Cred Forums will not survive another year and the blame falls on Cred Forums and on Cred Forums for driving moot away...

Cred Forums will not survive another year and the blame falls on Cred Forums and on Cred Forums for driving moot away from the site and giving us this abomination

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Just buy a fucking pass

Just delete every board not related to anime manga or videogames

Nah Hiro doesn't give a fuck he'll just open donations.

People are just going over the top for the sake of it.

It's okay. Moot will save us.

>turns on adblock
>doesn't buy a pass
>complains when the site goes under financially

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.


>Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.

The fuck is this shit

So, why did this only happen when the asian moot take the helm of the site and not when moot was the owner?

the root boards like Cred Forums and Cred Forums shouldn't be worried about this

/po/ and /i/ on the other hand

New feature for 4can pass users.

More to come.

These are not things that happen in a span of a year. It's been long time coming.

Welp, its happening.

This question has been made over and over but is finally time to consider it for real

Where do we go next?

literally who

also what are the most active boards besides Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums and Cred Forums?

>More to come.

Is this Cred Forums pass thing supposed to help selling Cred Forums pass? I think it will have the opposite effect



>tfw Cred Forums gold pictures are going to be real

moot has only himself to blame for not deleting Cred Forums and banning all active Cred Forums users after the gamergate mess

Did you read the fucking screecap you animal?

It did happen you fucking newfag, Cred Forums has historically scraped on by the skin of its teeth every year. Donation begging isn't a new thing around here. Moot has been dirt poor and broke many times due to Cred Forums's upkeep costs, that's probably why he bailed. Why would he want to continue suffering financial ruin for a bunch of thankless shitposters?

Just contribute a few autismbux. You get a free shitposting buff to go with it:

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2014.

How do you guys feel that we lived long enough for this pic to stop being a joke?

my bad user, here, take this loli for apologies.

Facebook and twitter integration imminent.

Time to fuck off to /ghost/ then.

>-Much more ads
>pop-up pop under ads
>malicious ads
Obviously the best option here.

Absolutely wonderful.

Cred Forums Pass user since July 2016.

>-Much more ads
>malicious ads
>-More Cred Forums pass users
>more features

If the cunt isn't joking, he shouldn't be running this site. He has no fucking clue what he's doing.

Just delete the archives.

it literally happened every year since it was created

I imagine most costs are image hosting. Just reduce the size limit for the popular boards and the costs will cascade down.

So how would you run a site for free?

Buying a pass makes the world go round.

Cred Forums Pass user since May 2016.

I'm not sure why Cred Forums cares so much about Cred Forums in particular. Their bait is usually weak to the point that most are smart enough to ignore, but they don't have an actual interest in anime so don't make as many retarded posts here about it like Cred Forums.
At best you might see a vaguely WWII-related anime get some Naziboos to come out of hiding but Cred Forums's main cancers are Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

Don't forget Cred Forums

Your here forever

Finally the time to legitimally purge cancer like Cred Forums, Cred Forums and /r9k/ is here.

You can take /vg/ too, because its just avatarfag central at this point, no discussion about nothing.

Cred Forums is everyone's cancer. They're delusional newfag redditors that have no place on Cred Forums yet keep crawling out of the woodwork because of the election. Check the replies to almost any "delete Cred Forums" post on the /qa/ thread and you'll see what I mean.

By the way, /qa/ should be deleted. Some costs cut off right there.

/vg/ is a necessary evil, otherwise assfaggots would make Cred Forums go nuclear.
What should be done is decrease /vg/'s image limit and double /r9k/ and Cred Forums's post cooldown time.

We dont need a poll, this is common sense

>would make Cred Forums go nuclear.
but user, i never saw a serious videogame topic in Cred Forums

>Ads don't work well
What did he mean by this?
Also, reminder

moot was willing to let his personal financials suffer for Cred Forums, and that passes the bill on him mentally

Low traffic boards are fine though unless they're containment boards, they have nothing to worry about

>otherwise assfaggots would make Cred Forums go nuclear
It can't if it doesn't exist.


Get a load of this fucking casual

Cred Forums Pass user since June 2013.

I'd actually buy a pass if he removes this stupid fucking signature thing.

