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Shinobu is a peary qt!

gappy makes me sadpy

>childhood friend called Jose del Buque
>everyone calls him Josuke since ever
>fucking Josuke shows up
I swear to god i cant fucking read this read this.

Part 2 is shit. Don't get me wrong, I just want to fit in..

That's not how female uniforms work


Gee boys, 2 Jojo threads!


I started with Stardust crusader today, when does it get good?

Where are you up to? Most people agree it's one of the weakest parts but it's still fun so just take your time and don't try and rush through it, if you go in with that mindset you'll end up hating it regardless. Self fulfilling prophecy and all that shit.

>Second isn't posted in the previous thread
>This has more posts

First chapter

God damnit Kakyoin, no memes for right now.


Would you wear this t-shirt, /jojo/?

The Hand is the best stand in DiU.


if it were black or dark grey, yeah

I'm pondering whether I should get this one

If you don't think stands are the coolest shit, you don't belong in these threads

Just got into the series and got all caught up with the show

Where can I watch the episode crunchyroll locks out for a week?

What site is that shirt from, google gives me nothing

somebody post "that" picture

Jesus fuck this is one of the greatest S&W Pictures in existance. I sorta hope Gappy's stand looks like this for either a couple of chapters or permanently.
Name it Soft & Wet Distortion?

>S&W still hasn't taken on more of KQ's characteristics
>Gappy still hasn't used Sheer Heart Attack
>Gappy still hasn't used explosive bubbles (aside from that one-off against the A. Phex Brothers)
>he still hasn't shouted "Soft & Wet: Killer Queen!"

I don't know, I never really wear just a tee, usually have a sweatshirt or hoodie on, would defeat the purpose.

Why not read the manga? I don't even know what you mean by "locks out", but reading the manga is probably the best thing to do if you want more JoJo.


I watch through Kissanime since it's free and they include an offsite link that means I never have to turn off adblock. These threads also pass around Horriblesub downloads if you're fine with that

CR's a shit site honestly

Wait, CR block out the newest episode for a whole week? I'm assuming it's only to people without a subscription, but that's still bullshit.


Why does it have two left arms?

Just a reminder.

>We'll never have an intro this good again

What went wrong, bros?

>Genderbent Josuke still wears male delinquent clothes
>Not sukeban attire

You not watching the 5 other intros probably?

That's not Joseph or Johnny

Use nyaa:

If you want the crunchies shit subs fast then use HorribleSubs. If you want subs were the names and stands are correctly named use DiamondIsFixed, which are just horrible subs with edited names. If you want actually decent subs use Somestuffs but you have to wait 3-4 days for a new episode to get subbed there

>"Read the Manga"

You are right about Johnny though

Jorge is best

why does jotaro looks like will smith?

Where did "Joestar Sex Drive" come from?

What do you think George II's Stand would be?

>tfw kira is the most likable character in diamond is unbreakable and you can't help but silently root for him

He probably would have something similar to Aerosmith

Is there one with the song backwards?

nvm I found it it's some russian store that needs will be reopening it's site soon

Something like King Crimson but making less sense than Jorge Joestar

Keep crying bitch nigga

>Tfw people jerk off DiU, but fail to even understand the basic points of it
>All the legit sociopaths that roll into these threads from Cred Forums

I like part 5

Lies and slander

Is SomeStaff verson of the watch scene is shit comapred to HS, or i am wrong?

Me too, but it's my least favorite part

>Streaming anime

This is the taste of the liar!



So, in the alternate timeline at the end of Eyes of Heaven, Jotaro brings young Jolyne along to Morioh.
Does this mean that in this timeline, Jotaro never divorced his wife?

>You will never hear gappy shout 「S&W:キラークイーン」!

Maybe. It's also fucking retarded that he brought her to Morioh, but that's not the worst part of the plot.

Why he would bring his daughter to such a dangerous place full of psychopaths with magical powers is a mystery though

Why do they keep showing Yukako in the opening when she's irrelevant outside of a few chapters?

Guess they didn't want it to look like a sausage fest.

Because of Scary Dolphins which can transform little girls into dolphins

Especially when they all want him dead.

me too, best squad

Oh yeah of course it was retarded and only done to serve the players of the game rather than go along with logic, but it's just interesting to consider this timeline where he's still married and possibly less of an autistic asshole.

Same reason they show Joseph, Tamami, Hazamada, and Tonio. They barely do jack shit but are still part of the townie cast. Okuyasu is a bit irrelevant too...

they want to remind people that Koichi isn't for gayshit

pose not menacing enough
needs improvement

>yfw the new OP is a fucking banger

Where is that panel from?


Joseph best JoJo


Great Days < Chase < CNBT


Sono Chi No Sadame < Bloody Stream < End of THE WORLD < Great Days < Chase < Stand Proud < CNBT

You're right.

He's for bishit.
Which still involves plugging it in his boypussy.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Eyes of Heaven is shit

>Bloody Stream that low


>"take you higher"

desu I dont think I could rate any of part 4 OPs against the other ones because they feel too different. All gr8 though

Say what you want but Johnny Yong Bosch is perfect voice actor for Jonathan

Jolyne says that limit of her's stand power is only bend coin in half, and she couldn't bend metal bars, but at the end she does it. Araki is a hack.

Coins can bend bars if you try hard enough.

Bending a coin is pretty difficult though id imagine.

Yeah I dropped this shit series in that moment too. Never read anything after that

>Araki is a hack
>The sky is blue
>The grass is green
>birds fly
>fish swim
>The Sun is a Stand

Her Stando Power grew in a time of need.

