How do you feel about this?

How do you feel about this?

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Fuck off you idiot.

Where do we go if shit goes down? This is the most important question.

Fuck off.

stop wasting bandwidth fag

I feel like he should delete all of the homo boards, condense the 6 video game boards and make every board a red board.

I literally dont even know how i'll function without this site

Like i dont use normie social media and shit this is my only outlet

Fuck off to /qa/.

Cool I'll suggest he close Cred Forums then and all the anime related boards.


I feel like all the edgy retards who go "lmao who cares if the site dies" are the ones who got here 1-2 years ago from Reddit or Facebook and don't get it at all.
For them even if the site dies they can go back to their favorite subreddit or the lastest epic facebook meme page.

Why does Ryuuko have a Rinnegan?

Fucking retard.

There's 3 threads up already you blind fuckboy

Breaking news everyone, Hiro is looking for excuses to datamine Cred Forums.

Forums are a fucking hell, I don't want to go back to that. There's s o many boards on Cred Forums that just cannot exist anywhere else, once this place dies, the kind of high speed topics will die off for good... the closest thing would be fucking reddit.

I have been posting since around 06 and think if this website goes Cred Forums posters will probably coordinate on places like the archive to find a new home, without all the shitty cancer attracting boards, and we will get along fine but I prefer that not have to happen.


Take your offtopic garbage and fuck off.

>yfw moots steps in to save the site

Congratulations, you just killed Cred Forums fuckhead.

>3D picture

Maybe it's better that way.

He will come back, right?

>thinking google would """""save""""" the site

>uses his google money to save Cred Forums

I want to believe

what's the monster in the OP with my wife?

I doubt moot even cares about us anymore at this point. He got his shekels and now works for Google; he didn't even wish Cred Forums a happy birthday.

Bypass the captcha by signing in with your Google+ account.

>tfw I missed his farewell because I was sleeping

That's Ryuko, from Kill la Kill

Why would this cuck piece of shit ever come back? A massive amount of users here hate him and rightly so.

From moot's farewell news post:
>I've spent the past two years working behind the scenes to address these challenges, and to provide Cred Forums with the foundation it needs to survive me by bolstering its finances, strengthening its infrastructure, and expanding and empowering its team of volunteers. And for the most part, I've succeeded. The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades. Team Cred Forums is also at its largest, and while I've still been calling the shots, I've delegated many of my responsibilities to a handful of trusted volunteers, most of whom have served the site for years.

>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever
>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever

Reminder that Hiro is a greedy fuck who's lying.

I'd rather have google directly datamining us, than being datamined to shady shit by a fucking nip.

To be fair moot left like 18 months ago

>tfw big language-exclusive forum in my country

>Cred Forums integrated with Google+ and YouTube.
I don't want to be saved.

I mean the cat

Introducing the Cred Forums Heroes Program.

that was befire all the shit that Cred Forums brought over


are you ready for 1MB filesize limit?

>they do it for free

>inb4 google realizes that google+ is shit
>decides to turn it into an anonymous imageboard
>moot is the leader

That's not really a problem though. Just resave your images with the tinypng/compresspng service.

The party hats have become bitter sweet now

Are you ready for the gook to start a pass only death battle poll to decide who stays and who goes?

>mfw Cred Forums pass useres can post whenever they want
>everyone else is only allowed to post on the weekend

why not just institure file size limits on the more popular boards?

Fine with me, we're all already feeding google anyway.

>it still fails because there is no mainstream demand for imageboards whatsoever

>and rightly so


Like this one?

>post yfw when you realize the rules and regulations talk was a distraction to get ready to completely gut this place

Feels good man.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Normies often don't even know how to save images on their Facebook machines anyway.

Reminder that everyone hates Hiro.

>September 2012
ultimate cuck

Cred Forums is not that popular nowadays.

You are kind of dumb.

Cred Forums to moot was a project he loved and just wanted to keep alive.

Cred Forums to Hiro is something he purchased as a business he wants to make money from not out of charity. Business exists to make money, if a business cannot make enough money to be viable that business fails. Hiro isn't interested in running Cred Forums to keep it from "going under financially".

Hiro is interested in running it as a business that makes him money for his time and that isn't unreasonable at all, not even slightly. People don't go to work for free, they go there and exchange their time for money. If you weren't able to take at least a decent wage from a site like Cred Forums each year for yourself why would you bother putting time and effort into it if you purchased it as an investment?

Popular enough to cut filesize limits in half.

I love how the pass retards are proud of their 2012/13 signature.

delete all porn boards
delete all non-anime boards
rangeban Australia, Canada and Sweden
make Cred Forums nip games only

then move the deleted boards to a another side where the normies can roam free
permaban on non anime reaction images

>Hiro turns Cred Forums into Guilty Crown.
>Cred Forums pass are voids and the longer you've had them the more you can post.
>shit voids aka no pass means you can only post once a day.

>tfw Cred Forums is the only joy you have in life
>it's dying
Time to pull the trigger

I just bought a pass. But I would probably be fine with just discord

>supporting 4cucks is a bad thing

Be glad you still post here because VIP users are keeping Cred Forums alive :^)


>defending gook

2ch is not different user. Same shitposters.

Other than bypassing the captcha, what actually useful benefits do you get from the pass?

Genuine question. I know the feature list, but I want to know what ones are actually useful.

You can make same picture about moot
Cred Forums pls

Not even pol. Everyone's so scared of pol nowadays though.

You get a reduced post cooldown time and a pretty green tramp stamp.

That's it.

