Is Code Geass a masterpiece?

Is Code Geass a masterpiece?

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I don't know

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Can you repeat the question?

Yes, but only because of C.C.

Code Geass is overrated, so no. It was just a slightly above average show in the end.

they force some tough shit that would never happen

Only because of C.C. and her magnificent self. Outside of that, not really. Season 2 fucked up the series royally.

The first season is an example of anime excellence.

Every episode is great, full of interesting events unfolding, leaving you wanting to watch the following one.

The setting is wacky but with great potential. It allows for all kinds of situations, from gritty violence to light-hearted shenanigans to everything in-between.

The characters are nothing short of memorable.

Great mecha designs.

Possibly the greatest cliffhanger ever as far a season finales are concerned.

R2 on the other hand shat the bed half the time, but it managed to salvage a good ending.

You're not the boss of me now!

It's Cred Forums the animation

>The first season is an example of anime excellence
>Every episode is great, full of interesting events unfolding, leaving you wanting to watch the following one
Do you include the "Arthur stole the zero mask" episode among these?

R2 had more consistence and even the episodes wasted on the high school life brought something to the grand scheme of things.

of course

It was a trainwreck of hot garbage and pizza hut advertisements that somehow managed to end well

It smooths things out between Lelouch and Suzaku after reuniting

R2 was moving too fast and the mecha fights were all flying fast moving lines in the air.

What's with the buzzword?

It is shit

is C.C. the hottest anime girl ever?

That would be Kallen

no. it's naruto tier in terms of plot

Naruto would have been good too if only Kishimoto didn't ruin the last 500 chapters.

Air fights usually suck. I was happy with the last non-mook battle on the >not a nuke flying castle because it was entirely "grounded"

in the same way samurai flamenco is considered one, otherwise no.

Kallen is a cheap slut

Naruto's plot is way better, and I say that as someone who doesn't like it.

naruto has a decent plot

jump fucked up with it

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Naruto at its best is way better than Code Geass.

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Code Geass was always garbage.

I'll keep posting this till everybody likes it!


All Hail Lelouch!

Yes. Anyone who says otherwise without providing an argument is genuinely a newfag.

Everyone already does like it.


Saying it's overrated has nothing to do with the question of it being a masterpiece, I don't know why you felt the need to include that bit.

got sick of it after the first episode

Even that episode ended on a cliffhanger, so yeah.

>Code Geass aired almost 10 years ago

Overrated = not as good as plebs and low powerlevel newfags believe = not a mastepiece.

please kill me

People who call it a train wreck don't know what a proper train wreck is.

Nah. Even when Naruto stole ideas from Code Geass the results were less interesting.

What's wrong with Arthur stealing Zero's mask?

It's fun and silly, not serious, but only people with stone-cold hearts would demand ALL DRAMA, ALL WAR.

>No ohgi

Kallen is no. 2 and C.C. is no. 1

I loved it, and it has become my favorite but it is not the best objectively

No, it's pretty good though.

Haibane Renmei is a masterpiece.

What's the meme?

Do do people unironically like R2? Even Season 1 of Code Geass, while I really like the show, I wouldn't say it comes close to a masterpiece. I like it because its batshit crazy that sometimes didn't make sense.

>How To Spot A Newfag: The Post

so Kallen ended up with Gino?


>What's the meme?
>Not knowing about Ohgi "I'll betray the leader I followed and admired for years who's leading a resistance to free not only my people, but the world, from an oppressive empire on the sole word of a piece of ass who almost killed me at least three times without any evidence to prove her point besides the word of one of the enemy commanders so that I can have continued access to said ass" (Insert Gook last name here)
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that seems a pretty dumb meme since zero fooled him all along too.. it's not like any of them can complain and lelouch kind of accepted it

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R2 has problems, yes, but also a few positives. Even the "worst" episodes have some good scenes too. But obviously Code Geass S1 was a lot better. In any case, the whole show was crazy and over-the-top. That was part of how the show was made and the emotions it appealed to.


>remembering anime characters names