Can girls love girls? Fall says yes

Can girls love girls? Fall says yes.

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Already a thread up like this.

If you mean the one with that retarded piece of shit producer, then get your eyeballs checked. That's a kissing thread.

So which is the yuribait of the season, Izetta or Hibikek?

Just learn how to use it, new friend.

But that's just a yuri thread. This one I believe is about fall's yuri. OP spoilered it for some reason.

Izetta's yuri is more sincere so Hibikek is still definitely a yuri bait.


Got this from the archive:

>Lostorage Wixoss
>Brave Witches
>Long Riders
>Girlish Number
>Vivid Strike
>Sacred Slayer Matoi
>Euphonium S2

This season is packed with yuri.

Canon couples.


Stella isn't Yuri?

Like I said, I got that from the archive. But yes, it does look another CGDCT yuri.

Fall? Fall is 80% fujoshit. Heck, even the anime that literally has "yuri" in its title is fucking gaymen.

Being bad at even reserve troIIing is impressive.

AIso, caII me when they animate Yagakimi.

Yuri makes me sad.
It's never explored in any kind of depth, there's never anything interesting done outside of the same tired to death tropes, there's never any payoff.

It's depressing, every single time, being denied the opportunity of an actual plot. Or characters growing. Of anything.

Instead it's always "Oh no, I like a girl?!" and past that it's exactly the same as every single other anime romance (ie: the shittiest romance any single country on this goddamn planet has to offer)
Why am I getting mad about a medium with standards as low as American TV? I don't know.

I just know that every time I get hyped like a retard and then I'm slapped by reality every time, as if I didn't now perfectly well after an entire decade of this shit that Japan is not capable of crafting a romance story, regardless of the genders involved.

Did the makers put the "yuri" on the title just to piss off yurifags?

>AIso, caII me when they animate Yagakimi.
Not in a million years. YagaKimi will end with like 30 chapters at most and it won't get anime because only ongoing manga get anime.

Don't worry, we still have Citrus anime.

I would rather a Yuri Danshit anime than Shitrus.

I know, but let me dream.
I know they voiced them in some stupid CD, but there was never an actual confirmation for this shitty series getting animated, was there?

Animating Citrus would be financial suicide to be honest, it won't happen either.

Not even Yurifags like yuri. That's proof of how shit it is.

They shit on every single series that's not constant drama because it's "boring", and when a series does drama they shit all over it because "Ugh, another yuri drama series".

Although, to be fair, you could say the same of every romance-driven thing ever made by japan.

PreciseIy, so I don't get why I keep seeing retards say so. I'm okay with it though, because Citrus is reaIIy bad.

Back to your diaper threads, chagen.

>Can girls love girls?
No, it is wrong and degenerate.

What lesbians feel is not love, it is lust, nothing but raw unrestrained lust that makes them have sex with their own gender.

Nothing but a natural consequence of homornal and neurological disbalance.

I Iove degeneracy.

So, Cred Forums, what yuri have you been reading or watching and enjoying recentIy?

>I Iove degeneracy.
Which is why girls avoid you like the plague, you are a creepy degenerated pervert that spends all day long fapping to pictures of schoolgirls kissing each other.

Can confirm this.

I Iove my girIfriend too, but me and everyone eIse wouId prefer if you had your tantrum eIsewhere, frustrated and IoneIy newfriend.


Also, reminder.

>I Iove my girIfriend too
You wouldn't know, you obviously never got loved by your daddy, considering your major issues.

>but me and everyone eIse wouId prefer if you had your tantrum eIsewhere
And me and everyone else in the world would rather you keep your degenerated homosexual lifestyles in the closed, but that doesn't stop you from making gay pride parades and rubbing your fagginess on the faces of normal people.

Yeah, how couId they? Disgusting, I Iove it.
Don't cry user, I'm sure one day you'II faII in Iove too!

Bloom into you looks fairly promising.
It needs more character development in general though, it doesn't seem to show much of the two just spending time together without some form of event happening.

Who the fuck is talking about general acceptance and gay pride? This is just another genre here.

>Don't cry user, I'm sure one day you'II faII in Iove too!
I already have a wife and children, which I love very much.

