Show By Rock S2

>This is your method of complete annihilation tonight

How did you like the first episode?

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Why doesn't Aion love his imouto?

Best girl? Best girl.


She's amazing. Easily girl of the season. I want to lick her shoes.

>the dark, cool, badass "evil" loli who's obviously being exploited and is misunderstood trope
I love her already. Also that in medias res entrance.




Those eyes. Dat twintails.

I want to worship her.

Best first episode of the season so far.

Why are BVL so best?

Twin braids is the best hairstyle.

It's OK
I want Aileen to step on my dick

I had no idea it's going to be like this. Those first few minutes completely rape everything else from this season.

>Best song
>Best looking char design
>Best band
And this is why there's a fetish for evil chicks

You have no idea how much I want her to dominate me with that barbed lion tongue of hers.

I wasn't even sure I was watching SB69 for a second.

>Aileen just licking you all over
>Feeling that coarse lion tongue all over your body
I kind of want to be raped by the lion

Nice nails.

>she wraps her tail around your neck and starts to suffocate you slightly
>then gets to work on your dick with her cat tongue

Can't rape the willing.

I want Retoree to go doggy style on Cyan's pussy.

Evil girls are always the best.

>Aileen facesitting you that turns into a SB69

How would two girls even do that? Can two girls even have sex in the first place?

I just love how Kishow starts screeching at the end of that video.

Guys stop, I don't want to fap right now.

Cute as hell.

The gangs almost all here

Where there's music, there will be a way.

What's this about?

Neither do I. But the thoughts man
They just keep coming


>she's actually a sheltered, lazy and clumsy girl

I can't believe that we have girl of the year so early into the season.

Now we just need to see her interact with other cats.

>Gives the best design thus far to the cute bad guys

Apparently, it's some kind of real life escape game event where you have to solve clues to get out of Sanrio Puroland.

I might misinterpret it wrong, though.

Why boner

Was it rape?

>Detective Retoree
>Dat outfit

Can't rape the willing
>Ywn be raped by Aileen

>Damedame Milky Holmes clone with the Plasmagica members



This is the darkness age of little girls bringing us darkness clothed in darkness hidden behind darkness that envelops the darkness shining the negative light of darkness within the darkness.

Something like this I guess. Just need to get Cyan on all fours and you're good.

>SB69 S2 means another SB69 art boom
Yes, nyanderful


>Ikezoe pulling off the Igarashi arrow better than Igarashi did in his last show

Was it Darkness?


>Dropped this on Ep 3
>See that it's airing in the fall
>Huh. I didn't know it got another cour. Maybe I should pick it back up
>Go to Nyaa
>Only up to Ep 5

What is this, Kingdom Hearts?

Heh, they did the beating in the closet thing too.

>She sees your lustposts

They were behind schedule or something and stalled the airing.
The fights are cool.

It's going to be glorious. There's always a need for more RetoCya pictures.

So where is that BVL manga at?

I wish.

>implying it's something new

Darkness lolis were always the bestest.

I think it's still being made. If you wish to know more, then following this twitter would be a good idea, because that's the artist doing it.

Well, considering I've only missed two episodes, I guess I'll pick it back up

>not a single BVL picture
How passionate.

This is the enemy.

Oh neat.

I know. Isn't she cute?
I mean, isn't she EVIL!

C-can I even play mahjong without chuuni powers?

SB69 has so much AU potential, I wouldn't mind a new Short!! season with only episodes like the last one with different universes.

It's already out?

>13+ billion IQ Kokoro-chan suddenly appears and shows everyone how to really rock

Looks like a promo flyer.

>SB69 starts appearing in other Bones works
>Yfw it's all in the same universe


>evil lion loli empress of darkness is actually a lazy stay home type

This must be a thing.

Only if you are a lesbian.

Isn't gap moe just the best?

Why isn't it? Ikezoe please.

Autism ping pong and Rossie whoring herself were even better.

Those aren't AU.

First volume of SB69# will come out on December 28.

