Shuumatsu no Izetta

It's not lesbian porn mom, it's an anime about NAZIS and POLITICAL INTRIGUE

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What nazis?

There's no nazi is this anime™

So we general now?

An occasional reminder.


Also the witch sits on a gun without wearing panties

We're having discussions about a new anime which 1st episode aired not long ago you fuck.

It's not like I was complaining or anything, baka user

Do these girls look straight to you?


it's too hard for you to get that this is fiction right?

Vintage Tom Clancy with lesbians? Sounds good to me

Magic doesn't exist.

Go away Battler.

>Rifle instead of a broom
Very original

>Princess refused to marry Prince when he asked
She must be in love with another man!

Country called Britannia.... Code Geas prequel confirmed.

She's a filthy lesbian slut and a consort of witches to boot.

She did so she can still legitimately claim her country throne.
Not for any other reason.



I was annoyed that the scenes with the attacking Stukas didnt have the dive siren even though they looked like they had them.

This is how it starts

When does hitler show up?

Being a gay royalty had to suck before XX century.

And it ends up like this

They did. Are you deaf?

Eh not really. Bang once or twice for kids and then spend the rest of your time with your "close friend"

Totally just "friends". No lesbians in the 40's.

>tomboy princess kidnaps a lesbian childhood friend magical girl and together they fight nazis

Literally who is the target audience for this show?

Why would it? You're pretty much entirely free to fuck around with concubines on whatever gender, as long as you keep up the pretense of a happy marriage and pop out a few kids. If anything it sucks for the other party, but unless they're retarded, they knew happiness wasn't to be expected.


/k/, Cred Forums, and /u/, it would seem

Not really.
As a noble you could do whatever you want or bribe you way if it comes down to that.
All that mattered it that no one found out your secret, especially the Church.

This kind of stuff happened.


Everyone? Sounds like a cool plot.


What did they mean by this?

How does it feel being this uninformed?

>lesbian childhood friend
Where does it mention she's lesbian?
/u/ collective delusion?

Some sneaker smelled like Curt Cobain and confused the dog.

They're not nazis, they're either not-nazis or (not)nazis. Pay attention.

One episode and the threads for this for are already a /u/ dumpster fire.

They copied it straight out of a few months old article online.

You mean Cred Forums dumpster fire, clearly you haven't been to the previous thread.

They could also be !Nazis.

inb4 Hitler is a girl

Yes, the (not) Nazi's and their (not)Nazi tanks.

The best thing in life is enjoying yuri but also hating yurifags.

The show has actual yuri: you win.

The show goes het, making yurifags whine and cry and rage all over the place: you still win.

Fucking Christ it's terrible. You've really got to be top tier delusional to get angry when one of the most brutal regimes in history is portrayed as bad.

We do this song and dance every season. The marketing has shown yuribait, not yuri.

Yeah, I figured. Pretty silly article though. Is Deluxe the dog's name or what? And who'd need to know that?
This is intriguing me far more than the actual plot.

And their invasions of (not)Poland and (not)France.

As long as they don't get with males, it's not bait. So stop this already.

The music at the start of the episode sounded very Ghibli.

I checked it out and remember a K9 unit, so yeah, the dog's probably Deluxe.

They look like childhood friends.

>most brutal regimes in history
It's fictional you dumbfuck

By that reasoning asexually reproducing amoeba are lesbians.

Exists as much as the hollercauster.

I hope he gets a cameo in the series.

The point is that these two girls seem to be only interested in each other in the so called marketing you're calling bait.

So are the not nazis secret police the not gestapo or some sa unit not nazi sa unit?

This guy looked pretty (not)gestapo

It sounded like Kajiura-lite, nothing like Ghibli.

When did kikes take over Anime industry?

>so called marketing

The setting, yes. But Germania is obviously modeled off of Nazi Germany. Regardless, we got an influx of Cred Forumstards in the earlier threads.

You liked Cross Ange right?

I'm just wondering how Tyrol gained independence from Austria and/or how Tyrol managed to avoid the Anschluss in the first place.

>not animating superior WW2 witches

Fine is very interested on other stuff and Izetta most likely will develop her own interests other than becoming Fine's hope as the story goes along.

>most brutal regimes in history


There are tons that are way way worse than the Germans.

British Empire

Soviet Union (this one gets the first place)

Aztecs, Mayans etc

American Indians

United States

Spain during Isabella (inquisition)

Now stop being retarded.

Not likely.

SA got purged way earlier.
If anything they're SS

>being a nazi apologist

You sound like the people who called Hibike Euphonium yuri.

Also Maoist China

And forgot to mention Japanese Empire, now those guys were brutal.

Guys at the start were feldgendarmerie. Military police.

I think what is more retarded is that she thinks a parliamentary democracy/constitutional monarchy is going to militarily intervene on behalf of her country and upend strategic policy just because of a potential marriage to a Prince when Britannia is in a more dire situation and has been locked out of the continent with the fall of not!France.

But I guess this is Japan's idea of political intrigue.

>two girls being friends automatically means the show is yuri

Not even close. I just hate when people take the shit they saw on movies as factual.

What does "one of" mean to you?

So what? Just because it's modeled after it doesn't mean it has the same regime, especially since the show already told you it's an empire.

This is your country princess for today.

I said one of the most brutal regimes.

I wish friends were this close.

I haven't watched it yet. Any cutie nazis?

I find this world weird. You have world war II minus historical characters and minus totalitarian ideologies. There was even partition of Poland (named Livonia which is a region in Latvia).
Even Valkyria Chronicles got this element better.

Finland is a republic.

Still not even close to being one of the most "brutal" otherwise every single nation would be one of the most brutal regimes. Germany is small time compared to what colonialists did.

