This is it. The death of Cred Forums.

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Cred Forums's 13th birthday, also it's doomsday.
Didn't expect Cred Forums to shit the fan so soon.

But no sound webms was supposed to save this site, wasnt it?

How many threads on this do we need?

user you can't just upload high-resolution images like that! You heard what hiroyuki said! Here - you can use this one instead.

If it's to save this site, I propose that you can't use this site if adblock is turned on.

As long as the ads are only above and below, I don't see why that's a problem.

Thank God.

Just ask for donations, What's wrong with him.

Why not just ask for donations, think of a better reward for Cred Forums passes, and get more people to disable adblock?

Kill yourself. People like you are the problem.

Stop adding more useless boards and delete the dead ones.

>exactly one KB less

>he wasn't here for Donate or Die

>Cred Forums pass users will be able to ban non-VIP plebs

Prolonging my Cred Forums pass now.

It's a ruse

He did the same thing with the other chan

Everything is fine He just wants to milk us

Dont believe his fucking lies. He posted no evidence.

I hate g00k so fucking much now. It's a shame all the good alternatives to Cred Forums are either dead or have gone completely offline. I miss oneechan and it's fapcha.

So will he sell the site after this?


It is clear what must be done

We have to delete Cred Forums, or merge it with /r9k/ and then maybe they will destroy each other

I think everyone saw this coming when hiroshimooot took over.

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2013.

Merge Cred Forums with /lgbt/ and /soc/ with /jp/.

just delete Cred Forums ffs

Shipper detected

No one expected it to be so soon though.

and Cred Forums with /lgbt/
Cred Forums with Cred Forums

First he killed 2ch and now Cred Forums. What's his master plan?

/d/ and /h/

We'll migrate to Cred Forums if Cred Forums goes down

Nah, he evidently was just looking back to make back his investment as fast as possible before selling us to reddit or facebook, too bad he's a complete moron and didn't work out for him

Retiring in an island where the nips can't extradite him.

>tfw two smart to be made money off of

You are already infecting most of the popular boards on the site, that's why so many people want Cred Forums deleted.

You already did, refugee.

You would still buy BD of your favorite anime right?

Are /biz/ and /diy/ and /gd/ and /s4s/ really boards?

Surely they can be merged or cut when it comes to who gets the axe first.

Honestly I would be pretty impressed if he managed to payback the loan he took out.to buy this place.

meant as a reply to

90% of new boards are solely containment boards

/vg/ for generals because they shat up Cred Forums
/mlp/ for pony fuckers because they shat up the entire site
Cred Forums for stormniggers because they shat up /news/

and so on, removing them really wouldn't do much
/biz/ for cryptoshills because the shat up Cred Forums

You're already spread everywhere just like the migrants you so much hate.

This literally solves the problem. As much as people dislike Cred Forums it's an unique place on the internet and that's a very Cred Forums-like thing. Deleting that board would be awful. But if something like /r9k/ was deleted, that would be nice.

It's not like a populated board like Cred Forums would be deleted. What's to worry

not at $50 a volume, maybe $20 for the entire series

Then again I'm a normie so nobody knows I watch anime, meaning I don't keep any physical evidence lying around

>imblying they aren't already crossboarding

>this is what Cred Forums actually believes

You can safely kill a lot of boards. Like 60% of them could safely be axed without a lot of issues. Most of the porn boards, the faggot boards like /hm/ and /lgbt/, the """"ironic"""" boards like /s4s/ and /trash/, and anything that could just be moved back into Cred Forums where it belongs like /r9k/ and /mlp/.

I mean, it's going to seem pretty dishonest to run these banner contests for boards that are slated to be killed in a few months, but nobody here thinks that chinkmoot is an angel.

>delete Cred Forums
>increase moderation and janitor work
>kill all migrating Cred Forumstards on site
>they all move to reddit because muh freedumbs

Problem solved. They "they'll just migrate" excuse is no longer viable in this era. It's a more fitting excuse for Cred Forums.

Cred Forums is just as bad as /mlp/ except that pony fuckers at least have the decency to not post their shit on every other board

Reminder that this guy founded Nico Nico Douga and likely gets royalties from them and therefore has a decent amount of cash in the bank to maintain this site twice over.

He's literally just trying to force Ronin Pass 2.0 while the hotpockets attempt to coerce people into it by pushing donation ideas and replying to each other to enforce consensus.


Yeah and it's not like Cred Forums can police the cancer with unpaid mods.

I can already feel that more Cred Forums pass features will be the choice that he'll choose. It's the only one that wouldn't immediately destroy the sites but if posting and servers became slower people would leave.

What keeps a lot of people here is the. Quick response and discussion, the stream of information and stimulus is what keeps our brain from being bored here.

This. Hiro is greedy fucking scum.

But that would require the moderation team actually doing their fucking job

It's amusing that this nip is trying to make money of a site that is mostly consists of pirates. But alas, the normalfags are gonna fall for it and will give their money to him.

Cred Forums is the place to go if you want to see cuck porn. I remember pretending to be a handsome hispanic guy and I posted in a thread about Trump. I said that I could fuck their wives better than they can, and someone actually wrote a whole paragraph about how good my brown dick would fuck his own wife because white men like himself are sexually inferior and that's why they're dying out. While that's all going down he's just jacking off and watching.

That place is fucked. I had to leave due to the cringe. I just wanted to make jokes.

It doesn't matter whether we believe him or not, or even if we call him out. He'll probably make whatever changes he wants in a few weeks and if after great public derision then he might change some other things.

The sad fact is that what happens is determined by a nipJew and not a steely-jawed kid.

>moot never makes profit off Cred Forums
>hiro buys it
>tries to make money off Cred Forums
>doesn't work
>guys I am sorry I have to shut this down

This. The faggot should kill himself.

Looks like you're already here anyway retard

Why not open a patreon?
Why not take donations?


Soon, we will get permanent namefags like what happened during april's fool.
That was just a test run.

Worst case scenario is Cred Forums gets axed.
What then? Do we bite the bullet and go to 8ch or just shit up the remaining boards?

