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Vados a best Goddess

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Didn't know he was affected by that move.

Would Whis be mad if I got comfy with Vados?

Am I getting my time traveling right?

Main timeline: Cell's timeline. Goku dies from a heart virus. The androids eventually kill everyone but Trunks. Trunks goes back in time and creates Branch 1. He comes back with the ability to kill only the androids, and dies to Cell (whom he didn't know existed). Cell goes back in time then and creates Branch 2. This future variant timeline has no Goku, Trunks, Cell, or androids. Likely that Buu is running amok in this timeline. Zamasu likely kills Gowasu and wishes for immortality and rules over U10 with an iron fist.

Branch 1: Unseen timeline. Parallel to the timeline we're watching. Trunks gives Goku the medicine, Goku lives, and they find a way to destroy the androids. Cell never dealt with. Goku wouldn't have died to Cell, but would still have to deal with Buu and likely comes into contact with the kaioshin and thus gods. Goku from this timeline likely makes an impact on Zamasu similar to the seen timeline, and without future trunks to warn them, Zamasu kills Gowasu, and wishes to switch bodies with Goku. Since this is a past variant, Goku Black can move to any timeline but the timeline we're watching.

Branch 2: Seen timeline. Goku lives thanks to Trunks, but Cell also shows up in this timeline. Trunks creates Branch 3 when heading back to the future because of his interactions with future Cell. Zamasu outed because Future Trunks lives to Cell. It's likely that this Zamasu would have wished to switch minds with Goku if he wasn't erased. This was the only mortal Zamasu that wasn't Black.

Branch 3: Future Trunks' timeline. Trunks goes to the future and kills the androids along with Cell this time. He trains with the kaioshin to prevent Buu. The kaioshin dies, attracting Black to this timeline/universe. In this future variant timeline Zamasu kills Gowasu and has no exposure to Goku and thus his wish is for immortality. This is the Zamasu shown with Black.

It's not like she has much competition.

Can someone explain what the fuck happen in episode 60? When Zamasu stole Goku? How many timelines are there now? I thought Beerus erased Zamasu from existence? Why Black can't turn SS if he's in Goku's?

No, but Cabba would

it'll be explained nex week, just chill



shit, out of all the explanations i've seen, this one is the easiest to comprehend


we need 'art' of vados and west supreme kai

Reminder that goku black zamtasu killed his own body with a ningen body

>25 more days until Xenoverse 2 comes out

Just end my suffering already. I want to make my Saiyan CaC and stomp some bitches in SSJ3.

closed beta in just a week if you preordered

>Main timeline: Cell's timeline. Goku dies from a heart virus. The androids eventually kill everyone but Trunks. Trunks goes back in time and creates Branch 1. He comes back with the ability to kill only the androids, and dies to Cell (whom he didn't know existed). Cell goes back in time then and creates Branch 2. This future variant timeline has no Goku, Trunks, Cell, or androids. Likely that Buu is running amok in this timeline. Zamasu likely kills Gowasu and wishes for immortality and rules over U10 with an iron fist.
this universe is fucked dealing with a being who is old as Time immemorial and Zamasu and letting Buu do all the work for him.


only on PS4 unfortunately

I'm a Steam kinda guy

I love how creative Gohanfags are getting

So is Gohan weaker than Piccolo or stronger than Piccolo but weaker than Gotenks?

stop shilling your shit fantasy you fucking faggot

considering how garbage and non-canon Super is, that image is actually, hilariously just as canon as the Super anime is

Gohan will always be above Piccolo and Gotenks. Goten and Trunks haven't trained since the Buu arc.

he's weaker then yamcha these days

Is it cuckolding if you switch bodies with a black guy and fuck your wife?

But I'm the creator of that pic, not that user.

FTrunks timeline is the original timeline and if Zeno were to reverse all the timefuckery then it would be the one remaining

Gohan hasn't trained either but Gotenks did fight more than Gohan from the Buu Saga

>Likely that Buu is running amok in this timeline.

With all the Saiyans, Androids and Cell gone, where would the energy come from to release Buu?

ah damn, i preordered on steam

Adult Gohan edit anyone?
I know there's one but I don't have it

your branch 1 is wrong the Z fighters still let cell absorb the androids. The only difference is that trunks went back to his timeline to desactivate the androids but got killed off by cell shortly after. Unseen timeline is just like our main except trunks never participated in the cell games see

the saiaysn just made the process faster but in time babidi would awaken buu

He trained with Piccolo for half a year. Gotenks fought but quickly lost. Nothing really gained from it.

Dabura is as strong as a SSJ2 so he probably could provide enough power over time

Wasn't Babidi's original plan just to use Earth's regular warriors like Spavavich in the first place?

I hate his hair so much

dabura isn't even ssj2 level he is perfect cell level.

he won't ever be relevant again


They fucked it up

It might be that Zamasu, right before he died, switched place with a Goku. I mean, realistically, if you wished for another version of yourself to switch body, wouldn't it be smart to pick one that was about to die? That way, no one would question it.

Then again, Black did specifically say "I killed him" so I'm probably wrong. I still have the feeling that main line Zamasu might still be alive; I mean surely he would know that once he forced the answers out about the Super Dragon balls, it would lead to others finding out. Especially those in that Universe, which he knew Beerus and Goku belonged to.

So surely he must've had some escape plan of sorts, or was he just retarded?

dbs gohan is going bald. next time he shows up his hair line will look like gt mr satan (or that yamcha/tien fusion hair)

Reminder that Zamasu is so yandere for Goku, that he would kill his own body to be one with Goku

>Spiky monk hair

When Vegeta kills Black, his last thought will be "I should have took Vegeta's body"

>When Vegeta kills Black

>ever wanting to be a manlet

Goku has never kissed Chi Chi


I want to die by snu snu from Chi Chi

It's happening.
It's finally FINALLY the prince's turn.
Bonus that he finally gets to kill Kakarot too.

No wonder she's eternally pissed.

everyone besides, piccolo, raditz, nappa and broly are manlets in dbz. even goku is only 5'7 or something

No idea how this works. If Cell jumps Trunks after his first trip back from the past then Trunks would die in every timeline. If Cell jumps Trunks his second time back as he did in Trunks' timeline then that means there's at least one timeline where the androids died thanks to Trunks with no Cell. Since Cell travels only after Trunks travels. This means that Cell can't host Cell games in that one specific timeline (the first branch).


I want to bully monkey Goham

I don't know why this surprises me.

it will look like he finally wins...then suddenly he JOBS again and goku has to save the day

>no panties

>what is Recoome, Burter, Frieza Second Form and King Cold

>then Trunks would die in every timeline
nope because time changes don't affect other times but create different dimensions

AH YEAH forgot them.
also 2nd form cell was big compared to his first and final form.

Vegeta has this one. Guranteed.

Maybe Vegeta & Trunks will get their own father son kamehameha moment.

What do you think Gine's power level was? Probably around 400-500.

