Holo is 100% one the best waifus to ever exist

Holo is 100% one the best waifus to ever exist.


Just imagine how many wolf dicks she had inside her.

It doesn't need to be said.

i agree . but i don't know why does she reminds me with c.c.


>Holo is 100% one the best waifus to ever exist.

That's wrong though. Objectively speaking.

>Best waifus
>Fucked countless human and wolf dicks


Am I suppose to know what this says?

Top Tier Waifus:
Yui, Tomoyo, C.C, Hinagiku, Kazusa, Yuiko
Horo, Tsugumi, Kotonoha, Sakura, Ukyo, Hinata
Shit Tier Waifus: and you must know the rest

Wow there's another person on this planet besides me with Belldandy as their waifu, despite the manga shitstorm...

Just want to say cheers, lad. Hope you have a good week.

This is why when she says that she loves your dick you know she means it

The smug "I told you so" face?

Lemme explain it for you:
Upper half: "Patrician"-tier waifus
Lower half: "Peasant"-tier waifus
I don't recognize most of those whores, so I ain't gonna try to name them.

Intelligent, witty, and opinionated women always shine more brilliantly than their peers.

So like Holo and CC are pretty much the same person right?


she used to be,
now her daughter is the new hotness

Why would you rip up your LN user?

I left it in my cargo pants pocket and I put the cargo pants in the dryer ;_;

How do you guys deal with the suffering of knowing your waifu is canon married to another man?

Only seven dicks.

>putting a BOOK in your pocket

Lawrence is a more interesting and based MC than most romance protag so I accept it

Manipulative whore,shameless cunt.

>guy married to your waifu and is also a better man than you'll ever be
A-at least she's happy...

Hello whorro

not the same but the have a lot of common also c.c. is much hotter holo is cute tho

I'd love to have CC and Holo lovingly verbally abuse me.


I love Holo!

No, sluts tell that to everyone.

i she has the only one thing c.c. doesn't have

Do people usually prefer her anime design over her LN design?

Manga > LN > Anime

Side-braid Horo is a gift.



>How do you guys deal with the suffering of knowing your waifu is canon married to another man?
Bitch have you SEEN Lawrence? *I* would marry him given half a chance..

Holo is so much a best that I'd let her cuck me with as many wolf cocks as she felt like.


I prefer Nora,

This, Lawrence has got to be a top 10 husbando, dude crashed an economy for her

I legit self insert as Lawrence. Fortunately neither of them are real so that makes it easy.

>weather is starting to get comfy cold tier

SnW rewatch is coming soon

I can't, he's a much better man than I, so it end up not feeling very realistic.

I'd say youre turning them around. Manga is way (way wáy) too young depiction of her she looks 14, dammit!

In the anime at least she looked adult, the novels I gave up after the first book annotated several times she looks 14. Kills the buzz for me :s.

But that's the whole point: she's a cute jailbait with the mind of an onee-san.

I love the whole setting, the economy focus instead of the big bad beat it with a sword consensus, the ancient wolf god attitude Holo has, just why, why depict her as anything infertile?

14 years old are very fertile, user.

Does she at least 'age' during the manga? I might be persuaded to try the story again...

I wonder what her tail feels like.

Something like this.

I'll admit, Spice and wolf was one of my first animes (I only watch maybe .5 a year since 2006) and Horo will always have a sweet place in my mind. The journey, adventure, financial sense all made for a great story with an attractive wolfgirl diety to boot. Though my heart already belongs to Liru from Magical Pokaan and there it will stay.

We just have such a history now and as our life continues year after year it only gets better.

I love Spice and wolf, and hope to see much more content of it in one way or another in the coming years.

Hey are you that guy who started a wolf piss business?

What's this about a wolf piss business?

>100% one the best waifus
not the best way to put it

You called?

kuudere is best dere

Why is that other girl there with CC and Holo?

She's kind of a cunt.
>It's a Lawrence has the bantz to best her but doesn't say anything because she'll get mad paragraph
>It's a Lawrence bests her and she slaps him in the face paragraph
>It's a Lawrence gets a good dig in so she stomps on his foot paragraph
That's not endearing at all.
You know when I was watching the anime I could just assume Lawrence was getting schooled but reading his in head narration casts everything in a very different light.

Typical tsundere bullshit.

It's a sexbot.


She looks 14 according to the novel (yen censors this to 15 lul).

>reading his in head narration casts everything in a very different light. Typical tsundere bullshit.
He was acting exactly the same before and after you knew his thoughts, and Horo definitely couldn't read them or anything. It's interesting how his perception changes *her* character so much from the more "objective" viewpoint of the show.

