How can one man be so BASED

How can one man be so BASED

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Autism and a no-bullshit productive attitude can work wonders in a shitty D&D fantasy world.
We need more murderhobo MCs.

Fuck elves.

The other thread just died. Give him some rest you almost obvious shill.

Truly autism has lost its meaning.
You don't get autism out of trauma, he is just fucking insane.

Clearly you are too new to ever have seen autism used in this context.

No user, you can't become autistic out of trauma, is a mental anomaly you are born with, trauma can make it worse but don't produce it in first place.

Just leave the autists-posters alone, user. They will never actually understand autism and they'll just keep using it like a buzzword like "cuck" Anyone who still uses these on Cred Forums is basically outing themselves as reddit users anyway.

As if you need to said that.

Why do peole like this tracing happy piece of shit anyway?

Don't mind if I do.

>Inviting some mid rank that is famous for fighting only the weakest of monster to save the world

What could possibly go wrong?

He's so proficient at genociding goblins, he literally has a name amongst all four races shown. Fucking Orcbolg.

>Thinking Doomguy can be stopped


>weakest of monsters
Don't Goblin kings and champions have the ability to rival high ranking adventurers PLUS having an army to wear them down before actually fighting themselves.

To me it seems like the guild and all those fancy silver+ adventurers won't take the goblins as a serious threat until a King shows up and rapes a city or something.

Well if the dark lord is the goblin king its going to end poorly

The goblins are only weak when they're young, yes. He himself states that ones that survive mature and turn into drifters, then proceeding to defend other lairs.

Dark lord was already killed by haruhi and her party, right now in the LN some niggas are trying to revive it.

I understand that she is so flat that najes a bra pointless, but why not panties either?

>implying GS isn't autistic
You don't get that obsessed with something just because of trauma

Is it goblins? Any shamans or hobs?

How OP is Haruhi anyway? Does she has any deus ex shit of her own?

Sauce? Looks fun, I want to read it.

To provide this.

Midget Destroyer.

The first one trying to revive the dark lord was some dark elf nigga that used an army of gobs and dead bodies revive by necromancy.

We have daily generals about this. Is this your first day on Cred Forums? It's called Troll Smasher.

Bugbear Mauler.

Kobold Killer

DOOM: medieval edition.

Since she's prepubescent there's no issue of smell or anything and she's wearing shorts, not a skirt, so there's also no point to panties.

N'wah Annihilator

Orc Obliterator.

Why is he always wearing that helmet? We all know how this will end, image related.

Thanks for the hints clever anons, I've found it.

She is 2000 years old...

And she's clearly prepubescent anyway, from looking at her.

Green Janitor

Pretty sure 2000 elf years is 20 human years, she is forever flat.

Its already revealed that hes human with an untouched face and dead eyes

goblin slayer may not be autistic but you sure are

>2000 year old elf
Just how many dicks did she have inside her?

Nope, it's 15. So she should be pubescent but >Japan

I think she's a confirmed virgin.

three (3)

It's easier to rape orcs when she has less layers to take off.

2000 years old and still using bows and arrows. Elves confirmed for being mentally retarded.

As opposed to what?

if theyve been alive for 2000 years why didnt they learn how to make tanks and nuclear weapons?

elves btfo

Exactly. I can cut other shorter lived races some slack, but if you've lived 2k+ years you'd think you would find a more efficient way to fight than just with swords and arrows. Really, is gunpowder THAT difficult to figure out when your lifespan is almost forever?

This is neither how progress works, it's also a fantasy world that is condemned to be stuck in the pseudo middle ages forever and magic exists which might offset this lack of heavy machinery.

Will you blame the dwarfs too or are you just one of those faggets with an irrational hatred for this fictional race?

The thousands of years old meme needs to die anyway. Death is like sleeping. We don't know why every living thing needs to sleep. But we do know that people who try to go without sleep go fucking insane. Surely if you were alive for three hundred years, even if you stayed physically young and healthy, your mind would absolutely dissolve. It's just too long of a time to be sentient.

The more time you have on hand, the less motivated you feel to actually do anything.
What the big hurry when you live thousands of years?

It is when your entire race is fucking stupid.

Goblins: RIP and TEAR Edition

>implying mages would let science get ahead of magic
>implying when you have magic that substitutes as nuclear weapons you have any need for nuclear weapons

you can use nuclear weapons as much as you want, grand magics have limitations

why would your soldiers want to rely on using fireball a few times a day instead of just using firearms and rocket launchers?

But when you have people spamming fireballs, what motivates you to find out an efficient way to use firearms. Even if they had some, they'd be the same as early muskets that didn't hit shit which would be deemed far more inefficient than having some mages spamming fireballs that explode and kill 10 guys at once.


So basically...

>is that so?
>ok good to know
>fuck off

How can one man be so BASED?

It's the bow vs crossbow argument. How many years of solid training does it take to be good at launching fireballs?
Compared to what, like 3 days to teach someone how to use a musket, or grenade thrower or something?
Muskets were inferior weapons for a very long time.

>Being oppressed by the other races for so long, smarter goblins looked for ways to kill their enemies
>They make bombs and firearms

It'd be interesting to see different ways in which goblins become a serious threat. For a manga which sole purpose is about goblin killing you would think that the author will give them some form of upgrade to keep the story interesting. I mean, they were smart enough to figure out their shit is poisonous to other races.

>tfw you realise that 'goblins' are actually just a metaphor for niggers

he is like Cred Forums incarnated, everybody know we must kill the jewgoblins at all cost

i cheer for that guy, he is the hero we deserve

I'll blame every single race that lives billions of years but is "unable" for some reason to learn, innovate, or improve their own quality of life with technology. It just reeks of sloppy writing when you just throw out these types of characters with no explanation WHY they're stuck using medieval ages weaponary when they've lived nearly twice as long as the medieval ages ever lasted.

Now I understand why GS threads are falling off the board so fast.
Hopefully volume 6 will improve things and have more scenes of GS sipping through his helmet

Modern era is shit, m8.