Gohan growing his mullet back when?
Trunks and Goten starting to gain height when?

that's rightnever

Implying Gine wasn't the strongest saiyan, which was why she caused so much trouble to Bardock's group

she didn't like fighting, she was weak. only because of bardock did she probaly survive.
i put her at 250 at most.

Reminder that the prince of all saiyans was weaker than a slug warrior on some random ass planet



I swear if Xenoverse 2 has a side mission where she appears to talk with timebreaker Bardock, I will buy a PS4 Pro

Holy shit, the new ED is absolute GARBAGE.

What's up with Toei?

no.. it wont..
It'll never happen..
defeating Golden Frieza was the greatest chance Vegeta would ever have.. but it never came.. it was just goku again.. and again and again forever

also there are 3 different trunkses.
the one who dies against cell, the trunks who killed king cold and frieza in cell's timelineand the main future trunks. I try to short it up.

timeline 1: main story
timeline 2: main future trunks timeline
timeline 3: main cell's timeline
timeline 4: unseen timeline

Trunks 1: goes to timeline 3 to kill king cold and frieza and returns to his timeline and never comes back.

trunks 2 from timeline 3 : goes to timeline 4 to get the blueprints goes back to 3 to desactivate the androids gets killed by cell and cell steals his time machine to go to timeline 1. Timeline 4 then follows the event of timeline 1 but without future trunks comming back. It is presumed cell reached his perfect form and cell games happened just like in timeline 1. (krillin and vegeta bottling)

main future trunks from timeline 2: goes to 1 (main story) to help goku and co. goes back after cell games to kill android 18/17 and the cell from his timeline.

so from what time line is time patrol xenoverse trunks from?

>Trunks alone created a bunch of timelines and fucked everything
Will Zeno overlook this?


nail was a special case.
most warrior nameks where around 3000 or 4000.

even that is stronger then most saiyans, who where around 1000 or weaker.
only king vegeta, prince vegeta, baby broly and mabey bardock (acording to the dub) where over or close to 10.000

who gives a fuck about canon anymore

well if you want to make sense of this trunks then he could be trunks 1 who killed king cold and frieza in cell's timeline and who never come back. Maybe he never came back because supreme kai of time made him into a time patroller.


goku being afraid of needles is toei filler.
not canon bruv

who has best poses
Ginyu, Saiyaman or Time Kai

>Zeno destroys Trunks
>Vegeta gets mad
>Zeno destroys the all remaining universes
>creates them again but this time so Goku doesn't hit his head to the rock when he was a baby
sound like a shitty fanfiction

The Saiyans real strength was their Oozaru form.

How do Oozaru compete with the big leagues?

if anything Ox is the only man sized person in their family

Goku was a fat Oozaru

vegeta oozaru is 180.000 which would make him second to frieza since ginyu's powerlevel is 120.000


It's a real shame they want us to forget this happened. Perfectly good character development right there thrown out the window.

Now they're just milking the excuse of him being completely unaware things are going on.

>Now they're just milking the excuse of him being completely unaware things are going on.

I LOVE BEEREUSSAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didn't happen in the manga.
this was just toei filler to blue ball gohanfags.
never in toryiama's script.

don't we all

>chichi is the perfect size for standing paizuri
and people wonder why goku never kissed her

>It's a real shame they want us to forget this happened.

Blame Toriyama. It is clear Toei was the one who added that, but Toriyama doesn't give a fuck and just wants to make Gohan disappear from the story.

while true, they would just speed blitz him and cut of his tail or destroy the artificial moon.
plus oozaru's makes a giant target

He didn't ask why Trunks was back or why he was all beat up when he went to visit

In 52 he didn't notice Trunks looked all beat up, even though Bulma told Trunks to change clothes and he didn't, and Gohan never thought to ask about the future until after Trunks left. If I'm not mistaken, Videl brought it up at the end first.

lol he really didn't ask why trunks was back?

You're wrong. Most saiyans were around 3000-4000 as well.

Lower class warriors were 2000 and below

Elites were 6,000+ like Nappa

How would Videl feel knowing she's married to a humanoid monkey monster?

Though it's understandable that full blooded Saiyans aren't romantic, I mean, they're fucking violent monsters.

Videl wanted to know.

so who's most ignorant Saiyan/half
Goku, Gohan or Vegeta

All it says here is that Dabura is comparable to Cell, considering everyone got to see SPC's power it is likely he was referring to that form rather than the perfect one.

According to my fanfictions that make it all the better.

nappa was only 4000
if he was at 6000 then none of the z-fighters attacks would have even scratched him.
hell gohans energy attack was over 3000 and it managed to hurt and numb nappa's hand.

saiyans where considered the weakest in frieza's army.
and most of frieza's goons he had with him on namek ranged from 1000 to 2000

Would you want to try to ride oozaru's dick?
though so

>didn't even fly after him to ask about it
next thing they say is that Gohan doesn't know how to fly anymore

she loves tying gohan to the bed and riding him all night


Nappa was 4,000 suppressed

His real power level was 7,000

Goku only beat him decisively with Kaioken

nappa and vegeta didn't even know about supressing or powering up their energy then.

Are we sure of this? Not some mistaken in translation?

I know this might not be the thread to ask, but I figured it's worth a shot

So I want to get into dragon ball, but some sources tell me that DBZ has 291 episodes, but when I added up all the episodes listed on IMDB I got like over 500, so which one is it?

Read the manga.

We are sure.
Start with Dragonball episode 1. Or just read the manga.

Are you really this dumb?

It isn't some magical skill to pull your punches and blasts, Nappa simply held back agains the Z fighters

It's broken up in to a few different series. DB, DBZ, GT and Super.

Start with DB or

They kissed in front of Roshi in DBZ after he recovered from the heart virus, stupid DBS writers forgetting shit as usual.

Gohanbros: Always remember that Gohan is the only character beside Goku to defeat a main villain.

Experience it like everyone else did with the US DBZ dub
Do not listen to manga shitters



>frieza main villain
trunks killed frieza

trunks killed frieza, cell and buu

I'm already like 7 episodes into DBZ, should I continue going with it or just go back and start DB?

not buu
dabura and babidi

Was not a main villain at that point.

Start DB.


yeah i fucked up


Stop it!
Goku will never be the same for me, why is he so fucking good looking

Start with DB, then DBZ, then DB Super. Skip GT entirely (listen to the opening though, it's great: youtube.com/watch?v=qfUbqI_q0Ho ).

Technically, Krillen killed cell.

Gohan will always have the kill over Cell, Super can't take that away from him.

Black's a decent villain, so I'll see this arc through. But if I'm promised no Gohan in the next arc, I'll just drop. Goku and Vegeta are boring.

>why is he so fucking good looking

Not to be the one that bitches about the animation, but is the inner pupil when you are in SSJ really black?

Stupid sexy Zamasu!!

>I'm tougher than Gotenks and smarter than Piccolo. So I guess the only thing you have to worry about is if I'm stronger than you.
what did he mean by this

who knows.

trunks's is

Dragon Ball super isn't Canon.

I can't believe someone who had two child hasn't kiss his wife.

Even in DBZ, he did it.