I-I will finally be freed

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2012.

No you won't.

You'll be like a crackhead looking for his next hit if Cred Forums goes under.

Where do I go for anime discussion if Cred Forums is dead?


There you go, never see the messages again

my temporary plan is to head over to IRC and figure things out from there

>Cred Forums and Cred Forums
>Not newfags

Go to r/anime or the MAL forums.

Why are donations not an option?


Its time to stop wasting time on this shithole and actually watch anime


My plan is to just stop talking about anime


this is so fucking stupid
you realise your anonymity goes away with this, right?

>literally selling oldfag cred

I guess it's finally time for me to learn to use an IRC client.

what channel will most of Cred Forums be on?

But passes only started in 2012.

I'm doing my part

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

You don't, get a life already.

Recreate it

I want you to know it was your post that convinced me to do this.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

So where we will run to when Cred Forums dies?

>pop-up ads
>malicious ads


How do you get that to show?

If Hiro started charging like $15 bucks a year to use Cred Forums, would you pay it?

either #Cred Forums or another channel created by Cred Forumsnons for the sole purpose of deciding what to do next

Reddit, they have a sitewide circlejerk similar in severity to Cred Forums, though you might have to dig a little to find a subreddit that allows the same style of circlejerk as Cred Forums (sperging out over requests, all the little things Cred Forums uses to feel superior to others, that kind of thing).

Why the removal of ads? The ads were inoffensive enough before to where I would turn off adblock.



moot could make it work, why can't this jew do it too?

the morgue

Well Cred Forums is fucking shit and caused lots of trouble.

He isn`t moot.


that 'Cred Forums pass user since XXXX' only shows up if you want it too user.

Thanks for the spoon. I really didn't want to have to skim that entire FAQ.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2014.



They aren't selling enough ad space because no one wants to advertise to a bunch of broke NEETs and pedos.


I actually want to buy one now just to fuck with people like you.

Plus mobile posting is a pain with captcha.

We kill ourselves.

Cred Forums Pass user since January 1979.

The word gullible is written on your ceiling, fool.

So what boards are getting the delet?
I'd say all porn boards
Other practically useless boards

moot doesn't want you.

No thanks.

> deleting ded boards

That's not how hosting works, retard.


fuck Cred Forums is finally dead. where do we go next?

>close inactive boards
>get rid of archive
There, problem solved.


Remove Cred Forums /vp/ /vg/ /vr/ /soc/ /mlp/ /cgl/ /lgbt /s4s/ and we're good.

>Everyone asking where to go next
Isn't this your chance to finally be free?

Here' a good link for you:

What will we use after Cred Forums?

Might as well remove every board except Cred Forums

The actions of a few don't reflect the actions of the many. Cred Forums is a board of peace.

Stockholm Syndrome.

How about just delete the archive?

Is there a comprehensive list of changes that have occurred since moot's departure.

I actually like this site.

FBI wants that, but fbi don't want to pay

I think this might actually be time to go. This place has been on the decline for a long while now. So many more idiots on here then I remember. Cred Forums is an infinite layer cake of trolling. Cred Forums is quite literally the most autistic place on the internet. People are stupid enough to both fall for and perpetuate this whole "Cred Forums pass user since XXXX" thing. Now they might axe some of the smaller boards that I like. Guess that one comic is coming true a lot earlier then we all thought. See you, space cowboys.

We need something equal or better to compensate. Many others have tried and died or dying.

[s4s] is a nice board. Please to not delete.

>from [a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / vg / vr / w / wg] [i / ic] [r9k] [s4s] [cm / hm / lgbt / y] [3 / aco / adv / an / asp / biz / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / gd / hc / his / int / jp / lit / mlp / mu / n / news / out / po / pol / qst / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / wsg / wsr / x]
[a / b / c / f / webm / h / k / m / o / p / w / wg] [i / ic] [an / ck / jp / n / out / po / sci / wsg / wsr ]

And have everyone shitpost here, what a great idea

If Cred Forums dies maybe I will reenter society and find happiness.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

I thought a bunch of third parties host the archives?

