Why do people act like this series had so much strategy put into the fights...

Why do people act like this series had so much strategy put into the fights? Overloading the fights with lengthy exposition and "I know you know that I know that you knew about my keikaku" doesn't make a fight strategic it just bogs it down and makes it awkward to read.

Dragonball's fights are not only more streamlined and better choreographed but they actually have more strategy and tension them as well. (Krillin vs Chaozu, Jackie Chun vs Goku, Goku vs King Piccolo, etc).

It's the typical anime problem of EVERYONE IS SUPER GENIUS LEVEL SSS

but clown is an idiot


I just don't give a shit because Gon is a snooze of an MC

Hisoka vs Chrollo alone has more strategy than the entire DB manga.

I can agree with that


the best part about that fight was hisoka using the audience as a hammer.

I fucking hate Gon. How can he endure a beating for hours at the age of 11? Genthru blew his fucking windpipe and he still endangered his companions over his pride. He fucked up killuas hands and then used archangel breath on himself and the bomber but not killua. He kept killua from training by sending him to the hunters exam and then trained while killua was injured. He refused wings command and fought the top guy. He snapped at killua, the only reason why gon is even alive half the time, and pretty much would have died if not for him just because his feefees was hurt and he wanted to kill pitou. He is nothing. I enjoy it when I see him get his ass beat mercilessly. At least kurapika, the ryodan, and mereum care for other people over their pride. I fucking hate Gon. He's an annoying little kid. What the fuck is he, a combination of Vegeta and Goku? Saiyan level pride? He stops killua at every level just for his pride. The fight with the scissor cannibal? KILLUA STAAAAAHP. KILLUA GIVE ME ALL YOUR CARDS, I WILL BE THE FIRST TO COMPLETE THIS GAME DESPITE BISKYS DAD ALSO MAKING IT. I fucking hate his stupid voice and the stupid full metal alchemist face he makes. I hope he turns evil and killua has to kill him.


>child acts like a child REEEEEEEE
You should watch more mature anime for adults, like Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Elfen Lied, or Mirai Nikki. Don't trouble yourself with this kiddie shit.

The only good thing about this was its soundtrack.

The plot and kids were annoying. Shit anime

did clown imprint gon with the property of cum yet?


pitou and alluka best girls

>"I know you know that I know that you knew about my keikaku" doesn't make a fight strategic

That's literally what strategy is you know, trying to predict, bait and counter the opponent by anticipating its moves and plans.

I know what you're trying to pull but Pitou is actually female so it doesn't work. Should've used Kurapika.

i know that Pitou is a girl in a show, but my post was more about the fact that i love these two characters

>Gon sucks
>Killua is literally a fucking doormat who needs friends to reassure himself that he isn't a piece of shit
Top kek.

Next chapter when.

I love hunter x hunter.


>doesn't make a fight strategic
It does though. If you don't like it, that's one thing, but the fights are generally strategic and are often planned in detail beforehand. It would be near impossible for a series like DBZ to come up with that amount of exposition because there's just not enough going on in a fight.