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1st for

Yuya's a boy(girl)!

I certainly will, user.


Why not just send Reira's american friends to fusion dimension to solve the problem?

I don't know why they're sticking with these awful romanizations.

Post yfw next week we're plotblocked by tennis


When it comes to what girls like, Arc V has all the main 4 boys personalities, thus any lady can chose:
Yuya is fun, interesting to be around and kind-hearted. He can entertain you for hours.
Yuto is dark, mysterious and has a cool deep voice that would make any girl swoon.
Yugo is short-tempered, goofy and a bit of a jerk - but with a heart of gold.
Yuri is evil, sadistic and likes to mind rape you anytime.


Goddammit, pixiv is so full of lewd and cute Bracelet girls images and I cant post any nor understand whatever they say.


>cant post any
user, step up your game.

She's the least attractive Ruri design and probably smells like motor oil due to being from Synchro.


Melissa Claire has even less.

Just finished this stitch from the new OP. Took 88 frame captures to get everyone. Enjoy,

That's the exact opposite of good taste, user.

>probably smells like motor oil due to being from Synchro
user, that's a plus
No, like, I tried but I really can't. I guess my net is kinda bad right now. But... damnnnnnnn. You got yourself a fine image there
Damnnnn... She cute

All she has going for her are oppai.


>Parasites were even scared shitless



According to TV Tokyo:
Sunday Oct. 9 17:30 Play Clowning King ARC-V
Game king ARC-V "sun that the devil was born"
Yugoslavia which appeared before Yuri who is going to form soryo into a card challenges Yuri to deyueru! Two people reel fierce battle, and spread…

He's hardly even in the picture

>Q&A shows up
>No Shinji

That's harsh.

>Being this wrong

>those 2 no name fucks who went to level 0`s school are in
>Shinji isn't
>Nakajima and ENJOY don't even have faces

>Aladdin and Olga
What happened to their cards? Did Yuzu leave them back in Synchro?

This never gets old.
Thank god tennis the menace won't ping pong us to oblivion for a week.

>Even Eita and the people from Kachidoki's school are there
>No Shinji

Ayus parents are there. You can see the dads camera.

If the Doctor found them on her, they're probably now in the green card machine.

Thanks user

Synchro girls are always superior.

She showed them to Yusho. He probably has them next to his walking stick volunteers collection.


Imagine if in the OP, Yugo's name was written "YUGOSLAVIA" instead of "HUGO" and we got "SORYO" instead of SORA

That's Michio's mom.

Holy shit Shinji is such a no-show

Yuya should have had his sanity and sense of self slipping all throughout the show as a constant build-up to Zarc's appearance, rather than only have Berserk appear once in a blue moon. We should have had more moments like pic related where more and more of hitotsu ni comes out over time until the climax.

My sides would be propelled into space from laughter.

>Sam and Gallager are there
>No Shinji

Wow, who knew Shinji had so many fans?

Wow Berserk Yuto looks way better than Berserk Yuya


We're never going to find out what that last message was, are we?

At least we get to see his EGAO until the series ends.
Also I just noticed that they put FUCKING SAM in full frame on the right edge corner. THIS IS AN OUTREIJI.

Shinji was the true hero of the Commons! #CommonsLivesMatter #DWheelsoutforShinji


Yaiba was never carded, he just got the crap beaten out of him by the guy standing right next to him.


Fuck you niggas where's Captain Solo and BB?

>tfw Fusion arc ends next episode and that's why we got Solo and BB as the filler for Fusion and Tyler sisters and Kaito as filler for Xyz

So what did the nips think about the episode

>this garbage fucking opening with literally 0 budget and awful romanji
ARC-V is dead to me.

>Umesugi and Takeda
>Olga and Halil
>LDS Trio
A reminder of better times.

>Fusion arc ends

I think that may be the case. I mean did you see those floating buildings?

I'm retarded, When did we start calling him Zarc?


Inb4 Ritual... err I mean Pendulum Dimension

Since the cast list for 126 was revealed.

Just what's wrong with being a Demon Duelist in YGO?

combined Yus are suspected to be called Z-Arc and Zarc was a character in the cast list for next episode .Same with Ray-A but for the Ruris

It looked like Heartland, but you're right. Those floating buildings means it might not be Heartland. Makes me think that Heartland was the core of the original dimension and that's why edgy dragons are associated with Xyz and why Leo invaded only the Xyz Dimension.

I miss glorious brown

maybe something about "leading the world to destruction" but who knows


World probably had it coming for not playing enough card games to beat him.

Ruri's hair makes me smile.

Have the doujin leaked yet?

>no Roger
Damn, he really did fall out of existence.

>131 posters on episode thread
Today was a good day! I hope we're back in business!

Ah, thank you anons

Oh myyyyyy!!! Why is Rin soooooo...

I can't even... I can't take it... HNNNNNG

A being can't possibly be cute and hot at the same time like this

Why do you tumblrfags act so spastic all the time?

Who's the guy next to Ayu

I'm not a tumblr fag though.

Im just a Rinfag.

but she has to..be my girlfriend!!snickers nefariously/thinks to self/ 'man, if this works, i'll get this rin to be my girlfriend and i'll ride the cool roller coasters! c'mon, luck be a lady tonight!'crosses fingers and gulpss-

As far I remember he is Spellbook-kun.

That guy who won the Youth tournament. He plays Prophecies.
He was about to get killed by Obelisk Forces until Yugo bailed him out. He then ran away like a bitch and was never seen again.

