>the twins won the Hakubowl

How does this make you feel, Cred Forums?

If true, picked the fuck up.

Only good for dancing in the sunlight. Such a disappointment.

And sex and almost everything.

>Haku tried to trick them with Nekone like everyone else.
>they immediately see through the ruse and give him footrubs.

Best girls.

Too slavish for anything else. May as well have sex with a dog.

Lulutie is best girl too. I hope Haku eventually comes back to them to fuck them all at the end. He's currently wandering the world freeing humans with his semen demon twins.

king of the road says you move too slow


Can we put spoilers in spoiler tags
I'm still playing the third game and am only 10 hours in

This. Kuon got very close to him in the epilogue.
Kiuru suffering is still best suffering.

What happened to Kiuru. I know he must have been butthurt by the lie that Oshutoru was really dead. Does he not at least win Nekone?

Hahaha no. He went to confess to her but he accidentally confessed to Shinonon instead who accepted it. Nekone wished Kiuru to be happy with Shinonon. Yakutowaruto also forces Kiuru to be with Shinonon as he doesnt want to see her sad.

This even happened at the end?

Shit. He's a nice guy too.

Can you spoil me on what everyone does at the end? I mean the false mask cast. I know Hakuoro becomes a human again.

So stay away from the fucking threads until you finish it.

Haku is new god together with the twins.
Kuon is looking for him and got very close. Atui and Nosuri are also searching him as they both love him. Anju is looking for him aswell together with Munechika and Mikazuchi. Nekone is waiting in Ennakamui and wants to show the improved city. Rurutie and Shizu are waiting for him in their homecountry for marriage.

Why are you discussing the third game which didn't get an anime adaptation on Cred Forums?
Talk about Utawarerumono, Itsuwari no Kamen or fuck off to or Cred Forums is going to die soon anyway, thanks Hiro

If they're twins, why is one of them black?

At least link to /jp/.

Does Shizu even know the real him? And who is supposed to be ruling these countries now?

What happened to Entua?

>the twins won
He is the one who "won".
Double Prize, two for one, you get the pack, you take the bonus.

Good question.

That's not black, it's delicious brown.

And shut up, that's how.

Fuck off. This is info that I wanted and didnt know i needed. Cred Forums and /vg/ are shit boards anyway.

Alternatively, pic related could be the cause.
Genetics have mysterious ways, user.
D-Did it trigger you? Yosh!