Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Echidna is pretty cute.

Ferri is cuter.

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How does it even fit? She's even smaller than Rem.

Why is Echidna so gross

Will the OST from episode 15 be in this month's OST? Do we even know the name of said OST?

So we can agree that the ending was pretty shit?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how banter is dialogue with echidna?


Anastasia is the cutest and most loveable character in Re:Zero.

I want to protect her sweet smile.

It became shit after the 3rd arc, everything before is a solid 6/10

Waiting animation/translation/manga adaptation.

Day 3

Investors pls go.


Betel is CUTE!

Re:Zero twitter said that there will be some news about the future soon.

I can feel it.

She's not giving you any money go away

anime original 1 beach episode special

>dat outline of her legs and feet


It all went downhill when the whale showed up.

If it has Ferris and Crusch in it, why not.

Could some based user post the art of Crusch flashing Subaru after he shows her a picture of Ren doing the same on his phone?

>All playing volihuevo
>Prisciallas massive breasts slip out
> >////Emilia gets pissed and runs away
>next 15 minutes revolves around subaru playing minesweeper with elf bitch's feelings

Still pissed this cover lied to me.

first two arcs were good, ending's okay

Me too. I wonder if the artist plans to do one for the other characters?

It felt a little bit rushed but not bad perse.

If arc 3 was stretched a bit to include skipped details and got good enough budget (as good as arc 1) arc 3 would've been the best arc in the series no contest.

no, it would not see this

Not the guy you replied to but i thought post whale was fine too. The ending felt incomplete, which is true because they did skip out on the actual ending for arc 3.

Arc 3 in the novels was pretty devastating. Many many many details not in the anime are included there; and it was known that arc 3 was a lot more worse. Fuck Mitrospeed for spreading that guro shit and making the third arc less hype.

It was exactly like in the anime, what are you smoking? The guro shit was fake as fuck, and it didn't make anything less hype.

If anything it would have been a million times more retarded if Subaru allowed himself to be tortured so many times after failing once.

The only stuff they truly skipped were Al scenes, and Rem confession, polygamy scene.

>Rem confession, polygamy scene.
wait, that fanfiction tier scene was in novel? that would mean that anime made actual good changes to original source

I'm pretty sure they only left the implication, and made it kinda there by having Subaru say that she is allowed to stay by his side from now on no matter what.

Plus, like it or not, his love for Rem is a central part of future arcs too. Mainly arc 4 and 6 right now. 5 they have to travel to another city and left Rem resting in the mansion.

>dat damage control

Reminder that only reason Roswaal is hated here is because he is a wizard chad with 11 inch BCC and makes 4channers feel insecure about themselves

I want to see this animated so much. Pics for years.

t. remfag

Please someone, my dick needs this

They also skipped the scenes where Subaru bargained with anastasia and russell (is that his name?) and the spoon scene. Look, the first half of arc 3 was good I'll admit that but the second half fell short due to condensing and rushing. Lots of Rem's character was removed reducing her to a generic waifu, and Subaru evolved way too fast.
Subaru in the anime is a lot more callous compared to his novel self then. He literally said she was so devoted it was literally impossible for him to not feel anything, and Subaru was pro-monogamy before this so it says something when he desires both.

>I'm going to downplay the fact that i'm a filthy secondary, one who is too stupid to look things up for themselves

>i'll probably reply with something like 'bait' or FINDS A WAY: anything else trying to damage control instead of admitting im a piece of shit

I don't like him because of his manner of talking.
Are you mad Emiliashitter? Because I'm not.

if you were not remfag, you would too realize, that that scene makes no sense, unless subaru is a fag that crushes on anyone that shows slightest interest in him

I just don't like him because he'd shove all my favorite characters to the chopping block to get his way.


Does the tip honk when you squeeze it?


>Secondary talking about plot and sense
You're funny.


I'm pretty sure they'll include all of the missing OST in the second disk. Unless there's a third one planned, which i doubt.


please tell me how it makes sense, without saying "oh, she's so devoted to him", "she saved him!", "what a confession, best waifu", that's literally accepting her as a partner out of pity

is that the halfu elf witch?

That witch is human. No knife ears. She also represents greed and not envy.

>Subaru chasing for a girl that have zero development with him – serious plot
>Subaru talking about his feelings with a girl that has a massive development with him – fanfic-tier scene and makes no sense. Her scenes is not a scenes and doesn't count as good scenes, because I said so HURR DURR!
>slight interest
Please, stop posting.

>has a crush on his ideal type
not serious plot, but it makes sense
>girl confesses, helps here and there, oh i suddenly love you too, let's polygamy
total bullshit

Yes, thank you.

I'd stop replying to this shitty bait if I were you, its not going to go anywhere.

What are they saying?

You should read some source material. Especially Subaru's thoughts about her, to understand what are you talking about. It was even translated, but as far as I can see, you're too lazy or too stupid to do it. Don't reply me anymore, thanks.

>YES post that "Romchi is evil" thing! i want to hear Rem moans again on his "NEEE"
The what now? Do I even want to know?

>she did so much for me, such devotion, i just can't possibly ignore here
like he can think any more than that about her

>Don't reply to me

oh wow is this finally official art of her?
>girl with white hair

meh, it's basically human Satella.

i'm not obliged to listen to you, fuck off

Fucking dumb Echidna her stupid dress trails on the floor just getting dirty, stained with grass, can't even run in it.

>Don't reply to me or MY Rem ever again

I mean, she can teleport so

>Satella has silver hair
>Echidna has white hair
Sasuga user, you can't even tell the difference between colors?

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho

White haired witch for this one too.

Yeah how's that gonna help her when she needs to dream up a washing machine for that fucking filthy rag of hers? Better thank Subaru again for introducing her to the marvels of modern technology.

This isn't an isekai though. The main character is a tough, gruff and mean demihuman.

I did read the description so i know.

I was mostly talking about the white haired witch.


It should be illegal for series to have titles this similar.

No seriously though, Emilia's hair colour is more darker then pure white; Echidna's hair is stark white.

Why does clown love this cunt?

Where are these pictures like the one of Subaru's dad coming from?

I think it's re:zero official twitter.

To be honest, Echidna is endlessly superior to Stockholm oni.

ok , i'll be a good user , open the laptop i used 3 month ago when i was hiding my powelevel as some "respected" sayan in a sandy unfriendly place, take the image AND the sound out of it and post it for ya

just give me a moment

How many times do you think Roswaal will impregnate Ram until they have the perfect oni-witch gene child?

Does Subaru ever tell Roswaal he met Echidna?

>Lots of Rem's character was removed reducing her to a generic waifu, and Subaru evolved way too fast.

No, the other polygamy scene and the scene after the Whale battle being altered a bit not much about Rem was skipped. She also exactly how in LN as she is in the anime. Subaru's development wasn't fast at all either. I wish people who haven't actually read the source would stop posting half-truths.

Oni girls wearing their partner's clothes, awye.

So there still speedwatchers who didn't watch the show I see.

I'm pretty sure that's no secret. Even Emilia saw her.

And here you go my faggot friend:

Rem awaken after Romchi manage to pull her existence out from somewhere, Chain Subaru with some chains that strangle him and fuck her right in front of him.

...You do realize she in another dimension where she controls the matter of everything withing it right?

More Mitro bullshit

>She also exactly how in LN as she is in the anime. Subaru's development wasn't fast at all either. I wish people who haven't actually read the source would stop posting half-truths.
Not quite. When most people say this, they're usually referring to the stalker-y things she gets up to in the LN. Even ignoring stuff like the magic tea in the King's Game you still have her constantly trying to get his attention and praise, and fantasizing about him taking her in her sleep, etc. You only get a bit of it during the whale fight, which is why some anime-only people were a bit confused by her reactions.

Wasn't there an updated version of this with glopping sound effects?

Holy fuck what do you guys get up to in these threads?

Anyone know where this image is from?

We're fucked up I know.

I wonder if you could make one using Pete's sound clips of imitating Rem. There's enough screaming and a few lines, I bet you could.

Just for your knowledge.

The Mayo and king's game chapters were done AFTER arc 3 was complete.

They're at the end of the arc 3 list as extra chapters. So yeah, she did keep her act pretty much the same as in the light novel.

My point is all of that is minor and only Remfags are making a big deal those few and between moments. It's change people about her being a waifubait, on contrary it worsen the accusation. Waifubait is nebulous term anyway is just another generic meangless word to say I don't like something just because.

It just doesn't matter in the end, just accept there people aren't going to like her, just they do Subaru, Emilia or any other character.