Hiro is pretty clever. He's a fucking jap who knew fuck all about this site, and now he spent the last year lurking most of the time and studying the nature of the average cynical and stupid Cred Forums user that generates discussion. He's playing us all.

beat me to it

still want sound jpgs

Cred Forums is fucking slow now

Im starting to believe he is just a greedy jey
moot ran this site without muhc problem the most of his life and was even taken to court and survived.
Hiro can't possibly fuck up this bad in just a little over a year, it's fucking impossible

I don't know where I would go if Cred Forums died.

>all these Cred Forumsfags sperging out to get the porn boards deleted instead of their shitty containment board

we were willing to donate before passes were a thing, that shit was just a jew grab


This would be hilarious


8ch is fucking dead, and one of the moderators of the site was posting user data as a fuck you to Brennan one day. Other than that fighting and bullshit controversy they had, most people went to the little bunker site or migrated. 8ch Cred Forums is barely living.

sure, no more complaining about degeneracy though, you must accept your lowest common denominator existence with us

>pony fuckers at least have the decency to not post their shit on every other board
How new are you? Their cancer was only stopped by adding a fucking global rule preventing them from posting anywhere but /mlp/ and Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums is one of the big 3 boards and will never be shut down, the real problem is the entire site going down

>All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga

I'd rather go full MAL before using redditchan

Didn't meximoot then flee to mootxico and we got stuck with an imposter instead?

I seriously hope that Hiro is just joking, but it looks like we're heading towards Cred Forums gold accounts for real

Fuck off, this shit doesn't belong here.

>Taro is not anime


I think you could close at least half of the boards and not lose anything of value.

All the normie boards need to go.

>Fuck off, this shit doesn't belong here.
It does

>not anime

Cred Forums and one general from /vg/ are the only boards I use.

From moot's farewell news post:
>I've spent the past two years working behind the scenes to address these challenges, and to provide Cred Forums with the foundation it needs to survive me by bolstering its finances, strengthening its infrastructure, and expanding and empowering its team of volunteers. And for the most part, I've succeeded. The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades. Team Cred Forums is also at its largest, and while I've still been calling the shots, I've delegated many of my responsibilities to a handful of trusted volunteers, most of whom have served the site for years.

>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever

Reminder that Hiro is a greedy fuck who's lying.

I doubt it. Since we're mostly neets who can get parents money, we probably buy the most passes.

Who can you find that would be willing to run Cred Forums for free? Even moot has completely cut his ties from this place since he got a job at Google.

how is he greedy?

Why don't we just ask Martin Shkreli for money?

This, he's a shady fucker and he got kicked out of 2ch for a reason

I'd rather have it run for profit than as moots disappointed child that he was constantly trying to make look decent from on-lookers

I wonder what moot thinks of all this, watching g00k fuck up his baby from afar.

>limit image
Do this, remove all boards, replace them with textboards.
Bring back the glory days of world4ch.

>implying moot didn't scam hiro and is laughing his ass off while cruising in his 100 million $ yacht right now

You can say whatever you want about moot, but at leas he was doing it for passion, that's why he continued operating the site at a loss for 10 years, hiro is doing it exclusively for the money and now that he's losing his jewgolds he's looking for more ways to fuck over the site so he can get his investment back

MAL is full of people that actually discuss shit and don't shitpost constantly. No ty.

>without much problem

Oh please. You don't even know any of the problems he ran into in just to keep us alive in his 11 years with us.

He said running Cred Forums was a thankless job.

normalfag you fuck

I think it might be time for another one. Donate or Die 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Will we survive the invasion by /u/ /y/ /e/ /h/ and /cm/ ?

Cred Forums is now less cancerous than Cred Forums.

How does this make you feel?

>everyone demanding the ability to make donations
Just fucking buy a bunch of Cred Forums passes and give them away to random anons. If you people really want to give money to the site you can.

people are going to be saying this up to the final hour while the while site burns around them

Why do we even need boards like /soc/ etc?

Reddit doesn't host content, which keeps their costs really low.

>Cred Forums with Cred Forums
This sounds like a cool combination desu

It's time to go to the superior chan, friends. :^)

Hiro is known for selling data etc.
Moot leaving was the beginning of the end.

I was one of the people who defended Hiro back then, I thought: moot choose him, so he can't possibly be this bad. Well, I was fucking wrong. Ever since Hiro became our overlord not only we've been having plenty of shitty meta threads, but now he is saying we are going bankrupt. What the fuck is he even doing, how the hell did he even manage to do that.

Cred Forums pass was basically moot's way to ask for donations without actually asking for it.

It's a containment board to remove all the hookup threads and shit. All of the shit boards were made as containment boards.

I honestly don't know what I would do without Cred Forums. 95% of my social interactions are done through this site. The other 5% with Pizza Hut.

DR3 is kinda of a manga.

Cred Forums is irredeemable cancer simply because most of their users can't seem to grasp how to spot irony and false flaggers. That's why the board is full of console war shitposting.

That place is a terminal form of cancer.

He fucking told us in the last livestream podcast that even tho it was shit to run the site sometimes it was never in danger of going under exept for the time with the fappening.
He also said that he wouldn't have traded out being admin of the place for the world.

Hiro has done something really fucking stupid in the last year if the site really is generating so manny zeros in his bank account

die in a fire

>hiro pulls this shit on Cred Forums's birthday
Now that's just rude.

Two best girl.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>Could do donations
>Could do patreon
>But no let's create passes so there's a class war

>Just ask for donations
What is Cred Forums Pass?

Can't they just go to Cred Forums or some other shitposting board?

I need Cred Forums in my life.


do we have a backup plan?
last i heard onnechan shut down

>Paying for cancer

Passes has been a thing since 2012.

I think that's what was already going on with Cred Forums and /r9k/ and that's why moot made /soc/.

Yeah, Cred Forums is pretty cancerous.

I think it was made to remove those threads from Cred Forums.


Yeah, /soc/ was made because the hookup threands on Cred Forums and r9gay were getting out of hand

>Allow WebP
>Delete Cred Forums, /gif/, /soc/, /adv/
>Mix /c/ with /e/, /cm/, /y/, /u/
>Or mix /e/ and /h/ and /cm/ with /y/
>Mix /w/ and /wg/
>return /asp/ to Cred Forums
>/mlp/ and Cred Forums are one again
>Promote the use of PNG optimization and fucking correct use of .jpg and .png
>Add donation button
>Remove archives, we use 3rd party archives anyway.
>Promote fucking ads about good stuff, no javascript based ads.
>Delete dump porn boards?