Blu-ray disc version will include a special disc with a Cyan solo song, an original voice drama by Plasmagica and Shingan Crimson Z, and a sleeve drawn by character designer Masaru Oshiro.

Both BD and DVD version also come with an UR code with the anime disc cover art, a real bromide/card based on the same, a guessing paper for that Puruland escape event game, and a priority event ticket.

Voxelated darkness.

Are they going to do multiple events like S1?


Aion literally looks like a girl.

From the looks of it, event tickets will be sold up to volume 4.

Is there an updated MEGA folder or anything that has the new bands?

Watching his back makes my own back hurt.

The last time it's was three with all the girls in one event, Trichronika and Shingan Crimsonz. Maybe they will spilt up the girl's one and maybe add Arcareafact to make a Judas band event.

Unfortunately, not. It's probably best to wait for SB69 Best volume 2 to be uploaded at some point, although that one seems to only have one song each from Arcareafact and Bud Virgin Logic.

Is there a full version of that loli lion song yet?

BVL is so hype.

>It's going to be probably two months before we get full/an album
To cryofreeze or not to cryofreeze
That is the question

The one that was just played in the anime? Nope. Not yet. That will be released on November 30.

Ikezoe will fight hard.

オヤスミパラノイア > ソラウソ > Forbidden

>no catgirl cyan shown
>only in an old picture
>not even in the preview

They are killing me

What did Yaiba mean by this?

It's against the samurai detective code to wear a shirt.

She is now digitalized in Kamui's matrix and is actually the pilot of him.
That's right, Cyan is now the nekkid pink-glowing pilot of a time-traveling ninja robot.

>SB69 becomes /m/

Sooooooo, I've just discovered this thread, what's this show about? I need a new anime to pick up this fall. I need a basic premise of this show in order to decide whether to watch it or not.

This episode was already pretty /m/ and the next one looks even more /m/

It's a sequel, don't bother.

>get in the fucking robot Cyan

Well, this is a second season of a music anime show about kemonomimis trying to save their world from malevolent evil with the power of music.

You might not like it because it has 3DCG. Or perhaps you can overlook it, and even start liking it.

The second season is set some time after the end of the first season.

Sequel of what, I need answers, user

Cute animal girls and hot animal guys doing music things.

>Cute animal girls and hot animal guys doing music things.
Go on....

You can stop spamming your Cred Forums shit now, thanks.

No one can be this retarded. Fuck off.

This week's code: ライトニングシュリケン

Lightning Shuriken.

im ready for the soft butts to cuddle

Having a time-traveling robot would now be nice.

I wonder if that's her mom.

good view


Shachou has the best angles.

I'm not from Cred Forums though
you can do the same

I'll just give it a shot and go watch season 1 then.

So Aion was the prince of an intergalactic space empire all along
>why didn't you tell us that you're the son of a evil space queen trying to conquer the universe?
>>but I did
>>I am a black monster - a god of darkness, who can decide to end the life of millions on a mere whim, which is why I must wield my words carefully
>>did you think I was posing all the time, you mere insolent rodent?

That would be hilarious.

I love her legs so much. Especially those heels.


new hmanga when

I love her thighs and cute butt

I want her to sit on my lap as I pat her head

I wonder if she's shaved clean or has a fashionable well trimmed strip.

I saw this and closed it.

I saw this and filtered it.

>more oppai lolis

Is daijobu. The blue one's a sex bot.

I like where this is going.

>stage outfit puts emphasis on her cleavage
>smallest bust in the band

It's okay.

She's by far the smallest girl in the band and still has a nice bust.

Oppai lolis gonna oppai.


Great isn't it?

I want Cyan to sit on my face

It really looks exploitable.

Of course you do Retoree.

Rough cat tongues will be going inside that very soon.

Who else wanna embrace the darkness?

>literally cat's breeding position

So her time in Sound World affected her a lot more.

You mean dog, right?

Shut your cute whore mouth, Rosia.

Gomen but cat tongues are simply better. I hope you invested in sex toys.