Make all boards passposters only.
There, i fixed both the bandwidth and posting quality problems.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2013.

You can shit post faster

>doesn't know the Hiro memes

I could done without the tramp stamp

You can post using vpn and proxies as I know. Good feature in dark times. Like when Cred Forums was banned in Russia

God damn it, why doesn't Hiro just start accepting donations? Not accepting them was one of moot's stupidest choices, there are enough people that genuinely care about this site but aren't into Cred Forums pass jew shit that would gladly donate whatever they could if they knew the site that was their home needed it.

Nowhere. How many years of preparation have we had, and in those years when have we ever had any reasonable conclusion?

for those who want to start checking for other imageboards

then this would be like SA but with shitposting

It is just fairly simple logic, the motivations are completely different and it is unreasonable to expect a business to keep running your favourite site whilst not making money just because someone else with an emotional attachment to the site was willing to do it for nothing.

You get to vote on the banner contest

>Hiro memes
Everyone here is EOP

moot accepted donations back in like 05 and never did it again

KLK saved anime but can it save this site

>I had forgotten about the Russia ban
Good times.

>Other than bypassing the captcha, what actually useful benefits do you get from the pass?
Sometimes I'm lazy to even login and click on captcha to post.

Cred Forums pass is not even remotely helping you to avoid bans.

No benefits but no captcha. It's mainly to support Cred Forums and that's it. Captcha is not even annoying to click on desu.

it's over

Is moot even still alive? He hasn't posted anything online for like 3 months.

/c/ merge with Cred Forums
/e/ merge with /h/
/wsr/ merge with /r/
/vr/ merge with Cred Forums
/w/ merge with /wg/
/r9k/ and /s2s/ merge with Cred Forums
/u/ and /y/ merge with /lgbt/
/3/ merge with /gd/
/po/ merge with /tg/ or /asp/
/qst/ merge with /tg/
/trv/ merge with /out/
/jp/ merge with Cred Forums
/cm/ and /hm/ merge into one board
/gif/, /s/ and /hc/ merge into one board

Shit that don't belong here anymore:
Cred Forums

He is working on Youtube Heroes

>Cred Forums pass is not even remotely helping you to avoid bans.
Wait, does it claim to do this?

No internet in the Google mines.

Yeah, this:

At least be a little more distinguished with the threads you post this in, at the very least.


Do not fuck with any of the boards except /new/ (pointless due to Cred Forums) and /trash/ (self explanatory).

I can no longer live without Cred Forums Pass. I will kill myself if I have to select all storefronts again.

He's still lookin good

Looks like failed project. What the fuck youtube?

I doubt anyone will even look at that thing let alone chance to visit one of the several hundred boards there. If he was dropping the link directly to one of my favourite alternative imageboards directly in these threads I could understand being annoyed but this is nothing, be lucky if those sites even get 1 visitor between 10 of them from it.

Cred Forums raided it.

My tile selection muscle memory and ability to know what the captcha wants from me without reading the prompt are the closest things I have to super powers.

Cred Forums has a userbase that large?

>Wait, does it claim to do this?

No but some people might think it's some VIP account that gives you more rights than to a normal user.

It doesn't.

Oh I actually forgot to mention one important thing. Cred Forums pass is actually helping you to avoid ISP range ban afaik.

Delete all 3D porn boards and normalfaggot infested boards like /soc/ and /adv/.

Man, Cred Forums's fucking mascot has made the news several times now. Normies are openly relating Pepe to Trump.

Cred Forums might just be the largest board on Cred Forums right now
It was already bigger than Cred Forums last year

>Cred Forums pass is actually helping you to avoid ISP range ban afaik.
How so?

It was a rhetorical question since i know for a fact that it doesn't have that many posters.
Seems more like you crybabies just like to label anything you disagree with as Cred Forums.

So our options are
>have Cred Forums run slow as shit, close down boards, filesize limits
>malicious/virus riddled ads which probably won't generate much money anyways since a majority use adblockers
>have to pay to use all the features of the site

I'm not sure what I'd do without this site. I'll still use it no matter what but this fucking sucks. Good job Hiro.

>he got keked by a cat

I can't think of something more pathetic than this.

or delete Cred Forums

Shit i forgot to log in.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2013.

If your ISP is range banned because some assholes DDOSed Cred Forums from it, you can avoid the ban using Cred Forums pass.

I'm not sure about it thought but afaik it works like that.

I wouldn't mind donating, but I don't trust hiroshimoot.

If you delete a board the people who post there will just migrate to a different board.

Cred Forums Pass bypasses any range bans.

Literally the only place on the internet where you can openly discuss any political ideology with zero censorship. It's also a smorgasbord of different countries discussing different subjects with complete openness, it would be horrible to see it go.

They can start shitposting on other boards, but will most likely soon get deleted. Unless they go to Cred Forums, in which case they'll just be one part of that shitfest.

>delete all porn boards
>delete all non-anime boards
>make Cred Forums nip games only

Has there been a more emasculated post made in internet history?

>some people really thinks about deleting big boards
You missed some concept. Those boards are corral. If you remove corral, cattle will start looking for new corral and invade other comfy boards.

Make Cred Forums great again.

then find somewhere else.

>how do you feel about this?

But user, some of them might be nice posters, you shouldn't be bigotted just because there's probably only a few bad apples.

Well of course. I just generalize for simplicity

We can merge some boards though. /vp/ can go to /vg/, and many porn boards can merge together as well.