>one general from /vg/
Are you from /vn/ too?

Remove the inline extension, go back to the 2009+security updates version, change all the supposedly discussion boards to being old style textboards since that was fucking lightweight.

It was made because at the time ~60% of all Cred Forums threads were hookup threads, same for /mlp/, to make Cred Forums less shit, but since after he made them he gave up on that they might as well undo it.




Not an argument.

delete b pol r9k v gif jp soc

Neither is "thing X is cancer".

Right back at you.

Around gooks, get your nukes.

>We'll migrate to Cred Forums

Aren't you already here? Boy, I wish I could enjoy my Japanese cartoons discussions without having someone pushing down my throat why non-whites are bad.

is this the return of W.T. snacks?

/mlp/ was a problem across the entire site. It can be removed once the fanbase dies down enough that it won't cause another shitstorm.

I'll really miss /fog/ and Cred Forums.


The sand on the hourglass is running out, and when Hiroshima flips it shit will be ugly. Honestly we can boil down the entire situation like this:
>Hiro doesn't have a good grasp on English; he has proven himself to be out of touch with the userbase even with his various attempts at posting.
>The alleged data mining rumors is not helping. And the lack of trust is a big part of the issue; Cred Forums needs transparancy.
>Cred Forums's anonymous nature makes it incredibly hard to reliably organize a migration

The ideal situation is of course Hiro knows what he's doing and reverse the pass signature and open a donate or die, while stopping the malicious ads and addressing user concerns systematically, but that's pretty fucking unlikely. And I honestly don't want Cred Forums to die suddenly and scatter about not knowing where to go, its legacy ending just like that.

There are alternate chans available but most of them are shit and/or is run by people we cannot trust. We need a proper solution and I hope we can think up one together. Personally as an administrator of a small site myself I'm willing to host an alternate chan should the worst come to pass (although as a fellow user I fell into the same problem of lack of trust).

Anyone have better ideas?

>need log-in to vote
Fuck off

Guys real talk where do we go if Cred Forums is no more?
As long as im am the place where at least 50% of Cred Forums has gone i could give less of a shit about every other board.

This has been the only place I talk to people on the internet for years. I don't want it to go.

Merge Cred Forums with /jp/

Where would you go if Cred Forums or Cred Forums is kill?

This is the goodbye i guess.
Arigatou minna



>if you delete a board the users also get deleted

if you destroy a damn does the water also gets destroyed?



Wait, is this notification automatically posted now?


Jesus. I didn't think this is how Cred Forums would die. Even moot prevented this shit for 12 years. Now we're already getting giant fucking ads which make mobile run like shit and stupid shit that'll kill the site. Please come back moot.

What are rules? Make Cred Forums a SFW website except from Cred Forums
Reduce maximum filesize and posts before bump limit on Cred Forums
Increase post timer Cred Forums
There. Traffic problems solved.


are you guys still with this bullshit?

Lift the loli rule for the h-boards and I'd buy a pass in an instant.

Why doesn't he just prune some imageboards and turn them into textboards?

Boards like /lit/, Cred Forums, and /sci/ really don't need images.

Beavers drink all the water, duh


i am fit and have 178cm / 63kg, does she have steel in her body? What a fatass.

Oh phew, only if you do this.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.



Kill yourself, Kevin.

>meme thread
Better to discuss it here where people actually care

Can we save Cred Forums?

The thread was created in order to avoid shitting up Cred Forums, you retard.

I personally think that Cred Forums wouldn't 'fully' die as in it goes poof in a night, but what people seems to be concerned with is Hiro changing things for the worst (like the malicious ads, slow servers and larger gap between pass/non-pass userse) and once it gets bad enough, Cred Forums's, Cred Forums's current userbase will fragment between people who had enough and people who wanted to stay anyway.

I don't want that to happen and I think we should consolidate and agree on a course of action.

Kill yourself, faggot.


You can do it Kevin, I believe in you.

Hiro should rangeban anyone who posts on Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

Remove the anti-guro and anti-loli rule, allow NSFW content on every board, this will scare away all the daytime traffic, problem solved.

If you kill yourself, maybe we can.

No, I don't want to. I don't want to save Cred Forums!

They will leave eventually if they're forced into Cred Forums
I think this would work too.

Become meguca

>Cred Forums Pass user since July 2013.

what the fuck hiro?

>Delete all /porn/ threads (You have millions of free sites with better quality)

Cred Forums is saved


Yea sure looks like people take the matter seriously in that thread.
Good job

Just delete Cred Forums and Cred Forums.
These are shitholes.

Cred Forums porn is gucci.
Just delete Cred Forums

I don't want to make a deal with the devil. I'd rather take on Cred Forums's ownership then sell it to the devil.

What a fucking birthday present.

To become ultimate talent level neet!

People shitpost in every thread. If you want to actually discuss things, do it on the board where you're supposed to do it, faggot

Why not both?

No, moot abondoned.

>You're already spread everywhere just like the migrants you so much hate.

moot leaving was such a mistake, his thinking on things has not been validated at all

>I've come to represent a single point of failure
He was the single point of success

>When the site reaches 10 years, the scope changes. It could last 15 or 20 years
Apparently not!

At this point, the only honuraburu thing to do is for hiro, as a failed admin, to step down, and for moot, as the person who put that failed admin in charge, to clean up the mess he made.

I was all aboard the hiro train until recently. Now all I'm left with is a fuck huge hiro-tan folder and regret in my heart.

Do it. Make your wish and save us.

Delete useless boards and return to the days of shorter-lived threads, less pages for each board, and fewer number of threads on each page.

Just like how things used to be like 8 years ago.

Good idea. What kind of love it powers would I get from making a contract to save Cred Forums? Shitposting?

siteworthtraffic.com/report/Cred Forums.org
>1500$ daily ad revenue

Hiro is a fuccboi. He wants more money plain and simple.

Too late he works for Google now.

Posted about it on his blog 6 months ago.

Then buy it, faggot.

r/Cred Forums died the same day. Coincidence? I think not?

Best day of my life. Fuck neo-neo-neo-Cred Forums and fuck all of you.

moot was tainted by google

I mean, honestly, what do you really need besides /h/, maybe /d/, and a couple of the live porn boards?