>Who the fuck is talking about general acceptance and gay pride? This is just another genre here.
Well, you call it a "genre" and I call it jewish sponsored degenerate propaganda seeking to destroy the foundations of family structure and marriage in an attempt to destroy the western civilization from the inside.

Not either of the people you're replying to, but you're really gonna have to go, m80.

>Not either of the people you're replying to, but you're really gonna have to go, m80.
Sure, but being forced to leave does not make my opinions any less valid, you know deep down that im right.

You leaving would make your opinions gone, and this thread better.
Seriously, have this fucking discussion on whatever board you currently think you're on.

>BIoom into you
Reading it too, Ioving it. It's not as every other yuri I've read when both characters bIush from the minimaI things, Yuu might seem Iike she doesn't have much of a personaIity at first but she's actuaIIy pretty mature and perceptive. AIso, ignore and report.

>You leaving would make your opinions gone
Not really, will just keep spreading it around regardless of doing so ITT.

>Seriously, have this fucking discussion on whatever board you currently think you're on.
I think I am replying to the thread question:

>Can girls love girls?

This was the question, I gave my answer, it is not my fault you do not like my opinion.

I respect your opinion despite disagreeing with it. You may stop crying now.

>You may stop crying now.
Im not the one crying, the parents of the homosexuals are the ones crying.

I pray to god every day that my children do not turn into some sort of homosexual furry or some shit like that, I could not bear it.

Thank you for proving my point, IittIe tormented chiId who fears the gays, now, Iike I said, you may stop crying now and Ieave if you disIike it that much. Or you can prove me right one more time and show off how assbIasted you get over 2D Iesbians.

Don't sully Dookie with a shitty girl like that

Has anyone stayed in touch with MurciéIago? The Iast time I read it the MC was stiII fucking girIs and having her pet gay heIper around too, pretty good.


More important question is: Can a girl love a woman?


I never understood how a country as homophobic as Japan could have so many gays in their media.

Have you seen their fujoshi industry? I wish yuri was equaIIy as big.

Sakura Trick has been bretty gud so far

Skinship isn't gay and doing gay things isn't seen the same way as it is in the west. I used to live near Nakasu in Fukuoka. There was a French guy I knew there that often fell victim to a game of dickgrab when he was out at clubs, by other guys.

Not because they were gay, but because they wanted to know how the French guy compared to them. He was told it was a phase and that Jap guys grow out of it. He didn't last long in the country; he hated it, in fact.

no, Lesbians dont exist.

it is not like male homosexuality. Traditionally, homosexuality has been suppressed and homosexuals have been persecuted. It has only been recently that acts of homosexuality have been legal. Yet, throughout history, there have been many gay men - Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Oscar Wilde, Michael Barrimore to name but a few. Even if the proportion of gays is very small (and I do not accept that it is anything like the ten percent that is often claimed) the sheer number of people that have lived means that it is hardly surprising that a substantial list of famous homosexuals can be drawn from the pages of history.

Like it or not, male homosexuality is natural. I don't care if you say it's genetic, or acquired, or a deviant aberration that should be wiped off the face of the planet, it's just something that happens and there always has been and always will be a certain percentage of the male population that are gay.

The same is not so of lesbianism. Lesbianism is new. There can be no explanation for the sudden explosion in the number of so-called lesbians other than that it is all a fallacy. Isn't it surprising how so many actresses and female pop stars are now claiming to be lesbians? Not to me it isn't. I am no longer surprised by what celebrities will do for publicity.

If lesbianism existed there'd be a lot more evidence of it in the past than there is. There would not be this dramatic rise in public lesbianism. Sure, male homosexuality has increased publicly and that is hardly surprising because we now have a more tolerant society, but male homosexuality has always been there, albeit under wraps but society has always been aware of it. But as far as lesbianism goes I cannot accept that women, and women alone, have recently undergone a genetic evolutionary change.

I remember watching it with Cred Forums, fun times.

What's gonna be the gayest show this fall?

your life

HopefuIIy aII of them. And your Iife.

Degenerate trash goes there.


I wish you fags were in my life

That's pretty dumb. I mean, the number of historically significant women is tiny. And most of those aren't known well enough to speculate on their sexuality. And even more, being married was necessary to be powerful as a woman for a lot of history.

