So if Madoka was omnipresent, being able to see everything at everytime, why didn't she forsee the events of rebellion...

So if Madoka was omnipresent, being able to see everything at everytime, why didn't she forsee the events of rebellion? She should have been able to see Homura go aiyo on her.

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Bro don't even fucking worry about it, if the butcher ever realizes that his story doesn't make sense he can just make up some BS magical reason and fix everything again. Just enjoy the ride.
>my first time through rebellion
"what the fuck is this shit?"
>second time
"this is dumb but it's really good"
>third time
"holy fucking shit this is a masterpiece"

Because SHAFT wanted to make more money with minimal effort

What would've happened if Homu went back in time to the hospital, killed Charlotte and stopped her from becoming a witch, would Mami have lived then or would she have died some other way?

Because Madoka wasn't omniscient or a god, like people think she was.

Literally all her wish achieved was causing her to bounce across time destroying witches before they were born. She has no will or knowledge over it.

At least Homura got to tell Madoka Ai Yo.

Madoka is not God but Demiurge and she is a softie fuck because Homura is her "friend"

She was too busy masturbating to all the instances of Homu ever schlicking to Madoka. All of them. Simultaneously.

Because Rebellion is shit and not canon.

Plot hole

I'm sure she saw them and accepted them.

Why don't you tell Lawnchair Ai Yo at the minimum?

She did and being submissive Homu's slut she secretly enjoyed it.

Saving Mami increased the chances of her going nuts when the fate of the Mahou Shoujou was revealed to her.

> You now realize that the Madoka series is all about Madoka and Homura's BDSM fetish on a grand scale, everything else is just collateral damage.

Madoka is stupid powerful but all she chooses to do is fulfill her wish. She is not omnipresent or omnipotent.

Madoka and Homura sitting in a tree


The incubator Madoka-blocker stopped her from being able to see what was up.

Also it doesn't matter, even if she had foreseen, her wish means should would have had to come for Homura anyway.

The plot is as ridiculous as Apple.

She probably did, however, she was not in godoka form when she entered Homura's soul gem/labyrinth. Thus, she just "forgot" about it.

>implying she didn't
>implying this is not all part of her plan to help Homu find peace

Isolation field blocked her powers and vision.

Omnipresent =/= Omniscient.

>Homura didn't "steal" Madoka's power, she gave part of it to her willingly
>Madoka is fully aware Homu rewrote the universe and remembers everything
>the only reason she doesn't do anything is because the idea of Homura dominating her turns her on

Where were you when you realized Rebellion was just cosmic, erotic fantasy?

At first sight of course.

When are they going to make a sequel to Rebellion?

When Mami stops losing her head


Does anyone still have a link to that new Shaft short on Madoka ?

The concept trailer?

Exactly ! Thanks

I love the serene music playing while Mami is just chilling on her space cannon.

PMMM is terrible and Urobuchi is such a complete hack I still can't believe he ever managed to get a job as a writer, much less have people like his works. It's been six years since I first became acquainted with the man's writing, and I still can't see a single good thing about it. Either I have brain damage preventing me from understanding that his works are actually good or his fans are all drooling retards, and considering that even people who like his works note the same issues that I see, I'm inclined to believe it's not the former.

because deals with incubators are about creating conflict and suffering as fuel to keep "the system" going. if the deal with madoka didn't serve this end, the incubators wouldn't have made it.

madoka didn't beat the system. the truth is madoka was a stupid kid who made a dumb wish she could not possibly comprehend. homura was the one who kept going back in time and paid out the suffering, each time with a fresh madoka who had no fucking clue what she was going through. but in the end, from homura's perspective, she was abandoned by madoka.

did you really think beings working to delay the death of the fucking universe can't see this very basic outcome? or work to bring it about?

protip: the incubators saw madoka and homura as an investment to create a vastly more efficient system with some short term disruptions. even if the scheme failed, they would probably suffer minimal losses.

That's some fluffy hair

Watch Kamen Rider Gaim, it's the only truly good thing he's made. Mainly because he had to answer to Toei beating him over the head with a tube sock full of plums everytime he tried to be grimdark and edgy as fuck since Gain needed to be a 50 episode kids show.

Now to start posting GOOD mahou shoujo. Like Sakura, who I watched directly after PMMM to get the taste of edgy grimdark shit out of my mout and feel happy again.

t. Incubator

>edgy grimdark shit

Come on now, Madoka's not even THAT edgy. Sometimes it's kind of stupid, but edgy is not what I'd use to describe it, buzzword-kun. Except for most things involving Sayaka and Kyouko, but the rest isn't edgy at all.