They are basically generals now, for some reason we need GS threads 24/7.

Depends completely on how the being is wired.
A human? Yeah, hell, if we didn't degrade I'd say a few hundred years would be enough to rot the mind.

Listen to me, all right? Goblin Slayer is a hardcore motherfucker, I've told you that before. He did time in Pelican Fortress because he turned some shegob into a Pez dispenser back in his Guild days. I mean, the guy will slay you where you fucking stand just as soon as buy a round or clap you on the back.
Now, when I asked GS to give me his opinion of the Goblin King, he said, "Tommy, I've turned out a lot of punks, but I've never seen a high green fuck boy as soft as this punk. I mean I'd drive a shank into his asshole just to make a point or if I wanted his corn muffins and he wouldn't give 'em to me off his tray." I realized then that if we didn't start The Day of the Rope, GS would fucking kill me. I saw it in his eyes.
He even told me as much onetime. My wife, she invited him over for dinner, and he shows up in a breastplate stained with blood, shit, God knows what else. She screams and he sticks his hand up her skirt, kisses her, then pulls out a straight razor and says, "If your old man doesn't win this race war, I'm going to cut your fucking tits off before I even think about wasting the Gobs."

>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
>All in one thread

It's like some kind of autistic miracle of a manga to bring us all together.

Cred Forums, /tg/, and /k/ have always crossed over pretty well. Cred Forums and Cred Forums are just hanger-ons for the ride.

/tg/ has always played on hating elves.

It's pretty nice alright.

>/tg/ has always played on hating elves.
>Ribbon as banner
>three Marcille banners in the contest
/tg/ is alright with elves, I see far more elf-hate here and on Cred Forums.


It's a hate-love relationship, alright? It depends on the elf.

wait a sec, this manga is not Cred Forums really related, i think the right boards related are /k/ anf /tg/

a manga like "the gamer" is more Cred Forums related

Did this one make it in?

Delicious red Cred Forums/pol/s are more common than you think, e.g. Rapeman. Cute anime girls are posted on Cred Forums quite frequently, especially with this recent election

>he hasn't seen the Doom edits yet

Cred Forums seems to love the fuck out of Goblin Slayer.

Nobody has put it in.

Yeah, but that's mostly bog-standard contrarian posting. When it's no longer fun it will stop.

Innovation is born of skepticism and inquiry. If age were just the only factor, humans who have lived 110 years would be among the most accomplished in terms of discovery. It doesn't work like that.

Also, elves with a low birth rate and high life span means that the race is going to progress a lot more slowly than something that goes through a higher number events. How does innovation happen in the real world? By sending literally every person possible to school and getting the max number into academies as possible. Intelligence in non-human animals: octopi, corvids, some ants, all have high fecundity and short lifespans.

I read Pomf and it made no sense. She was fucked before, on a bed, before that page. There's no reason for her to not know what was going to happen unless she was just teasing.

exactly as you get older you dont get smarter, you might get wiser, like dont do retarded shit, but your IQ wont improve. There is nothing to suggest that these elfs are smarter than your average human.

>Volume 6
You mean volume 5 and those never help, they just cause a shitstorm of lies, we need anitger chapter of the manga.

Doesn't Goblin Slayer get fucked by femdom priestess girl when she gets sick of his autism? Anons from a while back where talking about this.

That is misleading meme number 1.

but doomguy obliterates all the monsters without distinction. so he only is a fraction of the true doomguy.

You mean demons, a whole race and goblins are not different. You have different types of gobs: hobolings, shamans, lords, champions, even fucking goblin heroes, etc.

>Guy full of pure hate that will never stop until exterminate the race he hates
>ask why Cred Forums is attached to this
There are only two major differences: GS actually interacts with other humans and is still mortal.

I just started reading, is Medieval Doomguy a Platinum rank?

Silver. Beyond Silver adventurers really don't get out too much.

Also, he got to silver just killing Goblins, which means that he's basically UNGODLY FUCKING GOOD at killing goblins.

Silver rank, platinum is possible pic related, also the only one.


>viral marketing

Ok. Is the story about him, or the (not)loli?

looked it up characters get raped...not for me.

>/tg/ is alright with elves

About him, Haruhi does stuff offscreen, she may be relevant once later.


Him. He's the title character.

Just in the first few chapters, nothing happens later. Those characters are throwaway fodder anyway.

Yeah. GS is basically killy if killy had to talk to people more.


>We need expert on fighting goblins to defeat demons
Is she retarded? Doesn't she understand that they need DEMON SLAYER who knows in and outs of demon biology, tactics and psychology it as stupid as making best desert war general, commander of your fleet because "he's best guy"

So what was this fag deal? he had a gob army and necromancy powers, plus a clear objective.

do they show the aftermath? like him saving them?


>saving them

I already know where this is going.


>only five chapters out

That's chapter 2

Thank god it's about Medieval Doomguy.


The only good gob is a dead gob!

Yeah, she was retarded, they were specifically looking for him for a gob mission, but she wasted time explaining the background of their mission.

Why are her panties showing?


Only once, and the rescue targets get shipped off to the church offscreen anyway. No ' I was raped so the world now revolves around me' drama. It's too late for the others though.
Just read it instead of pussyfooting around.

Sergeant Schnappler is fucking fabulous

those aren't her panties...
is some sort of armor


Never forget kids!

Armored panties.

>"Brave hero, we can do anything for you"
Diogenes the dwarf everybody!

To the anons asking why the military doesn't do anything about the gobs, here is your explanation

Makes sense really. Raising an army in this era was also not exactly an easy thing to do, and if adventurers can clear out the area all the better

So why isn't anybody translating the novels?

Because Yen Press.

Why aren't you?

Because they got licensed by the slowest translators in the industry.

I find it hard to believe that Yen Press would pick something up that doesn't already have 10+ novels translated.

Someone has GS version of this?

Beard cutter

Do they ever explain why Goblin Slayer hates goblins so much? I hope he just despises them and doesn't hate them because of some sort of childhood trauma.

