Left or right?

Left or right?

Left. I prefer benis.

Is short-haired Tsukihi still the best?

Will left react like this? Thought so.


Left would be the one pinning you down and stripping you of your clothes, honestly.

Left. I prefer benis.

I prefer best girl

This is her best hairstyle


>they see your dick


Why is that allowed?




>Ougi will never suck your dick.

Cute spooky lips!

Reminder that Ougi is a male (the penis) spook. He is a boy with boy parts "down there".

ougi is a girl

>Ougi is just a combination of a hairy monkey and a shitty vampire

What a strange world our world is.

Ougi is best girl.

Literally nobody cares.


bird has better feet


When is that confirmed?

Ougi has no sex. that means she has a vagina.

Does that mean God has a vagina?

>not monkey
>also not monkey

What a shitty dilemma.
I'm going to go with neither.

ougi is monkey's daughter



What is this face trying to convey?

>Ougi is a boy

Confirmation? How did this start anyway?

Uncertainty at being cummed inside

Impending doom.

Trolls that allegedly read the LNs


Shinobu makes the best webm material

Ougi has always been a boy, as HE explains here.

>cutting out the good parts
for what reason?

Left of course


I don't know didn't make it just saved it some time ago.

>Mitcher vs. Index

How about neither?

That's some bishoujo lips

You're supposed to save the good ones user.
You know, the ones with monkey in them.

Not everyone is gay, Cred Forumsnon.


If Kevin Smith is to be believed.


>you will never appreciate cute little girls with monkey
>you will never hang pur with best bro monkey
>you will never be teased sexually by best girl moneky

life is cruel

f-fuck you user I didn't need to know this ;_;

You always knew user.
That's why you are quietly dissatisfied with your life and have trouble falling asleep some nights.

All the girls are great, but Crab is a little bit greater.

Right is the most feminine of the Araragis.

right. left is cute though


Sleeve dickings


want to be leglocked by karen

How could you not choose this total cutie.

a boy in full body tights in a skirt is still a boy no matter how much the tights hide and restrict is hard bulging dick

But she's a girl except when it's with Monkey

>slut posting

opinion invalidated.

image is relevant, tights/stockings are a good thing, they are just slightly worse when they contain a dick

The issue here is that you posted a stupid whore


That just makes him better

Haruhi is a stupid bitch who needs a beating.

Was it autism?

Seems about right

Is that Karen's x-ray move?

>Did I get dubs?

>my instincts are telling me I shouldn't miss the opportunity

And people actually think she's a lesbian

she's bi