Who said Rin was yours?

one of LDS' """""""""""""Elite""""""""""""""""" team that was sent to deal with the jobelisks just before Yugo arrived in standard

*turns to see some DWEEB*

hey...*fixes glasses*...back off buddy

*unsheaths katan*

i saw her first ! *snickers*

*teleports behinds you*

Well at least they didn't forget Reiji this time. Hope he's dueling in the upcoming summaries. After this next episode and the summaries I think we'll finally know where this show is going.

So, I can understand why Zarc is the same VA for Yuya/Yuri but having someone who voiced Grace Tyler instead of the one that voiced Yuzu/Serena confuses me.

Either it's because:
>budget reasons, her Va was busy at the time,
>the staff secretly ship Grace and Yuya(especially with back at Twitter her VA saying Grace have became a slave to EGAO),
>they are trying something new
>the same thing as always the writers being lazy as well with missing another opportunity.

we've said that for the past 3 summary sets

It's different this time. We haven't gotten any big plot episodes like 126.

We get a QUALITY episode like this once every 50 ono episodes

get the fuck out of my thread before I card you like I did the rest

S-Source, senpai?


ummm uh o-okay

y-you have a nice day now

*tailgates outta here*

OP 3 was both the best OP and the worst OP. Worst OP because it promised a totally different, much better show than the one we got.


I wanna go to the timeline where Arc-V didn't get its pacing fucked by a year extension, have its characters sidelined for nostalgia shilling, and have its best writer leave after Yuzu/Masumi II.

I bet Ray is a hot girl with long pigtails, wearing a mini skirt and tigh-high boots/socks.

I really like this pic.

The last three summaries have been useless. The first batch had Dennis V Kaito and the Captain Solo garbage. The second batch had the BB shit. This third batch hasn't really done much for the plot either aside from the next episode.

>Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, Yuri
>Yuzu, Serena, Rin, Ruri
>they don't match

Order of chronological appearance.

It's by order introduced, user.

>pacing fucked by a year extension
Then why is Synchro unnecessarily a long drag while Xyz is a short shitfest? Just cut Synchro short and extend Xyz in the hopes that even if they have shitty writing at least they have good pacing.


She will likely take on an appearance of an older Yuzu.

Now that I think about it, the magician waifus might actually be how Ray/a might have looked like when she was younger.
>Tuning is her kid self, Noble is her older self, and Creation is her fully grown up self.

Though Zarc is probably going to look like the messed up fusion of Banana and Tomato given he likely has blue hair if Destruction Magician is any indicator of his original appearance.


Watch it
Watch it and despair

>Back when you actually thought that Yuya and Yugo were going to be forced into a fight with each other by the will of their dragons

Anyone has links to quality doujins?

Use saucenao.com from now on.

Because they didn't plan for having an extra year and then fucked up the time management along the way. Ono running off to do Symphogear for a season during synchro's start probably didn't help either

Understood and thank you, senpai!

dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36593920/Arc Five/Pendulum Beat.txt

Lyrics for op


Maybe Yuzu\Serena VA is busy? Or she does not have vocal range to do a more mature character.

It wasn't even that long ago and I'm already feeling nostalgic for the episodes from Burn to the end of Hanate.

I want to go back ;_;


Can't find them yourself?


Im trying to navigate pixiv, but I can't find anything aside pics... and an Ayu doujin. Trying to find about any bracelet girl

Could it be?

Glorious cow tits. More big Ruri Ruris please.

anyone fancy doing an Cred Forums sings for one of the ops/eds since we're in the final stretch?

Yes. I'd be down for it.

Yeah sure.

Must have....

I could mix it and receive the voices if no one else will do it.

Saucenao isnt working. user, could you give me your sauce?

thank you user

There are still two synchro slots left in RATE, correct?

also that'd be great user





Such a cute design for nothing, I tought that this bitch would try to cuck Yuzu desu.

Correct, probably Crystons. There's also one anime fusion slot, probably the Wind Witch.

Thank you, senpai! You got great tastes!

>no duel chaser 227

Yuri with these guys just feels weird

I think that's him between Jack and Smiley, you can't see his head though

Looks like Sanders is getting EGAO'd

We should to ably do something from either 4, 5, or 6 since 1, 2, and 3 already have an Cred Forums sings.

So lackluster compared to Challenge The Game's shots of the whole cast.

Reminder that OP2 was the absolute peak of Arc-V hype



Script out yet?

Alright, good. Maybe they'll be slightly less shit then, though one of them is guaranteed to be level eight, which doesn't help the deck much last I checked.

Remember when Reira was an orphan from a war involving real guns and tanks?

>Light a shit in lead
>Speaking and Trump Card not in lead

It really is.

Challenge the Game just felt a lot more. Maybe because the past characters in it were mostly one-shots and just seeing them, even if the duels weren't that great, felt like the staff really cared and when I look at the cast in the Arc-V shot, I just think of the show it was

Also, it was better because it looks like everybody showed up to see Yuma and Astral's duel where here it's "oh look it's Yuya being himself again"

Full Size.

No problem.

What if Zarc and Ray aren't the Demon Duelist, but they simply contain it, by splitting it and themselves into four counterparts?


and a bonus. I like how the clouds in the background form (not so subtle) angel wings over Rin.