Just like my dick whenever I see her

>You're already dead

She says that it takes a few minutes, you idiot. Stop speedreading.

Have you ever heard of leverage?
believe me, bending a coin in half is a lot harder than bending window bars

>character is supposed to be blonde
>has white hair on the manga
Araki is a fucking hack I swear to god


>The World doesn't have the power to control all Stands like it was supposed to
I haven't even read the rest of the series and I'm dropping this because Araki is such a fucking hack for not doing the things I want him to do, it's like he's retarded or something

When JoJo jumped the shark?

With introduction of Dio Brando

When star platinum punched it.

>the positive sound in the later part of the new op
damn its so god damn good

>When JoJo jumped the shark?
Part 2, and it's for the best

It never did
Although the bizareness of P2 at times, like here , did make me laugh

I wonder if Kira and Angelo ever met

The new op actually fits part 4 so well

>Araki (blank)
>canon colors

I hate these fucking memes.

>for not doing the things I want him to do

You're trolling, but there's seriously retards who think this way

I still like the more hip-hop "BREAKDOWN" the "next episode" titles use

Part 1:
>Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
Part 2:
>Everything about the climax
Part 3:
>Road Roller
Part 4:
>Bites the Dust
Part 5:
Part 6:
>Fighting in the Kennedy Space Center, but sideways
Part 7:
>Diego's The World
Part 8:
>Beetle Tendency

How to describe Stardust Crusaders: The angriest japanese teenager goes to egypt to punch a 120 year old englishman in the face with a steroid injecting purple ghost

Next part of the OST when

>Great days
>Gureato daze


Japanese Clint Eastwood in his teenage years travels around world to punch 120 year old englishman with help of purple ghost of barbian to save his mother

Why didnt Death 13 just dream up nukes.

>Jesus tells a cripple to shoot himself

People who hate on GER are the most despicable of people. It was clearly set up that the one who gets the arrow wins. Giorno got the arrow and therefore won. Okuyasu revival is the bigger asspull.

>Beetle tendency

I love how part 6 sounds like the least weird part when it has the most bizarre shit in the series

>Let me just reajust this guys legs into springs real quick

>tfw caught up
not a good feel

>a guy with shitty hair plays persona 4

>Invisible zombie alligators
>I drink my own piss
>hold still, let these meteors hit you


>The world gets invaded by fictional beings and gets saved by some Buffalo hat wearing Psycho's OC.

Why is he copping a feel?

>Okuyasu asspull

I agree on GER, but the Okuyasu thing was clearly meant to illustrate that a person needs to have the will to come back in order for Josuke to bring them back.
Which is why it didn't work on Grandpa in the beginning. He's old and a non-stand user.

Runs in the family

So the plebbitors are trying to explain MiH and mangling it

The biggest asspull in Jojo is clearly Joseph's magical stando power resurrection. His fucking soul left his body. What the fuck is DIO's blood made of?

>tfw you have to wait a month to get your dose of Best JoJo

Rohans a shit

>Buffalo hat guy then gets really mad and decides to use subliminal messaging to turn everyone into snails

Not really, they caught Kira before the Sheer Heart Attack arc on that timeline



Hi everyone ! I'm quite a newfag to JoJo (so please bear with me) Can someone explain to me what are the main differences between the old universe and the new universe ? Thanks.

> yfw this was never used again
Why Araki such a hack?
Post you favoritve forgotten ability. %%Star FInger%%

>not the edit

Literally everything except for the last names still existing

>implying he's not the real protagonist
Even Araki loves him

>Your trigger is now a bomb

Araki wrote himself into a corner in part 6 so he just basically restarted the whole thing

I don't really know what to tell you. The events that take place in each universe are completely different.

Some characters might have similar names and personalities, but they're still different from each other.
We need stands named after songs by Peter Gabriel.

Rohan triggers me due to his cancerous Fujoshi fangirls.
Rohan was a mistake.

How did he write himself into a corner?

Don't reply to him.
He's either trolling or a retard.

Read the manga

They have it good up until
>the ireneverse is completely different, everybody is dead lol
Which is wrong.

Also the OP of that thread is borderline retarded but OPs and redditors are always retarded so it's fine.

Pucci being OP and the MC crew being the weakest crew aside from Part 1 Crew.

lol, there is nothing wrong with being a fujoshi.

Are you referring to the Made in Heaven reset or Steel Ball Run?
Because we know a lot more about SBR universe than the new Part 6 universe.

How is that 'writing himself into a corner'? He already had a pretty good idea of how Pucci would ultimately meet his end that would be a good thematic conclusion to the series.

>weakest crew
Fucking kek

Don't reply to her, you fucking idiots.

>Weakest crew
>What is Part 2's "crew"

Killed Jolyne and replaced her with a non-Jojo thus leaving no more JoJos without fucking the family tree even further

We know everything about the part 6 new universe. It's literally just the same as the old part 6 universe only most of the stuff in part 6 never happened.

Hell, we know less about the SBRverse because we have no idea about what happened to the Joestar lineage after Johnny, other than just having similar names

Steel Ball Run

>new Part 6 universe.
You mean the same universe as ever except part 6 never happened?

That's not writing himself into a corner, that was meant to be the end of the series, until whiny fags wanted more

Then we got SBR and JJL, objectively the worst fucking parts and a horrible continuation of what made the series great

Dont see anyone from the Part 6 crew defeating the Pillar Man(btw im not including WR because he was already dead by the time the Final Fight began)

Hell Lisa Lisa can probably stomp Hermes and Anassui.