Remember these two fucked in F.Trunks's timeline

I need doujins of this.

blame toei

the manga gonna fix it

>Even in DBZ, he did it.
inb4 "that's filler"

He's so big

That's why i've said even in a filler mafe by toei, he kissed his wife.

But in Super, not only they make him drastically more dumber, now that.

Two child dammit, TWOOOO!!!!!

I really hope so.

yeah good luck with that
he's bound to fuck with trunks thanks to yaoifags

I like the genderbent Trunks one

was onepunch Gohan any taller than main Gohan

Main Gohan is taller but slimmer. Not by much though.

That was a weird doujin..

I actually had once written a whole 60 chapter fanfic of this scenario. If I ever do pick it back up I will draw it for you, if you like?

anyone has a pic of the kiss scene


except they have, it's just that the writers forgot and want to make goku retarded as possible.

sorry meant webm

which one
there are like 3 of them that are readable

When will she learn about him kissing her, and experiencing feelings that she has of him?

Have you seen the series? Suppressing your ki is literally a skill.

Can Gohan grow his tail back
could you use it to give a tailjob(?)

God damn, Toei. Someone get a drawfag in here for me

Goku was talking about giving a Senzu, not kissing

Ok here's a basic rundown

>Present Zamasu somehow managed to survive Beerus' destruction
>Present Zamasu somehow managed to get the Super Dragon Balls
>this shit will be probably explained in the next episode so just work with me here ok?
>Present Zamasu makes the wish and obtains Goku's body, he becomes Black Goku
>Black kills Gowasu without nobody noticing and then steals the time rings
>as stated in the manga, Black went on to search for a timeline without a god of destruction, likely to avoid being destroyed by Beerus again
>Black ends up in the future timeline where there's no Beerus
>Black starts killing all the kaioshins of this timeline so that there are no gods of destruction that can stop him
>Black eventually ends up meeting the Zamasu of this timeline (this is seen in the preview of the next episode)
>Black gives Future Zamasu an immortal body with the Super Dragon Balls
>everything happens

This is a fucking mess and I can't wait for Goku to press the fucking button so that Zeno can fix everything

I think there's a limit to how many times it can be regrown, probably. Didn't one of the doctors said they couldn't regrow Vegeta's tail?

No Present Zamasu is gone
Black is Zamasu from the timeline that didn't have trunks warn them about black

so that's where Gohan got his slim figure

then why was Black looking for a timeline without Beerus?


>gohan bashing

he meant that he was stronger than gotenks and smarter than piccolo.

the only reason he lost was because for some godforasken reason he wanted to play around with buu and make him suffer which conflicts with his previous characterization in the same arc when he was fucking PISSED when videl got beat up but is okay with toying with the being who killed her.

toriyama doesn't care about gohan, you guys just need to accept it. he won't ever be in the spotlight again. enjoy the goku and vegeta show when trunks goes away.


Why would he have to search for one if he can just kill kaioshin himself

>but goku is the best anime character ever
>goku ain't a jobber
>goku is the strongest in the universe

hahaha gokufags

He doesnt even need to find a timeline, he could have just went 70million years into the future when kaioshin died of old age

I want to fuck them

but Future Trunks stays in the present timeline with Mai :^)

>without that meddling god of destruction of the 7th universe

yep, this pretty much 100% confirms my theory

now all we need to know is how the fuck Zamasu managed to survive Beerus' destruction but I guess next episode will cover it

this looks beautiful but i can't believe you missed out the moment he got the most shitted upon.

This is why hurr hurr Gohan/Vegeta is a jobber-fags are retarded, everyone gets thier ass kicked in DB.

You dont fucking know what jobber means
Goku never lost to make another character look better, he himself was always the one that came back stronger


meant for

>died of old age
ever thought of passing the torch? it's the same reason why the old kai got demoted and the fat kai taken over then the useless kai

is that some armless half naked guy spitting energy on goku

Remove those glasses, please.

>You dont fucking know what jobber means
And "hurr hurr Gohan/Vegeta is a jobber"-fags do?

>Goku never lost to make another character look better
>what is Goku vs Cell?
>what is Goku vs Beerus? etc
Stop being retarded.

Goku never lost to make another character look better

perfect cell to hype up gohan

body change ginyu

What did he mean by this

>vegeta vs hit
>vegeta vs SSR black
>not the very definition of jobbing

but glasses look ok on Gohan

>Goku never lost to make another character look better,
By that logic didn't Goku "job" to Hit worse than Vegeta?

Vegeta went in blind without knowing about Hits time control power, plus it was after a few fights in succession.

Goku went in with that knowledge about Hits power and used Kaioken to make himself ten times as strong and fast yet still couldn't win. Making Hit appear way more powerful than his fight with Vegeta.

So either it's this

or this

which one is more likely?

My boy Goten is gonna get his shot in the next arc. I am hype. HYPE!

>zamasu can use goku's body better than goku

will never make sense

first of all, for a saiyain, goku's body isn't anything special. it's his good-hearted spirit and constant training that gives him a edge in battle.

second, zamasu was a huge scrub that goku didn't even have to take seriously, how the hell is he using goku's body so well?

>vegeta vs SSR black
Forgetting Goku lost as well. Top kek keep being retarded.

When they're small like that, yeah. Not big nerd glasses.

zamasu is a god

To be fair, nobody expected the beam blade from Black. Vegeta will do better now that he knows.

>Goku went in with that knowledge about Hits power and used Kaioken to make himself ten times as strong and fast yet still couldn't win. Making Hit appear way more powerful than his fight with Vegeta.
Hell didn't Hit give Goku a chance to get back on his feet?

goku only lost the first fight against yamcha because he didn't eat anything.
after goku ate enough he beat yamchas ass.

reminder that Gohan is a monster

>jobbing to yamcha
no excuse you don't lose to yamcha no matter the condition. also bulma safed his ass or else he would be done for.

We Cap'n Ginyu now.

doesn't mean anything.

and furthermore, zamasu using ki in an extreme way like that should fuck up goku's body. as we've seen before.

>calling Gohan a monster
oh kek

Well to be fair, at that point he did have more power.

>that line

Not when Vegeta was a Majin

It's Ultimate Gohan, user. He outclasses Majin Vegeta in the game scenario I mean

nice try Satan

Nice try Majin

wow butthurt vegeta/gohanfag much?
goku at least puts up a fight before he goes down.
vegeta and gohan when they lose they get trashed.

When will we get a Gotenks jobbing collage...

vegeta has acknowledged gohan's strength or potential multiple times, so i don't see why this should be surprising.

When will they atleast add SOME muscle back to their characters

He also gets angry when Gohan is in danger. Even scolded him for slacking during the Dabura fight. Even though he was annoyed in general being unable to fight Goku, I think he didn't want Gohan to waste his potential

>mfw I read it as
When will we get a Gotenks jobbing college...

but why does he call Gohan a monster

Are DBS storylines just remixed DBZ ones?

Golden Frieza sage - Frieza saga
Zamasu saga - Cell saga

Can we expect the multiversal tournament to get interrupted by some plot to awaken some multiversal Buu expy?

