Are you ready Cred Forums?

Are you ready Cred Forums?

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Oh damn, is it happening?

Oh god Hiro
Is it Cred Forums's fault?

What the fucking fuck?

Mods, it's probably a good idea to let this thread stay instead of sweeping it under the rug and making people mad as fuck like you've been doing with the pass shit.

>mfw I bought a Cred Forums pass just before Hiro killed the site
Fuck you gookmoot.

Wait, is this why I'm seeing all the Cred Forums Pass things under users' names today or is that some meme regarding Cred Forums's birthday?

just fucking remove Cred Forums. sure they'll spread and shit post on other boards for like a week, but they're just kids who don't know how to ban evade.

I genuinely hope Cred Forums as a whole dies and I'm finally free.

It's easy just copyright memes.

Also, if it's true that we're in a peril then I can see why he made Cred Forums passes attractive. Unless this is a ploy to jew money out of us, I think I'll buy a pass.

>Wait, is this why I'm seeing all the Cred Forums Pass things under users' names today
That's numoot's idea to promote them.
There is a huge thread calling him out on his shit but he's basically pretending to be too stupid to understand the criticism.
They are probably there to stay, and I am saying this for the first time, but I might not be.

As long as Cred Forums is safe, I don't care.

Honestly, the Cred Forums pass is probably the lesser of all the 3 evils Hiro has proposed. Sure, it's pure faggotry, but at least I wouldn't have to deal with the increasingly dire captcha any more.

That said, I don't even know what the pricing structure of the Cred Forums pass is.

Anyone that would buy it have probably bought it already.

Not cool man

I was actually just about to pay for it when the signature faggotry started.

That's some pretty nice timing to announce that, right after he made everyone hate him with with the pass thing.

>That's numoot's idea to promote them.
I honestly believed that he would have more sense than to believe that would work. Does he not understand how Cred Forums as a community works at its core?

I imagine there are people like myself who were on the fence or not too interested until now. With the alternatives being less content or more ads, I imagine some would be willing to shell out for the pass.

Ah well some people on /qa/ argued that this is just a plot by Mr. Hiroshima to jewed things out. Who knows.

I hope they delete fucking Cred Forums

Even if it dies theres always someone willing to maintain an Cred Forums board somewhere, and they would probably allow sound webms instantly making everything better.
The power is in the community, after all.

There's way too little transparency for me to consider supporting Cred Forums financially, especially with Hiro at the helm.

Oh, this is going to be fun!

>delete Cred Forums
>delete porn boards
>delete Cred Forums
There, I just saved Cred Forums.

Eh, there would probably be hundreds of Cred Forums each being shittier version then the last.

It's pretty neat desu

Cred Forums Pass user since August 2013.

>sound webms
But that's a horrible idea

>delete Cred Forums
Why? It works perfectly well as a containment board. If anything the smaller, borderline dead boards need to go.

I know exactly how you feel. But I sure as hell don't want content restrictions, and more ads just won't work because they will (a) annoy the userbase, and (b) be evaded with adblockers.

This sounds extremely fucking fishy. Suddenly he does this extremely unpopular thing with passes and now he's claiming "either buy a pass or Cred Forums suffers because we can't afford the costs."

Bullshit, that fucker needs to release site revenues from ads and passes along with server costs, staff costs (for their developers) and any fixed assets and losses before I ever consider giving money to this site.

>delete Cred Forums
>delete porn boards
>delete Cred Forums
>all the cancer comes here after
Bad idea

Add /vg/, Cred Forums, /soc/ and /r9k/ to the list

>It works perfectly well as a containment board.
Ever since it was remade, Cred Forums has had notably more Cred Forumsshills running amuck. It's doing the exact opposite of containment.

>as a containment board
clearly not they leak their cancer everywhere

>Why? It works perfectly well as a containment board. If anything the smaller, borderline dead boards need to go.
I mean the problem seems to be too much traffic.
What could solve that better than killing Cred Forums have you seen what it turned into?

The smaller boards aren't worth removing, they won't reduce the load. The big boards aren't worth removing, they remove the load but shit up every other board. It's a pointless solution

Is this not an imageboard for discussion? Why not add video and music support when you're at it?

8/a/ was great when it had almost 1000 users, sound webms also work and its very rare to see someone waste their time making a screamer.

They are definitely linked in that the pass thingy was designed to promote the pass as that is clearly Mook's preferred means of funding.

>this is just a plot by Mr. Hiroshima to jewed things out
How so?

>Cred Forums is finally going to die

Jesus fucking Christ get rid of the garbage containment boards then.

/s4s/ was a fucking joke that outlived its """novelty""" and only stayed because moot was an idiot, /r9k/, /soc/, /gif/ is a remnant of a time long gone, /wsr/, Cred Forums is just god damn Cred Forums anyway so maybe those idiots can move back to that cesspool and make it better.

/his/ never needed to exist.
/qst/ never needed to exist.
Hell add /qa/ to that as well.
Move all of that garbage to /trash/.

I'd even mention some of the porn boards as well and maybe /wsg/ but let's not go that far just yet.

Why the fuck doesn't Hiro just ban the archives? I can't imagine how much bandwidth is wasted with Warsou et al. hogging all the data.

Delete /gif/

I'm going to disregard your opinion now.

Just do what fucking moot refused to. ACCEPT DONATIONS, YOU RETARD.
Add an easy to use donation possibility and you would get money.

Porn boards on Cred Forums are always disappointing

It still serves a containment function. Sure, there is spillover. But imagine how much it would be if Cred Forums just stopped existing.

>Cred Forums
>have you seen what it turned into?
What it has become is hardly any of our concern as long as they predominantly stay there.

Remove archive
Make some board text only, like Cred Forums or Cred Forums
Create Patreon.
Secretly sell this site to Google.
Copyright all user posts, and thus memes.

And get rid of threads getting archived.

>What it has become is hardly any of our concern as long as they predominantly stay there.
That's the problem though.
They don't

Delete Cred Forums and /jp/!!

>removing the archives
Problem solved.


This is just further proof that there was no "exodus"

You retards stayed here this whole time.

>have you seen what it turned into?
Blame the janitors and mods for not doing their jobs. There's a very clear sticky that explains what threads are supposed to be like, but nobody follows it and it's not enforced.

Buying the chan atm
which features you lads want?

Also this, is it not too suspicious? Hiro has been too slippery.

>implying it doesn't fix most of the issues Cred Forums has
No tripfags, generalshit and off-topic garbage was great until the whole site drama last year started and half the site left.

Free me from this hell

>But imagine how much it would be if Cred Forums just stopped existing.
Cred Forums is the board with the greatest growth on Cred Forums. It's currently pulling more and more rightwing faggots to Cred Forums who use Cred Forums as a starting point to explore Cred Forums as a whole.
That might not seem as a big deal to you.
But it means that the starting ideology of Cred Forums which is "anything goes so long as you have fun" has been replaced with Cred Forums.

so we have to pay for the right to post about waifus on Cred Forums now?

Why? Sure, the Cred Forums porn boards are by and large shit, but /gif/ is probably the best of the non-hentai ones.

It's only when Cred Forums is gone that you will realise how much containment it was actually performing.

God fucking damn it. I don't want this, I'm a mess without this site.

It's not enforced because everytime staff acts on Cred Forums, they riot and scream about free speech. So they got exactly what they wanted, the freedom of posting whatever shit they want without having to worry to much about the mods. Cred Forums is the perfect example of what happens with too few moderation - nothing but cuck porn.

Yeah it was obvious to everyone except themselves. the little imp so desperately created false drama every week to gain traffic and to no one's surprise it only worked on those who already "left" on the first day.

There was an exodus. But it was Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

Spin-off Cred Forums into its own site.
Make it subscription only.

>I'm not allowed to use multiple chan sites because
Nice brand loyalty bro

>believing the jew's lies
There already malicious ads by the way.

Way to many useless boards on this website.
Open up a donation page.
Increase ads, Who the fuck cares people use UBlock/AD block anyway.

If moot wasn't such an idiot and accepted donations he would probably still be around today.

>It's only when Cred Forums is gone that you will realise how much containment it was actually performing.
Give it 2 weeks of Mods and Jannitors deleting everything Cred Forums and they go to Stormfront or some plebbit

>the same people who shitpost start complaining about free speech when rules are enforced
>janitors comply
We have Cred Forums for a reason.

I'd pay.
Paywalls keep the retards out.

Cred Forums was gone before.

You clearly weren't here for the first days of the board. Janitors are not miraclemen, they can't go against the entire userbase without having it rioting and spilling into other boards.

Dude, Moot didn't want to run this site anymore. Let it go.

Gook moot can't afford to run the servers so this is why cancer like pass signatures are happening. /gif/ wastes a shitload of bandwidth serving up shitty porn.

It was a pleasure shitposting with you all.

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.

That's a good point. Sure, Cred Forums has almost always been in financial trouble before, but why the sudden crisis now?

