Bye! Kuromukuro

It was great Cred Forums, don't dare to denied it.

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Best mecha show of the past two seasons at least

I thought it was painfully mediocre and bland. I couldn't even finish it.

The mecha design was lacking, but otherwise.
>I couldn't even finish it.
There's your problem.

>There's your problem.

You don't even know when I stopped and you act as if the last episode redeemed the entire thing.

No show that has been bad or mediocre suddenly becomes good because the last episode was good.
Some shows can have rocky starts yes, but Kuromukuro was consistently mediocre.

It's a new VVV 2.0 without deaths from heroes side.

>It's a new VVV
Not even close. VVV was more entertaining with its twists

This was slow and more SoL like

the only good thing was the sword reproduction of Man at arms, and that was all great that came from this series, the rest : meh

its boring

Not entertaining whatsoever.

Mecha anime seems to fall under two polar states, either an entertaining trainwreck or a boring snoozefest.

So you love only shows with shitposting on the thread and memes, right?

No, I hate those even more. I just keep to old mecha anime.

For that guy who wanted the double peace

Two cour was a mistake, pacing went to shit and dropped it.



Yukihime ruined this show.

Fuck the 2nd cour.

As a seasoned watcher; I am completely tired of typical stuff like this. It does get old.

It was all right

best grill won

No where near as popular or retarded as VVV. If anything it was paced more like Argevollen.

>It was great Cred Forums
It really wasn't.

>It was great

It was one of the worst P.A. Works ever.

shit taste is rampant in this threads I see

It was one of the best things from this year, too bad no one watched it.

Agreed, what a bunch of faggots

thats because it was in sub limbo for so long. The characters really grew on me and i'm glad people stepped up to finish the subs


5 years together before Yukina shows up. How many kids do you think they have by now?

mecha that have a female as the main character always turn out bad

but thats wrong

>Muetta laughing

Music to my ears.
Here's to hoping for another season. You guys reckon there's a chance of it happening?

>angel beats

>cross shitge
>not bad

Angel Beats! and fuck, even Charlotte were actually better than this shit.

At least those shows actually had top tier girls.

What is it even about? I watched the first two episodes and there wasn't a single element that interested me.

>cross ange
>not a hilarious trainwreck full of psychopaths, lesbians, rape and femdom

I disliked both way more.
The only PA works shows I've actually liked other than Kuromukuro was Shirobako, and Uchouten Kazoku, and both were way better than Kuromukuro.

I haven't seen Iroha though, I've heard it's pretty good.


Ohana is a massive slut though.

Sure, but it wasn't a good show or anything.

I started watching this show pretty late, and I regret missing the few discussions that usually happened.

The show turned out to be far more entertaining than I thought it would be.

They should've just let Yukina go with Ken

They always pull that shit.

>trainwreck XD
Literally how new do you have to be to still think you look like anything other than a massive faggot saying that unironically.

Streamfag was the best character, Cred Forums will tell you otherwise but they're just asspained he was immortal.

it was nice, hmanga when

I didn't think this show was bad or even disliked it, but I gotta agree. I really liked the start but as the show went on it just became sort of monotonous sometimes, especially with Ken as an MC. He really didn't change that much, even the ending emphasizes how he's still Mr. Samurai.

Yukina's development came way too late. They should have had her doing what she did in the finale far sooner.

why did koharu have to grow

So how old is Yukina now? Despite looking the same.


This. He had more balls than his cuckold friend.

3-4 years older since the first episode

Hopefully there's an s2, I want more butt

He was a selfish dick who really needed some sort of comeuppance for the way he kept endangering others for his own sake. Still, the reveal about Hausen being his dad was great, and it would have been hilarious if Yukina had successfully gone with Ken and he'd managed to tag along. He also succeeded in being useful in the last episode, so overall I'd say his character paid off.

Assuming the series is supposed to be taking place in 2016, she'd be 22, and Koharu would be 14.

Good shit, pa works saving mecha.

This was a fun ride, I usually don't bother with mecha shows or anything having big robutts but I enjoyed this. Don't even remember what made me pick it up now

I thought because she was a pilot she didn't age?

It's pretty funny that user still trying to label Kuromukuro as bad show.

You're now Ken, who do you choose to follow?

Best girl won the MCbowl

This show had so many good components assembled wrong.
I can't call it a good show or recommend it yet for some reason I enjoyed it.
Last episode was dreadful but I loved it, I loved every character and it left me feeling good with a smile.

I have no idea what dark magic this show put on me.

but retarded yukinafag shitposter, Kennosuke the main character (main protagonist - MC) of Kuromukuro not a female, are you retarded?

I don't have the least doubt you're the same retarded freyjafag shitposter from macross threads, that destroyed this thread ( ) with their retarded shitposts. Also, you're retarded.

Why the hell are you replying and encouraging the retarded yukinafag shitposter, are you stupid?

shes so cute and soft, want to cuddle her

OP Why do the non-action characters (Yukina from Kuromukuro, Slaine from AZ, Ranka Lee from Macross F and Freyja from Macross Delta), moeblob high school girls (Yukina from Kuromukuro), bishounens (Slaine from AZ) and genki girls (Ranka Lee from Macross F and Freyja from Macross Delta) attract as many shitposters and autistic children (yukina fags on Kuromukuro threads, slaine fags on AZ threads, ranka fags and freyja fags on macross threads) to the mecha threads?

Ranka isn't genki. She's genki only for very first episode.

Ranka is genki throughout the entire series.

Only first episode. Then she becomes anxious, depressing, dependant on others.

Do you ever get tired of posting the same shit every thread? If I had a quarter for every time some sperg brought up yukinafags or "non-action characters" I could have enough money to fund a second season.