>being this mad at rohan lovers
the first reply wasn't even me. Also me and rohan are getting married and there is nothing you can do about it.

>objectively the worst fucking parts
>SBR almost universally agreed to be one of the best
>JJL not even finished yet and probably barely even halfway


Are they gonna do filler in anime that showing that MiH is caused earthquake of 2011 & Fukusima in Japan?

user, MIH was in 2012.

Also, what?

>defeating a pillar man
Uhh no? No one from the fucking part 3 or 4 crew could beat a pillar man, since none of them knew hamon, you fucking retard

>lisa lisa
Very definition of a jobber, based on feats alone anasui or hermes could crush her, besides non stand users can't even see stands

Make filler involving the crew, more interactions between Jolyne and Hermes/FF.

They could make FF death memorable if they direct it like they did with Shigeshis death(in the manga nobody cared when he died).


Wrasslin fans are the fucking worst. Please die.

>edgy 'deep' story about a twink fag jojo and a zeppeli (read: plot device)
>jjl turns jojo into an ecchi harem manga
No thanks

>ecchi harem manga



No thanks.


>hurrrr im a fuckin idiot

Please go back to Cred Forums and stay there

Couldnt Trish see stands before she awoke Spice Girl?

They didn't have to deal with stands at least. and all the villains sans Kars were defeatable through hamon energy.

Kars himself was a huge ass-pull, but I guess Araki didn't want to write in an insanely lucky ending to save everyone's asses again.


Even Part 1's crew seemed useful in comparison.

I think so, Giorno or Bruno mentions it at one point and affirms that she is a stand user, but hers just hasn't manifested yet.

Part 2 doesn't really count, it was more or less just Joseph and Caesar and then Lisa Lisa at the end with Stroheim showing up every now and then.

Those two hamon instructors literally have like 5 lines each, they're Dire-tier

Probably just barely, just like when Koichi started seeing Bad company slowly.
I meant weakest in terms of being an actual crew. Joseph and Stroheim and the only ones who do jack diddly shit in their crew. Caesar came, got mad, then died. Lisa lisa came, got btfo'd, then fucked off. Stroheim was exposition, and Smokey was just there.

Lisa Lisa was the worst.

>hyped up to be powerful hamon master
>loses to Kars due to a dumb trick

Why was Part 2 so fucking bad

The Hand, Notorious Big could defeat Kars.

Basically someone with hax can fodderize Kars.

Great argument

It's literally just Kyo, Daiya, Hato, and Yasuho all nibbling at Josuke's four pronged smegma for 50 chapters, with a few other naked or big breasted women thrown in for good measure to keep male eyes reading

If I want to read a porn manga, I'll go to /h/, thank you very much

But if ultimate Kars had to fight a stand user he'd get a stand himself which would probably just be fucking broken

Ah, I thought you meant power levels, never mind.

>is basically his sister
>rarely interacts with him
>is a horny teenager

I'm almost sad this wasn't shown as a 1 off panel at the end of DiU

>But if ultimate Kars had to fight a stand user he'd get a stand himself which would probably just be fucking broken

Jorge Joestar isn't canon.

I don't argue with retards, retard.

Not as bad as Caesar

>Spend entire part being hyped up as Josephs equal, and that they'll fight the Pillar Men together
>He runs off alone and gets killed within 10 minutes in his first fight

Kars would have abilities of any living organism he is aware of, stands included


That's cute

But how could he defeat Notorious big when its also immortal? (Aside from throwing it to the ocean).

jojo abridged

The Joestar sex drive cannot be diminished by mere sickness!!

Hey guys how can my wife's son fix Part 4? Part 6 is such an asspull. There is literally no possible way Kira knew about Cinderella's salon. Why is Part 7 such a meme part? How do I pronounce Giorno? Shh, Gyro is sleeping. Why is Narancia so perfect? Araki is such a hack. Gay priest is here! How does King Crimson work? Araki forgot. Part 2 is the worst part. There is LITERALLY NOTHING in Jojo except fighting, any characterization and themes don't count. Now that I think about it DiU really is like Twin Peaks isn't it? Post female Jotaro. Part 3 is boring filler. DiU is full of QUALITY! Giorno should be a girl. How can Kira have FIVE STANDS? Pucci makes LITERALLY NO SENSE and has no character or point, why can't you admit that?! Jesus making stands is such lazy writing, space rocks was better. I'm evil? Gappy makes me happy!

>It's literally just Kyo, Daiya, Hato, and Yasuho all nibbling at Josuke's four pronged smegma for 50 chapters, with a few other naked or big breasted women thrown in for good measure to keep male eyes reading

by Ultimate Kars I just meant his perfect form or whatever it's called

The hand, Cream, maybe Purple Haze, basically any stand that causes death and also destroys the entire body.

Though I don't know if BIG could do it, would it be able to consume the whole body at once? Otherwise they'd both just end up regenerating and fighting forever.

1) Stands aren't living
2) Stands aren't from the earth, and aren't considered natural to the earth.

if u put Jolyne with the Part 5 crew instead of Giorno, then VA is the best JoJo series by far, better than prime One Piece, HxH, FMA, DB.

1)Stands are called special ability all the time
2)People had awaken them without getting hit by arrow and before arrow existed Anubis
3)Animals had stands too

Araki effectively said that Stands can evolve from Hamon/Spirit energy - after all Tonio never got hit by the arrow

> Stands aren't from the earth

Aren't they like, soul power from their user or something?