So let the mods do their job and and ban them after the disperse

This is actually a sound and reasonable post. Ideally this is what Cred Forums should be but failed miserably. So instead of discussion it is mainly shitposting. I think it needs better moderation, but that could be said the same for almost all popular boards anyway.

>Cred Forumstards will invade /u/
>Cred Forumsfags will invade Cred Forums
>/r9k/idiots will invade anything except tfw no gf threads once a week
And if they try, just ban them. There will be a rough first week and they will get bored afterwards


I don't really get this argument.
Cred Forums used to be a board with a semblence of quality in the past, with relevant and often funny conversations going around.
I used to like Cred Forums and it was fairly fun theorizing and enjoying happenings and having laughs at salty liberals, nevermind all the OC with either funny shit or infographs that were well or not so well researched.
Thread OPs were actually well typed out instead of single sentence shitposting (You) mines.

Then GG and the cuck affair hit and the board has not managed to recover, it's basically turned into a Cred Forums without as much porn.
Nobody on Cred Forums actually likes the board, they just use it to offload their shitposting, all the medium quality posters left for other radical websites to discuss their topics.
Nobody on Cred Forums is actually attached to the board by community as you would expect from other boards, it's a grey mass of retards shilling and flag-collecting and just generally loading off their garbage.

Cred Forums is dead and killing it would put it out of it's misery it's currently in.

Unfortunately the more popular a board is, the more underage faggots appear to stir the pot. Some of the best threads I've ever seen have been on Cred Forums, undoubtedly most of the worse have appeared there as well.

>just ban
You can't even report shitposters in Cred Forums without getting warning 99% of time. One kid in /m/ was able to shitpost all days untill ISP ban. Just one. Same for /ic/ and their Malasia user. Ban lmao

>this jap can't even handle moot's job in the first 10 months

>So instead of discussion it is mainly shitposting
For all the
threads there's just as many
>Cred Forums BTFO!!! HOW WILL Cred Forums EVER RECOVER!!!

it's been like almost two years

Yes, and?

What's particularly hard about this situation?

You don't have to close down boards or anything.
Increase the cap on file sizes for the less image intensive boards which is a majority of them. Or better yet divert bigger uploads to external sites like imgur or what have you.

Set up the occasional Wikipedia esque donations and voila crisis solved. What's with people being so dramatic that we have to nuke half the site to stay alive?

Ban this faggot first.

Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall.
If you want changes, you must get the mod team to actually do their job for a while

You let it die

You let every incompetent underaged fuckwit that currently populates this website be completely lost and surrender to reddit

You let a new place startup in the underground that only the right kind of individual will find

You DON'T let Chanology happen again

You keep newchan safe

Actually it's a little around a year. What the hell did you mean two?

I thought Pepe was /r9k/'s mascot.

>If you want changes,
I don't cares about other boards except /ic/, /vg/ and Cred Forums.

Then maybe he shouldn't have added more boards. And all of them are useless too. /aco/? /qa/? /trash/? /qst/?

/his/ and /wsr/ are fine though.

Cred Forums has zero chance of being deleted, so, I don't care

Most of it isn't Cred Forums though it's shills. Nothing can be done about it aside from more moderation.
>y-youre just paranoid
Yeah because it's not like Cred Forums hasn't been a target for social media advertising campaigns before.

I'd be totally fine with going back to web 1.0 Cred Forums.

Kill Cred Forums. Cred Forums doesn't generate revenue so he can kill popular boards if he wants. Cred Forums is the worst popular board so we can get rid of it and all the alt-right/Stormfront retards will leave to cripplechan or whatever.

Why else did you think Moot left ship? This was pretty obvious.
I bet he will do all three.

Just do a Cred Forums donation drive, dumb nip.

can't wait when all Cred Forums remains will invade my Cred Forums.

Delete porn boards. They are literally worthless.

No, but we sink with the ship.
If the finances are going in the trash to the point where Cred Forums starts serving malicious ads when you view the page

Don't forget autists.

cry wolf enough and no one will believe you

Increase moderators a 100%, ban anyone that posts off-topic content. Make them cry about censorship and leave to a new safeheaven.

Please do, good riddance.

Just buy a pass for yourself and your frie-

he's just going to reduce the file size a bit, and delete some of the useless boards he created, like /trash/ or /news/

I don't think he has the malicious ads as his first option

stamp is optional

>delete all boards except for Cred Forums and Cred Forums
>heavily moderate Cred Forums
>everyone will eventually leave for something else unless they like anime

Yeah. Great way to ruin Cred Forums

Cred Forums is full of normalfags, they'll find some other site.

Make Cred Forums, and /vg/ text boards.

Then why would anybody choose to use it?

>heavily moderate Cred Forums
Yeah, that'll work.

Off-topic content has always been against the rules.

To shitpost I guess

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2016.

>>heavily moderate Cred Forums
So reddit?

how are all the other boards taking this news?

Ban shippers, problem solved.

To be special?

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2014.

Just enough to keep the shitposters spilling over from the dead boards away.

>install malware in Cred Forums
>everyone's antivirus goes apeshit
>majority leaves
>only the brave dudes devoted to their addiction stay

Heavily moderate Cred Forums for a month until Cred Forums refugees lose interest.

>Moderate Cred Forums
Let the panda be free in the wild,do not confide it in a cage like bird

I keep seeing this everywhere, what has Cred Forums done to piss off ever other board?

No just make sure off-topic posters are banned or timed out and enforce the same post quality rules that they usually do on Cred Forums (no smilies, no non-sense text, no completely off-topic blogposting).

No most people hate it and most of the content creators don't support it. so their fans flock and dislike it. It didn't need a Cred Forums raid to get that many dislikes.

