Are older women appealing to you?

Are older women appealing to you?

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Niggarell is that you?
Fuck off cunt

call Freud, i don't care

no just older men

Will there ever be sequels with the other two girls and mother?


Of course
Who doesn't love tiny heads on massive bodies?

Where's that image of a milf in a one piece swimsuit saying something along the lines of

>but I'm just an old lady


Fuck no_


Is this the Freud thread?

Freud more like Fraud am I rite you fucking hack go home

yes, but they all want younger men


But older men all want younger men as well. Whats the problem?

Older women yes, disgusting cows like the one you posted no

Shut your filthy hole you little bitch. He was a great man.

Yes but apparently I'm not appealing to them tho probably because they're not real but my self-hatred transcends dimensions

Such is life

I've been getting into milfs recently, but my bigest problem is that most of the milf content is about childish men being taken care of by mother figures or femdom crap and that's not the shit I'm looking for.

If anything I'd like to see some older women dominated by shotas or just regular BDSM stuff with mature subs. Don't even get me started on milfs with squeeky little girl voices, if you're going to have a milf make sure she sounds like one with a deep sexy voice, goddamn.

Plus lolis are still superior, but I enjoy widening my horizon.

More like this, is that from pixiv?

>older women dominated by shotas
But this is always SHIT

>he doesn't want to be taken care of occasionally
>he enjoys bsdm
>he wants shota shit aka pedophilia
How can one nigga have such shit taste

I know, and it kills me inside, but I really like the idea of it. I've seen a few good ones though, but I couldn't find them off the top of my head.

>>older women dominated by shotas

I don't even understand how someone can find this hot.


I self-insert as the shota though. I also like the idea of Giantesses, but it always ends up with one huge girl trampling over people like ants whereas I'm looking for a huge lady to get tied down and ravaged Lilliput style.

>not liking women in bondage

Only one I like that just about fits this description is the somejima one where the fox women fucks her son. Even then a good chunk of that is her dominating him.

Even as a kid I used to fantasize about busty older women raping me all the fucking time.

Why is it when a anime mom is young before having a child she's depicted as slim and not ridiculously curvy but as soon as she has a kid or two Japanese doujin and porn artists really love to dial it up to 11 and she gets plump and suddenly massive tits, ass, and a belly?

Women tend to stay fat after having a child or two. I don't even understand how this is news to you.

That doesn't happen to all women. And besides my point wasn't that they gain weight, its that the artists love to make it exaggerated to a ridiculous degree especially with MILF's curves.

>I self-insert as the shota though.
So you could just jerk off to normal shit then but you're a straight out of narnia that doesn't want to do that

*a pedo

>this thread

It's called a character archetype. Lots of people tend to conform their writing to them.

>Why is it when a anime mom is young before having a child she's depicted as slim and not ridiculously curvy but as soon as she has a kid or two Japanese doujin and porn artists really love to dial it up to 11 and she gets plump and suddenly massive tits, ass, and a belly?

Because married women generally stop caring about looking good and slim. They don't need to look for a man anymore.
It's the same for men getting fatter, etc.

>Christmas Cakes are just women your age now
Where did the time go? Where did everything go so wrong?

sauce pls, Googol returns moonrunes

SHhhh Don't break the illusion.

>Liking /ss/ means you are gay

Yes and those moonrunes are the source newfriend

I'm no ageist

I like them paired with a nice loli, oyakodon is the best.

wtf I can't fap to moonrunes

Smells like NTR/gangrape


I like oneesans, but anything that goes over young office lady age is a no-go for me.

>there was no reason to believe their days of happiness would ever end

oh boy

>armpit hair

God tier fetish my friend, but seeing that you talked about voices I presume that you searched for hentai videos, you should look for some doujinshi, on sadpanda I find a few things that fit your description, especially there was a Senran Kagura doujinshi with Haruka raped by a shota. Too bad I never bother learning the authors' name

Ara ara, an old fox like me?

Futa and NTR might irritate me, but scat actually disgusts me and I hate people who fetishize it


That's really not true. When a woman's body starts to get hormonal, there is a protein in their body that's blocked that prevents the normal burning of surplus fat as the body starts depositing more fat in anticipation of pregnancy, and it does not usually cease.

