Is it wrong to take baths with your sister?

Is it wrong to take baths with your sister?

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It's wrong not to take baths with your sister

Also wish the author didn't drop this

They didn't drop it, shoujo have 1 tank series all the time.



If it is who would want to be right?

Absolutely not! It's actually highly recommended.

Kuudere twincest is the only good sibling incest.

This is a perfect one-page hook. Picked up.

I wish I had a sister to take baths with. I also wish I had a bath instead of this dinky shower

Is this that thing where they have to stick together to keep ghosts away?

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>both on Cred Forums

My sister's boyfriend broke up with her when he found out we still took baths together sometimes when I visited. What an insecure cunt.

This is romatic in a darkvway.


Furou Kyoudai

There is absolutely nothing wrong with washing the naked body of your twelve years old blood related sister.

My headcanon is that those djs about her being an elementary school slut with a reverse harem is canon.

Gonna need a sauce senpai

To be fair, it's kind of unusual for siblings to take baths together after puberty. Even more so in Korea.

Still, your sister's boyfriend is an asshole. Your sister is lucky he dumped her.

First, you better be joking, lad.
Second, you have four fucking pages full of names, stop being a lazy piece of shit.

I headpatted my sister today and she's now in my room.

If she's old enough to have boyfriends, it is odd you're still taking baths together. We stopped that like at 12 and that was too old for it already too.

I don't think it's that weird, we have always been pretty close, and there is nothing sexual about it. I agree that the guy's an asshole, good riddance.

>That reflection in the tap


Can i have sauce?

>being this fucking new

This is why Hiro need to shutdown Cred Forums asap.

Of course it's not wrong. Just make sure you do it enough. You wouldn't want your imouto to force herself into the bath with you, would you? You wouldn't want your imouto to be a criminal, would you?

I hereby propose putting "sauce" on autoban.

desu i've seen a random picture of this thread from the Cred Forums homepage's "popular threads".
I never come to Cred Forums, I don't read mangas or watch anime unless it's stuff like this, and I usually go to hbrowse for that.
Never seen that one 'cus i guess it's not actually hentai.
So, would you please mind to give me sauce?

No fuck off and kill yourself.

Boku no pico.

>not telling them to lurk more
Try solving the problem instead of complaining about it user.

>inb4 I just gave them sauce
Everyone deserves the joy of Boku no Pico.

Tryin to educate the shounen youth so they don't throw up the first time they get to see a vagina, get rejected, laughed at, develop impotence, and stay a virgin forever.

Sauce on this?

Degeneracy is bad, inbreds!

I think this would have been better if they were sisters. Less creepy plus yuri sells better than straight incest.

I'm just gonna leave this here

Watashi-tachi Kyoudai dakedo Kekkon Suru koto ni Narimashita by OVERALL
They have five Oreimo doujins in total (all non-h).

>Gonna need a sauce senpai

>yuri is degenerate
>that eliminates the entire point of the visual gag
>the manga sold fine
>the author doesn't draw yuri manga
fuck off and read some Teizokurei Monophobia

Who the fuck other than Elliot goes to Cred Forums's homepage?

It's To Love Ru.

being the kind of person that does ban evasion might have something to do with it.

>being the kind of person that does ban evasion
not him but you should change it to "being the kind of person that announces their ban evasion"

that too.

I wish there was more of this series.

I was mad that the annoying guy successfully inserted himself into their lives and the sister rejected him after he kissed her. Poor dude got a twincest bad end and doesn't have a girl lined up to take his mind off the guy currently balls deep in his female counterpart.

Yes. How am I supposed to sniff the panties she left at the bathroom after her bath?

Ask her

God they look so happy together


Fuck them. Burn in hell.

Somehow the fact that they weren't in love made them an even better couple.

She was noticeably jelly when she thought the brother had a gf.

Bathing with another person is disgusting.

I get super jelly too when my sister is talking with a boy, that doesn't mean I'm in love with her.
I think.


>I think.
This is right about the time you have a shoujo manga-style epiphany, blush, and be like "N-no way.. since when did I feel that that way..?!"

Sibling love is the purest.


Specially when there's a fat man to test the loyalty of the imouto.

I'm frequently alone at home with her, like 4 days every week. If I were to be in love with her, I'd have noticed it by now. I just find her cute and don't want to hand her over to anyone else, just thinking about it annoys me, but that's probably a normal onii-chan feeling torwards their sisters assuming they have a good relationship.

Nothing wrong with being protective of sisters, or family and friends in general.

>tfw their parents never knew

Maybe if I did she would not have grown up to be an alcoholic heroin addict.

feels bad sempai

I'm not really close with my onee-chan, but it's to be expected since I was such an annoying little shit as a kid. She invited me and my little brother to the movies one day. We left and on the way there she told us she was going to pick up her boyfriend. She had to stop the car because I started crying. I wish I tried harder to hold it back, and it's not like I wasn't aware that she was dating guys. It made me sad thinking that she didn't want to go to the movies with us but to show us to her boyfriend. It was super awkward later when we went to pick him up.

I know where this is going, fat men need love too.

That's what I thought. I just never had a chance to confirm it since I have no friends and generally never had a reason to worry like that about my parents.

Well maybe those fat men should try having their own imoutos.

