Boys can be magical girls now

>boys can be magical girls now

Holy shit, is this the beginning of genderbending mahou shojo trend?

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>hello i'm new to animu

Show me another genderbending mahou shojo that was not some ultra niche joke series.

Sup reddit.

>implying this show isn't an ultra niche joke series
im laffin

hes like the 2nd to die lmao

I doubt it'll get big enough to influence anything.

Just who is the target audience of gender-bender anyway?

Yuri fans are going to shun this because they like actual girls, and het fans are going to shun this because they like dicks, so who are they even trying to appeal to?


It's not like a gender gender movie is breaking records or anything.

And as a yurifag I actually like gender bending.

>yuri fans vs hetero fans
Please stop this. Anyone with actual taste can appreciate both and it's not like romance is the main focus of this show.

It's not just romance though, what purpose does the genderbending serve in the story?
Why wouldn't those characters just be female, or actual male mages?

It's obviously just a plot device for the sake of fanservice, but it just seems like an odd choice for it, it's not like there are many anime fans (that I know of) asking for glorified trannies.

You are literally retarded. Genderbending is crazy popular.

Boys becoming Magical Boys is better than becoming female.

the art screams moeshit so hard. I dropped before even knowing it was faggotry.

>he doesn't like girls(male)
>he doesn't like genderbending

pls no

Look at that slut makeup

My dick doesn't mind it.

Why we can't have mahou shounen?

/d/ maybe? I dunno

I miss when mahou shoujos had male love interest.

Anybody with actual taste only likes yaoi.

>Show me another genderbending mahou shojo
>Do not include any series that potentially could include genderbending mahou shojo

This is an absolute fact.

Sakura and Shaoran is cute and perfect

Clearly it's so niche that there's a movie currently airing in Japan that's on-track to outsell Princess Mononoke.

Yup, clearly zero appeal to the mainstream.

Doujins of the MC fucking a futa version of her childhood friend because his transformation didn't totally turn him into a girl when?

Why don't we start with Sailor Fucking Moon.

Not that guy but who gender bends?

Shugo Chara had a trap.

The three guys from the last part.

I also miss 2015.

Two reasons

Everyone has imagined what it would be like for the opposite sex at least once in their life. Why do you think so much futa shit exists.

aslong as there is one true female in the relationship then it's fine

I want her to sit on my lap so I can cuddle her

as for the genderbend guy, he gets to bathe with the girls atleast

How big would your boobs be if you could become a magical girl?

Just bit over handful to play with obviously.

/u/ hates it so you know it's a good thing. Too bad the show is grimdark battle royale so he probably dies

Those three.
They're technically girls reincarnated as guys that then become girls again when they transform.

did someone say nichi jokes?

Just enough for other magical girl's to grope when they molest me.

The makeup makes me more uncomfortable than the idea that she takes off the skirt and stands up to pee.

Magical girls don't use the bathroom.

Do you think the others know or is it his secret? I'd keep it a secret for that reason alone.

People with a gender bender fetish obviously.

He's not a magical girl when he transforms back though

I would have huge boobs and rub it in other girls faces

Then they can make jokes like "But you were a guy, it's not fair!"

Her cute boyish voice is turning me

Am I gay?

He was too irrelevant in a massively popular series to influence anything

Kamen raider basically.

girl makes a mahou shoujo
>classic magical girl

boy makes a mahou shoujo
>slutty makeup
>huge tits
>snek eyes
>always ready for a gang fight

You can take solace in the fact 'their' VA is female.

What's the anime in the Op? I need to know for scientific reasons.

Most of the mahou shoujo in this anime dress up like fucking sluts. See Swimswim or Calamity Mary.

And the eyes are part of her dragon motif.


snek is literally what I would look like if I were a mahou shoujo

I was surprised at how tame most of the outfits and the transformation sequence were. This was the closest thing to fanservice

Te Italian dub didn't want to sexually confuse kids so it said that the female versions of the characters were their sisters.

fucking catholics

If I was a magical girl I would want to be a hot blooded tomboy type.

Ignoring that there's a dub in Italian, won't the kids just find out when the plot starts to make no sense at all? Wait why would kids be watching this?


Because Sailor Moon is a children's cartoon.



The problem is he has the obnoxious cow tits. How are you supposed to pretend to be the boy being the little girl if the boy isn't being a little girl?

Sounds about right.

H cup

Something like this.

Then you pretend to be the boy being the not-so-little girl


gangbang fight you mean

get out of here with your supposed biotruths shitlord

Genderbending without cowtits is shit.

>Shugo Chara
They don't make shoujo anime anymore....

This guys understands wanting to be the little girl

This guy does not.

Boys cannot be magical GIRLS. They are biologically inept for the work, in fact, most boys don't want to be magical girls, because they know its not for them.

Fucking genderstudies are going to ruin the magical society, just look at male-led societies and see if there is any magic in them.

Magic bro who cares?

magic doesn't exist user

Cowtits are shit no matter what.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

>won't the kids just find out when the plot starts to make no sense at all?

That's what they tell you.

I want to be the little girl too, but I'll take what I can. If that means being a little girl with tits, then so be it.

This raises the ancient question:

What happens if you impregnate him and he tries to turn back?

