How do we kill Kyoani?

How do we kill Kyoani?

We buy up all their BDs so they can't sell any more and go bankrupt.

>Wanting to kill a well respectable studio with good animation.
But why.

I dont like any of their anime except for hyouka, cause damn did it look good. But Kyoani is one of the best studios in the industry and should get any support they need. Hopefully other studios will be able to adapt the same studio structure while keeping a identity of their own, Bones seems to be right on track.

oi oi lad be careful who you talking to

Moe is the downfall of the anime industry. I hope it all goes to shit and starts anew and leaves those otakus losers behind.

90s anime was shit, save for cowboy bebop. I only came back because of the moe, it's what saved anime.

Like someone said here before, you grow out of shonen pretty fast, but the day you stop being a little girl in your heart you may as well give up.

Cowboy Bebop was garbage though. So was Eva. All good anime had been made on 70,80 and after 2000. 90 was the darkest time of the industry.

Is it okay for me to say this is bait, or is it such a foregone conclusion that I'm the stupid one for announcing it?

They can't be killed. Since they invented moe, every moe show made gives royalties to KyoAni

90s and 00s were the best and most brilliant, the rest is garbage and belongs into the trash. Only nerds think that this other shit is good.

>every moe show made gives royalties to KyoAni
So this is how they do it. The absolute madmen.

not sure how you could look at the 00s and 10s and say that they're better than the 90s

Sure it's okay. There's always a newfag like you who falls for it. Look in the bottom left corner of the image.


>well respectable studio

Kek name one top tier mangaka who rates this trash studio

You better name a top tier mangaka who rates any studio for that matter. They dont have time for that shit, they have fucking pages too draw.

Makoto Yukimura

What's wrong OP? you don't like cute girls doing cute things? Are you some kind of faggot?

Not OP but i dont like it either. Why do i need to watch 2D girls doing dumb things, when 500trillion gb of porn is just a click away. Or just go to a brothel if you need it that bad.

What the flying fuck does cute girls doing cute things have to do with porn?
You've completely misunderstood the appeal and have no right discussing the pseudo-genre.

>Why do i need to watch 2D girls doing dumb things, when 500trillion gb of porn is just a click away

I don't think you are here for the right reasons.

That's the problem, kyoani girls are straight up ugly and this moeblob crap makes every character look shit in general cute girl anime, even stopped watching re zero because of this.

Wait i am not here for porn, thats why i said why would one want to watch it.

>stopped watching re zero
this is the only intelligent portion of your post

Okay, why would you want to watch that then? Why do the girls need to look cute or be moe if its not about feeling attracted to them. The one to whom i replied to called OP a faggot, so it has something to with those girls being hot, no?

fucking brutal.

I can't make sense of what you're talking about. Aside from "kyoani girls are straight up ugly" which is straight-up objectively false, are you under the impression that Re:Zero was made by Kyoani? Please learn english, then come back and explain.

>being underaged and new
You better be thankful that I enjoy taking bait.
Faggot as an insult has nothing to do with sexuality, lurk more and kill yourself.
Cute things being cute has absolutely no need to be related to attraction, I can say a cat is cute and I want to spend hours in a room being smothered by cute cats, but nothing about that should suggest that I want to fuck the cats. They're cute, that's the appeal. End of story.

I dont like the current Moe designs, they look too childish, not hot or attractive at all. Tits on Moeblobs just look weird as fuck. I noticed that i really liked the designs from this new not-nazi show Izetta, die letzte hexe. Fine and her ginger girlfriend looked really good. I hope to see more designs that go back into that direction.

Moe is fascism

Izetta is pretty generic modern anime style.

Oh but why are there no shows about boys being cute then, if its not about sexual attraction or any other thing? All i see a bunch of girls acting cute. Also the merch always depicts those girls in suggestive type of ways, why is that?