I bet 15 bucks that mods would give up sooner.

Hiroyuki should just delete Cred Forums, /mlp/, /r9k/, /lgbt/, /soc/, /hc/, /vp/, Cred Forums, /r/ and Cred Forums.
That would solve the problem.

>if x popular normalfag board is deleted, for example Cred Forums, they will flood the rest of the site and shit it up
For a week. By the 2nd week the overwhelming majority will have moved on to twitter, reddit or tumblr. They browse them and everyone knows about it. After a month, a dozen or so dedicated idiots will have stuck around, some of the crossboarders will go back to their other boards and most of the normalfag userbase that flock those boards like cancer will be gone.

How will I post my dank white supremacy memes?




/soc/ too.

delete Cred Forums

ascii of course

nah they beat goobergate the same way


>no captcha
how convenient

I have better idea
>newfags without 600TV minimum are not allowed to post in Cred Forums
>ban LN/VN threads
>ban any related to LN/VN posts

Brings too much traffic and often spills out to other boards with off topic discussion.
I don't mind racism and all that, but it's not really relevant on most boards.



It's already there.

I have an emotional attachment to this site.

You can't just say we migrate just like that.

It really isn't that simple.

I didn't read your post, and I chose Cred Forums.

It's more or less that Cred Forums is pretty much everywhere in some form. Cred Forums is the most visited board on the site. However, it's only really due to the current elections that it's so prevalent. Once the elections are over, it should calm down significantly.

did you mean to say ERP's?

What about my qt Skyrim girls? I think those two boards are bad boards to get rid of.

>Start the whole "moot came up with YouTube Heroes" thing as a fucking joke
>Now people are parroting it as fact

I kind of feel like I should apologize to him now.

ESL here, great idea.

>Ban VN/LN
How bout you go fuck a duck

>get pass or get virus
Sounds good to me

But other than a few extra small boards nothing has changed. Whole thing smells fishy as the site has somehow gone from breaking even/small profit to making a big enough loss to make radical changes over that time without nothing major changing.

>Cred Forums to Hiro is something he purchased as a business he wants to make money from not out of charity
That just makes Hiro a retard if true. Why you you buy something that is hard to make profitable? The site has a notorious reputation and the user base would abandon the site if anything truly radical was done to make money out of it. Breaking even/small profit is the best you will probably ever get with this site.

Brings unwanted attention

A midget could jump out of my disk drive and slap me across the back of the head every time I visit Cred Forums, and I'd still probably come here on a daily basis.


Let Cred Forums die, then we can start over without the Cred Forums and /soc/.

Yeah that'll work wonders for the remaining boards who will have to deal with the fallout.

Just migrate to another chan once hiro fucks things over. It's in his DNA to fuck shit over.



>remaining boards who will have to deal with the fallout.
They already have though.

Cred Forums has already spread its cancer across all corners of the website.

>super secret club
>after a week every /vg/ guild got wind of it, full of ERPs
>after two weeks we're back to square 1 because site can't handle the traffic
This isn't 2004 anymore. Information spreads. Fast.

Stop hosting pictures altogether, use embeded.

user is right though. Fuck off back to /jp/ and go to play the detective there, nerd.

I say we kill every board that's above Cred Forumss line

You think it's bad now?

It's fucking nothing compared to what will happen when they chimp out.

Yet your post is just shitposting.

This is new world.
This is world with rules and heavy moderation.
Nipples are not allowed
Lewd pictures are not allowed.
No more To Love-Ru threads
Remove EOP

I dont think Cred Forums benifits from having erps aroun.

Why does Cred Forums hate Cred Forums so much? If someone brings up something politics related or says something even slightly racist they get called a Cred Forumsfag.


How long till I can upvote here?

It's called an image board for a reason, senpai.

Look at how many posts Cred Forums has per day.
Now imagine just half of those posts get distributed to the rest of the site.

Cred Forums has Tumblr.
Cred Forums has Reddit.
Cred Forums has MAL.

Now I feel the need to rewatch Armitage III.

Spamming cuck is not bringing up something political

I don't want to go to MAL.

Not even once

Yeah your opinion surely matters to anyone, retard

Polack here.
One of our boards does a simple thing.

It displays a message that's like "this site has been shut down by police, your IP address has been logged" when you try to access it. Basically, it's like sadpanda, all you need is a certain cookie you can add manually.
After that it shows some gay porn (very loud) and disabling it is not easy because it changes weekly. Sometimes it replaces the posts with quotes from Holy Bible. In general, one random thing that makes average dude go "WTF".

And that's it.

please no

Soon. Cred Forums pass users will then have the ability to upvote and downvote content on the board, captcha free.

>bad boards to get rid of.
Not the boards, the images. Hiro has a bandwitch problem so get rid of the main problem instead of screwing niche boards that won't affect the servers cost. Deleting all the porn would be the best way of doing that but who knows what he is going to do.

>only one option

Why would you be bringing up politics on Cred Forums?
Maybe people tell you to go to Cred Forums because you're being off-topic?

You don't get it, without their containment board, Cred Forums don't have as much of a foothold on this site as they once said.

By deleting Cred Forums, the users of Cred Forums are saying "you're pieces of shit and we want you to fuck off".

Without their "Ebig Trump XD" containment board they have nothing and will just fuck off to Stormfront where they belong.

but that's where you belong you massive cock gobbling faggot

I'd go to the cripple's failed abortion before MAL.






>If someone brings up something politics related or says something even slightly racist they get called a Cred Forumsfag.
It's okay. I'm being called /reddit/ thousand of times.