Idubbbz is that you

h-happy birthday Cred Forums

Not sure why he's making such a big deal of It, just undo resource hogging improvements that were made along the years such as more boards, archive, more threads per board till It turns financially viable.

We lived with said limitations for I don't know how many years, pretty sure we could live with them gain.

Why not delete Cred Forums?

Anime was a mistake

>ads don't work
Not anymore since google broke them.
Why doesn't Hiro instead of having these banner contests advertising boards, replace them with a ticking donation meter reminding everyone of how bankrupt this place will be until the donations have been made.

If wikipedia can get away with it, then a mongolian horse trading forum can get away from it.


I don't want to leave this place. This is the only place where I can socialize.

>wanting to be free
What would I even do?

How about hiro puts up something like a patreon for the site?

>Facebook and twitter integration imminent.

Nah, that would be the moment I'm gone.
The complete lack of accounts and the likes is what sets Cred Forums apart from the rest of the web. If you were to introduce them, Cred Forums would become a worse reddit.
I doubt hiroyuki is THAT stupid.

If Hiro would just set up donation system or patreon site would be fine. And it wouldn't have cancer of Cred Forums pass shit or shitty ads.

...>Cred Forums Pass user since June 2013.

Except one single board would be easy to moderate to Cred Forums's "standards".

>using the pass meme
You better pray this place never dies, cause outside you're fucked.

hope Cred Forums dies. it's as bad as Cred Forums these days

Fuck you even if Cred Forums is shit we need a place to discuss weeb games

>pushing all of Cred Forums's users into Cred Forums
>easy to moderate

Seriously why did all this shit have to go down on our birthday.

Hiro should just let Cred Forums run things if he's that incompetent

>or patreon site
>middle man taking user money for doing nothing


>[a / b / c / f / webm / h / k / l / m / o / p / w / wg] [i / ic] [an / ck / jp / n / out / po / sci / wsg / wsr ]


Delete all Cred Forums spin-off boards.

I can tell you put literally zero thought into this at all.

Don't worry guys. I'll become a millionaire and buy Cred Forums.

"Freedom" is a word no one knows the meaning of and no one can explain.

I don't think that would be any better.

So basically we'd have a great logo and get abandoned in a week?


The way patreon works is that you have to create something at least once a week. That's why you see it all over youtube because they're creating videos at least once a week if not daily.


Well, you just...

There are other bo-

Other sites can be just as f-

Fuck me, I don't know.

>Cred Forums

>I doubt hiroyuki is THAT stupid.
we'll see

Remember when this was supposed to be a thing?

I still insists it's merely a ruse.

Banning everyone who complain about anime would greatly reduce the traffic.
And be easier to moderate.

Fuck, I'm about to have a lot more time on my hands but now I'll have nowhere to spend it?

I agree. A purge is long overdue

Free from what if I'm already dead inside

I know this is gonna sound strange, but you could, maybe watch anime.

13 is truly a unlucky number.

From moot's farewell news post:
>I've spent the past two years working behind the scenes to address these challenges, and to provide Cred Forums with the foundation it needs to survive me by bolstering its finances, strengthening its infrastructure, and expanding and empowering its team of volunteers. And for the most part, I've succeeded. The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever thanks to continued development and recent server upgrades. Team Cred Forums is also at its largest, and while I've still been calling the shots, I've delegated many of my responsibilities to a handful of trusted volunteers, most of whom have served the site for years.

>The site isn't in danger of going under financially any time soon, and it's as fast and stable as ever

Japanese people are used to slow and shitty websites with obscure limitations that hiro now probably things that Cred Forums is way to generous,
see any popular site like nico nico which doesn't let you use proper quality unless you pay or fc2 where you can literally watch like 2 videos a day for free,
or how pixiv doesn't let you short by popular or reupload your work if you don't pay.

Hiro is just jewing it out.

>only remove one of the top three worst boards
wow you're good at this user

>watch anime

nice try gaia

I don't know how patreon works desu.
Hiro could roll his own monthly donation then.

You forgot Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

Cred Forums has pretty much the exact same modding standards as every other board. No, your "board culture" you like to shriek about doesn't actually define the rules of the board, as much as you might wish it did.