>I enjoy taking bait.
If you enjoy it, you shouldn't consider it bait. Then it's just fishing for replies.
Bait is about making you angry.
Once you officially consider something bait, all civil discussion is over. You are not taking the other guy's arguments seriously. And so the only thing left is insults.

>there no shows about boys being cute
There are.
Lurk more. Watch more anime.

You guys do understand japan is under a recession right? There's too much risk for a studio to make a non moe anime at the moment it's obvious that from a business point of view they won't take a risk with things that barely sell.

There are though.

>which is straight-up objectively false

Kek no it's facts they're all designed in some ugly way.

>are you under the impression that Re:Zero was made by Kyoani
If YOU understood english you would know i did not imply re zero was made by them and simple said the moeblob in general anime made the shows characters ugly as shit too

>How do we kill Kyoani?
We don't.

You read manga instead to avoid their cancer

Are you an ESL?

Thats interesting. So thats how you freaks rationalize liking Moe. "Its not about being attracted to those scantily clad cute girls, it could be anything as long as it acts in a cute fashion!". Thanks for that insight, now i know how retarded you guys are.

But those shows are not geared to a male audience, and to be honest there are not that many. Why is it that Moe shows geared towards males, exclusively have girls acting cute instead of something else? Also dont forget the merch.

Stop attacking him, attack his points.

Ask Shinkai, he's been doing it for weeks

>exclusively have girls acting cute instead of something else?
A very important aspect of moe (which can be translated as budding) is about the short period of beautiful innocence that is lost when that person becomes an adult.
See K-On! or Aria which end on the graduation of the characters into their adult lives.

By stereotype, boys are never really that innocent.

I just want to say that this image tricked me into watching Super Doll Licca-chan because I thought it would be as good as the other three shown there, and it fucking wasn't.

Thats quite sexist dude, what is this innocence you are talking about? Girls are just as slutty and horny as boys? Boys can be just as submissive and shy as girls.

Bring it to tumblr, Cred Forums doesn't give a fuck about sexism.

The only Kyoani anime I've watched all the way through are Kyoukai no Kanata and Hibike and they were both trash. I also tried Nichijou which was funny but I never felt compelled to finish.

If Violet Evergarden and Koe no Katachi end up being bad then I won't bother with these guys anymore. KnK seems good but from what I've seen of VEG's source material it looks like it'll be trash too.

Still doesnt answer what innocence is and what makes it a trait only girls have till they become women.

>Still doesnt answer what innocence is
I suggest you watch a few of those anime and find out.

It's a word nigga you can just google it.

Protip: every studio aspires to be like Kyoani

The definition of innocence doesnt point out how its something only girls can have. I just think you are full of shit thats all. Fucking losers on here praising girls as some kind of angles and cursing them once they become women.
What a bunch neckbeards. It actually sounds similar to hardocre chirstians, now that i think about it.

They aspire to make mediocre anime that looks pretty but has a shit story?


Thanks sir.

Autism: The Thread

Autism: Cred Forums as a whole you mean

>aspires to be like Kyoani
>aspire to only produce moeshit SoL or harem and no successful original anime

hahaha, no

Protip: every studio desires to be like Disney


Doesn't matter what you think of their works, all studios would wish to have their independence, their work ethic, an animation school, an in-house staff. It's the only studio you can credit in its entirety.

I never understood if "Bakemonogatari anime" is a type of anime that died, or if K-on+Bakemonogatari killed anime.

Yeah, I'm not even an old fag but this Cred Forums is so much shittier than 4 years ago.


Why should I care how a studio works when their anime is garbage

I don't care to read about some ignorant Cred Forumsshitter complaining about a studio not making works aimed at them. People who actually matter like Hosoda, Shinkai, Sushio, Toshiyuki Inoue, Imaishi have praised Kyoani. They have achieved the ideal to which all other studios dream of.

>rationalize liking Moe

Who's making excuses? If I prefer seeing cute girls over cute boys, is this a problem in some way? That's like arguing what pet is better, cats or dogs? People have different preferences.