I just finished series for the first time and was not aware of such dramatic plot. I thought it about pururins blowing shit up and drinking tea. Jesus Christ!

It is.

Yes, user, everyone is wrong on this subjective topic except you. You're a genius in a world of sheep.

Reminds me of people reading MTSP and crying when it's not vanilla end.

>Either I have brain damage preventing me from understanding that his works are actually good

It's pretty much this.
I bet you haven't even read any of his VNs.

Now go watch Rebellion.

I can't believe some of the things I see posted here. Longcat and evil longcat were these items you could buy for your Gaia avatar like 8 years ago. I never would have thought to see a reference to something like that again, but that's part of the charm of Cred Forums.

I love Sakura a lot and her show is maybe my favorite anime but there is nothing wrong with the megucas. It is a good series.

Maybe Homura did something that went against fate itself. She did something that could not be predicted.

See? Almost everyone who watched PMMM liked it, and I haven't the slightest idea as to how this came to be. I'm not trying to be a special snowflake, I'm genuinely confused as to this whole thing.
I've read SnU, and it's arguably even worse than Meguca. I even wrote an essay on it, which I lost with my old hard drive or else I'd post it now. Long story short, SnU is one big allegory for escapism, and Urobuchi himself probably didn't even realise that, given how he was self-conscious about the VN's other aspects.

Answer: Keikaku


Mami is going to be come a goddess in Movie 4.

Madoka = Hope
Homu = Lust
Mami = Fertility

How the hell does Mami fight on par and even overcome the Homura who has by far the most battle experience?

Prep Time

She's not omniscient. And the isolation field probably fucked around with her since the whole point of it was to keep her out.

Mami is the strongest. And by taking the first move (tying the ribbon), she negates Homu's primary advantage.

Mami helps farmers to grow their crops?

Homura relies a lot on her time stop ability. Without that she is not as good. And she only has experience with a few fights, just done over and over again.

Protecting her babbies gives her super strength.

Homura kept performing against the same enemies while having an unforeseeable and uncounterable advantage over them. She didn't so much fight as keep performing rote actions that became more and more conservative with time. In comparison, Mami had to be a real fighter and keep herself on the toes all the time. Their confrontation was like a fight between a martial artist of twenty years' experience and a street fighter of only three.

Outside of Devil Homura and Godoka, the Megucas don't really operate on power levels.

Homura arguably has the strongest magical ability, but loses out fighters that know her well enough to keep physical contact.

Sayakachan is so cool

Mami has more raw talent.

I hope she gets her stand back in the sequel.

She doesn't. It'll probably be a similar situation to what happened in Rebellion. Homura's labyrinth of happy yuri fun makes Mami super powerful so she can match Homura. It looks like Homura spreads her labyrinth over the universe at the end of rebellion. I assume that is probably why Mami is now upgraded to Super Mami, destroyer of worlds.

How do you escape a labyrinth that is the whole world?

By killing the host.
Or convince her to fuck off.

Shatter the world.

>Madoka was omnipresent, being able to see everything at everytime
Not stated in the show or the movie. It's never said that she can perceive and be present at all points in time at and space at the same time.

And anyway, she could not know about the majority of Rebellion's events, because those happened in a confined space that was isolated from the cycle.

You don't unless you can somehow deal with Homura

Why would you want to?

This calls for some serious peace talks.

Mami's super canon, probably. Sayaka might be an edgy try hard at some point, before she does everything wrong and gets owned by that wraith thing. It seems Homura is trying to preserve her though.

I'm not seeing how Sayaka even has a chance here. Homura doesn't want to talk or change, Sayaka can't force her to, and she sure as hell can't win in a fight either.

She doesn't know future.

I can't imagine anyone winning this deal through brute force alone after the universe has been rewritten twice. If there's going to be actual closure the different parties are going to have to talk it out.

Still hope there's a boss battle with the Clara Dolls though.

Because Homura is a weak magical girl who has special power because of her unique wish. Mami is strong because of her potential and wish.

Big part of Mami's strength comes from her experience.

I don't think Homura became stronger in Rebellion. Or rather, her combat ability, because her power is obviously on different level now. If Sayaka manages to resist Homura's brainwashing and universe control, she will have a good chance in a fight. Remember that Sayaka had far less experience than Mami or Kyouko in TV, that's why she was weaker. With time she can become a strong magical girl and she'll most likely show that in eventual sequel.

