How do you feel about loli characters?

How do you feel about loli characters?

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The best.

I think unusually high number of lolis are much older than their bodies would indicate.

I want to eat them all up!

They make me feel so good

I think hard about them.

I want to be dominated by one.

The better question is where are the fucking BD encodes for this?

>Taiga Aisaka vs. Astarotte Ygvar
>Kafuu Chino vs. Matsuri Sakuragi
>Sharo Kirima vs. Akechi Kokoro
>Sherlock Shellingford vs. Kuramoto Chinatsu
>Mashiro Mitsumine vs. Kokonoe Rin
>Last Order vs. Flandre Scarlet
>Akari Akaza vs. Illyasviel Von Einzbern
>Remilia Scarlet vs. Kobato Hasegawa
>Miyu Edelfelt vs. Furude Rika
>Chloe von Einzbern vs. Ika Musume
>Shinobu Oshino vs. Mari Funami
>Tsukasa Hiiragi vs. Kiki
>Miyauchi Renge vs. Kinomoto Sakura
>Hachikuji Mayoi vs. Inuzuka Tsumugi
>Koiwai Yotsuba vs. Kate Hoshimiya
>Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi vs. Miuna Shiodome

When will be the round 2?

Very Yes

I want to be one.

>Sitting in direct sunlight with exposed skin
Rest in peace.
>Rin losing to Mashiro
>Flandre dominating LO
Well that's unexpected.

They need to be killed.

Is LO that popular? I rarely visit Index threads, but I don't see LO posted very often in these loli threads. Flan on the other hand has been around for over a decade and is a very popular 2hu. I expected Flan to steamroll that matchup, but maybe i'm underestimating LO.

I feel love toward them.

LO has had little screentime in the novels lately and Index 3 isn't on sight a so it is expected. Mashiro is also cuter than Rin.
But this whole thing is just a proxy contest, look at how many votes Akari has against Illya or how Chinatsu suddenly got like 10 votes more out of nowhere.

>look at how many votes Akari has against Illya

I'm pretty sure some people are voting against Illya just to try and assassinate her early. Illya is one of the top contenders to win the whole thing.

>Sitting in direct sunlight with exposed skin

Maybe she wants to get a tan and is very careful to not get too much exposure to the sunlight.

I see, I guess I overestimated LO's popularity.
>Mashiro is also cuter than Rin.
Oh yeah, I forgot this was for cuteness. If it was for lewdness then Rin would've beaten her easily.

What are you implying here? Mashiro-tan beats Rin on both, cuteness is directly proportional to lewdness.

I have to disagree, to me Rin is definitely cuter and lewder.

You are deluded because of how often she is portrayed nude in the manga, you have to learn to see beyond that and truly appreciate how lewd lolis can be regardless of their cloths.

While it's true that there's a lot of nude scene with Rin, that's not why I find her lewd. It's her teasing and playful personality with her constant advance on Sensei that make her the lewder one for me, plus, she show some actual interest in romance unlike Mashiro who's just there to be cute.

Mashiro lacks Kokonoe's glorious hair. That should have been enough to decide the vote.

If Cred Forums was a loli only site, we won't have so many problems

an imageboard used only by lolis? I would be interested in reading it, for sure.

Mashiro innocent and try hard personality is cuter and makes me harder, there is no way she isn't lewder.

But Mashiro has better eye color so it cancels out.

They look cute when they're afraid of death.

>innocent and try hard personality is cuter and makes me harder
Then we just have differing taste and will never reach a conclusion at this rate.

I want to possess one and make her do lewd things in front of her friends

current results (subject to change)

>Matsuri, Chinatsu and Kokonoe losing
Is there no justice in the world?

The conclusion is simple, my taste > your taste.

I feel like the finals will be Illya vs Yotsuba.

I want Lotte to win over Chino but that's just impossible.
I'm glad you agree that my taste > your taste.

Rika will win against Ika.
The question is whether Rika can defeat Shinobu.

I wonder, between Rika and Yotsuba, which is the better loli?

There's no way Rika can beat Shinobu, I don't think anyone can topple Shinobu until the final round.

>I don't think anyone can topple Shinobu until the final round.
Overrated hag. Rika is clearly the best lolibaba.

I wish I could see Rika face off Yotsuba in the semi finals.

This is how I predict the next round of voting.

this is your childhood friend (goblin)

Do you think she would let you touch her horns?

Does Suika really drink anything other than alcohol?

You got it wrong dummy. It is your taste < my taste, my taste is certified by the International Organization of Tastes in Lolis and Loli'ss Tastes.

>Sharo have the exact same votes as Sherlock
Should be fun seeing who'll win. Betting Mashiro and Illya will win because they have anime.
I think she's way too old to be a childhood friend.

>Betting Mashiro and Illya will win because they have anime.
We'll see. If someone were to slip the poll link to /jp/, it could change everything.

But you might be right. They could just win because of anime popularity. But I'm sure most people in loli threads know most of those lolis and the voting will be dealt accordingly.