Yeah? Like why the 'brother' knows private stuff about his 'sister'? Or why snow white is doin' it with both of them?

Depends on setting. I'm reminded of a quote from Rumiko Takahashi, "I don't think about that, and neither should you".


Let me guess, you are male.


Why does everyone think the gender bent character is a dragon or something. I'm more reminded of a bee the way the tail appendage looks and the things on her head could be antennae.

Bees don't have tails. Or snake eyes.

His body is altered by magic. One would think that, due to the unstable nature of magic, the included liquids would be lost to some limbo.

For disgusting purposes though, it'd be a pregnant boy because the cells still exist, but in a state that has no unaltered version. If you think about it, egg cells in women change over time, and have already changed the moment a sperm cell makes contact. Let's say he turned into a pure virgin when transformed, but was impregnated; the cell structure has changed, and can't be reverted since the altered cell doesn't have an "original" form.

tldr, it wouldn't matter in a light-hearted setting, and it would provide a pregnant male in a deviant setting.


why do you have a clover on your name.

fyi the 'since4pass' option now gives you a fucking clover in your name.

Does Hiro think this will get more people to buy passes?


>goal of mahou shoujo is to help people and get candy
Doujins are writing themselves with these kinds of goal


The Witch girl is pregnant IRL but when she turns into a magical girl the baby just disappears cause magical girls can't have babies. So nothing.

Going by madoka magica rules, his pregnant body stays pregnant and his soul just goes back to his male body, right?


Does this turn into edge later? I'm getting some vibes of that from monosakana over here and that gory intro, but maybe I'm wrong.

So she takes the appearance of a witch slut because she's no longer pure?

According to the spoilers from the last thread, yes.

.....I can't help it.

I have to ask.

Yeah it's going full edge.
I thought that was obvious.

The edge is spoiled in the show's description. They're supposed to start killing each other soon or something.

Well, I'm sorry, I saw the OP and downloaded it immediately without checking anything else. Thanks for the timely replies anons.

How edge are we talking? I heard like only the MC makes it out, so everyone kills each other. Is the violence mostly self contained secret war shit, or do we get bitches attacking during broad daylight not caring about collateral damage?

That's kinda disappointing

>Sleepy loli dies first
Fuckin' dropped.

The novels are ongoing right?

So at least they won't all slaughter each other so fast.

>best boy/grill dies third
Shit show dropped

Nah. This seems like one of those shows where they'll adapt the whole plot at once. So I'm expecting a death a week.

It was absolutely obvious that he's going to go fast like Mami did.

>she only collects magical candy in her dreams and has 0 in real life.
G-Gambatte ;_;

>she only collects magical candy in her dreams and has 0 in real life

You can tell EP 1 he's gonna die because of the 'fond childhood memories' flashback.

what is the meaning of this?

This is the problem nowadays. It's all too obvious, there are no genuine surprises who will survive these death game like animes.

she's a NEET magical grill

Of course there won't be surprise when people are throwing spoilers left and right.

That's why adaptations are shit.

The only surprise was that she's a he.

Damnit that's a dude isn't it.

The novels are linke hunger game in the sense that each part has a cast.


>ninja girl survives all this shit
Always bet on notHomura

will the magical girl (male) era save anime?

I want to become a mahou shoujo too.

Pretty sure the boy from CCS counts as a magical girl.

It's a trap, but not a magical girl.

Be sure to make lots of in-app purchases, and you too can become a mahou shoujo.

Well yeah, magical dudes aren't magical girls.

First volume (which is the one being adapted), is about these 16 girls. The next volumes are about other girls, though the ones that survived the first volume make appearances.

Sounds plausible.

So why the fuck do they even fight the battle royale rather than just say "fuck this shit I'm out?"

from the thread, the one will least candies dies, they try to steal candies from each other, if they kill one no one else has to die

No, it's degenerating the last good anime genre.

Also the swim swim one just sounds like a psychopath who just wants to kill people for fun.

Girls can't impregnate girls, so it's not an issue.

Yes, because tripfags still exist. Fortunately it doesn't show up in 4chanx.

probably a B-cup, but it'd be more important for me to have a perky ass and a dank puss


>magical girls

It wasn't that surprising. The voice was a dead giveaway even if they hadn't made a point to include an otherwise unrelated flashback of a boy she knew who liked mahou shoujo.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in one of my very specific fetishes.

>Huge otaku virgin loser neet MC is suddenly transported to another world where he becomes a magical girl (male)
I can see it already


That was a good doujin.

I would watch it.

I realy think that She(He) was cute.

I think that's a WN already

>be a guy
>dream to be a magical girl
>become a magical girl
>swear to become protector of childhood friend who is also a girl and magical now

>will probably lose to dick

It was over the moment he traded his D for a V

he/she will die in Ep 3

What was she doing here?


>does sou have a dick or a pussy now?

Hopefully they will see the market in this and make an Okitsune-sama de Chu anime.

"feminine penis"

I don't think there are any transported to another world magical girl WN. There are some where they become vampire grills

I wonder why his outfit is mostly yellow and with big boobs.

He'll be dead by the third episode.

So Snow White pretty much does nothing.