I Iove you too, user.
Responding makes you as retarded, report and ignore and post in context. Yuri anime and manga is Cred Forums, /u/ is porn, move on and Iaugh at the fataIIy offended.

Isn't a yuri thread talking about the yuri shows for the fall season what they yuri board is supposed to be about? Or is the only thing that you're supposed to talk about on /u/ supposed to be how girls want to fist fuck their cunt holes?

You want it to be even gayer? That's a dangerous game you're playing.

Me on the bottom right

>implying fujoshit isn't a gift from the gods

>you offended lol?
nice deflection
OP asked a question and i answered it, if anyone is being sensitive its you.

I never said anything against it? As Iong as everyone's gay, hetero, whatever Iove is happy, I'm happy.
Jesus Christ, Iearn how to greentext and thank you for once again proving me right, I feIt embarrassed reading your new before and I feeI even worse now. There, have some Iesbians!

You do know that the OP wasn't literally asking if can girls love girls, right?

/u/ is an image dump board. You don't go to /e/ to talk about ecchi shows, so why would you go to /u/ to talk about yuri?

He knows, he's new and upset, or just a chagen version of an upset virgin at Iife. Now can you move on, report and ignore? Post in-topic and show you're better than a IiteraI assbIasted faggot who is upset we can enjoy things.

/u/ is considered a porn board so you automatically get banned and your thread deleted if you don't dump at least 6 related pictures. This rule makes any type of threads but image dumps impossible.

So what is this thread other than about lesbians kissing image dump? Not to mention that we already have the same fucking thread that has more posts than this one.
Are you just running out of bad excuses or something?

Who's your favorite artist (mereIy art wise) who aIso draws yuri? Nakatani Nio and Show are quite cIose there to me.

Thanks for showing me a more aIive thread and that you foIIow both this one and that one to show of how much of an assbIasted, obsessed offended IittIe bitch you are~ You couId have toId us you Ioved yuri this much earIier!

>>citation needed
They have got to be less homophobic than places like India at least

Actually I do like it which is why it disgusts me to see a bunch of dipshits posting threads like this without any second thought or any real goal other than just to make shit posts like the one you just did, but you already knew that.

Went to the thread, obviousIy there wiII be yuri pictures, not even remoteIy cIose to a dump, there's manga discussion going on and the onIy mistake there is the 3DPD taIk which onIy retards give in to and continue the topic for no good reason other to feed actuaI IoneIy peopIe.

Again, thanks for redirecting me to that thread, it's more IiveIy and everything.

What's the matter, are you not going to call be a obsessed offended little bitch again? Was it because I told you that I like yuri? It's because of little turds like you that no one bothers to make actual discussion threads on /u/ and resort to make the crappy threads here on Cred Forums instead. Go ahead and give yourself another pat on the back champ, you're doing a great job.

Being gay is wrong.

You are otaku = ugly, wrong and degenerate

>yuri MANGA dump is totaIIy not Cred Forums!
It's just getting funnier to me, I Iove it. And nope, I compIeteIy stand by my point, you are, indeed, a IittIe obsessed bitch, and it's tremendously amusing to me.

>/u/ is porn
I fucking wish

I, and every other decent user, onIy go to /u/ to check the manga transIation threads and the occasionaI actuaI good porn ones too, because every other thread has been cancer for years.

You have NO fucking clue how hard I with /u/ was just /h/ for yuri. /h/ is by far the most perfect way to consume hentai I have ever seen. There's just barely enough discussion. Everything else is just 'here, pick a topic and dump shit you have that people might not have seen yet'. /u/ is practically Cred Forums but for yuri anime.

I don't go to /u/ to just consume Iesbian hentai, though, mostIy so I can update myseIf on manga reIeases which I enjoy more. Since discussion is impossibIe given the dumbIr popuIation there, and the fact that mods there ACCEPT Cred Forums cancer and 3D diseases, and that Cred Forums actuaIIy exists for discussion of every anime/manga genre that isn't porn, I am not being abIe to get your point across me?

>Can a girl love a woman?
Why don't we have more of this?

That's extra forbidden.