How do you get from Yus and Ruris to Z-Arc and Ray-A?
Obviously since the credits have them, that would be the case, but you seem to imply this was a thing prior to that

>enjoy henchman is fully visible
>enjoy itself is not

Post anime cards komoney will never give you




i'll never get over this

>final OP
>all summoning methods and their Yuyas are shown
>ritual is nowhere to be seen and the 2 ritual players are both irrelevant and or dead.
Just a reminder that ritualfags spent 2 years shitposting for nothing.

I don't have the photo to hand but Z-Arc and Ray-Area where written above photos of young serena and Yuri in the episode where Reji saves the day on his speed boat

I feel like Reiji's getting written out of the story

I think that's supposed to be the wind, like how Yuzu has flowers, Serana has the moon, and Ruri has birds.

Didn't the official site say it airs on the Monday right after?

He was written INTO the story at some point?

Man Sora, Shun, Sawatari, and Gongenzaka are so fucked

I'm fully convinced they changed Ruri's hair colour, of course there's the eye --> hair pattern, but in op1 the four cards that have a silhouette of yuya on are the colour of Rin/Yuzu and serena's hair + a yellow one it's the same with the colour of the lollies in the first ed that Yuya's teasing the fat kid with.

Sora finally got to be in an OP again.

Good point, he was always on and off throughout the story and but now he's just gone.
Even in his first duel with Yuya he threw it away just to walk out of the show.


raging egao dragon

is there even an off vocal for those 2

Anyone else notice the pendulum scene in the OP, creating some weird vortex?

I'm trying to figure out what Leo is talking about in the preview.

From the shots we saw, he seems to be in the original dimension when he was younger. But then this begs the question, how the hell did he do that? Is he from the original dimension?

It's really sad what happened to him

He's gonna go down as the most forgettable "rival" in the franchise. And that's a feat because usually main rivals are the best characters

>There was once a time where Sora was actually a main character
>There used to be debates over whether Shun or Sawatari should stay on the main character page on the YGO wikia
>All of them got fucked anyway

You know what's a good idea right now?

Sitting back, relax

And listen to Wonder Wings. Isn't Wonder Wings great? Man this feels like a last opening even if it's not as intense


I dunno about forgettable. Whenever he starts doing things he generally steals the show. He might be the rival with the most wasted potential though.

Something about opening Pandora's Box.

Also apparent new trivia: Hazy Flame Sphynx's resting body temperature is ~85.46 °F

I hate this song. I will always hate this song.

There is no point in defending it either since Challenge The Game is so fucking good that it both accentuates it and makes up for it.

I wonder how often they frequented that bar since then.

Don't know man. Maybe it's on purpose

>Inamura busy
>While Kensho is busy too yet he got the role

How ironic. Add it to the wiki.

Did you know you can be a rival who actually does things on a consistent basis and even gets to duel?

Oh right, every previous series did it.

Manjoume didn't really DO things, but damn did he try.

I wish Sora got to go to Xyz. Would have really spiced up the Lancers interactions with the natives.

He is a girl (male)

Someone please shop some extensions on that shota

He didn't have to do things.

Just the effort was enough

she's cold as fuck for a mammal

So, according to the preview, as Yugo and Yuri summon their dragons and Leo is explaining the plot, Yuya is going berserk. I have a feeling Leo is going to turn to the screen only to see a broken cage and Kaito/Edo unconscious on the floor.
As a side note, does anybody know why OED is showed instead of OEPD?

OED transformed into OEPD during the first ep, so it makes sense that it was OED in the unified dimension.

Agreed. And it's more ironic for a FIRE monster called Hazy Flame.


I have feeling both Yusho and Leo were from the unified world, hence why he gave OED to Yuya.

More like Lazy Flame.

Challenge the Game did it better.

For a single non-panning group shot, CtG fit in nearly every single character in the series to include 1st season single-episode filler charters like Dog-chan and even the baby of Anna's relative who wasn't even born yet at the time.

That's an accomplishment.

Also I'm surprised that Astral ended up fixing reality for everyone, but still left Tron in his child form with a galaxy for half a face (and black hole for an eye).

They don't even have the money to make good a good op and ed. That's just sad.

I feel like all the adults were from it, but got their memories messed with. Young and hip synchro councilmen when?

That's because Astral made a reality Yuma wanted. Yuma only knew Tron when he had that face, so when he imagines the Arclights he thinks of him with a galaxy face and a tiny body.

I wonder what these cards are for?

Thanks, based user.

They appear to be spells.
Any mention of "S/S/S"? I can't read moonrune.

guise, where can I watch ep 125?
not up on kissanime and gogoanime is lacking subs

halp please

this artist should draw porn

Dailymotion or Nyaa newfag

Probably for the bracelet girls

Maybe they're the cards that keep the dimensions apart.

>4 Spells
>4 Worlds


leave Renge to me

>but you still take damage

We need a better resolution of this pic.

If good songs for OPs are now a lost cause, when can Yugioh at least get visuals like this again

Kirifuda is leading. What the hell.

Kirifuda was great


They look like the Raya equivalent of the Wing cards the Zarcs have

Go away reira

your plotpoint left arc-v with dennis

Oh god, what is this I don't even

>Yuzu in front of a field of flowers
>Serena in front of the moon
>Ruri is holding bird

>Writers realize they have no premise for Yugo and Yuya to fight eachother

I'm mad but I'm also glad they didn't make Yugo just fusion fodder for Yuya with no character building.

Why do people hate Wonder Wings?

>Why do people hate Wonder Wings?

