Zaregoto, by vertical. YES!!

Zaregoto, by vertical. YES!!

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Have they released the anime adaptation date?

So they'll release the first two volume yes?

Sort of glad it's not Yenpress. I can't believe how gorgeous Kizu's cover is, they have damn good style at least.

and will it be the same version and or translation as the ones published by del ray?

I bought the first volume of this years ago and never actually read it. Is it any good?

almost as good as your mom's ass

Decent, the second one is better though. Best boy show up there.


I have the first volume but didn't read it yet. Is it worth getting the second one now since it's cheap, or just wait for Vertical? On that note, does anyone know if the original translation is actually any good?

No digital no buy

Well, they don't give more information, and theres nothing in his webpage.
It's good, but it gets better in the next volumes

October 26, monthly OVAs, ends may 2017

Just for the first volume?

Just for kubikiri cycle

Well, hope its successful enough that SHAFT gonna keep milking it.

Sort of annoyed with the character design and Kajiura but I'll take it.

What a weird thing, why not just a normal tv anime.

Better quality? Yeah, right.

Initially I think it's going to be like Katanagatari where they adopt a volume monthly. Who knows if their current approach would work.

I wish the art style was the same as Katanagatari's so bad.

Yeah, they could adapt Denpa Onnna's original art style, why won't they do it there? To bait Monogatari-fag? Fuck.

So del ray reprint or new translation?

it really makes you wonder, because it's release date is 4 months after announcement. though i really did like del-rey's typesetting and all, but i hope vertical uses the bunko covers

do we get more than 2 volumes this time?
maybe they will put more out if it sells good.

Wait, so they are only doing first book?

for now
they were also doing only kizumonogatari
and now they are doing all three books of bakemono and nisemono

What a clusterfuck. I already have vlk 1 and 2 and was hoping for whole series. Another del-rey. Can't yen pick it up? At least they finish what they start.

they just publish one at a time and look if people are still interested in buying
and than they anounce the next one


each episode is going to adapt one chapter from the first novel, each will probably be longer than a regular TV episode

So anime is vol 1 only too? There goes all my hype ;_;

I know right. Volume 2 was so good in comparison to 1, I hope they adapt that one aswell.

Yen Press licenses whole series and stick with them faithfully. Why can't Vertical do the same?

amazon says 25 minutes

YP has the powerful backing of not one but two major publishing house. Both Western and Japanese.

yp has more monney and more backup

My man

Vertical is backed by Kodansha.

I guess that's how we got new art for Kizu, maybe they will do the same for zaregoto.

They don't have as much backing, it's more of an offshoot company thing. Kodansha USA is backed by Kodansha Japan, Vertical is able to do stuff from other companies but probably have to deal with stuff on their own.

Yeah, Kizu art is surprisingly good. Hope they can get Take to design a new cover.


Well, if anything the OVAs will help to boost sales a bit, there might be a chance.

says who? vertical is a company with no budget that has to manage everything very carefully

I read the first two volumes from Yen and they were wonderful. I thought this series would never get translated properly! I mean there are fan tls but they are awful.

The original translations aren't very good. Entire sections end up sounding like a jumbled mess. Kizu's was many times better under Vertical. Pretty excited.

Meh. I already like and prefer the current fan translation that has good editing, footnotes, and honorifics.

the fan translation that may never be updated again?

I guess I need to sell my volume 1 while it still is expensive

Huh, I didn't expect Iria to be short.

Same, I was lucky and got it for really cheap. Guess I'll read it and sell it, maybe buy the new one when it's out if I liked it enough.

The fan translation reads like shit, and Del Ray is full of errors. We're lucky to be getting a real translation from Vertical now.

No. Not until the TL says he'll drop it. Going for months without updating isn't new, so just need to be patience.

How much is it these days? Do people actually buy it or it just lays on ebay for months. I have few rare titles - Ubume, Zaregoto 1, Boogiepop at Dawn.

yeah, but even so, would you like it to take years upon years to finish when an official translation will come out instead? when seki sees it planned he might drop it anyhow

Amazon has it at 37 bucks, but I thought last time I looked it was in the 60s

4 years since he started and he already finished 4 volumes. Adding in the first two official volumes, we are up to 6. Only for 3 volumes to go to finish it all.

Well damn, I bought V1 and 2 for $80 together a few years back. I guess I should have held on for longer.

you can't look at the speed he's going at as a whole, you have to look at what speed he went at different times.

he went crazy fast when he did the 3rd book, and still pretty fast when he did the 4th and 5th, probably the same rate but the 3rd seemed faster because it's the shortest book in the series.

the 6th one is the longest one, he's done the prolouge and 2 chapters in the span of 2 and a half years. he also hasn't done anything since march 19th

I know, but that was to put things into perspective. Volume 6 is his slow due to RL circumstances though. But I'll hold out regardless.

i hope so, but i can't be so sure. this has gone on for 2 and a half years, who knows if or when it'll end, or if he'll still be into translating after all that

vertical is working with nisio, at least for monogatari. i hope the same for zaregoto