>Even ignoring stuff like the magic tea in the King's Game
Already addressed. The LN still has plenty of other stuff like this, its like you can't even read.

What is Echidna make Subaru drink the pisstea anyways?

As and addendum, she no only one got stuff like that cut. Subaru and Emilia also got aspects of themselves tone from the source too so she not special her.

Write that sentence again, please. It makes no sense.

What are you talking about? I'm just saying that those points of Rem's personality were not that touched upon in the main story until after arc 3 was finished.

I'm a Remfag too, and i've read the extra ones. i'm not ignoring it, i'm just saying the anime didn't skip shit.


also as far as i know, having been in almost the 60% of the threads since far before the release of the second manga... nop that the latest update

They really were, go check out the Manga, read the WN or the LN. They aren't super important, so I understand why the anime reduced a lot of largely unimportant chatter, but they were still cut down, which is what I was addressing. Rem is not some radically different character in the MU and Extra chapters.

is that, the perfect breasts size? i mean not too big, not too flat, amazing shape.
i got some wonders of how MC fell in love at first sight

And you have never seen Reinhart ascending to godhood in Cred Forums , that day was precious

Well that, and she checks boxes for his other fetishes.

The scene i remember about Rem that was skipped is the one where she comes in to beat up all the thugs trying to attack Subaru and Priscilla. The one where she gets all happy Subaru sneaked up to her while both were sleeping when they were riding back to the mansion, her saying she'd be fine with being second wife, and the proper confession scene with her faking that she was dying.

As for the Mayo, and King's game chapters, like i said, those were made as extra chapters AFTER arc 3 was finished, so those weren't really skipped.

That one I did see, but this is just fucked up.

Holy fuck, I'm in tears.

>As for the Mayo, and King's game chapters, like i said, those were made as extra chapters AFTER arc 3 was finished, so those weren't really skipped.
You keep bringing these up like I said they were skipped when I literally said, twice now, that I'm not including or factoring them in.

Man I feel like Emilia will betray Subaru somehow and get the trust of kingdom achieving her goal.

You clearly haven't been paying attention to her character you honestly think that's a possibility.

Her reasons for being queen are pretty much worthless too, but she still pushes forward in the hopes there's still a chance that her village is not dead, and possibly making the country better.

It's what will cause him to become the Dark Lord, well that alongside Rems permanent death.

Subaru will kill the witch of envy persona and get the authority of envy, Satella is free but powerless
Emilia decides to lead a witch hunt uniting all the races under a common goal
Que NT 10 with Subaru vs the world

Is there more illustrations of the upcoming LN?

Again that goes quite a few characters. Emilia for example while still being kind has more stern and sassy personality compared to her anime counterpoint that comes out few scenes with Subaru and she often has sharp comeback when he attempts flirt with her. You can see that immediately when you read Translation Chicken's blog. It's present in all the manga adaptations. There also some between her Subaru that was cut from Arc 2 and in Arc 3 her scene at Royal Election was almost completely different.

Yeah, She Priscilla and Crusch wold be considered to be have ideal body types among females. Good genes I guess.

>Emilia leads a witch hunt to unite people and have her get accepted by the people
>subaru becomes the enemy
>rem wakes up and will fight for him even if he doesn't want her too
Fits the red ogre story foreshadowing

Priscilla's breasts are bigger than Elsa's least I think.
But they're certainly my ideal type.

Tappei said Priscilla's breasts are the bigger ones from the entire female cast.

What hell are talking about? There are no worse than other candidates, she's still seriously studying politics and governance regardless so it's not she gonna shrink on her duties once she achieves one of her goals. That's not like her at all.

Did he rank the chest sizes? Who is actually the biggest then?

Right, that's why i said possibly making the country better, because she'd try.

The keyword being "try". Cause she's fairly ignorant of the world, not even knowing what the witch cult is. Plus, like i said, her first reason for becoming queen is selfish, it's not like she won't try to be a good ruler.

believe me , for my standards so many gets one after another ... that was more fucked up than some weird edits

>subaru becomes the enemy
>rem wakes up and will fight for him even if he doesn't want her too
Unreal. No chance, my friend.

If Ram doesnt remember Rem, how does she explain herself that she only has one horn? Sorry for the dumb question

I had the ranking saved but i deleted it.

If i remember right, Priscilla had the biggest breasts, followed by Minerva.

Subaru uses that as a selling point to explain to her that Rem is her sister, aside from the fact that they both look identical.

Oh I see then I agree. That said such like not knowing about Witch Cult isn't her fault, but that as Puck who isn't greatest of parenting material. Eitherway these are kind of things she will learn on her own there real life experience and those around her.

I normally really dislike characters with gigantic breasts, just because I feel like it is a silly appearance rather than hot.

But goddamn does Priscilla make my dick hard.

Die you trap fag.

Tappei sure has a thing for light-haired women huh? Pandora's hair even platinum!

Let's be honest here, Re:Zero would be a hell lot better without girls or traps and only had men. And Ferris should also be removed. The males of this series is a hell lot better than the women. Minus Ferris. Ferris is a piece of shit.

well becoming more corrupted it would be better off , subaru having a huge fight with emilia about how he started to collect to many witches artifact and her having started a ruthless witchcult hunt, and him helping her at start and starting to have followers before splitting with her, losing ram custody to her sister and having to act alone for really long time, not fighting each other but contrasting factions , then give me whatever you want but this doesn't seems too bad.

we would have subaru suffering again for his own mistakes but "searching for his real love"
and having instead emilia wanting to bring him back to the leaf vill...
ah crap, right

Whats exactly going on here?

Remove all women (and Ferris). Leave the men.

it doesn't seems too bad

>Main motif of the series is love
>Better with no females

Yeah no.

Dark Lord Subaru when?

Oh wait, fuck, the show is over.

I'm pretty sure Subaru's actual children with Rem weren't born with horns, or am I getting that wrong?

I'm not talking about Subaru, I talking about Rem. She always pushing him into the right direction, she never will do something like that.

They have horns. Or rather they each have one horn.

Yeah, they're not.

It's just fanart. They weren't.

They can summon their horns when they want to though.

she's a jew then.

but Rem is best girl

>losing rem custody

she remain where she is , and as she is now.
i'd like to see , him basically forgetting both Emilia and rem while losing his way to find the path to free satella "his real, remaining love"
that's what i want, he occasionally "returning to sanity" just to find how horrible and lonely truth is, not having love or friendship from anyone.
And being himself the reason of all that.
Cursing fate, Emilia for having abandoned him , ram for not having tried to escape and save herself to stay at his side, everyone for having turn their back to him, but returning to madness only by looking at the only remaining hope , Satella's love.

thats what i want, again suffering where he is alone, and skip the clear hardships of the truth , to turn into the less "seemingly" painful madness of something that doesn't really exist.

that would kick ass for those who are selfinserfaggots

Please, women are scourges of the series (Ferris being the abomination). The men are better, case closed.

>I talking about Rem. She always pushing him into the right direction, she never will do something like that.

That's rather embellished.

Actually that's only become a recent thing, in fact it didn't start happening until From Zero where he opened up to her and asked for her to support him as tries to support Emilia. Prior to that were uneasy acquaintances> good colleagues.

So saying like that's how relationship has been isn't accurate. She put through unnecessary hell based on her grudge before all that.

She's greedy for knowledge. So not really.

So many emiliafags outright ignoring what people have translated trying to slander her character.

Which isn't really the fault of remfags since that's what most of the translations pertain to.

Perhaps people should translate more emilia moments to make a fairer comparison.

>removing Ferris

But homo is only good if one of the guys looks, acts, and sounds just like a girl.

Ferri is not a homo

Fapping to him is one sided homo.

I would suck his dick, yes, but I'm not a homo

Has this been confirmed? Please tell me more I want to fap to the story.


I never mentioned homo. I only mentioned manly men. Ferris is not manly. He's a scourge that needs to be erased from the series, and people like you who embrace him. Men should act like men and attempt to look like men. None of which the pussy fits the criteria.

Is felix supposed to be the cat with ice next to it or the guy below clown? And who is the other one then?



Pretty good. Thanks user.

