Girls und Panzer, GuP, Garupan


Garuzu andu Panza Hajimaru yo!

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>Making a thread right after the old one is dead.

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


what a dumb face

sit the fuck down old chap, relax and drink your tea

>not puting /ak/ in the title
I don't like it.

hello once again minna-san, requesting a picture of a model hetzer hull on top of a maus onegaishimasu

heres an edible hetzer

Got a picture of just darjeelings face?

Let's face it. These threads were never really /ak/ to begin with. Everytime something other than GuP is shown here, it gets either ignored or beaten down by the hordes of waifuists and imagedumpers.

It's not much better on /k/, either...

I'ts not like we'll be here much longer.

>Let's face it. These threads were never really /ak/ to begin with. Everytime something other than GuP is shown here, it gets either ignored or beaten down
I've been advocating for reverting to /ak/ for months

If only moot was here.

We were doing fine until the CYOA came along and the waifuposting increased tenfold.

And we've been listening to you, but we physically cannot revert to /ak/ at this point, the proportion of garupans to everyone else is simply too big.

Here's a shitty one

Cred Forums won't be touched!

But we were doing fine, even if /gup/ - /ak/ proportions were like 95%-5%. Now it's basically pure /gup/ with few /ak/ posts which are mostly ignored.

3 more days until Brave Witches.

Brave Witches will probably go in the Strike witches thread.

What we'd need is another Jormungand.

Nah, Cred Forums will not be removed as a board.


>malicious ads
>not just removing pony

He should just close some boards, the wallpaper boards for example, or even better just merge some boards

just turn off your ad block don't be a cunt

Thank fuck, GuP threads have been absolutely cancerous ever since the 3 month wait happened. They should have died after the anime ended, but you degenerate faggots just won't quit it.

GuP Generals should not exist, anyways.

It's fun. GuP discussion still takes place amongst the shitposters, and these threads are largely inoffensive.

Cred Forums is never going away. That much is fact.

Now /k/, on the other hand...


"Who my waifu is" and "lol fanfiction" is not actual discussion.


Someone with actual drawing skills unlike myself should make another edit of this with


I think it would fit better



It's unfair how few lewds of the Sabagebu there are.

At least it isn't "muh draw/writefags!" on /k/ right now.

While people creating content is fine, flooding the board and making the threads a literal trip/namefag central is not.

Fanfiction has stopped, aside from that one thread we had 2 threads ago, where there was a small outbreak of flyboys. But that's been it. No one is RPing or whatever. We still discuss background events from the movie/ show, what will happen in the future, the Final Chapter ect.

Waifuposting happens no matter where you go.

>literally nothing of Kayo
Just fucking kill me

It was Yuru Yuri with guns. What a fantastic show.

dont forget THAT

We could win a national senshado finale to raise funds.

THATposting has died down. It hardly affects anyone anymore. It was shocking and upsetting when we all first read it, but everyones seen it by now.

>tfw i read THAT a good 2 months before watched GuP

I feel so sorry for you.

That's weird. Reading THAT without knowing the source material removes a lot of the upset factor, I would imagine.

it did, im glad i read it before watching it, i wasnt as angry

Without the "my waifu is dying" goggles it's honestly just a typical war story and isn't even all that edgy.

ye but it's shit tho

>/ak/ forming senshado team
It would be literally worse than Maginot and BC Freedom. Combined.

>the "my waifu is dying" goggles

I was angry and upset for a week if I remember correctly.

>Expecting writing quality from a doujin

>but everyones seen it by now
I've never read any of the doujins all the way through in one sitting, does that count?

You've read them enough and you know what they're about. It counts.

What tanks would we have?

Kugelpanzers. ONLY Kugelpanzers.

Retarded Shermans


More babbies for my babby garupan collection.

What went wrong?

>just a typical war story
Rather a uninspired mix od scenes from famous war stories / movies glued together and then filled with protagonists not affiliated to war.
(Kay explicitly states that Sensha-do is NOT war in the series).

my life

I think this was supposed to be cute, but Miho looks so creepy. Like she is about to murder Yukari next episode or something.