She has the largest share of magical candies because she's the most active in helping people.

What a shame hopefully we get some doujinshi before then


This part made the episode for me.

That fucking glance downwards.

>Cow tits is a trap
>Actual girl is flat as a board


>Well there isn't much out there that could threaten a magical girl.

That's a death flag. Decapitated in the third episode.

>Another dark mahou shoujo
>This time with 100% more CONTROVERSIES!
Why is this allowed?

Because mahou shoujo being played straight is just boring


What controversy?

Pleiades played mahou shoujo straight and it was great

delet this

I'm a huge pussy who can't handle darkness in his shows.

I did some light Googling, but couldn't find a synopsis for the series. Could someone spoil it for me?

Will the characters who die stay dead, or will they somehow be brought back? Am I going to have to stick with Yuuki Yuuna as the only mahou shoujo not explicitly for children that has a 100% good end?

Not really. In fact, I've went through Mahou Shoujo of the End and Genei wo Kakeru and they are much boring than Futari wa and CCS.

Of course, that doesn't mean that there are shitty MG concepts like in Wedding Peach.
Apparently, the ones behind the app that gave way to the characters getting magical girl powers is because they were planning something to the magical girls who survive.

retard look here

She's only a middle schooler, give her some slack.

I'm sure she'll fill out a bit as the despair in her soul fills her chest.

Man I miss it.

So this is like the Hunger Games turned magical girl?

God damn it, I really liked the characters and everything so far. I hate that I have to drop it. Fuck.

Why does this magical girl (male) look like a King Arthur (female)?

>sees this as soon as the show starts
>hurrr will it be dark??//?

A magical girl car advertisment has no right to be as great as Pleiades was.

Since Madoka everything is otaku pandering garbage.

t. Madoka fan

I want to fuck that magical girl (male).

At least they stopped caring about mood swings for shock value. I can truly appreciate it for being a sleep-inducer that way.

The best part is how she keeps staring at it even after he gives her the "my eyes are up here" stare.

I want to fuck that boy's vagina


So how far do you think he explored his body since he became a magical girl?

I guarantee you he masturbated while as a girl

Magical girls are pure.

People like me I guess.

That, felt himself up, looked at himself naked, or dressed up in outfits.

I had to rewatch to catch it but she definitely does. That's goddamn priceless. This is going to be a fun show.

In the manga they never had male bodies, they just wore male clothes like Haruka

I just hope it isn't boring.

There are two kinds of memorable shows: Great shows, and trainwrecks.

At least with a trainwreck, you can remember something about it. A boring show would just be a waste of time.

I have a feeling this will get really asinine once the plot gets going and it'll be watchable only for the popcorn value of laughing in the threads at who gets axed each week

Just wait until the two of them hold handswith consent.

Korean Zombie Desk Car and the twintail show. Your power level is too low for these parts. Fucking newfag.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the characters is actually an old man.

I was sort of looking forward to this from the synopsis but if those spoilers are indeed true then damn, guess this'll be the weakest magical girl cartoon airing in China this quarter.

It's best to not think of this as an actual mahou shoujo show.
It's just a magical battle action survival game show where the characters happen to be girls with magical powers. The only genre standard you'd expect from mahou shoujo here is the frilly costumes. Hell, even before they degrade into the edgy murderfest shit, the conception of mahou shoujo put forth in universe is more or less just some kind of toku. They're just Good Deed Rangers that then go crazy and murder each other, like some kind of edgy, genderswaped kamen rider.

Yes. Perfect. I'm awaiting futa fanart and doujins.

pre-teens that like the idea of wear dresses and stockings meanwhile still with penis and produce reproductive fluids in his balls

>It's not just romance though, what purpose does the genderbending serve in the story?

Same reason that everybody love Felix of Re:Zero, because there millions of homo freaks

Same size of a orange

>"Once I transform, i´m completely female. I think"

He/She dont check his/her underwear?

I hate how we'll only get futa/trap art of La Pucelle.

of course not, he's a pure boy

Are they gay?

Picked up if they are.

Pure boys don't have tits

well it's female body, but with the mind of a teenage boy

Kimi No Na Wa?

If a boy turns into a girl and likes girls, does that make him gay?

>edgy, genderswaped kamen rider.
So like if Urobuchi wrote a Kamen Rider series?

Kamen Rider Gaim was good though.

It makes him 100% correct

this is a good question. imagine the doujins this could make
>Sou is in the girl body and has super hot lesbian sex with Koyuki
>Then Sou switches back into the male body and rails Koyuki's slit til they both cum

>It's hard to imagine you were a virgin only a week ago, pon.

Too be he's one of the first to die.

Didn't stop all the Mami doujins though.

Or they can always go the "Anime Exclusive" path and diverge from the source material and there'll be a happy ending.

Knowing Japan the doujins will be more like
>Snow White rails La Pucelle with her futa cock
>Snow White then rails Kou's boipussy with her futa cock

Knowing Japan it will be Ninja girl getting faceless old man gangraped and literally nothing else.

Ask and you shall receive I say.

Don't forget the standard
>La Pucelle getting ganged up by monsters, and getting fucked.
>Or, magical girls 'helping out' people sexually to get a high score.