>I would suck his dick
>but i'm not a homo
>coexistence of a male sucking another male and not being homo
>Failing on logic structuring
>Coexistence on a Female sucking another male and being on Cred Forums
>Error probability equal to 0,0000067%¨

My mind is breaa̸̵̧͕̟͇̫̬̠͖̫̭ḱ̫̻̹̗̘̲̬̺̥͈̗̰̟̕͟i̷͉͙͓̗͙͎̙̯̹͖̱̻͡ͅń̢̘̖̦̳͟͡g̸̨̛̬͇̪̬̙͇͖͎̟̼͚̺̹͘ ̶͍̮͈̪̬͎̹̲̼͙͉͈͕͞h̸͓̦͈͓̤͎̪̜̩̩̯̠̹̭̘͖̣͘͢͡ȩ̳̣̯̻̗̩̖̹̟̟͈͡͝ͅe͝͏̵̛͎̱̫͔͈̦̯͞ͅe̴͎̥͈̥͘̕͘͟e͜҉̧̗̯̤̙̘̲̠̭̘͔͍͖̲̱e̷̲͇̠̰͖̙̗͕̯̞̙͎͡ͅļ̨̼͇̰̰̣͢ͅͅp̶̩̳̟̞͎͇͉͜ͅ

Found some shitty summary of when Ram met Al.

>Ram is looking for emilia sama, who suddenly went off without her, ram was escorting emilia sama to the capital to send a letter
>Al appears and tried some pick up lines on her, and also tries to ask if she've seen a orange big boobed girl (they both lamented their meeting did not help them in their search for their respective people (emilia and priscilla) and so they seperated, but not before al says "so then, bye, ram" and ram wonders "have i told him my name..?". she looked back and al has already disappeared.
>she meet the dumb trio. searching for emilia + meeting al has already aggravated her very much, and these 3 are certainly pushing her to the limits by belittling her.. LN image happens "do you have anything to say to ram?" "i..i'm...i'm very sorry..." "hmm, yes, that's good, but i will not forgive you"
>after leaving the dumb trio like a rubbish heap, ram look at the skies and wonder "the sun is setting.. the great spirit should be off duty soon.." as she thinks that, she notice a great shining light in the distance (the end of reinhardt vs elsa)

>Ram doesn't know Al, nor told him her name

What the fuck is the deal with AL

Where are these from? A new tanpenshuu volume?

Who slandering who? If anything the opposite far more than not because a lot of Remfags are butbusted Tappei ended her short time in limelight and treated her every other character. The situation in Arc 3 wasn't going continue forever guys, just like Subaru wasn't going be stuck in mansion being murdered over again. As a story develops things as does the relationships in for better or worse.

Well, this proves that Al knows who Ram is and has no problem with her being alive.

So, what the fuck is up with his conversation with Rem?

I'm not sure, but that would be my guess.

>meant priscilla obvious xD

well at least you gave us something that cancel that little mistake you made
we can still like you for the image you posted

My best guess is that Al somehow has knowledge of things in a different way from what he knows.

Why? I have no clue. We don't know jack shit about him aside from the fact he's from earth, and has variation of the power of return by death, that works in an area.

What is the "it" that Al is reffering to that makes him sick? And how strong is Al considering he is Priscillas knight?

we will find out that Al got his arm cut off by her when the Twin's village was attacked , am i right?

I'm confused, he assumes she's Ram and then asks if Ram is alive?

He's not her knight, he said so as much. He's just her follower.

But he is fairly fast and strong, and he can return by death, with a power similar to Subaru's except his works in a certain area, and has some other rules involved.

That makes no sense.

He was in the southern country for the longest time, and if that was the case, he'd be angry at Ram, but he got angry at the fact she had a sister and both were still alive.

Do he or Priscilla have any fights in the WN?

Look, I'm not going to edit some shithead's post that I found while looking up the images.
"It" seems to be Rem.
Al seems to think there should only be one surviving Oni sister, but he seems more willing to accept that he got the name wrong. This, along with that crappy summary, makes it quite clear that Al thinks Ram is supposed to be the survivor.

So, if Ram is expected to be alive, that implies Rem is the one who should be dead.

Arc 5.

Priscilla and some others fight the arch bishop of Wrath, and Al fights Capella of Lust.

Anime only here. What happens to Julius after arc 3?

HE SET A SAVEPOINT FOR SOME TIMED PERIOD , he act as he wish , he get killed , the enemy /opponent loop, find him at the same point the asshole saved, he redo countless time till he get mindbroken and can't go on, Al (not knowing his opponent 4milions tries) approach him and finish him off.

so we can say that from Al point of view, he activate his Loop, the enemy become instantly disabled and Mindbroken and kills him.

Maybe "it" refers to Roswaal


he literally got forgotten by everyone, now haste and read yours novels!

Goes back to Anastasia. He shows up again in arc 5 and helps fight the massive bishop invasion in a city.

Gets his name eaten by Ley, forgotten by everyone.

BASED echidna

reminder she is official 2nd best girl

user your sleeping face is so cute.

Wow this Ley is a huge cunt. Please tell me he gets what he deserves and is killed brutally

Beatrice, Felt and Otto fight him, they almost get the upper hand on him, and could have won, but Ley uses a skill that gluttony has.


It makes it so that Ley move at an abnormally increased speed, and becomes much stronger, according to Otto it felt like his movements and speech/actions became full of malice. Ley retreats once the other 2 bishops of gluttony show up, and the main one tells then to leave for now.

Maybe Ley?

Impossible. The only two options are Rem or Ram, and it's Rem's name that caught him off-guard.

As far as Aldebaran is concerned, Rem is probably the one who should be dead. Funny thing is, Al's scheduled to be featured in Arc 7, which should be the Arc immediately after Rem will be revived if everything goes well.

Otto and Felt actually have attacks?

This archbishop of gluttony (there are about 2 other gluttony archbishops representing aspects of gluttony. Ley Batenkaitos represents Gourmet, Roy Alphard represents Bizarre eating and Louis Arneb represents satiation. Some people are saying there is a 4th gluttony representing Overeating, but it could also be a mistranslation of Bizzare eating) also ate Rem and made her eternally comatose and ate Crusch's memories. He fucked up quite a bit of the cast, but eating Rem was his biggest blunder. Subaru will murder this imp

Otto used magic stones, Felt is fast and had a magic wand artifact.

I bet Reinhard gave Felt some long and hard training

>still not uploaded

There's a bunch of new images for what i'm guessing is a new volume of side stories. Here's one related to Emilia meets Mimi

>emilia somehow got lost and seperated from ram as she's too excited to be in the capital for the first time
>she hear a ruckus and sees a adorable half beast girl (mimi) bickering with a restaurant owner. mimi's purse somehow got stolen or lost, and her only method of payment is her staff, and she mutters "but my lady would get mad at me if i give you this staff"
>Emilia steps in and offer her help, mimi and the owner are very surprised, but they agrees and when emilia cooly reach for her purse.. she notice its gone too. puck facepalms, and emilia tries to think of another settling method. "we should set up a show in the streets, maybe people who are happy with our perfomance would give us money". mimi is strangely excited at hearing the word "perfomance", and puck wonders what went wrong when he raised her
>Emilia: "now, the world's rarest animal is going to perform!" puck: "i have a bad feeling about this" emilia: "here goes...!" ... and nothing happened. as it turns out, emilia's idea of a show is to have puck dance. with a bit of begging, puck relents and shows up as he meet the public face.. emilia "this is the world rarest animal! so now this child would" and the audience ran off screaming "s-s-pirit! it's a spirit! spirit arts user ahhhh!" "this is a disaster! throw away any weaponry or money!" and emilia remained confused at their reaction.

This is only a summary i found from some dude on reddit btw. He says he sucks at making summaries but tries his best when he translated.

Hoping he offs him like this

Also another summary

The best day of Rem's life

>As rem discover her new feelings after the mabeast ordeal, she is fully aware that her mind is taken up by a hopeless virus, the figure who can't leave her thoughts, and how it's easier to count the time when she's not thinking of him, whether she's asleep or awake, she's always thinking of him. rem thinking to herself: "rem, have you always been such a frivolous oni?" isn't it too much? to rem, the one having the same illness is nee sama ram. rem and ram feelings are the same, and yet rem cannot imagine ram being so uncontrollable with her emotions running wild.. "as expected of nee sama, she is great"
>rem and subaru takes a break off work, and they are sitting on the sofa having tea and snacks. noticing that the snacks is finished, rem ask if he wants more, and he replies yes as it is very good. rem replies alright, 100 plates or so, is it enough? subaru immediately says 2 or 3 are enough. rem: "alright, i shall prepare them now, if subaru kun is gone during the preparation time, i might be sad?" subaru: "i won't do such a thing, how about we make a promise!" rem: "alright" rem raised her long awaited pinky towards subaru, and abruptly says "hair, cut" without understanding why. (after the mabeast ordeal, they have been making promises left and right coz rem is comforted by the thought of promises that lead to the foreseeable future)
>subaru: "yeah, there was a promise like that in the past, could you help me now?" even though it is a very simple promise, it was important to rem. if there must be a reason... rem to herself : "this is the first promise i have with subaru kun"

