DxD thread

Waiting warmly for S4

In other news, mobage held popularity ranking wvwnt recently and surprise, surpirse - Akeno is #1. Rias is obviously 2nd. Yuuma and Raynare finished 13th and 14th respectively.

I knew Japan had shitty taste but DAYUM

They split Raynare and Yuuma into 2 different choices (as far as I can tell), those bastards. If you combine them then she's quite higher than 13/14

>splitting her


Fuck off

Dunno? Maybe they hate her and want her to be lower? Also, it wasn't conventional poll event, people sent points to their favorite characters via some system, guess I'll translate that later.

Also, posting more results while I'm at it.

1. Akeno
2. Rias
3. Ross
4. Xenovia
5. Grayfia
6. Ravel
7. Kuroka
8. Koneko
9. Asia
10. Irina
11. Sona
12. Levia-tan
13. Yuuma
14. Raynare
15. Rias' mom
16. Ophis
17. Tsubaki

18+ - others. Notable mentions: 20 - Aika, 25 - Gasper, 38 - Vali, 39 - Saji, 43 - Mil-tan, 49 - Azazel.

Could she at least beat Asia if you combined her numbers.

>Akeno 1st
Ara ara...

What rank did Issei get?

>Ross third
Nips showing good taste for once

Explain to me this?


Rias a best.

Rossweisse is cute. Cute.
I just finished season 3. I think I'm finally going stop being an anime only faggot and get on those LN translations.

Enjoy do know there's a dip in quality around over halfway through the novels but it goes back to madman at vol.20

>mfw reading the novels
>Just got to vol 3
You know reading about it even though I watched the series is actually fun

Felt the same it's different since it's Issei's pov and getting his input on the events around him really adds something to the story.

>1. Akeno
>3. Ross
>4. Xenovia
>5. Grayfia

What happened ? i thought nip had shit taste.

>13. Yuuma
>14. Raynare
It's still shit since ashes is too high.

>8. Koneko
This is blasphemy

>7. Kuroka
eh ill take it

>part where Rossweisse becomes Issei's servant is still not translated

>that feel when you want to talk about DxD but nobody else does

does anyone actually play this game or just save the card pictures?

theres a game to those cards?

Japan having good taste is always nice. Now to have more Rossweisse in this thread.

What a waste of a good sexy bad girl.

I'll take the 7-11, yo


>16. Ophis

>splitting the votes
Fucking retarded

I still log in daily, but the game has gotten so pay 2 win its not even worth it.

That's fucking high for a one time Villian, user.

>one time Villian
I'm still hoping she'll return in the LNs

She'll come back right after Issei stops getting cockblocked.

I hate all mobage because of this one.

For nearly a year I structured my life around the DxD mobage. One event I went all out, spent all my f2p items, played nearly all day every day, made sure to be present for every raid thing.

And I didn't get what I wanted.

The game aspect is awful too.

Sometimes I consider logging in again to see if it's still really alive... but the trauma is too great.

>play p2w games
>be surprised when they're p2w

>Seekvaira is Ishibumi's self-insert
I did not see that coming.

Grayfia is the best DxD


This chick.


They do, Akeno is higher than 17 therefore shit taste.

Every tiem

well lets talk about it then, Im always down for talking about the DxD. I have started read it over again and I think vol 5 is my new fav book pushing vol 10 to the side. it develops the under world so much and makes it really relevant in the story for the 1st time.

More Rossweisse is always good.

I've never seen anyone say they even liked vol.5 at all so that's quite a shock. It's actually my most hated volume because of all the inconsistencies in the rating game. Even Ishibumi hates it because of the broken reverse ability he went out of his way to write out in S3.

Do we know the actual number of votes?

yes the rating game part was the weakest bit i will not even try contest that point it. I really like the world building the was part of Ise learning about the under world. also lot of characters had development in it not just the (1 girl that ise is helping in this book) like is the norm. we learn things about Gremory family, Akeno, Koneko & Kuroka, tannin and the dragon kings, and ise works hard and reaches balance breaker. that is a lot happening for a DxD vol.

Is there going to be an S4?

Oppai, butt, lolis

>Is there going to be an S4?
Depends TNK is doing some other show but looking at their track record it's most likely going to be another flop. They always keep DxD as a back up to fall back on.


S3 was only redeemable because of Ross.