So Fusion fodder for yuri with no character building is somehow better?

Best final openings so far

Road to Tomorrow - Going My Way
Precious Time Glory Days
Wonder Wings
Pendulum Beat


>tfw the demon duelist who split the world into 4 dimensions isn't Yuma due to rewriting all of history with the Numeron Code
>Kaiba won't come back as the founder of Academia, and the inventor of the carding process after witnessing Kisara being turned into a card 5000 years ago.

feels bad man. I'm so over arc-v at this point that I just want it to turn into OG Yugioh or Zexal III. Why did they have to waste 70 episodes copying WRGP, the worst part of 5D's.

>Yuya gets M A D
>Professor did nothing wrong preview


I think by working on Real Solid Vision, Leo opened "Pandora's Box" and allowed Zarc or Ray to affect the world with card game magic

He survived the dimension split because Zarc or Ray needs him to bring Real Solid Vision into the next world

Serious question.

Seeing Joeri kick Sora's ass was the main reason why i wanted to see this episode. Best Yu by far

Truly the best.

Why did things have to go so wrong for our Candu Boy? I just want him to get adopted by Yuzu/Yuya's family and live with his BFF and disciple.

Look at the sexual tension.

What is wrong with Yuri's bottom button?

Any zarc/ray fanarts yet?

Well, aside opinionated matters on whether the song itself is good or not. It feels largely unfitting for both the series and especially for the kind of arc its used during, particularly when placed in the context of the kinds of music used for all of zexal's prior ops. Additionally, being coupled with Challenge the Game accentuates the issue and makes it generally very offputting since the ED matches up so perfectly with both the series and the barian arc and ultimately does a great job of giving a sort of wistful, triumphant sendoff to the Zexal era (arguably even if the person viewing the show doesn't like the show itself).

Basically, WW just doesn't feel congruent and thus it gets more backlash for it, on top of not generally being everyone's cup of tea as far as songs go.

Those sound like some retarded ass plot reveals, you should feel terrible for believing your own lies.

>retarded ass plot reveals
it turns out that arc-v is pretty retarded.

It looks like we're heading over to King Kai's planet soon.

>Not retarded

Pretty underwhelming for a final OP and ED. Good thing I didn't have high expectations.

You realize of course this was meant for kids right? Complaints about the plot not going as dark as people though is about as dumb as the people who got mad about Pokemon X/Y having Ash loose again.


I'm ready.

I have a feeling the pendulum will play a huge in this, if going by the op.

You have to admit, it's funny to say that Yuya won the Pokémon League.

I feel so ashamed to like this show.

I have a feeling Z-Arc and Leo were friends and somehow Leo created/summoned the real dragon while infecting Z-Arc at doing that.

Same t b h

That's okay Anonymous. It can be our little secret.

>Yuya beats Kingu and Denies Ash his Master Quest yet again.

What a time to be involved in Yu-Gi-Oh again.

Why? It's really not that bad. I would rank it near the bottom of the YGO shows but it's overall quality is still OK. Yeah it could've been better but it's not complete garbage like everyone says.

dont be, you knew what this show was walking into it, to be contrary now is mere sophistry

oh please, not the "you just want the show to be dark and edgy" shitposter again.

He did it all to save Chespin girl's smile.

I'd rather we go there to be honest. The scenery fits the whole phenomenon of 4 boys and 4 girls that are pieces of two beings. Also, I'm getting bored of Academia.

Duel Masters may be a comedy show that had an episode in which the main character gets regressed into being a literal baby but the newest OP was better than Arc-V's:

I wasn't impling they wanted it to. I'm just saying it wasn't ever going to have a reveal like that. That's expecting far to much from the hack writers responsible for Synchro.

I like Duel Masters more for that gag dubbing first series.

The staff complained that Ash lost again. Not everyone is on board with it and it's a legit complaint. Same for this show turning to shit. No one is asking for it to go super dark. But with how fucked up things are now with 4 characters brainwashed you'd expect it to look a little bleak. Instead the OP is full of smile world shit and Yuya's rage resulted in a hole in a wall and nothing else. Serena and Ruri got up like nothing happened and ran off. Shun for some inexplicit reason is dying yet Ruri and Serena got hit full blast by a beam of blue flames and didn't even get their clothes damaged. This show is retarded.

and I thought Vanguard's new OP was shit. Kek Arc-V finds a way


I don't. I like 5Ds a lot and that series outright kills itself halfway in. This show's worst isn't all that bad in the context of ygo as a whole.

29 days to Halloween!

The Parasites groping their breasts under their clothes were destroyed to prevent the destruction of the ruri.

at least arc-v's op is better than the shit jojo got song-wise. That's just unfortunate.

>Yuya's rage resulted in a hole in a wall and nothing else.

There was nothing to indicate it was going past that. Next episode skips to Yuri and Yugo and this is just the reveal of the monster. Odd-Eyes Rebellion's reveal was just as underwhelming despite the hype behind it.

>This show is retarded

Did I say it wasn't? I'm just saying don't fucking expect some crazy ass reveal because this show has done nothing to warrant that expectation compared to any other series build up.

Why does his face say?
>I hate my Ruri

Seriously, can the fan nicknames for the new bigger bad get even more fucking stupid?

I mean, what the fucking hell is Z-ARC? Hitotsu Nii was bad enough.

puts his ruri gathering quest in a whole new light.

Best couple.

>fan nicknames
But Z-ARC is the official name.

