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God tier:
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans

Great tier:

Good tier:
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!

Meh tier:
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Show By Rock!

Shit tier:

Time Boken
Tiger Mask
Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru
Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

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Hidden tier:
This thread.


Bloodivores was bad

>Great tier:

Nothing really stands out so far, I expect the sequels to carry this season.


According to ANN its top rated show after Izetta

So far I'm only rolling with Working and IBO. Maybe I will finally drop anime after this season.

You are either ignorant or have really bad taste.

Bloodyvores is the Deadman Wonderland of the season

Izetta, Tiger Mask and that one majou shoujo show are fine. There's also WWW.Working, but, even though it's a spinoff, I grouped it together with the sequels.

They can and I want them to be good shows, I just haven't been too impressed with them so far.

- Mahoutsukai Precure

- Tiger Mask W
- Shuumatsu no Izetta
- Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

>even though it's a spinoff
Every fucking time


I was actually insulting it

>Overall, I'd recommend giving Bloodivores a look if you're interested in a somewhat different take on the seasonal mid-tier action shows. I'm guessing the show's future twists won't be as novel as this first episode was, given the preview is already talking about secret facilities and death games, but the show demonstrates a confidence in storytelling that helps it stand out in a crowded field. Its overt attempts to seem cool might parse as goofy, but there's nothing cooler than telling a story well.
>This will be worth another episode or two to figure out where it's heading and to see if it can balance out its need to be dark and deep with an actual compelling story.
> there are enough potential story threads in play here to keep my interest, and I am curious to see how this rare Chinese/Japanese cross-production (the producer is the Japanese branch of a Chinese-held company) plays out compared to more purely Japanese productions.
>It's done all right for itself in this first episode, but it'll be hard to walk that tightrope of big ideas and unique plot points for a full season. It's interesting enough to merit a few weeks of wiggle room, and there's nothing to stop future episodes from molding these characters into a fascinating group of people. Give it a chance, but be prepared to bail if the writing can't keep up with its own ambitions.

I'm still pissed that I managed to miss all the Shuumatsu PVs, and went into it expecting a strangereal WWII anime with political intrigue, spying, and underground rebels.

And then she comes flying in on a god damn PTR. God damn it - I had hopes for a capable princess character for once.

It is Code Geass prequel. It is set in the same universum and has the same Britain as CG. (So we know the outcome - Britain wins the war and becomes the superpower relying on magic)

It even starts same way, MC finding a witch being transported in a capsule.

>low powerlevel scum praising another poorly executed grimdork anime
This is why we're good with weekly threads, shitposting and memes.

>God tier

Thats Anime " proffessional journalists" quote, but i completely agree with you on them being low powerlevel scum

First episode was good. As for the rest of the series, we`ll see. But seeing its finale, they cant drag it forwever as S1.

I just watched and dropped it.
>Car chase at '300km/s' that felt looked like 50 with no physics and cardboard cars
>joke of a robbery
>30strial with death sentences for 16yos based on circumstantial evidence
>another prison with monsters
>daddy issues
>shit animation

tl;dr teenage writing full of holes, terrible pacing, and, cheap production not even worth 3ep rule. I'm still amazed I watched whole 20 minutes. OP was okay

>It is Code Geass prequel
Nigga what? For real?

its only the 1st episodes lol not watching until season half way done

Its anime by Yoshino. He worked on both CG seasons (also he is not the main author, that`d be Ōkouchi i) so he more known for Guilty Crown, Sora no Woto, and Mai-Hime/Otome.

The series has Britannia, spelled same way as in CG, and Witches (CC was a witch. Izetta starts litterally the same way as CG starts, by heroine discovering the Witch being transported in a cryogenic capsule)

So not sure if he can "officially" link it to Geass since the studio is not Sunrise, but its certainly implies to be related

I can't even watch half this season becasue its nearly all fucking sequels or disgusting Yaoi shit.
That being said

>Good tier
Tiger Mask

Talk shit all you want about tiger mask, this show so far is fun as fuck.

Fucking no

Name me other alternate history shows with a countries named Britannia (with this exact spelling) and witches

Fuck you

IBO is a disgusting yaoi shit and you are watching it just fine

Barrel anything has even aired what the fuck

All decent reasons except the death sentence.

