I want to hug math

I want to hug math

I want to smoke meth

I want to hit math.

I want to fug math

I want Math to give me a surprise kiss on my cheek after class.

I want to make an ironic reply about math, but haven't watched the latest Monogatari yet and don't know what you're joking about.

There's been already two new monogatari since Owari.

And math is just the most huggable character in the series, even with all the strong competition.

>There's been already two new monogatari since Owari.
Woah, woah, two new ones since Owari? I haven't even watched Hanamonogatari yet.

Koyomimonogatari and Kizumonogatari part 1 also released (and part 2 is on the theaters now)

Plus official translation of Kizu, and full fantranslation of not adapted yet arcs from Owari 3, Orokamonogatari and Wazamonogatari.

i want to impregnate math

>call me Euler m'lord

Tis a pleasure m'lady Euler.


I haven't watched any season two yet because I'm afraid my monogatari will turn into shit. I want it to stay as perfect in my mind

Do it. Watch it.

The effects of regret over not having done something lingers forever, while the frustration of having done something regrettable is very short and your memory will selectively try to save only the positive bits (-> nostalgia) anyways.

You have way more to gain than to lose.

You could do like most of Cred Forums that watch everything for trolling/discussion purpose but pretend everything that is bad is a not canon fanfiction or it simply didn't happen.

And while there are some pretty weak parts, most of the best parts in the franchise weren't in bake.

Nise was probably the weakest part of the series so if you could deal with that it's fine.

This might be kinda off-topic (if there even is a topic here), but monogatari openings and EDs have always broken my heart.

They're all so upbeat and energetic, music wise, but the text is so desperate, so sad.
I think it doesn't really transmit it properly through subtitles, since I didn't feel this until I could understand them natively, but every single song is filled with a sadness I can't describe.

The best word I can think of to describe it is resignation. Every song tells the story of a girl who wanted something out of life, then realized it wasn't possible. And then just resigned herself to never having it.

Some of them (ambivalent world/naisho no hanashi) try to put a positive spin to it (I'll leap past it/don't cry when that happens), but some are so absurdly soulcrushing (kimi no shiranai monogatari) they make me cry every time.

never paid attention to that because the songs are too catchy and good for me to pay attention to lyrics
That and I don't know nukespeak

Math is a jewish magic made to fool honest people.

Fuck it.

What's with the uptick of Math threads?

but s2 has the best arcs

I never though of a major theme through all the OP/ED translated lyrics, but I guess resignation does seem common.

Since it's a math thread:
All I wanted was a single lie
A lie from you to knock me off my feet
Before this magic melts away
Smile for me, one more time

yuudachi houteishiki:
What will the future hold, once I’ve lost everything?
I thought I had given up on it all long ago, but
Again and again I find myself putting my expectations in you

Math songs are usually hopeful about trusting someone and finding answers together but with time slowly running out through the song (summer ending and rain stopping). Sayonara no Yukue is about the goodbyes in contrast.

People talked too much about everyone else (except Rouka and the adults) already.

I want to take a bath with Math.

Why are all you people wanting to hug, fug, marry, or do anything else with an abstract concept of logic that we use to better understand the world around us?

It's not worse than the usual bestiality threads from this series.

Hitagi End, the last arc in Second Season, is the best part of the entire franchise. You need to watch it, and to understand it you need to have watched the rest of the series up until that point. Just watch it all, man, you won't regret it.

I can't into math.

A good teacher can really make all the difference.

Math is for hugging, not fugging.

Unless she's up for it.