>But it means that the starting ideology of Cred Forums which is "anything goes so long as you have fun" has been replaced with Cred Forums.
Cred Forums has long neglected its original purpose.

Also, if the right wing fags don't have a place to go on Cred Forums, they will just invade another board.

I'll unironically pay too, the redditor and Cred Forums type won't so at least it'll remain pure.

lelouch how more retarded can you get?
That's not the reason moot left you stupid faggot.

Coz running 4han is more desireable than getting paychecks from google.

Knowing that Cred Forums died before I got around to killing myself makes me unsure what to feel.

I was, actually. The sticky itself was created after Dorner, if I recall correctly. They followed it for a week of two, which was by far Cred Forums's best time, then it fell out of use and now 9/10 OPs should just be banned.

I know that isn't the reason moot left but it played a part.

So what website are you moving to once Cred Forums kicks the bucket?

>Why? It works perfectly well as a containment board.

No it fucking doesn't. They fucking announce themselves at every goddamn opportunity.

From moot's farewell news post:
>I've spent the past two years working behind the scenes to address these challenges, and to provide Cred Forums with the foundation it needs to survive me by bolstering its finances, strengthening its infrastructure, and expanding and empowering its team of volunteers. And for the most part, I've succeeded. The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades. Team Cred Forums is also at its largest, and while I've still been calling the shots, I've delegated many of my responsibilities to a handful of trusted volunteers, most of whom have served the site for years.

>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
What the fuck is Hiro doing?

>tripfag wants others to donate to a shady gook
>typical attention whore wants to ensure his medium for attention stays intact

Just get rid of most of the new boards and the archives as well while you're at it.

This site has fucking bloated way too much with unnecessary shit that never needed to exist in the first place.
There'll be outrage after the mass purging but who the fuck cares? Let the shitstorm happen.

Shit fixed.

How about we ban retarded tripfags?

>Also, if the right wing fags don't have a place to go on Cred Forums, they will just invade another board.
They will for a week at most if the mods root them out

Mostly likely here or Cred Forums

No I mean the FIRST days of the board. Before it was recreated as Cred Forums.

I'll be honest, im ok with the since4chan feature, if it becomes a problem just remove it.

>Cred Forums has long neglected its original purpose.
Agreed. We need a new Cred Forums to take Cred Forums's place.

>they will just invade another board.
But they won't have an echo chamber anymore so they'll fade back into the background.

This is probably going to turn into some Something Awful bullshit.

That was two years ago. "Any time soon" has long since come and gone.

>Also, if the right wing fags don't have a place to go on Cred Forums, they will just invade another board.
But most Cred Forumsaks are crossboarders. The issue is with the newfags from Reddit and underageb& who do nothing but spam their shitty memes.

Are you talking about /new/?

He's obviously lying.

Have him release the sites financials or tell him to fuck off.

>Why? Sure, the Cred Forums porn boards are by and large shit, but /gif/ is probably the best of the non-hentai ones.
It takes up too much space for being a board filled with gay and cuck shit

Pretty sure Japan told us how bad Hiro is

That's naive and needlessly optimistic - you know that as well as I do. Also, reddit is cracking down on non-Leftist subreddits at an alarming rate. It's only a matter of time before /r/the_donald is gone for example.

>/gif/ wastes a shitload of bandwidth serving up shitty porn.
So does /wsg/ with its endless YLYL threads.

>What the fuck is Hiro doing?
He's trying to turn a profit. He paid a price for Cred Forums.

Well you gotta realize a lot of traffic on Cred Forums is truly artificial. It's saying something when fuckers are paid to shit up a board because they might be an influential body in an election. Some are shitposters joining in too and that just brings the general quality of the board down as well.

Zimmerman was great too.
>Jaffa calling.

Cred Forums is doing just fine and hiro is just being his typical kike self and just wants your money.

Is it bad to have right wings on Cred Forums though? It's better than left wing liberals that got gathered to Cred Forums during the fox news anti Cred Forums shit of the mid to late 2000s.

And the only reason why Cred Forums is surging is because of the election. It'll die down post election like /new/ always did too.

The Cred Forums internal archive where it keeps posts for two days or whatever is useless. Get rid of that, even if bandwidth is cheap as water.

Close all the fucking retarded boards Hiro made after his arrival. Close some of the less used and shittier boards that can be discussed elsewhere.

There, Cred Forums costs cut down by a large portion.

I remember Cred Forums freaking out about a meta thing some weeks ago, but I forgot what it was because nothing happened.

Let's wait.

They still have Stormfront and hachichan

Do people really think the archives are under Cred Forums server? Are people really this retarded?

We NEED moot back, we can't survive without him.


>containment board.
Containment DOES NOT exist on Cred Forums. Containment is nothing more than concentrating a problem to allow it to grow and leak later. Containment is literally actual cancer and only further kills the site. Anything that must be contained, should be banned. Cred Forums doesn't belong not just because it has become containment board, but because a political board should of never been added in the first place. /vg/ must go as while since it has a server dedicated just to it as confirmed by dev.

I'm a little retarded and unable to think for my own at the moment. Can someone please explain what's happening?

>Also, reddit is cracking down on non-Leftist subreddits at an alarming rate. It's only a matter of time before /r/the_donald is gone for example.
Which is also why like a quarter of Cred Forums's userbase comes from Reddit.

Fuck, Cred Forums was pretty fucking fun a few years back. It's like the entire population of the board has changed.

>Hiro: Its joke!

Why can't you people understand that the crossboarder faggots that announce themselves on other boards are just a minuscule fraction of the Cred Forums populace? In that context, the containment is working. it's not perfect, but the alternative is far far worse.

> if the mods root them out

Cred Forums without a prominent porn board would be weird though.

>keeping a week's worth of shit on Cred Forums's servers when we have fireden and desustorage for this
This is what we want gone.

I really couldn't care less if Cred Forums wasn't so fucking obnoxious.
They are literally worse than tumblr

>Is it bad to have right wings on Cred Forums though?
No, it isn't.
The thing is that Cred Forums used to just not care. You could post whatever the hell you wanted. But when suddenly everything is about Trump and race war, that's when those that aren't rightwing feel the need to defend their opinions - which is completely un4chan-like. People need to shut the fuck up.

here you go, newfriend

Or make Cred Forums and other semi decent board a Pass™ only board.

In August 2013, an accidental leak placed the credit card details of thousands of 2channel users into the public domain,[7] and this event resulted in a series of lawsuits against the website. Around the same time, the anti-matome movement took place throughout 2channel, a controversial community development involving users protesting against "matome blogs" (まとめブログ?) specialising in summarising 2channel threads, which were taking away site traffic. Later it was revealed that the website was suffering from financial setbacks,[8] and as a result, the chairman of N.T. Technologies (a key stakeholder of the website, and ex-US Army officer) Jim Watkins assumed full control over 2channel, stripping Nishimura of all power.[9] In response, Nishimura created his own clone of 2channel at,[10] and organised a series of distributed denial of service attacks against 2channel.[11] Following the debacle, many former 2channel users have migrated to other anonymous posting websites, or have completely abandoned anonymity altogether and have moved to websites such as Reddit (with subreddits such as /r/NewSokuR dedicated to the 2channel diaspora).

Cred Forums has it's own archive, we're not talking about desu, fucktard.

charge everyone who wants to post a dollar for a year of posting privileges.

Politics itself is something that is on a lot of peoples' mind constantly, especially near election cycles for various countries, and especially with new major political relevant news.
So yes, a board is needed for politics / news, which is why /n/ / new/ existed, and why Moot brought back Cred Forums. It's also why Hiro has said he wouldn't remove Cred Forums just because they make liberals cry a lot.

they wernt derailing my threads back then, these newfags are.

>But imagine how much it would be if Cred Forums just stopped existing.
There wouldn't be any. For the first 3 months? Sure, they'll be assmad as fuck and then they will disappear. They only exist because they were "contained". Remove the container and they will disappear with time like as if they were never there. Cred Forums was never on Cred Forums before /news/, there was only us joking around with the topic.

Let's see. I don't know, maybe donations? How about disabling adblock before you could browse the site? How about just putting a gold four leaf clover beside the name Anonymous if you have a Cred Forums pass so it turns into a incentive?

Maybe if worst comes to worst adopting something similar to reddit gold while maintaining anonymity?

Just suggestions.

You are referring to third party archives.

Storage space is cheap as fuck. Archives are cheap as fuck which is why fireden and desustorage exist to begin with.

Obnoxiously loud minority, I'm afraid. Most people aren't so autistic to shit up every single board with politics.

Happy 13th Birthday Cred Forums!


If moot can keep Cred Forums afloat why can't hiro? Moot even carried it through 2012-2014 which is when the userbase peaked.

>but because a political board should of never been added in the first place
That's fucking stupid. Politics has always been discussed on Cred Forums.

moot doesn't want us, and honestly I can't blame him.