I'd like to shut Rosia's cute whore mouth, if you know what I mean.

Superpopular fantastic little middleschooler girls.

I can help with the other mouth.

I bet she's insanely cute down there.

I'm sure this cute little slut would like that.

Enough with the slut clothes



I want to discipline that little middle schooler.

>game literally giving away free Roger UR+
They're really pushing her this season.
I wonder what's up.


I'm sure she would love it if we invited another 20 people.

Soooo orz when?

Their myumon forms all look like delicious cake decorations.

Gacha Schedule:
Oct 1st - Oct 3rd 4 limited dark URs and 3 limited tree URs
Oct 3rd - Oct 7th 2 limited light URs
Oct 7th - Oct 11th 1 limited tree UR and 1 permanent tree UR
Oct 11th - Oct 18th URs from previous two gachas in one
Oct 14 - Oct 17th 4 limited light UR reprint

Maro UR soon.

How bad is this game compared to other mobages?

And are there english options?

>And are there english options?
Unfortunately, no.

What a cute crab.

Here's the UR.

What is best red band and why is it all of them

And the UR+ is just a preview right now, you have to log in a certain number of days to awaken her card.

I, too, wanna insert my eggs in Rosia's mouth.

Is Rosia the biggest slut in history?

I don't play other rhythm mobages, but you get the hang of the options and important things pretty fast. Most things are translated somewhere, including the bands' stories.

Saving my gems for hopefully good Green URs.

Is there a site with all the cards from the game?

This one tends to be good.

They're giving this gay UR free right now.★★★★★

>that ChuChu hand placement
I was happy to get that card, but they need more Retoree x Cyan cards. The ones they released a few weeks ago were pretty gay too.
I spent money to get them.

Pretty dogs and cute cats look good together.

There's the English wikia as well. Not sure if complete though.★★★★★

>that ChuChu hand placement
>Yfw ChuChu NTR's Retoree
She may be using the band as a stepping stone to stardom
But a little snack on the way never hurt


This set was beautiful.

>All this Rosier
But it's a crime penis. We talked about this during S1

How can other girls even compete?

No worries, she loves it. Remember to bring friends.


I want that card for the feet. I tried to get it, but kept getting ChuChu cards.

>Cat (Big)
The cats can't keep getting away with this

What an useless little bunny. Only good for her sex appeal.

I heard the developers are utter fucking idiots and are killing the game.

>black cat
>pink cat

Nothing wrong with that. Cat girls are the best. Simply the best.

You forgot one.

>Cat girls are the best. Simply the best.
That's a god damn fact of life

That's normal with mobage.

He forgot more actually.

There's just too many cats
It's a god damn CATastrophe!

This begs a question, do cat boys have barbed penises?



Love me some gay cats.

>you will never get DP'd by bishie catboys

Kneel before her, so that she can feel taller than you.

Weren't most people pleased by the renewal thing? I wonder how you could be fucking the game up like they say.

When are the fujo-neckbeard wars starting again?

She can use me as a chair or horse.

Never. We are too busy masturbating.

Was there ever a full version stitch of this?


Not here. I'm sure SB69 fujos like the girls (minus Rosia) and the neckbeards like the guys too (minus Shuzo maybe).


Thanks user.

Official oral onahole when?

It's a shame that the third pic is in different scale. It forces making the rest smaller.

What is it with the "evil queen" stereotype in children's show always giving me massive boners?
I blame precure.

Will we get better subs along the way? I feel like I'm missing something with HS', the experience is not quite the same

Back then, we had hardsubbed Funimation-rips, but with lyrics.
Now, we have softsubbed Crunchyroll-rips, but without lyrics for the songs except for the Falling Star-ballad.

It's a standard magical girl thing.

I'm suddenly reminded that this thread is missing something.

Believe in Hell.

We Gatchaman now.

I want her to kick me.

>large breasts
>curvy bodies
>sexy clothes
>haughty, feminine, lusty body language
>part of the "enemy camp"; as a woman in this role, instincts tell you to capture and fuck rather than kill
>ryona inbound

It's not much of a mystery.