>If Sayaka manages to resist Homura's brainwashing and universe control, she will have a good chance in a fight.
I want to see Sayaka and Homu settling things on equal terms as much as the next guy, but universal control is a pretty big handicap.

Might have to spread Homura's powers thin first, like by trying to deal with Madoka and the others rebelling all at once.

Is my waifu the best meguca?


Sayaka is part of the LoC though, she likely can draw power from it on her or madoka's command if necessary.

>If Sayaka manages to resist Homura's brainwashing and universe control

You're right user, if you strip away her ultimate fucking power, she's not that powerful!

She's too good for you.

Nah, we're just right.

Remember when she wanted to do exactly that during the ending of Rebellion? She said that she was cut off from the LoC, tried to summon Octavia, then Homura shut down her powers with a clap of her hands.

should I watch the movies?

So will all the Megucas get new outfits?

Those are things that can be countered with anime power after which it will come down to regular fight. Gotta debuff the boss and turn off magical barrier.

The first two are skippable if you've already seen the series. They add some updated animation, and a few new lines like confirming that magical girls have to keep gathering grief seeds for the magic that keeps their bodies moving but they're generally an abridged recap.

Rebellion's worth watching if you want a sequel.

its part of the plan user, I'm sure Madoka will eventually break free or someone will free her and she knows it.

Yeah. They look even better than BDs and add some scenes. Rebellion is a proper sequel with everything fans loved in the TV series and wanted from it. A lot of fanservice (not the ecchi kind), drama and big surprises.

>bare shoulders
I think Madoka is too modest to wear something like that.
It looks so strange to me.

The first two are just the series recut

Rebellion is an absolute must watch, at least once.

She is within the top 6 for sure.

They are worthwhile even if you have watched the series. I like the redone scenes.

>Rebellion is a proper sequel with everything fans loved in the TV series and wanted from it.
Except closure.

She will wear whatever Homura tells her to wear.

Should've tied her cape to the end.

No one can simply come and say such things are gonna happen this way. It could well turn out to be that no direct confrontation happens between them; it is a very real possibility right now.

Also, battle experience always meant little in the face of accumulated karma on high enough levels to allow for universe rewriting. Kyubey agreed, don't bother him about it.

Homu's world now. Get back to your ballet.

>too modest

I wouldn't be surprised if Homura is blatantly manipulating Madoka.

I thought you hated Kyouko who is best meguca.

Don't get too smart with me.

who the fuck is this?

Homura respects Madoka way too much to do that.

I do like her cape.


Well, she is rewriting her memories.

I dunno mate look at this

i am guessing either shaft got lazy, or what Homura did was something even mado could not see. After all madoka is not omnipotent, just omnipresent.

all girls are best homu is just slightly more best!

Couldn't it just be Madoka with her hair done up?

Doesn't look like her. Madoka's eyes are rounder.

One of the background characters?

why put that much effort into a background character

Doesn't look like any of the existing classmates as far as I know, her hairstyle is pretty distinctive.

A new meguca? Her hair is cute.

Madoka likes to dance now. Why does that mean Homura is manipulating her?

My guess is we'll be introduced to some new Megucas. Either ones who Madoka saved through the Law of Cycles, or objective strangers getting caught up in the conflict with Homura.

Just a thought. Maybe a new magical girl?

Most likely a new magica or hitomi tier side character. I don't see why they wouldn't add a few new characters in a new series/movie.

But i am liking mado's new possible look, wonder if all the girls will get an update.

>Madoka likes to dance now. Why does that mean Homura is manipulating her?
Forced amnesia aside, it's just kind of an ominous image. Madoka performing alone as Homura stands in the shadows applauding her.

Like something out of Phantom of the Opera.

how come Sayaka always gets the short end of the stick? this is just bogus.

The Jews, most likely.

She's too beautiful and pure for this rotten world.

I just hope she's not out of commission for the whole movie.

They shouldve tried to make less money with maximum effort those scumbags

You said it yourself. She's omnipresent. The Incubators created a device specifically to block Madokami's presence. Hence Madokami was unable to see what was happening.

Madoka wanted every wish to come true and not be regretted. She fucked herself on this one.

But what if it wasn't them?

Madoka the series is pretty cathartic. You can't call it edgy when everyone's been saved. Rebellion has it's issues, but it's pretty obvious Homura isn't evil and $hinbo said he and Butcher wanted a sequel.