I want a doujin where an OL pegs a young JK.


Age-gap yuri is the worst kind of yuri.

Girls in ties and yuri princes are second.

You can insult anything but girls in ties and suits are sacred you huge faggot.

Indeed terribIe, especiaIIy since there are so few of this that I find good, or find at aII. It wouId be a IittIe Iess bad if there were more.

>girls in suits

You're gay.

Age-gap is truly disgusting, please refrain from posting any more. I've attached another example just so we're all clear on what not to post, no more of this.


>I wish yuri was equaIIy as big.
Get on with the times, gramps.
The market have turned and the only thing that fujos latch on nowadays are doujins that they disposed off as soon s they were made, just like haremshit

Go faIsefIag eIsewhere.

Didn't they recently allow same sex marriage in Japan? I remember reading in the news about a lesbian couple marrying.

I am not.
What's the last yaoishit you've ever seen?

What part of "go fuck off somewhere eIse" did you faiI to comprehend? Or want me to pay a visit your "it's time" threads right now too?

Sure. Not that I care about yaoi

I think you forgot Yuri on Ice on the /u/ side.


Yes I am.

This thread is so much better than that thread with the fucking TakePrick.

Age gap yuri is love.

Is this the lesbian shit taste thread?

Finally, someone here who sees the light that Citrus is wonderful.

I get it that it's hot when they make out, and the novelty of the whoIe "hey this art Iooks so good" thing, but can't you see beyond that and aIso actuaIIy see it doesn't Iook as good as it is since the anatomy is drawn Iike shit?

Still better than most yuri manga.

Bloom into You is the best damn yuri manga ever!

Because it has pseudo-sisters nearIy fucking? I'm even giving it straight to you that not even the art saves it, it's inconsistent as shit.

It can also put you in prison.

Well, alongside the art looking fantastic, I really enjoy the drama. But hey, that's just me.


Can males love male?

>>Euphonium S2

Yes, and?

no citrus actually is bad. please dont say things kids might take seriously. think of the children


No, females can't love anything because they don't have souls

Fuck off.

whoa. are you okay user? lashing out like that?

I've read practically every decently drawn doujin on dynasty scans that have the tags
>adult life
>age gap

What the fuck do I do now?

And you of course have proof of that? By the way, can you prove that men have souls? And that you have one? Because I have a lot of reasons to think you don't.

Don't feed them.

Fuck Citrus.

What's the point of keeping dead threads alive by bumping them just as they're about to archive? This thread has been dead for like six hours now.
Why not just remake the thread during more active hours?

Thanks for the bump.
Do you usually go around posting like a wannabe mod in threads that you would otherwise have no interest in, mr. tripfaggot?

I didn't mean to offend you, dude. I'm just curious. You've been doing this for ages now, so surely you should be aware of when these threads are active and when they aren't. Isn't it a waste of time and effort to keep them alive for so many hours when you can just remake the thread during the more active hours?

>implying I'm the one who bumped the thread in the first place
How about you go browse a thread you enjoy. Take it from me in that it will probably make you much less of a faggot.

>Animating Citrus would be financial suicide to be honest, it won't happen either.

There's quite of bit fanbase outside of Japan ESPECIALLY in say China, Korea and the U.S.

Which means almost nothing to most Japanese studios and publishers.


Fuck off, irrelevant male MC.

Ignore him, he's just another snarky annoying namefag. He's like that notorious ESL /u/fag but pro-het/anti-yuri and has better English. I bet he thinks Akari and the other yurus are in just their adolescence stage and will get boyfriends someday.


Meant for Plus, his avatarfagging is annoying too.

But no one is talking about Reina.

>Retards are still using this pathetic excuse
You guys are so desperate.

I'm not snarky and I don't hate yuri. Where did that come from? A yuri anime 90% of you jerks hate was one of my favorite anime of winter 2015.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku has lesbian couple.

How many excuses do you need?

>Bringing up a canon het couple
>Neither of them is Kumiko nor Reina
Are you even trying?

Kannazuki no Miko also had a dude.

Are you going to argue that was not yuri?

Show by Rock has a ton of yuri pandering too.

Are you retarded? Yuri anime and manga completely rape fujo series in sales.