I can agree with you we are talking about Best Friends.

Sorry, I was thinking about these people. But I forgot the name.
Thanks user. I did not know much about German military police units during WW2 But, I was talking about the blond gentleman and young superior out of uniform. They seemed too trained to be regular military police.

None of these deliberately killed more humans than the Nazi regime.

There is a guy with cute goatie.
For nazi lolis you need to wait for Youjo Senki, I'm afraid.

if we*

Not anymore.
Finé is found to be the rightful heir of Genghis Khan for today as well

yes, if you are into yaoi I guess
Wiat, didn't the purges of stalin plus the famine seem intentional enough?


Sure they didn't.
Just counting the soviets they did many times what the Germans allegedly did. That's just counting pre-WW2 and still managed to kill more people than the whole Third Reich's lifespan.

>no more than 900,000
>Ukrainian famine
>2.5-7 million

>at least 11 million civilians

You're kidding me, right?

What about the mass killings? The expulsions and exterminations of Poles as well as the Slavs?

The Nazis killed and persecuted a staggering number of people in an incredibly short period of time. One the Soviets and a few others surpass their kill count.

But Finland isn't actually Mongol. If anything Finland would have had to turn into a Monarchy after the civil war as was originally planned and Finé would be related to Charles.

>Frederick Charles was elected as the King of Finland by the Parliament of Finland on 9 October 1918. However, with the end of World War I, in light of his German birth and the abdication of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany ending monarchies in Germany, the arrangement was quickly considered untenable by influential Finns of the time and by Frederick himself. Not much is known of the official stance of the victorious allies. Frederick Charles renounced the throne on 14 December 1918, without ever arriving in the country, much less taking up his position. Finland subsequently adopted a republican constitution.

That's a myth.

>11 million civilians

Sources: my ass.

The holodomor + russian famine is well above the 10 million. Add Stalin purges and pogroms.

You're fucking ignorant.


>poland lost 33% of it's population during world war II
>they were all killed by soviets, I swear!

Okay. The Germans didn't kill anyone. it's a myth.

I mean her argument was that it would shift public opinion to support an intervention when it's to save the homeland of the bride of a probably popular Prince.
And you're underestimating how important royalty still was in the early 20th century

Youjo Senki is not Nazi.
It's imperialist.

>a nazi
>nazis popping up in Youjo Senki at all

To be fair Stalin had way more time than Hitler to get his killcount up.

Mostly yeah. Katyn massacre for one, and Soviet occupation at the end of WW2.
Also read about Stalin's Order 428.

>Ruthlessly invade largely defenseless states
>Exterminate large swaths of Slavic people and others under the guise of "muh Aryan superiority"
>Get their anus turned to pulp by these same so called subhumans

Fall of Berlin best day of my life.

>The holodomor + russian famine is well above the 10 million.
Debatable. It's still a famine. Should we count people who died as a result of war started by the Nazis? Because the body count would be above 20 million.

So much fucking this.

I wish the translation efforts didn't die

I'm disappointed other countries that are not fantasy Europe exist.

>People dying due to poor planning and weather is equivalent to orchestrated, industrial-level genocide.


Finns when

I was pleasantly surprised by this show, I watched it expecting very little and got a moderate amount of enjoyment from it.

>Soviet occupation at the end of WW2
>Polish Action
>less than 100,000

Polish historians estimate that the Soviet regime is responsible for 200,000-250,000 deaths. Meanwhile Germans killed 2.5 million ethnic Poles and 3 million Polish Jews.

>Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

wow, this got off topic really fast

Did People get this autistic too when Hellsing came out?

Don't forget the estimated 1.7 million Poles that were expelled from their homes.

>And you're underestimating how important royalty still was in the early 20th century

It certainly was not. WWI was very much the death knell of royalty and monarchs having undue influence with the death knell of Austria-Hungary, the Russian Empire and the Kaiserreich as well as the abolition and cessation of various kingdoms and thrones within the borders of these Empires. If anything the idea a naval empire bottled out of the continent would so freely spend its men in a land campaign is ridiculous, but I guess this is just another Japanese sensibility like fighting an unwinnable land war in Asia.

I feel sorry for German civilians.

>Meanwhile Germans killed 2.5 million ethnic Poles and 3 million Polish Jews.

But Jews aren't people.

Dont worry. Eisenhower made sure they didn't live long. Killed around 3 million Germans in his own death camps.


Damn, I died :(

>t. Cred Forumslack

>Nazis were the bad guys

When will this meme end?


not funny, my dad died because of this

JIDF at full force even on Cred Forums. Disgusting.

Ah, ol' reliable. Simply classify the people you've killed or want to kill as not human and everything is suddenly okay.

Why did they make Tyrol of all places an independent country?

You know these kind of camps are an anglo invention?

Sure, sure. It's propaganda when I dont like it.

Fun fact. First death camps were invented by the British Empire.

Boer War.

>Every time WWII comes up the Cred Forums crowd comes out to troll the fuck out of everyone/actually believe the Nazi's did NOTHING WRONG

There will never be a good historical discussion ever with these faggots around.

Because Tyrols a strong independent principality that don't need no Italy

But you Cred Forumslacks are literally doing the same.

Well sure. Everyone loses war save for those that profit from it.l

Will the Germans ever stop trying to destroy Europe?

People really ought to stop replying to them.

Did all of you retards forgot how the USA exterminated the American Indian genocide? 100 million killed.

>le Cred Forums boogeyman

>mfw this entire thread

I honestly would prefer yuri discussion over this.

At least then we'd still be talking about the actual show.

I still don't get the point of this.