Hell, sadpanda threads on Cred Forums already are basically /h/.

That being said, yeah, donations.
Works for Wikipedia.

>Cred Forums dies as a 13 year old loli
At least it didn't become some old hag

>Cred Forums spilling over to Cred Forums
Please no.


That happened before when moot nuked it a few years back. A few measly threads here complaining that got deleted straight away and it was over in less than an hour. Honestly Cred Forums is utter shit now thats it's turned into trumplr.

It wouldn't be as big of a deal if we all knew where to go if Cred Forums shit's itself
But nobody seems to know the right place and all the other chans out there are horrible

Some people are willing to save their favorite site. People like you are the problem.

It is our responsibility to save Cred Forums.

I'm pretty sure that just assumes that people aren't running adblock and I thought the way Alexa measured traffic was according to how many uses who have the Alexa application or plugin installed visit that website?

How much would the Cred Forums servers costs, I'd imagine it would be pretty expensive but nothing huge.

What does that failure even do at MS?
Suck cocks all day?

He's done nothing wrong.


>his country doesn't have native imageboard

>fit and have 178cm / 63kg
>178cm / 63kg

>he fell for the Hiro-meme

It was obvious from day one that he would destroy it.

>implying I have the upfront costs to buy Cred Forums from a greedy man.

Might as well make a new chan.

It was inevitable, 13 years is too old desu

Why both? I think deleting Cred Forums is good enough.

Sounds like his job is to be an idea guy who helps with how Google develops their online communities.

I'd laugh my ass off if moot was the guy responsible for the whole "YouTube Heroes" pitch.

Dubs and I will buy Cred Forums

A new chan will never amount to anything, all the other english chans that have been made are based on their identity being 'not Cred Forums'

>I'd laugh my ass off if moot was the guy responsible for the whole "YouTube Heroes" pitch.

It all makes sense now.

>meaning anything in 2016

>Cred Forums is actually, unironically dying

I never thought this day would come.

At any acceptable height you're a fucking DYEL

Do you really think $1500 a day is enough to keep an entire site like Cred Forums running?

It already is. It's either that or we nuke the entire site from orbit.

That's the guy Cred Forums was sperging over a while back, right?
I'm not into gaming

I know, I know. I want to be Cred Forums though. I don't want to be 'not Cred Forums'. I want everything to be the way it was.

They would just go to other boards and nothing would change.

Delete all boards except Cred Forums and Cred Forums so they're forced into Cred Forums but can't have proper threads because of how shit that board is.

As things are now, everything Cred Forums is the drizzling shits. There is no escape

Why Delete /pol /? Is the last bastion versus sjw inquisition.

Also half of Cred Forums and Cred Forums going to Cred Forums

>Create new chan
>It becomes semi-popular
>Gets DDoS'd
>Their server provider terminates their contract
>Watkins steps in to provide servers
>DDoS mysteriously never comes back again
>Then institutes his own scummy policies because he's now the server provider

Don't bother, the same thing that happened to 8/ch would happen to you.

there is literally 0 chance that Cred Forums would close

if hiro fucks up the imageboard, don't leave, I like you


Only redditors and fucking man-children have a problem with Cred Forums as a board. There's already rules against derailing threads so instead of crying about Cred Forums posters, just report them.

Porn boards on the other hand use massive amounts of bandwidth (in the case of /gif/ and /hr/) and are almost completely pointless.

>Why Delete /pol /?
Literally nobody likes Cred Forums other than the people posting on Cred Forums

Of course he's playing us. He has been since day one treating us like idiots and has never cared for the site. The 404 shit only proved he doesn't care about anything but money and himself.

Most of us have probably been here longer than you.

I laughed.

>Why Delete /pol /?
brings unwanted attention, sucks up bandwidth.

Hiro having sole control seems a pretty clear single point of failure. At least moot had an investment in the site beyond the monetary. If he was stepping down, it should have gone to multiple trustees.

Sell Cred Forums to Breitbart.

Fuck off you idiot.

tfw they will probably merge /jp/ with us

Everything comes to an end. Cred Forums scattering to the winds is not necessarily a bad thing.

You're a former admin or something?

>>Or mix /e/ and /h/ and /cm/ with /y/
>>return /asp/ to Cred Forums
>>/mlp/ and Cred Forums are one again
It's really time.
>>Add donation button
>>Remove archives, we use 3rd party archives anyway.
>>Delete dump porn boards?

Delete Cred Forums
Delete porn boards (we already got sad panda threads anyway)
Delete /mlp/
Delete the gif boards (probably the main offender of costs)
Delete /lgbt/
Delete /r9k/

Actually just delete everything except the big boards everyone use. Except Cred Forums, delete Cred Forums.

Actually, just delete Cred Forums. Its time to destroy and rebuild somewhere else.

Because those sjws come here to shit things up.
It doesn't belong here along with all other containment boards.

My heart isn't ready to say goodbye yet.

Even though Cred Forums is on the verge of bankruptcy, nobody would buy Cred Forums pass.

Brings cancer to Cred Forums, and spreads its cancerous userbase all over other boards.

>Reminder that this guy founded Nico Nico Douga and likely gets royalties from them and therefore has a decent amount of cash in the bank to maintain this site twice over.
That's his money, you don't seriously expect him to use his personal money to maintain Cred Forums forever do you?
What point are you trying to make here?

The shit going on on Cred Forums will spill to other boards, probably /news. /r9k or /k or any other board without 24/7 janitors cleaning shit and keeping morons in check, the people there are not going to stop coming and shit this place, you are not saving bandwidth or server space, these boards are called containment boards for something.

Ask for donations (good luck keeping a patreon or anything else up and running without being shut down by the army of trolls just wanting to fuck up shit) or just pull the plug and sell the domain and site to whoever wants to pay anything.

Was good while it lasted... or not.


And /jp/ will become, on Cred Forums, what it hates the most
A 2hu general

I doubt Cred Forums use more bandwidth than all the pointless /porn/ threads with gifs, webms and gigantic images.

I think going back to Cred Forums as the only board seems like the best decision to make. Fuck everyone else

>he got a job at google
That's news to me

It's time to learn slav runes and move to a superior Cred Forums

Is that Hiro talking?