>ecause of some sort of childhood trauma
That's the exact reason, he got raped by them as a child.

His village was destroyed and his sister raped to death while all what he could do was hiding.


>Volume 1, available in December

Ha ha



Merry christmas to me

I was afraid it was going to be something like that. Can't we have one guy who commits genocide because he hates the race, instead of having a sob story to back it up?

Kadokawa bought 51% stake in Yen Press and they are heavily pushing goblin slayer as the next big thing.
Anime is guaranteed.

You expected him to hate a race for no reason?

Do you think this is why it gets so shilled here?

Hell, even doomguy had a reason: demons killed his bunny/kill all his bros and destroyed his planet.

There is translation, but manga is way ahead.
Search for sinistertranslations

The fact that goblins are nothing but ratlike barbarian rapist is enough to want them all dead. This isn't like hating all blacks because one robbed you. This is like hating mosquitos because they do nothing but spread pestilence and disease while killing the young and the old. At best you don't care about them, but you'll never like them.

>hates race for no reason
Thank god you're not a writer. Then again you should try it, self masturbation writing usually won't sell tough.

OP here, not actually a shill, just remembered a new chapter had dropped last week and made a thread, sorry if that had triggered your feelings or some other bullshit that's making you whine like a cunt for no reason.

>Why did he hate that race so much?
>Because why not? isn't it funny lol

>ratlike barbarian rapist is enough to want them all dead
True, but nobody in universe cares unless gobs do something to them directly.

Yeah, sure, this is why you created this thread seconds after the other one died due to inactivity.

Did someone say goblins?

So basically, you're saying you want a character who hates an entire race so badly he wants to exterminate them, just as long as they never did anything to him personally? Sounds to me like you're looking too hard for a self insert, user.

>self masturbation writing usually won't sell tough
Why did SAO get so big then?

I need the source for this.

Try looking up some of John Ringo's stuff.

It does, very much so.

You are kidding, right?

>I need the source for this


You dumb fucks seem to be confusing hating goblins for some sort of racist metaphor. Let me say this in a way that can penetrate your thick fucking skulls. They flat out state in the manga that goblins are idiotic scum that are a blight on humanity. All they do is steal food and destroy peoples homes at best, and rape and murder them at worse. They are savages that have no morals whatsoever. I'm not saying they need to make some sort of self-insert manga where some guy runs around killing the Dindu Nuffins of the Medieval world, i'm saying i find it retarded that it takes the raping and pillaging of someones home for them to hate a species that is a actual blight on the world.

Because while written as self-masturbation, it jerked off the author in a way the audience liked.

Same reason Twilight got so big.

Teens/pre-teens want to be the super cool guy who can do everything and never loses, and if you're 13 years old and don't know or care what makes good storytelling you can get behind a story all about being that guy.

People can hardly be assed to be racist for political reasons, the amount of people who are going to buy stories about being a guardian of the white race and killing all those subhuman dark-skins who think they're good with women but they're not is basically limited to Cred Forums and /r9k/.

How does your brain function?

Or people who are looking for some of the most entertainingly BAD fiction you'll see in a long time. Lind and Krautman are my go to kek makers in the field of masturbatory far-right literature.

>Demon Lord possesses a Goblin
>Goblin Slayer goes out on a quest to defeat the Demon Goblin King
>Soulstone tries to possess GS's body
>He smashes Diablo's Soulstone against his helmet
>walks out of Hell while all the demons back slowly away from him
>"Any new gob quests?"


Sorry user, but making a character hate a whole race without a personal reason is bad writing and potentally dangerous because "double standards".

don't forget that doom guy became the boogeyman for hell and that an order of knights was founded after he dissapeared

It may be bad writing, but it's realistic. People in real life despise other races over the color of their skin. Are you telling me if something as blatantly horrid as goblins existed they wouldn't be the most overwhelmingly despised thing on the planet? I could see natural enemies throughout the ages teaming up just to eradicate them.

Demon grills aren't gobs.

There are a lot of things there such as trolls, demons, and rats.

I should have see this coming, as always, Cred Forums ruins everything.

There are other monsters to look out for and when the gobs win they usually wipe out the whole village or adventurer team, they don't leave anyone alive to hate them so everyone else doesn't hate them that much except GS who survived and has hatred.

Usually goblins are a minor threat, and the occasional village gets fucked up by them but usually they abduct travelers, kill livestock, and make a nuisance of themselves. It's only recently they're becoming an actual major issue.

>People in real life despise other races over the color of their skin.
Yes, and for the most part modern society views such as counterproductive because we're all the same species.

Everyone loathes goblins because they're annoying little shits, but Goblin Slayer goes beyond the understandable idea of hate in his murderboner.

Or y'know, all of the Isekai which is playing it straight.

You fool, don't answer his bait!

These threads were full of good discussion until Cred Forums showed up. Now it's just going to be Doomguy spam and relating goblins to black people

>this thread

After the election they'll hopefully go back to their containment board. Until then we just have to endure it.

To be fair Cred Forums was gone for some weeks, they started to come back at this very thread.

Goblins are more like muslims. They have semitic noses.

I don't see much Cred Forums but instead a lot of posters complaining about Cred Forums. How about you kill yourself.

It is pretty goblins in here.


Last goblin I goblined a few goblins. Was pretty goblin.

If they make a video game of GS could be a musou right?

I think the implication there is that goblions are considered too unimportant to deal with. Interestingly, it also implies that the military isn't feudal, because you know that a fief lord would be all ready to go slay some goblins.

I'd rather have a Dragon's Dogma type of game personally.


I'm still fairly early in the manga, so i wouldn't know for sure but there's a few simple reasons why people wouldn't hate them as much as goblins. First off they aren't nearly as common as goblins, meaning people don't deal with them enough to hate them. Second of all they may only commit one horrid act, instead of doing everything awful like goblins do. Third off is they are stronger than people. It's a sad truth, but if something is stronger than a person is chances are the person will fear it instead of hate it. It's much easier to hate goblins because they are everywhere and do everything we consider bad. It's also much easier to want them dead because we know we can kill them.

