Anyone watching this otomeshit show by the director of Nozaki-kun? MC seems pretty cute

Anyone watching this otomeshit show by the director of Nozaki-kun? MC seems pretty cute.

I will.

Not too interesting so far.

Yeah, the only redeeming factor is MC being super cute.

>the director of Nozaki-kun
I was looking through her stuff the other day, the stuff she's done is pretty impressive.

It looked really nice for otomeshit. Umehara's singing was pretty bad, though. Out of all the younger guys, they should have cast KENN as the main one just so we'd be saved from that.
Also based Katsuyuki Konishi was in it to my pleasant surprise. Pity he won't be singing. It's a cruel world.

The art direction is by Studio Pablo. They seem obsessed with Gaudi, though.

>art turns into magic
Call me when one of them spadges on a hypersigil and starts worshipping a puppet.

>redhead and green eyes
Picked up

No reason to watch this in the same season as Utapri.

MC is very cute, too bad future episodes will probably turn to crap.

Otome game characters are always very cute

but their shows are always very bad

even funnier when the gays have more gar chemistry with each other than they ever have with GIRL

Kohana is way better than Hypnotoad.

I probably would have liked to see that happen, but sadly it's just magic idol school.

>tfw no sol anime about moore and morrison sharing an apartment

>gays have chemistry
>show focusing on the gay
The female is just there so the women can feel like they are in the world and as objects for the guys to fawn and stumble over on the way to eachs others dick

In this show the girl seems to be the focus and she has an actual character arc.

I don't like this recent trend of Yukarin voicing dead moms.

Yukarin is dead.

Whats your ability, Cred Forums?

Sparkling shitposting

>If consciousness itself, with its existence in the natural world being beyond the power of science to confirm, is therefore super-natural and occult, surely art is one of the most obvious and spectacular means by which that supernatural realm of mind and soul reveals itself, makes itself manifest upon a gross material plane.

>Art’s power is immediate and irrefutable, immense. It shifts the consciousness, noticeably, of both the artist and her audience. It can change men’s lives and thence change history, society itself. It can inspire us unto wonders or else horrors. It can offer supple, young, expanding minds new spaces to inhabit or can offer comfort to the dying. It can make you fall in love, or cut some idol’s reputation into ribbons at a glance and leave them maimed before their worshippers, dead to posterity. It conjures Goya devils and Rosetti angels into visible appearance. It is both the bane and most beloved tool of tyrants. It transforms the world which we inhabit, changes how we see the universe, or those about us, or ourselves. What has been claimed of sorcery that art has not already undeniably achieved? It’s led a billion into light and slain a billion more. If the accretion of occult ability and power is our objective, we could have no more productive, potent means or medium than art whereby this is to be accomplished. Art may not make that whisk-broom come to life and multiply and strut round cleaning up your crib...but nor does magic, for that matter...yet simply dreaming up the image must have surely earned Walt Disney enough money so he could pay somebody to come by and take care of that stuff for him. And still have enough change to get his head put in this massive hieroglyphic-chiselled ice cube somewhere underneath the Magic Kingdom. There, surely to God, is all of the implacable Satanic influence that anybody, sane or otherwise, could ever ask for.

-Fossil Angels

>her first time is with a boy she just met

What a slut.

Very pretty.