So you genuinely believe that the Alt-Right crowd would cease to exist over time on Cred Forums if Cred Forums was banned? Do you even understand what the Alt-Right is?

If Cred Forums and Cred Forums are a problem then we should just neuter them. Make posting there a pain. It will be for the greater good.

I like how he put the Cred Forums pass garbage there as some sort of 'good' third option which doesn't have any cons that people will want especially after all the since4pass drama.

Don't give in to the shilling people. It's all a filthy god damn ruse.

I'd be ok with Cred Forums finally dying.

We had a good run.

And most will leave or quiet down after the election.
/new/ always cared about political stuff though, and Cred Forums was always extremely anti censorship for one thing. That's why on many boards, be it Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums etc. There has been such a backlash against the politically correct censorship / historical revisionism.

why are you still allowed to post?

What a fucking retard. Why do you even post if you don't know what you're talking about?

>but /gif/ is probably the best of the non-hentai ones.
>source me
What are you on about?

Oh, that, I only see it one before and totally forgot that existed, why the fuck is that a thing?

>close some boards


Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>So you genuinely believe that the Alt-Right crowd would cease to exist over time on Cred Forums if Cred Forums was banned?
They didn't really do a whole lot against us when moot fucked up their board and drove them to 8gag.

Cred Forums is contrarian by nature

>option 4; since Hiro is incompetend manager he should sell the site to someone competent

>namefag wants something similar to reddit gold or add gold four leaf clover to pass buyers
Get the fuck out

>Is it bad to have right wings on Cred Forums though?


Merge Cred Forums and Cred Forums already

Cred Forums has a fair ratio of good to shitty ones.

Try /vg/ if you want to see why they should really be banned.

Leave /r9k/ alone!

This, increase the posting timer on Cred Forums to 200 seconds

>why can't hiro?
He didn't buy it for a hobby. He bought it expecting to get a return on his investment.

>That's fucking stupid. Politics has always been discussed on Cred Forums.

Oh, and thanks to ESPN's blatant race baiting, if Cred Forums gets deleted, they'll be right at home on Cred Forums.

>close some boards

Is this supposed to be bad?
There are a lot of boards here that people wouldn't even god damn miss.

What I understand as somebody who was around when /new/ was deleted and got exiled to other sites, is that they were much quieter.

The concept of 'containment boards' does not work. They are breeding grounds.


hey user

I'll kill myself

>Hiro running the site into the ground
It's only a matter of time until upvote/downvote buttons appear. I give this site another two or three years of existence max.

I wonder if there will be a noticable backlash on the rest of the internet when Cred Forums dies, or will it be the case that by then there's no real Cred Forums userbase left to leak out and spill bile over everything, and instead it's all diluted by the unthinking masses.

>Cred Forums has a fair ratio of good to shitty ones
fuck off tripfag

Fuck you, I hope a snake bite your penis.

/new/ shut the fuck up when they were deleted, so yeah.


And Cred Forums, and Cred Forums, and wherever the fuck else.
Removing the boards never worked and never will work. So the other options are Cred Forums pass or shitty ads.
RIP in fucking shit

Name a better non-hentai porn board on Cred Forums. I'm not saying that /gif/ is good, just that it is better than the alternatives.

The "movement" wasn't as strong back then as it is now.

But we already have /aco/.

J-list pays for most of Cred Forums's ads, right? Anyone who doesn't have adblock, could you tell us if they stopped?

>two or three years
Based on Hiro's post, I'll give us 6 months.

You can fuck off from here tripnigger

>one of the internet's biggest cultural milestones
>forgotten like dead rotten dog left drowning in the gutter


The Finnish chan is already like that. Upvotes, downvotes, gold accounts, supersage and force bump.

>mook will kill Cred Forums in your lifetime
Hold me, Cred Forums.

It's blank

So it's bad to have intelligent people on Cred Forums?

Did there was a rumor that Notch wanted to buy this shithole?

Fuck off, Lelouch or Michlan

No it isn't needed, because this isn't a serious discussion chan, its a niche nerdy hobbist one. If people want to Cred Forums, it is what Cred Forums is for. Politics has always been here, but it has never been a main topic. It was for the most part a passing topic. Cred Forums and /new/ never fucking belong here, this isn't something you can argue. We don't need a board for everything.

Does anybody even use the likes of /po/ or /3/?

>still using AB or ABP
They sold out.

I'd rather this nigga spin-off Cred Forums and make it subscription only.

I can't stand being on the same site with the likes of Cred Forums or Cred Forums

>And most will leave or quiet down after the election.
No, they won't because the election won't fix their country (countries).

>Cred Forums was always extremely anti censorship for one thing.
Yes, but it was also unpolitical and amoral as a whole. We called each other nigger and fag not because we found each other horrible, but simply just because.
You can't pretend there hasn't been an increase of politicization on Cred Forums.

Gookmoot belongs in a gaschamber tbqhwy.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2013.

So let's be real. Are we merging with /jp/?

I visit both anyway as it is

Nothing lasts forever, I suppose.

Slow boards clearly won't affect bandwidth costs at all. It'd be useless to delete them.

Just fuck off back to your shit board, Cred Forums. You people truly are the new furries.

Most likely.

Is this the final month of Cred Forums?

>The "movement" wasn't as strong back then as it is now.
They'll be even weaker when they don't have a homeboard anymore.

I'd be okay with this if he didn't change anything.
He has more money than he knows what to do with, and he should feel some kind of gratitude towards Cred Forums basically advertising his game for him in the early days.

What the fuck is supersage?

>why the fuck is that a thing?
So the FBI can backlog it onto their servers and keep track of anyone who posts on here.
How do you think those /r9k/ "you guys are cool, don't go to X tomorrow" idiots got v& so fast after Oregon?

It's called SA, now go back there and never return.

But honestly, the options hiro proposed is full of shit, if the infrastructure can't take it he could start by doing simple things:
>Reducing archive lifespan to 3 days
>Increase the fucking post cooldown on Cred Forums which is shorter for some bizzare reason, if not outright delete the cancer that board brought upon the entire site.
>Plead users to ease up on adblocking (and promise non-malicious ads)
>Provide 4chanpass users with more benefits that isn't faggot-tier (invisible to anyone else, preserving anonymity and equality of posters)
>Start accepting donations: people are welcomed to pay more for a pass, or hell make a patreon or some shit.

>ecause this isn't a serious discussion chan, its a niche nerdy hobbist one
Debatable. Maybe in the early days, but Cred Forums has changed a lot since then.

It's equally useless to keep them. Delete a bunch of them and you will save SOME bandwidth.

>So you genuinely believe that the Alt-Right crowd would cease to exist over time on Cred Forums if Cred Forums was banned?
Who the fuck cares about someones political leanings? Why the fuck does it even matter? This is a user image board, not your safe space. Cred Forums and its ability to draw in users needs to go. The "alt-right" was always here, because the userbase of Cred Forums has always been diverse.

I embrace the abyss.


Please merge Cred Forums, /jp/ and Cred Forums.

We shouldn't have messed with football

Bigotted racist manbabies have no place on Cred Forums anymore.

It's like sage, but super

It's getting cold, isn't it?

>tfw I browse both
>not a poorfag so if that happened I'd buy a pass and post RWBY threads just to spite you

No, it's bad to have pretentious hypocrites on Cred Forums. Which defines all of Cred Forums and tumblr because you faggots are two sides of the same coin.

No idea. Haven't used the Finnish ones since Kuvalauta went down.

Politics itself is a niche.
>isn't a serious discussion

etc. All are relatively serious.

>You can't pretend there hasn't been an increase of politicization on Cred Forums.
Yes, due to the election.
Were you not here in 2012? In 2008? The same shit happened.

>create a bunch of useless boards
>can't keep them up
Hiro is a retard

So, where we go now?

>Cred Forums
Kill yourself, merge that cancer with Cred Forums

Cred Forums scares away advertising money.

Yup, it's finally time to move on.

DJT should've been in /jp/ in the first place.

Makes it seem like the thread hasnt been bumbed past 1h on the catalog.

After reading this cancerous thread, I have decided that closing down Cred Forums wouldn't be such a bad idea.

>and Cred Forums

>RWBY threads
I too like loli doujins

I hope so

Fuck off to where ever you came from, faggot.


And 2012

Ironically if he'd ran this time he'd have stood a decent chance.

triggerd Cred Forumstard


I don't want to.
I'm not ready.


Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

2ch's warning is getting realer by the moment jesus christ

I don't buy it.

This stupid motherfucker clearly just wants to utilize the Cred Forums pass to further suck the money out of whichever idiot here is willing to shell out the bux for it. Never believe in the lies Cred Forums.

moot is working at google to get the money to save Cred Forums and come back as a hero.

Lainchan or 12-4 chan or we create something new

Live action capeshit is what ruins Cred Forums, desu.

Cred Forums will always exist in one form or another because there are simply no other good English-language anime boards/sites on the internet.

