Magic Knight Rayearth Eps 21-30 [720p]

Magic Knight Rayearth Eps 21-30 [720p]

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My first anime. it all went down hill from here

Let's keep the thread up for some more time.

did clamp steal mokona from this series?

They made this. There's nothing to steal.

Anyone actually interested in MKR in BD? Also, who changed her clothes here? I always found that weird.

Will start the download once I free some space in my HDD (we're talking about 100 GB here).


I certainly am an appreciate all you're doing. It's just that now where firmly in S2 town and saw it


Been listening to this song so much recently

It's awesome!

With a year of listening to Yuzurenai Negai for hours every week I'm getting tired of it, still good but listened to it too much

Who Nova here?

Shameless bump.

I miss this show. Probably gonna rewatch it this weekend

Umi best


Ah, yes. The part that screams "Oh shit we caught up with the manga. Quick, someone make something up".

Wasn't my first animu but Hikaru was my first loli.

umi thread



I watched this in dual audio Jap and Lat Spanish because of Cred Forums.
Is the manga worth a read?
I think it was either the kid or Eagle.

The manga is only 6 books long, so you might as well read it if you're interested.

The first half of the anime is basically the same as the first half of the manga with a lot of filler. The second halves are drastically different (neither Debonair nor Nova is in the manga)

>neither Debonair nor Nova is in the manga
I read something like that somewhere like how Presea didn't died like she did in the anime.
I want to get into CLAMP so i'll give it a try.

>I want to get into CLAMP

wonderful group of grills I can't think of something clamp has done thats shit


If you want to get into Clamp I'd recommend Tokyo Babylon or CCS

nah I liked it the ending fucking triggered me for being so retarded all those years ago

I miss old Cred Forums

Well there was that whole Tsubasa Resovoir. That and never ever ever finishing X/1999 but other than that everything else has been pretty intersting,

I am already into CCS, it was probably the first anime i watched and i love it, that's why i think i shoud try other Clamp works.
I'll try TB after MKR manga, also what is wrong with tsubasa?


Anyone play the Saturn game? It was a Zelda clone based on the first half of the manga but with the body count raised to 1980s Tomino level. IIRC Presea doesn't die in the game, but Ascot, Caldina and Lafarga all do.

Fuuuuck yeah! Can't wait for the rest! Thank you!

>knife ears
>pink hair
Bitch spotted.

She kinda is, she also kiss Hikaru.

She's voiced by Miki Ito, of course she is.

It also means she has an amazing scream.

how long till we get final batch of episodes you think?

Not soon enough.