This outfit looks like ridiculous shit. Do women like this?

Or probably not.

The Hand probably can't destroy Kars fast enough. Cream could. Remember Giorno staves off PH's virus by using a snake, Kars can do the same thing. BIG could probably just eat Kars and infect him with that weird disease.

I'm guessing White Album (Giorno mentions organisms can't survive at absolute zero), The Sun, Yellow Temperance, Jailhouse Lock, and maybe others like Bohemian Rhapsody or Man in the Mirror could beat him too.

If you look like Rohan then yeah, they will

You're right, these threads are terrible and Jojo "fans" should kill themselves.

>I wanted to buy pants but I bought bag instead, better improvise

Or Jolyne

Women are crazy for Rohan, so yes.

Nope. It's from a meteorite from Greenland.

His ancestor probably got one.

The key word is "special". They aren't biological powers, and Kars somehow evolving one wouldn't make sense since he can morph his body, but his soul would remain the same. And stands are a person's soul.

Anubis's user could have easily come into contact with the stand meteorite from Greenland, as the arrows were 500 years old. Animals having stands is irrelevant to the argument, since again, it is not a biological adaptation but a freak ability brought on by alien space bacteria.

>high fashion

Cheap trick and he is gone

Rohan is a biggest fashion disaster in the whole series. Even Fugo and Mista not that bad.

I'm up to the empress part In stardust crusaders. Amy crazy stuff happens after

Its not his best outfit but id fuck him while he wears it anytime.

Mista is a fashionable work of art and you will not speak so low of his tiger stripe pants.

Avdol dies

If Giorno was with the part 6 crew that would probably be th strangest shit.
>The supposedly son of DIO is arrested and sent to prison in florida
>His Parents dont help his case or bail since Shit mom and Dead Vampire dad
>Over the course of the part Giorno is trying to overcome his fate of Helping Pucci but always Indirectly aids him
>After the Breakout Giorno faces off with His "brothers"

Vanilla Ice kills Dio

>Ancestor got hit by one
Considering that Araki hasn't said otherwise, and i doubt youre him - nice try

>tfw all the shitty, gimmicky stands can easily beat Kars

Cheap Trick, Superfly, Notorious B.I.G. Anything else?

> Jailhouse lock
> Perfect Kars wandering around trying to figure out what the fuck he was meant to be doing

Hol Horse literally shoots DIO in the back of the head and gets ZA WARUDO

Dio renounces evil to become an idol singer

It literally says that Dragon Dream and Pearl Jam are awakened from one's skill

In all honesty, Araki doesn't state a lot of things. Many of the things people take for granted as "fact" in the series come from fan theories and guesses most of the time anyway.

What would Kars stand be?


The only one i've heard of is that DiU Joseph is faking Dementia

Feel free to show me more

When it shows off this much of his body you can't really complain

>Midriff exposed.
Is Rohan the most impure boy?

Jailhouse Lock was seriously some final villain-tier stand. It got defeated only because Jolyne inherited from her dad the autistic instinct to punch the shit out of everything.

Gold Experience

> Cheap trick

I don't know about this, as long as there was anything left of Kars it seems like he would regenerate, even if it was a dried up husk.


The arrow with the beetle is the only one that grants requiems.
Dio's false coffin.
Jonathan's stand being either the Hermit Purple clone and/or the World itself.

I'm pretty sure there's more, but these are all the ones I can remember.

Any part 6 stand

I'm still salty that Gio was in America during part 6, yet never made an appearance.

> cant carve reminders into himself because they just heal over

I would beat up Kars, he is wuss

Where's this "offsite" link that I don't have to turn off adblack?

Don't Stop Me Now
>I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars on a collision course

There's nothing gay about a little prostate stimulation

Even if he was there, I doubt he would have helped Jolyne, or even give a fuck about her.

it's so the final fight wouldn't just be GER WINS LOL

>You will never permaban every single Fujoshi off Cred Forums.
They already have Tumblr to use, what the fuck are they doing here?

The beetle arrow thing is basically just going by exactly what we've seen, and it may as well be fact since Araki's probably never going to focus another story around the arrows or have requiems again.

Honestly if he made an appearence, i have the strangest feeling he would job to Pucci and it would really cheapen part 5 and 6.

>Never heard that one, kinda neat
>Yeah Araki wtf
>To be fair with that last 1, i kinda dig it
Didn't DIO mention that he had to dominate THE WORLD in order to use it? When has a stand needed to be fought with before it could be used ever?

I remember Araki stating Kars could stave off the need to eat for a whole year. Maybe he still needs nutrients.

Then again, that doesn't really explain how he survived in space that long, unless he got Captain America'd as he was frozen.

Well, he would have helped out against Pucci at least.

Though I understand why Araki didn't put him into the story in the end, literally could have just shut down MiH and everyone would have gone home.

>When has a stand needed to be fought with before it could be used ever?
Star Platinum

Aces High. A plane that crashes.

I'm still kinda mad we don't have not even one Iron maiden stand. I get Araki is not really into metal but we have black sabbath, metallica and who knows what else...

Crazy fan theory time.
The events of Part 6 take place in a universe where Pucci already reset the universe once where he already killed several of the Stand users. It's just his final fight was against Giorno, who he fought to a stalemate, and Pucci still successfully reset the universe, leading to Part 6, where fate appeared to be on his side the entire time.
Due to GER's nature, he had to start with Whitesnake all over again.
The only proof of this is Fem Annasui., as well as Giorno just not appearing in 6.