2009 killed the Bakemonogatari anime by hitting Keion.

Bakemonogatari woke up after a while, though, and we got its last couple episodes that had been delayed.

>Lucky Star was almost a decade ago.

>I don't care to read about some ignorant Cred Forumsshitter complaining about a studio not making works aimed at them.
Then why are you on Cred Forums?

Go to 2ch

Shut up faggot.

I personally don't like their character designs and I would prefer if they adapted better source material.

Violet Evergarden looks really good, though, Not just in terms of visuals either.

>implying 90s weren't pretty much the same as today
>What is Sailor Moon?
>What is Cardcaptor Sakura?
>What is anime?

The image is obviously b8 given that the entirety of the "moeshit" section is anime from the 90's, you fuck.

Bottom left corner of the image.

I disagree, bait is bait whether I enjoy responding to it or not. Bait is judged based on the original comment, not based on its replies. By calling it bait I was suggesting that the intent of the post was to make people angry in order to get replies, and it is that intent which makes it bait.
If a cast bait catches no fish, it's still bait, just bad bait, y'know?

Interesting that you thought my comment was made to make you angry. Why get angry about something so trivial? I was just questioning Moefags thats all i wanted to do.

Now we're getting into underlying psychology of the different sexes, which I don't think I'm qualified to properly explain but I'll try anyway.
People will appreciate looking at cute humans of the opposite sex more than cute humans of the same sex, that's just a fact, whether it is our underlying sexual nature that causes the brain to react more positively to the opposite sex whether or not we are physically attracted to them, or it's some sort of anti-homosexual urge imprinted in us from hundreds of years of society telling us that stuff's bad, this is the result all the same.
Kyoani is a special case because the girls are drawn very attractively, in fact I pray one of their animators goes rogue and starts a hentai studio, but most of their shows have appeal and intrigue beyond just "cute girls doing cute things", such as Hibike which is about hard work and talent, or KnK which focused on a dark supernatural ghost busters plotline.
Other popular CGDCT shows that only focus on that moe SoL appeal such as Yuru Yuri or Non Non Biyori have seen tons of success, but just by looking at their character designs and the artstyle you can see that these characters were not designed for sex appeal. While watching Yuru Yuri not once did I want to stick my dick in any of the girls, nothing about how they're drawn invites any sexual implications at all.

>bait is bait whether I enjoy responding to it or not.
That's not the point. What exactly the other guy tried to achieve is not the focus of my post. I'm talking about your response.
You have the choice of taking the arguments at face value and responding to them in a proper fashion. If you enjoy doing that, that's not a bad choice to make.
I'm saying that taking the arguments as is is mutually exclusive with treating them as bait, because once you do that, you are dismissing any authority and argument that the other party has. Any argument you might bring forth can only stroke your own ego. The argument is effectively dead.

In short: regardless of whether something was meant to be bait or not, you either choose to consider it bait and treat it accordingly or you choose to consider it an honest if silly contribution and use the opportunity to help the guy back on track. Going both ways doesn't work.

It's not a female-exclusive trait, but it's much more highly valued in females and seen as desireable by men far more often than females.
You must be playing stupid, or have had no exposure to the world. Get off your high horse and go back to Tumblr.

>thinking faggot used on Cred Forums is a slur toward homosexuals
Your post is riddled with red flags but that was the biggest one, I'm assuming it was bait because I don't want to believe someone's posting on here while thinking faggot has anything to do with homosexuality. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.

I understand what you're saying, but going both ways can work, I just made it work. One can be unsure if a comment is bait, so they call it out as bait but reply earnestly jsut in case. Or they can be sure a comment is bait, but acknowledge that maybe someone out there DOES think that way, so replying honestly could convince that hypothetical person to turn their viewpoint around.
And it's always a good self-exercise to get better at explaining your points.
I'll never endorse purely calling out comments as bait, as that in itself is shitposting and a waste of everybody's time, as well as board space. If I'm 100% positive something's bait AND see it as a pointless effort to try and respond, I'll just ignore the post altogether.