>using "sjw" unironically
You are the problem

eternal shitposting

You bought an ad, didn't you? How much more expensive Cred Forums can be? 2 dollars?

I thought /jp/ was basically a giant Touhou General

Moot, if you're here, lurking, I want you to know that it was better when you were here. I don't even ask you to post with your trip or anything, I just want you to acknowledge this.

I was just a volunteer janitor grunt there for a spell because I was hoping to become a janitor/mod here and taut my experience as an 8ch janny as experience.

What Watkins did was never really hidden, so the only people who stuck around after it was revealed what he did and was doing to the site are the people who had nowhere else to go.

Adds nothing of value to the site.

And i'm saying that as someone who occasionally visits Cred Forums

>bastion versus sjw inquisition.
It's not like sjw are welcome on Cred Forums.

>moot said he managed to break even once passes were taken in to account
What changed? Why is the site suddenly making a loss? I don't think making a few boards like /his/ or /news/ would make much difference in traffic.

I've been on Cred Forums for like 12 years. I wouldn't even know what to do with myself anymore.

Just make a Cred Forums clone with only the Japan related boards.

i was expeting it, when i said fit i was not talking about /fit/ desillusions, i am a competitive swimmer and certainly not a skeleton

when i see a girl with 170cm i expect it to have less than 57kg


I used to like it, before all the mandatory country flags. Then it just turned into retarded flag banter.

Boy I do love Yukari generals.

The Cred Forums pass sales of today and the next few days will be higher than the rest of 2016 combined, they might even overtake 2015.

He's gone man. Let it go.
He don't want us no more.

Should I buy a pass Cred Forums? I don't want Cred Forums to die


He's not here, he's too busy working on YouTube Heroes at Google

Gotchu senpai

No user, you are. People who take greater offense to others being called "SJWs" over the SJWs themselves are ones with some serious crossed wires and mixed priorities.

>falling for it

Hiro wants higher profit margins.

I've been on Cred Forums for 20 years, and it's going to be fine

Cred Forums is growing as fast as cancer does.

Useless / containment boards out of sync with Cred Forums culture need to go and we need actual strict moderation and significant bans to remove cancer instead of putting it in a pen, then we're half way to solving the problem already

It became one of the most visited boards, I think it's bigger than Cred Forums today

I think if you focused servers on DDoS protection, you might be fine.

You really believe that moot and hiro has been paying for the servers out of sheer good will?
That hiro bought Cred Forums for who knows how much money just to fund the servers?

You are fucking retarded.

Cred Forums killed Cred Forums

2ch.hk is awful, it's not even your regular agressive slavs, it's a quintessence of slav scum. Dobrochan is too dead to post in there, everything is generals and blogposting by a few regulars.

>Most of us have probably been here longer than you

With that "us v them" attitude, you probably haven't.

Same, active user for 15 years, what the fuck do I do now

moot did

I think I'll actually learn an ancient trade like being a shepherd or beekeeper and just go innawoods if this place closes down.

We need to reclaim our heritage as an Otaku centered website. If any boards have to be deleted or merged than it should be the normal faggot boards.

can't be worse than current /jp/ - japan/generals

kys or go outside

How come he doesn't want us? Does that mean that in the end, we were even bigger faggots than he was?

That ad was like 20$. I bought a couple of them, desu.

Why would anyone, ever, need porn images with so many free video sites

Here's an idea. What if, people could buy passes but set the amount they want to pay. From $1 to a Gorillion dollars? So basically a donation scheme. But the incentive would be, when someone puts their badge on, it'd say how much they bought it for.

There's got to be enough rich shitposters on here that'd cough up thousands just to flaunt it and derail threads fora little while?

without Cred Forums I would probably end up slowly quitting anime out of apathy. its been 9 years

you can have actual dicussion about them here,

Leave and never come back

Every board will be turned into a giant Discord server
Cred Forums itself will only display links to each of these servers
You heard it here first

Then he gave up.

If mook makes one day every week Cred Forums-Pass-only I would actually buy a Pass.

>buying Cred Forums for a profit
What kind of retard would do that? Wouldn't take much research to see that the site has made losses in the past and breaking even is as good as it gets. And any drastic change to the site would have its users in an uproar making them potentially leave.

There isnt enough black people in anime to fuel your rage. You would starve and die within weeks. Would be worth it to watch you suffer


When the fuck will you idiots realize deleting boards will do nothing?

If you delete a board, small or big, all the userbase will merge into another one. Nobody will leave, same amount of posts will keep being made (maybe more actually), both sides will be unhappy.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

>mfw been here for 60 years already
Where would I go now, anons. ;_;

>mods ban people for asinine reasons
>hiro wonders why Cred Forums passes aren't selling enough


Moot made enough money out of Cred Forums and the hiro deal to do whatever he wants.
He decided to quit being the head admin of the most controversial webpage of the history.
Not because it didn't pay well but because he became a cuck who cares about his appearance on facebook.

>Why dont Delete Cred Forums? The cancer of fedora edgy mature anime anti moe is out of control
>Why dont Delete Cred Forums? The cancer of mustard race and console shitposting was is out of control
>Why dont Delete /jp/? The cancer of touhou fags is out of control

And you wanna Delete Cred Forums because the shitposting there?

Wouldn't Cred Forums calm down anyway after that dumb election is over

>malicious ads
Why the actual fuck would anyone fucking consider this?

Cred Forums has brought more unwanted attention to Cred Forums than Cred Forums has

I met partner on Cred Forums and we both browse Cred Forums
Don't care about other boards and it would be better if they all went somewhere else but Cred Forums has to survive.

If Hillary gets elected Cred Forums will go full fucking overdrive.

>Why dont Delete /jp/?
t. EOP

>Not waiting until tomorrow to buy a pass at full price to give more sheckles to our home

You are clearly not familiar with Cred Forums


Go away /wowg/

Thanks for buying a pass man, now everyone can consider you the king of the parties!
Hey everyone get in here, there are pass users around, show them some love.
Hey, guys, thanks for what you did, we will always be grateful. Your opinions are so much more valuable than those commoners'.

They should just increase the post timer count on Cred Forums then. Would slow it down and there would be far less fallout than just deleting it outright, as deleting it doesn't magically make the users disappear which we saw with the removal of /new/ and /r9k/.

