Are they supposed to be the good guys?

Are they supposed to be the good guys?

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Aqua is a goddess, you should be revering her.


Is this something a good guy would say?

Wiz is a lich, they are neutral evil by definition. A pure holy good goddess such as Aqua is within her right to destroy such an abomination.

Nope, they are shown to be scum

Liches are top tier undead wizard that are walking nukes.Monsters like those are meant to be cleansed.

>good goddess such as Aqua

Its simple D&D math.
NG and NE are fundamentally opposed, and evil is by definition wrong. Therefore, our great goddess-sama should be praised for the act of purifying this unholy blight on mankind.

Aqua is evil

Nonsense. Who's ever heard of an Evil-aligned goddess of water?

>evil is by definition wrong


Aqua is a good girl.

t. Aqua

Konosuba has complex morality.
I know that if you're an american you've never seen anything but good vs evil before, but in the rest of the world people can understand that people are just people.

How can someone so soft be evil?

Liches are for lap pillows only.

Good question. She's supposed to be re-animated dead flesh, right?

End game kazuma when

Liches are meant to be purified with my dick

She's a Lich, not a zombie. She gained eternal life through profane unholy rituals, not dying and being reanimated. I guess she just spends more time making herself look nice than other Liches.

>profane unholy rituals
File related?


Sequel soon.

>posting this on a blue board
Enjoy your ban, you sick fuck!

>Patting Liches

That's so creepy for some reason

Are Eris worshipers here much quieter? Rarer? Both?

I know, it's... disturbing kinda.

>making poor Wiz cry
Aqua is pure evil. It's like Griffith and Chinatsu had an offspring.


They can't afford to pay for internets as Eris jewed all their coins

We just know when to shut up

Aqua has bigger tit(hes), though.

>lap pillows only

the best part of konosuba is the MCs never claim to be the "good guys". If anything, they lean neutral to evil.

>making some lich cry is evil

no, liches are evil. Making them cry is actually the right thing to do.

You think aqua would let kazuma rape her since she is just a dirty lich?

Wiz seems like the neutral to chaotic neutral type and I can appreciate that indifference.

So this guy was totally the chick attempting to rape the shota right?

I want to take Aqua to a nice hotel and then to a crocodile lake and leave her caged in it

Since the guy and woman have same hair It has to imply the woman is his relative.

That's just evil

I believe the other way around but in succubutt land you can be anything you want.

Why would you hurt that poor Goddess

>Are they supposed to be the good guys?

It's like I'm actually playing D&D.

Are we the baddies?

Right ? Does your whole team always kill each other between them like mine.

I once rolled a critical and made a sun appear out of nowhere as a proud paladin of the sun.

Our boat suffered great injuries...

Hurt? Oh no, that's why she's caged. It's for her own protection, so the crocodiles don't get her.

My intent is to embarass. Maybe I'll have Darkness be forced to stand there and ordered to not help her. To ensure her obedience, I think I'll sit there using Wiz as a lap pillow while forcing Yunyun and her yunyuns to hold up an umbrella to shade us. Yunyun will also be in charge of my drink cooler, both alcoholic and water to prevent dehydration. Maybe force Komekko to hold an umbrella for her dear onee-chan as well.

I am not a cruel god. Just a mean one.

She's more of a Neutral Good, but with Evil aura from being a Lich which Aqua picks up

>Aqua is best girl.


Nope, they aren't the good guys. They also wanted to eliminate pic related.

They are just idiots.

It's like Seinfeld, where all the characters are kind of shitty people. That's what makes them relatable and funny

>Can ask for anything, the girls will do it to prevent him from dying
>Doesn't ask for sex

How does Kazuma's brain work ?

>Aqua's only scene is a single panel of her being hatefucked in the butt for fucking with Kazuma's panty collection

Da bes

god bless the author for going with that

Fair point.
They're alignment is chaotic stupid.

Title? I don't use ex hentai.

(C90) [40010 1-GO (40010Prototype)] CHOYQUZU! (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) [English] [Doki Fansubs]

I can't wait

Does Aqua wear underwear?

only sinners can't see her panties

>whole town of freaky Axis cultists
Can't wait.

Light novel: yes
anime: no

It's because the arm is the only thing that moves. The legs, torso, and head should be moving slightly, but since they aren't, your brain is sending up red flags.

I wish Luna got more attention.

That tiny spark of morality in his shriveled heart probably wouldn't let him manipulate them into sex.

>First comes rock