I'm actually glad Araki never got to where the meteorite came from. I like the mysterious origin aspect of it.

Im here just to make you suffer for not accepting rohan as the best and most perfect boy of all time.

But was that normal Kars or perfect Kars?

Congratu-fucking-lations, you get it.


You can see all the other shit that supposely changed too.

But Jotaro never needed to fight it personally?
It was untamed, but never attacked Jotaro himself

Dude is a fucking idiot. Ignore him. I can't believe he's in here trying to tell people shit

>Joseph never once saw some bubbles and got sad for a moment

Fucking missed opportunities

>When has a stand needed to be fought with before it could be used ever?

I don't know if Ebony Devil counts, because we've never seen if its true non-doll form can actually fight.

Then there's gimmicky stands like Notorious B.I.G. that kinda fit the bill, though its more of the issue of fighting the user.

He had his stand when he was still in prison, he just didn't manifest it in it's entirety, though by the way he didn't react at all to it appearing, he must have known how to do that already.

I don't think DIO had to fucking wrestle his Stand Gachimuchi-style, user.

Supposely, he doesn't divorce his wife until two years before Stone Ocean or some shit like that.

Giorno was in Disney World and left the arrow at home.


How will animeonlies react to the sudden jump in violence from Part 4 to 5?

He needs to be faster than MIH to hit him, and it isn't. He would job harder than Jotaro, despite the memes about GER being omnipotent.

I could've sworn I saw it in that "Sex=useless" blurb page, along with the fact that Kars has vision that rivals that of a telescope.

No, you're wrong.

It's nice that the OP explores those characters more than the actual show.

It makes people feel for unimportant shit like Shigechi and fuck, Okuyasu's brother.

Why is Okuyasu so fucking useless?

Some of them would probably enjoy it, since I heard a few of them complaining about Part 4's slice of life aspect.

> It is mentioned by Giorno himself that he is unsure of the exact workings and limits of Requiem's powers, but it has been shown that its range of influence extends from finger beams, surface contact, and to even being in the mere attention of Requiem.

I don't know, GER's mysterious enough that I think it would have been able to negate MiH without having to touch Pucci directly in this case.

>Oh shit there is something weird happening, better stop it
Regular GE shows up
>My resolve tells me I left arrow in italy
>Better get there before something bad happens
Something bad happens

That's what it did imply though
Since the arrow hit Jonathons body after all

Makes more sense that Jotaro randomly getting the SAME STANDO

>JoJo looks like hot shit now because David P is busy with MonHun

GER reacted in time that doesn't even exist, MIH is nothing to it.

To rub a bit more salt in the wounds after the prison break DP will add Easter eggs of dio's sons and probably will include Giorno

Because his stand is op as fuck, but because he's dumb Araki can get away with having him do nothing.

I think he couldn't control it because it was super powerful and could stop time.

For the user who requested the Morioh logo.

Stand too op, and hes too dumb. The last fight he had was his the part's Sub ultimate boss Akira.

Too be fair, I think a fantasy world with giant ass monsters would take more effort to animate than a bunch of Japanese folks punching each other's ghosts in a small rural town.


So if he can survive a year, and only a year, without eating or drinking...

...what did he eat in space?

Jesus christ araki dial it back.


>Can survive a year without eating


>SEX: Unnecessary

Nothing because he went braindead after a couple days.

>Jumping power

What's the point if he can just straight up fly?

i bet he can't do 20 puch ups


>400 IQ
>gets tricked by joseph retarded shit

Can anyone tell me what the stands are, like, between HP and CD, that rose, the one on the very bottom and the one under echoes?

I'm totally spacing on them.

I forget most of battle tendency

Was the Pillar Mens goal for all 3 of them to get ultimate forms, or just Kars?

>I'm still kinda mad we don't have not even one Iron maiden stand

Glad I'm not the only one.

>So-called genius
>Fails to notice Joseph tying rope around his own goddamn leg because he was staring at a burning scarf.

I am beginning to question the intelligence of these ultimate lifeforms.

He can kick your shit out

iirc in another translation it was "can remain active for a year" which makes more sense

All three of them, I imagine, Kars was just the only one left.

What song is this?
The one that plays before Yes - Roundabout.

>between HP and CD
Cinderella I think
>that rose
Maybe love deluxe?
>the one on the very bottom
Surface or king crimson
>and the one under echoes
Bad Company or Speedweed

Kars wanted to be free from the Sun
Esidesi just followed his husbando
Wammu followed his Lord/Dad
Santana was the Herald

I think the rose is Love deluxe

That does make more sense. It even gives an implied time frame of when Kars stopped thinking.

Anasui with that shit of his.

Weather with snails.

Emporio and his asspulls.

Fucking Jumping Jack Flash being as strong as C-Moon.

I guess Hermes and Jolyne were fine. And surprisingly, F.F., and she was fucking plankton and didn't even shows up at the ending.

Emporio and his shit. da fuck was that, did he not has a stand of his own? It's his mother's stand that he somehow inherited? So where's his stand? How could he use Weather Report?

But Part V also has a lot of retarded shit nearing the end

Made an alternate version of this to use as a background.


The chapter this month sounsd like it will be great. I hope it quenches our thirst for a while.