Zarc is the real deal.

If only. Zarc is the real name.

When you can't set your expectations low enough and a show surprises you

>I like them crude and strong
>But this girl is too crude and strong

>not liking HITOTSU-NII-SAMA
Plus Z-Arc was an actual thing and is the actual name of the character.

I actually really liked JoJo's OP. Song's catchy and it had way better visuals. Plus DP being bros and confirming part 5.

Sauce or it didn't happen. And the Yuri-esque thing doesn't count since the name is not on it.

Am I the only one who really liked the OP? I mean, it's clear that both the OP and ED didn't have much of a budget behind them, but watching the OP for me was hype as fuck. I think it's easily in the top half for me.

The visuals were wonderful, but I couldn't get into the song at all unfortunately. After the wonderful BREAKDOWN bit at the start, I just found myself growing increasingly unhappy with it



With Yuya and Yuri on the cast list.


I almost physically recoiled past the 10 second mark when the vocals started. I can't even stockholm syndrome myself to it

I still think that won't be the name. The writers aren't THIS fucking stupid.

Of course, now I'm delusional one but I really wanted to hope that this show wasn't a complete utter garbage. Guess my HOPUs are best invested in ZEXAL:

2016年10月9日(日) 17時30分~18時00分


ズァーク - Zarc

>4 action cards needed to prevent Yuya/Yuto from getting BTFO

>bracelet girls don't even bother trying to stop them from grabbing them except once

>the spellbook guy

If your final OP and ED can't have a budget, especially when previous final OPs were visually stunning (seriously, just look/listen to 5Ds' last opening) there is a problem

Is he manlier than Yuya?

>I don't. I like 5Ds a lot and that series outright kills itself halfway in.
Every YGO series kills itself at some point.

YGO has to be the most consistent franchise in which every series is very inconsistent. The key is which one you are okay with. It's why DM is still the most popular one because it's only low points are the filler arcs


Anyone is.

>not getting the name symbolism
Z-ARC has z in it, which represents the end. Destruction can also be compared to an arc, where after a certain point in cannot continue and can only regress.
Ray-A has an a, which shows beginnings. A ray is constant and never ending, like creation.

Action cards are cancer

Hey, GX and ZEXAL are good.

I will give you that they are inconsistent. But ZEXAL is not.


Do I want to know what's going on? Is this from the deviantART dungeons?


The manly protagonist of Duel Masters.

>being this butthurt
Oh, come on, for all the reasons you could be mad at Arc-V you choose to be mad at a name?

Still a stupid name.

And you guys are still with the god of destruction thing?! That hasn't been confirmed yet.

vote 4 speaking madafakas

Oh hey you can see the silouhettes of Zarc and Ray behind the Yuus and Ruris


I am mad at a lot of things. This is just the straw that broke the Des Lacooda's back.

>Demon duelist who leads the world to destruction

Considering Yuya used both Destruction Magician and Creation Magician when he was going Hitosu Nii, I'm still holding on to that theory.

Yuya is not a god and the magicians thing hasn't even been used as symbolism for anything.

Even the straightfoward fan nickname Darkness was better. And come on, the franchise has been using that as symbolism for ages.

Are you saying naming a character Darkness is better than something like Z-Arc that has actual meaning behind it?

Zarc looks like a fuccboi through his silhouette. I was expecting the demon duelist to be have a more menacing and big body frame.

From Zorc to Zarc. Where did everything go so wrong?

but not in the yuya level

Those things are not mutually exclusive, Yuri is a fuckboy and he also looks menacing.

No, it doesn't. You are making this shit up since there are have been goof ups when it comes to namig (Zorc, Z-ONE and ZEXAL, I'm looking at you).

Well those two are the reverse of 5Ds and Arc-V

GX is shit for like half its series before getting good and Zexal takes a very very long time to actually start resembling something decent

user, please...

>gold mine for reaction images

Well he's made up of four fuckbois so it's not like it's too surprising.


Aigami looks like a fuccboi and look at what he became.


>no Zarc or Ray concept pics yet
Come on japs

Well hello there instant erection material.

The only silver lining I see from this is that the staff putting their actual effort into the next series, while Arc-V has been relegated to just existing for the sake of keeping the Sunday evening timeslot.

>multiple posts
Okay then.

Holy shit. I was really looking foward to the new OP/ED but after reading the comments here i thought they would be utter shit. But the OP is actually pretty fucking good. The song is catchy as hell and even if 90% of the OP are stills, they were pretty good. This OP is probably my favourite one with Hanate in second place. For a newbie band this song was actually good. I'm pleasantly surprised

For all we know the silhouette appearance will just be his base form so the rest of the cast can go "Oh wow he really dos look like Yuya/Yuto/Yugo/Yuri" and he'll magic the hell up for the finale.

By menacing, you mean ways to turn dicks into diamonds, right?

>shit tons of money from DSOD promotion and other 20th anniversary shit
>no planned movies
>Zexal staff completely unoccupied

They've got everything they need to make the next YGO series well produced.

I like it, but it would sound much better as an instrumental version

It was funny how he wasn't taking Sora seriously in the slightest. He was just playing with him. He even used the Ancient Gear Deck

Hitotsu nii will wear black and hitotsu she will wear yellow. Calling it right now.

what exactly mean fuckboi?

Feminine boys.

DM is the most popular one because it has the most nostalgia behind it.

Wait is that their real names?