Politics isn't a nerdy topic and still, no matter how much you want to argue it, never belonged here. There was never an interest for the board until it was added, because no fucking cares. The normalfag boards were also a mistake, but Cred Forums was the biggest one because its the one that fits in the least. moot even made a fucking news post at the very start about never adding one.

But user, they have cuotures! They have their own jokes and stuff. Could you really take it all away from them?

>Yes, due to the election.
The increase has been going for several years. Trump has only recently been its face.

>Were you not here in 2012? In 2008?
I was. The political thing hasn't really ebbed down for several years now.

>sports is a serious topic

>delete Cred Forums
>When we have boards like Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /soc/, Cred Forums, /mlp/, /lgbt/ which are all beyond shit

You just now realized that Cred Forums was a mistake?

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.

>Bigotted racist manbabies have no place on Cred Forums anymore.
Cred Forums will never be your safe space, friendo.

Gensokyo, user. It's time to move on.

Should just sell Cred Forums to Yamakan.

You forgot to include Cred Forums.

2 tiers of sub:
1 cheap just to get rid of captcha
2nd twice as expensive to get more misc features
Trust me the revenue would go way up.

Nice. No need to try leaving Cred Forums anymore when Cred Forums leaves you instead.

Thank you for Correcting the Record™

>The increase has been going for several years
It seems to be that the internet as a whole is getting more political as time goes on.

And? Should we change what Cred Forums is just to suit advertisers? Hiro said advertising doesn't bring enough money at the current level anyway.

Finally! /u/ will be deleted to reduce useless traffic

Actually this is our fault for not disabling adblocker on Cred Forums

Eternal reminder.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2013.

Ron Paul and his son suck ass at debating, that's why they've never made it far. They aren't assertive or loud enough.
He is my favorite politician though, and I tend to agree with most of his policies.

Sports, Fitness, History, and even Science these days aren't nerdy topics either.

>for several years
It really hasn't. Prior to this the increase in "politics" stuff was the extreme censorship going on which caused lots of people from Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums to crossboard post due to the SJW crap that surged for those mediums.


I hope Cred Forums dies. Then I'll finally be free.

Reducing image size would destroy wallpaper boards

Forced commercials every time you want to post.

We need somewhere else; a contigency site in case shit got real and hiro jumped the shark.

It might amaze you how unique Cred Forums is amongst sites capable of discussing anime:
>MAL, utter shit userbase
>Animesuki, utter shit userbase
>/r/anime, non-anonymous, encourages circlejerking
>Infinity, too much bad blood

This. J-list has most likely pulled out as a result, and they were responsible for 90+% of the ads on this site.

But then they'll just set up shop in Cred Forums. All 5 of them.

Based moot. He was too good for us.

Yeah lets watch 1 virus infected ad to give 0.1 cent to the site. Wooow

Boards have different image size limits, dingaling.

Cred Forums+/c/+Cred Forums+/jp/+/u/+/y/ is the endgame!

Forced commercials every time you type a letter.

>Sports, Fitness, History, and even Science these days aren't nerdy topics either.
> The normalfag boards were also a mistake, but Cred Forums was the biggest one because its the one that fits in the leas
Learn to read. Politics has always been the big no-no on forums since forever. Cred Forums doesn't belong on Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums
Fuck off.

I really don't want to go to another website. I want to stay on this one.

If he cant maintain it, he shuold sell it. Thats about it.

Hiroyuki never had a Return of Investment, Cred Forums will be sold again

Remove every board that isn't directly related to Japanese ACG culture. Or at least spin them off into a different site. Then companies will actually want to advertise here.

>It really hasn't.
It really has.
That's the fucking steam that 8 chan was founded on.

I'm convinced that board is kept alive by 2 lonely fujos and a weird gay guy.

Forced commercials every time you move your mouse.

Deleting Cred Forums won't do anything.

They'll just hijack Cred Forums.

You wake up tomorrow and Cred Forums is gone.

What will you do?

>Cred Forums
Kill yourself

>Cred Forums
kill yourself

Wait J-list pulled out. When did that happen, I didn't even notice

Forced to find friends.

What's bad about that? At least Cred Forums will be more than a porndump.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2013.

I've always had my ad blocker disabled for as long as I've been here. It's all your fault, you fucks.

then delete both

I'm too use to Cred Forums's posting and these generic forums won't be enough.

Pray and hope someone makes Cred Forums v2.

I'm sure Cred Forums will be fine anyway, Everyone just starts spreading FUD like they always do.

Hiro will most likely open donations if push comes to shove.

Then delete both


and nothing of value would be lost

Oh great another cancerous meta general made by a newfriend desperate for attention

That would actually be an improvement for Cred Forums. The place is a mess, and not in a good way like it was in the past.


>It seems to be that the internet as a whole is getting more political as time goes on.
It has. But that's a different issue to me because I don't care about the internet as a whole.

Cred Forums doesn't really fit in there.

If it had to be merged it should be with Cred Forums to create both a Jap media board and a Western media board.

Find other chans, figure out where I want to stay.
if everything goes wrong, I'll be forced to stay on multiple - forever

You maybe gave Cred Forums half a dollar after a years worth of browsing, good job faggot.

>Cred Forums
Fuck off

The site's reputation as a cesspool of hate (something no company wants to associate with in the age of SJWs) is already cemented. There's no going back now.

Cred Forums is just memes, though.

Cred Forums and Cred Forums would make sense as both have the same topic, just the origin of the content is different.

Holy shit, Cred Forums is actually going to die.

Panic on /ghost/, try to find out where to go.

Watch anime.

Who cares, that is what Cred Forums is for. If anything, it would improve be.

What now?


Moot is already among us, laughing at our despair and how hilariously short Cred Forums's lifespan has become since he stepped down.

>Cred Forums

I'm just not going to discuss anime anywhere anymore. I don't care. There will never be a true replacement for Cred Forums.

and /jp/ isn't?

Delete /news/ and /his/. Delete /aco/ and allow western content on /h/ and /d/. Delete /asp/ and move its content back to Cred Forums


I go down with this ship.

Cred Forums / /new/ are always like the 6th or 7th most popular board, and only surge up to top 3 during election season.
And forums / message boards / image boards always create sub boards / sub forums specifically for politics so that its members have a place to discuss that stuff and it doesn't infest other boards.

Not on politics, on censorship.
infinity chan even has a leftypol IIRC.
Maybe Hiro should create one for the commies and such here so they can feel like they have a """safe space""", I imagine they're half the people that desperately want Cred Forums to be deleted (the other half legitimately thinking it would somehow make the site better, not remembering the Obama threads after /new/'s deletion or the feel threads after /r9k/'s deletion).

Listen some music while I laugh at the good news

spin off all the non political and blue boards to a new domain -> sell advertising -> make profit

alternatively, spin off Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums and sell them to a political organization willing to incur a loss (e.g., use this revenue to fund the remaining Cred Forums boards

This. Nothing ever happens ever. And now I will leave this thread and continue enjoying Cred Forums for years to come

I don't go there. I don't go to Cred Forums either, but because I once went there. It was awful.

Fuck off. Cred Forums is a giant cancerous shitstain.

Will Hiroshima commit kamikaze when Cred Forums burns down?

Be sad. I spent an unhealthy time here, even if most of the time its just lurking.

Delete Cred Forums, /his/ and /qst/

Move to a new domain name without *chan in the name.

So, how do you disprove that user?

Is 13 years really short?

>/news/is one of the top 10 most popular boards on Cred Forums
I'm not saying that you're lying, but I struggle to believe that. What's your source on that?

>deleting int

I think we really need to rethink what made Cred Forums, and by extension, Cred Forums, such a unique place. Should it went to utter shit, or be gone, one day, at least if someone is going to make a 'replacement' of some sort it would have to retain it to the best of its ability:
>Anonymity, obviously.
>Encouraging people to lurk (calling out newfags)
>Enforcement of rules
>Rules does not prohibit profanity or political incorrectness.
>Ability to have fun.
>Segregation of content through boards

Don't ruin the fantasy! I'm enjoying this moment.

Let's do nothing. Hiro should give us proof that the site is in jeopardy. Is it not fair considering he has only been with us a relatively short while? I suppose he doesn't need to take heed of what anyone says though.

Yes, compared to forever.

Maybe have a poll in the next thread to decide where we are moving to in case of the worst

they can delete Cred Forums to get it back.

Selling anything to a right-wing propaganda site sounds like a bad idea, regardless of whether you support their ideologies or not.

Why did Hiro start talking about this when it's 4chin's birthday?

>Maybe Hiro should create one for the commies
That would only create a warzone.
At least right now only the Cred Forumsacks are armed with charts and memes.
If both sides of the argument get their nukes ready, everything will die.

>on censorship.
Yeah, no.

No evidence, literally just a scam for people to buy passes

What exactly does deleting boards help?
The costs come from high traffic boards spamming large images and webms, doesnt it?

Just call it Yotsuba.

2chan goes by Futaba anyway.

