Gundam IBO

Now that we know for sure best boy is alive, do you think pic related made it out too?

He's dead jim. Accept his fate and move on ;_;

It's going to be great.

there is already another thread, just in case, no idea if you guys want to use two

Could he be? Fuck you Okada don't play with my heart

Best boy was confiremd alive half a year ago ya nerd.

They looked like a family for a moment.

Shit, I should have checked, my bad.
Just let this one die or pick it back up after reaches bump limit.

Shino and Eugene a bests.

>everyone is alive
What was the point of S1
And why ae you guys hyped for a Sunrise S2
They absolutely never turn out well

That was so cute. The sisters freaking out when Mikazuki said something about leaving the car broke my heart though.

>broke my heart
Get the fuck out.

You dare interrupt a high level discussion? You get out.

I don't want Gaelio to be alive, it would make McGillis retroactively stupid (unless it's some masterplan where McGillis actually wanted Gaelio to live for whatever reason). It's also extremely likely that Sunrise gave in to the fujoshi demand towards Gaelio,and that makes me angry.

Well, that's Gundam, I shouldn't have expected much more in the first place.

>it would make McGillis retroactively stupid
And why is that bad? I welcome it. McGillis is a shithead who needs to stop having his way with everything.

The way I feel about McGillis is that he's the first Char who's more of a non-entertaining dick to watch than he is an entertaining dick to watch.

>purging all the corruption from Gjallarhorn

Is McGillis really a bad guy?

we must save this franchise by not tolerating IBO's fails.

That's probably because nothing he does really comes as a surprise. Original Char was more of a wild card, but since we already knew to expect his betraying Galigali and working behind Gallarhorn's back nothing he did really came as a surprise.

We still don't know shit about his motives.

Its been hinted a couple of times that its not his real goal.

I always had a feeling he was avenging his mother. Not sure what happened though.

>Now that we know for sure best boy is alive

implying someone will die in this shitty series.

What type of family are we talking about here? The traditional kind or the one that Atra has in mind?

This show sucked in its first season tremendously, the second is already displaying its boring and mediocre as well.

Dude just because you got banned from ANN doesnt mean you need to put your shitposting here