They'll just cry themselves to sleep saying that they only supported Trump ironically.
Trump winning would increase the shitposting

This. Mods should just allow me to falseflag on threads of shows I like to make it more popular.

>Cred Forums gets deleted
>You'll still be telling me "I'm falling for it" to think Cred Forums is dead

That would be true if this site had advertiser friendly contentm was plastered with banners and didn't have userbase where pretty much everyone uses adblock.

Simply counting traffic is worthless.

kys, bby :^)

>i'm now older than Cred Forums
I feel old

What the heck man

Nothing is going to happen to Cred Forums. Even if mootwo tried, I am sure someone from Anonymous or some deranged person from another board would go and threaten Hiroyuki personally at gunpoint or something. It's going to be daijobu.

Even IF we need to cut down on boards, we could start with all the porn boards. People are just posting and reposting images that can all be found on pixiv and stuff like that. Then we also get boards like /vp/, 3DCG, /gd/, /po/, and /qst/ which could be deleted and nobody would notice. Or at the very least, they could be 1/4 of their size and threads would still last entire weeks in there.

Cred Forumsacks are normies and Redditors who don't really care about the site and only about their board.
It just needs to be more heavily moderated, not deleted

No need to, Russian imageboards died almost 8 years ago and that's all there is to it.


>Thanks for buying a pass man, now everyone can consider you the king of the parties!
>Hey everyone get in here, there are pass users around, show them some love.
>Hey, guys, thanks for what you did, we will always be grateful. Your opinions are so much more valuable than those commoners'.

Calm down autist.
I'm a chuuni batman hero of Cred Forums, I'll support it from the shadows and sensitive fags like you would never feel inferior because of me.

how new

This kind of attitude kills Cred Forums.

I disagree but time will tell.
If there will be a Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums Pass user since
The end really is near. Maybe it is finally time to stop watching anime and kill myself.

Cred Forums is dying, and you can support it by buying a tramp stamp for every one of your posts

i am going to sleep and when i wake up Cred Forums should be gone

Why are you posting cute stuff in a real situation discussion?

I'm pretty sure all the porn boards put together take up way less bandwidth than the big boards like us.

The new dubposting.

How can someone this handsome make Cred Forums?


No, tripfagottry and this new passfaggotry is the cancer.


>Giving special status to people for spending money
Hello Redgit

>he doesn't know how to redirect

That's cute, friend. Now are you going to post pictures of you fucking each other dressed like anime girls or what?

>Cred Forums will die in your lifetime
Then what will I do?

(User was given Cred Forums gold for this post)

>No need to, Russian imageboards died almost 8 years ago and that's all there is to it.

They didn't.
The biggest one has the lowest standards of quality discussions.
The smallest one has the strongest will to remove posts / ban people for weekly invented rule violations.
The middle one I have no idea what's going on there, never posted there.

>sole control
Never a good idea, now matter what Cred Forums thinks of this.

Die with it.

I only come to Cred Forums for opt threads to get something to read once in a while anyway.

You don't know anyhing about him.
Moderating 2chan is much more troublesome than Cred Forums.


LET Cred Forums DIE




We should go back to genesis
Cred Forums and Cred Forums only and have all moderation focused on Cred Forums

>Delete porn boards


That's lewd.
Yes please.

Don't you realise that 95% of the stuff posted in them is there to trick you in to reading shit manga?

Bring back the textboards
Delete all the imageboards other than /f/


Cred Forums pass with multiple tiers.

Bronze lets you browse Cred Forums, silver lets you post, gold lets you post images.

Let it go anons, Cred Forums is in its death throes

>Trump wins
>Cred Forums was his right hand
>Unlimited money to Cred Forums from trump because the only site who support him

Cred Forums saves Cred Forums

>/pol /? Is the last bastion versus sjw inquisition
>Social "Justice" retards or alt-right
>Gulag or KZ

Isn't it redundant for us to have an archive which catalogues the past threads of the last week when there are already (spotty, but still somewhat functional) archives that live archive Cred Forums threads already?

Trump doesn't even pay his own taxes, why would he give money to a Jap?

Make Cred Forums great again, delete Cred Forums and make the racists pay for it

I thought Cred Forums would be all over this pass shit, now you can actually see who definitely isn't a newfag boogeyman.

Or maybe newfags that don't want to be outed are the ones getting mad over it. Or people who aren't newfags but don't have a Cred Forums pass so they can't prove it.
I wish I had bought a Cred Forums pass back then now, it's be nice to be having a discussion with someone and when they get flustered and resort to calling you a newfag just whip out your pass from 2012.

Even before Hiro Cred Forums was on a loss most of the time.
It was only recently that it was able to pay for itself.


Why not just delete it then? normies won't spill into other boards, they'll just go to some other stormfront website.

>Reduce image size limit for Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /vg/, and Cred Forums
>Extend cooldown timers for Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /vg/, and Cred Forums
>kill /r9k/
Board rescued.

It would be better to let the past die
No archive would be far better than the shitty thing he put up.

>malicious ads
Feels pretty good right about now not to be Windows-using untermensch.

Trump could buy Cred Forums.

Where are we gonna go? Will Hiro finally tell us to go to reddit?

>not a newfag
Pick one.

Or people who hate attention whores like you hate this shit

Kill yourself

>not new

Yep, though admittedly it is nice to browse dead threads using all the bells and whistles of the extension, be it inline or 4chanx. But if it is between having them and saving the site money though they should go.

Trump financed $10000 a random band that send him a joke of a letter asking for free money decades ago.

Yeah I never understood why that needed to exist at all.

You're too new to understand.
I'd tell you to lurk more but I guess you won't have a board to lurk pretty soon.

>Hiro actually admitting he wants to use malicious ads

lmao just give more money to this guy.

Set Cred Forums-fags an ultimatum - either they buy enough goypasses to cover their traffic or delete the board.

And it'll end up like his casinos or his airline or his university or his steaks.

>this guy is still not banned.

Why not just have ad capcha?

>let's ruin every board I dislike
Cred Forums isn't your hugbox, Cred Forumsutist.

I like this idea.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 1997.

That would be fucking terrible.

You're a retard.

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2014.