>State that hating goblins and hating other races is completely different
>Give reason why it is different
>"Fuck watch out it's the racist Cred Forums boogyman here to steal our strong christian values!"

Fuck off goblin supporter.

When i made the comparison between people hating others just because of their skin color and hating goblins i was saying if people hate blacks and asians because of such petty shit, they would absolutely despise goblins because THEY ACTUALLY ARE A BLIGHT ON HUMANITY!!!

All you fucks saying i'm some Cred Forums boogyman because i believe that hating such a despicable species with no redeeming traits doesn't need a traumatic backstory are dragging this thread down far more than i am. I'm not making a metaphor. I'm stating the obvious. People don't need a traumatic backstory to despise something that can only be despised.

Considering that GS seems to be forming a party full of different classes, Fire Emblem's gameplay would be more appropriate.

Dark Souls catacombs, man. Stumbling around in the dark, looking for goblins to slay.

same has guts and it will be a berserk musou game

CG's dress is beautiful!


I know no shit about Berserk so can't say anything.

>GS seems to be forming a party full of different classes
I think Dragon's Dogma's system would work better than an SRPG style in my opinion.

Having a party instead of the Pawn system would be neat. And they would have an actual personality, so I would be able to stand their blabbering and screams of "GOBLINS" all the damn time.

Though I guess in this case it would be the player character screaming shit about Goblins all the time.

Fuck, meant to reply to this post.

she need more goblin dick

>screaming shit when you're trying to sneak around and genocide filthy fucking goblins
That's not how you kill goblins.

Gobs already tried and failed, i see no point in making the gobs go for her again.

She's a japanese goburin


She is an oni.


Goblin Slayer isn't insane. Substitute Goblins for any of the rapist barbarian tribes in history, like the Vandals, Goths and Mongols. These groups were hated and villages of their peasants razed by people looking for revenge.

It's almost like, if you raid villages and rape/kill/steal, survivors will be angry and want payback.



>GS isn't insane
He is.

>tfw goblin slayer is moonman

This is going to be interesting
>Drama CD January 2017
Goblin Slayer: Yuichiro Umehara,
Priestess: Yui Ogura
High Elf Archer: Nao Toyama
Cow Girl: Yuka Iguchi
Guild Girl: Maaya Uchida
Dwarf Shaman: Yuichi Nakamura
Lizard Priest: Tomokazu Sugita
Sorceress: Yoko Hikasa
Lancer: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


I would normally agree, but Goblin Slayer has gone well beyond that. He ignores anything not Goblin related, and was massively dissapointed when they gigantic monster (I think it was an Oni?) he killed wasn't actually a goblin.

His single minded focus on goblins, living his entire life centered around killing them, shows he's pretty out there in terms of the sanity scale.


He's got a near-autistic obsession on killing goblins. He's definitely missing a few screws in his head.


What is the status of LN translation? Best place to read?

When you live forever you don't have much of a reason to do anything.

I have no idea who are those...

I guess a game in a style of dark messiah of might and magic with more planning type of gameplay would be perfect.

LN reader, please tell me whether GS got a bro for his midget destroying activities. As much as I liked the waifus, I want some bro and wingman action.

P-Please tell me there is one

The status is Yen Press and the best place to read it is next christmas.

All the more reason to pass the time by dicking around and making new ways to do shit. I mean this is a time where there was no internet and most people couldn't read, so it's basically either sit in a corner and do nothing or get off your ass and kill some goblins.

Dorf and Lizard men are bros


Just ignore them. Any series that contains anything that triggers them they will enter and scream about Cred Forums to fill them with shitposts.

He got a lizardman and a dwarf, later a lancer joins him

Nah, you don't understand, when you have a eternity you lose any reason to do anything at all. Why should I rush with anything when I have all the time in the world to get it done.

Everyone on pic related minus cow girl (childhood friend) and guild girl (she gives him the quests but would also give him some loving)


I don't even understand this post. It's literally a google away, even though the question itself doesn't even make sense in context. It wouldn't even make sense even if you were talking about the manga.


In DnD it's explained that elves don't really try to gain much, like power and wealth, but they like to experience all kinds of things, see new and interesting shit, wander around, learn a lot of different things, enjoy life.

>with no explanation WHY they're stuck using medieval ages weaponary when they've lived nearly twice as long as the medieval ages ever lasted.

Imagine if the devil actually lived on earth and was powerful, hard to kill, and had a well sized army. Then also pretend that animals were even more tough and domineering.

We never would have left the middle ages. The churches wouldn't have let us.


Because just because you like a long time doesn't mean you are immune to boredom. Theres rushing and then there's doing something because you have nothing better to do.

I never understood why we as a niche community didn't just start not publicly posting translations and instead leaving them as unlisted torrents with magnet links available via irc or something.

Anyone know where i can read chapter 6? For fucks sake i would try translating it using google if i knew how to spell moonspeak.

user, there are only 5 chapters so far, this manga is monthly.


>operator as fuck non-magical human in a fantasy world
You are totally missing the point. That magical Haruhi looking bitch may be appropriate for musou gameplay but as GS it would be closer to like a medieval S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with primarily cave-based missions, using the most pragmatic, underhanded guerrilla tactics necessary to ensure survival when you don't have any fruity magical powers, superhuman strength or blessed equipment to work with, only your wits and the unquenchable thirst for goblin blood.

It's obviously Skyrim, user.

Skyrim without dragons and more goblins.

So how easy would it be to play as a Goblin Slayer in DnD? Just run around committing genocide on goblins while only taking quest and missions involving goblins. Eventually you become so famous people seek you out to help them with shit like beholders and you just tell them to fuck off because unless it's a goblin it isn't worth it.

Hot damn, I'm not gay but even just the bottom half of that face kinda makes me wish I was a woman. With a personality so savvy, so rugged and manly it's jarring to see just how young and pretty he is.