Flashbacks only


>but why does he call Gohan a monster

Because of when Gohan squished him as a Oozaru

because gohan is incredbly strong and literally has unlimited potential?

I just want tails and Great Apes to be relevant again. That was the best part of the shit-show that was GT. Saiyans aren't complete without their tails.

It will never happen

Every single God on dragon ball before the introduction of Beerus are literally weaker than Cell besides like the Kai that Boo absorbed

>unlimited potential
a lot that helped him ever

>Gohanfags derailing yet another thread

then I dunno, must be some fuckery with the Super Dragon Balls

>That was the best part of the shit-show that was GT
the ending was the best part

But I'm a Gokufag

possibly to get stronger and stronger in Goku's body, without the Gods of Destruction's interference

>jobbing to yamcha

Since Trunks says Black killed many people on different planets, do you guys think Namekians were a causality as well?

but look here this clearly implies Beerus did something to Black

I just realised krillin is the only z fighter who didnt beat goku.

>Kaioshin prodigy
>couldnt even sense KI for the longest time


Cred Forums Pass user since August 2016.


I'm comfy too user

shows you how useless they all are


Why the fuck do we constantly shit on vegeta when goku isnt any better?

Gohan is filler. He won't matter again because he's a spineless faggot.

Let's analyze Gohan's spineless faggot tendencies. First of all the only father figure he had growing up Piccolo who has no social life so there's no model for behavior there as far as being a man in society. Secondly his dad is not only borderline asexual (probably just got raped by Chi Chi twice to make the kids) but he's also an absentee "cool dad" type who shows up every few years with laser beams coming out his fucking palms and weird looking alien goons following him around talking about galactic wars and shit. We know Chi Chi domineered him into being a doormat desperate for her approval and helicopter mom'd him into being risk averse unless somebody murders his dad.

He can’t even make a move on a fucking girl. It’s no wonder he freezes up when he sees Videl walking around in yoga pants with handlebar hair dying to get pounded out by a man with more integrity than her father. He has no idea how to deal with the side of women he's never had access to. Videl has to give in and make the move herself, forever diminishing her respect for him as a masculine sexual being and justifying her quick descent into a plain-looking housewife with no edge or spunk anymore. Her and his mother practically molded him into a fucking salaryman.

Now assuming Toei doesn’t want Super to devolve into anything more goofy and convoluted than it already is, there’s no reason to expect Gohan to be anything more than a faggot in a track suit unless something on the level of a baddie murdering Piccolo occurs to sufficiently enrage him. But why even do that? Vegetal, Trunks and (even) Goku are immensely more interesting characters nowadays that Gohan. He’s basically like one of those rpg harem anime MCs now, except he doesn’t conveniently do cool shit when he needs to.

Gohan is filler. I hope he dies.

haha i wonder if yamcha does wolf fang fist in the mirror sometimes and daydreams about when he wasn't the most pathetic man he knew

Unless Pan is in danger, Gohan will never spring into action. Then once he jobs and fails to save her, he will vow to train, only to return to being a salaryman.

>I hope he dies.
but he's as good as dead right now for the z gang so you should be happy?

>being this butthurt
Top kek

Where does Goten fit into all of this? Are you going to leave him out, too? Fuck you.

because people never watched the original dragonball where most of his jobbing occurred.
In z it wasn't very evident.
ginyu-body change (unexpected technique)
19 - heart-virus.
vegeta - got helped by krillin gohan/holding back ssj3
cell- put up a good fight but there was still gohan to back him up
Also the movies made goku look like the guy who can beat everyone. Same for GT.
since super started we seeing shades of toryiama's goku and not toei's aka the regular jobber.

stop falseflagging

>hey I can be blonde too

at least he's cute faggot

If Zamasu stole Goku's body, how is he even remotely strong? Shouldn't it a Ginyu situation where he isn't able to unlock the body's power?


It's kind of funny how Vegeta haters are trying so hard to shit on Vegeta.
>h-he lost to Black
So did Goku and Future Trunks

>he didn't do as well
Except he did, he landed the most hits that fight with his ORA ORA ORA ORA and Shoryuken combo, didn't do shit for damage but neither did Goku and Future Trunks against Black. He also ended up saving both their lives.

>h-he a-always loses
More wins than Goku in DBS so far

I swear Vegeta must remind them of someone that used to bully them or something.


West Kaioshin is best girl

With all the energy output being released fighting Black in Trunks' timeline, would that be enough to release buu? This might be a retarded question but I'm genuinely curious.

No, because Zamasu is a god, and a fighting genius.

also, hijacking via a natural power =/= using the mother fucking dragon balls.

He presumably had to train a lot.

Wtf toryiama really loves shitting on his main cast what kind of author does that.
Goku should be universal buster by now but since we only see the guy fucking up we tend to believe he didnt actually progressed at all since the beerus fight.

D-delet this..

The plot demands it so he has to be strong.

I'm surprised Goten hasn't snapped. Neglected by his dad. Best friend stolen by a woman. Big brother stolen by a woman. Mother forces him to study and isolates him. Can't even have fun.

If DB continues long enough it'll be interesting to see how much they age goku and vegeta relative to the children. They'd probably just make up new alternative trans-dimensional time warp stories to get out of having to make Gohan and Goten the focus of anything other than filler tournament arcs.

My own theory involves the fact, now proven, that Beerus ability does not extend past his current timeline. That basically, past Zamasu's death does not affect future Zamasu, not because its a different Zamasu, but because he exists in the different timeline. Also, if you recall during the Cell Saga, Trunks states that changing the past does not change the future. Destroying the androids in the past does not make them magically disappear from the future. In other words, changing one timeline does not change the other. If you go by these two things, then it goes like this:
1. Beerus kills past Zamasu, but due to the timeline logic, a version of that Zamasu already used the time ring to go to the future.
2. However, past Zamasu doesn't go to the future we know. He goes to before future Goku got sick from the virus, and the androids were around.
3. Past Zamasu uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with future Goku.
4. The time ring activates, and pulls Goku Zamasu back to where he came from. He falls into the position in front of Beerus, and Beerus kills him. Goku Zamasu replaces past Zamasu just as Beerus kills him.
5. Past Zamasu in future Goku's body, now in the future, goes to future Zamasu to make the deal.
6. Past Zamasu in future Goku's body uses future Zamasu's time ring to go to the future, get the heart virus medicine, and come back.
7. Uses it to cure future Goku, his body, of the virus. Then, future Zamasu uses the time ring to go to the future, use the re-activated Super Dragon Balls, and gains his immortal body.
8. The events known to that timeline play out as normal, with Goku simply having disappeared instead of died. Nothing changes.
9. After Buu is killed before hatched, past Zamasu in future Goku's body, now known as Goku Black, descends to start the plan against future Trunks.

Chiaotzu is pretty pathetic.

I saw a collection with vegeta.
How many jobber collages are already out there?

They did, blame the writers for forgetting.

>Goku has never kissed Chi Chi
Not canon until it happens in the manga.

>They did
proof mister? and the kiss on the check never counts

Has Chiaotzu ever won any fight at all on-screen?