Thats the thing i just dont buy it and cant imagine it to be true, especially for nerdy males. I cant imagine you guys watching those shows and not think that you would want to do various sexual things with those girls. Non Non biyori, love live or whatever. As a man myself i just cant believe that.
Maybe thats whats irritating me, cause you guys say "no its not about something sexual". Similar to men who like MLP, even though Moe is geared at and for males instead of girls or kids like MLP. I guess Moe fills the role of a virtual girlfriend within the mind, which entails the cute budding but also sexual side of things.

And it's still on my back log.

We dont have that shit here in Northern Europe. Girls want to fuck and are sluts and Boys are the same. Its all good. I dont see any difference between them. I also dont value innocence, i value different traits.

At this point you may as well drop it. You probably won't recognize the references anymore anyway.

Whoever made this was a retard.

Hyouka was great when it was pretending to just be slow-burn instead of mundane detective conan

gorgeous animation though.

You can't.

I only did that to not seem less threatening cause Moefags seem to get offended real fast like your post suggested, i mean i purposley played the naive kid who just kept asking why and why to get my answers. Though the way you did use faggot was in a homo way. It wasnt just an empty insult in that case. Check your comment i am right.

>nerdy males
>you guys
What are you even doing on this board? It doesn't seem like fit in here at all.Genuinely asking.
It's fine to not understand, don't feel forced to try. Just don't paint large groups with such broad strokes.

Good for you.

And does that matter if their plots range from boring at best to "burn the master copy of the script" at worst?

They call them kyoanus because they produce turds polished to look like Godiva chocolates.

You're a retard for thinking it's a serious picture.
It's a joke, and a good one.

I ask you to stop biting.
If it's not bait, it's somebody who got lost and doesn't belong here.

Godani is literally saving the industry, Shaft is killing it.

Actually they're only part of the problem but one of the biggest parts.

>the way you did use faggot
I haven't used the word faggot outside of mentioning how it isn't a homophobic slur.
And I know how you interpreted it, but you interpreted it wrong. Lurk more and learn the board culture before posting.

Well I like anime from silly stuff to "deep" stuff, isnt that the only qualifier i need. I only dont get this Moe craze or at least i dont believe that its not just a sexual fetish. I also wasnt informed that i had to like every form of taiwanese animation to "fit" in.

By being an investigative journalist and uncovering the incestuous relationship between them and Lantis whereby they own some of Lantis' buildings. Kill two birds with one stone.

Probably a ton of embezzlement going on; I'll bet neither has paid their full tax bill in years.

It's a good thing no one watches anime for plots. Seriously plots are just the sequence of events. It's not very important on an artistic level.

We don't, they killing themselves just fine.

Kyoani literally killed anime.

Ah, you're another one of those fags who thinks SOL is the only good anime genre, right?


>What's wrong OP? you don't like cute girls doing cute things? Are you some kind of faggot?
It might not have been overtly offensing and more in a joking manner but you did not use it in the traditional sense of faggot like its used on Cred Forums. It had real homo undertones and i referenced those, but its not that deep everyone makes mistakes.

Why do you think that everyone who goes against what is considered normal is baiting? What kinda faggotry is this?

>there are people in this thread who actually took this image seriously
But why?

>liking anime means you need to post on Cred Forums despite not fitting in at all
Go to MAL forums or some other shithole where you can fit in and understand the other posters.

You cannot kill something that always finds a way.

>we traded Boku no Pico for Zankyou no Terror
Kyoani must be stopped.

That wasn't my post, and I don't know why you think it was.
Welcome to anonymous imageboards, I see it's your first time.

But i dont care about fitting in? I feel nice being a special snow flake in here surrounded by Moefags.