I know moot left ages ago but there is no way in this universe he would let Cred Forums die, He wouldn't let it fizzle out when he's created one of the biggest websites in internet history.

There is multiple ways to keep Cred Forums afloat all this dying nonsense is just crazy talk.

What are they?


But the 13th year just ended. We are in the 14th year.

>Time to fuck off to /ghost/ then.
that worked so well for warosu didn't it


>I doubt hiroyuki is THAT stupid.

Ban tripfags that do not buy Cred Forums pass

Time to turn adblock off. Also Hiroyuki, you're being a fucking jew. Stop.

>discuss weeb games
>on Cred Forums
I hope you're baiting , none of these fucktards are capable of doing that without being retarded and writing some idiotic shit three times in a post.
What you are doing is like reading manga only from random dumps on /h/, seriously., just go to a decent forum.

Just sell a shitload of ads. Everyone has adblockers anyway so no one will even notice.

What is this /ghost/ everyone keeps talking abou?


Cred Forums Pass user since June 2013.

I would be more worried of Hiro actually making some drastic and stupid changes to the site rather that it dying at this moment.

fuck off newfag


i'd rather eat ass.

This is why moot left to go work for Google. He's getting paid a salary of at least $200,000 there and will use that new wealth to buy back Cred Forums from Hiro.


Literally nobody there.

Delete porn boards save /h/ and /s/.
Delete /vg/, Cred Forums, /r9k/, /soc/, the bbq board, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /asp/, Cred Forums, /mlp/, /vp/, /cgl/, /s4s/ and Cred Forums.
Delete Cred Forums for a few weeks, then reintroduce it as a worksafe board with 5 minute post timers.

There, I just fixed Cred Forums.

Spotted the newfag

>Halve the traffic cost
This is a good idea. Close some boards, remove the catalog, remove (You) and all the other fancy shit, bring back noko and visible sage and just generally make the site less intuitive to browse again, maybe slap in a kana captcha for good measure. That should halve this site's traffic in no time.

i thought gooks were smart? All I'm seeing is a retard who doesn't know what he's doing

Fuck off.

Both are just as shit as each other.

Google will buy Cred Forums.

Nope. The worthwhile posters would be gone.

This. Keep out malicious ads but spam us with ads. If it keeps this shit site afloat, so be it.

>I finally get to see Cred Forums die

thank fucking goodness. This site has been irredeemable shit since 2009

Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums and Cred Forums tie for third.

>not wanting to be free
you best be joking

Closing boards is the best option. Identify a core focus for the site (most likely Japanese culture) and delete all boards that are unrelated to it. Then people will make separate chans focused on politics, or on video games, etc. and the cost will be spread around. There's really no reason that Cred Forums should've tried to be such a diverse community in the first place, it was just moot being an idealist, and that path can easily be reversed if the cost is getting too high.

>remove (You)
Do people forget what posts they made?

By the way, do we know anything about what has become of him?
Is it working out, or is the project he was assigned to dead?

I've been on the inside too long, I can't go back to civilized society. If the site goes under whatever I end up doing is everyone else's fault for letting it happen.

I won't deny that, He obviously wants to make his mark.

It's hard though because he's always asking for opinions but with moot he just did it without giving a fuck which is probably what you need for a user-base like 4chans.

I got you man.

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2013.

>new gook admin
>signatures on posts now
>Cred Forums gold images soon a reality
>best of all after all this it'll be shut down after a period of donations which will so STRAIGHT into gook's debt fund
This place is dying so fast it's unreal.

Fine in principle but how do you preserve anonymity? Even though you can buy a Cred Forums pass with Bitcoin, there are still logins/cookies to be exploited.

You realize this site got a ton of traffic even before all that fancy stuff got added right

You think they won't just flood the other boards? Come the fuck on. Deleting boards isnt going to work because the only boards that actually matter for the sites bandwidth are too big to get deleted

>close some boards
Axe Cred Forums. Those ungrateful fucks wouldnt give a damn if Cred Forums was gone and they are also at fault for the visitor spike because its a bridgehead for reddit.

Huh, IRC suddenly got lively.

It's over.
Cred Forums is dead for sure.

