Fate heaven's feel when?

F/SN 2006>F/SN UBW 2014>Heaven's Feel movies

No, you CAN'T SKIP ROUTES you piece of shit.


1. Fate Stay night / Tsukihime
2. Zero > UBW > Heaven's feel
3. Carnival phantasm
4. Prisma
The movies are just recap
Don't listen to "air order" fags

Fate Zero

Prisma Illya
Fate Extra if you want to play a video game
Nothing else.

this is what feeds the endless spawning swarm of filthy secondaries
if you have to ruin your own experience willingly than do at least in production order

Heaven's Feel when?

Just watch Kara no Kyoukai and you are all set.

Why don't you watch it in the order it came out like everyone with a brain do?

Episodes 1-6 FSN (DEEN)
Episodes 9-10 Fate Kaleid Drei!
All of Fate/Zero except episode 6
Unlimited Blade Works Movie
Sword Art Online (Excalibur episodes, for Saber backstory)
Episodes 7-18 FSN (DEEN)
Episodes 1-12 FSN (ufotable)
Carnival Phantasm (minus Illya's Castle OVA)
Episode 6 Fate/Zero
Kara no Kyoukai 4, then 1-3, then 5-7.
Episodes 19-24 FSN (DEEN)
Episodes 14-26 FSN (ufotable)
FSN (ufotable) prologue
Fate Prototype
Illya's Castle
Fate kaleid Zwei (1-10)
Episode 13 (FSN ufotable)
Fate Kaleid (first series, then Zwei Herz)

Anything else and you're ruining the experience.

Aren't you forgetting the Tsukihime fan-made anime ?

>no Drifters

What about the DEEN UBW movie?

It's hilarious when secondaries are made fun of for watching the anime first by people who've read TakaJun's garbage translation. You're both laugh stockings - Learn to moon.

>Learn to moon
I am. Also, both translations in that pic are bad.

Watch cp? That's illegal you fuck.

zero>UBW don't bother with the rest. you won't understand the the first epiode from zero even if you watched deen's version

Takajun's Fate route/prologue is hot garbage, but the prose improved enough to "doesn't sound like total ESL shit" by the time UBW rolled in.

No wonder I felt like reading the VN was a chore.