Some imoutos are kind enough to give some love to them behind their onii-chans' backs.

No. In fact, you should drink her bath water too.

If you want to saving water, then yes

I don't understand old fat guys in Japanese media. What does it represent? Why is it so ingrained into their NTR subculture? In America we have muscly black dudes for that, and at least that makes sense because it's a female wet dream scenerio. But where do fat ugly old balding men come from? Do Japanese women long for the fat ugly old balding men? Or is fearing them infused into the very subconscious of Japanese men because of the cultural gap between the generation that fought WWII and the generation that cums all over Rei Ayanami figurines?


My guess is that they make NTR purposefully as unrealistic as possible so they don't feel so bad fapping to it

Everybody loves old fat men deep within their soul. You just need a little push to awaken to them.

They're the grown up otaku unsuccessful in love and unattractive. The years have not been kind to them but with their oddly shaped bulk now they can dominate small children, teens, and grown women as long as they have the time to prepare.

I don't think the otaku generation (the ones drawing these manga) have really reached the age as some of these guys are though.

>Starting an imouto thread with this series
Hope I got you to enjoy it, as short as it was.

>it's a female wet dream scenerio


>Confident guy with a muscular body and a huge dick.
>Plus a hint of danger

Obviously women don't want this

It's an ingrained fear with Japanese men. It's a very paternalistic society that conflates age with status. You know sempai/kouhai right? It's retarded to think age matters like that, but it's a thing in Japan.

So the idea is young men, who are at the bottom of society's ladder, can't get access to girls their own age because the men with power get them, despite those men being physically repulsive.

It isn't about otaku necessarily. Otaku might be fat, but they're never old.

>fat old japanese men
>huge dick

I guess you're right, they don't want any of those things.

> In America we have muscly black dudes for that, and at least that makes sense because it's a female wet dream scenerio

>My sister had her first period and now I have to buy condoms even though my chances of fucking anything 3D is zero and even more so with my sister

Why do you have to boy condoms?

well buy her the fucking condoms then

If it were zero you wouldn't be posting here.

Confidence is just being a rapist when you're old, fat, and ugly.

Because I have delusions about fucking my sister and if hell freezes over and it somehow happens I don't want to impregnate a teen. Gotta be prepared even for miracles, man.

This makes sense because I see a statistically higher portion of fat old balds as the feudal lords in historical NTR manga. Although I still find it strange when the fat old bald guy is not rich or dignified or anything, just the school janitor or some shit.

>user knows so little about a vagina he thinks that tampons and condoms are interchangeable

>I didn't catch the "condoms" part

I liked this manga because the girl got a happy ending and fucked off with batman as nature intended.

>sister getting married
>unironically considering suicide because we can't be together


Wew lad. I must praise your enthusiasm. Good luck and may the god of imoutos bless you!

Don't worry you will stop caring eventually, once she takes enough cocks.

ntr her husband and make your sister need your cock to function properly

3DPD is 3DPD sister or not you fuckign normalfags in denial.

That's like if you climbed mt. Everest and when you reached the top were like "Ya' know what? I don't think I'm going to take any pictures or leave any proof that I actually did this."
Channel your feelings into your cum and let it all out.

So how is the Yosuga no Sora VN?
I am re-watching the anime and now I am heavily considering it. Would be my first VN as I fall further down the path of degeneracy

>ntr her husband
You're gonna have sex with and steal away her husband?

Cheers. big ears!

Don't think so

Best sister. She liked the sex immediately and stayed pure for her NTRguy to take her virginity.

I'm only interested if she's a virgin. Is she?

>The bat girl manga

Please tell me she didn't fuck the old guy, did she?

Don't bother.

Might as well. At least his sister won't marry anyone.

She did. But some other guy kills him and NTRs her even harder (better sex, potent sperm, etc) and they fly off into the night together

What the fuck?

Please tell me there is happy ending to this shit. I just read it and another batman came and took her away. Like what the fuck?

That is the happy ending. Batman is cool. The pathetic human ninja is a broken man, and is gonna pull the same shit on the next generation.

But she's happy with a member of her own race so all's well that ends well.


the brother took her virginity, right? right?

HAHAHA no. Tiny prick couldn't break the hymen.

God dammit Z-ton, not only did the Batgirl NTR the ninja but the ninja is going to NTR the next generation. I trusted you Z-ton. Why do you turn to NTR shit.

God damn I need some happy Batgirls stuff now

>not having sex with your 10/10 sister
only in Japan

Wait, is that fully translated?

You can check again if you want but last time I checked probably a bit over half were translated. Really the only ones I care for are Akira, Viola girl, and of course Sora. Sadly Akira's is not finished.

>not having sex
only in Japan

fucking hell I lost

Did you really get so upset by that comment you had to report it user?


...are you telling me that there is now an animation from THAT hentai manga?


Not only does google gives results, but the artist's name was mentioned shortly after that post, you lazy fuck.

Oh man, this manga is hilarious.
>Get to this part

If she devoted herself in heart and body to the man who took her virginity, still counts as NTR ?

only in 3D

Maybe if you thought you already had given it to another guy but then realized "Whoops still had it after all"

Its a fun short ride, enjoy it user.


Oh shit I didn't even notice this before.