What if Sayaka is the jew?

So what is this? the the eye of sauron?

I wanted to make a joke with Ophelia, but it might be distasteful

looks sort of like homura's barrier, maybe a new witch/labyrinth?

>the eye of Sauron
Him and Homu are bros now.

I think I know what you mean. It is a Hanukkah joke because they light 8 candles and Ophelia is a candle head? I do not think that would be distasteful.

spooky, sense its Halloween time, who is the spookiest magica?

Madoka Magica x Lord of the Rings crossover fucking when?

also what was the dead cat stuff all about? who's killing the poor kittys?

All this speculah about the concept movie

that ends up being a concept for a free to play phone game.

The gem...

It's getting heavier...

Forgot pic

Then I'm all out of ideas.

it was said that they will try and integrate as much as they can from the concept movie into whatever new madoka magica series they make.

>Kubota comments that the concept movie will act as an "extravagant" movie-based image board (preliminary images drawn by staff to capture the intended atmosphere and mood of an anime). It will be the core of the new project, and will act as a trailer for the project. The staff is working to integrate everything shown in the concept movie to be a part of the new work, including the image of Madoka performing ballet. Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, and Homura all appear in the concept movie, and Kubota also mentions that Hitomi and Nagisa will have a role in the new work as well. Kubota also singled out Mami, stating that the new project will strengthen the image of Mami as a "God of Battle," and compared her to Guan Yu from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

>that ends up being a concept for a free to play phone game.
No Orange Meguca for you.

>Nagisa will have a role in the new work as well.
This is great news.

>that still only counts as one!

In what is the original timeline, before Homuras time altering powers are granted, did they beat the Walpurgisnacht? A source is telling me one thing, and other sources are just glossing over that fact.

Unknown. It's gone in the scene where Homura makes her wish, but that could just mean it trashed the city and moved on. Same situation as timelines 2 and 3.

she has a small appearance in the concept movie, she is defiantly up to something.

The original timeline should be the one where Homura got her powers,. I don't think they did, i am guessing Walpurgisnacht just destroyed everything and left, sort of like a hurricane.

I meant right before she got her powers, where Walpy was either screwing off in the background or dead(?). I'll look into it more.

Because she is simply a concept and doesn't have the power over things that you seem to think she does.
She takes cursed magical girls into the law of cycles. That's it.

Yes. 'Peace talks'.

i don't think they every gave a huge answer, and i doubt madoka at the time had the power to kill it and the strongest girl at the time mami, was already kill.

Only when she's with second best meguca.

Fuck off already.

Movies are fan service and fan memes mostly. Heel face turns everywhere, side characters suddenly all powerful, etc. Just try to keep in mind it's mostly Homura's dream world where she tries to fix everything or whatever, it's not explained too well.

Then think, Kevin-kun. Who is causing Sayaka to get the shortest end of the stick?


The Japanese.

Nagisa does not play by anyone's rules but her own! But yes, I was very happy when I saw her in it.

I would be so happy if I found a Homu in my sandwich. She is adorable.


Kyubey, Homura, and the writers

We love Sayaka though. She will be happy in the end, I am sure of it. Do not worry too much, okay?

Shut up Kevin, you know you don't actually love Sayaka. You cheat on her with any little skank that comes along. YOU are the one that is causing Sayaka to despair!

That's simply not true! Also, don't post lewd Sayakas. That's illegal!

I honestly hope someone dies by the next film's end, or at least something remains either unresolved or resolved in a melancholy way. For everything to end with a "happily ever after" would be too unlike this series.
That's pretty lewd senpai but is it as lewd as this?
Says who? Show me this law. So long as no nudity or explicit content is shown, posting lewds is a fundamental right.

Phone typing sucks. Anyways i am sure if they are making Mami the "battle god hero" as they stated, she will need a sidekick and i can think of one who will fit the role perfectly. So i would anticipate some Bebe action!

A homu sandwich must taste magical

You are an abusive husband and I am tired of just watching it happen. I'm going to give Sayaka an intervention and convince her she needs to leave you.

>nobody posting it's Madoka's birthday

I really hate all of you.

Section 25 Article 21: Prohibits posting of all lewd Sayakas that I do not like.

She'd never leave me. She's fine with what happens. Everything is fine.

It's not her birthday yet in civilized parts of the world

I want to destroy those who sexualize the megucas.


no sexualizing!

So did kevin finally impregnated apple?