Rather easy actually. Fighter with a few levels in Ranger for the preferred enemy and bonus weapon proficiencies.

You like to dance close to the fire don't you?

I can see the resemblance.

Didn't Killy end up saving the Silicons in the end?

I would like to see his "dead eyes"

I can't make heads or fucking tails of the ending no matter how many times someone tries to explain it. I feel like I'm better off finding it all vague.

I got a handy explanation right here

Is the thread getting off topic?

Why does everything that Yen Press touches make people all spooked and shit?

Are people really incapable of getting a provider that doesn't respond to DMCA? Or do they just lack the funds?
Even without funds you can still use torrents and just give out the magnet links on your website.

It isn't being translated because it isn't being translated. The first three chapters are out there. Literally nobody has ever stopped because of a DMCA. Stop being a lazy saucefag.

Oh shit, new chapter yesterday.
Four chapters now!

What is Cu doing in Goblin Slayer?

Jobbing, as always, but with this time he jobs at gerting the girl.

Boku no Pico

>I was afraid it was going to be something like that. Can't we have one guy who commits genocide because he hates the race, instead of having a sob story to back it up?
You can read a history book for once dumbass

Actually, the decision to do a genocide tend to stem from cool headed landgrabs rather than the result of hatred.

What are Netero and Dragon's Crown's elf and sorceress doing there?

If seems the very orginal AA use different characters aa placeholders, so now all the characters are expies of those placeholders.

Sorceress from Dragon's Crown is there, too

i would like to see Moonman in that Manga

him singing along slaying them , and of course all gobs labelled as "niggers"
aww yeee
that would be sweet as hell¨!

WHAT? we got restless armor as Mc, do you really care of the originality of this author? just enjoy the Goblinslaying , there is nothing more, beside the Priestess incoming raping scene

Are there any places online to read the LN that people are willing to share links with me?

Baka-Tsuki (sp) are pussies and take down anything that has a license and LN Sub-Reddits report any sites that have translators still translating them.

Does anyone in here willing to share?

Is this monthly ?

it's gotta be right? fuck me why did I read this I need more my inner fa/tg/uy is craving it.


I tried.

Yeah it's monthly. I wish it was weekly but honestly I'm fine with monthly if we're getting 30+ pages.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Kill Goblins Edition

meant for

Will Yen Press release the whole volumes, or are they only doing a digital release?

>With a personality so savvy, so rugged and manly it's jarring to see just how young and pretty he is.

Right? It's weird, until I saw that pic I always thought he was some muscle-bound brute in his thirties with a husky voice to match. That being said, Young Black Jack seems like an appropriate voice now that we know he's in his late teens/early twenties

OP here how the fuck would I know?

The dimensions are wrong so nobody could have submitted it if they wanted to.

All the Imperial military are.

That's almost always for economic reasons.

Wheres the best place to read this?

Racism on Cred Forums far predates Cred Forums.

It would work better if you just shopped his helmet with the pissed off red eye of violent genocide over the original image with "Jews" replaced with "goblins". This one here would be good since his head is tilted downwards.

No doubt, but it's a lot worse than it used to be.

You clearly don't remember how it used to be. Especially in the '06-'09 period, it was the number one hot button issue. Or number two aside from raids and hating outsiders, which has always been a thing even though it's died down a bit more recently.

Shouldn't have replied to you OP, I just wasn't sure if Yen Press had said anything about a physical release.

how new

Don't forget to support Yen Press™, whose hardworking translators are the only reason we have such frequent updates.

Also, the first volume of the light novel will be officially released this December. Preorder it now!

if you've been here for ANY amount of time you'd know this wasn't the case

Now that you mention it, Yuuichirou Umehara would be a very good fit for a GS anime. But could he pull off the guttural, hate-fueled voice of a genocidal madman when he's in RIP AND TEAR mode? No way his voice is perfectly calm and smooth like that once he goes into a killing frenzy.

'10 - '11

Maybe you guys have a point. I might just not have noticed it.

>literally nobody has ever stopped because of a DMCA
nice one.

Confirmed pleb for not understanding how remote civilisations work. 1st world uneducated entitled plebs everybody.

Even more fucking badass is that the forces of hell resurrected him back to earth precisely because if they didn't he was just going to keep slaughtering and raping demon ass nonstop until there was nothing left to brutally massacre. That's right, hell itself spat him out in fear because he was even more of a threat dead than alive. It is literally physically impossible to have bigger balls than that.

But we now have a pretty good idea why sleeping is necessary according to recent research. Not contesting what you're saying though.

No, I meant he's already been cast for the Drama CD.

That being said, even in RIP AND TEAR mode, it doesn't seem like his voice is supposed to change that much

You get a hammer to hit nails. When you need gobs dead, you get goblin slayer. Not much to it then that. He may not do a lot, but he does kill goblin pretty well.

this, delicious lolis don't need bra/panties, like old dirty hags.

It's pretty rare to see magics as potent as something like Tsar Bomba, that anyone can activate and assuming the treaties and laws didn't exist, could be made en masse by any moderately developed nation or even large corporations.

Proliferated nuclear weapons, even in the works of magic would still be a truly devastating force.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh, I did not know that. Decent casting then, I suppose.
And it's not like I'm saying he should go full-blown distorted demon voice though, but he definitely needs to go more menacing and less composed with it to reflect his unbound fury and gradual loss of sanity, a straight voice in those instances just wouldn't quite fit, I think.

WHO /helmet/ HERE?!

Sallet reporting in


Wait, other thread?
Fuck. Link?

It'll definitely be interesting to hear

It didn't lasted one post

>I hunt goblins
>I drive

I... its him isn't it. Its him.


This helmet is the best helmet.

You know, Goblin Slayer being Ryan Reynolds wouldn't surprise me.

What? I thought the demons knocked him out by droping the ceiling om him (lol), but were so fucking scare of he waking uo that instead of killimg him they sealed him in a heavily guarded tomb?