Might as well kill myself

>Cred Forums has historically scraped on by the skin of its teeth every year.
Expect when it allowed m00t to piss away tens of thousands of dollars into a failed startup, or take holidays around Europe. Let's just overlook that because it doesn't quite gel with your little narrative.

No point in killing /asp/ since its so quiet. Probably the same deal with /cgl/. Even though Cred Forums is just porn now and a huge drain on the system, you can't kill that either.

that's already infested with redditors, we need an empty place

Delete Cred Forums but only after Trump wins. Give us 6 months or so, then you can delete our meme magic board.

Delete most/all of the porn boards. They suck up bandwith and only dorks use them.

Removing the convenience shit would probably do next to nothing. The real thing that is fucking the servers up is the autoupdate feature.

The failed started wasn't financed with Cred Forums money, he got investors.
A lot of his europe holidays were part of conventions he was invited to as some "social media wizard" or whatever the fuck he's trying to be over at google now

Just delete porn and image dumping boards.

More like delete Cred Forums after Trump loses because they'll all have killed themselves anyway


Why do we even need /gif/? Just go to pornhub for fucks sake

I bet Hiroshima will take all "Cred Forums pass since October 2016" money and run away. If he were serious he would make something more than a random post on a random board

There will be flooding and spam for a while but I doubt it will last long. Most people can't evade bans, and they'll want to continue discussing their topic of choice on another chan sooner or later

And we're all staying on Cred Forums for this very reason
Stop blaming Cred Forums, Cred Forums or any other board for being shit, we're all autist and forming a big, uniform shit all together and that's what make us happy and entertained
Let's just live the last hours, days, weeks, month or years of Cred Forums embrassing this fact

>popups/malicious ads
This wouldn't be a problem seeing as everyone has ways around that shit, but it would completely destroy whatever fragments of trust I have left in this site and I doubt I would visit it ever again.

Even seeing it considered as an option (however unlikely actual implementation is) disgusts me.

Holy shit this
Just go to porn sites to fap

>we need a place to discuss weeb games

Thing is, it's not even possible to discuss about it on Cred Forums

What the fuck is he actually doing over at google anyway?

If 2chan can do it, then you can do it too you fucking gook

>The real thing that is fucking the servers up is the autoupdate feature.
Bullshit. If someone F5's then the whole page gets resent, but autoupdate just sends the changes.

That is part of the fancy shit that should be removed though. Make faggots smash their F5 again.

>Sale on Cred Forums pass for Birthday
>Hiro realize how many people buying it
>Suddenly out of nowhere "We dont have money for servers"
>More people buys Cred Forums Pass

Yes, Yes, Buy those Pass

It'll all be over once Trump wins and the election is over. Fucking gook can't get that through his head, and fags like you don't understand that they will just go to shit up Cred Forums and other boards if Cred Forums gets canned.

You could go to the chan that was created when Cred Forums died.
Cred Forums is slow there, but I like them a lot more than this shithole.

He's not stupid, he knows exactly what he's doing. It's the old "Manufactured Crisis" ruse.

Cred Forums has been able to sustain itself for years, but that's not good enough for Hiro. It has to be more profitable for him. So he's going to hold the website hostage, implement disruptive changes, and play innocent the whole time.

Really because I do it all the time, its western game threads which are shit

This shit happens every other year.

Youtube heroes

Well considering he's already stated that ads don't work well, (probably because the majority ignore them or never see them due to ad blockers), adding more intrusive advertising is just going to have the opposite effect. The mean reason people block ads is due to perceived annoyance or security concerns. The people already ignoring the ads will continue to do so, and some of the people who weren't will start blocking ads to be rid of them.

Not to mention that intentionally adding malicious advertising to the site is a great way to end up in court and out of pocket.

That said, more annoying ads might have some positive effect on certain boards: It could drive off newer users, reducing server costs slightly and improving board quality.

Only changes are sent instead of the full page again. F5ing uses more resources.

>Most people can't evade ban
Laff. If this was true Cred Forums would be a whole lot better.
Fuck if I know. Probably trying to revitalize some of their failed social networks

Cred Forums died when moot left.