There's a reason why its easier for women to gain weight and harder for them to lose weight when compared to men.

Jingrock, methinks. I forgot the title. Something like "swimming lesson" or "special lesson".


Are there enough chapters of this to fap to yet?

>implying you last more than one chapter

Let's see if I can, I'll have some Okusan tabbed if I do.

>I self-insert as the shota though

This. Shotas exist to be taken advantage of by older women.

>Tfw 3D porn will never have qt shotas I can self insert as that gets dominated by a older lady
The closest we get is a 30 year dude with his hat backwards

I like em' plump.

I also like them bigger than me.

Very much so.

But what about the belly?

>Are older women appealing to you?

Coke addicted jew.

>3D shit

Kill yourself

All sizes are good.

I wish there was more chapters of that. Really good fap but way too short.

Plumper is fun.

Big booty oneesans are better than imoutos any day of the week

No, all that extra meat needs to be in her breasts

Nothing sadder than a fat girl who has small breasts

Big booty oneesans? Pear shapped nearsans with small/modest breasts and huge asses?

>all that meat needs to be in her breasts
I'm fine with huge tits but I like older women specifically because I like them chubbier and fuller figured. Soft bellies, thicker thighs, wider hips, are all part of the attraction to me.

>Pear shapped nearsans (sic) with small/modest breasts and huge asses?

For once Cred Forums understands. You got some?


>You got some?
Not specifically, no. But I should get around to searching more of the butt goddess tag on pixiv one of these days.



Would you rub an older woman's tummy and feel up her pantsuits sweaty soaked ass?

Sauce? Google/iqdb give nothing


>tfw love girls a couple of years older for physical maturity and experience, both 2d and 3d
>somehow end up with gf two years younger than me
Why can't everything be like my Korean cave paintings

>googling thumbnail
Hello mr. retard you seem to have made a small mistake

Thanks for the blog cancer normalfag now fuck off and kill yourself.

Milf feet are the best

Can anyone rec me some hentai where the women va's actually sound like mature ara ara ladies and not like pre pubescent girls?


She would be so much better with a dfc

Post more

I want a good looking musclebound hunk fucking a voluptuous MILF.

>If anything I'd like to see some older women dominated by shotas
Check out Dekachi Kozou by Doujin3aries, my man. It's even got voice acting.


Perfected from years of care, worn smooth by decades of pantyhose wearing.

never using the built in search again

Fuck off with your pleb-tier fetish
Feet are only good in moderation, it's just tasteless when it's the focal point

> Older women
She's only 25.

>Because married women generally stop caring about looking good and slim. They don't need to look for a man anymore.

And that, even though 3DPD, is my greatest fear of marriage. I mean I can never see myself getting fat but what of my wife? What is she goes full hambeast mode? I'll just fap and forget about her.

Anyway back to thick.

That just means we're old enough to transform them from Christmas Cakes into MILFs right?




Naw, the art style screams ReDrop.

No. You're best bet is to now do the old man, younger woman/girl thing.

Whats the best position to please an older woman?

Let her mating press you.

I said please her not me


Why you guys lewd moms so much? They are there to protect us.

Because all I want is to be told everything is ok

We lewd them as a thank you

Only is they have a dick

>manga is barely alive.

Well damn.

Why are they looking at that young boy so funny?

Anyone got the sauce on this? I don't think it's Jingrock.

That hair is amazing.

Not with that attitude.

Found it. user who said the artist was Redrop was correct

they're almost always the only "thick" option so yea.

Pleasing you is what pleases her.




Urge to bone intensifying
This is that bone show right?

yes OP. sadly, I'm getting to the age where "older women" are just "women"

for what it's worth, most of Freud's theories/ideas were wrong.

OOI is a god at making thick milfs.



this is by ototochi

>you will never be the wife


why don't real girls ever want stay at home husbands.
why do they bitch and moan about society forcing gender roles onto them (even though they're the once who could break them if they want) while doing everything they can to force men into them.


Why are you bringing your SJW shit to Cred Forums?

Because despite what society wants you to think, gender is not a social construct

any good anime/manga with a cake love interest? i was hoping there might be a tag associated with this kind of stuff





why is she all wet, user?

only good thing that came out of that anime.

overripe women are the best

Of course

>busty short-haired childhood friend HanaKana with an accent, who literally wants the D
>not good

what a fox


Don't forget WORLD CUP


I think she is just a regular mongrel dog



I really hope they show more of the aunt in the future



the best



Yes and that's why I'm going the cake routes in P5 since they're dateable now.