Edgy trio sounds like fun.
I wish they had translated the lyrics, I want to see how edge they are.

went ignored

I didn't realise how much I missed SHINGANCRIMSONZ until they did their introductory chant.
Also, Ryusei Dreamline Ballad Version was great.

Shit. He didn't do it right though.

Only catgirls will ever accept catgirls.

You should have watched the shorts.
At least the last one.

>You. Lick my boots.




Is orz actually just dead? We got nothing for the shorts.

Does anybody really need to subtitle short series if they do have official subtitle?
Also, orz's callsign was that they did karakoke and changed lyrics to make it better as they believed it. Aside from the ED, there weren't any lyrics to be translated and thus no karaoke to be included, so probably not worth their time.

Maybe they're waiting for the bluray release.

>bluray release

The shorts aren't getting disc releases?

The shorts are DVD only and are released as part of the Show By Rock!! Best music volumes.
Episodes 1-6 with Best volume 1, and episodes 7-12 with Best volume 2. Both volumes are out.

That's kinda disappointing.


Will we get another scene like this?
With Retoree finally going for that pussy?

I hope that we get a scene like that with characters that are actually sexy.

>the three shows I've watched so far have the MC appearing on the last minute
What the hell

Show by Rock, Gundam IBO and Izetta.

Good thing we did then

You looking for a fight?

>implying business boss orga isn't the MC

Cut her out and put her on a vet table.

She is going to beat that pussy up if you know what I mean

>two shows with brown Hosoya characters airing the same day
>both have songs by Taniyama
I love Sundays.

moe shit lover detected
enjoy your shit

Dear diary,
the ass was fat.

Is her back broken?


>show us glasses Cyan just to rip her away again

Stick the knife in deeper.

She looks better without them

I'm a meganefag but her catgirl version is much cuter. Now if only they would give use megane catgirl Cyan.

full songs of BVL when

best song

What anime is the green one supposed to be?

She makes sure that she's completely hairless, but claims to not know about those things and that she's just naturally like that.

Isn't she a succubus?

Damn I didn't know the full songs were out.

Same. They've really grown on me.


Pure girls don't shave, so hairless.

>megane catgirl Cyan
That would be ideal. Nekomimi are great, but her megane version is just too moe.

Do I need to watch the Short that aired last season before this? I don't really like Shorts so I usually avoid them even though I did like S1 a lot

the only really relevant thing from the shorts is the reason why Trichronika is in space but i'm not sure how relevant that's going to be other than having an excuse to not have bands like Trichrn or TsureZure there.

I asked this too.
People said no.

Not really. It's only around 35 mins total so it's your call

>I don't really like Shorts so I usually avoid them

A few of them are pretty fun, and the Tsurezure formation story is cute. They're 2 and a half minutes long so why the fuck not

Hell yeah. Even if that user doesn't want to watch all of them, I recommend at least watching the Tsurezure episodes.

I wonder if that guy who compiled all the full band songs into one mega during season 1 is still around.

>that hype as fuck beginning
>that cute song of the plasmagicas near end
>this entire cast
God, I fucking missed this show so much. The short were great too but nothing compares to a healthy does of Show by Rock every week.
I'm already loving this so much. I wan to hug Cyan!!

>season 2
Oh thank God, I thought I was on a bad acid trip cause I watched this episode wondering what the fuck was even going on. Guess I'll have too watch s1. I liked it though, evil loli a best

Slutty Kitty™


Always check the season when you see punctuation at the end.

Being Retoree is suffering. I hope that Rosia cunt doesn't make a move on Cyan when she returns.