>a/ has MAL
Literally Gaia 2.0

>Hiro has a bandwitch problem
Hiro has a cash flow issue as in not enough money is flowing into his wallet.

Site is fine, he just wants more profit. You stupid fucks will fall for anything.

Containment boards aren't containment boards they're breeding boards.
Get rid of Cred Forums and get strict on Cred Forums posts for a few weeks and it'll be gone.

No, you go back to gaia.



You only post in madoka circlejerks anyway, you don't even watch anime

I'd rather eat my own shit then go to MAL

Kana captcha.

He could just get rid of /wsg/ and /gif/. That would solve a shitton of problems.

Yes, the amount of Cred Forums posters would drop sharply, but the fallout would still be catastrophic. Cred Forums is more active than goddamn Cred Forums now. Even if only half of them stuck around it's still a lot of people.

Delete Cred Forums already

Don't feed the attention whore, retard.

Pussy. Kanji captcha.

Why the fuck Cred Forums has so much traffic?

>he thinks the people from Cred Forums come from stormfront

How long have you been here?

No, I'm a quality poster unlike you.

You're doing something wrong, then.

Don't call me retard, faggot.

That'd work too.

Delete pictures in Cred Forums.
We don't need underage memes and reaction pics.
Like 2ch Cred Forums

This, Cred Forums has been self sustaining since the 04 and 05 server crisis, when moot took donations due to the site ballooning in popularity. Since the newfag influx of 09 it's been an uphill battle but moot balanced the budget with ads and VIP passes. Now this asshole hiro just wants to make a profit.

Kill yourself.



This is factually incorrect. As is obvious with my posting in Danganronpa threads, manga threads, Monogatari threads, and a few others.

Don't call me faggot, retard

That's Cred Forums, not Cred Forums

Getting too old for Cred Forums

You don't actually believe this do you?

What politics? There is not a SINGLE thread about politics on Cred Forums right now.

Oh right except for these threads that you're all whining in right now.

Double (You)'s for pass users.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2016.

Presumably referring to individual posts, not entire threads.

Cred Forums has enormous cross-over with Cred Forums. They'll all just come here.

what's stopping user from going to google-translator to get their captcha solved?

Time consuming

>Cred Forums has MAL.

I'm not going anywhere for anime discussion. If Cred Forums dies, maybe there's THAT chan, or another chan that may pop up, but otherwise, I'll just go back to watching anime alone.

moot said that most Cred Forums users are exclusive to Cred Forums ages ago, that there wasn't much cross-pollination between them and other boards (and the boards they had the most cross-pollination with were Cred Forums and /vg/)

Which is why you pair with temporary strict moderation.
Be tough on the refugees, ban them and send them somewhere else.
I think Cred Forums would appreciate the irony.

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So the 3 options available going forward seem to be:
Welcome intrusive and malicious ads to make more money and cover server costs

Cull the website's population and amount of hosted content significantly to reduce overhead

Or find a way to either make the Cred Forums pass a viable form of monetization, or create a new source of monetization, which will cover server costs moving forward indefinitely.

Since we can pretty safely consider both the 1st and 2nd to be failure-states for the website, let's talk turkey:
What would make you buy a Cred Forums pass? What features would have to be present, and what features would have to be absent for a Cred Forums pass to be a justifiable expense, both in terms of actual monetary value (am I getting my money's worth) and ethical value (do I approve of this practice)? How do we make this something that enough users would be happy to pay for to keep the site funded without creating a two-tiered system of special snowflake gold accounts?

You do know Hiromoot isn't going to delete Cred Forums no matter how people bitch about it. He won't kick out a huge chunk of its userbase and it would only make things worse and spread its cancer across all the boards. When he said "cancel some boards" he meant the irrelevant,deserted ones like /3/ that only take worthless space.

Fuck this site anyways

I think it's something that shouldn't even be a problem. Things could be easily solved if Hiro allowed for users to make donations. Seriously, the solution is so simple and obvious that it's ridiculous that things have gotten to this point in the first place.

Wouldn't surprise me but it's probably more people from Cred Forums, Cred Forums and other shit boards.

Like what? Someone says nigger on Cred Forums? oh the humanity.

see you at the other side user. I know we will meet again
you are exaggerating. most crossboarding happens between Cred Forums and Cred Forumsk/v/.
Just try and make a "Which other boards do you visit" thread in there or visit said boards and see it yourself.

Work dammit.

I'll miss you, user.

wtf why did she take her shoes off on the train what is wrong with this girl

Nice strawman.

You want to add an untold number of Cred Forumstards who still actually visit that board (god knows why) to Cred Forums's Ultra-rightwing lunacy?

That shit probably will get the site shut down for good because it'll only be a matter of time before they decide to mess with football.

Exactly my thought, who cares? You all deserve this anyway.

Just because they have opinions you don't like
doesn't mean they should just be deleted.

allow Cred Forums pass users to post webms with sound.

Honestly I'll probably go to 8gag's Cred Forums since it's fairly sizable so I could at least get some discussion there. It turns my stomach having to use a community founded by Cred Forumstards and Cred Forumstards but what else is there? All the spin-offs Cred Forums has made are dead as fuck. At least if enough Cred Forums users moved to 8gag we could colonize it and convert it to ours very easily.

Those dumb twerps who shop MAGA hats onto anime have nothing to do with us.

Yea, but Cred Forums is Cred Forums cause it talks about Cred Forums stuff. Those topics would get pushed off Cred Forums or Cred Forums or whatever through reporting and deletions.