Check out Hana Hook

older seiyuus?


A few off the top of my head, mostly NTR mind you:
Hana Hook
Sankaku Apron
Kinoko DX
8graphica - has one with Sailor Jupiter
Mogura Tengu - hit or miss art style
Saya Products

Moms belong to their sons.

Latest chapter is an aunt chapter.

the number times I nutted to that Bobobo doujin with her
It's his best one

I need this artist to do more things with older women.



I enjoy his work with large breasted sex friends

I knew a couple but the age gap kinda stifled the relationship sadly seems like most of em are too scared to be with someone younger in public

>3DPD thumbnail

Please never post on Cred Forums again you cancerous newfag.

Here's a better Elf.

I wish to go to japan and slay 100 virgin christmas cakes with my meaty sword.

Did he fuck her yet?

Is this porn?

>distinctive male design


Just gonna say it. that did not fucking help at all

Oh man. I'll be right back

Both of these are shit. SHIT.

anyone have some good recommendations?

It is an /ss/ masterpiece you pleb.


>shota shit ever being a masterpiece
Fucking disgusting.


Why are you posting the same image twice?

user, seriously?

Yes. Other than resolution. No bully.


Good thing I have my handy magnifying glass

cleaned up.

What kind of body shape do you prefer for older women in anime?

Makoto Uno? Where's the dick??

As thick as possible.

I don't remember this happening.

Using DNN to clean up image, upres and maintain quality up to 95-98% of original in most cases, and retain 100% of original in rare cases.

See: & pic related


In her secret Mom dimension?

When is the new Okusan?

Only when they're mom's sexing their shota sons

>Makoto Uno?

Fantastic artist, except when he draws futa. It's not my thing.





And Takao is neither old or an MILF, one hell of a woman though.



Are you gay?





Why yes

I like them MILFY



A disproportionate amount of Cred Forumsnons were raised by single mothers. You could chalk it up to genuine mommy issues stemming from absent father figures, lack of trust in a female figure and sexual warping due to years of incelibacy and jerking it to anime.

I don't claim myself as an exception.

Man that is the least sexy donut I've seen. If the box wasn't there for context no one would doubt she's eating a turd

Why do they have such derpy tareme faces?

Too much blood stays in their huge breasts and asses

>A 33 year old school teacher and her 20 year old ex-student fall in love 4-koma romance manga

Thanks for this; i'm having so much fun with this manga.

That's some Basic Instinct shit right there.

She had such a great design for a one-off character.

Who is this jizz wizz?

a sequel is ccoming. I hope hell fugg the thiccest girl next

Still no scans of ch 25 and 26. I cant take this shit anymore!

Is hana hook kill? She doesn't make any work for years already.

>not not translated


>best milf not posted yet


I recognise the art for this? Twin milf concepts?

i've got the thicc sicc Cred Forums

help me

>tfw it's dead as fuck

I wana see each of these mother's unique and interesting penises.

Uno Makoto is a man who appreciates refreshing variation in cock diversity.

>tfw Uno Makoto did that shitty train anime and then disappeared

>update never

>the girls weren't even thicc




Yes, as I have a crush on a 29 year old woman.

Sorry Cred Forums I fell for the 3D meme

Fucking idiot

OP said "older", grandpa.

I knew that you'd call me that but joke's on you I'm 22

That's older than me.

Everybody's older than you Mr.12 year old :^)


she is 9 years older and it hurts

9 years is too much mate just forget about her
Enough 3DPD shittery now tho

I can't I see her like every week

Ok sorry



Not immediately going balls deep

midlife crisis milfs are the best

>like milfs
>hate fat saggy tits and shotacon

This is the hell I live in.

>fat saggy tits
You're retarded and a humongous faggot and I bet you don't even know what qualifies as sagging

It's the position of the nipples (how high/low they are depending on the crease of the breasts) and how full the breasts are but you wouldn't know that


I hate spoonfeeding, but please, I need the sauce. The art style looks really familiar, but I can't place it for some reason.

