Tosh reminding us he needs to draw porn in the shokugeki omake out on niggastream

Vote for best play-chef

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Who knew Hisako has such a nice butt?

I did.

She did

We all know who's best girl.

Is it even gay to want to get fucked by dojima?

MS didn't step up and do the cover page like user did.


nice butt

>Rindou's theory on outlaw cooking
What could this be?

I want to cum inside Erina!

Get in line.

>that bottom biting into her hips

So how fucked are Takumi and Mehgloomy?

Very much so
Plot armor


>top 5 most adorable pets

Tosh is the most adorable.

>Outlaw Cooking by Rindou
Dear god she's a psycho isn't she

Valentine's chapter when?

Rindou's a softie though, I bet she'll just make them buy her snacks or something

Christmas when.

Aren't they together? Either Megumi's plot armor affect both or they both fuck up.

>Plot armor
Is there a reason why Megumi is relevant to the story to warrant plot armor?

Dumping 185 full color.

Nah, Megumi used to be the useless but pretty sidekick who never did anything, but we have Erina for that



Erina is eventually going to come back to daddy.





Wasn't' expecting the twins to have different shades for the hair.


Best body. Best girl.

Can anyone explain to me the obsession nips have with fucking bloodtypes?



Superstitious about personality and/or compatibility.


mystical belief blood types dictate personality types




No one is fucked, when the risk is getting expelled you know nothing is gonna happen.


Same thing you see with people obsessed over astrology and star signs.

So there are like 8 personality types?

Not really. Rindou could beat them and then tell them they can only avoid expulsion now by becoming her underlings.






>Never doing anything
That aside, Rindou is the only female in the series who is a complete wildcard.

That's all.
Early spoilers/chapter next week.

Apparently Soue knows that Azami is running the school, so a realization is out of the picture.

Thanks, user.


I hope we get more of this but it will probably come back to full Souma vs Pajeet.

I really hope they don't offscreen their battle. It's been a while since the Umis have done anything, and we haven't even seen Rindou cook yet.

I just wished that Souma would've challenged and defeated Currynigger in a Shokugeki where his expulsion isn't on the line.

Now it's so fucking obvious that Pajeet will get stomped. All those loserflags like "hurr durr I'm too stronk for you now" made it even more obvious.

Why everyone on this mango looks like a fucking shonen character?

Because it's a shonen manga?



valentines chapter:

>some random girl asks Souma to help her come up with the best recipe for valentines chocolate so she can give it to her sweetheart

>her sweetheart doesn't like things that are too sweet so Souma has to be careful

>Souma agrees to help but is having trouble because he has never made valentines chocolates before

>asks Erina to help taste test

>they end up spending the whole day together in the kitchen

I feel like I've seen those twins somewhere else before, but where? Damn.

>>they end up spending the whole day together in the bed


Does Cred Forums love Erina now or are you faggots still hostile?


Everyone loves Erina

Why did Balalaika have to denie them a happy ending?

Better say battle shonen.

The characters always look like they are about to grab guns or throw magic fire at each other.

I love everyone except the nigger.

Why is there a vampire in this manga?

Nice, it's almost Best Girl's birthday.

blood sausages

I always thought of her as a nekomata in humanoid form. Probably because her eyes are yellow instead of red.

I think most of us love Erina now.

Most of the Megumifags either left or got stomped into shutting their stupid mouths. No one takes Nikumifags serious and that's pretty much it.

Cred Forums is dominated by Erinafags and Alicefags.

You should try Korean blood sausages, they're pretty good.

The MC's literally based on Shirou and his love interest is based on Saber why the fuck do you think that might be

Why does Rindou get more evil looking everytime we see her?

yuri doujin with rindou and useless when

What's wrong with Doujima's arms?

I thought Hisako had bigger tits than that

>I really hope they don't offscreen their battle
Yeah, I know the series focuses on Souma first and foremost, but whatever happens there, I hope we get to see it happen.

It's a sports manga. Battle manga grew out of sports manga. They are very similar.

That's a snake woman, user.

>Souma will get them naked in a few chapters


Basically Taboo cuisine, like Blood and stuff.


I think she's the narrator of the story to a degree.

Man how do they get the time to get so fucking ripped holy smokes

She's no snake woman.

Because she is?

Remember, Jouichirou was once called "Asura" in school. Despite his goofy personality, he emits a fearsome aura when he cooks.

Rindo should be no different.

Soma's goofy as fuck most of the time too but when he gets going he gets fucking going

>red hair
>slit pupils
>open collar
>sweater vest with supple breasts
>short skirt
>those glorious legs
>talks like a boy

She totally is.

Maybe she's meant to be Lamia (the original mythology, not monmusu)

So Tosuke is clearly gonna show up now right?

I'm guessing Isshiki first.

have the OVAs from the first series been subbed?

I can't seem to find them

They were on dailymotion I believe.

>inb4 stream.

I made the subs but in the end someone uploaded a video of the second one in dailymotion I think.

Here's the script and a raw I found so suit yourself

Wouldn't you be able to defeat her just by having the air conditioning at full blast? If she can't move she can't cook so you win by default.

How bout a little twist.

>souma goes to give the finished chocolates to random girl
>erina decides to tag along
>souma give chocolates to random girl
>random girl then holds them in front of souma
>"Please accept these!"

Yeah, both are still up there I believe.

Do we have a date for the third OVA yet?

>making a guy cook his own valentine's chocolate

what kind of monster?

>this pic

this perspective kinda confuses me, is the line of the horizon in the right position?

>Erina karate chops it out of Souma's hand once he receives it and says she saw a bug on it.