Tumblr sure has invaded Cred Forums. These threads are nothing but dens of SJWs. At least fuck off back to your containment board

SJWs fighting for the rights of chinese cartoon girls? Top fucking kek. At least fuck off back you your containment board

>there are people on this site who openly tolerate faggots, lesbians and degeneracy
Cred Forums is dead

>Cred Forums is dead
Oh man you're hilarious. You reek of newfag whose first board was Cred Forums, and then you got into anime after seeing a "redpilled anime thread".

Or maybe you're just trolling me for some reason.

One of those two girls wants a male dick!


The only example of lesbianism I can think of in historical records is how Viking women would rape the women they captured just like the men did.

Do you know where the word 'lesbian' comes from?

Eh, even i nancient Greece we had lesbians, and if yo uwere a elsbian in medieval times and you preferred women the only chocie for yo uwas either t omarry a guy and give him kids, become a prostitute, burn as a witch or go to convent and play sisters with other gilrs or get killed, and in comparison male homosexuality never had such bad stigma as women exactly cause women were always expected to be mothers and want kids etc. so lesbianity really clashed with that, while guys always were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

Only rise in lesbianity/biseuxality among females became much visible when women themselves had more opportunity to live by themselves and not be raped/killed by that, meaning in late XIX century or rather beginning of XX one.

And of coruse a female could always be a lesbian with her handmaiden if her husband allowed it in the past where he could fuck his own mistress or male buddy.

Are you retarded or am I missing a meme here? Yuri never soId more than yaoi in generaI. And the yaoi market was aIways bigger than the yuri one, I don't get what's the point arguing about it. I do prefer yuri, though.

Some people seem to believe you don't actually need to have romance between girls for an anime to be yuri, just having two or more girls that one can fantasize about being lesbians for each other is enough.

Why did Sakura Trick have such a negative reception?

hetshitters are such kill

So every other shipping buIIshit that goes on in aII het/yaoi/yuri crack cancer?
It wasn't very good, pIot wise, it's not hard to figure. But it had kissing, visuaIIy pIeasing to me at Ieast.

Kill yourself degenerate.

Thanks for letting me know what threads to avoid and only shitpost in.

>fall says yes
Deluded retard. Kill yourself.

>mugishit garbage fanart
Put your trip back on so you can get banned again.

I love yuri

Fuck off and kill yourselves.
Back to your degenerate containment.

Madoka despises Homura.
Sayaka doesn't love Kyoko.
Hibiki doesn't love Miku.
Yuuna doesn't love Togo thank god.
Nanoha doesn't love Fate.
Sakura has long abandoned Tomoyo.
Kumiko and Reina both want a dick and are adolescent, not gay.
All the girls in shows like Yuru Yuri, Sakura Trick, Yuyushiki and such are just in a phase and will all marry men.

Yuri is never real outside of shitty hentai for degenerates and that is never love, just lust. Lesbians are not loved by anyone they know.

Me too.

Go change your diapers, chaggy.

What you shouId do is Iaugh, check his Ieddit and Iaugh harder, aII of this whiIe NOT responding to his virgin ass, and then report whiIe posting yuri. Speaking of it, is Madoka getting any movie after this Iast one? I read about it but there was never a confirmation.

>animating Citrus when you could animate Bloom Into You

Citrus is a meme.

YagaKimi doesn't have enough chapters to animate into a full-length series, and as I said before it will probably end with no more than 30 chapters and after that no one animates manga that is already finished.

GentIe reminder.


Onee-sama, go to sleep.


I see you are well versed in /u/ culture.

>futa is closer to het than yuri
People who link like this have brain problems.
Serious, incurable brain problems.

I guess I have a few brain problems of my own.


>author goes on record saying that Kumiko and Reina have a purely platonic relationship and are not romantically interested in each other
>/u/ persists with calling it yuri

Not disagreeing with you, but couId you provide the source for that? I haven't even watched the series or anything, just screenshots and short scenes that Iooked gay. AIso a screenshot where the Iong haired one says she's in Iove with "him".