>Ika beat Kuro.

I know Kuro is unsexy and all but how the fuck?

Ika is cuter. It's that simple.

>internet poll
Take a guess.

She's a shitty Yotsuba knockoff. It's obvious a copy of purity will always defeat a lewd loli.

Why are there JKs in a loli ranking?

Well my taste was verified to be superior by a senate of over 200 lolis BBA, their wisdom are beyond any international organization.
>poll link to /jp/
Well now that would be unfair. Rika, Flan, and Remilia would get all the votes.

>Well now that would be unfair. Rika, Flan, and Remilia would get all the votes.
Yes, but Rika could defeat Shinobu. Wouldn't you want that?
Rika's the best loli.

Hello. Not a lolifag, but I'm going to vote agaist Rika. Just because. Bye

Yes yes, fuck off juju.

D:< okay

Since the thread a couple of days ago was killed off, I'll try again.

What's your personal cutoff for loli? If you say body type as well, can you be specific? Maybe height.

The International Organization of Tastes in Lolis and Loli's Tastes is composed of eternal and normal lolis. You would know that if you had ever been in their HQ, but it seems your loli senate thought you weren't worthy enough. I'm so sorry for you.

Who is the cuddliest loli?

The softest, or the one who is the most able to be cuddule? Pic related for both.

Pointless and annoying children. I hate kids


They should be enjoyed with pure intentions only. Ichigos in particular must not be sexualized.

i want to tongue mius butt for days

But she poops from there.

Peeing in a but is sexual user.

Shouldn't be overused.

Also they should try to go outside their established tropes of "cute but dumbass", "rude bitch", "too innocent to live" and "always super happy no matter what -desu"

I'm sure lolis can be more than that.

They should be yuri together.

I refute this reality. If you excuse me, I'm going to go join the Ichigos now.

The goburin ones are pretty great.

>when he says he likes B-cups

Picky about them. Lolis that act and sound like adult women? Super sexy.

Some of them are good, some are bad.

They need to be protected from western SJW bullshit.

>puppy shiba

Cute as fuck



those were japanese sjws most likely brainwashed by western college professors

someone translate the whole thing for fucks sake, i want to know what those cunts were saying

It says your favorite loli artists are going to lose money by not being able to contact their fans when they sell new work because of organized harassment groups.

What we need to do is have each board vote for their favorite lolis and make a chart.

What are your thoughts on Tomoka's butt?

i would like to put my tongue in it

How do you think she'd taste?


Nicer than what I would have expected.


Fuck lolis

Oh, so Tomoka is better at washing herself than expected.

Loli thread is too slow.


>Kate up against Yotsuba in the first round
She never had a chance. Justice for Kate, I demand a reshuffle.


Would you?

hips too wide, has breasts.

probably not.

Too old. OLD!

Only if she's not underaged

I thought for sure Kokoro was losing her prelim bracket hard, what happened?

This is wrong

12 years old.

with the force of a rubber bat while her imouto watches

With after-lewd cuddles?

too old

That would be fun. I'm curious as to what the smaller boards like /n/ or /diy/ would choose for their favorite loli.

nah but she can clean up lala if she wants to

Hold me, /l/. I'm scared

I wonder if they have lolis. I mean, what would a /diy/ or /n/ loli be?

Maybe they'll just choose anime loli that represent the main aspect of their board, like /out/ might choose the Mountain Lolis.

Or maybe /n/


That is going to go straight to her butt.


Why the hell is he WINCING

What is wrong with him!?

Someone needs to throroughly bathe the stinky loli on top.



Maybe, I mean, /k/ would probably pick Upotte loli or something.
Though there are some boards that would probably give a less desirable response Cred Forums

Smelly shimapan.

Jean skirts are sexy.

>no dragon loli hmanga

oppai loli

It fuels Japanese pedophilia, and makes Ameriweebs into shut in weirdos.

would you play doctor with a loli?

room full of lolimoutos


>room full of high schoolers.
fuck off


>Ika beating Kuro
Sometimes you're alright, Cred Forums.


Wasn't there a loli and motorcycle anime or am I just misremembering things again?
Lets not talk about them lest we repeat what happened last thread.

>sakura is beating renge now

If we're going to do every board, we need to consider all the boards.

>play doctor
I'll have you know I take my medical practice very seriously.

>loli motorcycle anime
Are you from the far future where Nekopants' web manga NowDoDays becomes a hit Earth Star anime?

As it should be.
Nice tumblr gif nerd.

If anyone's willing to make a chart of all the boards, I'm willing to risk several bans to make this happen.

I'll start on more loli friendly boards like Cred Forums and /vp/ and then once we have a couple answers move on to other boards.

As for how to run it, I think the simplest way would be one thread for nominations, then the most popular nominations get put into a Strawpoll and a second thread is created for that.
Also, nominations would be restricted to board related lolis, so for Cred Forums only lolis that originated in anime and/or manga would be allowed.


Loli are for beating.

You mean like, at sports, right?

Loli hate autosage.