How to enjoy Evanglion????

how to enjoy Evanglion????

you cant

Hang yourself

be a retarded child in the 90s


>Get drunk
>search all sexs references

NGE isn't supposed to be enjoyed. It's supposed to be appreciated as a "mature taste", like you might drink black coffee to prove to your friends that you're an adult now.
It has certain themes that are worth taking a look at, but it won't be much fun to so. At the end you probably won't feel like you've wasted your time, but you might instead feel like banging your head against the wall for an undetermined length of time.

Stop browsing Cred Forums until you finish

is this a bait?

>hating on black coffee

I did, it was SHIT except the fights were cool n every fight felt like it could be the last

I enjoy it by watching Shinji suffer.

Find something else to watch and just edit the file names.

be really depressed and horny while watching

Don't project user

Watch and enjoy. How else?

You're supposed to be depressed to watch it. If you do like me and you get into it thinking it will be just a nice anime with a cool story to have some fun, you'll just get bored.

You have to be 18 to browse this site.

I'm 20

If the fight scenes were all that you could take away from Eva, I'm so sorry user.

That means you're two years too old. Fuck off.

>every fight felt like it could be the last
Do you happen to be new to narrative media in general? All of Eva's fights are full of modern TV tropes that you can find everywhere. The bad virus infiltrating the complex? Check. The threat from orbit that drops to Earth? Check. The impenetrable fortress? Check.
If you actually believed that each fight could be the last despite having a set number of episodes, you're just an idiot.

Why does Asuka look so smug towards Shinji?