Redditors and underage who don't understand basic economics. That's why communism isn't taken seriously it's nothing more than a delusional pie in the sky fantasy.

Go to moot's house, murder him, then kill myself.

Merge /d/, /e/, /h/, /u/ and /y/.

And guess what shitstain, politics never infected any other board. Cred Forums has always thrived off of off-topic posting but politics was never an issue. We never needed a politics board to deal with any infection. /new/ and Cred Forums created an infection and they never went along with the theme of the site. In addition, politic boards are the big no-no on every forum. Every politic board that isn't a literal hugbox is nothing more than a headache. There is an unwritten rule to not make a politic board/sub-forum if you don't want your site to go downhill or deal with constant shitfests.

Fuck off you dumb retard.

What would happen is that dozens of egomaniac douche will makes a new chan, some hopefully will be Cred Forums only. Most will die, but hopefully one will survive.

Cred Forums is facebook - the board.

Full of children and normalfags.

>Nothing ever happens ever.
We just got signatures.
Is that "nothing"?

Finally learn moon runes and go shitpost on futaba.

Yeah, but it does no harm and it can be fun during big global events.


Weirdly, the best case scenario is that this is just Mr. Hiroshima making some thinly veiled thread.

Have you seen Cred Forums lately? It's just generals, spam and shitposting.

Probably we should just go back to the original roots of Cred Forums aka Japanese Culture. I feel the site has expanded so much but not in a good way at all.

Finally get my life together

They would need to re-brand the site too. SJWs never forget.

So where are you going to go for waifu posting after Cred Forums dies?

Replace Cred Forums with /vr/ and I'm all in

>They never went along with the theme of the site
But /lgbt/ and /mlp/ does right
Cred Forums is one of the few non japanese boards that actually still likes anime.

This, it's just /soc/ with language based segregation at this point.

Mämmi, the home of depressed, unemployed alcoholics and drug addicts.

If you couldn't do that shit with Cred Forums, what makes you think you could that without it?

Well yes, I and you know that, but there are plenty of delusional leftists on Cred Forums too. I think during primaries there were some polls that got shitposted on various boards and something like 20-30% of Cred Forums liked Bernie Sanders the 2nd most, just behind Trump at 30-40%. So I firmly believe there are plenty of leftists here that feel incredibly underrepresented, and want a safe space, despite never wanting to admit it.

Move on with my life, and probably start lurking twitter to find out about anime news.
Also, I'd be extremely sad since I would have no place to discuss anime/manga anymore.


The post-Cred Forums landscape is going to be hilarious if anything else. Everybody's going to be trying to chomp on that fuckhuge userbase with different carrots on a variety of sticks.

Eventually one will probably stand on top of all the pile of shitty code and garbage knock-offs.

There already are a lot of them we could go to

If advertising doesnt work whats the reason theres no /loli/ board? I always thought its purely for advertisers sake.

He successfully tricked Hiro into buying Cred Forums, of course he is laughing.

I usualy forget they exist.
So that containment actually works.
>Cred Forums is one of the few non japanese boards that actually still likes anime.
That is not a positive thing as seen in Izetta threads

It's your gift, user. Don't you like it? Hiro is giving you freedom. Now you can move on, be happy for once and stop being a dumb nerd.

Stop doing that retard, I've already said that shit didn't belong either. Politics is a serious topic and this isn't a serious site and its been made quite clearly people aren't capable of taking politics in a non-joking manner.

It's illegal.

Do we really need boards such as /po/ and /toy/?
/f/, /i/ are also pretty much dead. Why not merge /p/, /po/, /i/, /f/ and /toy/ into one /creative/ board?

>Halve the traffic cost
limit uploading image sizes
use slower servers.
close some boards
>close some boards
Does this mean we can finally get rid of shit like cgl?

Izetta is pretty much Cred Forumsa/k/ the anime, with an added hint of /u/. What did you expect?

>The post-Cred Forums landscape is going to be hilarious if anything else.
Didn't moot say something about this once. About how you can't remove Cred Forums unless you want a hoard of anons to consume all.

That's what Cred Forums has always been like.

The userbase being fragmented into different sites would be the worst possible scenario. Cred Forums has a critical mass that makes it the most important non-Japanese anime discussion site.

It's also important to consider the knock-on effect that Cred Forums's death would have on fansubbing, TLs, and fan art proliferation.

I miss ふふふ

Just let Cred Forums die guys. It had a good run. Someone will learn.
I dont even get int at this point. I actually use it to speak and practice my languages but the generals are cancer where people will post the same images of anime and phrases everyday. A great circlejerk if I say so myself.

Why do you hate anonymity? It's just going to attract fags to the wrong places anyway.

Cred Forums isnt based in canada, australia or sweden afaik.

>The userbase being fragmented into different sites would be the worst possible scenario


Too bad that's the most likely scenario too.

You were the chosen one!

That's fine with me. If Cred Forums gets purged so should the rest of the normalfag western trash on this site.

Learn moon and go to futaba

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2012.

It's not.

That was the official reason but it has more to do with the fact that people were coming from off-board to post CP. I don't think it would be as big of a problem as it was back then though.

What's the problem? Just have open donations then?

Oh wait. Never mind.
It's clear this fucker just wants to further drive in the Cred Forums pass shilling.

Stop talking about boards getting deleted you idiots. call out Hiro on that actual shit he's trying pull here. Lying his way into making you idiots buy a Cred Forums pass.

>About how you can't remove Cred Forums unless you want a hoard of anons to consume all.
What exactly did he mean by this?

I still like Cred Forums, but the generals are utter cancer - especially /brit/.

I expected what I got.
But foolish me still has hope.
I'm sure they'll miss Youjo Senki

I'm sure a lot of Cred Forumsnons would find the same site. Right?

it is literally the only scenario possible

Nice niche communities. Merging would likely kill them off and save fuck all in terms of cost.

>Too bad that's the most likely scenario too.
I'll hold onto your hand and follow you wherever you lead me.

That would be really sad, I would say.

Most anonymous imageboards are really slow, most are either dead or just circlejerks.
Cred Forums's death would probably bring some life into them, but it'd not be the same.

Hey fuck you I like /f/

>ctrl+f Cred Forums
>65 results

>ctrl+f Cred Forums
>40 results
What gives? Are they really this fucking hated?


I would be happy if we got rid of everything besides all boards under Japanese culture and Cred Forums.

>I'm sure they'll miss Youjo Senki
Well, now that you told be about it, I won't.
>51 (you)'s in Izetta thread

This jew just need more money.

Yeah, sure, let's go to 2chan.

Meta threads are always full of whiney little kids

we need something we can go after Cred Forums is kill and regroup to somewhere

>off-board to post CP
I dont see the logic, if only drawn pictures were allowed then deleting real pic would be easiest thing ever, as opposed to handling cp that was spammed in Cred Forums

We'd be like headless chickens trying to find a coop.

About 50% legitimate problems with Cred Forums. 50% triggered liberals.

Vocal minority
Liberals throw tantrums when they don't get what they want

>What exactly did he mean by this?
Cred Forums has a huge community. If Cred Forums goes dark, that community with LOTS of free time will suddenly be present literally everywhere and make every online community shit.

Straight up asking for money wouldn't be as shady to you as promoting passes? At least now you get something for your money even if it's trivial.

Cred Forums is a huge attention whore because politics is srs business

yes i'm done with Cred Forums's shit wish they were like /mlp/ and actually stayed on their own fucking board

kill yourself Cred Forumstard

That sounds fun. But definitely not worth the death of Cred Forums.

People tend to like honesty.

>rid of shit like cgl
Isn't /cgl/ slow as fuck? I doubt that closing down /cgl/ will have a notable impact.

>It's also important to consider the knock-on effect that Cred Forums's death would have on fansubbing, TLs, and fan art proliferation.
Fuck. I didn't consider this. Please don't let this site die.

Yeah well, let's face it, modern day Cred Forums is filled with crossie from reddit or tumblr or such.

It won't make as big of an impact.

/c/ merge with Cred Forums
/e/ merge with /h/
/wsr/ merge with /r/
/vr/ merge with Cred Forums
/w/ merge with /wg/
/r9k/ and /s2s/ merge with Cred Forums
/u/ and /y/ merge with /lgbt/
/3/ merge with /gd/
/po/ merge with /tg/ or /asp/
/qst/ merge with /tg/
/trv/ merge with /out/
/jp/ merge with Cred Forums
/cm/ and /hm/ merge into one board
/gif/, /s/ and /hc/ merge into one board

Shit that don't belong here anymore:
Cred Forums

>b-b-but liberals!!!

its probably Cred Forums which is causing the advertisers to flee.

I just want to go back

I never asked for this

It still has 10 pages with 10 threads each, each of them with at least a few images on them.

Just add a donation button. As simple as that.

⌘ Cred Forums Pass user since January 2007.

To be frank, the liberals don't spill out on other boards and start talking about racism and politics and shit, so I kind of get their point.