Part 2

>LN image happens rem: "subaru kun, it's no good. my hands can't stop trembling" ~small chit chat~ rem: "subaru kun, letting rem to take care of your body, does it cause no discomfort?" she said it abruptly. rem thinking "ah, so this is why i'm trembling, he saw my oni nature in the forest, all those days of observing him as an unstable element in the mansion, if my own cautiousness got out of control, i would have killed subaru kun" so why, why is he sitting there so undefensively, smiling at me?
>subaru: "rem. in my country, there was a tale called [The King with Donkey Ears]" ~explaining the story to rem~ rem: "eh?" subaru: "there is a horn on rem's head!" rem: "!" subaru:" the king was ashamed of his donkey ears, so he executed all those who exposed his secret, rem, are you ashamed of yourself being an oni?" rem: "no, not at all. i may have some regrets in the past, but not anymore" subaru:"would you be unable to forgive me, who exposed your secret?" rem:"no, my identity as an oni, there is nothing to be hide about" subaru: "so then! there's no problem! if rem won't harm me because of the oni issue, i have no reason to be afraid of you" rem:" ah, but -" subaru: "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, i learnt that a long time ago. it's my fault that i forgotten, but now we're even, right?" subaru :"so, how's your trembling hands now?" rem:"ah.. it's not trembling anymore" subaru:" so please give me a handsome hairstyle, the kind that would let emilia tan fall for me!" rem smiles : "subaru-kun is always charming"

Anyone still have that link for the Rem alarm app?

Subaru might change if he meets him. Ley is the type that shittalks his victims and he did a pretty twisted impression of Rem. The authority of gluttony is not to be underestimated though; he gets the abilities of his victims so he is practically a one man army. If Subaru does meet Ley though, we will see Subaru's wrath.

so , more promises meant to be broken
Rem took important what for subaru is so irrelevant , what a sad gal


Subaru will probably give up that precious thing to use the bishop powers he had obtained

>2nd best
Do I dare ask who is first?

Priscilla is such a bitch, but I really love her character for some reason.

Probably just because I want to fuck her though.

Certainly not Satella. Satella is a shit. A SHIT!

Which piss tastes better, Ekidona's or Satella's?

Decided to watch all of Konosuba after marathoning Re:0. Truly the saviors of the season and the isekai genre.

Echidna, because she isn't a filthy half-elf.

KonoSuba is a great comedy, and a decent parody of the genre. ReZero is a good dramatic take on it.

Most of it is shit, and I'm afraid due to the success of these two series, we're not going to get any good animated Isekai series for a while.

It is

EX Novel 1 manga to start in November, Arc 4 manga in Spring 2017.

Subaru dressed like Regulus doesn't look too bad.

It's the earing.

This is the type of thing that ends up killing everyone you know

How did Subaru's interactions with Regulus actually go?

I wish Konosuba had gotten more episodes. At least it got a second season confirmed already.

So who else is dead by the time arc 6 hits?

I need more of this.

Wait, even by Subaru?!

Elsa, Regulus of greed, Theresia.

No, he still remembers him.

Why wouldn't he? If he can remember Rem, he can remember any victim of Gluttony.

No. He becomes Subaru's best bud after this incident.

Oh, I asked because the wording of those posts made it seem like Subaru forgot about him as well.

Just by that I can tell it's going to be tragic.
He didn't fall into a coma?

If there is ever a Re:Zero season 2 Regulus and Ley need hardcore themes
What type of music should it be? I vote Regulus to be metal and Ley to be creepy orchestra.

No, because only his name was eaten. To get coma you need both memories and name to get eaten.

>I vote Regulus to be metal
I don't know. His attitude strikes me as more lazy and laid back.

What's Elsas second appearnace like? Does she get completely btfo by Reinhard again?

This stuff may be BD bonus stuff. I don't remember there being any news of a new side story volume for Tanpenshuu.


His rants are downright explosive and his power makes him so powerful he becomes the third strongest character in the series behind Reinhard and Satella. He would be extremely fitting, trust me.

Whatever happened to the spoiler pastebin?

Damn this breaks my heart


What spoiler pastebin? The one full of torture shit? If so that one was fake as hell.

>this pic

My heart

why remove the earring it was better with it

The guy who did the edit is a massive gaylord, that's why.


Here you go

It hasn't been updates in awhile though.

Yeah, that makes sense. Anyhow, I just had a thought.

I was told that Roswaal wasn't actually the one who hired the beast tamer girl to strike at the village, so I'm wondering who could have possibly been behind that. Did they actually have a specific target? See, I just realized that there can be multiple reasons for assuming someone is dead.

It might be nothing, but I guess we'll find out what the deal is in Arc 7.

sorry i didn't know you liked it

The wiki has a better and more detail summary to be honest.

For some reason i keep imagining Pandora, but i don't think the witch would rely on mercs. So it must be someone else.


now thats better

Only a few more monts

Apparently the translator for these short stories got then from Tieba, a chinese forum. He has no clue if they're BD bonus stuff, or some other shit though.

Well it was made before the wiki

Clown a best

What happens to his spirits when he loses his name?
Do they forget about him?

They left him apparently.

quite fitting right?

Ahh my heart. Rem you better come back soon. ;_;

looks like a character from fucking fate grand order




1. REM ;_;

1.2 THERESIA ;________;



5. RAM

12. ELSA


999999. EMILIA

so does a contract dissapear if a name is eaten?
what do you think would happen to Puck if Emilia got her name eaten?
Would he still rampage or would it be like he just never made the contract?

He'd probably forget they had a contract in the first place?

Which would improve the fanbase better? Killing Remfags or Ferrisfags?

I can get behind this

Remfags actually keep the series afloat, so obviously ferrisfags.

Who is Shaula?

The current sage. Arc 6

I wanna kill Regulus.

Way more money is Coming in from Remfags

As much as I wish Rem was real I wouldn't be able to set this up as an alarm tone.

He died in arc 5.

You'd think if someone wanted the Onis dead, they'd kill the battle prodigy who is supposedly just under Satella in terms of power instead of the normal one who's just good at housework.

how is shaula depicted one fanart I saw was she was in a bikini with hot pants on

Not sure on that one.

>brain not trembling
do you even meme?

You don't say?! You are so smart.

based on anime only
should be first

>Under Satella

You are crazy. Ram doesn't even come close to Satella.

Also they attacked Crusch and Rem's caravan because they wanted to check who had killed the whale. Or at least Ley did. Regulus apparently just happened to run into the trouble and decided he'd stick around and help.

We also don't know why they attacked the oni village.

>Can we hold hands until we fall asleep?

He hasn't broken a single promise with Rem as of yet hasn't he?

Why are oni so great

Thank you.

and here comes the memexpert, you know you can stay on your stupid board right?
go back to 9gag you freak , this place isn't for minors!

is there someone a translation for Arc 4+?
chicken isnt that far sadly


As far as i'm aware no.

No he didn't say that. In fact he was introduce as her Knight officially in the LN and Manga. Wat he isn't is actually knight of any country.

Lemon is interested in doing arc 6. He did chpater 4.

I only got this other one, friend.

Oh, this happened before she met Subaru on the same day. If remember correct during the dinner with Roswaal in the 2nd arc Emilia mentioned Ram accompanying her to the capital.

can you give me a link please? thanks in advance


I don't think there is one anywhere else
Chicken did just join up with one or two more translators
Pretty sure the next two chapters are TLd already and they are just editing them so there will be a pretty constant stream of content coming for a while


Finally an excuse

please kill me


There's something a girl wearing your clothes that lights a fire in my boner.

I got you

;_; my heart


Rem? Why not Regulus?

I don't think I've ever been this invested in a fictional couple in my entire life.

thanks again !


considering wilhelms wound on the shoulder. since it was caused by the previous sword saint and reopens when the person who inflicted it comes closer. does that mean theresia is alive?

It's like poetry, they rhyme you see?

Technically yes. I'm not sure exactly how, but her body was reanimated by the witch cult.

fucking Pandora damn bitch

Tappei has to be doing this shit on purpose. It's like he knows these two would make a perfect couple.

Killing both so we an get back to some actual discussion.

It's a forbidden art. Similar to what believe to be the king's sacrament. Hasn't been used since the demihuman war during that event.

I imagine it has to be something related to witch powers. Since normal magic that goes too far makes the user get killed by the Od Laguna.