Can someone make a stitch of this please?

>Then she becomes anxious, depressing, dependant on others.
This happened in the movie

>enjoy the series
>its bad!

In movies she gets her shit together.


I’ve got brain probems


Pls K-ONfag leave


I was going to say Macross Delta, but there was hardly any mecha in there.

If only the second half didn't fall apart

Agreed. If only it remained a 13 episode series + movie like the original plan.

>freyja for ants

in 2018



Are these the worst mecha heroines over the last ten years?


Cross Ange was terrible though.

Macross was over ten years ago.

The BD version was launched 4 years ago, I bought her.

well, I've got a Minmei figure

I've yet to watch Frontier but I declare her worst girl by virtue of having green hair.

shes a brocon

That's not an accomplishment


They don't intend on leaving us hanging with all those plot threads unresolved right? We'll see the space adventures of qt grown up Yukine looking for her husbando right? I mean they even introduced a new plot device with the red necklace thing right at the end.

Season 2 confirmed right?

The ending felt like it could go either way, meaning nothing at all or a sequel season/movie. I definitely would like a sequel too, but I wouldn't be surprised if they never touch it again.

I'm just surprised to see so many people satisfied with it. There;s so much shit left unexplained, and those are the endings I hate the most. I mean shit, we still don't even know what the fuck the Efidolg really are and they were the main antagonists

>muh bittersweet ending
Every fucking time

>dumb clueless teen being sent to an active planet-wide warzone
It might be bittersweet but it makes a lot of fucking sense to keep her behind.

Had forgotten that Yukina is now immortal

>ken will be with her forever and she'll look like an old hag
Pretty nice

>she'll look like an old hag
they don't age either

I foresaw this type of ending back at episode 23. There was no way they can offhandedly bring up traveling to fight in an intergalactic war and actually resolve anything with a mere 2 episodes remaining. It was satisfying in the sense that it wasn't totally dissatisfying like I feared.

The story moved along at snail's pace. It took 2 cours to defeat 6 or 7 scouts. The scouts received almost no characterization, much less Efidolg.

That user always bitching about the 3 stooges says their screen time should have been spent on Tom and Chingchong but really it would have been better used on making the antagonists more interesting than brainwashed clones.

>no idiotic TWEESTS that undermine the established premise of the series
>where-are-they-now scenes for major and minor characters
>Efidolg war isn't handwaved away with a rushed battle montage or a retrospective
>unexplained stuff leaves tension which could help a sequel make its way into existence
Count your blessings, senpai.

NEVER stupid reddit user
pls go back to CGDCT threads and shitposting over here

Waiting in oyakodon doujins

she never*

If only gg dropped Delta than this, it might be a very good anime to send them off (no offense to Hikki) especially with the whole "saving anime" part.

Kuromukuro was certainly saving anime if you compare it to Macross Delta.

>I'm this close for someone to animate a SoL space opera with NnA-tier visual scenery.
Don't fail me now, Netflix.

Ken and Muetta adventures in the zero Planet when?

Compared to this, Delta was indeed bad. But I liked what Kawamori did making NUNS the bad guy. A very nice way to keep the story interesting. Also, if their plan was really weaponizing music, I bet the next installment will be Idols vs Idols in space.

I don't think even 10% of Cred Forums watched this shit show.

>Ken and Muetta adventures in the zero Planet when?
this, i love it

Ken was left with Muetta that is the best girl of this show, you should just accept reality as it is and not argue with it.

>>ken will be with Muetta forever and she'll be a eternal cuck.
I agree with you

This should have been about a time displaced samurai finding a new purpose in life and becoming a curry chef.

>hating Shoko

Get a load of this homosexual.

>Ken and Muetta adventures in the zero Planet when?
They have already begun to make his children.


Wait, Yukina is winning?

Why is Sophie so shit?

a horn

Terrible Frenchman.

*Why is Sophie so cute

>Are these the worst mecha heroines over the last ten years?

1st Yukina
2nd Slaine
3rd Minmay
4rd Mikono
5th Shouko
6th Ranka

>everything needs to be explained, concluded and tied up in a neat package for my retard brain to get/appreciate it
You're the reason media is going to shit

Cut it down to one cour and make sure not to run the fish out of water gag into the ground, and you could end up with a good show.

my dick



>Ohana is a massive slut though.
Back to your Gochuumon and Kiniro threads, dumb purityfag.


Did the show suddenly get better during the second half or something? I dropped it after the first half was incredibly mediocre and boring, mainly because I've seen way better stuff. It was better than MDelta but that's not really an achievement.
Also I wish studios would go back to putting effort into their mecha design because almost all of them look the same nowadays.

2nd-cour was much better than that 1st-cour.



Except Ken being a dumbass was the best part of the show.

Was the ending any good? I gave up at episode 4 or 5 when literally nothing interesting happened for a whole hour.

>Giant robots fighting
seen it
>Man out of time
seen it
>Teenaged protagonist drawn into events beyond the scope of their normal life
Oh lord have I seen it.

>We'll see the space adventures of qt grown up Yukine looking for her husbando right?
are you retarded?
Kuromukuro is the title mech and main mech of the Kuromukuro series. If you do not know it, kuromukuro was left with Ken and anyway, he belongs to Ken and not Yukina. It's obvious that if we have a second season or a movie, he will follow Ken and Kuromukuro and not Yukina, not to mention that Ken is a action character focused on action, sword fights and mech battles and Yukina isn't.

fuck off, Kuromukuro doesn't really have a fanbase formed by mecha fans.

>fuck off, Kuromukuro doesn't really have a fanbase formed by mecha fans.
As you grow older, you realize it.

Poll? They love the shit and bland characters. To sum up, they've shit taste.