No. A fuckboy is a prison bitch.

of which the yuus are not

I liked the OP quite a bit too, user.

So i guess Joeri will use his normal deck against Yugo right?

prolly. yugo stole serena's yu duel virginity. he isn't taking that shit lying down.


Shotas shouldn't be handled like that.

no, no its ok. Sora was made for rough handling

Are Edo and Yugo just gonna leave Sora there twitching on the ground.

He's had it worse, like when a synchro fusionist cyborg punched him in the face at high speed.

They look like if they were part of some K-pop group.

Anybody have the WASTED version of that?

So who will be the one to make Yuri give a fuck when dueling? Because so far everyone is just a joke for him. I think its way too soon for Yugo to die so i guess someone will save Yugo before getting nom. Any ideas???

Going by the OP, they should have taken a rocket to the Synchro Dimension.

His best friend Shinji

Yuya, since he is his polar opposite.

Probably Yuya or Reiji. It just depends on where the show is going. We should know in 5 more days.

Zarc possessed Yuya.

Just before Yuri defeats or noms Yugo, the demon will fully take over the Yuu's bodies, and boom we get Zarc.

They like drawing this.

Why do I have the feeling that Zarc/Demon Duelist will utterly defeat Gon, Sawatari, Sora and Shun?

>and even if 90% of the OP are stills
That's shit though

Damn he got rekt hard. But i wanted to see him lose against Yuri since the moment they first saw each other.

Do we expect too much from a commercial?



No I don't think so.

In fact, I kind of don't expect too much from commercials so it tends to take something really fucking stupid to actually make me turn sour on them. Unfortunately, the YGO franchise is very much known for doing that

>those names
what the fuck

They were good tho. I love the OP

>tfw no Zarc for 10 more episodes
>tfw Zarc finally appears
>disappears after 5 episodes
>show's over after 5 more episodes

14 episodes watched, does it get better?

So are we really singing Kirifuda? How will we do it?

>new OP
>don't bother to fix this shit

They're really down to the last of their budget. I hope these last episodes don't look like complete ass.

No. It's downhill from where you're at. In fact, someone should make a watching guide for Arc-V.

Rank the final endings so far

DM - Eyes
5D's - Mirai Iro
Zexal - Challenge the Game
GX - Endless Dream
Arc-V - Dashing Pendulum

Better than this shit. Especially the animation. This OP is like the least hype OP ever. OPs are supposed to hype you for the show. This OP is just so damn bland and boring.

I found it funny how the new OP of Jojo was full of stills too with reused animation. Maybe that will be the new style of OP's now?

Makes me wonder if the budget is already going to the production of the next show.

Maybe I missed or forgot an explanation somewhere, but are the parasites maintained by Solid Vision or are they actual, regularly material organisms? If it's the former, couldn't they just shut off the Solid Vision in order to save the Ruris?

Mirai Iro > Challenge the Game > Dashing Pendulum > Endless Dream >>>>>>>>>>>>> Eyes

Yuto is actually pretty fucking badass. Second best Yu right here

It'd be sweet if they alternate a new picture every episode. Also where is this?


goddamnit yugo

it's the fountain from FRIENDS

As in the photo? Maiami city. The room is probably Yuya's bedroom since you could see his School bag.

>Implying that Konami will actually spend their money on making a better advertisement.

The Doctor was growing and cultivating them in that plant Yuya and the Ruri's were dueling in, so I don't think they're made from real solid vision.

So why did Zexal have so much clear better budget?

Eyes > Mirai Iro = Challenge the GAME > Endless Dream > Dashing Pendulum

I will say the mini-tag duel featured in the final GX ED makes it visually the most interesting one in the entire franchise.

Also is Yuya never going to obtain his own Kuribo?

The issue was never lack of money, just a lack of willingness to spend money. Konami prolly could've funded this show a hundred times over if it actually cared at any point. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that the cards are selling. As long as they do, ygo will always be cheap as shit.

>Also is Yuya never going to obtain his own Kuribo?
Maybe in the manga, just like Yusei.

Challenge the Game is first. No explanation needed.

I would say Endless Dream is next because it had some decent animation and the song/lyrics are very relevant to the theme of the last season. I also like how creative the duel sequence was.

Then I would say EYES because the song/lyrics fit the tone of the MW and the visuals also set up the important characters in the arc. I also like the symbolism of the hourglass in the back to show Atem's time in this world is running out and the foreshadow of Yugi vs Atem at the very end.

Future Colors is next. While it is a glorified slideshow and has that retarded Aki x Yusei moment at the end, the song/lyrics are relevant to the theme of the final arc with taking hold of your own future and making it bright.

While not bad, Dashing Pendulum is last because again it's a glorified slideshow and way too much shipping fuel. I also don't like how other characters are left out. The song/lyrics are ok because the theme of this show is still EGAO but the placement is horrible. It doesn't make sense to be placed in this arc with how things are turning out right now. It should've been an earlier ED.

Zexal was liked. You put more money into things that are liked. This show literally went with slideshows for the final opening and ending. They're just phoning it in at this point. Arc-V obviously had a vision in mind but they were terrible at executing it.

No movie produced simultaneously during its run for starters, and what said in that Konami pretty much never seems to care or that shilling prioritizes almost everything else to the point that it can and has been a detriment.