I understand in a work like Valkyria chronicles since the changes are pretty substantial, but if you are gonna be to be SO EXTREMLY close to the real thing...why not to go all the way?

This is the weirdest alternate story work I've seen, usually they work with the actual contries and then change the events or the dates but in this show everything they did was to change the name of the countries.

It's either Cred Forums or /u/ shitposting, pick your poison.

>muh Cred Forums boogeyman
More like trolls baiting people into trolling via Cred Forums-fest, by vaguely complaining about Cred Forums, just like last thread.

No, Cred Forums hadn't ruined Cred Forums by that point in time.

It's exactly that. It's funny how Cred Forumsfags' estimates are even higher than the original Nazi propaganda.

No, we all Heil Hitlered without tumblrinas throwing a fit.

they literally did nothing wrong

I don't know why, but I really want to see her going to Mass, taking the Eucharist, going to confessional, and praying for the welfare of her people before the image of the suffering Christ and the Virgin Mary.

I'm not even Catholic.


>Damaged goods
What's with that scar?

I dont even blame pol, i agree with them on many levels. Its just that i think its pointless to complain so much about a cartoon show. More important things going on in this world than Lesbian Animes.

Well that was predictable. Go back to your safe space you special snowflake.

This is a 卐 thread now.

Just ignore the shitposting and talk about the show. Don't encourage them with (you)s

You're the one who need to shoo away.

Daily reminder that Germany had every right to invade Poland and stop their crimes against Germans.

Britain and France didn't give two shits about Poles or anyone else, they just wanted to keep Germany down. And they invaded Germany first.

It's written by Yoshino. He was the co-writer for Geass, which I guess shows he has a penchant for fictional made up countries similar, but not totally equivalent to their real world counterparts.

But I guess the point is probably because despite the dates a lot of the events aren't at all similar to WW2 and that includes a magic girl secret weapon or Germania still having an monarch.

So we're being raided by Tumblr and they blame Cred Forums for the shitposting?

There are few things that make me as happy as seeing catholic iconography in anime.
That church in Kekkai sensen was beautiful

What crimes?

Didn't watch it unfortunately.

I'm pretty sure she would.
Seeing how her people like her, she must be a good person.

Werent you paying attention?

She saved witch from a mob that wanted to linch her

>/u/ meets Cred Forums meets /k/ meets /his/
what has god wrought

Will she break down in tears to the Priest about her shameful desires?


>He believes that the Polish were committing crimes against the Germans

Herr Himmler's weak ass attempt at casus belli was pretty much entirely viewed as such by almost everyone else. As is there was semi-valid cause to take Danzig and maaaybe a little bit of Silesia, and to compensate the Poles by acknowledging their claims on parts of Lithuania and Czechoslovakia. Hell, originally plans included drawing Poland into the Axis against the Soviets because of the utter fucking wrecking they performed of the Soviets during their war with them in the 20's.

I can't tell who is trolling who anymore, this is getting more complicated than the fucking Italian Wars.

I hope the Youjo Senki anime includes plenty of prayers.

If we get some more blatant WG shilling in here, we can toss /vg/ into the mix, too.

>Building your defense line right on the open plain, instead of using the woods and mountains behind you

Why? The terrain is literally the greatest asset you have in the alps and they threw it away

There's no shame in wanting to protect your people at all cost.

What about the 16 point peace plan that the Poles refused and started getting cocky when they got backed by English and French?

If they are really surrounded by mountains and by not-Germans, how exactly did they expect not British to help them? A massive air campaign

Wait I'm actually pretty sure that british monarchs aren't allowed to marry catholics

Seems to be a new trend. The same shit happens in Goblin Slayer threads and there's no Cred Forums related crap going on there, just rape. I guess anything that causes triggering is going to get the same treatment in the future.

I thought it was different princess/incarnation
And the crown prince wanted her as a wife?

I'm pretty sure this line was supposed to repel possible naval invasion from the lakes.

I'm pretty sure witches don't actually exist

Yeah, because murdering millions of Poles and exiling the rest to prepare Poland for Lebenraum is really the best way to go about protecting the relatively small population of Germans in Poland. The Germans viewed the Poles as subhumans.


By having them land in Not-Normandy and push through Not-France I suppose

After Hitler destroyed Czechoslovakia there was no reason to believe him. He clearly wanted war.

Being catholic is nothing you can't change

So why are the !Nazis invading !Switzerland again?

All for the Lesbo witch so the Emperor can pork a mahou shoujo?

Refused for very good reason. By that point it was obvious that Hitler was not serious about the proposal, and internal german media pretty much confirmed it.

Have fun starving to death on your mountains after losing all your valleys, with your wives and children captured by the enemy.


They had me on the scene with the opera singing overlaying the bombing and fighting scenes
Good shit

I'm pretty sure they didn't have a choice and got enriched by Catholics multiple time in history.

Place your bets:

This anime will have a...
[_] Happy ending
[_] Bittersweet ending
[_] Sad ending

>giving up your own territory to buy peace
>thinking Hitler was serious

you are a cuck.

For that sweet sweet !Toblerone.

That's pretty much the Swiss strategy, and not even the nazis tried to invade them because nobody wants to siege them for years

It's horse shoe theory. Tumblr and Cred Forums are actually very similar. They're both incredibly sensitive and easily triggered. Tumblr is triggered by rape and Cred Forums is triggered when Nazis are portrayed as bad guys.

Well I heared the oppostie

Because muh united germanic speaking people?
Though, I though an invasion of not Switzerland would not go so quick due to the terrain.

>own territory

I was thiniking about this too, how the hell alliance with brits gonna help them? it's not like they can send troops to them
just looks at what happend to kingdom of yugo when they switched sides

[X] Bittersweet ending

They will separate but promise to find her again or some bullshit similar.

