Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan

Let's have our weekly Saiki thread.
What do you think about the new OP song?

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Why is the thread so dead?
This was one of the best shows this season.

Wait, this wasn't the last ep?

Why do you have no patience?

>Saiki brother on the OP
Are they going to skip some chapters since he doesn't appear until about chapter 100 and there are supposedly only 85 shorts?

Saiki doesn't like the attention.





OP1 was better


It hurts to watch this and hear him saying offu.


Fuck, they had me.

Kaidou's so cute it's killing me. I want to be his friend and share his delusions.

That was funny

What did she mean by this

Sunshine crazy ~



i miss the ed

saiki almost offu'd at his anmitsu, just a matter of time

How do you say THICC in Okinawa?

Apparently, the OST will be out on 30 November. It better have a cheesy as fuck JKO arrangement.

We heard some of it. It plays when the 4th short begins.

And it sounded right up my alley. Can't wait.

This was cute.

People thought this looked cool during the 90s.

I even like his bishounen mode.


both are delusional

This is really fucking good. Way better than I thought it would be. Shame that Funi has it and the OP looks terrible because of them.

so who does zolbe like?

Zolba. She's also black.

>tfw this is saiki's bride

She wishes.
Saiki might just end up making her and Nendou become a thing like he did with Judgment knights of.




I want to protect that smile.


Oh shid this ain't dead yet?
Naisu desu~

Fuck, I can hear it.
Based OnoD.

Funniest thing in a while

>after the anime ends the scans will take months to catch up


Kaidou a best.

It's gonna be like coming back to 2014

>Kuboyasu next week

Also what the hell Funi

It's Sket Dance all over again

>Nendou's running posture in OP


Is this animu any good? Should I begin it?
Why does the MC looks like a Gintama character?

Took him long enough considering they announced him before the show started.

I wanted to see more of the valentine's day girl instead.

Wasn't Funi supposed to go softsub?



Yes, it's fun as fuck, watch it. Also read the manga.



>Saiki with ahegao
>Saiki letting someone mess around with his face
>Saiki (kind of) saying offu
>Bishounen Saiki
>Saiki smiling

Lots of rare and cute Saiki this episode

>tfw waiting for manga translation

Mad props for Kaidou. Even Saiki is impressed (again).

Fantastic episode

why is teruhashi best girl despite being a parody?

I'm going through the eps, but if anyone has a clean version of JUDGEMENTS KNIGHTS OF say so. So far using this for reasons.


Nice, I'm blind.

They've skipped some already so why not

>85 shorts
So there's only 4 full episodes to go?

What's even the point of making a new OP and ED then?

OP2 > OP1
ED1 > ED2

Judgement Knights of Thunder is gonna be the best track on the OST.

My sides

Because unlike the real thing Teruhashi is funny just like every other character.

Funi actually listed 24 episodes and 85 shorts.

I don't how it's going to work. Maybe they miscounted or something.

Funi idea of softsubs seems to be "Moving subbed version to CR starting Fall 2016 titles. It doesn't seem to affect Summer 2016 titles and older (at least not yet)".



I actually thought this was kind of smart and witty of nendou.

New short :

It would be if he was messing with the shop keeper on purpose, but he sincerely doesn't understand the concept of buy one get one free.

What are these shorts? Just parts of the episode?


Who's the one running?

This is 2 cour?

The fiend

Yeah. Each episode is divided in 5 shorts released every week day. The whole episode is a collection of the 5 shorts released every sunday.


Who is she and why does she wear the headband?

That's Saiki's brother which likes to cross-dress.



>that awful video quality in the OP
God funi is so fucking cancer.

nice, right?!
Although I think It's only half a cour left or something ;_;

Isn't this 22 episodes?

How many shorts are there total?

85, right?

OST when. I just want a full version of

That's not hairo, Hairo is already there standing.


That's the glasses guy


Shut up Kirito, you are not even the best cat

>It's a Yukarin's character suffers episode

I didn't think there were black people in Japan who weren't tourists.