You know, I will never understand how actual lesbians can love Hibikek, since it's the very definition of yuribait. Every time I find a lesbian that """""""likes yuri""""""" it goes like this:

Yuru Yuri? Pedoshit
Sakura Trick? Fanservice
Yuri Kuma? Boring
Valkyrie Drive? Disgusting
Hibikek? They lust after males? PERFECT
Utena? They get BLACKED? PERFECT
Gunjo? They fuck males for no reason? MUH REALISTIC MANGA SO GOOD

This drives me crazy, and I also see this a lot in /u/. Can't /u/ and female """""""yurifags"""""" just admit they love their girls taking dick and bisexual sluts?

>implying anyone likes Gunjo
See? This is how I can tell you're full of bullshit.

Lesbians fucking LOVE Gunjo I don't even know why.

The only people who like Gunjo are Erica, and the creator of Gunjo. And no one likes Erica.

Don't believe me? FIne. Go to /u/ right now.
Do it. Do it right now.
Go to /u/ and ask them what they think about it.

I thought so.

I know everyone just shitposts about Erica whenever Gunjo is mentioned in /u/, but now go to /lgbt/-/lesgen/ and ask. Lesbians like that piece of shit. I bet in tumblr you would find even more lesbians that love it.

You Iook Iike you just found out about /u/ and think onIy there peopIe can discuss yuri, whiIe /u/ is against its own ruIes since tumbIr just fIooded it with Cred Forums, 3DPD and more dumbIr moraIs years ago. Get over it, Cred Forums isn't /u/ fortunateIy, so for anime/manga discussion of actuaI good yuri you come here and ignore them.

Meant to quote

Yuri pandering completely dominates the industry.

Love Live, Madoka, GuP, Symphogear.

Real Yaoi anime sells worse than real Yuri. What sells good is yaoi pandering and reverse harem otome.

It still sold better than most harems.

Exactly, yuri pandering, not actual romance yuri shows where yuri is the actual focus.
>Real Yaoi anime sells worse than real Yuri
If you're going to spew shit out of your ass at least provide an actual source, because actual yaoi always sold better than yuri. Name one ACTUAL yuri show that did better than any yaoi.

Fuck off back to /u/r shithole then. Some peoples just want to ship 2 cute girls who goes this well together without thinking much about it, who cares?

I-is this Euphonium? I can't wait.

It is Euphonium, and it's still not yuri.

Whatever it is, I'll take it.

>it's still not yuri.

Whatever it is, I like when girls are this close

Yuri on Ice will save Yaoi.

>Whatever it is, I like when girls are this close and sucking dicks on the side
Is this what you truly meant?

Good for them, I guess.

I think referencing this interview.

>Takeda: (laughs) In almost every work, not just novels, there’s so many that put romance above fellowship, aren’t there? I wasn’t satisfied with that, so I wrote this work thinking of making fellowship above romance. It’s just as Yamada-san says, Reina is a bit sensual from Kumiko’s point of view. It’s something characteristic that a girl would sense and describe. If a man were writing it, wouldn’t it be more like a lusty wolf coming out? (laughs)
>Yamada: In this world, there’s so much that doesn’t just move because of love for love’s sake.
>Takeda: Shuichi is special as well, but for Kumiko, Reina is depicted as a presence that is above him. Before Kumiko met her, he may have been her special guy, but now her relationship with Reina is eternal. It’s not just those two; that type of relationship is throughout this entire story. I wanted to show fellowship as this vastly important thing that gets cultivated by mankind depending on each other and working hard in that closed space of club activities.

She's basically saying, it's a platonic relationship that's more important than a romantic one.

Yes, especially when they choose pussies in the end.

>Reina is depicted as a presence that is above him
>Before Kumiko met her, he may have been her special guy, but now her relationship with Reina is eternal
I stiII can get behind this and enjoy it, though. Even assuming that the guy is staying reIevant anyway.

>I think he's referencing this interview.

Nice upgrade to your pasta, Lawnchair.

Reminder Cred Forums will one day be one with /u/-oneesama. Best not to fight it.

>one day
It happened long, long ago. It's /u/ who started to leave Cred Forums with more and more 3DPD Cred Forums normalfag shit and cancer all around.

Too bad Hibikek doesn't fit in that category.

Keep believing.