Even if Konami wasn't a miser, factors like who/which studios are available to work on Yugioh (since it relies a lot on outsourcing) is also a huge factor. With how the number of shows per season has risen over the years, it's not that hard for (actually good/decent) animators to find work that isn't tied to extra hectic deadlines that would come from weekly shounen anime. Timing and networking also matter a lot for being able to rope in decent talent.

I don't like the visuals. Even Wonder Wings reflected the current state of things better, both being a "let's show all the characters" final opening.
The music is also not good but I'm a sucker for the style even when it's bad. I like the chorus part a lot, it's catchy.

>Future Colors is next. While it is a glorified slideshow and has that retarded Aki x Yusei moment at the end, the song/lyrics are relevant to the theme of the final arc with taking hold of your own future and making it bright.
Would you feel the same way about it if the last episodes had taken a different resolution?

It will probably be romanized as Z-ARC and be the codename Leo gave, since it has shown up as part of the ID of Yuri in Leo's files Reiji sees in his flashbacks.
Same for RAY-A.

ZeXal's budgetary cuts showed up in other places, though. The writing was uninspired or utterly incomprehensible in MANY places, and the animation was garbage a lot of the time, especially when it came to CGI (all of the explosions for ZeXal, ZeXal II especially, are the exact same explosion copy/pasted repeatedly and scaled around).

ZeXal maintained its consistency because it cut in places that wouldn't sacrifice what little good it had going for it. It was well-liked because it knew what it was and stayed consistent through to the end.

Omniyuya confirmed

Omniyuzu Bonus confirmed

What happens when Zarc and Raya have sex?

I love how this opening just shows us how little villains this show has. Wonder Wings had a whole section with the Barians and their aces. Kaito and Mizael facing off, Don Thousand and the moon. This opening showed us still shots of the characters and then Yuya entame. I didn't think I'd be as disappointed as I was.

It would be extremely painful

"No fucking shit." - 2014 /Arc-V/


Universal reset over and over.

>Ha! Fool, On the next turn our comrades will...

The OP theme itself is great until the vocals kick in, as others have said which sounds not just overtly abrasive but amateurish as well (i.e. lacking in intonation control). Things get better during the chorus section but it's not a large part of the OP.

Visuals look great (except QUALITY UTE), but are lacking in 2D animation especially compared with earlier OPs (1-3).

Overall, it isn't terrible (overreactions notwithstanding) However, it's not that good either given what we know the series and franchise writ large is capable of.

Just imagine an older Yuya and Yuzu, with these hairstyles, and with black and white colors respectively, both in hair and clothes.

I think most problems I have with the past two openings would be lessened if they showed more the monsters along the important characters. They did it right until Hanate, but then every opening is just shots of the characters, new monsters, and Smile World.

It's weird we don't see the Dragons in this opening.

>Circus animals and smiles until the bitter end.

I hate it but I guess that's just how things are sometimes.

Is that Leo? With hair?

I fucking love that line. It's so fucking PERFECT.

Are you guys ready for GX 2.0?

I think it is. He has dark skin along with blue eyes.

>All Leo wanted was to be famous

What season?

I dont understand this preview. Why are we focused on some faggot in a lab

>he just wanted friends

>inb4 Leo wanted to harness the power of duel monsters for his own selfish desires

I want to fug that Lion

It's Leo nigga, probably explaining his backstory.

>Scientist has huge ambitions
>Conducts experiment to achieve ambitions
>Experiment goes wrong

Wow, never seen this before

Hanate was my favorite opening, even though Synchro arc was shit.

this is probably what Leo's sob story will look like
>genius scientist
>was lonely and wanted friends
>found the world was split into 4 dimensions and wondered why
>figured if he could make the 4 dimensions into the original world again he can get fame and friends

you're so tsundere user


the madmen

Will it save Synchro?

Young Leo looks like a stoned hippy.

When's Dark Rebellion Ghost Dragon and Starve Venom Hunter Dragon?

Only if you're wind and speedroid

did it come out today?

I've been out of the competitive meta for a while, I thought synchro was still good


Dark Synchro is kill, so Speedroids are the only relevant Synchro anyways

>Shinji doesn't appear in the OP
>Eita does
What does it all mean

They've swapped to Earth Synchro using beast of the pharaoh and X saber Gottoms to hand loop.

An user posted it a couple threads ago

Shame Terrortop has a good chance of being hit at some point

Sounds interesting. Got any examples?

So did Leo

>bigger than the background

They don't give a fuck anymore


That's a big Zaku.


it's larger than life

So, what are you last hopes for Raging Tempest? i'm hoping Dag Daggerman will be a good Performapal for once and Performage Trapeze Force Witch is the final fusion card. Crystrons are obviously taking the last synchro slots and now that the last cardian is printed there's no reason to care about synchro slots at all now.

I'm more interested in the last set. We should get info on it in a week or two.

After listening to the OP more I don't think it's that bad. It would actually be a pretty good first OP to introduce us into the show. The song is definitely catchy but fuck it just feels jarring where it's placed. Animation is lacking too and way too much EGAO. I still can't fathom how they shilled Raging Dragon while Yuya as in Berserk Mode and he's all menacing and then in the OP he's fucking flying with smile world all over the place. Who's fucking brilliant idea was that?


> I mean, if even split Zarc still exists buried in the Yus souls, shouldn't Raya be the same?

It's the fucking bracelet

Could care less about Raging Tempest the set has been a huge disappointment to me. Only the Zodiac stuff seems good but I don't really care for it. I'm more interested in Maximum Crisis now.

No, she has long hair.