At least we knew it was going to be edgy from the opening scene, no bait and switch shit. But I guess that would be hard for an adaption.
Also, it's sad that people on Cred Forums refer to plot situations like this as Hunger games instead of battle royale

Not genderbending. He's a dude at all times, even with the skirt.

Still best Mahou Shoujo (male) though. I miss Korean zombie desk car.

>Not genderbending. He's a dude at all times, even with the skirt.
About that...

>Grabbing La Pucelle by the tail to see if she gets a reaction.

>it comes off

Just found it a second ago, learn to fish with the link above, it is not at the top but further in. Good luck user.

>Not genderbending. He's a dude at all times, even with the skirt.

Transfobic as fuck user. Ayumu is the qtest girl

>Grab La Pucelle's tail
>It pops off
>He/She runs away like a Frilled Lizard while screaming
I have no idea why I imagined this, since I know Frilled Lizards don't have detachable tails, but fuck me I laughed at the thought.

So fucking sad this never part was never animated.


Homura didn't get that many doujins in comparison to the others though.

I can't wait for all the doujins where MC comments on La Pucelle's lewd design and call Sou a pervert.

Might as well cover the basics and just throw in mind breaking for everyone like best boy growing to love the d.

Well I mean there is Ranma 1/2

>all these people calling Ripple Ninja Homura when Ninja Homura already exists

Preferably drawn by Asanagi.
>I-if I'm a magical girl, it's not gay even if I love cock!

>all these pathetic losers who want modest breasts

I would have gigantic rude cowtits with huge puffy inverted nipples

My nipples could be fucked and I would absorb semen for power

>grabbing her by the horns, and playing with the tail


>Snow White starts "helping" men out with their sexual frustration due to hearing their thoughts with her power
>eventually leads to the predictable conclusion of being gangbanged by fat old men
>La Pucelle finds out and tries to rescue her
>ends up being dragged into degeneracy instead

So it's going to be another mahou shoujo battle royal, trap going to die.

what they do that fuck up so bad?

>Put him as a cool Wizard since he's a male.
>Nah just turn into a female looking all cute and shit.
This is some classic Japan.

>dragon knight
>not way cooler than some nerdy-ass wizard
This is close to the kind of doujins I want from this show.

I want to fuck this magical boy.

I'll be honest, I would've been okay if they decided to be a Princess Knight.

Too lewd.

Wasnt that just another CPU?

How does he move his tail?

So what are the odds of this face growing on you as the show goes on?

I'm starting to want to do things to her.

>Pass user being this much of a /d/egenerate
Of course

I already want to fuck him/her in every hole.
I'll be sad when the killing starts.

It reminds me so much of that doujin with the 'husky voice'

Can't wait for this faggot to die already so the threads stop being flooded with degeneracy.

Magic? His 'front tail' being shifted back and transformed?

Can't agree with the eyeliner. Just looks tacky. Doesn't help that he's always got that lazy look to his eyes, making the eyelids look much larger.

So anyone who's familiar with the source, did this first episode rush through anything, or at least anything important? From what I could tell it was moving at a fine pace but I wanted to be sure.

If is true, then wouldn't grabbing his tail be grabbing a dick?

>lazy look

Man I love that look, Plutia has that look as well when she transforms to her CPU form

Why everyone hating on makeup?

That shit is already driving my dick insane.

That whole makeup including the nails just wouldn’t work on girls. But on a cute boy it does.

I hate that it's the blue shade.

Dragon knight girls should only ever wear red eye shadow.

>but on a husky girl it does

well i guess i'll certainly be picking this one up

Don't bother he'll be dead by episode 3

Makeup in anime is like throwing paint on a piece of completed art. It may help marginally in real life for ugly girls, but it doesn't do justice in anime since everyone is inherently cute.

I'm reminded suddenly of Chaos Dragon. The girls in that series did the eye shit right.

>create perfect storm of fetish material
>kill her off immediately
baka desu senpai

Yes. The normal thing to do in that situation is immediately develop an insatiable lust for fat old men's dicks filling your every hole. You'd have to be some sort of faggot to still want to fuck girls.

Only boys can be faggots.

No, just a slutty idol from worst nation.

>those "magical girls are a metaphor for prostitution" doujins
>Koyuki selling her body and finding out that her whore-senpai with thick makeup and huge tits and a buttplug tail is actually her childhood friend (male)

The makeup and fashion sense is awful, but his eyes and boyish voice are sexy. Throw him in the bath and he'd be great.

Just as long as it doesn't start a trend Masou Shoujo-style of it just being a crossdressing guy.

Not inherently. Gender is a lot more fluid for girls than it is for dudes, most women are somewhat bisexual and a lot of straight girls would have sex with a girl no prob.
Fun fact, the Nazis only killed male homosexuals since they deemed lesbians to be natural since women are inherently bisexual.

This mixed with his former memories would result in a stronger pull towards women.

Oh and if the brain isn't turned female he's straight no matter what.

So do we even know how long this is yet? There are currently 4 BDs/DVDs listed with 3 episodes each. Don't 1 cour shows usually have around 6 volumes with 2 episodes each, since that what allows them to wring more money out of nips? I don't claim to be an expert on this at all.