Here's the Too Long: Didn't Watch verison if you want to know what happened in S1 that's relevant to this episode:

>Cyan is a human girl who got scouted by Grateful King, a musician from Sound World
>Grateful King pulls Cyan into Sound World and possesses a guitar to help her
>Cyan joins a small studio called Banded Rocking Records and becomes a group with Plasmagica
>Grateful King's real body is stuck in the studio of Unicorn Music Inc., a giant company led by Dagger Morse (the small monster with Bud Virgin Logic)
>Dagger Morse tries to get a monopoly in Midi City by attacking bands that don't belong with his studio with monsters
>Plasmagica form a rivalry with Criticrista, who were working for Unicorn Music at the time
>Plasmagica eventually beat Criticristas, and Dagger punishes them by attacking them with tentacles and turning them into monsters
>Dagger becomes giant and attacks everyone, Cyan ultimately stops him and he becomes mini before Cyan goes back home

Oh, and Cyan manages to free Criticristas and return them to their normal forms. Rosia's fear of Dagger comes from that whole situation.

2nd season when?

Not soon enough.

I don't like your picture.

Rosia is a beautiful and pure young maiden who is only showing respect to a talented musician. She would never engage in illicit behavior of that sort.

Are you her "special" manager? How much for a blowjob from this pink sex goddess?

I think you've got the wrong band. Rosia is for admiring like the goddess she is. If you want cheap carnal pleasure you'd be better off patronizing Plasmagica.

Rude. Plasmagica is pure.

And come on, we all know what Rosia's main job it.

Spreading happiness throughout the world with her music?

Oh, she has spread something alright...


I don't understand.

middle schoolers shouldn't be allowed to be this sexy

Can someone explain to me why their transform into furries when they sing?

They look like that in the game.

The IP is made by the company that made hello kitty. In the game they stay in their animal forms unless they get excited or something. They wanted to retain a bit of that in the show so you get furries when they sing

This show combines almost every negative trait I loathe in other anime:
- annoying speech patterns
- shitty songs
- shitty 3DCG
- furryshit

Why does it still get viewers? Some "friends" want me to watch it.

>Why does it still get viewers?
Because go fuck yourself we don't have to convince you to like anything.

You're beyond saving so please fuck off.

>lightning shuriken
>they just teleport out

>tfw Megatron pops in your room while you're singing to yourself

it was good
not great
just good.

Her two minions have some nice tits. They would be perfect for docking.

Good but that was a weak as fuck solo.

S1 ED was better in every way.
There, I said it.

>Dagger hairpin and evil-looking clothes
So will her clothes explode when she gets defeated and purified?

I like the second one more


Actually, the one who scouted her out was the first season's big bad guy, Dagger Morse, who wanted her as part of his ultimate band with which he would have dominance over all music in Sound World. Grateful King, who is also the prisoner of Dagger Morse used his power to send Cyan somewhere else.

Aside from that, everything's correct.

She looks scared.


She sees him entering the room with a glue gun.

Can't wait for Plasmagica's reunion.

fat cyan butt

I can't wait for Cyan's and Rosia's reunion.

Agreed. Have a nice music was perfect.

I can't wait for Retoree to act like a rabid dog when Cyan and Rosia dock.

Its a nice peachy butt.

Have a reunion of Moa with her people instead.

Does it smell like a peach tho?

No. Strawberry.

I hope we get to see more of those fluffy ships.


A shame Shuzo got down so seasily. He could be a final boss of francihse as Shu.

Shuuzo is one of those artists that Dagger wants to turn into a dark musical girl (and guy).


Is there really no collection for all the music?
I can't find anything, a couple chara singles from the anime's first season here and there but I know there is so much more just looking at songs uploaded on youtube

We have a new mega that saved as much as possible from the old deleted mega. A few other songs are also available on

Holy shit, I want a full album from them.

Some full versions of songs are uploaded on some tumblr accounts.

You can listen to the full versions of Oyasumi Paranoia, Sora-Uso and Forbidden on virgin logic

Baiganba-V's Hero Line is available on

It really looks like they just never actually released like 90% of the game's songs in album/single form so the best you can get is game rips of individual songs thrown all over the place
That kinda sucks

Neat, ripped all three.

Well, some of the songs are from real bands, so for those albums, you actually are supposed to buy them from their stores. And you can watch most of their on youtube, where they upload it legally.
The game original bands do have singles released with their songs. It also seems like almost all the older songs of the game original bands are on the SB69 Best volume 1 album.