Pretty sure it's Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

I want to put my face in her butt

Fucking hell, there you go! Thank you so much. I was reading that a few weeks back, didn't get far, but the art stuck with me. Thanks a lot, user!


>being this retarded

I don't need this right now user.

>christmas cakes are younger than me now
Someone end my misery.

>Uno Makoto worked on Rail Wars
It all makes sense.

Cake taste delicious no matter how old you are.

If you are 25+ and older and like cakes, then go for the next thing after that. Full on cougars.

I don't want to get mauled to death.



>tfw no qt older lady to cuddle with
How are you even supposed to score a christmas cake/older lady

Agata is a God

What's your favorite ara ara voice actor?

>How are you even supposed to score a christmas cake/older lady
You have to be friends with them outside of a romantic sense. I've dated most all my mom's friends. They knew me growing up, so it wasn't weird when I showed up to hang out and talk. From there, it's just a matter being nice and sweet.

If you can't do that, do a online dating site, but to be honest, most of those women are fucking garbage.

Of course, 2D is always better, so you might wanna just stick with that.

Literally me

Yeah, older women are great.

>I want to be gently scolded by a strong-willed older woman
Oh man, I didn't realize how much I wanted this. It hurts.


10/10 would wife

What is this?

>>he doesn't know..



This better not be NTR

This shit is digusting.

Only when they don't have those weird squinty eyes most artist draw them with

It's not.

>that lil bit of hair poking out her panties




Stop being such a fag.

So what you're saying is, is that I shouldn't even bother?

>So what you're saying is, is that I shouldn't even bother?
I don't wanna sound like a normie faggot, but at least try. See how you do. If you fail, you can always come back to 2D. It'll always be here.


Whats your favorite type of older lady? Teacher, mom, aunty or any other?

Alcoholic office lady

Tomboy moms are pure sex.

NEET older sister is my favorite dish. It's something I can't stop dreaming about.

The sloppier the better.

>The sloppier the better.
You know what, I was so ready to be rebuffed, I'm so glad someone out there shares my taste.

You truly are my nigger.

Horny steamy moms.

Hmm, that's a tough one. I'm more of a loli person, so I rarely fantasize about mature ladies.

In the end, though, I'd go with "friend's mom".


>you will never be a shota and get taken advantage of by a slightly older girl

I dont. I'd like to read it though.

Loli is pretty partisan taste, but man, come on. Friend's mom?

That's kinda lame desu. Step it up, senpai.

I want to help my sensei make up for lost time.

man... that's a butt


I want to glue my face to that ass and pretend Im her seat.

what episode is the one where MC goes shota-mode? I dropped it like 4 episodes but suddenly have the hankering to watch that one.

>this is your mom
>you see her in this position
What do?

Kick her in the cunt


Pretend I saw nothing but toss and turn at night with an unquenchable hard-on until I finally give and jerk off, then gradually commit more and more deviant behavior to sate my burgeoning fetish until I push it too far one day and wind up in expensive therapy, after which most of the family will still think poorly of me.

And still fap to her years later.

Hard and rough anal.
I know when my mom is asking for anal, and if she is in that position she is clearly asking for it.

Sensei is always best girl.



Do you like mom butts?

Older women in general, but mom butts are great.

>That one doujin where sensei demands Hikki takes her virginity (and give her his) at a love hotel, and they fuck over and over and over and over, and eventually fall in love

When will Japan start making anime about MILFs or christmas cakes?
Last season we finally had NEW GAME with almost all the cast being in their twenties, too bad they all still looked like your average anime schoolgirl.
There are plenty of doujinshi with plump busty older women but still no anime, but still no anime with them. Will we finally be pleased my brothers of seasoned tasted?


I love them

They are the softest pillows imaginable.

Share senpai.


I need it.

I wouldn't mind if their heads weren't so small


You know the series, you know the character. Fuck off.

nice blog

Ashitaba-san chi no muko kurashi

There needs to be way more porn of her.

Lick her ass to make her happy.

I have headcanoned this as the true ending.

if she is properly proportion then yes!

turn 360 degrees and walk away

I'm not attracted to my mother

I fucking love Japanese Power Girl.


Me on the left.

Would you go on adventures with a bunch of older ladies?

You should kill yourself

Old ladies should only have sex with their husbands or younger men, anything else is retarded.