>he was acting the same
Yeah and without that narration, like I said, it appears Holo is just getting the better of him routinely.
When you know what he's thinking, you know that's not actually the case. Lawrence is routinely choking on his words.

>>>Cargo pants

So the bible I bought for 100 some bucks is censored?

Because they both are ageless smug beauties that slut around with a MC voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Really makes you think: can people be judged solely by their actions and intentions? Do others' hidden thoughts play a role in who that person really is? I just can't over how thought she was a tsundere only *after* getting information that Horo couldn't possibly have had. *His* thoughts managed to make *her* different; her thoughts, incidentally, were irrelevant.

There are side stories written from Holo's perspective so it's not like we're 100% dependent on Lawrence's view of the situation. Holo's whole stick is egging him on right up to the point he can't take it (and she messes up sometimes going over the edge).

And it's not like Lawrence only ever hold's back what he's saying for fear of angering her. Sometimes he lets loose, and low and behold exactly what he's deduced will happen happens (she yells at him, she storms off, she hits him, her mood 360's when she starts losing etc).

It's just a very one sided thing.

Good thread OP.

Isn't Holo an entry tier waifu?


So it seems like the manga is censored but in the USA you can easily see nipples. So they added nipples etc for the USA release instead of keeping the invisible white no detail look?

Also is the novel yen press omnibus bible censored to say 15 instead of 14yo?

This is coming in the mail soon from russia.


The manga has nipples in Japan. Pic related. Although most of the time her hair just covers them.

I actually thing the anime's no nipples is more awkward than just having them censored but maybe that's just me.

But there are a few colored pages where they are clearly invisible and some where they are visible detailed and all. Same for B&W pages.

I only watched the first season of the anime awhile ago, but everything about it was great.

If I read whatever's translated of the manga or the light novel, will it actually have an ending this time?

I'm pretty sure all of the LNs have been translated and released by Yen Press.

I agree but I also think the demon king is great too. Maybe it's because the whole series is Lawrence and Holo again.

if the anime had nipples most wouldn't take it seriously

I only care about preteen genitals.

That's good to hear, thank you.

Though I imagine the endings still basically just Holo and Lawrence riding off to the next market thing.

I get triggered as fuck when classical or romantic works don't get to have mythical titties.

Undoing thousands of years (or a few centuries if you consider modern stuff descendant solely of romance period stuff) of tradition for modern prudish sensibilities is degenerate as fuck.

Ugh, spic memes

hit that shit up dog you are missing out
Unless you don't like bantz and economics or medieval hijinks

How come i like girls with a CC and holo personality?

Is it common?

I remember this was a series about paganism. Is this still true?

Are girls like that common or is it common to like girls like that?

Girls like that arent common. I remember one girl in class who was loud and opinionated and i admired her from a distance.

Im guessing i like girls with attitude because i wish for the same attitude myself or i just want a girl to call all the shots.

What I'm imagining here is a black girl who won't shut up and starts trouble.

Sounds awful. You have shit taste, user.

>she will keep fucking guys after Lawrence die
>her daughter will follow her steps and sleep around with 21st century men
How do I find a cute silver wolf girl for myself lads?

I've probably spent 4 or 5000 dollars on s and w but I never rewatched it. I almost never rewatch shows unless it's star trek or one other anime. Maybe for the 10 or 20 year anniversary.

I don't live in an africa user

Same here. I want a girl that will act like the man in the relationship.

I didn't even think there 4 or 5000 dollars worth of SnW merch.

It's kind of tabled until the end.

It exists merely as a check on using Holo as a get out of jail free card.
>we can't just rend and tear our way through here because then the Church we'll close of our entire world trying to kill us

Oh my friend... there certainly is if you factor in dakimakuras, figures bootleg or otherwise, trinkets and coins etc.

Why would you want bootlegs?

Because there are no other ones actually made. Maybe garage kits with figures would be a better term.

Fan made stuff. And there is quite a bit of it.

Belldandy is great, still pissed the author ended it where it did. What about having an actual family? The series totally deserved their kid being a character.

You may delete his post for his distasteful frogposting, but he's not wrong.

>implying you want anyone as facilely subservient as Nora
Nora's the type of girl the Lawrence's of the world think they'd like, while Holo is the type of girl they'd actually like.

A trenni that's actually silver would be cool and not at all unaffordable. They went for 40 bucks when cospa still made them new, at botique you'd probably be looking at around 60 bucks.