Characters are married yet still haven't had sex

>Characters are married yet still haven't had sex

>Not jamming it right in on the wedding night
I mean, you are begging to get NTR'd.

>arranged marriage
>MC doesn't deflower on the wedding night
>wants their feelings to match up first
Fucking NTRable woman right there. The worst was Tales of Felluah where that nigger cut his own hand with a knife to replicate a hymen-breakage rather than sleep with his wife.

Give me guys like the dude from Sasen mo Warukunai

>characters are about to get married
>havent even kissed yet

Nisekoi was a fucking mistake.

Go back to the box cat, we both know you don't have the guts

Shoujo manga started it. There are some cases where emperors end up monogamous and still don't fuck their shoujo heroine concubines until 8 months after marriage. Fucktard would be dethroned for refusing to sire heirs.

But that's hazukashii.

>protagonist goes in to bar/coffee shop
>waitress: here's your beer/coffee
>protag: thanks *eye contact*
>cut to rough sex

>shower scene
>character doesn't spread his butt cheeks and obsessively try to clean his anus hole of poo residue

>characters have a baby yet still haven't kissed

>shower scene
>character doesn't take a poop and force each pieces of corn down the drain with their foot

>Two people wake up after sex
>Man gets out of bed
>Woman covers herself up with the sheets

>characters have been married for years and have several children
>still haven't had sex yet

Cat is cute. CUTE!

>bath scene with sibling
>brother never gives or attempts to give sister a titty twister

>Characters are married and have kids, but still haven't kissed

>girl wakes up next to guy naked
>still a virgin
>"You got drunk and voluntarily stripped and we decided not to cloth you and just slept right next to you for no particular reason."

I know this one! Are they devout protestants running an orphanage?

Remember when protagonist were MEN?

>First love is your elder brother's wife

>You get a passive aggressive wedding invitation deliberately foreshadowing events 14 years later with some cutesy clip-art .

>characters have sex
>it's with other people


Firo has some good taste, but holy shit what a faggot not hitting that asap

You just described my Seiyuufu Yoko. She's waiting for me and is still a pure virgin despite being married.

>Characters have 2 babies yet still haven't kissed

>male character is offered sex and refuses
>it's supposed to make them a good person
>the bad guys like sex and that means they're terrible

Her husband must love throatfucking that.

>As the protagonist starts becoming less antihero he stops having sex
>The villain has massive orgies satisfying dozens of women with his monster cock
>He's bad because of it
>Having sex makes you bad

I mean at least some of them have the whole "kills anything they fuck" going on but others are just, woah, this guy fucks, he must be the big bad

>female character nonchalantly fingers a heroine's pussy
>brings them to orgasm
>"totally not ntr bro"

Stop this, she has never seen a penis before.

Glenn is what I think the Shiro no Koukoku guy would be like if he wasn't chronically impotent.

>"strong female character" is just a girl who is physically and psychologically abusive and it's portrayed as comedy

>Hey, MC-Kun, have you forgotten the following point about our relationship that I will now repeat for the benefit of our viewers?

Blindfolded eh? I wonder what other stuff they get up to.

dog x cat otp

Yoko a pure.


Yes, pure sex.

Yuri NTR is the worst because authors don't even think it's NTR. But here you have girls in the onsens taking the heroine's first orgasm like it's nothing. Imagine if for comedy some cool handsome guy constantly ate out the heroines cooch. Would you still be laughing?

>are engaged
>haven't even kissed yet

Ohtaka Shinobu has a track record for that
>Sumomo Momomo
>Entire manga the female lead (his fiance) is trying to ride his dick
>Has approval by parents
>He eventually falls in mutual love
>Still doesn't let her ride his dick
>Manga ends
>Timeskip 1 year
>Still haven't fucked
>Can't even marry her until he wins against her dad

For Alibaba's sake, I hope they can move quicker than that. He spent "100 years" as a virgin already.

>having sex
Good one, OP.