>the old man artist that I forgot the name of

Nigga is nasty

give her the fug

Ass or asshole? That is very important.

Lick her asshole, duh. What kinda fucking idiot licks her ass? That's like getting boob and touching everything besides the nipple.

Both, what are you gay?

>oh no, people have different tastes than me!
>being triggered by a cartoon

How, in the current year, are people still this fucking retarded? I don't even like the fact that the gramps is in that picture, but I like those tits.

>hurr my anime is better than your anime
Seriously, you're everything wrong with Cred Forums.

>going full retard because somebody doesn't like something
Bet you're fun to be around

In my experience with 3DPD older women of varying ages, what works best is:
>kissing and breast play
>pussy eating
This almost always leads to mind shattering orgasms for them. Some are much easier and require a lot less though.

End yourself.

Why are teachers so great?

Because they want to make you a better person.

You missed the part where I said that's not even my fetish, try not to be so dense.

I never cared for milfs since they tend to be drawn too fat, but cakes and onee-sans are wonderful, especially with /ss/. I don't think anything has made my dick harder than the voice acting in Kariyume.

Because they can teach you sex.



That's becky, bud. From No-Rin or something.

She's mine tho so fuck off buddy


sauce pls

google gives me nothing

source for all that is holy


Why is there no anime about cute Cakes doing cute things?

Sniff her butt the rest of the day.


Why did you hurt me like this?

>MFW have a thing for a cougar in my neighborhood
She's no Milf but goddamn that everything.

>implying anybody can/would/will love me


Orutoro is the absolute best.


You just had to post her didn't you

Yes, younger girls are dumb and materialistic
Got a blind date with a Christmas Cake when she gets back from being a medic in North Dakota

It was inevitable.


>you will never make a cake into MILF
>you will never date a lonely woman who's scared of being alone
>you will never comfort her and say that you will always be there

>You will never date anyone

>All those Package Meat doujins
Man I wish there was more

Cake stories are best stories.

Nevere ever user. This fetish is pure hell.



Fuck you for reminding me about this shit.



blast it



Gimme the sauce

SauceNAO didn't give anything.

Moms belong to their sons and no one else.



>tits are always the size of fucking France
>face is longer than a monday
>the rest of her could feed a village for a month

MILF content is 99.999% utter fucking trash, why do they only get MILFs right in anime? Look at any fucking haremtrash lead's mom for what I'm fucking talking about.

I have spilled countless amounts of seed to that doujin.
Time to spill some more.

forgot my fucking face.

Low test.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't too.
Enjoy user!

Go join /mlp/ and fuck a horse, /fit/. One fucking step from the cows you're used to.

>that'll never be me
It's almost like we are brought into this world to see how deficient it is.

>MILF content is 99.999% utter fucking trash
Then go fap to your nub breasted lolis.

>gender is not a social construct

But that's one of the reasons SJW's exist.

No thanks, I still have a very small number of decent cake doujins to go through that I managed to dig up before I get to the fucking mountains of JK and loli that will literally always be there.


It hurts to know that there will never be a sequel where mom and son take turns dicking each other in the butt.

What if they already have a family?

Then you've help her make it bigger.

I think it's about the mental maturity.

If she's 16 but has the mental maturity of a 35 year old, then this is also very intriguing.


But isn't that cheating?


Its not cheating if her dear husband passed away a couple years ago and no one has filled the void left by his absence, at least not until you came along and reminded her of what it feels like to be young again...

No idea, found it in another Cred Forums milf thread.


just remembered that movie 800 bullets.
Thought it was weird as fuck, seeing this seen.

It's actually an italo western drama-comedy.

>You will never touch a female of any shape or age that isn't family

You can always pretend your mom is another girl!

This woman does things to my dick that I don't have words for.

>running away
what the fuck, fucking fag


That's gay, user.

I feel like I got conditioned to like older women because they are the only ones who are allowed to be thicc in anime or manga.


women tend to put on weight as they age. it's both the thicc figure and the idea of a woman in her 30s-40s that arouses me personally.

They exist because they're delusional. If 1/1000 people are retards then we've reached a point where there's millions of them.

>she didn't BTFO ringo
i still rage to this day

Who wins in the LN?