That was different woman.
If your theory was right then why didn't she recognized her in

Honestly I see more people complaining about Cred Forums than I see Cred Forums

I vote for an indecisive ending like 90% of anime that will leave me in a drunk state for nights on end.

It's happening again

It's not (not)Switzerland.
It's like an independent Austrian state(Tirol).

New place to shine for Megumin

That's why the guy refused in the end.
You can't deliver personel and equipment when the war is already declared, it would be a suicide for the british/britanian/whatever army.

>In an alternate universe where the fallout of World War II led to a global split that left East Germany and West Germany in charge of the entire left and right hemispheres of the earth
Every fucking time.
It's actually nazis this time though

In a 2 second flashback.

She recognizes her later at the end of the episode. Cause anime characters have amnesia when it comes to childhood friends and never recognize them inmediatly.

Well, Wchwarzesmarken was pretty bad, so you can't blame them.

>Soviet anti tank rifles being used for supernatural purposes
Oh boy, deja vu!

>You can't deliver personel and equipment when the war is already declared,
If you have absolutely no fucking idea of what you're talking about, don't talk.

Oh look, it's more A-1 Sameface


Eylstadt will be saved, but Izetta will sacrifice herself/disappear somehow in the process. A stature will be built in her honor. It still stands to this day.

For comparison.

It's not A-1 you fuckwit.

>you have moral convictions, therefore you're the same as SJWs

It's BUNBUN sameface, not A-1 sameface.

>You can't deliver personel and equipment when the war is already declared,
Are you fucking retarded or soemthing? The point is that at that point it didn't matter, Not LiechenstineTyrol was fucking done for militarily. It'd have been like sending aid to fucking Luxemborg before the Germans declared war.

To be fair this is the most non A1 show ever.

She is literally Cecily

They both recognize each other though

Good catch user.

Everyone has moral convictions. I don't see what you mean.

Smoking is bad.

otakus far removed from reality.

She's a witch.
She overwritten the princess memories.

You are literally kind of retarded, bro.

First of all, she couldn't make out that it was Izetta in the tube because of reasons. Maybe it was too dark, or the screen was too foggy, or whatever. All she could tell is that it was a person inside of it.
Secondly, she's clearly wearing the same clothes in the protecting flashback as she is in the opening flashback.
And lastly, she has the actual scar from when the event in question happened. Check her naked body, faggot. Check it.

Sounds like a Jew more than a Witch.


Izetta is cool

Did you miss the very first minute of the episode?

The horseshoe theory (specifically the elements that frame hardcore leftists to be the same as modern day white nationalists) relies on the thought process that replying to anything is being "triggered". Therefore if I, say, am not a fan of seeing race mixing propaganda and then say so I'm told that I'm the exact same as an SJW. This doesn't actually make any sense because an SJW has the exact opposite morals, political beliefs, etc.
Basically, the only way to NOT be like either a Nazi or an SJW is to just drift through life not saying anything and never attaching yourself to any political opinion.
Apparently being a nihilistic moderate with no real beliefs is the peak of morality.

>believing that the Holodomor wasn't deliberate.
You know there are ways opposing nations can starve civilians right?

it's aldnoah zero all over again. You'll only be disappointed later on.

They also haven't seem to have met recently so even if she did see the figure vaguely through the glass she probably wouldn't recognize her right away.

Shut up you antisemite. It's all a lie stupid racist. The holodomor didn't happen.

Ok then the "holocaust" body count shouldn't matter either since the numbers are way overstated and those who did die died from disease.

I hope the gunbroom is an anti-tank rifle instead of some bighueg magic machine gun.


Are you stupid?
Fine instantly recognized Izetta when she got out of her coffin.

I'm sorry but the behaviour of you Cred Forumsacks is a direct copy of tumblr even including trigger words

>I hope the gunbroom is an anti-tank rifle

It looks like one, so I'd assume it is.

What makes you think that it could be something else than anti-tank rifle if it looks like an anti-tank rifle?

This might be true, but I'm here for the Hanae fuckboy, so unless he's killed all is fine.

>Japs knowing anything about guns
For all we know that thing is a fucking air rifle

Because 90% of the time nips cannot into guns.
Thankfully the military hardware in this show actually seems to be pretty on-model from the first episode.

And as a punishment you'll get fucked in the boipucci.

It's actually a FAMAS

I feel like it's going so set up this really huge plot that will end up going absolutely nowhere because it's only 12 episodes.

Well, they've included more than one tank model so I'm pretty optimistic about military equipment in this show.


Agreed. that scene was very nice and the CG stukas and panzers weren't too bad either. The opera is Mozart's Der Hölle Rache if anyone cares.

>jump out of a train into water
Hope someone else noticed that at that height she would have broken all of her bones and died horribly.
Water becomes like concrete at those heights, we ain't talking non non biyori's bridge jump here we're talking suicide bridge

Reminder that partisans and those who aid partisans aren't civilians

She's a tomboy m8 she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

Happy ending and also not yuri. /u/fags and edgelords killed in one fell swoop.

Poor Prince Henry will be cucked so hard like the real one

but what if that was cartoon water?

It helped that I watched bloodivores before this.

Yes, I immediately thought that as well. You'd have to fall at perfect angle and form to not just die from that, yet they just drop into it however, nevermind the wounded guy.

I'm wondering if they were trying to do Switzerland but used Austria instead due to bad geography or whatever.

They mentioned precision manufacturing in the Opera scene, and we all know that that is a Swiss thing.

It'll fake out with a bittersweet epilogue set years later after Izetta vanishes, then she crashes through the wall.