/qa/ is literally his first board though so I don't think it's random.

It's still doing it continuously even if you just leave the page there untouched for hours while doing other shit.

Hiro is a fucking moron who has no idea how to run this place. He bought it to get some quick dosh to pay off his debts, thinking it was a profitable site.
Boy was his chink ass wrong.

IT'S Cred Forums FAULT

DELETE Cred Forums
DELETE Cred Forums

>Not anymore since google broke them
moot work for Google.
Is friends with Hiro.

Coincidence or not? Anonymous is getting played like a damn fiddle.

Do it user, we'll just come here.

>all these leftycucks jumping on this opportunity to call for the death of Cred Forums

And then nothing would change.

Where we go now?

>went to reddit
>it was pain just from navigating between threads
>enter a thread
>maximum cringefest
>never again

Get rid of all the boards that arent about animu manga and video games
Cred Forums goes back to being that obscure nerd board, and not le final boss of the internet

>blaming Cred Forums and Cred Forums
Last time I checked Cred Forums and Cred Forums make up most of 4chans userbase.
And also you cant have Nazi Anime girls without the Nazis!

>Cred Forums does sone bulldhit and ends up on TV
>Cred Forums goes to shit
>Gamer Gate and Trump happens because of Cred Forums and Cred Forums respectively
>Cred Forums dies

Who could have seen that coming.

No it fucking doesn't retard.

I can tell you faggots aren't oldfags. Newmoot has just picked up on Oldmoots ways.

>Cred Forums hemorrhaging like always for a few years
>moot finally breaks and says some shit about being poor etc.
>enough donations to keep it going come in
>repeat few years later

This is how this site has survived and will continue. Get to donating faggots.

Exactly. Traffic would go down a little bit but the people will still come. Shutting down a board won't fix this in the long run.
It's an 18+ site, where are the pornhub tier ads? Hiro needs to get schooled on /biz/ they basically solved this problem already.

Blame all you want. Cred Forums and Cred Forums are big parts of the website, lot's of traffic, lots of Cred Forums passes.
Doesn't matter if I hate Cred Forums and their SJW bullshit with a passion, that board brings money to Cred Forums and so it should stay, likewise for Cred Forums

Should at least be more specific. Almost sounds like you didn't even go there yet

Reddit at the best of times is like our circlejerk horrible generals at the worst of times

There's a whole new world outside, user. Go to explore!

Can't you just leave, and meet up with your keyboard klansmen irl? This place would be so much better

It has nothing to do with adblock.

Most companies want nothing to do with Cred Forums's audience who consist of "hackers on steroids" "fake pedos and actual pedos" and "a bunch of extremist racists" It's pretty obvious that Cred Forums and Cred Forums are more of the well known boards in normalfags eyes, and when you basically tell and advertiser, "yeah here's you're audience" they will most likely flake.

>Cred Forums mobile user since

Would be amusing if this could be displayed.

>that board brings money to Cred Forums
I doubt any boards are profitable.

Or he's just scamming everyone. This is most likely though.

Avatars, posting counters, signatures and posting histories of course.

How do you donate?

Exactly where we went the last time and the time before.
No one is going anywhere unless one day you type Cred and nothing happens,
simply because no matter how shitty this place is its just easier to remain to an already build up community you are used to.

Alright, Cred Forums. It's ERABE time:

>implying you even visit your own board
So there'd be no difference then.
Deleting Cred Forums it is.

>Last time I checked Cred Forums and Cred Forums make up most of 4chans userbase.
The fact that maggots make outnumber us is something to be proud of? They were the ones spamming nonstop that cuck bullshit to moot until he gave up on the site.

If the site go under I want you to remember that the only place in the internet that you could say your insane bullshit got destroyed because you cannot stop acting like spoiled children and then you will be forced to go back to the "normie" side of the internet where they will not tolarate your stupid bullshit

how many steroids do you take Cred Forums

>deleting Cred Forums before election
I want to drink their tears when Trump loses.

Is this another hoax like last time?

Good just kill this garbage normalfags board already. Cred Forums is nothing but trash anyway.

Shitkaku complex.