What compels a shitposter to visit a site he does not frequent? Is it the underage factor?

People like you are either retarded or too new to remember what happened before Cred Forums. Basically, there has ALWAYS been a Cred Forums in some form or another on this site. Before Cred Forums (before it was deleted the first time, I mean), there was /new/, before that, most people with right wing views were spread out among a lot of the site, but many were and presumably still are, /k/ regulars, and before that there was another board, forget what it was called.

There will always be political opinions on Cred Forums that you find unpleasant, because whether or not there is a specific board for them here, Cred Forums is one of the best outlets for political views.

>Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.
I laughed

No that just makes Cred Forums turn places like Cred Forums into Cred Forums

Just nuke it all already

Did it change? I can't get it to show up anymore when I put since4pass into options.

Maybe because people are growing up and expanding interests? Only newfags watching anime all day all night. But should admit Cred Forums is pretty much low tier hobby. Lowest one

Get good.

>there has ALWAYS been a Cred Forums in some form or another on this site.
Newfag alert

It's the extra step that roughly 1/3-1/4 people, and that's including Cred Forumsutism, will not go through to post.

I'm looking for some laughs, and I have been here for more than a year.

Why do people keep parroting this bullshit? Are you the same guy?

I remember seeing a lot of Cred Forums stuff on Cred Forums like 6 years ago when I browsed it.

Don't think deleting the board would help at all.

What strawman? You didn't make an argument you just claimed Cred Forums shitposts everywhere. Where is it then? Where is your bogeyman?

ITT: people not realizing Hiro meant to close the irrelevant boards

Cred Forums and its cancer aren't going to go anywhere.

A good chunk of them won't even know how to do that. Those that do know of it won't bother because it's too much of a hassle. You could conceivably cut traffic by 75% just with a kana captcha.

We have better moderation now. Cred Forums still gets lots of Cred Forums stuff. If the same kind of threads pop up on Cred Forums, they get deleted faster cause Cred Forumsnons have far less tolerance for it and the threads get reported fast.

It's not that I don't have a lot of hobbies outside anime and manga, it's that (as I expect is the case with a lot of people) discussion of those hobbies isn't exactly fruitful on Cred Forums.

Two hours reading a book on art history is much more interesting than two hours spent on /hist/ and /lit/.

Which ones?

>you just claimed Cred Forums shitposts everywhere
In fact, I did not claim that. I just posited that if people are calling you a Cred Forumsfag, maybe it's because you're posting Cred Forums stuff where it doesn't belong. I'm not the one who brought up the scenario.

The irrelevant boards' impact on the site's overhead is minimal though. He could close half of the small boards and still make less of a dent than if he just axed Cred Forums.

Why would he close low traffic boards if the issue is traffic and load?

Yes, you already established your newfaggotry. This is all you get. Polite sage.

But /jp/ has weeabos

What guy? I actually use Cred Forums sometimes and anyone talking shit about anime gets fucking trounced.

Reddit it godawful for live and community wide discussions.

Yeah, like all the Cred Forums stuff in GS threads?

What would happen if Cred Forums had tiered poster cooldowns and charged for lower cooldowns?

I can almost guarantee there's been a board for them in some form or another here long before you started coming to Cred Forums.

No, no, user. MAL actually has "groups". I remember loooong time ago there was for example "russian animefas" group. You probably think it's some shitty newfag group for underage, but actually it was raw version of Cred Forums with 700+ titles fags shitting at anime and each others without anonymity. "Sekret" club. So even if Cred Forums fall you stil can create sekret clubs somewhere

You're right I was looking at the wrong quote, nevermind then.

I would buy whatever is necessary to bring me to the lowest cooldown
I would pay $50 a month for that shit, no joke
I'm pathetic

>tiered anything
Horrible idea. Having class division on an anonymous imageboard is a recipe for disaster.


That just means GS threads will get deleted more often. Same way Mafia III threads are getting deleted these days.

Whenever I'm in Cred Forums, there's always some spammers asking to ban anime.

Are you sure we're talking about the same board?

They are a minority. I can assure you.

So what? The only thing they like to talk is about how they see women as sexual objects. Fucking boring nerds

Benefits dumpfags really nicely, but should disable showing off passes if we're gonna get tiers. It's already bad enough with attention whores.

Normalfag boards like /soc/ and 3D porn need to go. Those subhumans are only damaging Cred Forums and don't belong here, even without server troubles.

As long as you didn't know. Isn't it already tiered? I don't have to do captcha with 4chanpass. Can't do the signature anymore either for some reason.

>Cred Forums doesn't want Cred Forumsshit on their board
>Cred Forums doesn't want weebshit on their board
perhaps we have a mutual interest.

It's risen in direct proportion to the prevalence of SJWism. Weebs are lucky because SJWs have zero power of anime and manga, and never will unless Japanese culture changes to be more like shitty Europe or America.

Cred Forums is not a hivemind. Not even for Trump.

Even the general language used in the porn boards seems like they're all completely different posters to any other board.

you're in luck, the pass now halves your post cooldown

Just report, and filter. It is that easy.

Does it? I think Cred Forums X is still enforcing the old cooldowns. Hopefully that gets updated soon.

/wsg/ and /gif/ need to go along with WebM support. Certain boards should go back to be text only with the exception of the OP. Some boards need to be completely deleted. Most 3DPD boards need to die and stay die.