The transport plane suddenly falling out of the sky once both engines went out wasn't right either. But hey witch magic.

The river was moving which lowers the surface tension. The height wasn't even that much, it's a totally survivable fall.

You know they paid attention to the physics of the scene because they even retained their forward momentum from the train while falling.

Well it clearly was.

But shit dude later in the episode a fucking red haired girl pops out of a stasis chamber and flies around on an anti-tank rifle like a broomstick

Nigga I ain't judgin

>due to bad geography or whatever

They did their research.
Switzerland is Westeria(Neutral country) which we hear about at the beginning.
Eylstadt in more or less Independent Tirol.

It's high enough to break something

>mudding the glorious WWII setting with yurishit

Yes with an impact like that her:


would be flowing out through her cunt and anus.

WW2 is as worn out as a old whore as far as settings go, there's nothing glorious about it.

>Watch the show with thick yuri goggles
>complains about yurishut



Her dress was acting like a parachute and slowing her fall.

Only sad, angry people hate yuri, user.
Are you a sad, angry person?

What yuri? Girls are always close like that.

Anyone have all of the Webms of nazis murdering Fine's people?

And what about the guys that also jumped out with her?

Also dresses do not act like parachutes

We should've gotten a pantyshot.

>Glorious German Reich will lose for a fucking lesbo witch.

I hate Yurifags, not Yuri.
They're the worst, shoving their delusions into everything.

She was holding onto them so naturally they fell slower too.

>only enlightened , joyful people hate yuri


>like yuri
>like notNazi
its very difficult choice for me

patriotism saved them

Which country is Eylstadt supposed to be?
I thought it may be Switzerland, but it's to the west of Eylstadt.

You've given me a fantastic point to use, thank you.

The horse shoe theory applies because you're both incredibly sensitive like said. Where SJWs get offended and extremely triggered when movies don't have a lot of minorities you boys behave the exact same when you see a a movie that features a BMWW relationship of any kind.

For every Tumblr discussion complaining about all those whities in movies there is an equally large Cred Forums discussion about whatever latest move or show is shoving race mixing propaganda down your throats. Everyone in both threads act like hyper sensitive cry babies.

Music for this thread

Yuri - I'm with Her
Anti-Yuri - Dumpf

Only intellectuals like Yuri, if you vote for Dumpf he will kill the Yuri.

It's just western Austria that has become its own country for a reason

Switzerland is probably Westria, the neutral country that they escaped through.

This picture shows how much of dumb goys Americans are.

40/50s America treated niggers like absolute shit and yet they went fighting for it.

Doujin artists will avenge them.
Just you wait until Comiket 91

Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union you stupid cunt.

Then why complain about a show having yuri like the first post did?

>Some random and busty clockers kick nazi ass by power of plot and yuri
>Single handedly tear down berlin

Why? Why would anyone want to watch this?

There's that line again.

The nigs hoped gainning more respect for fitghing against nazis. Never happend.

>"Can't you see! you're both the same!"

Then she would gone splat before shifting the camera to an empty can of blue Acme™ paint.

So, do we like this show?

One side is pushing an idea and trying to normalize things that aren't normal. Others are just living in reality.

Well it's good so that's at least one reason

>trump will kill yuri

How can one man be so based.

Because it's fun

Because we don't need an excuse to enjoy Nazis getting their asses kicked.

>3D eceleb
Fuck off.

Watch it
I'd say yes though, it's too cheesy for redditors to enjoy.

So what exactly is this show about anyways?

Too bad patriotism is not bulletproof

Make anime great again!

Service was mandatory at the time though.

What does reddit think about it? If they like it, then no, we hate it. If they don't like it then it's our AOTS.

An Austrian princess fighting the nazis with the help of an anti-tank rifle riding witch

I see. I was thinking that Austria was divided in two pieces during WW2, I'm glad I'm not becoming insane.

They're not nazis for fuck sake.

But you are. You're both hilariously childish.

>One side is pushing an idea and trying to normalize things that aren't normal. Others are just living in reality.

And that's what both of you would say about each other.

You're both having shit flinging contests over the most trivial, stupid shit there is.

>this man lost his life so the princess could scissor with some random whore

I hope notnazis win.

Is hitler in this show?

Itd be pretty sweet if that racist piece of shit got the crap knocked out of him in the last episode

World War II without nazism and communism but with magical girl.

as nco at best

They're Germans that invade Poland and France during WWII. Even if they have some monachy in this show I'll refer to them as such

>You're both having shit flinging contests over the most trivial, stupid shit there is.
Cred Forums.

The Emperor or glass guy will get some witch powers by machine like pic related to defeat the Yuri.
The lesbo witch will die like Selvaria.

He gave his life so the princess has a chance to save the country.

Why would Austrians fight the Germans when they begged to join the Reich?

I don't see why this approach isn't anything other than a good idea.

It would be fucking hilarious if Germanian emperor turns out to be literal Hitler.

>"Look at me, I'm a cool centrist who who isn't passionate about anything. Heh looks like I win again."

Wow so much hatred.

I hope showing some nazi using witches power like this.


Is this a canned response?

>not being an absurdist/nihilist radical centrist who recognizes the absurdity at being emotionally attached to political ideas

Man I fucking loved that
>Oh, she jumped out of a moving train, what a tomboy!
>Oh, she stole my gun and tried to shoot me, what a tomboy!

Actually I want to see Izetta vs. Germanian witch fight during massive air battle.

Nah m8. I just don't care about race. It's just such a trivial issue that you both take to such extremes. Who gives a shit.

Same, the only race that matters is the Jewish race. They're G-d's chosen people.