I can't think of a show offhand that suffered more from simulcast-tier subbing. It makes it difficult to watch.

Wait was the show done in 1080?


No. OP1 was maximum comfy. OP2 is ear-grating.

Sore ga Seiyuu had the subtitles for an IN song used in two consecutive episodes, the following episode being where the song wasn't used.

rampo kitan had an episode where the subs for a sign stayed on for like four mintues and considering funi's subs for signs that's like half the screen

Haikyuu S1 had one the worst "professional" subs I have ever seen. Not only it had some typos and funi-tier fuck ups, but the translation itself was clearly made by something who barely knew english.

Funi's subbing is just plain terrible. Makes you wonder how people pay 20 bucks a month for their shitty streaming service.

Oh, right, dubfags.

How late was BudLightSubs? I was lucky it was already up when I woke up.

>Expected the new glasses guy to be a powerless version of Saiki
>He's an ex-punk trying to reform
>I love it

Gyaru Teruhashi

Despite her ego, she is genuinely a good person?

The music maybe, but the visuals were garbage bin anime tier.

Even Nichibros with minimal animation had a sweet OP
game pv2

Feels like they put far more effort into the second OP's visuals than they did into the first one.

I'm glad that they're keeping the first ED as the intro to the shorts. I haven't gotten tired of hearing that song.

ED of the season desu senpai

Would it kill them to use a different color for the non-important text?

Apparently it would kill them because this shit is fucking retarded.

Well there's Jero

huh, never heard of this guy before but that sounds pretty cool.

I'm glad he's showing up soon, I keep seeing him show up in fanart so I've been looking forward to it.

She is the perfect girl

Yes. Saiki is in 1080p

So now that Chiyo likes Kaidou will Teruhashi start to like Nendou?

She's Saiki's waifu

I only just noticed his fur makes up the Psi symbol.

Yumehara will probably see how pathetic Kaidou really is later and then fall for Saiki again.

It looks like a Saiki Tries To Avoid Everyone simulator




was amazing.

Also him and kaido being suckered by the tourist traps was also great.

meru best girl

I love this shit so damn much.
But I watch the shorts and not the full episodes so I don't know about the OP change.
I'll watch the full episodes when I feel like rematching it.

I'd be happy if Saiki ends up with her

Wait a minute, are none of you watching the shorts?
Hosoyan does a good job like always.

AOTS last season and most-liekly AOTS for this season.

The show does an amazing job of really getting you to see how annoying Saiki's class is.

Also, for the first time, I'm actually rooting for the heroines to lose.

Such a great show.

I don't enjoy blue balls

It seems there are people that watch the shorts and people that wait until the full episodes come out. Considering what day it is and the thread saying "weekly" I'd assume most people in this thread wait the full week.

GOD DAMN Nendou is fit as fuck

Nendou has a higher chance than her

Saiki is more enjoyable in short bursts.

This is the first time I happened to catch a Saiki thread, I am glad it is at least getting recognition .

Spanish fag here: why there isn't any fansub working with this series?
I only know Hacka Fansub but they're only up to episode 6

I already like this guy way more than the pervert physic guy
good guy delinquents are always good characters to have

I'm glad this show turned out to be so good. I remember Saiki being a character in PS J-Stars and I thought "Gee another generic shitty shonen is getting an anime, guess I'll give it a shot." I would've never imagined enjoying it this much.

Pervert physic guy is probably the worst character in the series though.

I watch the shorts, but there isn't enough content to discuss for each one to have its own daily thread so I keep my eye out for the Sunday thread instead

>there are fans of the shorts out there who are missing out on the weekly threads
>there are fans of the shorts out there who may be under the impression that this series gets no love

Feels bad man

At one point, he was objectively the worst character in the series.

I like Saiki so damn much that I am actually feeling love for you guys.
As a short watcher who thought this was getting no love, I would like to say thank you.