>/u/ merge with /lgbt/

Who is this semen demon

Cred Forums has received a lot more traffic over the past year.

J-list is the only advertiser here and they don't get more clicks from increased traffic from non otaku culture boards.

Menes nyt helvettiin siitä

Just really slow down the posting speed on porn boards, Cred Forums and Cred Forums

Remove almost all porn boards
Merge /e/ and /h/ into /eh/

Merge shit like /gd/, /i/ and /po/

Remove /mlp/, /soc/, /fa/, /y/, /u/, Cred Forums, /his/, /qst/, /asp/, /biz/, /n/, /o/, /r/, /f/, /x/ and /wsr/

Merge /wg/ and /w/

Reduce image upload limit to 2.5mb

I'd kill myself probably.

>implying the Cred Forumsutists here aren't autistic enough to find each other again
Once the apocalypse happens, the first thing people will do is seek refuge in /ghost/. Enough people know about the archives that there'll probably be a huge congregation there lost and blind. From there on though it's going to be a massive exodus that starts with IRC, and slowly spread towards multitudes of other groups that have set up shop on Cred Forums.

It's going to be a long process and the new world won't probably be a quarter as reminiscent of this shithole but don't ever doubt more than a decade's worth of community just suddenly lost to the void.

Autism finds a way. Always.

>/jp/ merge with Cred Forums
Fuck no.

I think people will create that when it happens.

But no one is thinking about it now, People are just going over the top with Cred Forums and it "dying."

There is no way any regular user could handle the generic forum shit like MAL or other websites.

We definitely need to get rid of boards that have minimal to no impact on the site.
Exactly. Boards like /c/ and /cgl/ are just wastes of space that do not need to be around.


>/vr/ merge with Cred Forums
Killing the only decent vidya board is cruel

I lurk there every now and then

It's not that people hate Cred Forums, but because Cred Forums is the manifestation of Cred Forums's contrarian politics views.

Imagine this: there is a thread and suddenly people start talking about how niggers are dumb and scum, and the thread gets derailed. Before Cred Forums, you would just blame people "trolling" or just wanting to talk politics where it shouldnt be so, NOW we can all blame Cred Forums when a thread gets derailed by politics, because it should stay there.

I thought all the fanart here was just reposts from Pixiv.

Cred Forums is a shitty board that draws in newfriends from all over the internet looking for their kind and the kind of media attention they get is nothing but harmful for the site. It is the equivalent of Cred Forums back in the old days and the expansion Cred Forums created in the userbase has greatly degraded post quality over the years. If Cred Forums got deleted hopefully a lot of them would move somewhere else and user numbers would decline as well as the new users being drawn in. I couldn't give a fuck about the politics of the board itself but Cred Forums is an imageboard created for the discussion of Japanese culture not as a bse for right wing internet politics and social movements. If anything should go it is Cred Forums.

>waaaah, remove all the boards I don't like

If only moot were here

Either Hiro is straight up lying to us so he can get some extra cash or he really is fucking incompetent, considering moot managed to administrate Cred Forums just fine.

Either way, if we're having this much traffic/server costs, we might as well just close the yellow boards and /wsg/. Every porn board, especially the 3DPD ones are filled with the dumbest type of users, people that are straight up from facebook. Why even have a board like /gif/ here? If you want 3DPD porn just go pornhub or any other normalfag site.

Closing Cred Forums would nice too, but the backlash would be terrible.

why merge or remove anything?
The only way that saves money is by driving people off the site entire and thus resulting in fewer posts and lower bandwight,

I want a Kyoani anime of this.

Can't they just reduce the number of pages for slow boards or ones that take up too much bandwidth?

>the first thing people will do is seek refuge in /ghost
You do know exactly what will happen, right. It will go down.


>/e/ merge with /h/
Possible, but would require good moderation.

In the last year or so I've noticed a rise in reddit-style indignation by obvious newfags that not everybody on Cred Forums holds liberal values like them, on boards that have nothing to do with politics. Thankfully most people still call them out on their bullshit.


sell Cred Forums to donald trump (he'll happily incur the losses for them defending his reputation) and use the profits to sustain Cred Forums

What would moot do in this situation?

>Either Hiro is straight up lying to us so he can get some extra cash or he really is fucking incompetent
Or Hiro looks at Cred Forums as a business that isn't worth his effort if it isn't making him money where as moot was willing to put a lot of work into it to make it work because it was his baby.

>To be frank, the liberals don't spill out on other boards and start talking about racism and politics and shit
Yes they do. They even bring it up on /ck/ sometimes for no reason.

Didn't moot figuratively remove Cred Forums in like 2014?

Sell Cred Forums.

Moot did delete the boards he didn't like, he just reneged and put them back again

Sell Cred Forums

Except most shitshows start by some fucknut telling some user to go back to Cred Forums because of a comment that itself wouldn't cause any issues.

Does anyone have that old story of the grandad telling his grandkids about Cred Forums?

I'm sure i have it saved but i cant find it

I'd watch that anime.

It is, but most users don't actually use Pixiv and get their fan art from Cred Forums and the other anime-related boards.

That would in all fairness be a good thing. It would definitely get rid of all the shitposters.

In return potentially reduced adbux and passbux, although it's not like we have many advertisers at the moment anyway.

>any of them

Seconding this. Can't find it either.

Leave Cred Forums. Oh wait.

I'm not ready to say good bye


He doesn't even follow Cred Forums on twitter anymore.

He's gone, Jim.

Besides Cred Forums and /l/, which boards were deleted for good?

At the same time SJW became a word you are allowed to say on Cred Forums.
Last year we frolicked about the filter. Now half of all anons wouldn't even understand why you would want to filter the word at all.

Buy back Cred Forums for a fraction of what he sold it for.



Lets say you remove /mlp/
Now you get entire userbase of mlp talking about their interest on other boards.

The fur board


There's so fucking many interconnected groups, be it translators, subbers, buyfags, etc. that have spawned off and even established themselves here on Cred Forums, it wouldn't be surprising that there's going to be some sort of massive Cred Forumsnon wide effort to at least try and make something work again. Even if it's just a chan entirely dedicated to Cred Forums.

tumbling down tumbling down, tumbling down,

will I finally be set free after almost 10 years?

moot is just as incompetent as Hiro, if not worse.
He can go fuck himself.

My brother has the same shirt, but doesn't look as homosexual. What does this mean?


>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades.


>Cred Forums is a shitty board that draws in newfriends from all over the internet
Not Cred Forumss fault. Right wing discussion just isn't tolerated on the rest of the internet. Obviously a board like that on Cred Forums is going to draw in a lot of people.

This whole problem started because newfag mods were overly eager to delete things that they didn't like.

They don't anymore, but the damage has been done.

He's lying. I don't trust him.

>2 years
>anytime soon

Already been appropriated by cancers outside.

Oh yeah, I had totally forgotten about it. Aren't /mlp/ and /trash/ the modern /fur/ though?

Why the fuck is /lgbt/ a thing?
It's just a bunch of confused pre-teens talking about how much they love cock and crossdressing. Worst still is the fact that it's the only board where you aren't allowed to criticize people or their opinions.

Also, fuck the porn boards and the unnecessary archives, they're the largest waste of server space.

He said he wanted more boards like a week ago. This is a ruse to shill the Cred Forums passes.

I do, but I can't be bothered to dump right now.

That's the one exception though. We can't afford to get rid of the containment boards. /mlp/, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and even Cred Forums and Cred Forums if it's truly considered are the biggest containment boards that would destroy all of Cred Forums if they were deleted.

eat some soup.

>At the same time SJW became a word you are allowed to say on Cred Forums.
Considering the everpresent fear (rational or otherwise) of anime going "mainstream" and losing some of the elements that make it so enjoyable for faggots like us in the name of political correctness, I can understand why SJW became a common term on Cred Forums.

Tl:dr: Give me money, advertisers.

/mlp/ is the mental illness board.
/trash/ is straight up /fur/ 2.0 though, you're right.

But moot loved this place.
You know, kinda how some parents love their mentally handicapped child.

Hiro just wants money.

It would have never happened. moot always claimed one of his biggest achievements was making Cred Forums break even

There´s something about that post of Hiro that makes me think that this is all some kind of joke, but the guy is so retarded that I´m not surprised anymore
anyways if there is an Cred Forums backup chan I want to know. This board is the only one I will really miss
>-Halve the traffic cost
>limit uploading image sizes
>use slower servers.
>close some boards
People say delete Cred Forums assuming that they wouldn´t just shitpost in every other board. nobody who gives a shit about this place likes Cred Forums, just put a sticky saying that the board is going down in 5 days and put a link to Cripplechan´s Cred Forums. those faggots will gladly take users for their dead chan
>normalfags and porndumps get nuked out of the site
this might me a good idea actually

The difference is moot was interested in keeping the site afloat because it was his site that he built and operated and he had an attachment to it beyond a financial one. Hiro bought Cred Forums as an investment and if the site isn't going to make him enough money to be worth his while he has no reason to continue to pay the costs and waste his time.