I don't think about that stuff and neither should you.

yeah and the anime director got sick of the feminism and wanted more male cast members, so they arrived at that compromise which made takauchi buttmad

it's actually great

It's a smaller studio, so they may be trying to incentivize sales.

Does Sailor Moon count?

>chinese kid stealing innocent japanese girl

How did CLAMP get away with it?

why every mahou shoujo genre except Precure has so many killing each other business?

wasn't he gay or something? I never finished that show, I really should. comfiest ever

fucking kek

So, which one will die first?

edge sells

Ore no Twintails.

>Not one talking about the girl that's wearing a white sukumizu as Mahou Shojou costume

>guys will stick their dick into just about anything they can, only recently it became taboo for that to be another guy (or an anus in general)
>gender is more fluid for girls


Consider that they're playing a magical girl rpg. If you were playing a magical girl rpg game would you expect your character to be male or female?

Not "closest thing" just fanservice.

>Only recently
You and I have a different definition of recent.
Around 2000 years isn't all that recent in my book, unless you count Romans. Even then over 600 years isn't too recent either.

> pixiv and twitter: souryux
> (on twitter) /i/moments/781945025139662848

Some guy made the lovechild of Onizuka and some magical girl

which one is the 40 year old man?

How do I filter cloverposts with 4chanx?

>Ako Hatoda (鳩田 亜子 Hatoda Ako?) / Hardgore Alice
>Voiced by: Rina Hidaka
>Ability: To be able to regenerate any damage given
16th Mahou Shojou best mahou

There was Ore to Hero to Mahou Shoujo but that manga hasn't updated in years.

> pic related

Most likely the cowboy one working with the mafia.

Update to 1.13 and activate the pass date filter. Make sure it's recursive so you don't see the idiots responding to their shitposting either.

Why is MAL giving this a low average score of almost 7? i thought it was pretty cute and sweet.

The real question is why do you care about MAL? Fuck off.

... how did she even die?

The answer is a lot simpler than you would think.

To the point of no longer caring about the mystique about girly bits.

>every character even the male is a girl
>le dark and edgy "adult" mahou shojou

Closeted gay that realized he was straight all along, CCS sure was innovative is various aspects.

If I could transform into a cute mahou shoujo I would touch myself in public and I'd flash my cute mahou shoujo tits constantly.

wait what? How was he closeted?

Go away faggot, ReZero shit already ended so we don't need you here.

Nobody knew he was aiming for a dude except one person?

so this is like a trap show?

well that uh... huh?

one thing I didn't understand was if he got the time card because he was the one to defeat it, why didn't he also get the power card? he used time to do it behind the scenes but he still legit beat sakura to the punch there

Technically, he isn't a trap while he's a magical girl.

but outside of it does he have a girls heart, or is it like a forced thing like that manga mahou shonen that never got fully scnalated?

yes, they draw you in by making you think it's good and then


you're caught in shit

so like re:zero and mayoiga?

I'm not really sure but didn't he give her some of them because he felt he didn't do enough in beating the card.

You're welcomed to stop posting around these parts at any point if you have so much shit in your head.

The magical girl (male) is the only thing keeping my interest in this show.

But we already know the boring kunoichi is going to replace him.

Did anyone think Mayoiga was good?
I hope not, because it was terrible since episode 1.

yeah you are only saying that in hindsight.

Fucking trap lovers already ruining threads of another show. They're reaching yurifag levels of annoying.

maybe he does? as I said I never finished it, but it didn't seem that way in the episode as far as I can remember

thanks for making me want to watch it again tho

All I'm saying is I wouldn't mind seeing some futa doujins of "her." Dragonkin is kinda my thing too.

Feel free to permanently leave Cred Forums.

Are you fucking kidding me? All of the characters already acted retarded in episode 1 and everybody were already calling it shit, if you didn't browse the threads back then just say so.

Completely serious Mahou Shonen includes:
>Houkago no Pleiades
>Selector infected Wixoss
>Lyrical Nanoha
>Anything by Clamp

I was just waiting for shit to fly off the rails. I held on to hope that it was going to go completely crazy at some point, but no, it was just a fucking boring-ass 12-episode psych 101 lecture.

Wait, so first survivors become Homuras of this world and travel telling others that this thing is a scam?

>literally mahou shoujo series with 1 (one) mahou shonen
And I don't think wixoss even counts as mahou shoujo.

>Houkago no Pleiades
Only dude in that show stayed a dude throughout.
And what mahou shounen did CCS have? inb4 Shaoran.

so how do we know if all the other girls are not dudes also?

This shot is gorgeous.

so why are traps becoming more popular , not that I mind but why?

There's only one way to find out.

to accelerate the degeneracy and downfall of the japanese race

They are not, say that again when a trap wins a harem anime.

>they take turns who stays transformed and fuck each other

Those don't have actual gender bending.

They're not.

is there source material for this?

It's there purely to complete the dragon look.

Traps were always quite popular. Japanese culture has a long history with traps.

And traps are not even the same thing as gender bending.

>when a trap wins a harem anime.
its going to happen someday

He looks exactly like female MMO characters made by guys.

Le Boipucciele is perfect.

>Japanese culture has a long history with traps.
I distinctly remember japanese posters on 2ch being disgusted with that one trap from baka test.

>wins a harem anime.
worst girl always wins so not an accurate measure.

Wasn't having your personal fuccboi a common thing for the high class folk?

>popular girls win
>traps don't win
Do the math, taste is irrelevant in this problem.

Is google hard to use?

in feudal japan?
sort of, the samurai had a system of pederasty yes, but they were still expected to have wife and sire children irregardless of their sexual orientation, they could just have a guy on the side while they did that.
But that changed when japan started to modernize, disdain for homosexuality was embraced as of way being more modern and "westernized".

I thought that it was updating it's just that it's not getting translated because the people on farhads forum are all pussies that don't want to offend the author.

You can't escape the dick.

>boy becomes a real girl
>immediately whores himself


Will Sou-chan die? I don't want Sou-chan to die, but the first scene in the OP is Snow White reaching for Ripple's hand.

>mentor character in a grimderp anime

What do you think?

Magical girls doing terrible, horrible, gruesome not-magical-girl things is my favourite.
Souta sword-rape when


I refuse to believe.

I'm with you there.
Almost sure it'll happen, but I wish he somehow stay alive.

Methinks you've been reading too much Raita.

So this is notmadoka right

>every dark majou shoujo is meguca
It's Danganronpa.

danganfags need to shut up.

LGBT the animated series.
>"Boys as girls >>> girl right?"
Fuck off.

>no mysteries to solve
>killing is obligatory
This is close to battle royale/hunger games and if you need anime related material, Akuma no Riddle.

>Pleiades played mahou shoujo straight and it was great

And it's forgotten in time so great job there Gainax

Danganfags will never shut up. They truly never do.

The joke is nobody died in Akuma no Riddle anime.

Does we see his gender bend transformation?

Would be nice to see the tits come out.

Not after that shota faggotry flashback it isn't.

They might set up a mystery in the reality behind the administration.
I haven't read the LN so I don't know how possible that is, but Fax is already reeking of "TOTALLY NOT KYUBEY, BRO"

They totally did though
Shhhh, That's a spoiler for retards who pick up the show for bloody murder
God that show was dumb
It was funt

Pleiades was a decent goodbye from Gainax, no amazing, but yeah.

They might, but this isnt set to stone yet (unless you read the pastebin), so you cant compare it yet without feeling unfit.

>a goodbye from Gainax
What, are they finally officially ded?

Shota what?

Are you talking about Minato?

They are a tomato farm now.

They are a tomato farm now, and they dont have anything planned for the future outside of one weird experimental project that hasnt lift off in years, so yes, they are dead.

>I miss when mahou shoujos had male love interest.

So you have a slut fetish ?

I thought they were boys, what the fuck guys.

It was moon magic. His family uses moon magic, and the fag he was gunning for has some aspects of the moon, and it attracts him like a magnet.

It wasn't until he was told to fuck off that he set his sights someplace else. And conveniently, the seeds were already planted some time ago.

Wats the point of being a girl if you are gonna act like a tomboy.
Shit i woyuld take the chance to look and act super can imagine how manyribbos and frill my sdressses will have.

And i woild always war long skirts, to difference me from he rest of the sluts.

Man, talk about a fall from grace.

I wonder if twenty years from now SHAFT will be an orchard.

And his perception of the alien, that was a fucking fetishized shota.

It's like a sick joke. How do you even fall this hard from being one of most note worthy studios is beyond me.

>This smacks yuri

I also want to be a magical girl

I'll pretend that all those typos are because of excitement, only to make you look cuter, user.

Shaft has been around way longer than Gainax though.

It's for hetfags who can't into yuri shows cause they can't self insert

Have they established an upper-age limit on who can and can not meet the qualifications of Magical Girl?
What if one of them is a fat sweaty old man

I don't remember shit, was he naked or something?

I don't think any adults would appreciate the thought of running around all day helping random people.

>It's not just romance though, what purpose does the genderbending serve in the story?

It brings back in one of the character's old friends, who had a particular quirk, in a fashion that fittingly includes that quirk.
Also gender-bending bullshit is cray popular what the fuck are you on fuckboy

There is no age limit probably, but since it's hand picked by the creators i doubt they will pick fat sweaty man for it.

Pic related, it shows 11 of the 16 gils in their non transformed forms.

No, but he was wearing a collection of "shota" trademark fetish clothing.
To make you understand more, it was like a loli in zettai ryouiki miniskirt/thighighs, wearing a sailor uniform top with buttons undone at the belly, boots that make only sense in the winter but she's wearing them anyways, and a red school bad on her back.

Huh, so they have. I did not know that.

Is that a pregnant mahou shoujo?

Wow, that right-most loli transforms herself into an edgecubus.

>Winterprison is an uppity businesswoman

For some reason my penis appreciates this greatly.

So a near naked shota?

Remember to not get attached

Swim-swim is her nickname
She is a bitch

I think you might be confusing yourself
Left girl business woman is Ruler
Winterprison is at right of the Nun

>killing off a pregnant lady
Damn monsters.

>unspoilering that kind user's spoiler text
You are the only monster here.