Because they are all Shirou-tier intellect.

>you did not use it in the traditional sense of faggot like its used on Cred Forums.
Yes whoever made that post did.
>You don't like nice things
>Are you some king of faggot?

Anyone who keeps bringing up 3DPD and tries to start some Cred Forums shit is obviously baiting.

Then stop posting about how you don't understand the appeal of moe. You never will, and haven't made much of an effort to, AND you're only going to get answers from people you can never understand or relate to.
I hope you get lots of reblogs when you post about this exciting experience on Tumblr.

No the focus was on OP not liking cute girls doing cute making him a literal faggot, now shut the fuck.

>Violet Evergarden looks really good, though, Not just in terms of visuals either.
Oh boy are you going to be disappointed

>Not even while being a machine girl can she be left with wet clothes. As a change of clothes was necessary, she lay a bathrobe around her supposedly perfect body and headed for the bathroom. It had been a while since anyone other than Oscar regularly used it, so in a lapse of memory, he entered it without knocking and ended up seeing her while she was had not changed yet.

>“Ah, I’m sor… ry… eh?”

>He swallowed his breath due to perplexity.


>What was reflected in Oscar’s eyes was a sight more bewitchingly beautiful than any naked woman. Dripping golden hair. Beautiful blue orbs of a dimension that would not soften even within a painting. The finely-shaped lips just below them. A flesh body with a slender neck, an outstanding collarbone, plump breasts, and feminine curves.

You must be mistaking me wiht someone else, i didnt bring any Cred Forums stuff in here. I was merely just asking questions you guys chose to answer instead of ignoring me.

Sorry but you're 1000 years too early to engage with me on Japanese animation discourse. You lack basic training in art appreciation. You're the kind of person who will criticize anime via plot holes as you're fundamentally incapable of engaging with media on a truly meaningful level. Your strawmans, your copy paste responses and easily literalized MAL-tier garbage insights are further proof of this. Either cling to thatanimesnob gate-keeping or get educated. Goodbye.

I didn't mean to reply to you. I only responded on the off-chance that it wasn't you who was asking.

00s were absolute shit until about 2006, and then in 2007 it became good again. I was watching anime all through highschool and college between 1999 and 2008, that's just how it was. Modern anime is far better than 2000 to 2005.

Isnt that the beauty of Cred Forums no matter what you say and how much it annoys you, i will bring it up again and again until i got my answer and feel satisfied. I will then post it all over tumblr, reddit, twitter and even make a youtube video about it. You guys are really funny to talk to. I do kinda like Cred Forums.

Disappointed in what?

You sound gay as fuck, my god. Whats wrong with you? Thats too much weaboo for me, anime is just a medium, its the same as movies or TV shows or comics you retard.

Are you implying that attraction is only sexual? Are you 14? People can be attracted to the cute girls without it being sexual at all.

I dont think you neckbeards are capable of doing that no.

Confirmed for thinking SOL is only good genre in anime. So which do you think is the GOAT anime, K-On, NNB, or Gochiusa?

>killing the best studio that exists

Feeling non-sexual attraction to 2d drawings of underaged girls. Well that sounds even more pathetic to be honest.

But that's not Silverlink.


Only true patrician to have graced this thread so far. Godspeed you glorious bastard.

>feeling anything toward fictional events and characters
Fucking neckbeards am I right? aha


But I didn't study!

Attraction to drawings of girls, with eyes as big as golfballs? I dont know its weird to me. But you do you, your mama must be so proud of you.

Those are all from the same show. Same episode even.

That's the joke, they just took 25 preview pictures of the episode to make that chart.

user, I...

How about first we look into Shaft shilling their stuff on 2ch? How many Japanese commerce laws is that breaking?

And now their latest QUALITYfest is appearing on NHK, the government mouthpiece. How much you wanna bet the Yakuza was involved there?

