Cred Forums tells you an anime is great

>Cred Forums tells you an anime is great
>it's actually shit
what's her name?

Kyoukai no Kanata

Your favorite anime


Your Favorite Anime

Samurai Flamenco.


>muh goddess loli


I refuse to believe anyone on Cred Forums said this was good.

You bastard

Any of the moeshit

Literally a waste of time.

Any moeshit, uguuu~~, """"deep"""" kind of crap.

Also Hibike.

Real piece of shit.

Manabi straight is the only time that happened to me.

Moecrap like New Game, Anne Happy etc

Utter garbage

Fuck off, mookfag.

Kill la Kill
Unlimited Blade Works
Kyoukai no Kanata movie
Boku no Hero Academia
Summer Wars
Howl's Moving Castle

Bakemono was shit
Kyoukai no Kanata was shit

Cowboy Bebop
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Shingeki no Kyojin
Death Note
Code Geass
Elfen Lied
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
One Punch Man
Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica
Samurai Champloo
Log Horizon
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Death Parade
Spice and Wolf
Black Lagoon
Hellsing Ultimate
Monogatari Series
Ping Pong
Kill la Kill

this desu honest senpai

Erased is garbage, wasted potential if you ask me.

Kini no tabi

The entire medium.

I'm a tryhard and because of that i say that everything it's shit as long it's popular enough.

If I wanted to kill my sense of humor, I'd watch a Sandler movie

shit taste the post


None because I don't listen to Cred Forums

Spice and Wolf

>Elfen Lied
Don't lie. Nobody on Cred Forums ever told you that this was great.


come at me faggots

Mob Psycho 100

which ones?

multiple times

I don't believe anyone said it was good. Its a fucking ride though.

Not an anime, but Tsukihime.


Moe shit

Hyuoka is good, its mislabeled as a mystery show though. The shows about Oreki growing up and his character development throughout the series. Nearly every other character is displayed in contrast to his and his overall development.

Mawaru penguindrum
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Code Geass

In retrospect I'm pretty sure people were pretending to like it ironically, but I fell for it.

Muv Luv

It's not the worst but it's clearly babby's first


I'll bite. What kind of anime is not shit to you?

Code Geass.

Seriously, that was boring. It was just a generic mecha with an edgy MC and cute girls, which is not a bad thing except when such a shit plot was filled in 52 episodes. It was really a bad ride, now I am traumatized by it.

Fuck you.

OPM and MP100. One is a hack with no art skills and even less writing skills. And yet fans of those two continue to deny that they only got semi-popular thanks to fujos.

Monogatari series

>i started watching anime this year



Confirmed for not finishing it
>muh manime
>muh shonenshit
Those do suck
>muh bara

I mean Cred Forums will bitch just about everything

Yours too


But One Punch Man is my favorite anime. All the animes on that list are pretty good btw.

Eden: It's an Endless World! manga


Can't say it's shit, since I've only seen 6 episodes, but Cowboy Bebop is boring.

Nanoha has shit characters, which heavily detracts from the overall experience.

Project A-Ko is just overal bad, all the way.

Nurse Witch Komugi

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Manga, not anime, but Biscuit Hammer.

None, because apparently I like every anime I watch despite it's issues
except SAO. Dropped that shit after two episodes

cowboy bebop
code geass
madoka magicka

>Eden: It's an Endless World!
That's not an anime

I'm absolutely amazed that madoka get constantly shit on but this gets a free pass.

I shit on YuYuYu but love Madoka

SAO is at least 9/10 faggot

>Yosuga no Sora
I will never forgive you guys for this one.

>Ping Pong

>Some of the best-selling shows in Japan are mentioned here
>implying that's ironic

Gintama is painfully unfunny.


It's not comfy. It's not "healing". It's boring. There's no plot, no character development. The music is nice, I'll give it that. But I might as well listen to the soundtrack and watch paint dry, rather than watch the series itself. It gives the same effect.

Tamako Market

All of it

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


This so much

Fite me Cred Forums.

Any moe pandering shit.

SDF Macross.

I got like 7 episodes in before I had to quit. God, what a shitty show.