If they don't read the spoilers they won't know who is pregnant, and according to the anime intro most of them dies anyway.


Well as it was mentioned already only two survive so it's no surprise, and please spoiler, some anons might want to find out later.

Anyone who wants to watch this show clean will end up not being able to discuss here, i dont mind spoilers and read the pastebin already but will try to keep shit hidden for other people.

Fug, you're right. I didn't remember her too well so all I recalled was a kinda smug over-the-shoulder edgy look which kinda fits left.
That fits Ruler perfectly tho
Winterprison is now a SHIT

I can't stand Madoka, but this...This is all I was waiting for.

B-but you get candy out of it.

I remember how every girl had her own love interest in the very first arc, but then all of them misteriously disappeared

Yeah I like the human and the mahou shoujo of the Ruler too, specially the tranformed since it reminds me of the queen of hearts of alice.

it seems to me that sailor moon is great largely because of the adaptation, I mean, it's actually pretty clever most of the time, and whenever they adapted directly something from the manga that cleverness seems to evaporate

I guess the manga has moments but a lot of it is just edgy

I wanna be a Mahou Shoujo too.

man up girlyboy

Sometimes the copy really is better than the real thing user.

Can I shag you once you become a mahou shoujo?

I love genderbending when the boy that got turned into a girl loses to the dick

So the mascot and game creators are bad guys right?

Do we ever learn who they are and what they want?

That's what he gets for becoming a magical girl. He should have become a Kamen Rider like a real man.

Kaiki please leave.

They also die like flies.

I wanna be a schoolmate of the mahou shoujo, or the magical mascot, or a demon/monster they fight, or anything that is male so I can have intercourse.

I was waiting to see if i wan going to be called Kaiki or Redman first, and you didnt disappoint.

I guess the copy really is better than the original.

She's also the most evil one. Bitch is a bit too good at killing.

>you will never be the male love interest of a mahou shoujo protagonist and receive death threats every day from mad yurifags as you get ridden by your strong, proactive leader-type waifu

I want to be a magical girl that gets mindbroken and addicted to cocks.

She's a loli though. How hard can it be to take her out? Find out where she goes to school and bomb her classroom or someshit.

>Heavy makeup
>Titty monster
It's not boys can be mahou shojo, It's trans CAN be mahou shojo.

The issue is figuring out her identity. If someone finds out your identity you're fucked.

Winning against the dick is not possible.

I hope that all this bullshit ends once La Pucelle gets brutally killed.

Well they're separated into districts are they not? Just use your own magic to stealthilly plant explosives near ALL the schools like that faggot did in fate/zero.

>Just use your own magic to stealthilly plant explosives near ALL the schools like that faggot did in fate/zero.

I think you're forgetting that these people were still chosen to be mahou shoujos, and are still deemed righteous enough for the powers.
Just because they engage in a murderous competition to protect themselves/their powers doesn't mean they're gonna go killing countless schoolchildren.
Or were they not chosen for their righteousness, but for the administration's amusement as they ultimately set this whole shitstorm up

>Tfw I'm gonna keep watching this show but won't follow the threads due to constant trap posting

is there anything worse than prison gays?

From what I can tell, it's not a case of the government and game creators being evil, but rather the moderator. Who's chosen is probably done by who plays the game the most and rankings.

Just wait about 2-3 episodes.

It will be over soon.

Yeah, from the pastebin Fav (the mascot) is literally the villain, he works for the HR of the mahou shoujo Organization and decides that there would be death penalty for the ones who lose the competition instead of just memory wipes of the whole mahou shoujo thing which was the standard out of fucking boredom and i bet the second book (if it's released yet) is the organization loving the whole debacle and making a new one

The girls are all really cute. I trust Lerche by now with making me feel despair in all the right places, so I can't wait for things to hit the fan. I really enjoyed the pilot episode.

>ED by nano

>Bottom left
>Mecha Mahou Shoujo
This is fucking RADICAL.

The dragon girl is literally a saber


Spoilers are the problem.

I already got spoiler way too much.


What a stupid decision. Why bother watching this series if it doesn't have a magical girl (male) character?

When she has a vagina, she's a girl.


I only picked this up for the magical girl (male). I've made a terrible mistake.

The ingredients of this anime
>Madoka Magica
>Battle Royal

Welp, using good old trusted aspects is not an unusual choice. Let's just hope they can cook them rather well and complete one fine dish

Same here. I don't think I'll bother with it if she dies soon.

>didn't notice Monofish

If I cum inside magical girl (male) and she gets pregnant, then transforms back to guy what would happen?

Bottom left is objectively the best design.

I think being a magical genderbent girl provides you an automatic contraception function with no extra charge

What are their powers anyway

The power to be cute girls

T-they won't kill the magical girl (male) childhood friend, right? R-r-right? They can't! T-they won't!

He's the Mami.

How can I become a magical girl (male)?

They wouldn't dare.


There are no traps here. Why do some people misuse the term?