Lotti. For the style of it.

psssh... nothin personnel... kid...

It wan an intended effect.

But it is cute. I don't see anything wrong with it.


Bob Semple


That's super cute!

Darjeeling is my wife!

They all suddenly got autism.

>tea bag


>The fucking wikipedia article on it before they changed it
"New Zealand has yet to create another abomination of this caliber."

It's 100% senshado legal, right?


This somehow reminds me of the wooden plane mockups built by those Polynesian cargo cults.

I wonder why

Every time.

Is that Momo?
Why is she poking a Tiger?
And why is she naked while doing so?

Should have gotten Miho used to this from a young age, like that one doujin.

Dissolving time.

It should be worse

Cutest hippo.


The extra chuuni one.

>both eyes open

What a death flag, Mako.


As an American I have a couple T95s lying around in some farm nearby or something.

She is not in her archer mode.

I really want Shizuka and Saemonza to fuck.

Why would they?

Because he is a yurifag, and they both wear red.

Chuuni samurai LARPing following by sumo wrestling and then just straight up fucking.




she's mine!


Then why are you giving her to Yukari?

Stop the spamming dumb hippoposter

I'm done anyway, please go back to your "discussions".

Fuck off.

I talked her in to a threesome with Yukari.

based 'Fuck off.' poster

We should ask the Momofag to follow his waifu's example and fuck old men for funds

I want to have a ride with Katyusha in her Aerosani.

Fake and gay

I prefer the Mika's way

Bullshit. GuP is an /ak/ show. Upotte is an /ak/ show. So most /ak/ talk in Cred Forums is GuP and most /ak/ talk in /k/ is Upotte? So what? Feel free to post about any /ak/ series in both. Just ignore the "take it to /k/" (in Cred Forums) morons just like the "take it to Cred Forums"" morons are ignored in /k/.

Hi boys.

Someone explains to me all the weird shit that goes with Erika these days, such as the steak, crocodiles, pajamas and other shit

I wonder how often one of the other hippos grabs and unties that bow on the beach.

No one does anything to old men for anything. Stop spreading lies!

Crocodile was a typo, steak, well maybe some people think that is german food, pajama, i have no idea what you're talking about.

All the time, since they seem to enjoy teasing each other.

Every night

>Waifuposting happens no matter where you go.
Just go to any /ak/ thread on /k/ for an example. Best part is the defensive "N-no, this is r-raifuposting, w-we're not as bad as Cred Forums" excuses whenever that is brought up. Silly them, they forget some of us DO read both boards.

Steak was the first one, some magazine or booklet mentioned several guppie's favourite food.

Cute chicken scratches

Gave this anime a try today, couldn't stop watching and only stopped after finishing the 12 episodes.
I don't know why, but somehow cute girls and tanks works so well.

Who was that Saunders girl that believes in Jesus again?


Now watch the OVAs, then the movie, then the movie's OVA.

Sabagebu was the best /ak/ show since GuP. "Since" because it was posterior. If Sabagebu had been aired before, GuP would be caled "best /ak/ show since Sabagebu" instead.


Welcome aboard.

The combination of fun, ejoyable to watch characters combined with the somewhat """authentic""" tank action is a very fun combo.


>no MAGA hat

Good, now watch the OVA's, then the movie, then the movie OVA.

Welcome on board..
I still rmember that, when i watched the first trailer, i thought that this would be at best interesting, but most probably bullshit.
I was positively surprised.

Yup, that's was my plan, I need more tanks right now.
The animation was pretty good too, and while most infos and representations of the tanks seemed accurate, the ridiculousness of the fights and different teams made it incredibly fun.
I especially liked how the "Italian" team ended up being completely irrelevant.

I would remember if it was Kay.


>the ridiculousness of the fights
Trust me, you've seen nothing yet.

Yes, but it's also shit. Just a MG, without ammo.
Experimental Type 3 Ku-Ro had a 37mm gun.

>I especially liked how the "Italian" team ended up being completely irrelevant.

Watch the Anzio OVA!! They aren't completely irreverent!

This. Canon.

Holy fuck this The movie will make your dick blow.


I want Mike Sparks to leave.

They hate us Cred Forumsacks more.

Fortunately, /mlp/ and /lgbt/ are considered more cancerous - and m00k will never delete Cred Forums due to it being the largest and most influential board.

Protip: deleting Cred Forums means Cred Forums dies due to us all chimping out

Literally who?

Damn Im hyped now.
Eh, looking forward to it.

Cred Forumstard here
>largest and most influential board.
Here's your (You). Treasure it.

Don't look him up if you value your sanity.

Wait for the movie! They're MVP!

>Meme Trump into presidency
>Make the newspapers of the world talk about pepe and put him as a hate symbol
>Meme Britain into leaving the EU

Not really bait is it, mate.


What version did you download, nigga? Pretty sure that the /ak/ version come with the OVAs

Slanders, Anzio is the best team

That's the one I have, Im going to watch the OVAs later this week, then get on with the movie.

I did. He's a literally who with no relationship with GLRIOUS NIPPON FLYING TANKS

like how shows the correct twin-boomed tail that was actually built, instead of the single tail of pic related (concept pic, not the actual tank)

I want to cum inside of Oryou and watch my cum leaking out while she massage her belly telling me "you became a father"

Didn't the Anzio OVA of the /ak/ batch have fucked up audio?

In some computers, yes. The /ak/ 720p version didn't, however. Available in nyaa and teh /ak/ repository.

I want Katyusha to ride my dick like she rides her tank.

You, I like you.

I honestly can't decide whats the best part of this

the pic
what shiho says
her nickname
>just forget this


I still cant believe how hooked I am

Miho's reflection

What is she saying?

What's the most important aspect to you about GuP?

CGDCT or actual tank combat?

Actual tank combat.

cute girls doing cute tank combat

I done the typesetting a while ago.

So, did /ak/ release that new version of the subs for the movie or not?

Maho thread!


I'm going to impregnate Maho.

Reminder to report and ignore shitposting.

>that title

Ask Miho, Erika or Eclair, Maho. They would TOTALLY let you love them.

But she is asking you.

>Not wanting to impregnate both of the Nishizumi sisters.


Maho is my wife.
Lesbian slav please go.


Tsuneo pls

About that, ask based Erika.


Only if i am their dad.


I wonder what the Sex education curriculum of the schools are like?



Are we gonna do this like always?

I want to da-dang Da-dang's da-dangs.

No, i want to be their dad and impregnate them both.



Is there more?

>he still didn't fap to it
What are you waiting for?




Post this again and I'll kill you.
Miho is fucked up for entirely different reasons.

Speaking of Doujins, what happened the one that some user said that he was going to translate it for another user to typeset?



Miho belongs to her daddy, only he can show her true love.

Specifically which doujin are you talking about?


Can't recall which one it was, all I remember was one user saying that he was going to put a translation for a Doujin on pastebin, and then another user would do the typesetting for it.


I'm not autistic enough to masturbate to something untranslated

Don't resist, the Nishizumi are made for the Shimada

I don't which one of you is the worst - Nishizumisonfag or Nishizumidadfag, but I want you both to be erased from this planet.




So tsun~


What about yurifags dumping their favorite ship and waifufags?





Cancerous shitposting and waifu wars
So a normal GuP thread

Cute but yuri is no, Maho won't fuck Mika anymore then I'd fuck you

I don't even like yuri, i just do it for fun

You can't fool me

Then i'm doing a good job


>don't care about yuri
>saving all those images of specific Mika x Maho shipping

I was never fooled

What does it say

>this thread

Because you can't miss at point-blank range!!

>This thread

>Mikaanon wants to fuck me

Well, i was wrong, i meant that much, still those pics are cute, and if i can pester some waifufags, even better

I would be very gay, if i wouldn't want to fuck any Nishizumi


Holy shit stop with the avatar posting and erping you gigantic Maho faggot.Do you not realize how much autism you're shitting out?




