Alright, which codec pack is the best, up to date solution for watching anime right now...

Alright, which codec pack is the best, up to date solution for watching anime right now? I guess it's something with MadVR/XySub.

I have tried KCP, but it has some issues, like crashing sometimes when saving images, or not saving images with subtitles. Additionally it just crashes when using some advanced upscaling filters, or anything related to gpu-acceleration even though I have a decent system.

CCCP has not been updated in a year. VLC is just trash.
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Windows media player works just fine, I don't get why you guys bother with this stuff

MPC-HC+madvr+Xysubfilter or mpv

All prepackaged solutions are crap.

MPC-HC with madVR+XySub on Windows
MPV on Linux


CCCP still works just fine as it always did though.

Well, I guess I wanted to take advantage of good upscaling that MadVR has, so I made the switch. Unfortunately, it's not as reliable as I want.

I use kcp and also did what this guy said and still see no difference between the two.
I don't get why anons get so buttblasted about shit like this. Just don't use vlc and you're fine.

Just use MPV. It has everything built in save NNEDI, which can be added in easily via a filter.

>watching anime on a computer
>not using plex to stream to 60"+ TV

Still using CCCP + madVR and it's working perfectly.

MPC-HC + madvr is all you really need. Everything else included in codec packs are meme tier and even madvr itself is somewhat a placebo. If you use Linux then use mpv.

>codec packs
>anno domini MMXVI
They've been obsoleted for years, MPC-HC has all the goodies you really need. If you want high performance playback then get the 32bit install of MPC and then install MadVR and Xy-subfilter.

>that fucking trash decoding


Plex is only good for streaming outside your home for comfy on the go anime on a low power device.

It also absolutely fucking sucks when it comes to decoding signs and karaoke. I had it hang every time at the same spot for the Jojo part 3 opening.

What program do you use to save snapshots efficiently?
Most ones I tried suck as they can't let you move through the video frame per frame.

>codec packs
It's [current year].