So, when are we going to see Villainous Yamcha? He seems pretty interesting, mainly because he's the only Z-Fighter human to become corrupted.

Honestly I think he's a novelty that became inconvenient for Toriyama/Toei.

"Hey, what if there was a little Goku? Ha that would be cute. I could use him for jokes and also have a mini super-saiyan that kids will love. I'm wrapping this shit up after this saga anyway."

he is a pokemon


Reminder that future Trunks' Goku was killed by Zamasu instead of heart virus. That is how he got the body.

inb4 Krillin was jobbing when Chiaotzu called him a midget

They kissed on a filler scene after Goku recovered from the heart virus.

goten is an even bigger retard then dbs anime goku. he's like forrest gump

>filler scene
oh user...

why did you crop out most of this and leave it blank

To be fair, I am pretty sure that has happened before. It's that Goku... Is. An idiot.

That or the fact that a french kiss never dawned on him to do. Which is pretty idiotic in and of itself, but then again this is the same guy that through that marriage was something that you could eat.

I guess Chi-chi really has to strap him down, strip him and fuck like a rabbit to have kids. In truth it would explain why she is so overbearing with him.

God this is going to start a Kink meme...

Is that Donald Trump and Bra?


bulma if she grows her hair out more

didn't funimation try to sneak in an "i love you" from goku in one of the dubs?

Gohan is filler.

maron (krillin's airhead slut girlfriend from the garlic jr arc) and a random guy that picks her up after krillin decides to break it up with her (as he views himself not good enough)



>Look back at Chiaotzu entire history.
>First fight of the series was Chiaotzu vs Krillin in Dragon Ball.
>Chiaotzu lost.
>Chiaotzu gets killed by King Piccolo when trying to steal his wish from the Dragon.
>Chiaotzu then fought and lost against Cyborg Tao.
>Entering Z, Chiaotzu self destructed on Nappa, dying and doing no damage.

I think that's his whole fighting history really. Man, he lost more then even Krillin, known mostly as the king of jobbers. He jobbed to Krillin in fact. Yamcha had it pretty bad too, he loses to Tien, then loses to Kami in the human body, then dies to Saibamen.

chi chi best ass confirmed


i wonder how chichi would react to meeting all the goku look alikes.

>Kink meme...

>Gotenks will never appear again

Hirohiko did the same in JoJo and fans are fine with it, idk whats wrong with making characters skinnier than in Z...

>fusion fodder

More than enough.
Unless it doesn't work with God ki

bulma: dem titties
chichi: dat ass
#18: best of both

Waiting warmly for Vegito or some new fusion to appear.

Keeping in mind that past Zamasu had to use the time ring to get there, and that the time ring returns the person that used it to where they came from, its more likely that Goku Zamasu died when Beerus killed past Zamasu. Like, body switched, time ring throws Goku Zamasu back to the past where he came from, and then Beerus killed him. That makes more sense to me.

we need a filler arc about Tien trying to figure out the best way to dump Chiaotzu

She'd get along with Bardock, and have him live with them as the grumpy Grandpa

They are lovers, user. They will never seperate.

>fans are fine with it

Part 5 is full of twinks, and its one of the most hated parts.

This is one thing thats always bothered me.

I REALLY want, even if its just one episode, where Goku meets his parents.

>Daizenshuu #2 'Growing Up'

>First Appears: Vol. 42
>Ten years after the battle with Majin Buu, Goten had completely become a young man, and had changed his hair as well. Since peace had thrown off his training, power-wise he hasn't had any explosive growth since when he was a boy.

>First Appears: Vol. 42
>Having fully become an adult, he is now at about the same age as adult Trunks. Since he doesn't train very often, he hasn't explosively powered up.

As of Super, he'd be pretty cheerful but seeing them as friends. They're better off meeting their grand kids and Pan

Why the fuck is Grandpa Gohan referred to as 'grandpa" when he actually discovered him? He's just the dad basically.

Was Goku a fucking ageist as a child despite only ever meeting an elderly person?

>Zamasu ruling over fuck and all

That fuccboi is too busy fairying around with his alternate timeline goku version on earth.

Should have already completely overtaken and over fucking thrown everyone in trunks's universe and was only dicking around on earth for shits and giggles.

Him not completely controling the entire universe and having an army of super powerful slaves all bent to his will and worshipping him and sending them to other universes to wipe out smaller worlds that he deemed as "evil" is a massive waste.

What we have now is just a patchwork of boring bullshit.

is that the WT announcer?

Pretty much Goku being an ageist.


Yamcha and Tenshinhan are tall as well user.

>cant even squat with her soles on the ground

Because Gohan was old enough to be his grandfather when he found him, and Gohan isn't his actual dead.

MFW Super turns into Pan and Trunks time-traveling shenanigans instead of space traveling shenanigans

So Cred Forums, who is the biggest jobber between Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha?

>Lost to Goku twice
>Killed by King Piccolo's minion
>Beat Chiaotzu
>Almost got killed multiple times by underlings
>Killed by Frieza
>Almost instant killed by Cell's kick that one time.

>Lost to Krillin
>Instant killed by King Piccolo
>Lost to Cyborg Mercenary Tao
>Self destructed and died to Nappa, doing no damage.

>Lost to Tien and had his leg broken
>Lost to Kami in that human's body
>Killed by Saibamen
>Nearly got instant killed when the Android stabbed through his body with his arm

Who's the biggest jobber Cred Forums?

he's gay

>Doesn't even asks how his wife is doing

He doesn't deserve her.

Why can't you retarded Jobberfags fuck off?


>beat chiaotzu
how is that a bad thing ?

throw into goten+bra and this would be A++

His only victory is rather pathetic.

maybe Krillin is the biggest jobber because he's the only one of them that people actually like and are invested in so it adds momentum to the arc when he gets killed. It's like the turning point when random skirmishes and cities blowing up phase into major battles.

Yamcha is basically the DB equivalent of black guys in horror movies. Everybody knows he's gonna die and nobody cares when he does.

He probably assumed she got killed like all of his friends.

well, jobbing means they show up to show how strong the big bad is, right? so not chiaotzu, and probably not krillin. yamcha kind of does this more in dragon ball so I'd go with him. they're all retired and don't really have anything on vegeta though.

Mfw I saw yamcha

MFW when the next filler arc is Chi Chi twerking on Yamcha's dick

Am I the only one who thought it was disgusting how Trunks pretty much threw up senzu into Mai's mouth?


He doesn't even care enough to confirm that!

Meanwhile Vegeta swore a bloodoath to kill Black because future Bulma got iced by him.

and doin it raw cus menopause

Yeah, should have been my mouth instead.

>implying Zamasu's ultimate goal isn't chilling and drinking tea with his gay alternate self in the middle of the forest

trips confirm

looks like some mocked-up witness protection program type shit. god damn goku is a careless absentee shithead

why doesn't Gohan have shirt on?

But Bulma's tits are sagging

Toei has stock in snowballing porn

Can someone explain to me how goku jobbed tp yamcha,vegeta,android 19,ginyu?
I dont count them as loses.
Also didnt he just give up against cell because he wanted to give gohan a chance to fight same goes with hit he only gave up to give monaka a chance to show up.