They make it pretty clear that "Bloodivores" are discriminated against and that the trial would just be a farce anyhow.

>Elder God Tier:

>God Tier:

>Great Tier:

>Good Tier:
Utapri S4
Kaijuu Girls
Tiger's Mask

>Meh Tier:
Maho Shoujo Keikaku
Magic-kyun Renaissance
Show By Rock S2

>Shit Tier:
Seitokaichou S2
Touken Ranbu

>Dropped Tier:

>Dropped Every Week Tier:
Vivid Strikes

A lot of stuff hasn't aired yet. That said Ikusei and Show By Rock were really fun.

Look nobody ever suggested Yoshino and Okouchi were particularly creative writers

Am I the only one that burst out laughing when they rode off on a giant gun like a witches broom in izetta?

I started time Boken, but 5 minutes in and I've decided that it's a drop.

I honestly liked tiger mask W, it gave me the same feel as hajime no ippo when I first watched it. I have no clue.

I've started Izetta, and I'm getting an fma/code geass/baccanno feel right now (so far about 5 minutes in). I don't know why, but this feels like to me that it'll probably be either best show this season or drop.

I've only got bloodivores to watch after this for tonight, then I'm going to go read soem more 20th century boys.

Yoshino is just using some similar words to older terms from Code Geass but that doesn't mean the show is related.

(replying to myself)

I honestly just want a ww2 anime that is actual ww2, not in an alt setting. I feel like that could be good, but I know it would never happen because of le imperial japanese army meme

Did you ever watch FLCL? I'll make a wild guess and say that you'd either like a whole lot or think it the worst of all time.

also is the country Lichtenstein? it seems to have to be lichtenstein or switzerlad and/or parts of both.

I wonder how much of this is based off of reality, since they do have quite a bit (blitzkreig, third reich, vw beatles, checks on trains), how much is fantasy, and how much is retooled code geass.

BUt yeah, I like the art style, and the only major gripe I have so far is the fact that the opera dosn't look so fantastic, and the wheels on the cg cars.

Otherwise, the budget looks quite high, and I hope they've not pulled a gainax with their budget

(speaking of gainax, have they shut down or soemthing? their last (released) work was gurren lagann(for tv), and evangelion 3.33right?)

I've only watched two shows this season so far. The edgy magical girls show (dropped, don't like edgy shit) and Time Bokan. Still waiting warmly for Hibike, and Regalia is pretty fun.

Time Bokan was a blast.

>(speaking of gainax, have they shut down or soemthing? their last (released) work was gurren lagann(for tv), and evangelion 3.33right?)
it was Houkago no Pleiades and 3.33 was done by Khara

Official ratings by the anime experts at ANN:

Izetta > WWWWagnaria > Girl Rising Project > Magic Kyun > Monster Hunter Stories > Tiger Mask W > Bloodivores > UtaPri S3 > Sword Boys

I'd rate working above Izetta but pretty solid

I agree with Izetta being top tier, dont really care for the other shows so far.


I honeslty wish that I heard gianax had been shut down now.

Also, izetta is so far (and probably will continue to be) code geass, if code geass was set in ww2, and lelouch was the princess of a fictional country.

Tiger Mask W falls right into my strikezone as far as anime goes.

>releases are few and far inbetween
>latest release is a glorified car ad
>it's shit
Gainax is as good as dead, even if the name still lives on. Whether or not the creative talent still on board maintains continuity with golden age Gainax, the studio's current state is shit.
One would be better off worshiping Trigger or something, at least they deliver.

>hating Cosmos: The Anime
Fight me faggot.


Izetta is the only worth watching show so far.

Is it bad that I like bloodivores?

It gives me a certain gurren lagann charm, that I can't help but like.

I feel like I would like ajin better, since I've heard that it does this concept, but better.

As well, I do get a certain parasyte-esk feel, overall I think I'll just have to watch on, to decide on whether or not this is a drop.

so token rambo is just kan colle but with dudes who are swords?


>draw a girl
>call it a guy
>repeat 20 times

If I'm gonna watch gay shit I at least want the dudes to look like dudes.

I've watched and enjoyed
All the other shit that's aired so far looks like garbage not even worth picking up, or sequels for series I haven't seen.

Izetta is not related to Code Geass so you're just bluffing