So get that while you can.

The newer game original band songs will of course take a while before they get released as singles.

What did you rip them with?



meh, as usual

plasmagica a cute

I agree, your posts are usually pretty meh.


will add to the mega.

Objectively correct BVL ranking:

オヤスミパラノイア > Schlehit Melodie > Forbidden > ソラウソ

Normal Cyan is SUPER CUTE.

No objections here.

I'd have to hear more of Schlehit Melodie before I could say for sure, but yeah, probably.

I had no idea that I'm going to love them so much.

>no girl fanservice as always
Waiting for the guy focused episodes, at least those rely on comedy instead of clusterfuck story.

Here's another BVL song, Monologue.

>clusterfuck story
I'm waiting for you to stop being retarded.

>oppai lolis
Oh god, are Hestia posters back from vacation or something?

Direct link (downloadable).

It's true though. An anything can happen bullshit without buildup, and the main girl being useless even in last season finale already because of shit story writing, and now they introduce all these new characters.
Yeah, no, the story is going to be the worst part of the show.

There are times it comes handy that a show panders to fujoshi I guess.

>start the episode
>within 3 minutes a death star fired a laser which brings down goth loli apocalypse on midi city
This is symphogear-tier hype.

Dolly Dolci's Candy Lapin will appear in the anime.

Their song definitely is.

Which form?

We won't know until we see it. But it's probably myumon, since her band member Pig Macaroon is only shown as a cute piggu.

Then again, perhaps we first see them as adorable myumon, and then as gijinka, just like we saw Maple's human form in the end.


I hope we also get the others. Mostly hoping for Chokyuruiyu.

Yes. Now you are a cute song.

Perhaps she's still searching for her missing guitar that has been appropriated by a mysterious egg-shaped miscreant.

Damn, she has a nice ass.

Song out when?

Schlehit melody single will be released at the end of November.

That ass was made for doggie style.

For anyone who still plays and missed out on the announcements last season, the in-game events/band episodes are being translated. Announcements and links can be found on twitter ( because this post keeps getting flagged this as spam.

Man, game Moa and Cyan are a little bit more mean-spirited than their anime counterparts.

Nice kitty tiddies too.

plz no bully


Wow, it's nothing.

That was obvious since S1.

I want to see her other lips too.

What other lips?

Close one eye look closer to the screen and ...

How tight is Cyan?

I kinda hope we'll see some robot fight between Kamui and Hundrekko.

Probably as tight as your average high school girl.
Not very.

Hey user can you post the link to the mega?

Which girl from this show would give me the best tight experience then?

Probably Crow.

Crow, he's the tiniest and would have the tiniest hole.!olhm2R7B!tv7kHxqbCd__zCiPbOQB9w

I said girl! I don't want to stick my wiener in some guy's poophole!

This was a joy to watch
The beginning is rather explosive too

S1's song was better, but

>Cyan playing guitar and winking


After seeing that new Bai Green-card, I hope we're going to get another Baiganba-V cameo.


>all this goodness

I hope we're going to see her cute 2DPigDelicious form.

It just keeps getting better.

I thought the shorts were going to be a showcase of every single band member's butt. I just wanted more butt.

Waking up this morning to the most beautiful UR+ in the game.

Translation when?

Never, because that one's not a porn ;_;

I miss that dude who made all those edited OP/ED.

And then I was made a fool.

I regret nothing.


Goddammit Shirou...

I'm going to try to create my own Cyan tulpa. Wish me luck, Cred Forums!
Also goodnight.

You can do it.

She's a tiny cat girl. Of course she's super tight you baka.

Think it through, user.

She isn't very tiny is the problem.
Her furry form, however, I would like to try for tightness.

The guy who made this thing?

Delete this.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh.

Yeah, haven't seen Distort-user since Fall 2015, when he distorted the GochiUsa-OP.
Although he probably still did distort some shows, which I simply didn't pay attention to .