Not Cred Forums's fault no, but a good reason to delete the board. Someone can setup their own anonymous imageboard for the purpose and not destroy one created for something entirely different if we delete it.

/mlp/ doesn't need to be permanent. It was created to deal with a surge of pony shitposting across the site and once the fad has died down enough it will be safe to remove.

The shitposting we saw before will not return in the same numbers unless mlp regrows in popularity.

I wouldn't call that "term" common.
It's spouted seldom by retards that you can easily ignore

>the liberals don't spill out on other boards
I take it you've never visited Cred Forums or Cred Forums?

no boards on 2*Cred Forums were ever good, especially not Cred Forums.

The realistic actions are:
Better pass system
Reduce bandwidth by limiting file sizes or limiting specific boards.
Add sound webms.

Why not just send Cred Forumsacks to cripplechan?

Can't we ban Ponyfucker from Cred Forums as a whole?

Moot was always a faggot who wanted to be the little girl

It's his legacy

>the everpresent fear
It didn't used to be present before Cred Forums forced this discussion on us. Which is precisely what the term is about, to evoke emotions.

Classic moot. moot's gonna moot. And Hiro starts working for google?

>wake up
>Cred Forums is dead
>you never found out where everyone migrated to
>or Cred Forums never fully decided where to go

I don't know if I can handle that kind of goodbye.

If there's a more prominent donation button I'm sure the site will be fine.

If twitch streamers can make several hundred thousand a year by people willingly donate to them then I imagine Cred Forums can do the same.

Also massive normalfags and loud, obnoxious Cred Forums racists

The porn boards are totally worthless but I'd still feel sad if the anime-related ones got axed, just because they've been around forever.
Still, /gif/ could easily get dropped and I imagine it takes up a large portion of the server costs with the sound webms.

I just wanted a website to talk about stuff that did not require registration or name-typing.

What's inherently hard about that?

Its 2016

That isnt allowed anymore

Turn every non japanese culture board into a text board

You know what to do Cred Forums.

Learn moon.
Get a nip VPN.
Fuck off to 2chan.

hiro was a mistake

delete Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums

I imagine some of the dead chans that made boards there for their communities were ok. The site felt a like a generic slow chan with too many boards before gg happened.

>its like people at Titanic crash deciding who gets to occupy lifeboat and who stays out

Stop fucking behaving yourself as pathetic monkeys. Everything on Cred Forums constitutes it beingi Cred Forums and belongs to Cred Forums (aside mlp and lgbt)

The answer about what should be removed is obvious: Hiroyuki should be removed and better and more capable owner found

>Not Cred Forums's fault no, but a good reason to delete the board
Your reasoning applies to a lot of other boards too, not just Cred Forums. Frankly Cred Forums should have been deleted years ago it attracted more newfags than Cred Forums ever did.

Not since Dark souls 1, and I've never been on Cred Forums
I can see how Cred Forums might be Tumblr though, but isn't Cred Forums anti-SJW/liberal?

We'll have to go through the experience in a few months anyway. May as well prepare ourselves for it.
At least we'll know we aren't the only ones who are suddenly homeless.

Reminder that Hiro took out a loan to buy this site.

Just an annoucement thread and chan clones are starting to pop up. Damnit.

new thread

>wake up
>situation is worse
I hope we get the good ending, not the "but the future refused to change" one.

No!, I can't get away from this website.

Fuck off generalfag

I don't understand the 2chan memes though. No amount of lurking or Japanese fluency would allow me to penetrate their levels of metaness.

>aside mlp and lgbt
Serious question; what purpose does /lgbt/ serve that isn't already handled by a another board?


This really is the best answer.
Giving this site to someone that can't even speak English properly was a terrible mistake

that too I guess. I feel like that is going against the spirit of the site, but I don´t know if everyone will fuck off after the elections end and there is nothing to entertain 200k retards

Kill yourself.

I would argue that deleting Cred Forums wouldn't disturb the other boards.
There may be 2 or 3 days of backlash, but after that they'll say that Cred Forums is restricting their freedom of speech and that it has been overtaken by whatever boogeyman they have now.

Then they'll probably go to one of the other chans or create their own.

The exact same thing would probably happen with Cred Forums

Cred Forums needs a restart, not deletion.
But since moot failed to save it no matter what he did, it's questionable that it's possible at all.

> Frankly Cred Forums should have been deleted years ago it attracted more newfags than Cred Forums ever did
I said that in my original post pretty much.

Wait what?

This, as much as I hate general, I would like to say goodbye to the folks in my favorite fanbase.

>It's also important to consider the knock-on effect that Cred Forums's death would have on fansubbing, TLs, and fan art proliferation.

You're just making a joke, right?

It's literally just Cred Forums learning Cred Forums all over again.

2chan is comfy as fuck.
Especially so because it isn't penetrated by the cancerous internet landscape the west has fostered oh so lovingly.

But the reason Cred Forums is so shit is because US has presidential elections that last 2 years and a new election comes up after 4, so 50% of the time people are fucking about POTUS related shit.

Fuck no
>Try to criticize EA or 2k for shoehorning their liberal agenda into their games
>Waves of libs come out to defend them and their shitty games


We're still on page 4 you retard.


Well atleast next time there won't be a meme candidate like Trump

>Wait what?
Oops, that was confidential.

this election doesn´t count as a normal one by any means. Its too fucking insane

Missing the 9fag watermark there chaps.

No. Cred Forums acts as a hub for many of those activities.

>implying meme candidates won't be the status quo goign forward

I don't want to lose this place ;_;

"Serves you right!"

I know it doesn't have anything to do with this thread but I'm still slightly upset that the "3 letters at most for a board name" tradition was broken by a fucking LGBT board.

Do you even know how many TLs only bump their shit here or how many translations starting because Cred Forums wanted them?

Ideally just get somebody to make a new board. Most of the existing ones are garbage or dead, and I'd kill myself before I move to gooberchan.

No, Trump is a sign for things to come. Things are going to get more and more insane until the system collapses. Cred Forums's only recurse if it doesn't want to be overrun by Cred Forums shit is to completely block Cred Forums shit.


What the fuck?
Moot managed to get this shit running for years without help
And now that Hiro took over, it's suddenly not possible?

It could have been named /fag/. Missed quite the opportunity there.


The insane bit is dems not electing Sanders as their candidate, would've ended up at 80% landslide victory for him vs trump.

No. While there are tons of anime communities, Cred Forums has and still is the central point for the western anime/manga community. The removal of Cred Forums would have massive effects.

They like to be special snowflakes after all.

Now as a hilarious twist and a half, I present you faggots with a conundrum.

Would you fuckers accept moot if he came back to "save" this place?

People kept posting real cp on /l/ and moot never wanted to add it back after that. Too hard to moderate, probably got very few posters, too.
Cred Forums's biggest advertiser has always been J-list. They sell loli onaholes, they don't give a shit about loli content.

Guess the fact that I cringed like hell at this instead of getting emotional shows growth. Thanks anyway, senpai.

>go to /c/
>1 month threads on the front page.
What is the point of this board actually, They just have image dumps which we have on Cred Forums because of the general nonsense.

/news/ came after /lgbt/ and /prog/ was a text board. Text boards never applied.

I never wanted for him to leave in the first place.

No, trump and this election is a clear sign of the future and a new wave of elections. Everything is going to become much more extreme and wild.

It still exists.

Hiro is legitimately retarded. moot was a fool to sell Cred Forums to him.

Just have google buy this place and put moot as the head honcho.

Everyone mourned moot's leave. Only now the bitter aftertaste came back ever so strongly.

Cred Forums would, Cred Forums and Cred Forums might not.

Only dumbass newfags wouldn't want him back.

Nobody cares about what Cred Forums and Cred Forums think.

Fuck no.
I don't trust Hiro but at least he's not a shitposting cuck like moot.

Literally only Cred Forums and associats hate moot

That's only fair.
moot's first action would be to delete both those boards.

What kind of fansubbing do you think revolves around Cred Forums? The only real kind of work I can think of that comes from here is stuff done on like /ak/ and the occasional user putting something together themselves when the usual groups are failing or not interested.

moot ran Cred Forums as his baby, hiro wants to run it as an investment. I imagine there's been some shit decisions by hiro along the way as well.

moot created us, we are all here because of him and his decade long commitment to this place

He'd never come back, but if he did I would so very gladly welcome him.

Hiro is an investor, moot was one of us

Kuromukuro subs come from Cred Forums

There is more things that exist than anime.


Yeah because moot didn't shit up Cred Forums numerous times whenever he felt like being a spiteful asshole oh wait.
Go back to MAL.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

moot isn't infallible but at least he cared about the site and actually knew what an imageboard is.

Hiro doesn't even know how this site works. Some guy on Cred Forums had to explain to him that you can post images by copying the URL.