That's no Zaku.

I'm hoping for support for D/D/Ds.

>The bracelet teleporting is Raya and Zarc's version of Yuya and Yuzu's paper fan


While the Jojo op was a lot of still it had a lot better direction and creativity than the op for Arc-V. Pendulum Beat is mostly just kind bland visually. Doesn't feel like the last one in this series.


For me I only like the starting sequence where it has YUGIOH moving across the screen and then it shows the Yuus on top of those platforms followed by their introductions. Everything else after that is just meh. I think the song itself is pretty decent though. I might consider listening to the full version of the song.

I'm a sucker for final endings that put everyone character in them. Not to mention the song is great so Challenge Za Game is first.

Challenge Za Game
Endless Dream
Mirai Iro
Dashing Pendulum

PoS subs are out if any of you care

Not generic sadly as the non-tuner requirement is WIND attribute monsters so only Speedroids and Majespectors can splash this with tuners. Maybe pendulum magicians if you go with Tuning+Oafdragon.


I thought the new Vanguard G opening was fine except for the laziness which is the 10% of it that will be changed with episode footage every episode.

It kinda hurt looking at this scene in the OP knowing what kind of characters they have become. So much wasted potential.

>3 jobbers and a guy who is always sleeping


>there's no reason to care about synchro slots at all now
Why do you say that? I'm hoping the Crystron synchros won't be too shit, though whether they are or not won't effect the deck in any noticeable way.


I'd sleep with him.

Shun jobs on multiple levels

The new ED is so beautiful, I nearly teared up listening to it, the trumpets are so fucking nice

Why does Arc-V tease me with these potential pantyshots?

Zexal was way worse. It's impossible not to see the female characters panties with how short their skirts are. Inuyasha anime teased it a ton too but the manga actually gives you full nudes.

>Arc-V starts out with blatant shipping
>shipping reaches critical mass when Yuya and Yuzu start crying when separated for the first time
>shipping only gets touched once during Synchro Arc
>they get reunited at the end of it, only to get separated again
>suddenly shipping is completely irrelevant during Xyz and the first half of Fusion
>ED airs and shipperfags think it's a miracle of the universe despite Arc-V clearly no longer caring about ships
This is literally the worst fanbase I have ever seen, not because of fanaticism, not because of spamming, but because you little shits will each the garbage that Kamishiro and Ono are handing to you and you're GRATEFUL to be eating said shit.

link please, f-for research purpose or course


just watch the series its only 150 eps

Anyone with half a brain knew that the shipping shit was going to be a huge part of the endgame of the show.

Asuka with Yuzu's hair

Zexal was ridiculous with this.

What are Ray and Zarc going to look like?

>Chaos Giant is made of several Hounds
What the fuck? I never knew.


i mean of inuyasha nudes

Did the use of four different Hound Dog monsters and the summon chant about combining their heads into one go over yours?

Looking like that would be pretty okay. I'm expecting blue and pink hair respectively though.


>All that teasing, but no ass to go with it
Why bother?

Base of the two if anyone wants to have a go

And enjoy all the sweet porn it has


>sweet porn
I guess?

sauce plss

Thanks to Kuwabara. He's a pretty perverted guy. According to nips he sexualized Anzu quite a bit in DSOD so that's something to look forward to.

He knew, didn't he?

dats gay nigga

I mean, we've been speculating since the second those cards first showed up that they were the original Yuya and Yuzu, so it makes sense.

where did you watch the movie subbed?

I wish Kuwabara was involved with Arc-V.
So many great girls and pretty much no fanservice.

The Zootan doujins are pretty damned good user

Since Zarc and Ray are the orginal Yuya and Yuzu, then why the hell do both standard counterparts have special miscs compared to others? I.E Yuya's pendulum/unique berserk, Yuzu's bracelet that actually works.


So my likely guess of Zarc's appearance is going to be that he has Yugo's hair color/Yuri's front bangs/Yuya's eyes and pendulum necklace(which may of came from Ray as a present to Zarc)/Yuto's attitude.

They are the base forms of Zarc and Ray when the dimensional counterparts were formed.

All the dimensions were probably one at some point, and after Zaec and Ray split so did the dimensions.

Main Embodiment? I don't know, user. Although, if you watch the OP, Yuya and Yuzu both swing by the pendulum merging together. I guess it'll have something to do with that.



It's been a while since I've partaken in them, so thanks for reminding me. Going to fix that problem soon.

Make a gif or webm of that

Hugo the Biker
Joe the Gardener


We need a flamenco duelist.

Another silhouette base

With the disappointing last OP/ED songs, I'd say it's best to resume Cred Forums sings Vision.

What did they mean by this?

She's going to New York to learn "dancing"

Just reached the episode subbed.
That sound the bug makes before its crushed by whatever the fuck the darkness is is absolutely terrifying.


it got absorbed

Looks like a serious duelist this time. I've had enough of egao.

Hey, at least it's not the pokemon anime.
If anything, these instances are definitive proof they like each other and it's not some one sided crush that the writers only tease at for more viewers.

tamogoros pokemon doujins are good to

Do you mean this in a good or bad way?

>Zarc taller than Ray
I'm not going to accept this REEEEEEE

Yeah. She is probably fucking chad and friends.

At least Yugi is living a good life in germany, studying game design.

New thread

It's the hair. In Ray is taller.

This. If you visit /padt/ the shipping drama there is worse

Zarc will learn to egao and you'll like it