Emiliafags are always starting shit and then start saying "fucking remfags"

remfags, because abundance of them can impact in what way author will continue the series

How will Subaru defeat the gluttony archbishops? Their ability is very dangerous and even return by death wouldn't help in this situation.

Ley only has to touch him and he's gone forever. Since he's not dead he won't be able to return.

Look at this stupid shitty fucking cunt

He feeds off our pain.

so cute

A romance shines brightest when fate is against them being together.

It's resurrection. An unholy art that leads to weaponizing and violating the dead. Libra was right.

Imagine a doujin between them

The pages would literally be 90% text of their ramblings

Rem is probably one of the only people Subaru hasn't broken a promise with yet.

The thing is, that world has a thing called Od Laguna, which is belived to be the source of all mana in the world, and possibly what gives out blessings, kinda like a god being, or a force of nature.

No one knows if it's sentient or not, but when someone makes huge strides in the field of magic, and does something crazy like, try to use a spell to resurrect the dead, the Od laguna would then kill the person for going too far.

So it can't just be normal magic.

no homo :^)



that would be so great there wont be any need for censoring since their speech bubbles would cover it all

where did he mention that he was emiliafag? or is that what remfags believe the instant someone shits on them and their waifu. some of us are just fed up with you.



You ever thought about how Gluttony needs to know the name of a person to eat that name and that if he eats a fake name he becomes extremely nauseous? He doesn't have that kind of condition with memories, he can eat memories as soon as he touches a person without knowing anything about that person. I'm thinking the only person who can resist this memory eating ability is Subaru. Many of Subaru's memories are false and are of times that technically never happened, feeding him fake memories should give gluttony the exact same effect meaning Subaru is immune to the ability save for the name eating.

>Thinking of Roswaal-sama destroying her later

Subaru needs to punch Ley in the face harder than touma ever could

We don't know how he eats memories at all user. He could need the name of the person as well.

Why all the hate for felix?

>tfw you have more pictures saved of Echidna than Emilia

Get out shippers

user, a good chunk of the story is based around love. Stop being a sperg about it.

he's hurt satan and you know it well

Then stop sprouting delusions.

What delusions?


You do know Subaru loves her just as much as Emilia right? Plus there's the whole thing about what happened to her.

Noticing a parallel in dialogue is hardly a delusion. You're just biased.

I wonder who could be behind these posts

Kek, Emilia doesn't have the unseen hands. Satella does
That means Emilia isn't even in the picture XD


I hope you're doing this shit on purpose to be ironic.

This would be hilarious


You're just mad because Subaru won't drink out of a cup you pissed in Emilia

I need more Echidna

I am XD
You can't tell me what to XDo

It wasn't piss, it was ectoplasm.

So, what kind of hackneyed doujin dialogue would the two of them be spewing?

What are you talking about? I was berating Emilia, I said it so that the picture was only about Satella vs Rem, and that Emilia wasn't even a part of the race for Subaru.
Man when people don't get your jokes XD

If only the fucking manga updated faster

They deserve each other, because if they don't get together and circlejerk then other people will have to deal with their needy autism.


You're at a bar and this guy walks up to you and claims you as his bride

What do?


Really user?

The manga is gonna go on to arc 4 right?

Do nothing, he'd probably kill you XD
I really XDid that

It was love nectar

I don't really know what is happening in this image but whatever this is

There has been a surprising lack of Subaru lately in these threads
Post Sexy Subaru

I'd rather post this lovely set of banana's

How would Reinhard have reacted to him like this?

>subaru has smell that made her kill him without a care in the world
>have known him for few days

>Ley has wounds and trauma from swords and whips
>Subaru's weapon of choice: Sword and Whip


Is there a non text filled version of that image?!

If this isn't b8 then I'm always surprised how people can be so stupid

>subaru has smell that made her kill him without a care in the world
Nope. She always investigates him for a few days first. If she didn't care he'd be day 1 dead. She's even willing to put his health over the smell since he didn't really do anything to endear himself to them in loop 4 and her and Ram still comforted him during his nightmares.

Can we just report the emoticon fucker?

It was ironically weeks actually.

world's top investigator in making

You can, yes. Don't announce your reports though. That's also against the rules.


What is she laughing at?

not that I know of

yeah, he only knew her a few days and he was willing to risk his life for her, someone who didn't trust him. she didn't deserve it in her opinion. it's like people forget he seems selfless. nobody knows death means nothing to him, gives people the wrong idea about him.

>People falling to this bait

The fact that she just made some idiot drink her piss

>Stalk him for 5 days
>He's doing shady shit and Roswaal and Ram haven't made any moves yet
>Lets kill him to be sure
Seems fine to me.

You accepted her contract.

More than a few days with all the loops, actually.
Also, she only kills him in one or two loops, the ones where he was so worried about figuring out who killed him he spent more time looking incredibly fishy instead of friendly like the first loop where he only dies to the curse.

Oh it has begun

this lads

the loop where he died in the hallway, he was killed by Ram too, it was her air attack.

> Selfless
Not this meme again. Bullshit. He wanted to be a protagonist/hero. No one asked him to be that way. He took value in something that is not to be valued like hand-holding and found purpose in that bullshit. He did it for himself, don't kid yourself.2/3 of the series was that.

The knowledge that she just cucked two half-elves at once.

season 2 when?

I don't know what Echidna usually talks about but there seems to be plenty of potential in 'violating some rights'

No he was killed by Rem in the hall. Ram killed him while Rem was torturing him though

You should read more thoroughly. He didn't say Subaru was selfless he said that in-universe he merely seems that way.

Nah, Ram and Rem have 1 kill each.

No. I'd rather have that kind of ending than making a farce suspenseful ending in which they aren't actually going to animate a sequel.

Just like your No Game No Life, and other shows in which they just suddenly put something in the end and run everyone's hope for 10+ years of nothing.

Ending was good. Not great. Just good.

Hang on, how did I not realize this
Please tell me it wasn't obvious so I don't feel fucking dumb.

> Still thinking Subaru is selfless
Bullshit, he wants to be seen as selfless and shit. When in reality, he was self-centered to where he desires acknowledgement to where he'll find a petty excuse to butt into crap that no one asked for him to come.

How did you not realize that? His head was imploded by Rem's morningstar in the second loop.

It's pretty obvious
There is an episode called "The Sound of Chains" because he dies in the loop and Rem's chains were the last thing he heard
Ram killed him in the forest

I think it might be lost on a lot of people that Rem isn't exactly the most stable character. This girl canonically tried to give him a mayo bath, drugged his tea, and is so fixated on being praised by Subaru that it makes her or breaks her mood without exception.

Also she would be right about something with the witch's stench about 99% of the time.

In the hall you can hear Rem's morning star rattle just before Subaru dies and in the torture scene in the woods you see Rams air magic cut his throat. I thought everyone realized this

Never ever

so why is everyone responding to a middle school personified man

I'm talking about Ram being the one who slit his throat.

Oh, that's slightly less obvious, but Rem clearly didn't cast the spell because she neither moved, incanted, etc and it didn't even come from her direction. Rem even seems a bit surprised by it happening, then she comments that her sister is too kind

Also when Subaru gets his cheek cut in the next arc he flashes back to the spell the slit his throat.

The only real weird part about the whole thing is the wind spell Rem used to cut off his leg, since she never seems to use wind magic again after that point. I thought it might've been Ram that did that too, but Rem didn't really seem to react in a way for that to be the case. Was his leg knocked off by her morningstar in the LNs or WNs or is it the same there?

Ram was also the one to chop off Subaru's leg while he was running away, which people might have missed.

Its more obvious in the manga

And also a lot more gory.

>I thought it might've been Ram that did that too, but Rem didn't really seem to react in a way for that to be the case.
I'm pretty sure that was probably Ram. Rem's reaction was probably different because she wasn't expecting Ram to actually kill Subaru before she finished her interrogation.

That would make sense. Since she never addresses Ram, I wasn't sure if she was still under the assumption that she could resolve things before anyone else noticed.

I think we both know what would happen
>Blessing of if its totally not rape because i'm awesome


Reminder Tappei said Subaru would be a great crossdresser.

How strong is Elsa exactly? I've only seen her fight in the anime and she pretty much annihilated everyone except for Reinhard which is an unfair fight for anyone

>big tiddies
Maybe she's in the same rank as Memilia

Of course he is

She's some kind of vampire or something. I think she ranks a little below Wilhelm when it comes to fighting prowess.

Subaru as of arc 6 could probably kill her, possibly arc 5 even. With his authority of sloth he could defend against her and when he was about to take it one step further he imagined her being ripped apart, but then he was stopped before it could happen.