I liked how active the princess is. Hope there will be more situations where she can flex her political muscles and maybe even some action scenes for her.

I'm not sure, but think it may be socially acceptable to hate Hitler.

Kudellia os Tomboy blond for the best princess of this season?

Wow user you really are enlightened.

"Izetta, the last witch" probably means she's the only witch

Now you've got me laughing.

>Oh, she and her magical girlfriend bombed our capital to ashes, what a tomboy!

Just like it is acceptable to have communism political parties.

Don't make me whip out those FBI statistics boy.


What is the point of the keyholes?

>Germanian witch
We getting Selvaria Bels 2.0?
Will be Yuri vs Het battle

I know, right. Existence is an endless cycle of misery and striving, we live in the worst of all possible worlds and happiness is an illusion. There is no meaning to our lives and the universe does not care. Morals are subjective and nothing has true intrinsic worth.
You should give nihilism a shot.

It's symbolic. Hime-sama is Izetta's master and thus "has the key" to her prison.

It's makes absolutely no sense to hate him after like 70 years.
He was a product of his time, he did was he thought was right for his people, not a lot of people are capable of that.

You never knew him personally and he did not hurt you.

You know the key and lock metaphor? She's removing the locks shackling her to her cage. Essentially she's saving her from the cage of heterosexuality and releasing her into the freedom of yuri.

Cant wait till Izetta turns all the germanian tanks and planes into scraps next episode. Also OP debut, itssaturdayyet


we need someone like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to make stitches

High chances to gets a not Nazi artificial witch as rival.

Found the respective articles from the newspaper.;art93,818004

>he doesn't know that trauma of the holocaust is passed down through the genes
You're literally causing another shoah.


Does a wicked sense of humor come along with it?

Will it be a decent, mellow show like Sora no Woto?
A bad and dumb but overall average show like Vivid Red Operation?
A dumb, melodramatic, almost nonsensical show like Mai-Otome?
A trainwreck filled with over-the-top edgy shit like rape and betrayal like Guilty Crown?


I pick the middle girl, she looks like from Thermidor, judging by the uniform.

I wish. You'll have to work on building it yourself.

>"Only god can judge me" the post

Wheres the NotNazi girl?

>from the cage of heterosexuality

Aren't keys and holes metaphors of heterosexuality? How would it ever represent yuri?

People like Alexander the Great and be basically went on a genocide trip through persia. Seriously, he genocided entire cities and people praised him for it.

Same with Ghenghis Kahn. That guy was a butcher in control of most of the known world. Ghenghis genocided more people than hitler and there were less people to genocide. Hitler never cleansed an entire fucking cit... okay he tried with leningrad but it wasn't routine. For Alexander and Ghenghis it was routine to cleanse entire cities. Bump that up to modern numbers and hitler was basically just your run of the mill warlord, nothing special.

>literally YuYus

Poor Nazis. They still don't know how fucked they are.

>take you to our emperor

If they are making it Imperial Germany, just make it a re-run of ww1, I'm not sure why all the Nazi references are there.

Still I liked it

>Britain being perfidious even in fiction


There's a variety of facts that better explain that than race. Poverty, broken homes, etc...

You should take a look at Thomas Sowell, he might have some good counter arguments He probably also shares some economic views you might appreciate.

>muh girls can't be close without wanting to scissor each other
>more political debate than talk of the show

Well, fuck these threads. New Cred Forums never fails to disappoint.

Damn, looks like i'm going to have to work hard to become such an easy going individual. But not too hard mind you.

He is busy in Gundam IBO s2 to fuck some fucbois

It would make more sense hate the Japanese then, they killed lot more people than Nazi and in even more gruesome way.

>last episode
>final shot is Corporal Hitler vowing vengeance on the Witch for wiping out his regiment

I don't see Europeans bashing Napoleon, yet he killed/oppressed lots of people.

Hitler hate is a meme these days.

>All female characters will be good
oh no....

They are about to know the power of friendship

So far half the threads have been good, half have been shit.

yeah, but you know times change and what was acceptable for ancient or medieval guys aren't acceptable for XX century, especially from so called civilized nations

>comparing "the Japanese" to Hitler
>comparing "the Japanese" to the Nazis
>comparing "the Japanese" to any one person or political party

Yeah not gonna watch this shit.
Hope for a few decent nazi memes though.
And hope for a decent Yuri doujinshis for fapping.

Why the fuck did the princess all of a sudden replaced her entire staff with cute girls?

Are you saying that it's okay to kill people so long as they think that it's okay to kill people?
Put it in perspective, if ghenghis had access to the wehrmacht he would have killed HUNDREDS of millions.
Hitler was a baby.

Thomas Sowell is a man whom I do indeed hold many similar views too, however poverty and broken homes, while playing some parts into racial crime statistics, still do not fully explain the phenomenon. Even African Americans who come from a middle class background are still more inclined to commit crimes than an impoverished white person as well as scoring lower than IQ tests. Oppression no longer plays into this there has to be something inherently wrong with these people unless there is no explanation for their violent attitudes and low IQs

She has a witch now, she doesn't need to pretend she's open to a political marriage instead of running a harem.

Ghenghis killed so many fucking people you can see it in the fucking atmosphere records- so many people died that carbon dioxide levels went down measurably because so many less people were breathing

>I don't see Europeans bashing Napoleon, yet he killed/oppressed lots of people.
>if I don't see it it must not be true
Get out of your shelter, plenty of people talk and write about him.

>tfw Not Erwin will lose his panzar battalion for fucking lesbo.


I would think she run a male harem since she's a female.

>Are you saying that it's okay to kill people so long as they think that it's okay to kill people?
no, you said that hitler was a product of his time I said that in XX century you should be more civilized than ancient barbarians

If this show go for a bitter end The lesbo witch will die in the last episode.