The horizon line where the ocean is separated from the sky in that image. Unless you are talking about the vanishing point, then that is to the far left.

no I mean the horizon y axis, I feel it could be better if it was lower, but I don't know shit about perspective, I just feel there is something wrong there

So what's gonna happen in the Christmas arc

Romantic and hand holding everywhere.

So Rindo will eat babies soon?

In most cases I think artists would place the ground "lower" like you suggest because it's better that way composition-wise.

But in this case I think Tosh was trying to draw from an angle where you're kind of looking down at her so you see more of the ground than the sky.

I guess that makes sense, thanks for explaining

that's a nice draw


Nice Hisako, user.

I used to really dislike Erina. She was a complete bitch to Souma and barely appeared throughout most of the manga.

I like her a lot now though.

Starting out watching the anime, I always liked Erina, it was pretty clear the bitch wouldn't last (as much as she gave Soma shit she couldn't get any of it to stick and that dynamic always worked well for me) and she got a lot of moments that were pretty endearing.

Her being the strongest in the year was pretty cool too.

i'd kiss that hisako butt

That's pretty cute, user.

Who's gonna even have access to the AC besides maybe eizan?


Tootsuki's sort of like Erina's house so probably her?


Thank you for drawing best girl

[spoilers]I hope you draw her again[/spoilers]

Drugs Takumi and Megumi will need to take to cope with the after-shocks of their duel with Rindou

Draw Alice, please.

user they won't even be alive after she's done with them

(She's not the) heroin

Absolutely adorable.


>when someone says best girl is someone other than Erina, Erina's cousin, or Erina's aide.

>I feel like I've seen those twins somewhere else before, but where?

The shokugeki twins resemble the psychopath twins in Black Lagoon season one.

truer words have never been spoken

[spoier]Rindou and Leonora round out the top 5 though[/spoiler]

Fucking saved.

The Nakiris and Hisako are absolute top tier, so you aren't wrong.

Best girl chart

Erina=Alice>Hisako>Rindou>Doujima>Yuki>Ryouko>Leonora>Hinako>irrelevant rest>shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nikumi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Megumi





Based user

This is pretty close to it except Yuki is way, way too high

Wow you guys really like these huh? I'll color them and clean up some of the line art later then.

You're doing god's work user.


Hardly, tis only a hobby of mine.

Excellent taste, user.

That'd be awesome. Thanks user

>hisako in first
fucking how, she's hardly got the best body, and I still don't know what her personality is. she's a nothing, as a character. why would anyone like her?


I voted Erina but Hisako's a close second and given nobody actually posted her pic in this thread why vote for anything else

> or erina's aunt

That would be cute.
>Megumi constantly going "awawawwawa" around Rindou.

So where's the color/clean version of this?

This doesn't have a color version because this was published on Jump GIGA.

I hate to bombard you with requests but do you think you can draw Rindou too sometime? Chibi or otherwise

>Read manga forever ago
>Lose interest during the Autumn Selection
>Anime comes out and watch it because I started reading for the character designs
>Pick up the manga again after talking with a friend
>Azami appears
>Best girl front and center

This shit is pretty fun. I wish I had kept reading the first time.


I won't complain if every thread started with Hisako's ass.

Shokugeki is really damn fun and I'm glad I had 4 years worth of it to go through in one go.

How much did the reveal catch you off guard?

How good was this?

Realtalk, is Rindou just a human with an animal motif, or is she a single genuinely supernatural feature of the series?

>Nekomat are 2-tailed cats
>Rindou is the second seat

I was pretty damn surprised at the reveal. The friend I had talked to only told me "it just keeps getting better".

I was happy for it to just be cooking battles with new enemies and specialties every couple chapters. I never thought they were just setting up power levels the entire time for some major shit to go down. Having a new manga to be excited about is great.

I'm currently working through the Hokkaido exams. The office lady Erina has given me a new fetish.

I would be totally fine with that no joke.

Best assume she actually has slit eyes and fangs.

Do you think her arms hurt from doing that pose? I seriously feel like Tosh is just fucking with us at this point.

Actually someone else is a vampire


>A post discussing the composition of Manga on Cred Forums
>With fresh OC

This is my favorite post

They're not around me.

She accepts he's a better cook than she'll ever be.

same voice as

I want to know how the fuck they'l dub this series

bryce papenbrook as souma, of course.

If he can do "JUMPU JUMPU" I'll allow it


What game is this, I NEED IT

Okay, last one for tonight.


It's about feelings user. You've watched enough animu to know this. Even in a cooking series, they should want an inferior chocolate that at least had the girl's feelings in it.


I love you.

I think we all need to post with replies like this, doesn't matter how well you can draw.

I would have been surprised with Azami's intro if I didn't see the spoilers here, but regardless her father showing up was not something I expected.

Never thought Erina would eventually join Polar Star either but then again that was because of Azami showing up and causing these change of events. In fact if her father never showed up, Erina probably would not have gone through her "character development" phase and warming up to Souma and the others, at least not that much.

based user delivers

Even before Azami showed up, she was warming up to everybody, particularly Soma. She actually did want him to win vs. Kuga for whatever reasons.

This is true. However, that user is right in that there's no way she would have been able to become friends with the PSD crew.

At most, if she got more assignments with Megumi, they might have continued to hit it off, but it would have taken a lot longer.

Her overall isolation, even if it's not to the degree Azami wishes to isolate her, still would have kept her from befriending most of them.

So when will this guy's keikaku kick in?

Yeah that's true, if you'd told me at the elections Erina would become friends with most of PSD I would've said you were fucking crazy based on the trajectory of the series at the time.

Maybe Yuki after Hinako and we're probably gold.

Not him, but even at this stage I wouldn't even say that she's friends with everyone. She has warmed up, true, but there's still a distance between her and the PSD

She's working really hard to bridge it, and they know and appreciate it.

Maybe he will come to the rescue of umis.