This image is the epitome of omnipandering.

Need more furry forms, god damn it Sanrio.

You mean pandering to both genre.
I miss loli pandering. Thought Criticrista would be those, but then they turned out to be anything but.
New goth girl is fine for that though.

Bai Green will forever be eternally 40.

>can't stop listening to オヤスミパラノイア
Thanks Cred Forums.

What's his fucking problem?

The next upcoming Purupuru Diary chapter will feature Cyan and Retoree in their shopping date clothes.



No virgins around.

>Tfw also can't stop listening to it
Full album when?


Am I funny yet

He's a big robot.

Wait what? What's 2 and 3?

Can't wait to see them in those outfits.

>Darudayu, Titan, Cyan and Crow got special URs+
>Rosia will get one as well this month
Aileen and Shuzo when?

I think I like schlehit more.

But that's not fully out yet.

Ah, I was confused. I was thinking the scan here was in relation with the doujin here . Then I realized was from the manga.

Still looking forward to that chapter though!

Shuzo in a week probably.

So his horn is tilted

Is he religious?


Titan's UR+ was ugly as fuck.

Judas is the label Trichronika and Arcareafact are under.

Idolshits aren't artists.

So it's no coincidence that they are so rich?

Aw.w.. This is one fabulous son of a bitch. I almost regret for not having him.

They come from rich families.

Titian please.

UR when?

It will take a while.

Reminder that クリティクリスタ a shit!

The rest of the Chammys first.

his parents are slaves mining for myumon souls thanks to shuuzo somehow

What has Shuzo got to do with his parents going bankrupt?


So handsome and manly. Anime cameo?

Sure wouldn't mind seeing him and the rest of the team.


Judas is a label for rich people, most of their "artists" come from the Judas Junior Academy that is expensive as fuck, but Shuuzo went to the same high school as Rom did so I doubt Shuuzo is from a rich family. I suppose he's the exception and Judas hired him because he was that great.

Will Retoree finally confess her lust for Cyan this season? Will they fug on screen for us to see!?

>now it's your turn, doctor.

He's was probably a delinquent too since he knows about fighting. That's why Judas keeps his Myumon type a secret and Shuzo doesn't like talking about his past.


I hope.

>ara ara, Green

no fucking clue, really. all i remember is that titan holds some sort of contempt against shuu according to the episodes in game

As long as the full version is more of what we already got, it's going to be just as amazing.

These two are fucking right?

Shuzo a shit. He makes me angry. I want to hit him and his fuking band of non-heterosexual animal men.

Don't bully Riku, Riku is a good hardworking kid. It's not his fault that his brother and Shuzo are faggots.

Just colleagues giving out obligation choco.

I liked their game episode where they met Shingan Crimson Z, and then Shuuzo and Kai are going out full chuuni against Rom and his boys, while Riku is just wondering what the fuck is happening and why everyone is suddenly talking like weirdos.

It's ingenious. You use that in the middle of battle and the enemy backs away to prepare for an attack but then you would have fled successfully before they realized what happened.

I'm actually noticing how much I forgot about this thing.

I really need to update it.


"Plasmagica episode 2 is now up on the drive."
>can't find plasmagica anywhere on the translated page for some reason

Am I missing something?

This will be with you in 20 years but you won't be a handsome oyaji but an ugly one. Enjoy your future.

I'm 30.

Just doubleclick on the Plasmagica-folder, and you should get chapter 1 and 2.
Chapter 2 is named
"Moa retrieves a new song!"

Time to work out so that you can still supersentai it, shounen.

>Still no Itodain and Mitomiton URs
What in the ever loving fuck is Geechs doing

Oh hm, logging out of my google account seems to have made it show up

They're too busy killing the game

Can't wait!

I miss these faces

Oh god, looks like no show is safe from him.

Haraiku's UR art is pure shit, so I don't even want to see the other two.

Her limited looks better than the initial one at least.

The big ninja robot Kamui was voiced by Tsuguo Mogami.

Yeah and looks like they forgot to credit Rin and Oboro's VAs.