She's pretty fucking strong randomly. Of characters shown she's probably maybe somewhere around Wilhelm, so stronger than Emilia/Rem/Julius/etc.

Archbishops are harder to stack up because of gimmicks, but she could probably take Pete is she was aware of the Unseen hand similar to how Wilhelm does it. She's obviously not soling the whale so unless the circumstances are good that puts her below someone like Roswaal as well.

SSS: Satella, Reinhard
SS: Witches, Archshops, Great Spirits (Puck etc), Roswaal, Shaula
S: Wilhelm, Garfiel, Betty, maybe Emilia
A: Emilia, Julius, Elsa, Priscilia
B: Crusch, Rem, Al
C: Ricardo, Meili, Felt, the Triplets
D: Otto, Subaru, Felt, Felix, the 3 Stoorages
E: Anastasia

This was posted in a previous thread, not sure if official though.

Its not, especially since not all bishops and witches are created equal.

You put too much faith in his unseen hand, it's not THAT terribly useful.

The thing about her is that she can generate wounds, not forever but she can escape a lot of tough spots. Plus she's pretty strong and fast.

>You put too much faith in his unseen hand, it's not THAT terribly useful.
He's commenting on a scene where he felt like he could do it, but he would have to abuse the authority to do so and lose whatever that precious thing is.

I think it's unfair to group Regulus in the SS tier. He is the third strongest character.and could effortlessly beat many characters one on one, including Reinhard if it weren't for his revival gimmick.
user Subaru also has the authority of greed by the end of arc 5 (yes Regulus got killed) and while it isn't as strong as it would be with an archbishop need I remind you the one who held greed was the third strongest character in the series solely because greed was so massively overpowered?
Off topic but I want to see Echidna's reaction to Subaru getting greed; that Subaru has her genes inside her.

Not even close since the Bishops and Wiches all have different strength. Felt is on there twice. Subaru gets somewhat good and what's the point of having Anastasia at E if Otto and Felix don't have attacks either?

I know that user. I also know that he has no used greed yet, and we don't know if it works exactly like Regulus's.

Weird, I don't remember Ram killing him at all. I remember Rem killing him before he had the chance to finish what he was saying. I'll have to rewatch it.

rem in that scene also said Nee-sama is to kind

Don't Authorities usually manifest a bit differently depending on the user? The Witch of Wrath and Bishop of Wrath don't seem like they're even slightly similar.
That's my point. Subaru might end up with a variation that ends up functioning quite differently.

It was like this in the mansion arc:

First death = Killed by curse while sleeping
Second death = Killed by Rem while affected by the curse
Third death = Throat cut by Ram with wind magic from afar
Fourth death = Suicide

holy crap she is so fucking hot

doujins when

I thought she had a bigger rack was that a lie

Fourth death best death.

never, everyone's a remfag

This characteristic you possess, Stillness of an Object's Time, is an incredible authority. You can't comprehend its true usefulness. You deny the physics you don't desire, ward off countless attacks, and remain in constant perpetuity. To someone experimenting in immortality, it's the absolute closest to the ideal. Wouldn't it be? Fundamentally, the passage of time is something that cannot be moved once it reaches its conclusion. And over the period until that conclusion is reached, you can partake in many kinds of various events. If we take your approach, or otherwise try using it as a condition, we can enact those events endlessly. However, if in reality we're to cease the passage of time, we'll inevitably be stuck in an unchanging environment. To be in the absolute, in the truest of meanings, the absolute same environment would beNow, while I'm sure you understand the concept of 'conversations,' that being a meeting of mutual understanding between one person and another through the medium of words, have you realized you have been speaking without any regard to my thoughts? That I have had no room to speak? That my opinions have gone unvoiced? I'm sure any decent human being could tell that for the purpose of a conversation, to accommodate your partner is essential. Being a person of proper sense, I would never fail to allow the other their opinion. As I have allowed yours. And in allowing, you have chosen to disallow me. Stolen from me even this minuscule privil

Would you make a contract with her?

They probably do, but at this point we don't know what Subaru's greed is. I will assume it's the same as Subaru's unseen hand.

definitely I would drink the fuck out of her tea too

Yes, especially if it means seeing the clown BTFO when he realizes his waifu loves me more than she loves him.

Well you could always have Minerva, if it makes you feel any better she has the 2nd biggest chest of all the cast; only behind Priscilla Barielle


why is ecchi dna so best? absolutely everyone loves her

So I dropped this because the fanbase is cancer. (Still is) but I see people saying Emilia is shit and Rem is best waifu. But the real question is didn't Emilia win the SUBowl? Shouldn't they get over taht Rem isn't best waifu?

Oh that's right, I remember that now. That doesn't make much sense, why would Ram want to kill him?

That whole arc didn't make much sense, Rem is way too violent towards him for very little reason. Ram is even told to control her to make sure she doesn't do anything harsh.

Subaru loves both and is on board with a polygamy ending

The anime skipped out on a few scenes that cemented the fact that Subaru loves both of then and wants both as his lovers.

There's also the fact that Subaru goes batshit against anyone who badmouths or tries to guess Rem's feeling due to her coma, and everyone forgetting her.

Now get out, or else you might get the "cancer".

Kill yourself fatty himaslut.

apparently subaru loves rem, so they won't die off

Letting a fanbase get to you and your enjoyment of things is so fucking stupid.

Also no. Current arc has Subaru trying to save Rem, too.

Good, good. Now get to the lewd bits. Some healthy violation of rights to satisfy some greed.
Emilia won from the beginning. It's just that in the LN and WN, Rem also managed to win.

And not only that unlike Priscilla she's a fucking bro. The witch of wrath is pretty chill

I guess pity since he just lost a foot and his organs were probably crushed because of rem beating him with a chain

Because she's a sexy milf

>Letting a fanbase get to you and your enjoyment of things is so fucking stupid.
Narutofags, Bleachfags, Attack on Titanfags, OnePunchManfags, Tokyo Ghoulfags, Sword Art Onlinefags, are all cancer just like Re:Zerofags.

>get to the lewd bits
It'd take at least three threads.

Well first off, that loop Subaru was being suspicious, and was camping outside the forest and rem chased him. She probably didn't want him to do anything to her, and when he started crying about it, she most likely killed him out of pity, since Rem wasn't going to stop.

Also Rem killed him because she is biased towards the cult, and let her bias get to her, and she was thinking he was a cultist due to the smell.

Ram was the one who cut off his leg though.

How does he die? Who kills him?

Also what powers should it give Subaru? Is it the stop your heart and become invincible one?

well shit I have no clue then

>Rem is way too violent towards him for very little reason.
Did you see Pete? The witch cult wipes out two entire villages on-screen in the series, Subaru literally smells like an Archbishop. The only reason Puck and Betty don't fuck with him despite knowing that is that they are obligated not to.

>Ram is even told to control her to make sure she doesn't do anything harsh.
Roswaal mentions they need to keep an eye on her, but only if Subaru is at all valuable. He does nothing to prove his usefulness and goes off script, so Roswaal lets Rem try and kill him.

I hate to break this to you user, but all xfags are cancer too. That's right, the fans of you're favorite series are cancer. The difference is that normalfag-friendly series have a lot more fags being cancerous at any given time.

i tought the milf was Elsa

I bet you're one of those faggots who can't enjoy anything because you keep looking at the shit the fanbase does and termines that the story itself is not enjoyable because of autism.

>Roswaal getting cucked by Subaru

The only punishment he deserves

they are both milfs

The ultimate blue balling doujin, it takes three books to get to sex after mountains of text-censored foreplay.

That's what I'm saying. All the normalfag entry popular anime have bad fanbases. I would rather wait till the series dies down and actually talk about it.

Nah I enjoy things.

Isn't Roswaal gay?
I'd succ the milk out of those tiddies

Will the whole set of BDs come out any time soon or will I have to wait a year?

She is the size of his torso, and his dick is probably as big as her arm. She better have some serious Oni healing factor thing going on.

everyone would if they get the chance

Subaru and Emilia effectively beat him single-handed, Subaru triumphing with the power of pissing others off, PROVIDENCE, and astronomy trivia, Emilia doing some ice magic stuff. Reinhardt's part in the battle is surprisingly small and almost entirely spent in buying time for Subaru to meditate on said astronomy trivia, and giving an incredibly humiliating final blow.

>Isn't Roswaal gay?
Nope. He has a different waifu and convoluted schemes to try and get her. Though given that he has had children as both a man and a woman he might be bi, though all of it was due to the aforementioned schemes so maybe he'll just take a dick for his waifu.

Would Ferris have a one night stand with Toyota if he asked him?