I approach animation, like all art forms on a scholarly level. It's only natural I get triggered by anti-art heathens who disregard works by their premises and ignore the artistic process of storyboarding and animation. Kyoto Animation is pushing the medium forward in both film form realism via digital post-processing and on an economic level. Their animation school will sustain the studio via future generations of talent for years to come.

FLCL and I fully anticipate some retard chiming on it being style over substance because that's what I've come to expect from anime fans.

>You're the kind of person who will criticize anime via plot holes
But there's nothing wrong with this.

>that's what I've come to expect from anime fans.
It started on Cred Forums and spread elsewhere because being pointlessly contrarian for the sake of discussion and replies is just part of the Cred Forums culture, and other websites and anime fans wanted to mimic Cred Forums.

>Not thinking the Kyoto Yakuza has a hand in kyoanus, especially the ones modeled on Kyoto/Kansai settings

That's cool but digital post-processing doesn't make for a good show

A well-animated turd is still a turd

>You're the kind of person who will criticize anime via plot holes

>film form realism

John K. would like to have a word with you, dude. If you don't want to use animation to do things you can't do in film, why not just film it? Animation shouldn't have to look realistic.

Oh well if that is what you mean than i agree. I thought you were one of those who only love SoL anime.

Looks good to me

>John K.
>listening to that hack

> If you don't want to use animation to do things you can't do in film, why not just film it?
That guy's a retard and probably baiting, but I fucking hate this shit. Not only is anime doing things live-action can't simply by virtue of its character designs, but this is such a silly question in the first place - why does live-action have to be the default? Why not ask whether a live-action movie does anything that couldn't be done in 2D? Why does the necessity or not of a specific format matter anyway; should things that could work well in multiple formats just not be done at all?

Define "moe"

Mate, lots of pretty pictures doesn't make an anime good. The story and characters do, and storyboarding and animation isn't as important as the former, because i like to experience anime as a whole, not just look at the pretty frames.

Satan is moe

Azumanga daioh It's how started the fire. Before that we still have some action in anime.
But for some reason, anime have returned with more action and old style after 2013, like Kill la Kill, One-Punch man, Mob psycho 100

because when kyoani tries to emulate western directors with its overuse of shaky cam and blurring every other frame it just looks like a poor imitation of nice-looking films made by otaku amateurs who don't understand the subtlety of western cinematography and filmmaking

very subtle

Plot holes are easy targets for low hanging fruit who can't approach a work on a meaningful level. Like if I ask for some criticism of Evangelion and someone can only talk about supposed plot holes, it's boring and meaningless discussion.

It's implementing film form realism as animation. They are not abandoning the animation aspect of their work in any way. Character animation and effective storyboards remains a fundamental part of their success. In fact they utilize smears quite frequently as an example. The texture of their work will change in live-action. The same can be said of Takahata works in a way.

>Before K-ON: Nips
>After K-ON: No nips

Analyzing the writing of a show and finding inconsistencies absolutely counts as "approaching a work on a meaningful level". It's the writing of a show that ultimately gives the show its meaning, not pretty pictures.

>he doesn't watch anime for the pretty pictures

>Plot holes are easy targets for low hanging fruit who can't approach a work on a meaningful level.
No it isn't.

It shows that the writer is a hack who can't put together a competent story.

But Eva has no plotholes, because it's actually a good show.

No. Evangelion even with the same characters, plotting and script would have no meaning without its aesthetic. See the first Rebuild movie. That's what happens when you can't capture the texture of the original. All of the best works the industry has produced are heavily reliant on the visuals. But even then the dichotomy between visual direction/animation and story should be practically non-existent in a commercialized work. As animation is a visual medium, you can argue the storyboards are the "writing" of anime as they portray the ideas behind an anime in a visual manner.

>same script as NGE
Are you a fucking retard?

How's your first semester of film school

Ren and Stimpy is a better anime than kyoanus' whole catalog.