Doom 3

Because the the biggest reason to waste countless hours of your free time to translate a Japanese LN series is to give it more supporters who will give money to the author so he can spend more time making the series better?

And that reason is accomplished when official companies take up the mantle to do so and will also give money to the authors in question. So there is no more reason to fan translate it anymore other than to polish your non-existent moonrune skill.

If you are nigger scum who is a piece of trash and just want free shit with zero interest of supporting people who give you bits of joy, just say so.

If GS dies at the end, how each girl will react?

Ryan Gosling

Sad that they have no children to remember him by.

>>Proliferated nuclear weapons, even in the works of magic would still be a truly devastating force.

Mages tend to agree, when they see our world's weaponry.

Fun fact: in Rance IX, Miracle Dream, a Magic Level 3 Sorceress, travels to our world and realizes that if not for the Demon King's invincibility, modern weapons would obliterate all life in their world and wipe out all the gods. A single bullet is equivalent to a low level fire spell, and people have automatic weapons in their pickup trucks.

The thing is, if a mage did discover a nuke spell they'd keep it to themselves.
Scientists cant do that.

>Elf backs off
>Lets someone else win and get pregnant
>Figures she can come around in twenty or so years and pick up a fresh unfucked in the head GS lookalike and live out sixty or so years of fantasy before she gets bored

>Settling for second

>Because the the biggest reason to waste countless hours of your free time to translate a Japanese LN series is to give it more supporters who will give money to the author so he can spend more time making the series better?

This was the classic reason for translating but I never understood this kind of attitude. Guys who would translate and not participate in comments.

You translate stuff because you like the source, and want discussion partners. Short of being the actual author of the work, being the translator gives you Q+A authority and that's a fun role to have.

This is the case for Nigel. When people want to donate, he asks for Overlord gear instead, because he's the biggest Overlord fanboy of us all. That's the kind of translator I respect, because buying merchandise for him helps the author, and doesn't help the jewniggers at Yen Press.

>live in germany
>order overlord
>more than 18€ per volume

One of them will snao and become the next GS.

once I get a job, the first shit I will buy is a full plate armor.

Speaking of merch, buyfag syuff if GS went?

Future helmets need representation as well.

>Autism and a no-bullshit productive attitude

Literally me.
Still not MC in my own story.

What this guy said, Doom 3 is more or less a completely separate story.
In the original, Doomguy is literally the only living human left on the first moon of Mars that gets completely swarmed by the forces of hell, fights his way through by himself and through vaguely defined means (kinda up in the air whether he was ambushed and killed or teleported) finds himself stranded, stripped of all equipment and completely surrounded in the first level of hell, which happens to be the now assimilated and overrun second moon of Mars.
So he then fights his way through once again in this dimensionally twisted mishmash of orbital lunar base and gruesome hellscape all the way up to the Tower of Babel where he slaughters one of hell's mightiest generals by shooting him until he dies.
He then sees he's been floating directly above hell proper this whole time and knowing his only hope for getting back to earth is diving into the heart of the beast (or maybe he was just pissed the fuck off) he willingly jumps into fucking hell and beats their fucking asses on their own turf, ultimately killing the spider mastermind.
But even all that shit wasn't enough, oh no. His bloodlust is so unquenchable he goes even further and dives into the deepest circle of the netherworld and raises hell so he can lower it right onto his gigantic cock. Finally sick of having their asses thrashed by one raging lunatic they give him a free one way ticked back to earth as if begging him to remove his boot from their balls.
Then he discovers they murdered his pet rabbit while he was in hell, singlehandedly ensuring their complete and utter destruction. He sends the last surviving members of humanity away on an escape pod when the full force of the apocalypse nearly decimates the entire population of earth, purely so that nothing would impede the gruesome one man counter-apocalypse that hasn't stopped since he started.
Moral of the story, never fuck with Doomguy or his rabbit.

How come people keep talking about this when no one even translated the LN?

There's only so much memes you can keep reposting about 5 chapters manga

Without saying the "g word", what is this doujin about?

Black clover

Right here.
Greathelms are Great Helmets.

>Don't give Doomguy ammos
>He's now dead
Fucking hell.

He is the strongest fps character for a reason.

I would fuck that elf

>Mid rank
Silver is one of the higher ranks. They also literally want him just to kill goblins

It's believed the Doom Slayer is just Doomguy, but 400 years after Doom takes place. Killing the Doom Slayer ultimately does nothing because he just ends up respawining back in Hell, and if he's sent to Earth he finds his way back. The only solution was to give him an unholy burial in hell, shackling him in a rune-encrusted coffin and walling off the tomb where no one could access it.

It's why the demon narrator spends half his dialogue scolding Olivia for being a fuckup and letting him go free. You could just see the wordless "Notto dis shitto again"

Lunch Lyncher

Did Doomguy always have a hateboner for the demons? I know repercussions hinted at it, but I thought the Doomslayer portrayal was fairly new.

Vanilla Doom didn't have much personality or details, especially regarding what happened at the end of Episode 1. Also, I never new the rabbit was that big a deal. I always thought it was a joke or shocking imagery like Watchman's bloody smiley face.

Here I am my brother!

We haven't gotten the full picture yet with Goblin Slayer, he's silver ranked for a reason and I bet it isn't because he's only raided small goblin dens.

The implication of his question to the lizard man is that he's fought and killed Goblin Champions and Kings, which would be pretty worthy of the elves giving him the title 'Orcbolg'.

Goblins might be considered such an absent threat precisely because he's culling their numbers with such efficiency that Goblin Champions and the like haven't had the opportunity to rise since he's started.

the fact he has second name "Orcbolg" means he is famous at least in killing goblins

Like you could stop me
Most people don't think as much about world problems until they're in their backyard.
It's one thing to hear they're rapists/murderers and another to experience it first-hand. Goblin slayer is motivated by revenge. He'll keep killing until the bad feelings are gone (aka forever)
It's normal to want to get rid of them, but not to the level GS takes it to. I must say though, it's weird that nobody else cares much. Maybe because monsters worse than them/monsters in general are the norm IDK

How long before the manga reaches Here?