I got it. There's got to be a top memer lad in Cred Forums or Cred Forums who's both underaged and dying of cancer. We'll just get him to use his "Make a wish" to save Cred Forums. Problem solved.

the only time it isn't a hivetime is during debates and stuff where it gets flooded with people from other boards and places,
that is the only time anyone can have an actual discussion on Cred Forums

But webms are more efficient than gifs

I think trips should be removed permanently.

>I think Cred Forums X is still enforcing the old cooldowns. Hopefully that gets updated soon.

It still is for me.

>Keeping gif support
>Removing webm support

Someone stop Kevin-kun he's going crazy.

Did you get your lottery tickets?

You need to die

This. Webms are better.

fucking tripcodefag

>people are actually replying to one of the most cancerous tripshitters

>Cred Forums not weeb as fuck

>tfw no more cool Cred Forums pass signature

Cred Forums is far more argumentative than you think. There's probably less progressive posters there because there's no brownie points to be had by virtue signalling on Cred Forums and you can't simply bury posts via mob rule like in reddit.
If Cred Forums was really a hivemind, there would be the staggeringly large amount of Israeli posters there.

>posting gore
RIP user

The reason Cred Forums is the way it is is cause it's anonymous. That invites the out-of-power people, which is the right/conversative etc. Back in the Bush years, Cred Forums was full of lefties/truthers/bush haters etc.

They should delete /pol and ban non contributing tripfags while they are at it. That way all those fags with no 'make murica shit again' eccho chambers have go find some place else to shit up.

Derp post of the day.


I literally shitpost to death with smug anime girls every thread I visit where someone bitches about anime, and many others join me soon enough
They invade us with Cred Forums shit, so I invade them with anime

>Cred Forums has MAL.
There are a dozen animu imageboards, if worst comes, Cred Forumsnons will probably flock to one of those.

nope, /n/ was still stormfront, I know that cause a well known /n/ tripfag would come over here to talk about how much he hated women and news.

>shitposting in Cred Forums
>really taking part in subculture wars
Jesus Christ. You're part of problem. I hope you're not old

Some make a Rules thread to save 4chink

surprise, neonazis aren't going to be an in-power group anytime soon. Oddly, there is a weird push for pedophilia in the left or something these days.

Friendly reminder to report noncontributing tripfags for abusing the function~

Yeah they got so mad they started to make those cancerous 'make america great again' anime images, you sure showed them.

Cred Forums is a bunch of conservatives though, and being conservative means having traditional values, but nothing about anime is normal, it's a weird hobby for degenerates. I don't like it when Cred Forums pretends to fit it, full of normalfags who 90% of whom probably dislike anime.

Any new site has to have a catalog and Cred Forums x, is the only reason I still browse this shit.

what Cred Forums has become and this US election cycle has been the weirdest thing ever. Before the 'alt-right' term was used, instead of being associated with a green cartoon frog, it was being associated with masturbating to anime.

>Cred Forums has Reddit.
you mean Cred Forums
and not any more


Rest in peace Cred Forums, it was nice being with you all these years. I don't know what I'm going to do without you, but nothing lasts forever.

When it dies it's literally over.
There's no single other place to go. Not one of the countless clones will work. I knew this was going to happen, but I was sure it'd take at least 5 years more. When Cred Forums turned 18 and was an adult.
Fucking hell moot. Fucking hell Hiro.

Is this shit seriously?

You mean dropping the aoc to 16? That's not pedophilia, that's ephebophilia. Literally no one of importance is arguing for less than 14. Most western developed countries aoc is 16, even 14. Only fringe, autistic tumblertards are trying to make a case for it, only to be put on a watch list.

I rather have the signatures, guaranteed replies.

Cred Forums died in 2010.

I hope it dies as soon as possible and the cancer occupying this website suffers.

>cuck posters complained about moot and memed him into quitting
>left us with a jew that everyone praised
>now the he's finally fucking us and moots gone for good
Reminder that this is the future you chose

>Cred Forums is a bunch of conservatives though
Cred Forums is not anything, they hate both sides of the aisle.
go look at any of the political spectrum threads you have people from all kinds of ideologies.

This was suggested in the /qa/ thread and it's ALREADY IMPLEMENTED.

Hiroyuki is trying!!

It's much less obtrusive than the bullshit post insert and you have to hover over to see pass date.

Just checked, yes

I don't even know you. Fuck off, you creep

Who cares what happen to Cred Forums? This place is nothing but another normalfags shithole site and yes that include you too Cred Forums.

This triggers the newfags.

>it's real
what the fuck

Name a better and more fun place to shitpost
You can't

>they hate both sides of the aisle
>what is the alt right
You do know you have to be 18 to post on this site, or at least have the competence of an 18 year old.

I know you've only been here a few months, but for many of us Cred Forums has been with us for over 10 fucking years.

Fucking hell

>all these cancerous fucks in this thread using normies instead of normalfags

You guys do know that only normalfags say the word normies right? You are complaining about ''normies'' ruining the site while you yourself is a normalfag.

You just proved his point.

Boo-hoo so sad ;_;

Fuck yeah!

Wait you use the since4pass on the name field?

Fuck off you double normie

>even reddit is getting invaded by Cred Forums
the irony

Reddit isn't as fast and has strict moderation

Normalfag =\= newfag. Newfag.

>what is the alt right
a term coined by the media

Pretty sure that's a joke though.

"Normie" is a word that was invented by redditors from SRS invading and making fun of us calling people normalfags. Newfags came and didn't understand this and now "normie" is used across the website.

Anyone that actually says "normie" is cancer and I hope they grow painful tumors in their brains.

Shut the fuck up. Now we can't tell who the newfags are anymore.