Not only that, but he deliberately salted entire regions preventing flora from ever growing there again, altering the local weather permanantly. Whole regions are now deserts.

Ghenghis Khan was the first climate changer.

>good guys

>bad guys
>implying Hans won't be a traitor

Poor man Hetalia?

What does time have to do with it?
I never said that hitler was a product of his time. He's a product of humanity. Run of the mill warlord with access to efficient industrialised warfare, and if you put his kills as a % of populations, he's fairly mediocre. His empire lasted what, 0 fucking years? Gotta win a war before you call yourself an empire.

She's from the royal guard of Finé, not Thermidor.

that name is cursed
there's no way he won't be a traitor

I bet this guy will be the stand-out character. He is Germania's Ace Pilot and the only survivor of Izetta's onslaught on their platoon next week.

I bet she argues with and doesn't trust Izetta.

He also filled in the canals and irrigation systems in the fertile crescent, reducing the middle east to a state of poverty that it only recovered from in the last 100 years. It took like 600 years to recover from Ghenghis in the middle east. It is said that the rivers ran black with ink from all the science, mathematics and philosophy that was destroyed.

Hitler did, dare I say, nothing wrong.

>"How can anyone think it's okay to genocide entire groups of people!? I mean c'mon it's 1939!"

The princess will end up in notnazi gay prisoner camp

I think he will get killed early on. The blonde guy left to him will become Izetta's rival

so that's what that whole war is all about

>will become Izetta's rival
...for Fine's affection?

This show will be more focused o air battles.

Japs are much worse, I'm fucking glad USA bombed those pieces of shit.

Airplane vs flying rifle dogfights? I can dig it.

What an angry Korean you are.

Combat rival

Even though they're on the same side?

>tfw The blond guy will be The Ein of this show

Oh shit, that's a !notAustrian uniform, isn't it? Nevermind me then

Are you me? This is also how I feel about fujobait shows.

Well, shit. The bodyguards design made me think we might get a FMA type vibe, but that female:male split makes me worry about world vibe.

Like they're not confident in their material so they try and add even more cute chicks to cover it.

I forgot about the commies fuck em also.

>''I want kill that lesbian!"

Should be, but it wasn't. In many ways the 19th and 20th century was far more savage than any of the preceding millenia.

>It's WW2 but all the countries have different names so it's an entirely new and original world
Between this and "trapped in an MMORPG" replacing regular fantasy, I'm starting to think the Japanese have run out of creativity.

>any negativity towards Japanese
>must be Korean
I don't get this meme.

>USA's representative is a blonde girl with big tits

What if they make an anime about people trapped in an WWII MMORPG?

Historical AU anime are a rare sight.

I want some Nazi power armor to crushe this lesbo

Someone has not read Vasenka

Then I hope it at least has the common decency to be so bad it swings back to being good, making it an unlikely masterpiece.

name one

She's NotAustrian too.

You're playing my jam dude.

Yeah. Middle school girls get even cozier with holding hands while hugging.

I honestly see nothing yuri about this image.

I hope with some witch magic bullshit

I want /tg/ to fuck off

She's from America.
Read her bio.

Took you this long? The sooner you accept cute girls are the only good thing with staying power to come out of anime the sooner you'll be happy again.

Sorry. I mean **Atlanta**.

>capital of not!Germany is called Neue Berlin

Cred Forumsx/u/ anime


>Not posting the full size

>"Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the
Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a
Swiss militiaman: 'You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we
attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?' The soldier replied: 'We
will shoot twice and go home.'"

I hope this show having like pic related.
He will try make experiment to find the cure of Yuri

I find this offensive and bigoted.
Not every gay person put make up or wear flashy clothes.

They are invading Liechenstein or Tirol

but hitler wear it

This is nice, but I just want to see a battle crazed loli (who is actually a japanese business man) fighting in not!WW1.

And you will

>invading Liechtenstein
Is it even possible, physically speaking? I think three soldiers armed with nothing but knives would be able to take Liechtenstein in about three hours.

Read up on Liechtenstein's glorious military history and then think again.

The man who decided to give her an ahoge is a genius.

I'm sorry, I forgot about the brave army of 80 men who bravely didn't fight at all in 1866.

>Sieg Reich

Ask Switzerland. They invaded (accidentally) Liechtenstein twice during military training and no one took notice.

Don't forget, 81 returned home.

The lesbo witch is too OP. The not nazis need some bullshit


Flaying Saucer to fuck the lesbo witch

AU anime during Napoleonic wars when

I want cute girls in fancy uniforms.

Fight bullshit with bullshit. I'm sure they're tring to research some witch knock-offs based on the lesbian.

CC, what are you doing?


>Napoleon wasn't a manlet, he was actually just a loli

Don't worry after his defeat to Izetta NotNazi ace pilot will volunteer for knock off magic experiment that will drive him crazy killing everyone around him and yuri frendship magic will have to save the day.

>World war two
>literally everything is the same
>but all the High Commands have loli generals

>emperor reveal
>manlet with toothbrush moustache
>is a mahou shojo (male)

cannot wait

Is this an anime original or based on something?

Original, obviously.

It's based on World War 2.

So he will be a Ein?

That's good, if it was based on a LN, I'd drop this.


If Britain's really secretly evil, she'll probably agree to marry him politically, then Izetta will have to rescue her after she stops angsting and realizes it was a trick.

I can totally imagine the studio meeting for this concept.