They are dump boards anyway, might aswell post a sadpanda link.
No discussion happens there.

Hiroyuki should just delete Cred Forums it's 90% of the traffic on Cred Forums and doesn't even keep the shit out, if anything it attracts shit. Moot should have deleted Cred Forums years ago, now if Hiroyuki decides to do it there will be an influx of shitposters. Delete all the normalfag boards and make this a small tightknit anime community again like what it use to be.

Good point, actually.
I guess some people just want boards they don't like to vanish.


Didn't work

>You're a retard
>Cred Forums Pass user since December 2014.

If you have to state what year you came to the site to validate how old you are, you are still a newfag no matter what year you came.





4 years on the site and still cancer? Wow, what a feat

It's not his fault you idiot

I doubt this will happen by now.

I think the archive should last for a couple hours so you can keep reading a dead thread if you go away for a bit without having to look it up in an archive

>when you bought the pass is when you started posting

I've been here since 07 and I didn't buy a pass until today.

Keep Cred Forums open, sell their ip addresses and posting history to the fbi

Problem solved

Mods too bust packing up their hotpockets to notice.

A spineless admin is better than a greedy one.

Yeah, right...

You mean the only ones without adblock and the only ones who see ads?

Cred Forums is pretty much the new Cred Forums, and Cred Forums is a relative newcomer, so there'll be less fallout if it's axed.

No, make all boards red and delete the porn boards

Weed out the weak sensitive reddit babies with porn on every board

Make Cred Forums degenerate again

no i mean the 70 million posts that are nothing but ban evading mongoloids

What ads?

Allow guro, loli, shota, and NSFW on all boards at all times.
Scaring off normalfags would reduce the traffic significantly.

well that your own fault

This could actually work.


I'm going to play the lottery until I have enough money to buy Cred Forums! Just you wait, Cred Forums. I'll save you all!

Nothing gonna happen Cred Forums just stop already.

As much as I hate mobile posters, this is sadly a good point. They're probably a pretty good source of revenue, and getting rid of revenue sources is not what we need at this point.


>gets rid of normies
>gets rid of workposters
>gets rid of mobileposters

>not new

and thats why this site is doomed

But user, how will we get any work done when constantly arroused by bewbies?

>playing the poor tax game

Good luck Kevin-kun!

I remember Cred Forums tried this back when I discovered Cred Forums and it did not work.

hope /c/ survives this

>pass tripfaggotry enacted last night
>"oh well"
>wake up to this

I like this idea.

I suppose you have a better way of winning hundreds of millions literally overnight?


Delete porn boards.

Limit file sizes for Cred Forums and /vp/

4chin saved.

That's the point, shota and loli do not have bewbies.

Prison guards don't get paid well?

Containment boards could be deleted and then spill to Cred Forums.

Make only Cred Forums pass can post more than 2 posts an hour

Delete Cred Forums as well.

Considering he has already said some changes will happen in the future, something will change. But be it image size changes, post timers, or board deletions we don't know exactly what yet.

What revenue?
You notice how there's no more ads on the site at all? A single pageview costs more bandwidth than all the ads that could be served on that page pay out. It nets a loss every single time someone F5s, which is why they said "to hell with it" and scrapped all the ad service infrastructure, to save money from something that wasn't making money.

And that's why we're now at this impasse. Ad service isn't a viable method of monetizing a sight that costs so much bandwidth per pageview, so there needs to be a different way of making enough money off of Cred Forums to pay for the server, bandwidth and maintenance costs.


Why /vp/?

Malicious ads on Cred Forums. Two birds, one stone.

But Cred Forums doesn't belong to Cred Forums so it doesn't matter what happens to them

Honestly, if he disabled 3rd party extensions like 4chanX and only made the Cred Forums extension available to use through Cred Forums Pass, he would probably make bank.

Nobody likes those boards.

/pol is seriously too big, and will only continue to get bigger with the election still going on


There can only be one.

And where do you think all the Cred Forumstards will go? Outside? To reddit?

Close down Cred Forums. Limit filesizes site-wide.

It's the only way to do it! Unless you want to help me build something that will give us lots of money! You don't make much money as an ally of justice...

Thank you, user-chan!

I dont get the point of that board right now. Didnt Cred Forums loss impulse and relevance years ago?

>disabled 3rd party extensions
Is this possible?

What do you mean by that?

Cred Forums is probably the only board that gets a decent amount of advertising revenue due to mass of traffic and less people using ablock. Still probably not a good rate though.

Fuck no


>Saudi Arabia and Oman have posters
There is no way some of these aren't proxy.

probably cripplechan

Delete yourself

Ban all improper usage of tripcodes.

Tripshits use less bandwidth, people responding to them use less bandwidth, threads are cleaner, everyone is happy.

Irrelevant if you have mods to keep boards in order, it doesnt matter. If you have...

Hiroyuki should just delete Cred Forums, /mlp/, /r9k/, /lgbt/, /soc/, /hc/, /vp/, and Cred Forums.
That would solve the problem.

It only attracts the worst kind of people and the board has no purpose.

Image traffic it's immense compared to other boards.
Porn boards are useless, just delete them.
But doing this requires to limit traffic on Cred Forums since all the pornfags would want to migrate to Cred Forums

I have never actually thought "Cred Forums will die" until this year

>Cred Forums is the most active board

Holy shit. Imagine if the board stopped existing? They would flock everywhere.

I'm willing to personally pay Hiroyuki in cum for keeping Cred Forums running.

They'll realize they have nothing in common with this site, shitpost for a year, then fuck off. Either reddit facebook, or yes, outside, because most of the people who browse Cred Forums are normalfags anyway.

>Tripshits use less bandwidth, people responding to them use less bandwidth
What are you even trying to say you mongoloid? You think 1 text tag is as big a problem as the fucking huge native archive?

>not using an ad-block browser on your phone

Not really. Though they could do shit with the site to break the extension which would have to be fixed every time. Would be more of an annoyance than anything.

Cred Forums is full of normalfags, they'll find some other site.

I don't think it matters who the owner is, Hiring might be incompetent but at least he doesn't get in our way like moot did, I don't think Cred Forums needs a leader either, the site at its most ideal doesn't fit the mold of a leader and people who would follow behind him, we're to anarchinistic for that, have mods run site as a faceless figure, make mods admin, just because site has an owner doesn't mean he has to admin.