Hello! I'm a newfag. One year, three months

Exactly Cred Forums is a shithole.

Thought it was made by normalfags who wanted to fit in but didn't want to offend their SJW friends with the "fag" part

It'll all get sorted out like it always does, Cred Forums won't die and we don't need to go anywhere.

But I like this shithole

My explanation and yours are not mutually exclusive. "normie" isn't even 5 years old. There are people on Cred Forums, in this thread even, that came to Cred Forums post-2010.

>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever

What did he mean by this?

Have you installed Gentoo yet? You should consider it. It downloads all the memes!

Sad but true

>please buy a pass lmao

This is all im getting from this. Nice try small dick gook.

No one's saying it'll die. Not even Hiro. But the changes. Option 1 makes the most sense. Closing boards makes sense, too. I could see him increase cooldowns as well.

Hiroyuki just wants more money.

"Normie" is a word used by people Cred Forums considers far closer to real "normies" than themselves, I.e it is a false poser faggot word and you are not a real Cred Forums user if you say that. Cred Forums isn't persecuting you because you're too abnormal for them, but bevause you use a word indicating you are too normal for them. You ARE a normie if you even used that word, which is a bastardized version tweaked to be usavle around actual normalfags. The original and real term in the Cred Forums context is normalfag. "Normie" is the fucking whitewashed/SJW-approved version because the "fag" part is offensive to them and they want to be able to drop this term on places like Reddit, Facebook and twitter - which are pretty much the textbook definition of normalfag dens - without fear of getting reprimanded. Which defeats the whole fucking point.

If you are being careful to "fit in" on various shitty normalfag websites, you are actually as normalfag as they fucking come and just have some fucking ludicrous idea in your head that you're not. It's the same as these "omg I'm such a nerrrd XD" shitheads on those same sites only here it's "omg I'm such a weird unique person XD". In summation shut up OP because you clearly have no idea what you're dealing with and /r9k/'s whiny emo shit is not what Cred Forums is about.

What's that? I know you're probably joking but I don't really know.

The cycle of "rehashed memes" has been around since ebaums. Who the fuck cares anymore? Honestly it's just an indicator of underage or newfaggotry whether you cling to the same meme insults or not.

Well I feel so broke up
I wanna go home

This post is both using the word "normie" unironically and using caps for emphasis.

I'm not even going to read it, as you can tell from a glance that his poster came here after 2010 and is not worth listening to.

nothing's gonna happen. don't worry

>rangeban Australia

that was 18 months ago

So long as Cred Forums is fine I really don't care. This place is a shithole, but a shithole I love. I use the porn boards occasionally but there are better places to find porn so I don't care if they're deleted.

I honestly think there's a pretty good case for deleting Cred Forums but I honestly doubt it will happen. Hopefully that board will slow its roll once the elections are over though.

What a fag

why are we here?

just to suffer?

Let him have it. If he wasn't around to take it off moot's hands, who knows what'd have happened to Cred Forums.

This is what happen when you pander to normalfags.

I wish I spent more time on this site. I will miss it.

Normalfags are the majority on this website.

>pepe is a hate symbol
>voting for Hillary
>implying Cred Forums is the only reason Trump is doing well
how is it possible for anyone to be that stupid, holy shit

Many things could have changed, I heard that ads bring in much less money now everywhere.

And? We shouldn't have to make them feel welcome.

thats the problem

They became the majority because moot pandered to them with garbage board.

Giving in to changes made to influence board culture or website functionality will just make him realize that sort of pressure will work. And at what point will he stop changing things because he feels he's making enough money? He is already making money off of Nico Nico Douga royalties.

Porn boards can go. We have sad panda. Oh god if Sad Panda ever went down.

I can see Cred Forums getting canned. It's probably in the top 3 fasted boards. Same with Cred Forums. Or those boards get highly restrictive like high cooldowns. I like this idea. What about higher cooldowns for boards like Cred Forums and Cred Forums?

The current consensus is to temporarily ghost or head to fufufu if Cred Forums dies.

Cred Forums doesn't pander to anybody newfag. It never has and never will no matter how hard you try to twist the context of shit going on here.

This place is my home.

They are welcome. We've already failed to stop them.
A problem that can't be fixed at this point.
They became the majority because elitism died. Old posters left and there weren't enough men to man the gates. We truly went the way of Rome.

what is /soc/?

>literally the only place on the internet where you can openly discuss any political ideology with zero censorship
>then find somewhere else

Why was /soc/ created?

the same reason every board was created, there was an overflow of threads about it on Cred Forums

Because moot wanted a gf

This. A pass is not worth it.

I can see Cred Forums being deleted. It's fucking shit anyway so I don't care.

but he got a trap bf instead?

last person to post on Cred Forums has to post ZA CHRASHA.

Probably when he sees his revenue stream drop too low. Cred Forums had a thread up wishing Notch would buy Cred Forums. That's pie in the sky. We've got Hiro and no one else. Until we have another person willing to run Cred Forums that's better, it's Hiro's to keep alive. I'll leave like a lot people will if Hiro kills the community with terrible adjustments, but Cred Forums would be dead otherwise without him taking over.


Containment board for the old Cred Forums hookup threads, then again I don't expect newfag to know about that considering they werent here for it. If making a board for certain threads on another board is "pandering" you're just injecting your own skewed opinion of it onto the matter.

I just don't trust Hiro enough to get a pass.
If this was a post from "The Team" about how Cred Forums is fucked, I'd probably buy one in a heartbeat.

Something about hiro triggers my "you gonna get screwed" alarm.