Kill la Kill
Studio Ghibli shit.

name one anime i've ever reccomended that was shit i'll wait you faggot. every single one from madoka to idolmaster has been gold i say.


It's just contrarian faggots.

watch more anime

Fucking this
>put up with Madoka being completely useless the entire series
>only for it to be all solved through bullshit literal Ex Machina asspulls

Hidamari Sketch.
Don't ever make me watch paint dry then tell me it's good ever again.


Fujoshit bait. Even has the no personality self-insert whore. Even if you remove all the fujoshit stuff, it's still, at best, a painfully average anime in terms of characters and story.

I'm gonna go with LotGH. 3D space battles fought in 2D and poorly written side characters that are downright cartoony most of the time make this pretty damn shitty.

Also Code Geass. I think NGNL had less asspulls and a less contrived plot than Code Geass.

Nodame Cantastill was also garbage. It's a show about music, but without music. There was what? one piece of music played in the 10+ episodes I watched? Story and characters were also subpar and far from engaging.



>multiple times
>Confusing Cred Forums with MAL
Fuck you fag

SAO meme is only a meme, it was fun with all the bullshit going on.

>Fujoshit bait

Dumb passfag


>Also Code Geass. I think NGNL had less asspulls and a less contrived plot than Code Geass.

Eh, not really. Even Jojo has more asspulls and contrivances to be honest.

It was once in a thread long ago, they said that it was good because the girls were good.

That man lied to me and I resent him to this day. Do you hear me user? If you're out there, I will find you and I will fuck you're waifu. Never lie to me through the internet again.

Kiniro Mosaic

It was just fucking Gochusagi with no likable characters.


Lurk for 2 years before posting.

You think people that don't share your opinion are just new.
That's cute.

Horizon or whatever the fuck it was called. I don't think I will ever see a more incomprehensible story than that. Literally the most batshit premise, plot and everything else ever.

>that's cute
why do normalfags always say this. of course moe is cute

>Summer Wars
Yeah, fuck off with your shit bait

Obvious bait is obvious

I really can't think of a single anime I liked
I didn't hate Death Note though. It's not as shit as people say

>any you liked
>didn't hate death note
I guarantee you have less than 50 completed. See


>I really can't think of a single anime I liked
We have to options here
1 - You have such a great taste for anime you don't like anything
2 - You only watched Death Note

I highly doubt the first option, since you don't think Death Note is shit.

Almost any LN adaptation. Honorable mentions include Madoka, Mushishi, Ping Pong and LoGH.

I think I remember it fondly because it was one of my first
Every anime since then has been
>asspull power level bullshit
>all other forms of power creep
>Desu ex machina at any critical plot point
>thinly veiled fetish trash
>generic school romcom #1764
>terrible pacing
Another anime that I didn't think was shit was the first Berserk anime

seriously this. It's babby's first """""philosophy""""" anime with good art direction. The plot and characters are so fucking bad that it can't be saved.

You are blatantly new, stop trying to form an opinion. Lurk for 2 years before posting and don't come back until you've completed 300 shows.


>It was just fucking Gochusagi with no likable characters.
It literally had Karen who blows those mediocre meme rabbits out of the water. Get your shit taste checked out.

Stop watching seasonal, moe and Shounen shit then.

Any recommendations?

Hibike Euphonium
Mob Psycho 100


Where are pass users shitposting constantly? How long is this going to be a thing?

Aw, is it your first week?

Code Geass


Why can't a user on Cred Forums show their own request? I think it's because they have no taste and don't want to show that when appearing to be more superior than the other user.


Samurai Champloo
Lupin III
Black Lagoon
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
These are some of my favorites. My taste is pretty shit Tho.
91Days was also pretty good, senpai.

I've heard good things about Baccano and Champloo

Any and all moeshit, overused tropes makes me puke and that shit is riddled with it.

Then again so are most anime, maybe i'm just done with anime.

Who are you quoting?

>Then again so are most anime, maybe i'm just done with anime.
Me too, user. Season after season and I can't find an animoo that I think is really good.