Delete Cred Forums and it's spin offs. I think /trash/ is a good place for them.

Hiro won't listen to any of your faggots advice if he's not shutting down this site. We'll be under his dictatorship from now on. Every changes he makes will be final whether you like it or not. If you don't like it blame the people who tell him to stop listening to the users and start making his own changes like moot did. Now you all are getting what you always wanted.

Fuck, i meant to say /vg/ not /vp/

Make non Cred Forums pass user to solve 3 captchas each time instead of 1

Cred Forums is probably more popular, but it's not listed there. Still getting rid of Cred Forums is hard.
We all know how it worked out in the past.

Come back. Save us.


No my friend. In worst case, they'll come here. In more realistic case, they'll move to [s4s] or /trash/.

No mod works instantly. They could whip out 150 threads in a matter of seconds, getting all existing threads 404'd.

It has a purpose of keeping newfags at bay before they go to other boards.

and Cred Forums too



Cred Forums will die. But its soul will choose to go back in time, the time when it was happiest, and it will be at autumn 2005. moot who loves Cred Forums wants to be with it too and wants to be in a time when Cred Forums'd love him, but since its already owned by Hiro he'll go back in time before Cred Forums is born, and become its founder

It would be fun to watch at least, don't you think?

user, the site is literally dying.
Like, literally.

They need their own place, normies are killing Cred Forums.

>delete Cred Forums and move them to another Cred Forums
What is the point?

new thread


Cred Forums is not your personal girlfriend finder

delete /soc/

You're the part of the problem


How about splitting Cred Forums into smaller chans?

>and Cred Forums too
No, fuck you and kill yourself normalfag.

I'm saying that banning all the obnoxious tripfags will reduce bandwidth by 5%.

>still on page 2
lurk for 2 years before posting you stupid fucking retard

I hope you actually are user, because you just gave me the idea to buy some powerball tickets myself.

All I can say is that if I do win and I do buy Cred Forums, then I can't guarantee everyone's safety.

no board is an island

at least wait for page 10 faggot. This is not /vg/

v and vg are super big too.

Cred Forums is not as fast as /vg/

He's right though

what did he mean by this?

You are an absolute idiot.

I've fucking got it, I know how to save Cred Forums.

We should form an Imageboard Idol group then win chan live, if we do that then they can't shut the winning imageboard down?

What should we call our idol group?

And how would that reduce total costs or make it more profitable?

Socially Aqour'd

The Three Mermaids

Exactly we don't need multiple boards if we have one where they can all be. Let them fight over board control. Who cares who wins

I seriously wouldn't know what to do in my daily life if it went away.

Cred Forums and /vg/ were always big, Cred Forums really grew in the last 2-3 years.

Anonymizer greasemonkey script.

be more productive?


Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

I really never thought I'd see the day where Cred Forums was bigger than Cred Forums.


Bring back moot

Fire Alex Strange
Re-hire Thatdog
Remove features and make Cred Forums's software shit again to get rid of anyone who cares.

Umm wow racist and sexist much? Why is this question even a thing?

Real life is not like anime, user.

How do normalfags like that board?

No, do you even know Cred Forums history you retard.
There's the proble, fuck off and kill yourself newfag
Fuck you

what a tard

Fuckin eh

It could be.
Be the change you want to see in the world, user.

i don't like the 4

I love how everyone who doesnt agree with bigotry is tumblr

Have hiro install some harmless malware that'll trigger everyone's antivirus.

pls kys you don't belong here

One of these.















Probably, I could probably change my entire life around if it did. But I don't want that.

Sign me the fuck up.


They should create a site for themselves then.

Cred Forumstism

How about Hiro sell Cred Forums to the Chink and let they do what they want?

It's always funny how "oldfags" fall for the most obvious baits

He's not around anymore. Even if he was, how would I even find your reply out of the hundreds?

is the other way newfag.

That's actually a very good idea. Me first

You have to go back, ESL-kun.

Cred Forumsfags wanted everyone to go with them to 8fag in the first place

let them go then, delete that shit

8ch ironically is owned by the same guy that took over 2ch after hirojew fucked it over.

The cripple doesn't run the site anymore and they actually got someone to give a shit and improve the site.

Fuck off shitposter.


>Cred Forums is not as fast as /vg/
Because we have low shitposts per minute, while /vg/ is high in the shitpost per second department

Triple Ecchi

Can't we ride tanks instead?

Kys my man

Weeb Live

>he doesnt know how to block ads on his phone

A nal can sir

Should we start a discord chat?

Fishymura will sell you to Yamakan

Jim and Hiro are partners, this is all a big lie so they can kill Cred Forums.

Cred Forums is growing too fast, dragging in too much normalfags and killing this site, Hiro needs an excuse to get rid of it. After Cred Forums is gone, they'll flood redditchan and turn that into profit. Jim wins, Hiro wins, and we get rid of cancer, everyone but Cred Forums wins.

There is a thread already up far from bump limit, so donĀ“t make another. keep the shitposting in one

How about we create our own imageboard?

We already did that
Like twenty times

This is our imageboard.


Mine imageboard, you mean.

Your imageboard is shit.

We have several secret clubs already, user.

More realistically we'll have no choice but prostitute ourselves
On the bright side, rich men have a thing for gigolos

>imageboard idols
I believe in you Cred Forums. Ganbatte~

Except that Hiro owes money to the nip feds and lawsuits, because he got sued by Jim.

But user, I am a little girl.

post pecs manlet

Pass post are equal shittery as tripping

No no no, Me first

don't be a fucking sissy, besides a we care about is that you talk about Cred Forums related, no one should give a damn about anything else as long as there's that

same with people complaining about Cred Forums boogieman

Do the Re/b/oot again, but for every board: 10 minute post timers and focus on discussion rather than images.
Also allow loli and guro everywhere.

the fuck is wrong with you

Just shut down Cred Forums after trump loses so all the leddit rejects and stormfags go back

Best name here.

kys anyway

aah the good ol Cred Forums invasion, it will just shift to another board.

whats there to be fucking transparent about, we're not running a government, just run the site well or don't, wether we know you're a piece of shit or not is irrelevant, and we'll probably find out anyway