>for the first time, I'm actually rooting for the heroines to lose.

Everyone could lose the Saikibowl for all I care, but I hope Mera continues to win the foodbowl

We'll never see them rapping again ;_;

PSI like you guys too

The new ones are ok, but the first OP and ED were just amazing, I will miss them.


the thing I miss the most is the eyecatch that went Saiki Kusuo~~~~OHHH. That's gonna be tough to live without.


gave this show a chance yesterday and watched all 13 episodes. I'ts really funny but the manga isn't as good.

My favourite guy is Kaido.

My only gripe with this show is that when multiple people talk I can't tell who is saying what and have to constantly pause the video to figure it out. Colored subtitles would help out a lot.

reminded me of Katekyo Hitman Reborn

>2 cour

it's 7 courΨ-nan_TV

>Episodes: 85
>Duration: 5 min. per ep.

I wonder if I could get it as my tone when I get a txt message.

7 cours would mean it runs for 1.75 years.
It's still 2 cours, it just doesn't air just once per week.

I just want to have this looping and playing at a low volume.

That blue thing's voice makes my dick go doki doki

At least she got a cute chuuni out of it.

Is there anything who can stop coffee jello-chan from winning Saikibowl?

I hope Yukarin could find best boy like Kaidou.

Only the person who gives him coffee jello. Saiki;s ultimate waifu is a girl who'll make him coffee jello from scratch every day.

Saiki sees your bare pussy (and the insides too) every day, woman.

Considering Nendou with boobs keeps beating Hairo in physical test, there is no wonder he is /fit/

Did she dress up like a gyaru because of that psychic fortune teller gyaru who likes Saiki?

Was it rape?


Is the gyaru who fell in love with Saiki that far ahead in the raws? She isn't even in the OP.

Too meta

>I'ts really funny but the manga isn't as good.
It's a 1:1 adaptation with the difference that the manga pacing isn't fucked

>1:1 adaptation
According to manga anons they cut out some jokes/chapters though.

She is like 160+ chapters in.
so they would have to skip 80+chaptets just to get to her introduction.
So gyaru never.
>yfw she is thinking this on purpose, because she knows Saiki can read minds.
wew lad

Just maybe


Season 2?

Because Gintama was funny as fuck

Maybe if we are lucky.
With the current pace of the anime she would probably have her introduction at the start of season 3, but with some skipping and rearranging they could squeeze her in late season 2.

>it will take literal years to see this

I wrote this before the short was out
>Hosoyan does a good job like always.

Can't rape the willing.


Sometimes it's actually faster to watch the episode than to read the corresponding manga chapter.

She's in the need for the D

That aint "Ouf" at all

Latest raw chapter
She did it



Saiki can't be a bride anymore.

>Eh? Nandatte?

what happens

Their Saiki dub is actually not terrible, it gets the jokes fine and the VAs improve as the episodes go and they get more into the characters. And before you say i'm biased, i'm not a native english speaker.

I've heard that it's the other way around, it's harder to catch bad english dubbing if you're not a native english speaker.

Most people actually watch the shorts.

Be it on Funi or Kissanime or MAL. In fact majority of people just watch the shorts.

I know reviewers talk about the full episodes and a few of those live reactioners.

I don't know how ratings are for Saiki but nips love it so I don't think it's impossible for it to get a second season if JUMP wants it to.

I understand english perfectly, I'm just saying that I have no love for these VAs or anything.

In fact I think all English dubs are trash, DBZ, Fate, YYH, everything anons post once in a while to prove that english dubs are "good".

But in Saiki they're not terrible, of course not as funny as japanese but still funny.

So saiki does have a gyaru fetish

It's over, Teruhashi won the Saikibowl.

Man, that ending got me

But what is the context of this, maybe he was just thinking of sexy coffee jello

i've seen korean people who still wear things like this

>implying there was any serious competition

But did she get him to say "offu"?


It would user, it would.

Teruhashi's brother please go