I doubt it, both are straight and don't actually like each other very much.

Regulus is killed by a combo of Reinhard, Subaru and Emilia. Reinhard managed to fight against Reinhard but it was clear the battle was going to never end because Regulus was invincible; however Emilia froze all of the substitute hearts (wives) he had and had felt another heart beating in her. Subaru used his authority of sloth to manifest a hand, go inside her body and crush it. This caused Regulus to lose his ability to infinitely keep up the time stop and only have it activate for about 5 seconds before it would kill him. Needless to say Reinhard smashed Regulus into the ground, and his authority made him dig pretty deep. This also happened to be a water way and he promptly died by drowning.

It'd involve guro i think.

But what about that bath scene with wrx sti in the anime?

Where he's fucking with Subaru? He just loves fucking with people, he's an asshole clown.

dont forget the shitting

He's just really eccentric and flamboyant. He's not interested in Subaru that way.

>fuck elsa
>get your dick or your head cut after in the worst case
Would you still do it?

>Reinhard's part


>Gets killed for then
>Revives and holds him back
>Stops him from doing any major damage
>Delivers the killing blow

When will the OST come out?

Its like you didn't pay attention at all. She'd disembowel you. Heck, she might cut out your intestines and tie them around your dick then ride you til you die.

October 26 apparently.

That's still like 5 to 10 good minutes user, i'd do it.

>Buying time
>Buying time
>Subaru gives it to him just to humiliate Regulus
I mean I'm not saying he was unnecessary but if you're going to ask who had the biggest part in killing Regulus it's Subaru.


I can smell the bias from here.

If I were Subaru I'd ask for a paizuri in exchange for getting my bowels cut, revive and repeat.
I'd stop eventually and then get to Priscilla, get close enough and receive paizuri from her (she has the biggest breasts in the series)

oh course I would you think Im a faggot not to do it?

The reason it's such a cool fight is because Reinhardt's role is surprisingly little.

All parts equally helped. If Reinhard wasn't there, Regulus would have fucked their shit up completely since he could have easily pursued Subaru and killed him.

Subaru did figure out the trick to his authority, but saying Reinhard had a small hand in it is bullshit.

Regulus pursued Subaru anyway and Subaru managed to survive by mocking the shit out of him.

The witch cult isn't an excuse though. Does she kill everybody that reminds her of the cult? Why would Ros, a lord who's sponsoring a candidate for becoming Queen, keep somebody that dangerous around?

>Subaru literally smells like an Archbishop

That's no excuse for killing him.

>He does nothing to prove his usefulness and goes off script, so Roswaal lets Rem try and kill him.

Doesn't Ros have a cultists bible that shows him the future or something? Isn't Ram aware of this?

>Tanks the strongest Archbishop in terms of pure combat power so you can win
Thanks for helping out a little bit Reinhard, wasn't that a big a deal right? I'll buy you a soda later.


Pretty much this. Why Subaru never do this?
>ask people for (or do) weird shit
>uh oh it didn't go as planed
>an hero
>repeat until you get the desired interaction

>Doesn't Ros have a cultists bible that shows him the future or something? Isn't Ram aware of this?

She burnt it, then subsequently nearly dying from waifu abuse.

Doesn't that happen after the events we're discussing?

>Doesn't Ros have a cultists bible that shows him the future or something? Isn't Ram aware of this?
Yes, and Subaru was off script, hence the killing.

>The witch cult isn't an excuse though. Does she kill everybody that reminds her of the cult?
Yes it is. They are seriously bad fucking juju. They killed her entire clan, leaving Rem and Ram as some of the only Oni even left in the world, not to mention taking away Ram's horn, which you might recall being kind of a big deal for Rem. Keep in mind, she lets him live for days to observe him, and its only after quite awhile and him doing shady crap that she'll act on it.

>Why would Ros, a lord who's sponsoring a candidate for becoming Queen, keep somebody that dangerous around?
Ros himself has plans for memeboy, but he doesn't exactly share that info with Rem. Rem is literally clueless about anything Roswaal does.

I'm not him.

Which knights are in love with their queens?

>Yes, and Subaru was off script, hence the killing.
Rem knows he's off-script? What would off-script even look like in this context? He was repeating the same behavior up until the point he cries in Emilias lap, is that in the book?

>Yes it is.

If he were actually a cultist, she has no reason to believe he is a cultists outside of his smell. That's circumstantial evidence.

>but he doesn't exactly share that info with Rem. Rem is literally clueless about anything Roswaal does.

So she doesn't know he's off script?

Pretty much just Reinhardt and Felt.

I think Felix may love Crusch as a woman. Not sure if it's simple devotion.

Roswaal doesn't care how he does it, he wanted to test Subaru and see if he could achieve the desired outcome. It's why he ordered Rem to let Subaru go to the council, and why she was given a bunch of cash and the mining rights. Everything from arc 1 to 3 was planned.
However Roswaal got massively fucked over. The icing on the cake is when Subaru manages to cuck clown of Echidna the witch of greed, the person whom he loves (Ram is for sex and baby, Echidna is for love)

>The witch cult isn't an excuse though. Does she kill everybody that reminds her of the cult?
The Witch Cult is kill-on-sight in the country, and even Witch Cultists are sure Subaru must be one of them to have a scent so strong. You're acting like the scent is something common that just anyone might have the misfortune to possess. When it comes down to it, Rem probably would be ready to kill anyone with that scent at any given moment.


>Rem is way too violent towards him for very little reason
He was a threat. Not killing him might have brought disaster on them. He'd infiltrated their home under EXTREMELY weird and fortuatous circumstances. Acted stragely. Run off into the forest to watch the house from afar after claim he had left.
Capture and interrogation would be clever but at this point only an idiot wouldn't kill him afterwards. There's a far, far greater chance he's a threat than an innocent. Letting him go would be complete folly.
You need to weigh up false positives against false negatives.

>to do so you need rock solid evidence
Not really. If you've got reasoning to suspect them then they start talking sus shit and casing your house you've got pretty good justifications at that point.

Also, why wouldn't she? They're tucked away in the woods in the middle of nowhere, he's a man with zero connections and supposedly from a faraway land, and the odds of any getting in any kind of trouble over killing him are practically nonexistent. As far as the rest know he just wandered off never to be heard from again, and she can put all her suspicions to rest. Why would she care about some guy she knew for four days over the safety of her home and sister? It's not like she went through any physical or emotional strain getting rid of him. The only reason to spare him is because of morals that might be unique to our society in this comparison. And even if they aren't, she still seems off her rocker enough not to care

However there's no reason to imply that the source of witch stench is knowledge exclusive to Betty, ESPECIALLY when pretty much ever other member of the household has had personal experience with people associated with witches or carrying the scent themselves.
Point was, he was being suspicious without the scent. The addition of it just supports the idea that Subaru was dangerous to the point where it was reasonable to deal with him now before anything crazier could happen

What the fuck are you talking about? You've gotten off topic here, are those parts even translated yet?

>Rem knows he's off-script? What would off-script even look like in this context? He was repeating the same behavior up until the point he cries in Emilias lap, is that in the book?
No, Rem is acting like Ros and Ram would expect her to act, being suspicious of the weird kid. And he doesn't repeat the same behavior.

The first loop he actually does really well, but the curse resets him. When he tries to force the exact same loop he comes off as suspicious, oddly knowing where things are that he shouldn't, etc, which is why the loop changes almost immediately. In the third loop he spends his time sneaking around the mansion and not interacting that much before 'leaving' only to camp outside the mansion with a knife and watching.

>If he were actually a cultist, she has no reason to believe he is a cultists outside of his smell. That's circumstantial evidence.
Its not. That is literally the smell of the witch. Every single other character that smells like that is a cultist. And again, the smell is what puts him under extreme scrutiny and has an impact on how fast she'll act, but its his bizarre behavior everywhere else that makes her not want to take the chance.

>So she doesn't know he's off script?
Yes, she doesn't know about any scripts, but she is being permitted to act. Neither Roswaal nor Ram confront her or tell her to stop doing anything she's doing. She thinks she's being clever and sort of hiding it, but they could have easily stopped her if they wanted to. He was off-script so Roswaal didn't care and let Rem act on her own initiative, with Ram also acting in loop 3.

He didn't give her the mining rights. Just the money.

He did tell her that Subaru's words were to be perceived as his words though. Also i think he may have been following the book. He didn't really test him, he just wanted to follow what the book told him to do.

>He was a threat.

No he wasn't, he was only suspicious. She only ever interrogates him once, the other time she just kills him even though he was completely disabled and harmless.