>hey guys, lets do a strangreal WWII anime. We can have dynamic politics, accurate weapons, and good characters! I think -
>shut your whore mouth, that's boring. it's missing something...
>fine, we'll do a capable princess with some idea of politics. Then maybe some underground fact-
>Nope, not enough. We need more viewers. when was the last lesbian anime?
>wait what?
>yeah, give her nice tits too, and make the tomboy hot.
>but guys, my strangereal

When did you realize that Izetta is actually Code Geass prequel?

Holy Britain Empire exists here

The event take place before it wins the war and aquires Witches power that become the core of its dominance.

It even starts same way, with MC finding the Witch being transported in a capsule.

Its 70+ years befor CG. Will we see CC cameo?

Yeah, I said obviously because if it were based on something like an LN, this thread would have a lot more spoilered text


She opened the lock without a key. i.e. dicks are unnecessary.

The title is Izetta: The Last Witch, there are no other witches which would include CC.

Plus all the characters are reasonably proportioned.

what about a mage?

Only anglos are this rude to each other.




Izetta is last known witch at that time - and even there, Witches were considered at that point merely a legend - including the Weisse Hexe on the painting, since long time passed since they were seen for real.

In CG existence of witches, or magic in first place, wasnt known publicly either.

Also CC is special since she is immortall, which Izetta clearly isnt.

Also, CCs initial planned name was Cecile/Cera - so look around in Izetta under that name , might just spot her later.


Crashing this plane.

They didn't even change the map a little.

Is this your first fictional story? This shit isn't even anime-specific.

stuka is best plane

The title is foreshadowing, there are lots of witches but in the end Izetta will kill them all and be the last of her kind.

I giggled when they actually did the bomb releases and airhorns correct to those era stukas.

>oh what this anime could have been.

well, there is no free city of Danzing but thats it

>3DPD logic

>CC is special
No. All Codes are immortal, like VV was, user.

What the fuck was the princess trying to negotiate?

She was trying to convince Britain to send an expeditionary force to fight for some bomfuck mountain country. And her offer is to get production rights for some equipment and to marry the prince? Who the fuck she think she is?

Yeah, let me send a suicidal army just to marry this mountain bitch.

relax dude it's just a cartoon
it's just how it is, rather silly

Only if it covers the Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig

Men will do a lot of things for that pussy.

Also, marriages of royalty have a lot of clout. You can start wars and broker peace over marriages.

You know how WW1 started, user?

How the not!british guys were even planning to transport a force that could put a good fight against not!Germany to small, inland country covered in mountains? Through not!Italy?

>It's written by Yoshino. He was the co-writer for Geass
This shit will be a not sequel for CG.

>And her offer is to get production rights for some equipment and to marry the prince?
The Britbongs wanted to buy off their corporation and move them into notBritain. She refused.

Then the prince proposed to her. She refused.

Now that her country got invaded she went "h-hey guys I'll give you these things you wanted so just help me" and it was too late.

She wanted to ally with Britain to discourage Germania from attacking them and have Britain mount another land campaign to strain Germania's forces. Hopefully that way they wouldn't attack her country.

That's why the ambassador told her it was all too late when he got news her country was already being taken over.



>Since you know, 88mm won't shred airplanes.

She's desperate user.
She'd do anything to protect her country.

Only if it covers the battle of Austerlitz too.

Yeah, who the fuck would get themselves into a massive world war over an alliance with some duke?


Two problems, friend
1. CG Britannia is NOT Britain. At the start of the series Britain is part of the EU. The Holy Empire of Britannia is the British monarchy after it fled to America (which never became independent in the CG universe) when Napoleon invaded. Napoleon was assassinated after succesfully invading Russia and the EU was established with Paris as the Capital (this is why Schneizel in Season 2 talks about making peace "with France" rather than with the EU: it's effectively the same).
2. In CG, WW2 never happens. Napoleon wins, Europe is united, the Britannian royal family fucks off to North America.

It's impossible for shuumatsu and CG to take place in the same universe.

Yeah in the 15th century. Not 20th century.

This isn't about an alliance. This is about a hand in marriage. A war for pussy in the 20th century.

Also, Not!France already got its ass handed to them and the Not!Britain as well. How the fuck she expects Not!Britain to protect a landlock country in the Alps.

And why the fUck is Not!Germany even interested in this non-country.

What do you mean by "get into"?
Britannia is already at war with Germania in the story.

Sasuga Princip.

Kill yourselves yurishitters.

Absolutely retarded how the mix serious elements with silly gun-riding half naked lesbian witches.

Welcome to anime, son.

That's japan for you.
The WWII experience was so much that they can't even discuss it without putting shit like this.

This is what I came to see

combining ww2 with half naked lesbian witches is a proven formula

The Strike Witches are fully clothed.

Retardedly great.


This kind of ridiculous shit is the only reason I still bother with anime.

No where else would you find tomboy princesses, lesbian magical girls flying rifles, and Hitler, come together into a (seemingly) plausible story.

Fuck lesbians. We need SSj Hiltler animated.

>women with officer ranks

>and why the fuck is Not!Germany even interested in this non-country
Dude the Nazis were like, evil and stuff man. There wasn't any reason for what they did they were just evil.


I wish.

Potentially due to the advanced and precise production techniques they have, or maybe it's a similar situation to Denmark and Norway where something happened the compromise their neutrality in Germania's eyes. Which is probably what happened, considering how the princess is trying to get military support for her nation from the British.


There is no Hitler guys, they have an emperor. We WW1 now.

My suspension of disbelief can get around that.
However the staff seemed to at least bother to make the military aspect of the setting faithful.

Feminism started earlier in this world. That's why all the countries are weird alternate versions.

Maybe there are special circumstances for her having that rank, like who am I kidding, she's there to be cute and to surround the princess with more inoffensive pussy.