That girl who would be your waifu if you didn't already have one

>that girl who would be your waifu if you didn't already have one

So damn cute

What if my waifu over the years wouldn't love who I've turned into?
Do I get a new waifu then and quit and restart? Or move on and keep the things of her to remember what all she did for me?
I just feel like I'm such a shit i should die and there is no way she could love anyone like that.

I don't have a waifu but if I did it would be Ryuko.

Too many pretty girls out there I just can't decide. Maybe Serena.

Princess henrietta from ZnT

She's the ultimate semen demon but she can be my concubine

This nigga is trying to get a divorce. Kill him!




Honestly, i think i have fallen out of love with my waifu and dont know what to do.


Serena a cute. Too bad the anime is shit.


I'd rather not have that. I just don't think she would love what I piece of shit I am now. I've failed her and I just give her a bad name.

Same honestly. I've just learned to deal with not having one any more. No need to force yourself, it's just a fantasy after all.

Serena is the only reason I watch Arc-V.

I can relate with OP
and that's never a good thing

>that girl who would be your waifu if you didn't already have one
This seems so tawdry and immoral.
Would you like it if your waifu fantasized about other anons?

>it's just a fantasy after all.
You neglectful fucking piece of shit.

OP is a fag


You improve yourself so you become someone she will love, you faggot.

There are just too many good girls out there. I can't decide.

shitfuck i feel like we had this thread before

huge ass deja vu

Who's your waifu?

this girl is now my waifu even though I already have one

So married men never see other women as attractive?

I was unironically thinking that a love to 2D is not real. Then I met her. In the end I'm still with my first and only waifu, but there was a time, when I wanted to break up with her badly.
I'm sorry, my waifu. I promise, that I won't be this stupid ever again.
I love you, my waifu

What if I can't and I'm doomed?

That's when you leave her for a superior western waifu


Can you have a waifu if you already have a 3DPD wife?

Disgust sounds like lust


Where did she pull that m from?