And so Cred Forums ended just a bit after it's 13th birthday. No longer a loli, Cred Forums has lost the charm of its innocence, and the love of its parents.

There are a lot of Cred Forums generals that got forced to that board actually. Like Hidamari Sketch.

>mastur- discussed the reactions they got from us.

>Ctrl + f
>Cred Forums
>1400 results

I fucking hope it gets removed. They shitpost in a lot of threads here.

moot making naruto allowed on Cred Forums was the turning point. He was a faggot.

moot was all right

>Some guy on Cred Forums had to explain to him that you can post images by copying the URL

You can?

>he still hasn't gotten over N/a/ruto

wasn´t it discovered that they had rigged it in favor of Clinton? anyways, I was waiting to see what happened to Cred Forums after them, but now pepe is on the news almost every week and the userbase is growing way too much. At least the r/The_Donald threads are gone, but 40 days is enough to set Hell loose

Yes, but you shouldn't.

Shiori Experience
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
Just to name a few, all started here

Is was shit. Ichika was too fucking big of a pussy.

moot fucking with us was always the greatest shit, even if some of it made me mad at the time. Fuck off.

You aren't fooling anyone. The only people who use cringey shit like "goober" unironically are tumblrinas because cripplechan isn't nearly as safe space friendly.

Fuck off, normalfag.

Really the only good thing about this election cycle is the gigantic fallout Cred Forums is going to have when Clinton wins.

>Implying any user will ever spread his seed

To be fair, that shouldn't have happened.


A lot of fansubbers do post on Cred Forums and are part of this community that is true but Cred Forums itself has little to nothing to do with the fact that fansubbing efforts happen. Those people are posting here because this is the most important western anime discussion forum. If Cred Forums went those people would just meet at other places. This really isn't a "hub" of anything as much as a place where people who fansub also post because it is the most active and least shit website to discuss anime.

Why do people dislike Cred Forums

I never go there, so I wouldn't know

There are barely any sub groups nowadays, if one of the two or three active groups don't pick up a show, Cred Forums has to do it. Kuromukuro and Danganronpa come to mind just this season. If Cred Forums didn't do it then Kuomukuro probably wouldn't have been subbed at all.
CR killed fansubbing, it's not like before where there were dozens of groups and even groups competing to release the same shows first.

However, more important than that is the scanlators. There are dozens of manga translated by user (and even credited as such on baka-updates), not to mention live TLs and early dumps. I'm sure such groups would exist even if Cred Forums died, but there'd be a large decline in the speed of several releases without Cred Forums.

It's an Cred Forums meme.
If theres anyone you dont like or disagree with you tell them to go to Cred Forums

Nigga, Shiori Experience started because some other nigga bump the raw, people like it and started translate it, shit wouldn't have happened if Cred Forums didn't exist and that shit happen all the time, kill yourself nigga

When people say "Cred Forums hates anime", they are making a joke.
When people say "Cred Forums hates video games", they are describing the board. It's basically Cred Forums with video game memes.

Just get rid of boards that can't hold their own. It isn't the mods job to deal with shitposting, the community should do that, and if they can't, delete the board and tell them to fuck off to Cred Forums with the normalfags. There they can discuss memes as much as they want.

Yes, I'm talking about Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums and a dozen others.


I wouldn´t be so sure about that outcome if I were you, specially taking into account that polls have been going up for Trump lately
And no, I don´t want to turn this into a shitposting battle, I´m just telling you that you should be ready for anything, specially taking into acount the amount of shitposting a trump win would bring. Whatever happens, I want this board to survive, even if that implies a mass exodus to other chan when Hiro fucks up yet again

if you say anything positive about any game you are called a shill.

The word is "especially", user.

Those are board that unironically give a damn about youtube "celeb"

A lot of groups sub shit just for Cred Forums. Bu who cares about anime, what will be hit is manga. Most translators are from Cred Forums and do their shit from Cred Forums with a ton of them even doing live translations here. The removal of Cred Forums could very much kill manga translations for quite a while.

it's hard to convince potential buyers to count donations as part of the revenue stream
should tell you what the priorities are here

Name a game that you want to say positive stuff about

I seriously hope you aren't implying Cred Forums is shitpost free

Cred Forums hates video game was mostly a joke about the board being cynical. People took it seriously and made it true.


I have even timed subtitles to higher quality releases of shows that I wanted to see because Cred Forums made me aware of the raws and nobody else was doing it. But those things would just happen on some other board and some other place of discussion.

I was never arguing that fansubbers don't meet on Cred Forums just saying that it isn't something that happens because of anything to do with this site or Cred Forums itself besides this being the most prominent place to discuss anime in English.

Fairies Story III

>A lot of groups sub shit just for Cred Forums...
Because Cred Forums is the largest and most important community. If that ceased to exist there would be another place those people would start doing this stuff for. You have to get your e-peen for translating from somewhere.

Sorry for being autistic

I don't think people who complain about right winged people understand. It's not because of Cred Forums it's because the world is becoming stupidly liberal.
I reckon about 50% of people who regular Cred Forums also regular Cred Forums whether they started there or not.
Cred Forums gives them a place to complain. And even if Cred Forums stops existing the people won't, they'll just stay the same

The company is awful, heard tons of stories about Sexual Harassment there.

Would not support such company.

Well yes but there would be nothing positive about a Trump win.
So really my point stands that that would be the only good thing from this election cycle

It's shit.

Thank you for participating in our Cred Forums simulator.

Why dont erased all the /porn/ threads?

You have millions of sites with video/images with better quality and free.

>it's because the world is becoming stupidly liberal.
No, that's actually a Cred Forums meme when every election lately has been won by the right wing.
Stop letting Cred Forums brainwash you.

And again, it could die for quite a while. The new place won't happen over night and will take months before its established and might take years to get back to how it is currently. The translation for some things will just outright die because of it.

FS2 was better!

No one fucking cares about your fucking political leaning is. Only Cred Forums and outsiders care, fuck off.

Open the catalog on Cred Forums and you'll see what a shitposting board is.

>but there would be nothing positive about a Trump win.
Well, not to start a debate on the matter, but a lot of people clearly think otherwise.

t. Trudeau.

I doubt it would have half as much of an effect as you fear but I don't really have the inclination to argue about it anymore. I'll remain optimistic and you remain pessimistic.

>Its a Cred Forums meme
Tell that to Sweden

>there would be nothing positive about a Trump win.
Yes, there would, and I say this as a left-winger.
Clinton is way more dangerous than Trump can ever hope to be.

I dont really care about all that, I just want to taste all the salty pol tears.

Where do you live? If you lived in a coastal city you would be able to tell the difference.

>posting the shitty combined version

Cred Forums's level of shitposting is almost admirable.

Why? You want a corrupt warhawk to win just so you can laugh at some anons?

>No, that's actually a Cred Forums meme
You don't live in Europe do you?

Open a newspaper stupid fat burger.

>If you lived in a coastal city you would be able to tell the difference.
So what elections did the socialists win in your place lately - assuming you don't live in Greece which is a special case.

I do, actually. The extreme right-wing just went from 0 to 15% in the last election here.

like I said, I don't give a fuck about politics,
all I know is Cred Forums shits up the place and I want to see them suffer.

There isn't something positive for Cred Forums.
Who cares about 3d

You will when you wake up one day to a neighborhood full of Syrians.

Have you ever spoken to one?

That has nothing to do with Cred Forums. If you are trying to argue that because Cred Forums has an effect on the real world it should stay, you are wrong. That's actually a clear cute reason to nuke it this very fucking second and range ban every single person who has ever posted on it.

>implying this meta non-anime related thread isn't shitposting at its finest

I'm not pretending the immigration doesn't bring problems. But what left-wing development does your link point out?
The very first line says their immigration policy has traditionally been welcoming (ie no change).

>tfw all I want is a functional text board to shitpost on
>the old school text boards died and were killed off because it had a shitty UI and everyone just used the image boards anyway

It's a bad feeling.

No but only because pakis and pooinloos have already claimed my city.

>shitposting at its finest
for all the flaws Cred Forums has, the shitposting we face here its orders of magnitude "better" that what other boards have

There is nothing wrong with this thread nor off-topic threads. We used to thrive off of them.

>ban 60% of all Cred Forums
you're under the illusion that "you go to Cred Forums so you are therefore a bad person"
Not him, but traffic wouldn't decrease as much as you think by deleting Cred Forums.
As I tried to say before Lots of people who go to Cred Forums also go to other boards so it would just piss off a lot of Cred Forums's user base and then they will shitpost about it on other boards making Cred Forums completely unbearable.

tl;dr deleting Cred Forums is not a solution

You're welcome to visit both Cred Forums and Cred Forums, but stop Cred Forums posting on Cred Forums.
It's that easy.

plenty of people both to mlp and Cred Forums
the difference is bronies keep to themselves there and pol does not.

>ban 60% of all Cred Forums
>but traffic wouldn't decrease as much as you think by deleting Cred Forums