He can just
>delete high traffic + high shitpost boards [/vp/]
>merge useless slow normalfag boards into a new Cred Forums
>flood old Cred Forums with advertisements [they're normalfags anyway if the can use YT without an adblock they can use this Cred Forums]
>remove updater from high shitposting high traffic key boards (Cred Forums)[so they must use f5 to load new replies and new ads]
>remove every /soc/adv/ shit from the site, moot deluded himself with the idea that idiots from this pigsty could make friends/give advice guess what? they can't.

I do my part by using adblock, and filtering pass users.

>and the blame falls on Cred Forums and on Cred Forums for driving moot away from the site and giving us this abomination
I bet you faggot came here from Reddit around 2010 or later. If yes, you are the cancer who transformed this site into what it is today.

Top kek
We disavowed the klan a long time ago user. We're a board of peace after all.

Cred Forums is literally the only good thing about this site nowadays anyway.
A bunch of newfags and underage shitstains getting triggered by truth completely ruined Cred Forums.

>Ew don't be a meanie

This. Like 97% of the boards are completely irrelevant cancer. Why the fuck would you WASTE MONEY TO PRESERVE THEM? ARE YOU INSANE?

Just go to Overchan and pick an Cred Forums. There are tons.

Just kill the gifs.

>we'll just come here.
you're already here

That was a bad fake edit(wrong date for Thur), this is real. Check /qa/.

Delete normalfag boards like /r9k/, /soc/ and /cgl/.
Delete porn boards except /d/.
Delete imagedump boards like /c/.
Delete Cred Forums because nobody likes Cred Forums and they can go to infinite chan anyway.

Modern programmatic advertising doesn't give a fuck how many pedos there are. The problem is the clickthrough and conversion rates are probably too abysmal since everyone scrolls past the banners to get to the content.

You're only free when your soul gets out of that flesh prison called (you)

It always is with this guy. Despite being the father of anonymous image boards he sure knows jack shit about running them.

>We're a X of peace after all.
Sounds familiar.
I hope hiroshimoot deletes Cred Forums and turns you all into refugees. When you get banned from the other boards you're not welcome in I hope you'll appreciate the irony

I don't want tons.
I want THE Cred Forums.

>Trump losing

Using F5 to reload takes more data than an updater. If there are no new posts to display, the data transmitted is minimal. New posts are added inline when needed and only sends the new data. F5ing reloads the full page and all data on the page; the new ad isn't worth the page reload.

Isn't /r9k/ the complete opposite of a normalfag board?

Im sorry but moot is no longer

They do care when the uses constantly post child pornography.

That provides twinges of pain more than humour at this moment.

Where did he post this? /qa/?

There's already cross board traffic anyway it's not like one board shut off is going to stop anything.
I frequent about 5 different ones on average honestly.

Cred Forums passes.

Moot was always a giant weenie when it came to panhandling, so he wanted to create a "service" to go along with it.


>trump winning

Wannabe normalfags, same thing in the end

Hiro should sync Trump losing with Cred Forums getting its shit kicked out.

They are the extreme opposite of normalfag and with that became the faggots they hate

You fuckers choose where to go if titanic happens.

Have you ever been on /r9k/?
It's as normalfag as it gets

who knew the end would be so soon?

Oh hey look Cred Forums normalfags invading Cred Forums again.

We'll just ruin Cred Forums along with our bandwagon of CorrectTheRecord superpac shills that caused this huge uptick in traffic regardless.

There is no way he can win. Hes been painted as the bad guy for the normies.

Mods are MIA on /r9k/ so half the threads end up being /adv/ & /soc/ garbage.

in my pants



Is somebody making a Cred Forums clone for when the inevitable happens?

A real clone, not what we have now

Who cares about Cred Forums, i thought people hated this place and just went there cause they are bored to death.

Its a mix between failed normalfags bragging about fucking some landwhale, people pretending to be normal to get some (you)s and someone genuinely non normalfag people who only know how to complain about not being normal.

>lots of Cred Forums passes.
Yeah right.

Yeah, for a week. Then you'll get bored of not being able to rail on niggers and go somewhere else to complain about hilary

So why are you on Cred Forums then you nigger?

Doesn't he need those to inform the cops?