Nothing Joseph did was according to plan

>Tries to suicide dive the plane into a volcano with Kars
>Only worked because Stroheim showing up out of absolutely fucking nowhere as Nazi horns blared

>Joseph didn't even plan on his arm miraculously being shot up and carrying Kars into space

> Maybe love deluxe

Isnt that the one between star platinum and heavens door?

>Boots connected to pants
>In a country where it is customary to take one's shoes off before entering a home

I guess he has to take off his pants every time he enters someone's home.

One is different from the other.

>It's his mother's stand that he somehow inherited?
I think so
>How could he use Weather Report?
Pucci accidentally put the stand disk inside him.

btw google unexpectedly gave me this
if it's accurate then it's pretty insane

That's Harvest

It's nearly identical actually.

That's Harvest

Yeah it's accurate, it's all info given in the manga

There was Giorno and Josuke though...

Fuck the Kujos

Fuck no.
That's what the zipper and buttons at the edge of his shoes are there for.

>I bet you can't put this stand disk inside my head you bitch-ass nigga

You sure? It looks like Yukako and her hair to me.

Plus how would a rose be representative of love deluxe?

Holy shit.

Fucking German science really is best in the world.

Roses are romantic

Giorno, Josuke, Holly, Joseph, and Shizuka.

>Pants legs wrap around the heel of the shoes.

I can't believe I never noticed that. I guess high fashion is too advanced for a pleb like me.

Joseph could.

Actually with part 7 it's implied that yes, Hamon users could maybe see stands.


Yukako has a rose on the shoulder of her school uniform.

I think some serious shit's going down next chapter. Norisuke is starting to realize there's some suspicious stuff happening with Jobin and Kaato. Also Kaato just decided to leave for no reason. Could it be that Jobin's about to start killing his family and she can't watch?

But there are no hamon users in part 7

This guy licks spiders and punches children in the face. Do you really think he cares about common courtesy?

ahh, my mistake, I was looking at the symbol the wrong way around.

Is that Perla between Femasui and Gwess?


LisaLisa will always be top tier
Her being thick is just a bonus

Who needs the sun when you can spin balls?

> His editor took him to a villiage wherein you can't be rude or not follow proper etiquette or else you're thrown out.

Seriously what did she think would fucking happen.

Crazy Diamond's colours.

Fairy Godmother is best

You, and many other people are too stupid to notice it, but, many of Araki's clothing designs are surprisingly practical.

>Perfect Being can only survive for 1 year without food
>DIO, who is just a fucking vampire, can survive for nearly 100 years without food.

He ate Jonathan's head

Explain the purpose of the holes in Fugo's shirt then. And don't give me the excuse it makes him more aerodynamic.

Why were Dio and Vanilla Ice so much stronger than every other vampire

>It makes him more aerodynamic
You. I like you.

>or else you're thrown out.
It was much worse than that. You lose something if you have improper manners, even the lives of other people.

I think it's probably like that other user said, that he can only be -active- for a year without food, maybe even just 'peak performance' active, and he can survive indefinitely.

Also Dio was a head while he was in the ocean, so I imagine his nutritional needs were a bit lesser than Kars.

What's the song that was playing in the beginning of the newest ep, when Jotaro was talking to the informant? I think the same song was also used when Kira was cutting his nails.

I know that, but they only went in with the knowledge that you'll get thrown out, right?

Nigga it must get humid in Italy. You gotta let your skin breathe sometime

It gets hot in the summer.

Then get a fishnet shirt instead of turning your suit into swiss cheese.

An original by Karen Aoki, the opening singer woman, like MAN OF LOASH

Because they sucked more blood

his suit is both elegant and practical
if you combine that with him not risking his life over someone he barely knows Fugo is the smartest character in JoJo

thoughts anons?

>kyo and kira's jotaro face

I think you should have posted the full pic.

Have you ever went to Italy before? It's like a fucking sauna during the dry season.

Also his suit is extremely practical.
Fugo is a genius and also he is a fucking mob gangster, who knows how many people he's had to kill. Do you think he wants to replace his expensive shirts every time he gets a blood stain he can't remove? Fuck no, just get a bunch of holes and maybe the blood will hit you instead. Maybe his suit wasn't originally red but it turned red after being soaked in blood.

It also looks very easily changed for a suit since he only has to unbutton one thing to change it into formal wear. Fugo's outfit is brilliant.

They had Stands

Gappy a cute

i like it but the problem with the DIU style is that it doesn't hide QUALITY as well as some of the earlier styles

This is making me hope that Kira Yoshikage gets voiced by Jotaro's VA.

It fits so well.

Hato a cute!

>No Yotsuyu
Everyone always forgets about him, he has such little fanart that it is so I'm not surprised but it still hurts.

Is Kaato the main villain?

Where is best boy

He's the best and most bizarre rock human
Her and Joubin will fuse in the wall eyes to create two new futa villains.


>two new futa villians



I'm amazed at how the upbeat feeling isn't lost even in reverse.

>Breakdown backwards sounds like One Two

Thanks user. I found my new phone background

Could you smoothen this out a bit? My autism's triggering over how jagged some bits looked.

>post yfw Act 3 doesn't say Kill Da Ho in the anime


>act 3 didn't say mission fucking accomplished in engrish

>act 3 didn't even speak engrish at all

i dont care i just want my favourite kitty Stray Catto
please tell me the koreans wont ruin best cat

>act 3 never spoke. It was all in Koichi's mind.

SBR will be full CGI and you know it.

That was before he became the Ultimate Lifeform. At the time he was just a pretty good lifeform.

Even so, you'd have to be pretty dumb to fall for a trick like that.