Tell me where it's bad then?
It's because your waifu isn't The main heroine anymore?

Although Holo is my waifu, people who praise the show for teaching them "economics" have no idea what they're talking about.

>a slurring bitch who can't speak english despite being from England is a good character

Nah mate.

The Fate franchise is fucked beyond saving. The plot doesn't even matter anymore, all that's left is waifu baiting and smug anime faces.


I remember people here swore that Konosuba was good.

bet you hated the band geeks too~


sasuga tripfag

Do you not like Incest, Normalfag?

New Game is pretty mediocre, I'm on episode 4 and can't really bring myself to continue. It's not TERRIBLE, I like Hifumi, but it's no Yuru Yuri or anything.

Erased was terrible and didn't deserve any of the hype it got.

I didn't want Re:Zero but I can tell it'll be forgotten within the season because it was terrible.

This garbage.

Madoka, I could tell a mile away that Fate series was shit but I suppressed anything telling me Madoka was a trap as well.

I always said that the soundtrack is way too good for that pos anime.

Lucky Star, what a waste of time.

there's plenty of anime that is neither manime nor moeshit, so please fuck off retard

Kill la Kill

Owari no Seraph

why is it getting a 3rd season again?

>all these people defending moeshit
sad but expected

you're thinking of tumblr

Hibike Euphonium.

It was a bunch of drama queens using the smallest excuse to laze around and by the end I wanted them to fail the competition miserably.

>0 love live

Mob Psycho

People don't watch it because it's "good".

They watch it for the waifus.

Baccano, it's like messing with your media player's seek bar.
Berserk, shitty manga and even shittier anime.
FLCL, boring, unfunny, LOL SO RANDUM XD shit.
Grave of the Firefliesm if I wanted to watch a whiny cunt and his little sister fuck around I'd go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Ichigo Mashimaro, fanservice without fanservice.
Kino no Tabi, if I wanted to watch a dyke on a motorcycle, I'd go visit San Francisco instead.
Planetes, as empty as space.
Welcome to the NHK, if I wanted to watch a loser, I would stare at the mirror.

Oh fuck off you pass buying nigger cunt.
Chris is straighter than you

Because it was actually good.

Is that a girl with a dick attached?

Shame it didn't end with the series. It didn't need anything more.

It didn't teach me economics, but I found the economics aspect of the show very interesting and enjoyable. I usually don't care about business at all.

I can't finish the 1st episode of new game. I've tried 3 times but it's just too much. At a certain point it stops being cute and starts being obnoxious.
It was like an unironic Sekko boys


you fucking heretic

>tfw I'm a complete faggot who has shit taste in anime and media in general.

>Cred Forums tells you an anime is great
>impying that ever happens

>muh realism
>not liking engrish
Peasant taste my friend

this so much

I've probably been here longer than you have and I thought New Game was fucking trash. Literally kill yourself.

Baccano!. The only actually notable thing is the English dub, which was so expensive that none have topped it since. The rest is an extremely mediocre ride.

91 days was a far better mob anime

watch more anime, dumb newshit.

people say mob is good?

Serial Experiments Lain. It was a total waste of time. I just got meme'd.

Ur mom

Any fujoishit anime is bad

Hibike! Sound Euphonium.

It's literally just melodrama.

>N-newshit leave my hugbox
Kill yourself moeshitter

fuck your bait

Considering most people praise Madoka by saying
>Madoka is not like the OTHER mahou shoujos
makes it far more contrarian than anything else in the genre.

Yuushafags are annoying, like most late night niche shit fans are, but at least they don't say "Oh, I don't like magical girls, but this one is so •´¯`•» [ different] «•´¯`•"

Too bad it sold, nip shit taste I guess.

>Nobody buys passes
>Everybody uses adblock
How does it feel to be a leech?

Are you high? Even overlord fans think overlord is trash.
I agree with the others


Madoka was pantsu on head retarded

The pacing of the exposition is just so fucking awful. It's absurd how much shit is thrown at the screen as if the audience is emotionally invested already, especially in that first episode. It's a shame because hearing about how it ends is what made me want to watch it in the first place.

>Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso