Okay I just startet to read this and no one can tell me that she did not just basically say to place the camera...

Okay I just startet to read this and no one can tell me that she did not just basically say to place the camera somewhere to continue filming while he takes of his clothes and starts to fuck her in the bath.
She was literaly telling him to film him fucking her.

Read the whole chapter first and then come back

Aside from her actually allowing the bastard to stick his dick into her everything went exactly as I expected it.
Could have done without having to get the guys into her, the other stuff in the chapter was already tease enough with that art.

For some reason I am reminded of the manga with the girls stuck on an island where they planned a naginata training camp and a ghost possesd guys to kill them until sex with the descandent of someone ended it.

He did not put it in
Next chapter she wants to show her hymen to the MC as proof

I find it funny how she comments on him not even getting hard when she was showering.
Hell she invited him and even tried to please the naked appron fetish after pleasing a swimsuit and piss fetish, hell she even went with too big shirt and defensless in sleep shit.
How many fetishes does this girl even intend to please?

Hell the guy must be gay, since he only got hard when he saw a naked dude that abused him really close to him.

She thinks him getting hard is the same as her snuff fetish, but it is him just being gay.

I just hope she continues to provide to even more fetishes in the future.

He only gets hard when filming snuff movies or seeing/hearing fucked up shit

Show by trying her out, basically inviting him again to have sex with her!

Yeah you did girl!
You did tan like that in like 1min!

He doesn't care about that, only about filming sick shit

Is this any good?

Which chapter is that?

Like the first one!
Feels a bit rage inducing like NTR, but you get hook up and need to know what happens next.
Also with that art and that ammount of lewd there is basically no chapter that does not seem to have at least one fap inducing panel sofar.

What is this?

>First one
Whelp i felt like a retard, thanks though

Literaly wearing a different swimsuit then the past few days, thus having different tan lines.
No problem, we all had that moment once when asking for the source of a pic once.

I meant the manga, what's it's name? Image search gives me nothing.

By the way according to the rules of Cred Forums I am allowed to post this as it is fron a normal manga and not a hentai.

Just to make sure this is spoiler and NSFW.

>Image search gives me nothing.
Can you stop being a retard? There's character names in one of the images. Lurk more until you stop being incompetent, 3dpd poster.

Oh that, it is "Dead Tube"
Well we can also do ugly faces it sees, but look at her crotch line closely.

Shit I forgot to spoiler the image!

>I am allowed to post this as it is fron a normal manga and not a hentai.
And how exactly is a "normal manga" different from a hentai one?

This girl panders to too many fetishes of mine simultaneously.

too bad the author wants us to hate her

I mean it's not a big deal but you know you can just delete your post then repost it if you want, right? I know porn threads bring out the idiots but come on.

There is a timelimit before I can do it, so an idiot can still cause a ban and I hate to have to restart the router, because that thing needs an eternity.

I am having a hard time doing so despite all her fucked up shit.

Rules of Cred Forums say normal manga nudity is okay despite Cred Forums being blue, while outright porn is not.

What's wrong with her shoulder?

Read it!
She got hit and it was a crit!

You have to realize Dead Tube plots always identify which direction would make the most sense and then run at full speed as far away from it as possible.

If you can handle that, it's kind of fun.

This women simply demands too much from one guy.


wow you are a complete scumbag, is too difficult to help a friendly retard user typing "dead tube"? you butthead


Oh I forgot the text.

This seems to be turning into a harem.

.. she don goofed.

This artist should just go back to making porn.

Oh I knew that I knew this style, but I thought from a prior manga, but it was hentai.

She did Seishun Pop.

For a moment there I thought that was of the shojou's my sister read in the past.

>bully, rape and mind rape your little sister into brutally killing your father, cut him up, make curry out of him so you accidently eat him




But he was sleeping for 3 days, how could he do it?

I wasn't talking about the mc, fucked up the greentext.
Point still stands: This garbage manga is the bottom barrel of shock value for distract from the giant plotholes and non existing story

Somehow her body type she changed a lot.

Fuck it!
It was obvious as hell, but still the rage is madening.

He is only aroused by carnage and other sick stuff.