Since Hiro is close to deleting Cred Forums, maybe he should just turn Cred Forums into /l/?

Since Hiro is close to deleting Cred Forums, maybe he should just turn Cred Forums into /l/?

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I find it amazing how moot kept this shithole afloat for so long and hiro manages to ram it into the ground unsharpened in such a short period of time.

lnime and langa?

Kill yourself.

t. Reddit

t. crossboarder

>being so new he thinks memes are board exclusive


We're saved

He's right though. I remember when people would call others out on using the term "newfag". Cred Forums has always had an exchange with other boards and in my opinion that's a good thing since it also results in board specific OC.

Fuck you pedo freaks

Cred Forums doesn't make much money actually, moot was pretty humble and lived like a common Cred Forums neet so he doesn't had many problems, but Hiro tried to keep his drug addiction with Cred Forums-bucks and failed.

Anything but that.


t. reddit

Since this is a meta thread, may I put forward the suggestion of ostracizing people with the pass tag as "mookfags"?

who is this fag?

>Cred Forums
I don't know who that is but he can fuck right off.

t. newfag

>being gay

Is this the guy who bought the wu tang album and artificially inflated the price of cancer medication ?

Make it /l/ and old Cred Forums, that will drive away enough traffic to make it profitable.


Yes. He's going to save Cred Forums and manage it responsibly.

>being a media shill

Just watch his youtube videos.

Yeah. Some rich fuck who would make Cred Forums even more cancerous, so it would be pretty fucking ironic. The complete opposite of the chemo we need at the moment.

Cred Forums is going to love this.

Hahaha, oh, now I remember that guy. He deserved the "scum of the year" award.

>actually falling for him

With any luck, there would no longer be a Cred Forums to sperg out over such a thing.

I support this.

kill yourself

>old Cred Forums

Guro Cred Forums or pre Cred Forums takeover Cred Forums?


We need someone largely unambitious and lazy like moot who is fine with living in his mom's basement.

Hiro wanted to use Cred Forums to make money and now it turns out it doesn't make money and he's fucking it over.

What's all this about the bunnyman running things into the ground? I can still shitpost just fine.

What happened?

You know the Cred Forums Gold Account meme?
It's become real. When you see the green Cred Forums flower on a post, it means that person has a Cred Forums pass.
If you hover your mouse over it you can see for how long he's been on Cred Forums.

Also, An Hiro says he needs to squeeze more money out of the chan so he's going to either shut down a few boards or push more cancerous advertisements on us, and possibly reduce image file sizes.

This doujin

Better have more advertisement than shut down boards.

>$5 USD per post
>+$10 if it's an OP post
>You have to create a subscription-based account that costs $20 a year (less than a single 20oz bottle of soda!)

It won't work.
Ever since he added malware advertisements even the newfags have started blocking the ads.
That's why he added the pass tags, so that we'd buy them just for the badge of honor.

>prease understand

To quote a different user:

I literally don't even know how I'd function without this site. Like, I don't use normalfag social media and shit. This is my only outlet.

I was actually considering to buy a Cred Forums pass yesterday, without having known about the /qa/ thread, but now it kinda feels like I'm being pressured. I've always wanted to support Cred Forums, but I don't want to give hiro the impression that I'm paying to get the pass features, rather than just keeping the site afloat. There should just be donation option. Maybe also something like a donation progress meter, like the mangaupdates or Wikipedia has.

Also, people should be more aware about how much moot has financially and time-wise sacrificed for us. Cred Forums is an expensive endeavor. We, as users, too, need to think about how it can best be financed, without being obstrusive.


What will we do without Cred Forums?

>I literally don't even know how I'd function without this site. Like, I don't use normalfag social media and shit. This is my only outlet.
(That was the quote part, I meant.)

Tenma Comics LO is an indie publication, didn't you know?

Here's how the Cred Forums Pass came to be:
>moot, we want to donate to you
>"I wouldn't feel right just taking your money, here, you get something in return whenever you give me money now."
The pass IS the donate function.

I'm not sure why you'd quote that. It probably describes a large chunk of Cred Forums's population. There's nothing special about it.

We have a board of directors?

>It probably describes a large chunk of Cred Forums's population
Hence the relevance, you autistic fuck.

>The pass IS the donate function.
No, it WAS the donate function.
Now it's a gold account.

Maybe it's time I check out my college's anime club. Do those usually talk about which loli you'd most like to fuck?


I'm saying it doesn't contain any new information for us.
It's like introducing yourself to your mother.

In case some of you still doubt how cancerous Cred Forums is.

Stop bringing that shit here.

It's called shared experience.
You clearly have no fucking idea how humans communicate. Go back to lurking.

>Posting loli aftert the ICANN passed
Do you have any idea of how many law are you breaking?

What the fuck is this?

Cred Forums garbage.

what is going on? what did hiro decide?

See .

To kill the website.

we're fucked, aren't we

I know, but it doesn't feel like it, but it should feel like it. Despite the good intention, it was a bad idea to give something in return for a donation.

Akaneshinsha may be a small company but they aren't a circle made up by the authors they publish.

Well, why aren't you moving to cripple chan?

Giving something back isn't inherently bad. But it should be something harmless, like a thank you note written with the admin's own semen.

He's selling us all into slavery. We'll all be working in the reddit mines soon.

I'm on the same side.

I've been here for more than a decade. Social media shit is not an option for me, since I hate any website where I have to uniquely identify myself (i.e. where a name is attached to my posts).

I was in favour of the Cred Forums pass idea as it was, but now that it's been turned into an attention whoring device that splits the userbase into paying and non-paying users I can't support it any more.

When it comes to the whole finance issue, I'm not sure to which extent we can trust Hiro. Unlike moot he doesn't seem like an idealist. There have been some issues involved with when he was running 2ch and the ways he monetised it; not to mention that he's one of the founders of nico nico douga, which is as commercially oriented as it gets. To which extent this is an issue of Cred Forums costing money or Cred Forums not bringing in enough to satisfy him are two different issues. I for one find it suspicious how moot kept the website alive for so many years while Hiro is already struggling and introducing shit which moot would have had serious issues with, such as the visible Cred Forums pass thing or taking down boards for traffic reasons.

If anything, he should reduce the image size limit. If he cuts it in half, it would still be enough to depict pretty much anything at reasonable quality and for large pictures there'd be still websites like the *boorus.

Don't worry Cred Forums. Cred Forums will just blow up a few vans and send threats to the television stations if they take our 4chinz and nazifus.

>199 pages

oh fuck

>a retard starts streaming himself browsing Cred Forums so now it's a shithole

>a site created by Cred Forums and Cred Forums users

I wonder why.

Before it allowed you to post on Cred Forums if you were region blocked, it provided you with getting rid of captchas, etc. - that was a good thing. Now that it visibly divides the community, it has become harmful.

That would literally be the last chan I try.
Be happy that by the state of affairs I at least don't feel like reporting you for bringing it up as an option.

Well there is no google captche for once

This guy is your average Cred Forums user.

cutting the image size seems natural but I find some high quality and high resolution images here that I don't find elsewhere

It's pretty good at getting people to REEE. Definitely gonna get me one.

Wow, who gives a shit.

Why can't all of them go there and keep Cred Forums a weeaboo website?

If you want to be treated like a tripfag, be my guest.

>If anything, he should reduce the image size limit. If he cuts it in half, it would still be enough to depict pretty much anything at reasonable quality and for large pictures there'd be still websites like the *boorus.
What I'm afraid of is that he might actually make the website automatically downgrade every image so that you get shitty blurry shit no matter what you upload.

[citation needed]

Why is hiro such a retard.