Isn't he also called beardcutter by the dwarves?

People don't give a shit about the world, they give a shit about the world "around them"

Nice try

Because FPS characters are low tier as shit?

And in Doom 64 he goes back there to kill a demon that is resurrecting all the ones he killed in the last two games, then decides to stay in Hell to prevent any more invasions. Then presumably D44M happened some time after that.

He's gonna encounter a super intelligent goblin that will serve as his nemesis for a while isn't he?
That's what I'm predicting will happen at some point.

>gate did it better

The creator probably should have used GS's autism and goblin hating as the series' hook instead of murder and monster rape.

Do we have any proof of GS having fought Goblin kings or champions?

The elves cut and hung themselves up like they had been tortured so they could act as bait?

There are only 5 chapters out, it wouldn't kill you to be caught up.

>tfw you like goblins
From my point of views, humans are evil!

Probably because he decapitated goblins with ease.

wait you're saying the autism and goblin hating isn't the hook?

Please name one board here that likes black people. I'm from btw

Get out of here, you're making some sort of sense

They weren't at the beginning.

Why did qt girls have to be raped ;_;

better than men getting raped


nice meme

because it affects people more compared to men

Goblins only rape for the purpose of procreation.

Female gobs?!

None. All-male race that goes on by impregnating other females. Purposedly made like this by some jackass gods for hilarity.

What are long-ears for?

There's nothing to indicate Madoka did it for hilarity.

They should stop killing what they raped then.

A symbol of a once great age, representing the closeness to nature with the closeness to the divine.

There, can we talk about goblins now?

Nibbling on.

They are radars.

Goblin Killer

>If age were just the only factor, humans who have lived 110 years would be among the most accomplished in terms of discovery
Humans age, and their brains deteriorate. Unlike with elves who stay young after thousands of years.

Dealing with mystical bullshit while you're killing goblins

Burn their trees.

Madoka isn't the only god.

you reading from yen press?

anime when?
>most likely never...


She made everything including goblins though.

But wasn't the other god who buffed them to the point they actually became a threat?

Based on what?

He is fucked up in head and as result he:
>Goes directly to the point
>Doesn't give a shit about morals
>Doesn't waste time in romance (although this is because he simple doesn't understand the concept)
>Doesn't brag

What helmet would be good for a girl?

Did they hung there for five years?

Doesn't exists here.


Farm farmer

Fuck, he looks like me.

Fuck, I heard Pitbull's "dale", and I haven't heard that guy in 5 years.

god my sides

Fuck, just like all those LN's adaptation all literally me.

Still never encounter those fated meeting with qt girl.

Fuck, what's the name of this manga?

>all these anons saying thta GS is autistic
PTSD =/= Autism
The first one you get from trauma, the other you are born with it.

Read the fucking thread.

I believe I was less autistic before I discovered this site.

Fuck, you're right

Anons use "autism" as a meme word for anyone who is too dedicated to a particular task to the point that they are pretty much retarded at everything else.

Gremlin Greaser

Fuck, you ruined my autism.

ogre puncher

GS is short for Gnome Smasher

Goblin Goyim

Jurrasic Jew

>you want to make a gob slayer
>dunno if shit like vs race bonuses exist
I'm suprised there's no madman who handles pest control in this medieval shit. Skaven,wolves, Worgs, all the small fodder.

>>dunno if shit like vs race bonuses exist
Ranger gets this from level 1.

Without trauma to back them up, not one see profit in focusing on fodder.


Send an ambassador to the human kings.
Tell them 'hey we're gonna be having a massive army over here to clear out this massive goblin nest. Hope that won't be an issue.'

Problem solved.

Some people can't.

That would seem rational to the reader, but you would be retarded to do nothing while your neighbor sends an army over for any purpose.

They HAVE to use the adventurers.

That happened in real life and ended in wars.

Isn't this basically the plot to Blood Meridian?

Yeah, because you, as a king, would believe some foreign ambassador claiming the army they are sending your way is just there to kill gobs.
And if you would, then you would be a shitty king.


How a real life psychiatrist would call thia behavior?


But I mean.
It's not necessarily that it "took" that. It's just, that's what happened. That was his first experience with Goblins.

Huh??Cred Forums used to be all about racism and edginess.

He'd probably hate gobbos regardless just like virtually every human in the series that has heard anything about them, but devoting your entire fucking existence to single-minded mass genocide requires some goddamn personal motivation.



badass yes though some of the critics do have a point

goblins are a threat to villages, but demons are a threat to kingdoms and neither are in short supply

adventurers shouldn't underestimate goblins, but it's not like there's no virtue in taking out the big guys first so there is no big international threat allowing the authorities to sweep up the goblins later

Because page 10

Haruhi will take care of the big guys.

Why not let it die when its time has come? At least call it Goblin Slayer general if the thread will be bumped to death.

>that cute grill with 2.000 years

shes a virgin, right?

GS isn't autistic because of his obsession with goblins.

However, this chapter makes it seem like he's actually autistic.

>Not able to read the mood at all
>Not letting others finish talking before interrupting them
>Butting into conversations and immediately going "DID YOU SAY GOBLINS? WHERE?"
>"You could at least talk to me before making a decision!"
>"Aren't I?"
>"It's not much of a talk if you've already made up your mind."
>"It isn't?"

He has no social skills at all and doesn't know how to have a conversation.

Don't know if this is one of the numerous lies in these threads, but some anons were saying that she is indeed.

Makes sense he fails in social life if all what he did for ten years was killing gobs.

Fuck you, i do what i want.

Do you get paid for that?

>literally only kills gobos
>is in some of the highest ranks
This guy has weaponised autism man. It's like that dude on WoW who maximised Exp output and got to end game in the beginner zone before picking factions.
If GS can:
a) figure out such long term things with such efficientcy
b) follow through on a tedious or in his case unduly taxing plan
Then he's clearly got something that silvers wouldn't. Were he xp grinding better mobs he'd be much higher. He's a shadow boss, m8. All he needs is some glasses to adjust, I would say he needs a guild of scrubs but he's sorting that out on his own already.