What is Mako doing?

Post anteaters

Must be because she wasn't show in the trailer



About to visit her parents.


anteaters a qt...A QT
w-who draws this kind of stuff?

This is cute.

I'm sure some of the more irrelevant boards (Origami, Photography, etc) can be removed without too much fuss.

I want to visit Mako's parents

leaving memes asides It's weird they never showed any picture of them

It also won't fix the problem. Hiro just needs to add a donate button.

do we know anything new about the new movie/season?

t. /gsg/

There's talk in Cred Forums about them raiding the rest of the site and Cred Forums on the top of their lists. Get your report buttons ready when it happens.
>retards talking about rading other boards if their hugbox gets taken away
Yeah no. I hope Cred Forums gets deleted and you fucks get the gg treatment.


I bet Mako's mom was a midget as well.

Probably would make for a cute ghost cameo.

You are now thinking of that one Lucky Star episode.


What year is it?

>posting my OC
white and based

thanks senpai, can you make some more anime themed /gsg/ may-mays?

Yeah you are the retards that got most of the sponsors to back away and now Hero can't keep up with server maintenance. Good job killing the site, dumbass.
join here

Yeah, hi.

I did those render requests, here you go, makofag(s).

Damn, absolutely based


You mean like this fucker right here? He seems to be the one sprouting garupan shippings like crazy

And for whoever requested this Miho, here you go.

Nice. Not the Mako fag that requested it, but a Makofag none the less.

Blue Division, please

I made an edited version as well, because yeah.

What the fuck did you expected

I should have ask to join. I just clicked on it like an idiot.

Mein Gott!
I want her to stab me over and over again without any brakes and then fuck my half-dead body for the rest of the night.



Erikaputo is a negro villero

Second favourite team


Really makes you think

That's too much for fragile heart!!

That's really cute.
Now all we need is reversal.

Fuck off Momofag

Oh shit that's cute as hell. Nice work!

what's an erikaputo

Rude, just bully him

a black person located in South America

An Erikafag in spanish

I don't think anyone wants to see such a depressing image.

I hope Anzu plans on helping fix her monocle.

but argies are white and based

But Argentinians are white!

You know that at the end, Anzu cares for Momo

Of course! This scene cements that. The Student Council are an breakable bond of girls!

Could 20 Sodokos defeat 3 Piyotans?

No. Absolutely not.í#Politics_and_personality


>Argentinian brogue
That's like saying Ebonics is English


I want to fertilise Anzu's sweet potato field.

Exatcly, Many shit in Anzu becuase she gives Momo and Yuzu all the work, but you have to see the bond that those girls have and the trust in each one of them

Do not accept Anzu with panties.

Could 10 Nekotas defeat 3 Piyotans?

I quite like the eye patch

She should not be, etc

Erikaputo here, I want to apologize myself for childish behavior. Will you people forgive me?

No, but it would be close

I forgive you

Well, Yuzu certainly gets the brunt of the work. Momo handles the student body of Oorai by keeping them in line. They certainly have a great friendship though. Momo and Yuzu never complain about what Anzu forces on them, even it's becoming a step stool for easy tank access.

I would love an origin story OVA on the three. Maybe give Yuzu a little focus this time too. She gets ignored pretty hard.

As much as I love Momo, she did get a nice amount of time focused on her in the movie. Anzu had some focus in both the movie and show. Yuzu was backrounded.

Could turbo Erika defeat 5 Momogas?

Sure, just don't bully Yukari anymore


>pissing in an ocean of piss

yeah, like that will matter, it will be some retards spamming threads for 2 hours until they get banned/bored

Does anyone else have any more render requests? I've got loads of time.

Also, here's another render of my wife. What a beautiful smile.

They don't want us there.

I hope i don't get banned by the redditor mods every time i call one of you a nigger because of that

More Mako.

Not gonna happen.