>The only reason to spare him is because of morals that might be unique to our society in this comparison. And even if they aren't, she still seems off her rocker enough not to care
No, Rem cares about other people generally, she wouldn't simply kill someone else for no reason. But she gives no quarter to things she considers a threat, with the Witch Cult is certainly #1 on that list.

It wasn't explained in the anime, but Rem was under orders to let him go to the council meeting, and the mining rights he brought up during dealings with Crusch were also granted to him by Roswaal, he wasn't just making big claims for no reason.

Reinhard always gets what he wants

Again, Rem is completely biased towards the cult.

She was aware that Subaru was dying from a curse, but killed him anyway because she couldn't stand him and his smell, thinking he was surely a cultist. It's shown in arc 4 in the trial of present when Subaru takes it, as what may have happened after he got killed.

Can you read why reasoning before jumping the gun? I swear you didn't even go past the first sentence.

Adding on to what user said
Roswaal also hired Elsa, broke the barrier in the village, and knew Subaru was in danger so he dues ex machina'd his way through.

where do I get that type of jacket looks neat

>She only ever interrogates him once, the other time she just kills him even though he was completely disabled and harmless.
No, he was sneaking towards Emilia's room in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. She attacked him from across the hall and had no way of knowing he was ill at all.

>No he wasn't, he was only suspicious.
He is literally a Witch Cult member. Absolutely every single being that can detect the smell thinks that on his first encounter except for those with very strange backstories relating to the witch cult (Betty, Puck). The Witch Cult themselves are willing to not kill him on sight and Pete welcomes him with open arms because of it. It is literally unheard of that someone with some much 'love' would not already be part of the Cult, even among the Cult itself.

Would Toyota and Rem's bullying towards their son be considered child abuse?

I'm not sure about the barrier being his fault. He wasn't the one who hired the beast tamer at least, and he probably helped in the end because the book said his presence was required after a certain point.

Yeah, I've heard mixed things about his involvement in arc 2, I'm waiting for when that stuff gets translated, but it'll probably be awhile.

no why would it they are trying to keep him from being a sack of shit lke his dad

>No, he was sneaking towards Emilia's room in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. She attacked him from across the hall and had no way of knowing he was ill at all.

Exactly, it's absurd of her to react in such a way.

Why is it so hard for you guys to admit that this is contrivance for the sake of plot?

There were cultist spies in the town she doesn't kill on sight.

Why is the strongest man on magical middle earth a lolicon?

I'm 99% certain his stink gets worse when he's close to death. So in these circumstances not only was he just suspicious, he was suspicious in the middle of the night stinking even worse than usual.

Again, it's shown in arc 4 in the trial of present what may have happened after his death.

She killed him brutally to satisfy her own rage, and bias, she was sure he was a cultist and was well aware he was sick from something but didn't care, she just wanted him gone. She perceived him as a threat for the mansion.

There weren't any spies in the town, they were merchants brought in externally later and Rem never meets them. We have no way of knowing what their rank is or how strong their scent is because Rem never meets them. We also know that by Arc 3 she has become somewhat nose blind to the smell because of Subaru and being close to him masks the scent of others.

>There were cultist spies in the town she doesn't kill on sight.
Those are common everyday Cultists who probably wouldn't have anywhere near as strong a scent, and people would probably take issue if an Oni started murdering people on the streets. Remember, she's one of the very few people who can detect the scent in the first place. Also, she's probably a bit more lenient about the scent after falling in love with Subaru.

>Also, she's probably a bit more lenient about the scent after falling in love with Subaru.
She's lenient about it before, since his smell doesn't impact her desire to help him while he's suffering in loop 4. He had done nothing else suspicious up to that point beside arriving under weird circumstances and being a wreck, so she gives him a pass.

Or his normal behavior in loop 1, where she also doesn't seem bothered by him, but Betty lets him die because she doe.

That was weird. Betty lets him die because he stinks and she doesn't give a fuck about his life*

Maybe being able to smell witch isn't something intrinsic to horned Oni and that's the reason Al wanted her dead.

Strangely, Meilli was not hired by Rosewaal even though Rosewaal was aware of Meilli. Though there is something rather strange about the whole scenario, everything that occurred in arc 2, Rosewaal may not be the only one foreseeing thing and causing many things to occur.

She didn't want to get involved and get attached to him only to lose him later, since it happened many times in the time she lived in the mansion with other people.

There's definitely another party involved. In arc 4, Roswaal hires Elsa to kill Beatrice but no one else. Somebody else instructed Elsa to also kill Frederica and Petra, and hired Mei Li.

For all I know she can smell it because she's mad as fuck. Outside of the Witch Cult she seems to be the only non-spirit that can do it. Its either a racial thing or a hate boner thing.

Has it ever been confirmed that Ram can't detect it? She never really brings it up whether she can or can't from what I've seen, and seemed to pick up his weirdness from how Rem was treating him.

I understand why she does, but she still basically doesn't give a fuck as long as he doesn't die in front of her.

So that leads to another question, what the fuck did Petra ever do to anybody? When the WC kills Ram, who can actually fight for awhile they just stab her, but they cut off Petra's arm, stabbed her in the stomach and took out her eyes. Like, what the fuck mang?

Wasn't Elsa killing Petra, Rem and Frederica just her kill lust talking more loudly?


Also that bomb from Ketty could've gone anywhere. Sure it seems like it was targeting Emilia, but Petra was there too and there is apparently no Petra kill like over kill.

Well, there aren't any other known horned Oni in existence. My theory is that it's similar to the Witch Beasts, who can also detect the scent with their horns.
So, there's possibly some guy out there with mysterious knowledge who is also trying to manipulate events behind the scenes? Huh. Does any character react suspiciously when it turns out some people haven't been killed?

>Outside of the Witch Cult she seems to be the only non-spirit
I'm honestly wondering if it's inside the witch cult too. None of the bishops in arc 5 react to him being smelly. Hell we know Subaru 100% has a witch factor now and he still can't smell it, so there shouldn't be anything intrinsic about being a bishop that would make you able to smell it (unless there's more to being a bishop than just having a witch factor).

Her kill lust is there but she's also explicitly ordered to kill Frederica and Petra (no mention of Rem. Whoever hired her may have forgot her.)

I think letting her watch him sleep helps, since she always seems to think he's cute when he's asleep.

Also interestingly open perversion toward Rem is not really a turn off and seems to help, since she was fine with him in loop 1 where he was mind raping them, and in loop 5 where he randomly just grabs both their hands. Skinship is pretty strong.

>Huh. Does any character react suspiciously when it turns out some people haven't been killed?

I see what you are implying and I like it.

This argument is fucking stupid. The only reason Emilia wouldn't have done the same in Rem's position is because it's her scent that Subaru has

New thread guys?
Satella is not Emilia.

user, Emilia doesn't even know what the witch cult is.

If that's true just who the fuck is Al?

>so there shouldn't be anything intrinsic about being a bishop that would make you able to smell it
Thinking about it, Pete is also a spirit, but the grunts make their decision to grab him on their own, so they seem to be able to detect it. The other bishops might not actually care because they aren't really that invested in the cult to begin with, unlike Pete who pretty much was the cult.

Huh. Does any character react suspiciously when it turns out some people haven't been killed?
Also we were thinking he must've meant a long time ago, but he wouldn't exactly know how Arc 2 played out would he? And Rem wouldn't play with the children like Subaru so she would've needed to be specifically targeted for the curse.

Well, just think about it. What exactly happens in the timeline in which Subaru refuses to get involved? Who dies and who doesn't?

we dont know but the author said in arc 7 he will have screen time so maybe it will reveal his true motives


>And Rem wouldn't play with the children like Subaru so she would've needed to be specifically targeted for the curse.
Exactly. I'm pretty sure it's outright shown that Rem isn't very sociable or confident about interacting with others. She wouldn't have played with the children. She even laments the fact that she doesn't really have that kind of confidence.

These are the store bonuses you get from purchasing LN2 from specific stores, there are 4 different one of those avaliable for LN2 and they are limited print, the Rem one goes up for a very high price atm.

There are like 2-4 short stories that comes as store bonuses for every volume, but not many of those are uploaded.

Fuck, why can't we have nice things?

what is up with nips and limited thing at certain areas christ its like pokemon gotta got to certain places to get them

The is the 4th one about the date of Subaru x Emilia at the end of arc2. Nothing much really happened, at the end, Subaru made a flower crown for Emilia.

>Buy this book 4 times to get everything!

The Nips are quite used to buying multiple copies, it goes as far back as pokemon red green blue.

I know. Those poor, poor bastards.