>why doesn't Gohan have shirt on?

wage slave animation on a deadline for an endless shonen series

>why doesn't Gohan have shirt on?
he's a man whore

No seriously, it's all plot.

Goku is in fact low tier trash when compared to even low level saiyans.
His personality and life he led are what gives him the edge.

Now if he wanted someone with all kinds of potential then he should have picked gohan or frieza.

>gohanfags actually believe this

I bet Goku Black having Zamasu's heart was meant in a romantic way and not literal.

>goku black was mindhacced

fuck this anime

we need a filler arc where Goku sees the will smith head trauma movie and his whole life suddenly makes sense

Nope, it was pretty gross.

>I dont count them as loses.
Then you're stupid.

>Also didnt he just give up against cell because he wanted to give gohan a chance to fight same goes with hit he only gave up to give monaka a chance to show up.
Doesn't matter he still would have lost to Cell and Hit.

What's so special about Gohan's body? I bet his dick isn't even that big.

dayly remember she has never been kissed in over 20 years of marriage


Was Videl a virgin when she met Gohan?

A halfbreed who wakes his true power after years of mediocrity (like Gohan) training really hard for years like no other halfbreed ever did, being several times stronger (in same form) than a pure saiyan = reasonable, tolerable

A halfbreed weaker than SS3 Goku, being enough stronger to fight Rosé Black, a SS Blue tier warrior = bullshit


At least Yamcha has 4 won fights (with Goku winning after and the Saibaman going allahu ackbar). Chaozu couldn't even beat one back then.

don't skip the leg day

>Wake up
What a horrible fate.

Yamcha- goku run out of stamina and wasn't able to fight anymore because he was hungry as fuck. if it weren't for bulma shocking yamcha he would be a goner.

Vegeta- goku never won against vegeta. First fight he got crushed by oozaru and got safed by yajirobe,krillin and gohan. second fight even tho he held back to avoid to shatter vegeta's pride he still let his guard down and got knocked out.

andorid 19- heart virus but that's his fault for not taking the medecine that was given to him.

ginyu- body change

Cell- cell was actually holding back and goku knew he couldn't beat him

hit- hit wasn't using his proper assasination techniques and goku was worn out by the kaioken either way.


>No, because Zamasu is a god, and a fighting genius.

Goku's slapped the shit of every single kai in his universe and he did it while in SSJ1.
I can't think of a single kai that could make him go SSJ2.
Goku in SSJ2 while only playing around slapped Zamasu like he owed him money.

If he was as brilliant a fighter as he thought he'd have been able to figure out goku's own power and potential by simply watchign "godtube' and training himself.

And god ki apparently means less then fuck all.


I don't understand this post, Trunks was the one who trained hard for years?

instead of kisses she probaly gave goku blowjobs


Is there a reason why people forget Goku kicked Yamcha's ass in their first fight?

I want to motorboat those devil titties!

Butthurt Gohan/Vegetafags, that's all

At least fill out all the information

her manipulation of him into a supplicating meal ticket was too deliberate and skillful for her to be inexperienced. confirmed videl was pumped and dumped at least a few times before gohan.

Alright good points.
But how is body change jobbing?
What was he supposed to do?


Chichi has the saddest marriage.

>worthless bum
>doesn''t really care or spend time with the kids
>no sex drive
>absent most of the time
>doesn''t even truly love -- hasn't kissed you after decades of marriage

Yamcha was the first opponent that Goku ever faced that was legitimately strong. He was the first shown fighter with a ki attack as the Wolf Fang Fist gives him an aura around him. Yes Goku was hungry, but the only reason why Yamcha lost the second time (easily of course, as I think Goku was stronger) is because Yamcha's pretty boy bullshit made him run away from the fight.

Reminder that this piece of shit replaced based ROPE

we need videl as a succubus!

>Is there a reason why people forget Goku kicked Yamcha's ass in their first fight?

he didn't faggot
he lost because he was hungry and run out of stamina. He won against yamcha the next fight when he ate again.

instead of taking the fight slowly goku should have finished off ginyu just like he did with burter and recoom.

Whoops, I meant has won 4 fights.

how did they earn income before gohan became a salaryman?

goku (and chichi) actualy have plenty of money
2nd place and 1st place winning the tournament gave goku plenty of cash

hybrids have more potential the full saiyans but they're really just normal humans at heart. They don't have fighting boners.

They would rather live peaceful lives, and only fight when they are cornered.

Future Trunks tries to keep up with his training because he's the only single defender left in the future.

But present day Trunks won't even come close to that when he grows up. Maybe he'll push himself more to impress Mai, but otherwise no.

Goten is going to end up being a normie who gets drunk at frat parties and hit on girls.

Gohan is full blown salaryman mode and also now a full blown father

Goku and Vegeta are always going to be the strongest of the lot.

They only way the hybrids are going to step up their game is if Goku and Vegeta are dead.

Trustfund from a rich daddy

Videl is rich as fuck and world famous.
If anything Gohan is the gold digger.

he has sex
but no kiss
no forplay
he sticks it in dry

>Goku is a boob guy

How many fucking Zamasu are there?
When they start losing is Zamasu going to just call in thousands of reinforcement Zamasus from other timelines?
At the multiverse tournament I expect to see a universe of all Zamasu
>every contestant is Zamasu
>the GoD is Zamasu
>his attendant is Zamasu
>the supreme Kai is Zamasu

goku's stomach alone is a fucking money pit though.

does OX King have a residual fortune from the old royal treasury?

Ignore him, he's probably one of those Gohanfags with daddy issues that projects them on to the series.

at least dbo did some usefull things with gohan, goten and trunks

gohan writes a book on ki use, allowing all humans to benefit from it
goten and trunks start a martial arts school specialed in weapon training (swords and staffs)

meanwhile krillin takes over the turtle school and has his students focus on team work to overcome a stronger opponent.
and tien takes over the crane school and has his students focus on powerfull ki blasts

(as for the gif, just imagine milo as gohan and kida as videl)

>Goku married a rich princess
>Vegeta married a rich inventor
>Gohan married a rich girl with a rich dad

Maybe it's pretty easy to make Chi-chi get wet.

inb4 we need a filler arc where Pan and Trunks travel to the past and watch Ox King rape the daughters of tax revolters

is right
it's not like the information will change anytime within the next few seasons

>Trunks will be the first saiyan to marry a poor girl

saiyans are smart in picking their wives.

wasn't gotens girlfriend in gt also rich? of course gt trunks turned into a faggot

>Thw only way Yamcha can win a fight is against a hungry Goku

Oh wow hahahaha

That could actually be interesting, if Dragon Ball would give any value to the numbers. As it stands, if they get ahead of Zamasu, all the normie Zamasus would become fodder, and their zerg tactics would only mean that we get to see a 1v1 uninterrupted. The only numbers that matter are those of the power levels.

>wasn't gotens girlfriend in gt also rich?

