Anime that will never, ever get another season

Pay your respects to dead series here.

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>Adventures of Risa Taneda

Ehh so nothing was announced in that shitty event?



This will NEVER be animated



Rip DearS
You were a shitty Chobits clone, and they did kinda continue your manga. But you still deserved a season 2

>He doesn't believe in Miki for Spring Fes

I've given up all hope

Just Believe




Your never gunner sea the last of Re Zero. Weather you like it ore naught!





O captain my Captain

Sadly they just couldn't keep it going after changing season 3 to a sports anime/slice of life venture.

Is this worth watching or is it some shit harem and/or some coming of age and/or some shit for teen kids

Index side of things is generally pretty good. Railgun side of things makes for a waifu-obsessed director's cringe fest, but it's still entertaining.

The OVA's are fan service. Image is the best part of the Railgun series aside from Yomikawa.

This shit will NEVER EVER be finished

The anime covers the so-so parts, only a few scenes are really good, s3 would cover the best parts of the series if it got made. They did do a great job on making the punches feel weighty though.

Not gonna watch it then.
Thanks for NOT wasting my time.

>tfw S3 never

I just want more cute squids making awful puns.

>They did do a great job on making the punches feel weighty though.

Koukaku no Pandora, rip robololiyuri.


and besides vol 5 several stories even came out in last couple years with development between Eru and Hotorou

she's the only girl with no ass I ever had a crush on. I would've used all my money to buy her ass implants, that's how deep my love for her ran

This series will never be finished. Fuck Japan and their shit taste.

user, she's only 14. her ass will grow by itself. have some patience and wait for the fruit to ripen

I'm gonna fucking miss this so much

>mediocre anime for recipes that you can find with a google search
>only redeeming thing is brown meat girl
>only good brown meat girl has is with delish doujinshi

It doesn't need another season.

Yeah, just what we need: more highschool shows with more highschool girls.

>tfw no ikamusume vs takomusume

Yeah, like we need more shitty waifu-bait.

That whole show was a mistake.

School rumble was fine in S1 but then it went to shit

I remember S2 was at first ok, but got worse and worse, and third semester was utter shit

Best thing to come from School Rumble were the doujins.

That shit was cash money.

Agreed. More middle school shows with more middle school girls is what we really need.

no summer days


Hey, if it's more loli, then I'm down.

I want Highschool of the Dead to come back

It ended perfectly. Doesn't need anything more.

Well, another arc with different characters might be pretty fucking cool.

please be an ironic shitpost, no one has taste this shit right guys?

You mean the thing that should've been just straight-up hentai? The faggot-artist who decided to sell-out from glorious lewdness and do mainstream shitstream?

Yeah, sure, user-chan.

It will never not hurt




something something nyan koi

I need more smug Izayoi

Yeah that one too would be nice.

Why would you need another season of this? Just order some sleeping pills and it'll do the same job.

It was too good for this world.


Have you by any chance been living under a rock for the past year?

I just finished watching this yesterday.
Starts off incredibly average, then gets progressively more fun in the second half, then ends. Real shame.

trapped in manga spinoff hell


Shinohayu any time soon, right?

believing still doesn't make it probable


I feel like it would ruin an anime that was almost perfect.

Sore ga Seiyuu
Rolling Girls
Non Non Biyori
Soul Eater NOT

>best girl will never be animated
It hurts.

Strike the Blood


>choosing cold, clinical sleep rather than sweet, pink-tinted, rose-scented warm detective dreams
literally why

Rejoice my friend, hope is lit once more, as more holly scriptures are out, and more incoming.
The non believers might convert, and a new production is possible.

I dunno, the 2nd season ended on such a happy note that I don't really want the next chapters to get adapted.

I'd be ecstatic for a third season. I don't see any reason to give up hope on it when there have been plenty of shows that have been continued after a long hiatus; Full Metal Panic is a good example of this.


I miss Asama

Can we get more Baccano please. It was better than DRR

I don't understand how the japanese animation industry works.

There are all these beloved and super popular properties that have tons of more material to be adapted but they just let them sit and rot instead of doing anything with them.

Etotama season 2 when

Like any industry, it operates based on profit. No matter how beloved or "super popular" these properties may be, they aren't financially feasible.

Well, to use OP's example, LN adaptations are pretty much advertisements and Index is selling too well to warrant another season. Granted the LN sales have been steadily falling (as expected with a series that has been going on for 12 years and 40+ volumes) but they still sell way better than the average LN. You could say they're giving other series a chance, whether they succeed or flop hard.

>She wasn't popular after all.


It's probably for the best. Now I can make up my own head canon for how the story would continue that makes the hurt lessen.






shame the author died
though I am unsure if the anime felt completed.


Can this be attributed to the ijime connect incident?


Fucking Pierrot stop adapting shonen that don't sell and let Naruto rest in peace.

isn't that getting a movie?