>post yfw Kyo Nijimura's real name is Jolyne Kira



I don't care how bad Over Heaven is, DIO's outfit in it is one of the best.

It's right underneath the damn video player that says "Click Here if the video doesn't load"

Not hard to miss

what was it? i didnt see.

what was that

>Diavolo is basically the jojo version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
>Kira is JoJo Patrick Bateman

Diavolo is the Jojo is the version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the videogame, where everything is out to kill him, just like in the ending of Vento Aureo.

Where did this even come from? He doesn't say that in the actual manga

the image i posted had some weird thumbnail. i don't remember it being that way when i saved it and it's a jpg so i don't know what the fuck happened.


I believe it's an edit. There's a whole series of Part 5 manga edits, but I never bothered to remember its name despite seeing them so often.

JoJo makes me feel good about my birthing hips, since every character is drawn with them for some odd reason.

Ventana Oreo manga abridged. Just google it and you get their blog or something


Also my personal favourite is
>fat stacks on dem booty cracks

>birthing hips.
I hope you're a guy.

Considering Part 6, it's not that bad actually.

Also gives possible answers to a lot of shit JoJo fans ask.

I'm not gay, sorry.

How does one go about acquiring these fabled hips of birthing?

Neither am I.

God tier genes if you're a woman, shit tier genes if you're a man.

Autism must be tough to live with, I'm sorry

>Vision: comparable to an astronomical telescope
>Couldn't tell the parachute had a dummy rather than Joseph
>Didn't notice Stroheim in the airplane

>shit tier genes if you're a man.
>implying being a trap isn't perfection

>wake up
>still don't have a Stand

why has Lord Dio forsaken me?

What's the theory on how Stray Cat will be placed in the format?

>shit tier genes if you're a man and don't like taking it in the ass

Because you didn't let him in your heart and body

Because you didn't spell Lord DIO's name right, you filthy crusader

Fucking wrong.
ELDER GOD TIER: Men with thick hips
Ratchet hoe tier: Women with thick hips.

Not even gay.

>Implying women don't want birthing hips on their men

Thanks. I might as well look forward to this since I am pretty sure they'll overtake the actual part 5 scanlations at this point.

Are you that girl that shitposts about Rohan? Do you want to fug? My hips are pretty wide.

>Hips are good for carrying children, something only women can do
>"I like 'em on men not homo lol"

Fucking numale

Gappy makes me happy

>Being this fucking thirsty
>Replying to RohanChan
Get the fuck out of here.

>>Couldn't tell the parachute had a dummy rather than Joseph
This is a completely valid complaint but
>>Didn't notice Stroheim in the airplane
Even if you can see an infinite distance, you can still only see the direction you're facing. Kars didn't look in Stroheim's direction until he revealed himself.

I will use every opportunity I can to get my dick wet. But seriously, there isn't really much going on in this thread. I'm sorry for derailing it, so I'll try not to post much more about the topic.

Can we just agree that a plump curvy and well toned ass makes anyone better?

I post Josuke, so yes

are we gonna get a new ED ever?
i'm getting tired of i want you

When Vento Aureo's anime comes out.

I'm getting tired of you.

DIO makes me feel hot and bothered.

It's not Josuke's ass that I'm looking at in that picture.

Do you really think I would never cheat on my husband with some filthy lusty user?

Its a short, clearly planned out show, and we're in the last cour. You tell me.

What if I'm literally Rohan in real life?

Whatever do you mean? Josuke obviously inherited all his genetics from his dad and nobody else

When I see Jolyne I think of 3 special words. HUG, KISS AND MARRY!!!!!!!!!

Black suits Josuke and Okuyasu really well.

Your husband is the toppest tier of spergs that would probably post on a board like this one

Irene is literally Jolyne but better

Someone made a take on what the Bites the Dust opening will be like.

Yay or Nay? Or Gay

Then I'm all yours, take me whenever you want

[2 Minutes to Midnight]
Can change between night and day at will

[Iron Maiden]
Spikes come out of your body

Turns the ground into quicksand-like mud

any other ideas?

Irene is just Jolyne without the daddy issues, which, yeah, basically makes her perfect.

> Can change between night and day at will

What the fuck use would that be?

Shit even survivor isn't that stupidly useless.

/r/ fat cosplay of joshikage Kira, thanks

good against vampires?

I still argue Highway to Hell is more useless than Survivor.

At least with Survivor you can use it multiple times to kill multiple people if you choose to treat it as a bomb.

With Highway to Hell, you can only kill one person and it only has a one time use.

Pretty sure it was stated that there are natural born stand users. Tonio is one of them, supposely

What a useless post

Rohan is a sperg but he's a very special and successful sperg. All of you are trash in comparison. The best you would get from me is getting spat on

All those sound incredibly boring.

>not wanting jolyne to call you daddy while you plow her from behind
>not wanting her to cry as she realizes what she just said
>not wanting to cosplay as her father to release the pent up sexually aggressive confusion she has over him
I'm not even the jolynefag but get taste, user

Is diavolo schizoid?

>implying most of us wouldn't prefer that

well toned is the key word here

>The best you would get from me is getting spat on

Has a higher-quality version of this wallpaper cropped up yet?

The reason why Dio called Survivor weakest was because it couldn't differentiate between friend and foe. H2H could.

your ideas are fucking retarded

You two disgusting freaks crack me up, I like you.

No. Diavolo seems actually fairly sane - he's aware he has MPD, doesn't really have delusions, and is pretty smart and calculating. Doppio definitely does have mental issues, though.