It is not her birthday yet where I am. Just 4 more hours.

I would not eat the Homu sandwich. I do not have the heart for that. I would rather be her friend.

I would be sad if someone dies. I think that they deserve some happiness after what they have been through, no?

Do not bully Kevin-kun. He is very important to us.

You're forgetting clause 4: Should it come to pass that a Madoka thread holds 50% or more of posters in favor of posting lewd Sayakas, the prohibition of such an action shall be lifted until the thread's expiration.

Given the number of posters, number of lewds, and number of complaints for said lewds, it seems that the majority is content with letting such lewds pass.

It'd be sad, and they do deserve happiness, but some doesn't mean "all of". I think a somewhat conclusive ending that leaves you wondering whether or not it was the right choice (like Rebellion, sort of) would be more fitting.

Fuck you stop lewding Sayakachan



You're wrong!

not checking /c/[/spoiler


>it's Madoka's birthday
>everyone talks about worst girl

Because Rebellion is non-canon pandershit

lewd Sayaka is best Sayaka
Three posters out of 55 is barely valid evidence for a ceaseposting.
>calling Sayaka worst girl
You take that back


You're birthday is sometime around now too, right? Happy birthday to you and Madoka both.

They're both best girls. Let's make peace, not war.

Happy B Day Meduka

>posting madokaxsayaka
are we !akemi now?

You are whatever you wish yourself to be.

She stopped being omnipresent the minute qbs created the anti-madoka field.
They basically defeated the literal concept god for a plot device.

i wished for happiness
and so i am here

It's why any of us are here.


Sayaka Miki

>She'd never leave me. She's fine with what happens. Everything is fine.
I don't care if she 'thinks' she is fine with you. I actually do care about Sayaka and I will protect her. I just can't stand to see her get hurt anymore!
>Do not bully Kevin-kun.
And you are just enabling this bad situation to go on!

If you are right and Kevin-kun has done something bad to Sayaka, I will trust that he is sorry and that she has forgiven him. Forgiveness is a very important thing.

So you're gonna not hurt her by posting lewds of her? That doesn't sound right.

Why is Madoka so sexually aggressive?

What I don't understand is how posting a meduka's lewds "hurts" them. Who's to say she doesn't want us posting more, to show off her cute body? Who's to say she even has a say, considering she's a ficitonal character

Because she became a God, and gods, by nature, are dominating.

You're a fictional character, so you don't have a say.

I think, therefore I am. Does Sayaka think, or do you merely imagine her thinking? If I am a fictional character, how am I typing this post?

>anyone outlasting Kyoko in a fridge raid

Sayaka seems to be a fan of food as well. Kyouko would probably eat too much at once and burn out early.

Only Sayaka-chan holds such ferocity

Who and why?

Fuck off.


Sayaka would make a decent Homura

Were these threads always just glorified image dumps or did I just miss the golden age.

"Golden Days" were a few years ago

>ugly and fat
>gets rekt every time line
>given a special role in the movie yet still does a terrible job
>already dead in the sequel trailer
Sayaka can't make a decent anything.

It gives her exceptional perspective on normal events, but it doesn't protect her from literally the person she trusts most in the world abusing a weakness Madoka probably hadn't even realized she had.

Homura can't keep her prisoner forever. When Madoka breaks free, that's when shit gets real.

just wait until the next series comes out, then there will be slightly less funposting, no guarantees though

It may seem impossible, the barrier might be invisible, but you got to fight the powers that hold you down. So what you got to do is break the rules, even if your enemy is unbreakable. Break the roof and you will see the truth.

mark my words, meguca is the origins story of the monolithic good and evil goddesses of the classic magical girls mythos

What if the abuse is ongoing? How long can we afford to just turn a blind eye while Sayaka is turned into a broken shell?
Well, she is a lewd girl.



It's despair!



Because she's a terrible God, unlike some deities

and what if I don't?

>current epoch
>ever not being the jews
Come on man, don't you know how things work now. Even if it's not directly them, you know they had a hand in it at some point. Like pic related only replace Loki with jews

What's the point? Hiro is gonna sell Cred Forums and we're all going to get pushed out.

Don't think like that! You have to be optimistic!

Long cat is an ancient meme from before the Gaia item. It was just a picture of a guy holding a cat, like in the kyubei drawing there.

We will recover our lives.
It may be a blessing.

which magical girl would you want to have a cute date with?

Then I would like to wish her l'shana tova, in addition to a happy birthday for Madoka.