Snow White
>Ability: To hear the voices of people in danger

Ripple (Tsundere Highschool Ninja)
>Ability: To never miss a shot with her Shurikens

Calamity Mary (Mahou working for the Yakuza that uses a six shooter)
>Ability: To enhance any weapon

Ruler (Middle in )
>Ability: To give an order to anyone, which they will follow without question

Tama (Left in )
>Ability: To create a hole up to 1 meter in diameter and up to 5 meters in depth on any surface she touches

Nemurin (Sleepy pillow girl, 24 years old NEET)
>Ability: To enter anyone's dreams

Top Speed (Broom riding witch)
>Ability: Possesses a broomstick that can fly at breakneck speeds

Hardgore Alice (Gothic lolita in the opening with tired eyes)
>Ability: To be able to regenerate any damage given

>La Pucelle (trap)
>Ability: To increase or decrease the length and size of her sword

Swim Swim (Swimsuit girl in )
>Ability: To transform her body into liquid

Clamberry, the Forest Musician (elf)
>Ability: To control sound waves

>there are magical girls running around with geass and immortality
>meanwhile Mami-san (male) can make her sword bigger

>To increase or decrease the size and length of her """""sword"""""

Minaelle (one of the angel seen with Ruler in the opening)
>Ability: To shapeshift into any non-living object

Yunaelle (Minaelle's sister)
>Ability: To shapeshift into any living being

Weiss Winterprison (Sister Nana's lover, seen in the opening using her ability)
>Ability: To create walls of any form, depending on the terrain

Sister Nana (Super lesbo sister)
>Ability: To enhance the physical capabilities of a person

Magicaroid 44 (Robot girl seen in the op)
Ability: To obtain a random useful futuristic tool from her backpack once per day

As you can tell, Snow White and La Pucelle got the worst end of the stick power wise.

>Ability: To increase or decrease the length and size of her sword

>Ability: To give an order to anyone, which they will follow without question
This sounds fucking ridiculous compared to the others

>Ability: To increase or decrease the length and size of her sword
Yeah, I bet.

You think that's bad?
>To hear the voices of people in danger
>not even mind reading power
>just people in danger
She's literally useless outside of basic physical abilities of magical grills.

>Ability: To obtain a random useful futuristic tool from her backpack once per day
Oh shit. Hand-held nukes where?

>male is the weakest

As expected of boys in magical girl series.

Snow White's powers are only there for maximum despair. Since she can hear people in danger and they are in a death match. So, she hears a lot of her friends dying.

I think there are like 5 books out already.

Didn't she rip the monster apart with her bare hands in the OP sequence?

Or was that the elf?

So who is even the creator of the magical girl game?

>just people in danger
You say that like it isn't basically just straight up mind reading when she's fighting someone.

But nobody fighting her would be in danger because her power is useless.

>Ability: To increase or decrease the length and size of her sword
I've read enough doujins to see where this is going.

Swords are awesome. No bully.

Don't disrespect Sanger Zonvolt. His sword cleaves evil.

So if she's fighting someone and starts being able hear their thoughts, it basically means she can tell she's going to win.

That's kinda neat

It probably has drawbacks, like it can be given to only one person at the time, or she cant give any more orders until the previous order is complete.

Where the fuck did this (male) meme come from?

It's being spammed everywhere lately and it's fucking obnoxious as hell.

This is a guy that genderbent when he turns into a mahou shojou.

I'm going to assume that the first death is going to happened at the end of the second episode. Maybe in the middle of it and at the end we get a fight(with the conclusion in the third episode.)

This is a king that gets genderbent when he gets turned into a Japanese eroge heroine.

Trap doujin where a crossdressinh sex demon is introduced as "succubus (male)" instead of incubus.
It was probably just the product of a nip with a limited vocabulary, but the absurdity makes it humorous

That sort of thing is used in Japan. For example this character was officially described as a "big-breasted pretty girl (male)".


Will they have the courage to see the edge until the end though and not pull a shitty reset?

>It was probably just the product of a nip with a limited vocabulary, but the absurdity makes it humorous
No, it's intentionally absurd.
The whole "X (Y)" thing has been a Japanese text joke/meme for god knows how long. The stuff in the parentheses is meant to be in a mocking/derisive/satirical tone. Things like 魔王(笑), a demon lord (LOL), or ヒーロー(変態), a hero (pervert).

What emotion is this expression trying to convey?

He's thinking of all the dicks he's going to be taking later.

>ah~ I love having a vagina

>the pleasure of being eaten out

Turning into a magical girl is very convenient. You can get both mana and money by pleasuring old men.

>can whore yourself with no danger of STD, getting pregnant or someone recognizing you

We will never become magical girls.

>"Kill yourself" x number of Mahou Shoujo

>You will never be a magical girl (male) and seduce all your friends and fuck them, since they don't recognize you once you transform

If I was a magical girl I would make my good deed fucking every single user.

He was clearly trying to seduce a magical girl (female) in this episode though.

IIRC She has to point her stick at them and hold the pose the whole time or the effect wears off.

Dibs on fucking you first. Do you swallow?

I just watched the first episode. Have you ever felt like an anime was made for you? I feel exactly like that.
I'd give an arm to be a magical girl and the guy, who I can relate to, is living my dream, I love this.

I loved how the human, non majokko characters looked like, I loved the chat.

I have to become a magical girl first.

Hurry up. My dick isn't going to suck itself.