She was a high maintenance girl. After years of impregnating many different women, Goten decided to settle down.

Why must Toei fuck with his character?

>gohan writes a book on ki use, allowing all humans to benefit from it

so now there's even more energy blasts being carelessly tossed around the world? what a humanitarian.

gohan confirmed autist

Let's be honest here everybody in the future is poor

Just let him go, anons.

they live in the middle of bum fuck nowhere however they live in a capsule instead of a log cabin.

Goku has the dick of death.
You see, the Saiyans were not just hated for being savage warriors.
They were hated for their sexual prowess and massive members.
It's why chi-chi puts up with him. He absolutely destroys her pussy ass and leaves her nearly half dead when he's done.
Gohan tamed a woman that everyone on the earth thought was a mean spirited cunt and lez in training and made her into a full Japanese housewife.
Goten and Trunks are swamped with bitches.
Bulma? The woman considered one of if not the greatest minds on earth? And a partner count that was five times as high as her considerble IQ?
Vegeta made her his woman and cucked yamcha in a single weekend.

i imagine gohan and videls sex life to be like that of reed Richards (mr fantastic) and sue storm of marvel.
videl has to force gohan to have sex, but he rather reads books

Why does Bulma have man shoulders in Kai?

He isn't in the manga of super at least

Friendly reminder that Mai is a pedophile

>Vegeta made her his woman and cucked yamcha in a single weekend.
The fact that this is true made me laugh out loud.

mfw the son of a fucking superhero settles for an HB7

Trunks has a mother complex so they're perfect for each other

also every human in dbo has some saiyan dna in them.
meaning gohan, goten, trunks, bra and pan fucked around like crazy

Trunks already has financial security, so he can afford to pick based on the quality of the waifu. It's why he has the best waifu.

I wonder why this Tumblr user hates Trunks/Mai...

I've asked this before, but I didn't get an answer

How did Mai get young again in Future Trunks's timeline? Piccolo and Kami were killed way before Pilaf made that wish.

>that one episode of the anime where Goku introduces himself to Zamasu like he's selling newspapers and Beerus and Whis laugh at his stupidity.
Fuck Toei



Women can´t be pedophiles baka senpai

i always thought Cred Forums was autistic enough but tumblr is another realm of retardation

tumblr users are broken individuals. they literally cry when cartoon characters resist the urge to fuck children

like this

they managed to ask the wish just before Piccolo's death

Damn, fucking fujoshits

Read the manga retard

...oh shit.

Wait, they try to bring goku back with the dragon balls but the assholes butted in and wished to be young again.

I guess that was a gag but that's what happened.


This is what ruined Goku

Shippers drive me fucking nuts. I can excuse Mai and Trunks posters because it's basically a canon relationship even if Mai is an awful character, but holy fuck this.

What a way to go for Shenron

Dragon balls pilaf wished themselves young it's a big fuck you on akiras part on GT

Piccolo died right after Pilaf made the wish.

>This is what ruined Goku
That's not Toei

branch 1 has the Trunks who is kill and deactivated the androids, Cell has no 17 nor 18 to become perfect he is gangbanged, the mayor problem here is Buu

Trunks and Mai special feeling edit when?

>every villain past present and future is Zamasu in a different body

>it was me, Ningen. Freiza? Me. The androids, Cell, Buu. All me. It was always me Ningen. The author of all your pain.

inb4 the next DB series is a bishounen where goten and trunks solve mysteries

no since there is no high enough powerlevel to revive buu in that timeline


Hopefully soon.

>that picture
Ehhh.. I think their relationship is more of a father/son thing, but to each their own.

I want to show my dick to Gowasu

inb4 Goten's sphincter is a jobber

I was actually hoping that goku and vegeta would have to traverse that tower at Beeruses place to fight those "much stronger fighters" that whis talked about.
And while they were there having awesome battles Trunks and Goten would go around the universe with big nipples man on his deliveries and have adventures and shit.
Meanwhile on earth Gohan was the acting protector and had to play Saiyaman a lot more with only him Piccolo and the other low level Z fighters left to protect the world.

Keep telling yourself that, Toyotarofriend

Both Toei and Toyotaro are shit

>Pilaf fucked the entire future timeline

Gohan and Videl fuck while wearing spandex

Gowasu seems like a nice guy desu.

>reaching this hard
Top kek

I miss clicked


DBZ didn't have enough Videl ass shots

Great Saiyaman > Edgy SSJ2 Cell saga faggot

Here user, sorry for taking so long.

>Gohan and Videl fuck while wearing spandex

>The fucking mustache
every fucking time

Sorry but that retarded ":O" face is the problem


Stay on tumblr.

Videl wants you wonder about your chances with her for a while to shift the balance of power in her favor. A sideways glance here and there, a snarky comment when you demonstrate deep ki harnessing knowledge, asking her how you like girls' hair and then cutting it to see how you respond. Then the moment comes where she calls you out for watching her tits jiggle during today's flying lesson. You almost retreat at her uncouthness but before you know it she's shoved you on the couch and began devouring your face with weeks of pent-up frustration at your lack of initiative. Stroking your hardness over you pant leg, she takes her shorts off grinds her toned ass into your lap while deriding you for being such a pussy. She tells you to look her in the eye if you're a real man and without breaking the stare she begins bouncing on your ever-expanding flesh obelisk while listing off all her grievances with you, like she's your mom or something. Suddenly your childhood makes a little more sense. You feel closer to you father, and understand why he wasn’t around as much when you were little.

...No? The dragon ball were gonna disappear even if he didn't make the wish.

>getting triggered over circles

Since the rebuilding of the world will mainly be left in Trunk's hands as he is the most powerful of the humans, and as he is seen in an leader like way among the suvivers. That will bring fortune once everything is back in one piece, and the brief family once again becomes the richest family on earth

the 80s are long over boi

>tfw Gowasuposting is dead

I like both

filler arc where trunks enlists mercenaries to retain power in a world where gohan is teaching everyone the kamehameha

>manga Goku doing it 1 time = Super Goku doing it 90% of the time


Feels so fucking good to be a Vegetafag right now.
The Prince is finally getting his moment, he is going to defeat Black. CONFIRMED.
Get fucking hype. Vegeta is going to defeat Black (which also means he defeats Kakarot. Suck it Gokufags)

>you are already dead

Vegeta got his moment against Cell and look what happened.

>still reaching
Top kek
Someone needs to reread the manga.

i know gohan is trash toryiama but damn the fucker is still part of the family wtf.

He should ditch the saiyaman thing and make something that looks like a cross between his Teen gohan suit and a saiyan warrior suit.
Merging both of those together and wearing a better mask will look a lot more cool.


I just realized that
>only things I don't like are the helmet and the color of the cape

>anime pic

Gohan doesn't live there anymore, remember? This is Goten's time now.

He was cheated. Final flash should have obliterated Cell but that bitch moved at the last second.
Vegeta will win.

Beerus deleting Zamasu in front of Gowasu is pretty fucked up if you think about it. They must have known each other for a long time. :/

Posts like these just makes vegetafags tears more delicious after he gets pridesmashed again

>Gine wearing Chinese clothes
>remembered that she's voiced by Chi-Chi

Did Bardock kiss Gine?

as if akira would rate this little shit

My boy Gohan is fucked, isn't he?

>Teen gohan suit
preteen Gohan
if this which one of the 2 outfits he wore

or actual teen Gohan
if this which one of the 4 outfits he wore

>Vegeta killing anyone but minions
Loving every laugh

>rebuilding of the world will mainly be left in Trunk's hands
>brief family once again becomes the richest family on earth
And he will also repopulate the planet with Mai.
Trunks will literally dominate Earth.

He probably kissed her while making Raditz when his emotions got the better of him

I think the roles should be reversed, at least in Z.
Super made Videl ChiChi 2.0

>Goten's time


I can't wait for ep63
You'll eat your words. It's finally the Prince's time.

I shouldn't be laughing at that fucking pic

However user they can't do that with only a few hundred people, therefore you know what must be done.

Haiya Dragon
it's sad that Gohan's friends he had as a kid were a dragon and green alien manlet

forget about this three
this is the new jobber league

filler arc where Goten is finally the MC cus it's about knocking up girls to repopulate the earth

Gohan is fine, but that Gohanfag who made that bet sure is fucked.

these three are the last bastion of characters that actually do anything

>like Chichi
so house wife
but Videl doesn't have her temper anymore

For all of GT's faults, SSJ4 design is FAR superior to the God forms.

I miss SSJ4 Goku.

It'll be back to two once Black is defeated...

I told him back on Cred Forums it's not too late to back out of the bet but he's riding this until the end

>actually do anything
they are not whis or beerus lad

filler arc where tall previous canon is a myth to make it seem like Goten matters because everyone is his descendant


Wrong dumbass
Beerus,Whis,Bulma,Jaco,Kid Trunks,Future Mai, Future Yajirobe etc

>that pic
so which characters have tried to crush Gohan by hugging him?

Hail Emperor Trunks!!

we're in the minority, but I do agree with another user that it would probably look better with golden hair/fur. kind of like a more primal transformation, down to saiyan roots.
>It'll be back to two once Black is defeated...
what a shame
>comic relief

>SSJ4 design is FAR superior to the God forms.


every time I see Gohan SSJ4 the first thing taht comes to my mind is Super 17 fused with 18

>comic relief


I thought the pupil's aren't visible until SSJ3... wtf is this shit

>Goku doesn't hug Gohan back

I'm fine with that, as long as he doesn't touch Trunks's mate

adult Gohan is has less muscle mass than preteen Gohan

They do it occasionally with Trunks for some reason

take it away

See Toei a shit

he was busy counting moons

Well that is one way to become a trap

New to dragon ball, what is the difference between instant transmission and the standard teleport that say Vegeta uses?
Does Goku have a teleport or does he have to touch his forehead every time he wants to?

It's time for that hand

And since Mai will be his Empress, she will be the only member of the Pilaf gang who succeeded in dominating the world.



vegeta can't teleport, you're probably thinking of him moving so fast that he disappears and reappears in short distances. goku can teleport anywhere if he can sense the place he wants to teleport, but it costs him energy.


>the standard teleport that say Vegeta uses?
Vegeta can't teleport.

time to d.let you

>Watching DBS before DBZ
Shit nigger what are you doing


I obviously mean battle suits.
And Teen Gohan was the name that was given to him during the end of the Cell saga where he wore the purple suit with the white armpad thing that piccolo would oft wear.
Combine that with the saiyan armor he wore during the frieza/android saga and he'd be bad ass.

filler arc where goku has flashbacks about finding grandpa gohan's dead body after killing him

wir müssen die ningens ausrotten

yajirobe confirmed best thighs

What if this was Pilaf's masterplan all along?

Knowing of Bulma being pregnant
The wish to the dragonballs to become babies. It wasn't a mistake he just fooled us to believe it was by mistake
And finally giving Mai something that is worth for her services as his bodyguard(Best Boy)

Pilaf is no gag character. He is Toriyama himself



inb4 DBS is an elaborate guerilla marketing campaign for an upcoming Detective Conan vs. Goku movie

Oh, anime, thanks anons.

I've played the games, and had a decent knowledge of the archs of DBZ.
Though I don't think that is a substitute for watching the series.
I've started watching DBZ and DB at the same time I started watching DBS so I'm catching up in my free time.
I don't know if I'm going to bother with GT though.

>that marching sound
I cum every time

>Detective Conan vs. Goku

Would it be better than the Lupin/Conan movie?

Can't wait for the episode were future trunks sees the sad state of his master.


Which is kind of fucked up. He had a less dangerous and more lonely childhood then fucking Vegeta.
And that's saying something.

Would have been funny if Gohan was pourposely making his muscles smaller and shorten his height. When he does his saiyaman thing or is around proper company he grows two feet in height and swells to the size of mystic gohan.
Would have been the equivalent of standing up straight for him.

Holy shit, it all makes sense.

He already did.

tumblr users are just shippers who social justice excuses to discredit pairing they don't like

first they call the pairing they don't like as "problematic"

this is actually a signal placed on you, so that other users to harass you. Their goal is to make you either stop, or quit the internet because of constant death threats.

Bulma is based


yeah about that


It's kind of ironic that tumblr believes gays are willing to fuck anyone or anything.


why the fuck does satan live with them

Where's Tarble

requiring sauce

Nappa x Raditz is best OTP

pan is as strong as SSR Black


To make sure Gohan keeps up with his training


Wait, if Gohan doesn't actually have to go SSJ to have SSJ level power then...wouldn't it be possible for him to go SSJ3 complete with the eyebrows(or lack of eyebrows) and hair without his hear turning gold?

Turles watching Gohan like that while touching him makes me uncomfortable


>Not Canon

They live with him.
Also....why not?

Bulma lives with her parents on their compound.

4d chess

his body gave out when trans forming to basing ssj some time before and now he gave up training completely
this is the hell I chose

>pan goes super in the womb
>pan has the highest potential, even higher than gohan's
>pan follows in her father's footsteps and becomes a scholar
>the only times she goes super saiyan are offscreen

My you have grown little boy
And such big muscles you have
Isn't it hot with all of those clothes

so no more fags deducing goten is black?

He probably wants to spin Gohan again

DBZ abridged
DB evolution
Broly movies
>Not Canon

They're extinct now, user.

>Gohan is in the Broly movies
>he also isn't canon


DB Movie where Chiotzu is emperor of China
Bio-broly movie
>Not Canon
Everything made by that hack Toriyama

this gif is the entirety of my headcanon


I still wonder why they made Bio-Broly the way it was. If they wanted to make easy money they could have just had a basic cloning story, not this bad bio-clone thing.

Such a shit movie.

>Left out Vegeta jr and Goku Jr.

For scenes like this, user.

they're goddamn MANIACS


inb4 Black is Broly from a timeline where he didn't lift

Alternate timeline Broly is enjoying life, leave him be

I just want SSB Gogeta

that's all

Zamasu x Black otp when?


thanks blud

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