She still looks like she has downs though.

Forgot my image

This anime, every anime, should 12 episode of 24 minutes of Sawashiro saying evil things.

I hope she gets some Engrish.

>I can finally stop listening to SSM in 128kbps

Sounds so good.
We need more SSM and Marimari in season 2.

I forgot how much I missed Crow and his band of complete morons. As soon as they showed up I had a smile on ear-to-ear, and every time they appeared after it came back. Also glad to see Plasmagica again. I get that we saw them both already in Short!!! but seeing them in full anime format is so much better.

I'm always game for cute youkais. Especially cute youkai girls with their harem of youkai hotties.

It's good to hear her in Sanrio anime again. I miss her in Fairilu.

It's rom and his band of complete morons. Crow is just a retard lackey.

Marimari has such a nice harem.
>another cute boy



>Candy Lapin soon

Who else should make a cameo?

pls don't bully Rom's unemployed brethren

Baiganba V

How is it to be the only non-leader girl in a band? Aren't guys mean to her?

Marimari appearing again?

Studdobans, Alice Beans and Venoms vs Shinganz in extreme cooking showdown episode .

And now I resume my dilemma from Season 1 where I can't decide whether I like Moa or Chuchu more

She's alpha, she'll be fine. Hakkun on the other, being the only boy in a girl band and beta and a homo for Rom's abs I bet he has a hard time.


Their drummer is a robot, their vocalist is a young dog boy, and their leader is a serious responsible oni. She's probably more having a hard time that nobody is going to pay attention too much to her despite having sensual running techniques, going to a beauty spa, and spending all her free time in the hot springs.
>why is nobody trying to ravish me?
>is it just because I'm a sexy deadly kunoichi?

There's only one guy the other two are a cyber oni and a ninmachine.

Chuchu can be a bitch.

Now that we talk about single guys in girls band I think about SSM turtle. He's damn lucky.

Sheesh, 89 characters have already an UR.

His wife Chino- I mean Corriente- is so cute.

But yeah, I hope we're going to see the Secret Minds again.

Did Cricris replace ShinganCrimsonZ as BRR's most successful band?

Rather unclear. I think she's just saying that she did voice Marimari in season 1, not that she's necessarily going to appear again.

But I sure wouldn't mind hearing her again.

In canon, yeah.

Yes. The CriCris have the cute young idol-star power. And they're cute young middle schooler girls, which Maple likes a lot.

Why is he called Turtle BIG?

The synopsis for episode 2 "PlasmaISM" is out.
While Cyan returns to Midi City to help save Sound World from the great danger, Moa is suddenly recalled home to her homeworld.
Will the four Plasmagica-members ever be reunited?

>replacing Aileen's ugly base UR with her superior limited
Good decision.

A reference to Notorious B.I.G.

Who even greenlit those

>Most bands are a band of four
>Then you get to Demon's Venom, Alice Beans, Marimari, SENTAI BANDO, Chammy Chaplets, and Spectrenotes that have five members
Ruining the natural order of the universe

Tie-in bands were a mistake?

please say it ain't so

>only non-leader girl in a band
Doesn't that new yellow band have a non-leader girl as well?

>Dagger's main band is a band of young girls where their leader is slightly bitchy and two-faced

>Dagger's main band is a band of young girl that are sadistic cultists that inflict pain on everyone while the world's ending

What would Dagger's main band be if there was a Season 3?

Yeah, the violinist.

Kinda hard to top that.

He will go for young boys next.


Little girls who are all masked luchadores.

Isn't every girl in every band who's not the leader, a non-leader girl?

There's usually more than one non-leader girl in a band or none at all.

Proof of my soul full version sounds very nice.

I'd almost forgotten about these. I'm glad he's dead.

Be careful. That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

What are the odds that there will be a scene of Aileen personally bullying Rosia in the later episodes?

>Aileen bullying the bully
[Heavy Breathing Intensifies]

I would say the chance for some onscreen headbutting between Rosia and Aileen is good.