Well, i didn't want to ask, but this one please

Erwin! Don't know wtf those renders are 2bh

A Momo is at all possible.

Are you sure?


oc 4 u


Fanart is making me fall for Erika, i better watch the anime again to wash all that fanon away.

Will do, I still have loads of official art to work through.
Sure thing. Don't be afraid to ask, I'm always doing renders of official art, requests just change the order a little bit.
Sure. Renders are just cutting a character out of an image, so you can use it however else you'd like! If that's what you meant.
Of course, anything for my dear Momofag.


Please go back to your board.

Thank you so much!

You are a cool guy


Erika is not a bad person.
Rude, yes. But not bad. She just wants to help Maho - not knowing that Maho wants to help Miho.

I never bullied Yukari, I love her fluffy hair

The Rabbits won't like this.

>Want to post my wife
>Don't want to be a shill

I do like her loyalty though, it's what i admire the most.

but senpai, what's is Darjeeling doing in Saki's spot

Darjeeling is summoning Old Ones, Saki is one of the Outer Gods.

Exactly what I meant, thanks!


Post the videos damn you.

I want to marry Mako and wait till she's in her mid twenties to have kids with her! I don't want her to die from child birth after all.

I found something for the other anons you can render.

the lack of Noriko and the pussy tag in danbooru is disturbing

There are some

Where did you people get the idea that Mako will die from childbirth? Anime girls can take more than that.

All the guys in my family come out big. Then again, my mom is about the size of Mako anyway. Shit that sounded weird.

I think it's because artists tend to draw her in spats which I'm happy about spats are hot af


So did you want that image done, or something else? The bigger the image the better the render will turn out.

Good stuff, I'll do this at some stage too.

It can work with spats too

Explain further....

Mako was made to be impregnated many times.

Honestly I prefer just a bit of a bulge/outlines underneath spats than the full thing

That Image, don't have a bigger version, sorry!

Eh, anything is fine for me


Also just found this.

but I don't want to destroy her pussy and body, also pregnancy would provoke on such small body stretch marks

No such thing in 2D.

Actually now that I remember how is the translation of the duck doujin going?

>Noriko getting prared for her virginity to be sacrificed

>also pregnancy would provoke on such small body stretch marks

Lucky for me that I quite like stretch marks.


If we take the 'Erikas pride' manga as canon, Maho admired her figthing spirit the most.
Got stomped by Maho in the training match and immediately demanded a second round, obviously that left some impression on Maho. And as she became vice commander sfter Miho left, Erika obviously more or less lived up to Mahos expectations.

>pussy and body
I'm already hung like a horse. I don't want to hurt her.


I kind of do want to hurt her

Big thanks!!!


>applying 3D flaws to 2D
I don't understand you guys.

You might have better luck with the penis tag

Depends what you mean by virgin

Just making sure I don't hurt her.



Tits too big, delete this.


Stop right there if you're implying what I think you're implying

But she is bigger than four girls

I'm dumb

She is too big there, i like my Noriko small and cute.

Hana a cute

Here's this one.

Full size:

Will start on Erwin now, Then Momo then another Mako.

Me too, but i don't mind some extra baggage

She really is.

This is all I found on Sankaku channel

I love you my friend

I'm not hanafag, but she deserves more love


no offense, but why do they call them renders? arent you just cropping them?



I want teapot Pekoe to sing Be Our Guest.

She is the new Kaicho in the incoming season/OVA/whatever

it seems that to be a Kaicho, you need to eat a lot


I think the other ducks look quite happy about this development

Because that's what they are.


Can't wait to see Kaichou Hana, Momo-Saori and Yuzukari


What are the exact rules on prototypes & such again in Senshado?

How do Norikofags feel about my head canon of being the last kouhai to her volleyball senpai predecessors? Kinda like K-ON's Azusa but with volleyball.


Perhaps that's why Momofag and Sawreehfag get along? They're genetically coded to like one another because their waifus will merge soon.

Here's that Erwin.

Time for a Momo, then a Mako.

It was sad but had a good ending when she meets the other ducks so it gets thumbs up from me

Thanks Iad!

Third times the charm.

Looking forward to it!

Must be because both girls have the same vibe of hopeless, and they are better Duce than Chovy

Watch episode 10.5, you pleb
prototypes built before VJ day are automatically OK, those built AFTER that date are out, those that existed in paper-only before VJ day but never reached prototype stage are aproved case-by-case
secondary canon shows that wooden mockups of the "let's build a preliminary version in cheaper materials to see how things actually fit" cont as "existed", because some tanks that existed as wooden mockups of that kind before VJ and were bulit after VJ are aproved instead of ruled out

The Aki one please

hellcats and jacksons when


I want to cum in that navel

I wonder if there's some Naomi futa stuff

So fast and neat! Thank you!!


Thank you

Cute Aki, thanks bro

I want to see Saunders' version of Rosehip on the Hellcat.

Same pham

I wish

I did two because this ones seasonal.

Mako next.

I just want the futa ducks impregnating Noriko to be scanned.

You're the best!

And here's another cute Momo.

>Stepping on Sawreehfag's toes

For what purpose? Go back to your faggot drawthread.

Who's doing what now?

The more content the better, relax user, it's not like he's taking things I've been requested to do.

This so much

Eggs! Eggs! E,double-G, S-eggs!

Jajka plz

>Not wanting to cum in her pussy.

Oh? Someone else is doing renders too?

I guess some of the file names haven't had that Sawreehfag flair that I think about it.

Wish I could contribute in some way.

>not wanting to cum deep inside her vagina while she is most likely to get pregnant

What pussy?

Is her knowledge of eggs tremendously wide? Does she eat them boiled, does she eat them fried?

My penis, her hair, etc

I don't want to ruin that cute body

I want to do this too

He does a shit job though. Clearly some attention whore faggot from a drawthread.

Yeah, my renders will always have that wanky filename system I use (character-subject-R), and as you know I like doing official art more than fanart.

Fine I want to suck his dick and swallow his cum, is that what you wanted?
I mean I do but that's beside the point

You are no friend of mine.



I just want to her to mature a bit more, just body is too cute to ruin it


Reminder any anime can be made better with the addition of tanks

Chi-chiyomi's otouto?

And here's the Mako.

Any more requests let me know.

Can't get mad at an user for doing something with his spare time for fellow anons. It's not out of malice or mischief, I'm sure.


I see now. Sorry for not being able to tell you apart!

I'm confused, always what?

Thanks to the hippofags and that Maho autist, we spend some images

Mako is so cute, i want to make her smile.

Always what i want to hear

Indulgent, pretentious, simultaneously showy and useless.

I'm Australian! No bully.

I wish there was more to Dominion. I loved the odd tank designs in that.

Because there are so many hippo images in this thread.

I've only just realise but Noriko is wearing her volleyball outfit under her uniform here
The other ducks looking on are a nice touch too

You misread me! I thought it was cute. I use words like that here in New York and I get shit for it.

Oh shit that's probably my fault too, I've been posting a lot of Noriko pics, I apologise guys

Is not she always doing that?

Yeh I just didn't notice it


I want to lift that body and put her in the bed so she can sleep peacefully and then I die prematurely.

closing low-traffic boards probably wouldn't have much of an effect

Okay I think it's nap time for me. I'll be here to render next thread, bye bye for now.

She doesn't look drunk.

Made me laugh loudly in an empty, dark house. Spooky.

Have a nice nap, Sawreehfag!

I don't know what I just watched but I think I have a boner.


HAHA, nice one

Just remember to keep /c/ dumping like a bunch of faggots every thread!

Then talk about your favorite, school, girl and tank

Why do you people come in here and shout stupid crap like that? Are we actively offending you? Why don't you contribute? You're no better than anyone in here.

Backseat moderating is embarrassing. You're that kid on the playground.

Segway Darjeeling > Katyusha's pouty head > Momocake

How horrible.

Images on the imageboard, just where has this website gone. really.

I wish the text boards were around still, we used those all the time and we had so many great threads about literally nothing ever.

MochiMomo is cute do not bully.

Darjway = Katyushead = Momochi

why doesn't /gup/ have any ebin maymays? other generals tend to have at least something, like liquor

Thank God we don't. We have recurring/ similar posts but no inside jokes, really. Maybe you can consider Jinglesposting, but that's it.

Time for post image limit discussion!

Serious question guys. Is your waifu actually from GuP?

Of course

Maybe you should just kill yourself, friend.

Yes. If she had merchandise, my house would be littered in it.

Jinglesposting is /vg/ shitposting, and i haven't seen it in a while. All those reports must have worked and he is tired of ban evading here.

>not having multiple waifus from different shows

Good contribution. Here's your (You). Bye.

Yeah, i didn't even watch any other anime besides GuP

No, i don't have money to build a shrine for a waifu so i prefer to not have one.

For what purpose

I'm lonely. ;_;

Back to friend.

So you should get a wife, someone to be your friend and talk to. Or a waifu, since you're disgusting and can't get a real girl

Not him but I'm actually stopping by from /c/ to check out what Cred Forums is like.

>more than one waifu

Rethink your life.

If you've got more than one waifu, then you've got no waifus.

True Love or No Love, Motherfucker.

People think this bullshit is acceptable?
Shoot yourself

If my waifu has her own sex slaves, then is ok?

No. You have Anzu. Don't get greedy.


I want to cuck Maho with Erika!


But Momo and Yuzu comes free with Anzu, i can't discard them

Is it ok if my waifu is Katyusha but i also like Nonna and we do dirty things togheter?

I want to take a dump on a plate, give it to Darjeeling, and tell her it's authentic british cuisine and see if she believes me!

Sure, you even get a free Klara

No. All that grants you is fun double/ tripple dates with Momofag and Momo, and Yuzufag(s) and Yuzu.

but I don't like Klara

fresh bread

Then you have shit taste, but i respect it


This thread hasn't 404'd!! Don't do it!!!!

because this one already hit the bump limit and image limit

Kill yourself.

I only meme with Haifuri, I only watched it once just to know how was it
I only saw two animes in my life and I only love one, GuP

It's still better for it to fall off page 10 first

This isn't /vg/

That's not how it works you little shit, Anzu owns everything, and i own Anzu's things, even the momofag

Maybe some day

I was only joking about the multiple waifu thing.

Kill yourself.

Not yet.

based 'Kill yourself.' poster

Let them be their own waifus! Stop this potato tyranny!

Beware the yurifag, the crossboarder, the shitposter.

What about multiple daughterus?

Sure, with Mika you gets two

No, potato rules over Oorai

It's easy to have multiple waifus, you just have to make sure they never see each other.

I have a waifu from each school ship and it works out fine.

Which yurifag? the kaydar?

Potato rules over funding. Not people!!

All of them.

Takashi pls

Miho/Mika has become more annoying than Kaydar, I'm almost impressed.

They're probably the same person.

Well, i'm doing it just to bully that autistic mahofag

I fucking hate anything that isnt Miho/Yukari and Erika/Maho

I fucking hate anything.

Is ok when they love the potato queen

Is a garupan not entitled to the sweat on her brow?
No says the girl in Ooarai, it belongs to the school.
No says the girl in Keizoku, it belongs to the north wind.
No says the girl in Anzio, it belongs to our stomachs.

Sorry for that, was just doing it for fun, i try to be less annoying


From the thumbnail it looks like she's got a futa member running along her left inguinal fold.

x1 Agree

Is that the one where they run a train on her?

we need そう だねs

You sure know your bulges, user

I'm totally in love with Yukari, meu amor!


She's actually from Valkyria Chronicles. I'll let you all guess here and in next thread...

Sure is!

Your wish is Lolita Channel's command!

Is she a FAMAS?

Close, but try again.

Is the crazy bomber or the deapan sniper, right?