It was called the weakest because its just a weak electric signal in your brain


Does anyone in any work of fiction have a more terrible fate than Diavolo?

Well, the Lovers is also really simple and small.

The thing is, Dio only likes things that can serve him and him only, with zero chance of betrayal or randomness. Survivor, something that can cause failure within any organised structure, is useless to him, or really anyone, even the user.

I do what I can.

Love you too, RohanChan.

That guy from i have no mouth and i must scream


The main character from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream got it pretty bad


Since he's essentially experiencing every single horrible fate ever, for all eternity, it is literally the worst.



Here's a happier kira

Requiem for a Ken
>tfw no more ikuzo

>Rohan chan will never spit on you.
Why live?

>implying AM doesn't have it worse.

Survivor would have 100% killed at least one crusader. The real reason DIO deemed it useless was because it couldn't be controlled properly and could hit allies, which is still retarded because 99% of stand user he sent worked alone.

Thanks, friend!

>au where ice gets survivor'd and avdols dio


>why live?
For the unaired Rohan episodes, duh

>Ratchet hoe tier: Women with thick hips.
get a load of this fagget

a fucking power outlet

No problem frind

>mariah will never apathetically domme you

Did Araki just decide to change Mariah's personality half way through her arc?

What's with these subs?

It's completely obvious to me that he says KILLER QUEEN and yet the subs read Deadly Queen. Also, Josuke very obviously calls his stand Crazy Diamond, not anything close to Shining Diamond. I don't get it.


Fear for copyrigth laws

Crunchyroll censors names so they don't have to pay for the rights to use them. DiamondIsFixed restores the names

It's like that for the fighting games too

This is all you're getting from me friend



Crunchyroll needs to license the names of those things but choose not to for money reasons. All stands in Part 4 are named after iconic songs and apparently they can't use the original name when subbing.

Why is some of the English so good and others so incomprehensible?

Its so dumb. JJBA is a manga all about taking risks, and yet david is so fucking faggy and light footing it, im dropping this fuckin series

How do you pronounce Jojolion?

is it Ly-on or Lee-on?

beito daze

like evangelion

Don't be a dumbass. It's Crunchyroll, not DavidPro
David doesn't write the subs

It's pronounced Evangelion


Was Doppio a good person?

>We have to wait several months for Mother's Basement to analyze the Diamond is Unbreakable OPs
>We still don't know if there's a Bites the Dust variant of Great Days


If you wore that you would look like shit. If Brad Pitt wore it, it wouldn't look like shit.

Like lion. Because at the very end Gappy is going to become the "Jojo lion" through fusion in the final fight against Joubin after he kills Joshuu.

>Mother's Basement
>pretentious ass who pronounces OP and ED as "oh pee" and "ee dee"


If other people can figure out how to beat White Album, The Sun, Yellow Temperance, Jailhouse Lock and Bohemian Rhapsody, then so can Perfect Kars. Man in the Mirror would be irrelevant because Kars doesn't have a stand and can regenerate body parts.

w-w-wait that isn't how you're suppose to pronounce them


Why do people say that part 5 had the best fights when D'arby,Vanilla Ice and DIO's World exist?


Shit, meant to reply to with my funpost


You read them as opening and ending, just like you read ie and eg as that is and for example, not eye ee and ee jee

Go listen to the nips, they say openingu and endingu

I guess I'm a pretentious assailed then too. That's news to me

It got defeated because Jolyne realized remembering an image with 3 things in it counts as remembering one thing and not 3.

>muh gestalt psychology

That entire idea is bullshit, see any "look at this image for a few seconds and then name as many objects as possible"

>Jimi Hendrix and other musicians exist in the JoJo universe
>There are 4 bands who named themselves after the beings who wanted to destroy humanity

Because Tower of Gray, Strength, Ebony Devil, and Dark Blue Moon exist.

Oh please, the Pillar Men are named Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars. Totally different

Santana got his name from Germans it doesn't count

>Santana got his name from the Germans
>The other three call him Santana anyway

It's kinda sad to think they couldn't even be bothered to think of a name for him, so they let the humans do it.

I didnt say best fights on average though

Tower of Gray wasn't too bad as an early Stand to deal with to ease everyone into the idea of what Stand Battles can be. Dark Blue Moon is okay too outside of Star Asspull

The rest are pretty crap though, you should also add Sun, Sethan and Anubis

It's color you UKfag.

because part 5 has literally nothing going on for it and people are trying to make something out of it. Part 5 was so bad that Araki felt that he had to restart the whole JoJo series to redeem himself

America is the only country that uses "color" you burgerspeaker, he could be Canadian.

or Canadian.


New Thread

>Make a Part about the son of DIO
>He's the worst protagonist in the series
>Ruin his special snowflake status in the next Part by giving him a bunch of bastard brothers
>Reset JoJo to eliminate most traces of DIO except his shit sons because they're technically Joestars

What the fuck, Araki

1st is useless

2nd is literally a bad version of Metallica

3rd is a bad version of Spice Girl

Its an idea its literally what happens.

Or Australian, or Anguillian, or from Barbados, or from Scotland, or from Ireland, or Nigerian, or Zambian, or from Macau, or from Belize.

If Weather Report was changed after the second reset, does that mean Versus was also changed? Rykiel and Ungalo would've been the same, although their lives would've been worse since Pucci wasn't there for them.

Giorno wasn't that bad

Joestar magic.

part V is my favorite

The least bizarre was part 1 though.