The one that doesn't have another guys dick in her.


look up meme50 in sukebei. That's the only site that has it thanks to fakku bullshit.

I read through this in two days. I want more so bad.

What's the actual name though

"Lost Brush"

What is the name of this??

Learn to read the thread:the serialization
>Liking /ss/

>women raping


so older now means landwhale?



Big titty milfs are my shit.

>CC statues soon

Older women are too meaty for me

>cakes become your kouhais
Oh I hate this

chiquita from Jormungand

I'd give Chiquita my banana, if you know what I mean.


I mean just look at that belly, too much!

I want to protect her smile.


user if you wouldn't smash this body you may be a homosexual.

I'm torn between this one and the one where a therapist or something gets a woman to lactate

Whats this artists name again? I have his pixiv but it's in japanese so I can't use it in sadpanda.

Now that's just fat.

That's magic 2d fat where it all goes to breasts, hips and ass

I'm not really seeing an ass there, user, it all just blends in with the thighs.

>tfw 28

>25 in a month and 4 days.


Even better

Get out!

Koyanagi Royal

Same here buddy, same here. We really are on the cliffs, overlooking the city.

I still want to journey into the city, you know what I mean?

I don't think it's too late for us to go into the city. We may not look like we belong, but we'll carve our own niche out.

All things have their time and their place, you know what I mean?

Mate, I'm 23 with grand-neices and nephews.

Third world?

Yeah, American

American, late child. My niece is older than me.

wtf i love turtles now

That's not true, I'm a 31 year old woman and my 'internet online bf' of whom I'll probably never meet in person is 21.

We mostly just trade pics and sexy-text each other though. Cute kid. GORGEOUS dick.

I also like chubby MILFS so I'm monitoring this thread

Boy, you're one of those kids who were born when your parents had a night out when your older siblings were in their late teens, or even got really randy one night in the empty nest.

Not only are there lots of nieces and nephews, but very soon will probably end up being a grand-uncle too.

You don't know pain until you can totally relate with older people. When you start accepting that you will have dad bod, if you don't already. When you start having fears your hair is falling out, when you panic reaching up to your temples and not feeling hair where there was not long ago.

Getting old is when you can see yourself becoming Ral, and sooner rather than later.

h-how did you meet

p-post dick

are you in short guys?

post vocaroo saying ara ara

Fuck off.

Did I ever mention how much I love older ladies wearing those just tinily see through skirts? It's like they know how to make the imagination dance.

How about you suck my dick then cunt

Go away hag, you're killing my 2D love vibe. Go find a hole to get old and alone in, okay?

>Kyoanus will never make mILF/cake focused show.
I glady having at least a token MILF/cake.


yes, because they often have no qualms about being nasty.

the confidence is too damn sexy imo


I'd love to double team her with Rana.



Delia, one of the original and eternal anime okaasans.

Now bow.

I still love her, great style sense too.

What the fuck were they thinking making Rinko? Was it not obvious that she'd easily become the most beloved and remembered thing about the show? What's sad is they probably didn't even design her to so exemplify milfism. It's like the hand of God guided their pens during design.


Ash's mom. So hot!


>that will never happen to me
I just want to bury my face in some big ol' tiddies mayne is that too much to ask for

That's fucking hot.

>tfw 29
>tfw at one point had a chance to actually get with a really attractive older woman
>completely blew it
I hate this world.



>Falling in love with a kitsune
It's like you want to wake up every morning in a worse situation than you would be if you had spent the previous night black out drunk

Do all girls grow cowtits and huge asses when they reach a certain age?

I sure hope so.

I want to be her second husband and tell Rana to fuck off and play or something while I impregnate his mom.

Only in 2D. In 3D women age like shit. They already start looking horrible by the time they hit their late 20s.

>3DPD shit

There are enough women in their 30s that still look good.

Not really.

Wanna take this to another board? The mods will probably ban us if we go on about 3DPD for too long.


I'm not gonna reply to you after this post but you're wrong and my opinion is superior to yours in every way imaginable.

This is true for guys too though, if not more so. I can think of more female classmates from high school who are still attractive now compared to male classmates.

Not really, so far I know only the butts get bigger with age, the boobs get bigger due to pregnancy. I remember we had a science thread about it before, but I forgot.

New translated chapter when?


Don't hold your breath.

Here's to dying alone.