Elf Evaporator

Silver rank

Silver rank is the highest rank you can get without becoming a national weapon so even if Goblin Slayer can rank up he'll probably refuse it

>not Cred Forums

>Not Cred Forums

No, our weapons technology would have increased even faster.

Don't mind him, he's Bump Slayer.

just LOL

Lol what?

>This thread

Boku no Remove Gobburin

[E1M1 Intensifies]

That is a cool name.

>2000 years old

>still cares about breast size

Cred Forumsk/a/ has always been a thing here


What demon narrator? What is this from? Can I read this shit somewhere I love me some DOOM

Near psychotic PTSD. Beta-blockers, stat!

Doom 2016, don't tell me you didn't know about it?

The gobs are not to be blamed, the beta male fags just cannot compete against a superior sex species.

Please no more rape.

>Beta blockers

No wonder Goblin Slayer is still so fucked up. Propranolol is FDA approved for stage fright, but those meds are more used for hypertension, arrhythmias, and heart failure


This would be a solid 8/10 if it didn't have typical harem shit.

one female loves him. the other is merely trying to understand his traumatize mind, and the other is grateful for saving her from being rape

Come on user, we all know where it's going

Two girls truly love him as far the manga goes: CG and GG.

>not the sorceress

Sorceress tried to seduce him, the problem is he's so single minded he was like "OK yes, you have massive tits and they're really lovely and in my face at the moment, but can you PLEASE make this scroll for me so I can kill goblins."

Didn't the priestess already sleep with him him or something?

Isn't it stated that Goblin Fertility is rather low, which is why they take women to become breeding sows?

It was a lewd healing ritual which we don't have idea how it works other than it needs a virgin and being naked. It could sex or just cuddling, we may never know.

How would a reverse isekai series where Goblin Slayer gets transported to our world work?

Aside from multiple girl cast, there's nothing typical about it.
>They all had reason
>No eeeeeeeeeh
>No embarrased blush beta MC
>No perverted shit
>No accidental fanservices
>No announcing personal fetish outloud
>No arrogant perverted smug alpha
>No cringey "I will obtained a harem of you girls because I want everyone to be happy"

I mainly hate harem because I didn't like the MC, and since this MC a helmet guy I don't mind harem.
why do you hate harem in the first place?

GS continues to show his superiority

OK that's a fucking top class edit.

I took bet blockes for prostate problems,
they made it so when I fapped when I orgasm nothing came out, also hour long erections in the morning.

>in dark tiny caves fight fast green migits with weapons
>wear a helmet that restricts most of your visibility

its cool looking but even a chainmail balaclava would be more practical

He specifically says in chapter 2 that he practiced for that.

why practice for a disadvantage you could fix by just getting a new helmet? is the helmet special or something?

Helmet protects against blunt force and they've been shown to use basic ranged weapons like slings, he made the right choice.

The helmet looks very cool.

I don't like them because they're never done well for the reasons you stated, and I'm afraid the list you mention will start happening soon enough. You can see it going that way.

I fucking hate goblins, man. You guys don't even know.

>that dialogue

The trend of lowering standards continues with every year.

>and I'm afraid the list you mention will start happening soon enough. You can see it going that way.
AA? no, never even once gives any hints going that way.
LN? Still no hints of going that way
Manga? Still nothing

But hey, feel free to drop this though. Just don't forget to keep posting on the next thread.

remember gobboslaya is a handsome guy

so how much more rape is there based on the novels
>inb4 current heroines are just rape fodder


Is true that actually hurts?

As far things goes, several girls will fall for him but he literally can't process the emotion, at best he can considere them his companions.

>its just a 5e sheet
immediately in love with this

This is what GS looks like under the mask.

This is what delusional shirofag believes.

You know, I think that guy was making a joke.

Almost every visual is a reference to something.

tg pls stay

But he apologized to Lancer for cutting in line earlier.


That means that "madoka" will truly be a madoka's expy.


Don't bump this you fuck

Was about to bump, but you did it, thanks

stay on your caves and wait for goblin slayer to come to the cave you live for extermination


Goblin Slayer Musou when?

Enjoying genocide does wonders for your skin.
All his body wounds must be fully healed as well,gob blood is a natural healing ointment.


What makes you think that this series would be a good fit for Musou?

Because goblins come out in groups.


nyaaaa catte

Has anyone made an edit of the Ancient Alien's guy but with GS MC? " I'm not sayings Goblins, but its Goblins"?

being a faggot that needs fire weapons to feel safe.
real men don't use guns.

what about a gunblade


>How many years of solid training does it take to be good at launching fireballs?
D&D nerd here:
Considering the guild application form is a D&D character sheet? They level after about 10 appropriately difficult encounters, so a wizard who fights once a week should have his first fireball in about a year (level 5).

But that's not really the problem here. The problem is that in real life, everyone is forever stuck at level 1, so a load of peasants with muskets could kill people who'd been training for ten years.

In fantasyland, asymmetric warfare tilts way in the other direction. Those same knights would be level 15 badasses, who could charge into a formation of muskets with impunity, even without magic gear. Because it would take fifteen solid hits to drop one, and half of those attempted shots wouldn't even hit, and they could get from outside firing range to stabbing-you-in-the-face range in six seconds. Fantasy power curves are nuts.

Even a guy who was a peasant himself a year ago, but spent the time since then fighting with a longbow, would be level six, and able to take a shot every three seconds from double musket range, be doing the same or more damage on a hit, hit a LOT more often, and it'd take about six hits from the peasants to drop him, whereas he'd likely kill one of them with every hit. Basically if it was him versus 10 peasants, he'd actually survive the first volley and drop six of them before even a pro could reload a musket, survive a second volley from the four survivors, and kill those four. It would take one minute and twenty arrows, and he wouldn't need to take a single step forward. Fantasy power curves are nuts.