This is a premium character in Japan

This is a premium character in Japan

Best gril



I like how they give up showing her in-game as a guy as soon as it's revealed she has huge knockers.

she has a dirty mind

forgot pic

BDs when

This is a pig in Japan

How is that supposed to cover her nipples? She would take 1 step and the ribbons would blow out of the way. Not that I'm complaining.

Premium never meant useful
I mean gold surely is the strongest metal...

It's just an avatar and even the real model. Try not to think too much about it.

This is a poor f2p long load timer pig.

>and NOT even the real model

Why do harem MCs never go for best girl?

low test

>Best gril
Actually she is a very poor grillchef, as proven in this very episode .

I want to stick this pig and make it squeal.

Now post more magnificient sensei cake you degenerates.

Still waiting for that second season.

>Second season
If you're not yet satisfied by the amount of fapmaterial that the first season delivered you're a fucking gluttonous degenerate and need to rethink your live.

sure whatever, just get me that second season tough

what a slut

Mastah has great boobs, those ribbons are a god given blessing.